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If you ARE 18, then you should know the following story is about women who are forced through mind control to participate in non-consensual sex, public humiliation, and b&d, in both m/f and f/f situations. Both the characters and occurrences in this fiction are completely fictitious.

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The Conditioners

By Marlissa

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Chapter Ten: Housebreaking The Buford Girls

It had been a long day by the time Kendall had pulled into his driveway. He admired his new home—he’d been there less than a month and was still getting used to it. Far from the main road, it was surrounded by ten acres of woods, providing plenty of privacy for his many and varied activities. It had cost a bundle, but his salary and the college savings accounts for each of the girls covered the mortgage and the down payment nicely.

He got out of the car and walked up to the house. Jenny greeted him at the door, a tentative smile on her lips. He had had the company van drop her off earlier, while he worked late. As usual, she was in slut wear—the prescribed out-of-work wardrobe.

“Welcome home, Mr. Kendall.”

Some of the boys who had their girls live with them instead of keeping them at The Gilded Cage Apartment complex permitted them the use of first names, but he allowed Jenny no such liberties. Better to constantly remind her of her place than give her an opening to any comfortable familiarity. It was a rule that extended naturally to the two daughters as well. He gave her an absentminded pat on the ass and ordered her off to the kitchen to begin dinner.

“Good evening Mr. Kendall.” It was Lisa, the older girl, who came to take his coat. She was the one that looked most like her mother. They both shared the same slightly hooked nose, the same pale hazel eyes, the same long, full black hair. She looked sexy in her green velvet maid’s outfit. The seventeen year old was now his official downstairs maid.

Time for a spot check. “Show me your pussy, Lisa.” He wanted to ensure his rule against panties was being respected. She promptly obeyed, passing the test with flying colors.

Satisfied, he moved on to a different subject. “Where’s Kathy?” he asked. Kathy was Lisa’s sixteen year old sister and, in Kendall’s considered opinion, quite a sexy little piece of ass. That’s why he had made her his upstairs maid. She was the looker in the family. Even at sixteen, she had bigger, juicy tits than her mother or sister. Even more than Jenny and Lisa, Kathy had “enjoyed” plenty of attention from Mr. Kendall in the month he had assumed control over the nubile teen.

“She’s, uh, upstairs putting on her night clothes for you, Mr. Kendall.” Notwithstanding the Conditioning, Lisa was protective of her little sister and didn’t like the fact that she had to dress up for him. The edge in her voice betrayed her feelings. Fine—he’d take a paddle to her later for that bit of impudence. Even though she was plain and flat, he enjoyed punishing the teenage girl. She had more pride than either her mother or sister, both of whom he knew were intrinsically submissive. But not Lisa—she was a filly fit for breaking.

He took his seat in the den and told Lisa to fetch him a drink. Jenny had long since departed to the kitchen to prepare his dinner. Kathy finally descended, shyly presenting herself to him for inspection. The little blonde was perfect—skinny but busty (she was already a 34 C), with a tight, rounded ass that just, in Kendall’s opinion, begged to be bent over and used. While he liked Jenny in her slutty secretary outfits and Lisa in her uniform and other fantasy outfits, he liked Kathy just fine in undies that any sixteen year old would wear—bright cotton bikini panties and white cotton Olga bras. Tonight she wore cute baby blue panties and a simple white bra with only a small rosette between her young mounds for decoration.

“Take off the bra honey.” She obeyed sullenly, presenting her chest for his pleasure.

His control over her was the lightest, because he enjoyed the humiliation she suffered when he began to fondle and use her. She winced as he cupped her breast through the cotton cup and gently squeezed. Her blue eyes dilated then closed. Little bitch was jumpy today. Then he remembered—last night, he had initiated his butter cup into the wonderful world of unlubricated anal love. It was Kendall’s considered opinion that she hadn’t enjoyed the experience.

Ah well...

