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The Conditioners

By Marlissa

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Chapter Thirteen: Cruel To Be Kind

“A party! Jesus, what a genius!” Kendall shook his head in awe of his boss’s brilliance. “Unbelievable.”

Keith, who had been wondering how the party fit in with Klaw’s statement at the meeting to the effect that it Cain was about business and that there should be more work and less play, decided that his best course of action was to express agreement. Kendall appeared to be the kind of guy who’d make a note of anything less.

“He absolutely is,” he nodded. “It demonstrates, uhm... confidence and is great for morale at a tough time—what with the lawsuit and all.”

The Research Manager grinned. “Oh, don’t worry about the lawsuit. The Old Man and I have a plan that should take that off the board. And as for morale, you’ve never been out to Gilded Cage, so you’ve no idea just how good for morale this little soiree will be!”

Keith shrugged and then nodded.

He stared out the window. Keith had been caught without transportation when Klaw had announced his spur of the moment gathering. Kendall had offered to drive him. It would have been impolitic to refuse. Lisa sat in the back seat, wearing a cute white two piece bathing suit. Notwithstanding the girl’s surly teenage nature, she actually seemed to be excited about the trip. Keith supposed it was the chance to get out of the house. He doubted Kendall let her out much.

He turned back to the older man. “Just what’s the story with Gilded Cage anyway? That’s where the van drops Chloe off every day. I’ve been meaning to ask about it.”

Kendall raised his eyebrows. “You don’t know about it?”

Keith shrugged. He had been incredibly busy with the acquisition of the Jackson Organization and hadn’t had a chance to look into it. “I know that most of the girls live there. But what exactly is it?”

“It’s a gated complex, owned and operated by Cain. The girls are picked up there and dropped off at night. That keeps interaction with the general population down to a minimum.”

“What? To reduce the risk of escape?”

Kendall sneered at the question. “Hardly. When Conditioned—leaving Petersen aside—any capacity for physical rebellion is eliminated. Oh—not mental rebellion—as shown by Miss Lisa’s outburst the previous night. That really is a matter between the girl and the Conditioner. I’ve noticed you give Chloe a long leash for example.”

Keith shrugged. The truth was that he really didn’t enjoy having his secretary too heavily conditioned. He’d gotten to know her a bit now and found that he liked her. He felt a little guilty about controlling her too much. However, after seeing how he administered his women, he didn’t want the older man thinking he was lax with his girl. “Well, I’m out of the office most of the time, so I only put a light touch on her. Honestly though, she hasn’t needed more,” Keith insisted.

But Kendall didn’t seem to care. “Oh, hell, all I meant is that she seems so grateful for your picking her and all, you hardly need much Conditioning with her. After a while, obedience becomes an automatic reflex with these girls—an ingrained part of their personalities. Klaw says that...".

Kendall fell silent for a moment, his voice trailing off.

Keith looked at him.

“Klaw says that...” He trailed off again.


Kendall snapped back into focus: “Ah, we’re almost there.”

Keith wondered what had happened, but decided not to pursue it. “So what is ‘there’ anyway?” He could imagine anything—from a mundane apartment building to something out of Arabian Nights. Nothing would surprise him now, even after being with Cain for so short a time. He had seen some pretty strange things; hell, he’d done some pretty strange things.

Kendall pulled into a security gate. A small sign read: “Gilded Cage Apartments, No Vacancies, All guests must have identification. Thank You!” He flipped his identification to the guard, who nodded and opened the twelve foot fence.

“Electrified to boot,” the research manager commented, pulling into the parking lot. “Not to mention surveillance equipment up the yin yang. Come on. I’ll answered your question with a little tour.”

The two men stepped out of the car with Lisa in tow. “She’s a bit pale,” Kendall commented absently. “Lisa, take that beach towel and spread it out over there where you can get some sun. Good. Now on your knees and off with that top—you need some sun, girlie.” The teenager did so, her dark eyes were filled with impotent anger. Kendall frowned. “Little bitch still doesn’t understand that she has to throw her spirit into following my commands,” he commented to Hynde. “Go on,” he called out. “Spread your legs and stick those tiny titties of yours out. Don’t you want to have a sexy tan for me when we play?” Lisa obeyed, pouting. Kendall snorted and shook his head. Hynde thought he was going to give the girl a kick, but the older man just turned and gestured. “Ah, let’s go.”

Hynde followed as Kendall led him down a garden path towards the main structure. “Now where the music is coming from -that’s the pool area. Around the pool area are the units the Steno girls live in. Three to a room. Since your Chloe is an assigned secretary, she’s permitted her own unit. Obviously the more important the executive, the bigger the girl’s apartment. Chloe’s is kind of small.”

Keith swallowed.

“As you can imagine,” Kendall continued. “That is really more for the executive’s convenience than the girl’s. Should you wish to visit or even stay over, your secretary’s apartment is yours to enjoy.”

Hynde nodded. “Yeah—I was given a key and an ID card—just haven’t been over here yet. Too busy.”

Kendall grunted. “Anyway, you can see with all the security, we make sure any loose ends with any of the girls are tied up. As we transition them out of their old lives, we break down any existing relationships. Parents, spouses, boyfriends, relatives, friends, co-workers, sometimes kids—all are carefully distanced and eventually eliminated from the girl’s life. They are Conditioned to consider their old life as something they can never return to and, in my opinion, they soon get very comfortable here.”

Hynde gestured at a smallish building set in a small copse of trees. “What’s over there?”

“That’s the health club. The girls do their morning and evening work-outs there—mandatory three hours a day. Now that building over there...” Kendall pointed at a long low cabana-like structure, though far bigger than a simple cabana... “is fun.”

“Fun? What happens over there?”

Kendall squared a smile over his jaw. “Discipline.”

Keith frowned. “Why? The girls can’t disobey, can they? What’s the point?”

Kendall snorted. “Didn’t you enjoy watching Jenny paddle her own daughter for us the other night? Wasn’t that a kick? And didn’t you see how surly my little teenage slut back there hates to obey my orders? Keith, disciplining pretty girls is FUN. Teaching them who their master is—that’s FUN. Especially these bitches you could never get your hands on before-accountants, programmers, marketers -they’re all yours to train. You should try it sometime—watch your Chloe make a mistake. They all do. THEN TAKE HER OVER YOUR KNEE. Let her squirm, make her wonder how bad she’s going to get it. This time. Because they’ll be a next time—mark my words. Before I fell in with Cain, I was a great guy—easy going as Santa Claus. But with the Conditioning, the rules change.”

Keith drank in the little speech, almost nodding. The alien dream in which he had humiliated the lady cop—it was becoming normal now. And though he had been kind and gentle with Chloe, he knew he liked the shadow of fear even he cast over her. It was that way when one human being held such dominance over another, he supposed. Still, it did seem a little strange when he thought about it? Was he like that? Like Kendall?

Was he the kind of man who enjoyed hurting women?

“Let’s go see,” he said roughly.

Laughing, Kendall slapped him on the back. “Yeah—let’s. We’ve got a few minutes before the Old Man gets here. Honey,” he spoke to a wandering blonde in a bikini and high heels, “go fetch Chloe. Tell her that her boss is here and waiting for her at the Whipping Post.” He slapped her ass and sent her scurrying away.

They two men entered the cabana. It wasn’t empty. Aside from walls, which were covered with an extravagant array of torture equipment and implements of obedience, the real focus was on a number of young women in various stages and forms of bondage.

“What have we here? A naughty girl?” Kendall rubbed his hands, eyes on one of the women.

Petersen stood, for once in casual clothing, next to a hobbled young short-haired brunette.

“Hello, gentlemen.” The smile almost looked real, for a change. “Yes, I’m afraid so. Miss Mandy, a new girl, needs to be trained to do the w&j and with a bit more enthusiasm than she’s demonstrating in the office.”

The Research Director nodded. “You bet. Cute thing—little boobs, but cute.”

The three men inspected the slender young woman. Her brown eyes were wide with terror of the crop Petersen gripped, though her lips were effectively engaged with a red ball gag. Nude, but for a pair of sheer black stockings and high heels, she was bent forward, ass forced high in the air and legs spread wide with the help of a spreader bar, firmly locked around her ankles. Her small breasts were thrust out in anguish, forced front by the cuffing of her wrists behind her back.