“Open your eyes, Kathy,” he told her, feeling her nipples harden as he continued to rub her breasts. Kendall smiled. After what he had put her through the last month, she was learning daily how to better respond to a man’s touch.

She opened her eyes, keeping them directed at the floor as she had learned to do in the presence of a male. Even at sixteen, she was already so promising. He slipped his hand underneath her bright blue panties, gently fingering her bare sex. Surprisingly, the hardest thing for her to accept about her new slavery wasn’t the constant raping or forced fellatio, but the loss of her little bush. She had only had it for a few years, but she had fought—as much as she might be able—like a wildcat. A brutal dose of Conditioning and a stern spanking had cured her of her rebelliousness.

Like her mother and sister, she had, in the end, endured the permanent depilation process in servile silence. He slipped his finger in the wettening hole and she let out a small moan.

Good, Kendall thought to himself, she’s learning.

It was too bad her was going to be losing her. Lisa demurely presented herself. “Dinner is ready, Sir.” She looked askance at her younger sister, now panting gently at Kendall’s touch.

“Fine. Kathy, kneel and frig yourself for the next hour or so while I have dinner. Remember, after each cum, to clean your fingers with your mouth.” Kathy, redfaced, knelt and plunged a hand beneath her blue panties. Frigging was fun, even if it was an order from Mr. Kendall.

Kendall smirked. In his opinion, she was coming along nicely.

Dinner had been served and consumed by the time the new boy, Hynde, arrived for the pick-up. Lisa escorted him into the den where Kendall was relaxing with a drink.

“Thanks for the after-hours time, Kendall,” Hynde told him. “I really appreciate it. Your help is critical in closing this deal.”

Kendall damn well knew that. In his opinion, his help was critical in closing any deal of substance. “Well,” he answered, keeping the sneer out of his voice, “anything for the company.” Just don’t you forget what I’m doing to help you, boy.

Hynde went on: “Tell me, I know securing the rights to the Siberian mineral deposits are key to the Eastern Asia strategy, but how the hell did you manage to get to the Minister of Economic Development over there?”

Kendall smiled, beneficent at the praise. “I used some contacts at the U.N. who were friends of Comrade Terchenko. We managed to spend some time together during meeting of international trade ministers last week, which was when I was able to convince him to spend an extra day in New York for the purpose of closing this deal.”

Hynde nodded. “Well, I appreciate it. Uh, sorry about the timing, though. He really couldn’t wait another day given the political instability in that part of the world. In fact, if you hadn’t suggested it, I don’t think I would have... well, it wouldn’t have occurred to me to offer him... what we’re offering.”

Kendall frowned for a moment, remembering why Hynde was here, but then shook off his disappointment. “Not a problem,” he said manfully. “Though I’ll admit I was getting used to the little thing.” He turned to Lisa, who had been silently attending to the two men. “Fetch your sister and mother,” he ordered.

The seventeen year old obediently spun out of the room. Two sets of male eyes on the pert ass, snugly swaying beneath the short skirt of her uniform, as she walked out.

“Not bad,” Hynde observed.

Kendall shrugged. “She’s nothing compared to Kathy. But I guess she’ll have to do. And of course her mother, Jenny.”

Hynde sipped his drink. “Your secretary, isn’t she? What do you do with them at night—other than the obvious?”

“Jenny becomes my cook—she’s not bad. And Lisa is the downstairs maid. I thought about allowing Lisa to continue to attend high school, but it’s just too inconvenient, so she stays home and cleans all day.”

“The place is immaculate—ah, the Buford girls.” The two men turned their attention to the mother and her two daughters. As was the rule, Jenny had stripped out of her day clothes into something more revealing. Tonight it was a white fishnet, lace thong teddy and the ubiquitous white pumps. Her fine breasts were given a considerable and uncomfortable-looking lift by the underwired cups. In Kendall’s opinion, she underwired bras did wonders for her. Kathy and Lisa were dressed as before.

“Step forward Kathy,” Kendall ordered.

The teenage girl did so reluctantly.