“Go on, Missy!” Petersen called out, his voice hoarse. “You aren’t an advertising executive any more—you’re a sexy piece of office fluff. And you better start learning how to walk the walk at Cain Consulting!” Petersen let fly with a rip of the crop and the sassy brunette, tried to prance away. The affect was stimulating—the spreader bar and handcuffs making her progress slow, dainty and swaying.

“What’s the ‘j&w’?” Keith asked as they left Petersen and his charge.

“W&J,” Kendall corrected. “That’s the old wiggle and jiggle. All the girls have to learn how to walk that way—tits thrown out and ass nice and high. The new girls hate it, but if they don’t learn quickly now to move around men, Petersen is merciless!”

Kendall’s gaze came to rest on some other girls. “Hey Petersen, what’s up with these two?” Kendall called. He and Keith had moved over to two women, both trussed and gagged in a seated position onto what looked like an exercise bench. They were staring at one another in frustration.”

Petersen dropped the crop and pushed the brunette onto a nearby couch, ordering her to practice bending over. Grateful for the reprieve, the former ad exec bent over and thrust her pert bottom high into the air, diligently repeating the exercise as Petersen watched her over his shoulder. She was learning.

“Oh, these two! Very, very bad girls. Kim and Laura. Both Steno girls. Not top of the line beauties—but good enough to be kept around for variety. The short-haired blonde, the sassy looking one, is Kim. Despite her Conditioning, she’s never gotten used to going from a career as a newspaper reporter to being an office whore.”

In response, the lanky blonde’s nostril’s flared. But that’s all she could accomplish due to the tightness of her bindings.

“The other younger blonde with long hair—she’s Laura. Actually Laura was just a waitress at some restaurant one of the boy’s took a shine to.” Petersen gritted his teeth and glared accusatorially at the two surprised men. “But like most of the low quality girls Conditioned on the fly, he lost interest and she wound up a stray like so many others. Naturally I have to deal with her after the fact! I swear, you guys have to be more selective with these girls——I’m running out of places to put them!”

Kendall rejected the implied criticism. “Please Petersen—just give ‘em to Hynde here! He needs all the leftovers he can get to push some of the deals he’s pulling!”

Keith nodded reluctantly. He still couldn’t shake the feeling that using the girls as bargaining chips was kind of cheating.

Petersen smiled.

Kendall looked at the two girls. “Back to these two—what happened?”

“Oh these two! Right—well, as you know Kendall, after the girls are Conditioned, some of the latent desires come tumbling out. Especially with messy Conditioning. And it seems that one of Kim’s latent desires was to be with another girl. I didn’t know this, of course and assigned them together as roommates. I’ve checked Laura and though she doesn’t have any lesbian leanings, she was lonely and desperate for a friend to help her adjust to her new life.

The next thing you know, Kim started creeping into her roommate’s bed and two very naughty kittens began playing some very dirty games!” He glanced down patronizingly at the two young women. “And it didn’t stop at that—soon they two were passing little loves notes to each other. And because their actions didn’t crash with their Conditioning, it all happened right under my nose. But with so many girls to manage—”

Keith shook his head. “I don’t get it—wouldn’t it be hot to watch two girlfriends get it on? These two aren’t gorgeous, but couldn’t you make them do some lezzy show for us? I’d watch! I bet they’d be into it.”

Kendall and Petersen shared a mocking glance.

“What?” Had he said something wrong?

Petersen explained: “Yes, of course. Aside from the publicly performing for men part, they’d probably like nothing better than to do just as you say—holding and playing with each other. Kim’s dirty desires have even converted Laura at this point—she’s just as fiery a lezzie as her lover. That’s the point Hynde—what the girls want is entirely besides the point. They must learn that unless given permission from their masters, they are not permitted pleasure of any kind.”

“So what are you going to do?”

The brutal looking nipple clamps Petersen pulled from his pocket partially answered the question. “They’ll be separated at once, without question. But first, they’ll learn their bodies are for our pleasure—not their own.”

Kendall and Hynde watched as the HR Director attached a pair of clamps to each girl’s heaving bare breasts. Both girls’ eyes began to water with the pain. “Look at each other and think of the pain the other has caused you. You’ll wear these for the rest of the day,” he instructed the bound women. “And then to ensure they’ll be no more unauthorized touching, you’ll be fitted for chastity belts for the period of no less than six months. They’ll allow you to do your ‘business’ but no more, ladies. Not even any of the executives will be able to penetrate your precious pussies in that time.”

Petersen smirked, turning back to his audience. “At the end of six months, we’ll see how hot they are for each other. My guess is they’ll be happy to be fucked by anything with a Y chromosome. And THEN, maybe we’ll see about letting our little dykes play!”

The bound women, though grimacing in pain, looked even more horrified at the prospect of being denied sex with each other for six months. Kim looked downright fierce, Keith thought. Still, they were no courts of appeal for these girls—she and her girlfriend would learn their lessons in a hard and especially frustrating way.

“ASS UP, BITCH!” Petersen bellowed back at Amanda, the brown haired girl. The girl redoubled her efforts and arched her back in a pleasing feline simulation of being stroked. “Better,” he mumbled, already moving on the next object needful of chastisement.

“Who do we have here, Petersen?” Keith couldn’t deny it; he was beginning to enjoy this.

The HR Director nodded. “This is Tanya.”

Tanya was suspended from the ceiling, and, other than wearing hip-length black leather boots, was nude and vulnerable. She was older than the average Cain girl, about thirty-seven, but compensated with large C-cup breasts, full lips and long, wild thick black hair. In spite of, or maybe because of, her resentful, jade-colored eyes, she offered a tantalized target for a man’s lust.

“Look up at your betters, Tanya,” Petersen growled.

Glaring, the woman obeyed. With her Conditioning, she had no choice.

Petersen droned on. “Tanya was a...uh, what was she? A high-powered lawyer for some firm. Oh, she thought she was something quite special—far too superior to take a mere secretarial job. So she’s a steno girl now. But with a mouth. I don’t know how many times she’s sassed her superiors. There’s always an executive ready to discipline her and she does apologize eventually, but there’s one transgression that a simple over the knee spanking can’t expiate.”

“And that is...”

Petersen reached down and fondled her backside. “She failed to please an executive in a particular way. She was ordered from the Steno Pool and one of our boys like the way her ass shimmied. He had a few moments between calls, so he told her to assume the position against the desk.” Petersen looked down, his face drawn out in a theatrical caricature of distress. “But alas, gentlemen, alas...”

Kendall laughed.

“It would seem our insolent filly believed herself too good to give up her treasures in that way. She actually crossed her legs and began to tussle with him when he tried to take her from behind! Do you believe it? The bitch thinks herself above being fucked up the ass!” The HR Director shook his head in amazement. “Well, now she’ll be punished soundly for her miscalculation!”

The green-eyed woman stamped her heeled boot and let out a wild screech as Petersen let loose on her ass with a wide-arching swat of the riding crop. Shrieks filled the cabana.

“I think she’s learning, gentlemen,” Petersen reported, sweat glistening on her upper lip. “Spread your legs slut! When a man tells you he wants to fuck you up the ass, you’ll be grateful for the attention and obey him happily!”

The whip fell across her breasts again and again and the shrieks broke into sobs. She spread her legs, but still fought the chain that help her wrists tightly above her head.

Petersen laughed, his face red with exertion. “And now some special attention to that precious ass of yours and the virginity you never thought you’d have to give up!”

He was using a crop now with precision and hard intent. Tanya, the former lawyer, fairly well leaped up with the first slashing blow, but just managed to keep her legs spread. It was a tremendous display of self-control, given the pain being inflicted. But she knew as well as her tormentors that failure to obey the earlier command would result in continuation and escalation of the agony. And so she kept her legs spread, sobbing brokenly as Petersen continued.

“Let’s go—this is getting a little boring,” Kendall whispered. “We can come back and fuck her up the ass later. I’m sure by the time Petersen’s done with her, she’ll be more than ready to give herself up for a good hard reaming.”

The two men left Petersen to his task as they wandered back out into the more cheerful, green compound. Behind them, Mandy moaned and Tanya wailed—while Kim and Laura silently considered one another with deepening horniness and even deeper despair.