Hynde nodded, frowning. “She’ll seal it—she’s exactly what he wants. Down to the...?”

Kendall smirked. “Pull your panties down Kathy.”

The blonde did so, revealing her smooth slitted mound. “It is permanent,” Kendall said. “She’ll never grow hair down there again.” This caused the blonde to bite her lower lip and quickly pull her panties up again.

Kendall gestured with his drink. “Shall I?”

Hynde accepted the offer and Kendall went to work on the girl’s mind.

“Kathy,” he said, concentrating. “This man is going to take you with him tonight. He is going to give you to another man, one that will take care of you from now on. You will obey the man just as you have obeyed me. If you fail to please him, he will punish you—or worse. Never disobey this man—he is your master now. Do you understand?”

The little blonde didn’t really comprehend what was going to happen to her next, but she did realize one thing—that there might be worse fates to belong to Mr. Kendall after all. She glanced at her mother, hoping for help, but her mother looked away in embarrassment. Her fear of Mr. Kendall was too intense to allow her to come to her daughter’s defense. The Conditioning was too strong.


Kathy looked in amazement at her sister Lisa! Kendall and Hynde looked with amusement at each other.

“Well, well, well! Feisty tonight aren’t we?” Kendall’s sarcasm was dripping.

The older teen was redfaced—this outburst was taking all she had in the face of Kendall’s Conditioning. “You can’t do this—she’s just a kid! You can’t give her away like a puppy or something to some strange guy! You just can’t!”

Hynde raised an eyebrow at Kendall. “Looks like you’ve got a discipline problem on your hands, Kendall.”

The other man shook his head, annoyed at the younger man telling him his business. “Teenagers,” he sneered, dismissing the problem. “They can forget their place sometimes! Well, we’ll take care on this right now. Lisa, Kathy belongs to me, just as you and your mother do. If I want to give her away as a present, I can—and will. Now I want you to apologize Lisa.” He concentrated. “Apologize for being an uppity little bitch.”

The girl started to shake her head, but the Conditioning stopped all movement. Slowly the pressure built-up until, inevitably, the seventeen year old lost the internal struggle. She dropped to her knees.

“I apologize for being an uppity little bitch, Mr. Kendall.” Lisa choked it out, but the apology appeared to be real. As far as Kendall could tell with his insight, she truly hated herself for displeasing the master of the house.

“Good.” Kendall turned to his guest. “Sorry Hynde, this will take but a minute. I don’t attend to these tasks when I don’t have to, but I do need to watch them.” He turned his gaze towards the fortyish Joanne, now nervously avoiding all looks.

“Jenny,” Kendall told her, “your daughter has been impudent to your master. As her mother, I want you to take your daughter Lisa over your knee and administer a sound spanking. Thirty swats, you think Hynde?”

The younger man nodded. “That should be, uh, fine.”

“Thirty then. I want to hear her cry, Jenny. If she doesn’t, then I’ll take YOU over my knee-and you’ll get more than thirty, missy. Now get to it.”

Tears glistened in her eyes, providing evidence of the fierce internal struggle caused by this command, but she had gave no other outward sign of her distress. “Lisa,” she called out, her voice that of an angry mother, “over my knee.”

Her daughter rose, shamefaced, and lay herself over her mother’s lap.

“Bare bottom, Jenny,” Kendall told her.

“Kendall,” Hynde spoke up, “do you really think...”

Kendall silenced him with a glare. “And you, Kathy,” he called out. “Pull down those panties and frig yourself. If you don’t come before the thirty swats are up, you’ll get a dose yourself.” One last order.

The older woman drew down her daughter’s black lace panties and began the punishment.

Kendall watched in satisfaction as the Conditioned mother brought her hand down on her daughter’s naked ass, again and again... Soon, both mother and daughter were crying and wailing, while Kathy, in accordance with Kendall’s command, watched and masturbated herself to orgasm.

It was, in Kendall’s opinion, the perfect ending to the day.