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The Conditioners

By Marlissa

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Chapter 18: Keith’s Reward

Dessert was served forty-five minutes later, at which time the two girls were finally allowed to leave the stage. Both were bleary-eyed and shaken after their bravura performance, though they managed weak-kitten smiles at the scattered applause that followed their exit.

“Man, that was great!” Jackson exclaimed, shovelling in a forkful of Bavarian chocolate cake. “I had a boner that stretched from here to back home!” The scientist had clearly enjoyed the performance. In fact, Keith had seen him ejaculate at least twice in the last hour! He wished he hadn’t.

Kendall beamed. “Glad you enjoyed the show. And thank you for your part in helping make it so entertaining.” It was obvious to Keith that Kendall was still buttering the client up, but there was no denying the comraderie that had developed between the Research Director and the new client. Keith privately concluded that there was nothing more condusive to male bonding than a little female bondage.

Keith was still edgy, though. The pressures of the last few weeks—the stress of the new job and the huge change in his life—were starting to crash in on him. And the humiliating episode with Chloe earlier in the evening hadn’t helped. He was over his anger now and was feeling more than a little guilty over the way he had treated his secretary. As he looked around at the other men, laughing and drinking and generally enjoying Cain’s largesse, he couldn’t help but feel like an outsider.

He rubbed his eyes, sighing. Keith was on the verge of exhaustion and over-stimulation and he knew it. He put the scotch down that he had been nursing. It was time to sleep, to get some much needed rest. He doubted he’d even have the strength to fuck Chloe tonight.

He climbed to his feet and made his way over to where Klaw was presiding over the party. “Mr. Klaw,” he whispered, leaning down, think you can continue on without me? I could really use the rest.”

Klaw immediately looked concerned. “You have been under some pressure of late. But may I suggest you wait just five more minutes?”

Hynde nodded wearily. At Klaw’s nod, he sat down on a pillow beside his boss.

Klaw rose, clearing his throat for attention. He got it. “Before concluding tonight’s entertainment, I’d like to thank you all for your commitment to Cain Consulting and the greater interest we serve. You gentlemen work hard and deserve to play hard—that’s what Gilded Cage is all about. And despite some recent legal difficulties—which I assure you are well in hand—we continue to survive and thrive with new challenges, new partners, new clients,” he tipped his drink toward Chester Jackson who returned the gesture. “And,” he continued, “finally with new blood.”

Klaw turned to face Keith. “Keith Hynde. Only with the firm for a month or so—he has already become an integral part of our firm’s success and growth. His creative negotiations were instrumental in opening up the Eastern Asia market for us and his work with Mr. Jackson convinced him to place his business with Cain—and away from our competitor, who shall go unnamed.” Klaw’s evident disgust with Morgan and Company was mirrored on every face there, including Jackson’s.

“Such a contribution deserves a reward. Miss O’Connor—please bring out Mr. Hynde’s reward.”

Keith was curious and elated, his weariness dispelled by the public recognition of his work. Lightheaded with exhaustion and alcohol, he blushed and muttered modest comment as the men around him slapped him on the back and congratulated him. After a few moments, Klaw put his arm on Hynde’s shoulder and turned him toward the stage.

Hynde stared. Miss O’Connor had brought a blonde woman out onto the stage. The woman had her back turned, but what could be seen of her was giving Keith a hard-on. She had a body built for speed, a pin-up’s curvy frame of 5′8″ that was given a further lift by a pair of platform high heels. She was as leggy as a dancer, the smooth, firm limbs nicely filling out a pair of light blue stockings. Her spectacular ass was barely covered by a white thong panty which rode high on her hips. Her hair was as white and bright as blonde could naturally be. If she had a face to match, the blonde could either be an angel or a very expensive hooker.

Hynde felt a surge of gratitude. If this was his reward, it was a good one! He especially liked the hair. In fact he had once known a girl with that same -

Klaw stepped onto the stage, took the blonde’s hand and turned her around. “Presenting Miss Cally Rush, Keith.”

Keith’s jaw dropped. It was her!

“As you all know,” Klaw said, speaking to the entire audience, “we take great care to conduct extensive background checks on new employees. The check on Mr. Hynde revealed an impressive past. It also revealed a less-than-successful dating record back in high school, which in turn created a distrust of women. An entirely reasonable attitude, in my view.” The men chuckled. “As I thought about some way to reward Mr. Hynde for his meritorious service thus far, it seemed fitting that he should receive as a gift that most illusive of creatures, the one that teases us and taunts us throughout our awkward, growing years. Mr. Hynde, I offer you your High School Prom Queen: Cally Rush.”

Hoots and catcalls sounded in the garden. Not a man there didn’t envy Keith as his “reward” was presented to him. For her part, Cally was strangely silent, a vacant smile on her beautiful face. Keith’s Insight told him that she’d been deeply Conditioned to the point of being an automaton.

Klaw kept speaking. “You’ll find her remarkably true to her high school year book photo. Though as you have no doubt noticed, I have taken the liberty of making an improvement in one area.”

Keith’s eyes widened. He certainly had. In high school, Cally Rush had possessed no more than a 34 B cup size chest. She now sported a pair of 36 Cs.

Klaw stepped off the stage. “Have a nice time with your new pet, Keith.” Klaw took the stunned younger man’s hand and pumped it. “See you in the morning.”

Keith numbly took control of the zombie-like woman and nodded, to overcome to express gratitude. “Uhm... this way, Cally.” She responded mechanically in the direction in which he was headed. “Just follow me.”

She followed.

* * *

“Mr. Klaw! Mr. Klaw!” A tall, thin man with large glasses made his way through the crowd toward Klaw. It was Cavanaugh, a medical technician employed by Cain to provide technical advice regarding some clients and certain other matters. The owl-eyed man was clutching piles of folders, almost vibrating with excitement.

Klaw nodded. “What is it Cavanaugh?”

“I did it, Mr. Klaw—I figured out how Becky tricked us!”

“Follow me.” Klaw led the technician away from the party and into a quiet room in the main building. “Explain.”

“I know how she did it. How she did it.”

Klaw nodded, waiting patiently. These technology types always wanted to tell their tales of discovery instead of just getting to the point. “Please elaborate.”

“Well,” Cavanaugh continued, grinning, “you see, it’s hormonally based. The Conditioning. And she’s been taking a hormone suppressant called Activol—it showed up in the lab work when we reviewed the results again more thoroughly. It dampens the Conditioning.”

For the first time, Klaw looked startled. “Good God—are you telling me she prepared herself chemically with this Activol before infiltrating our company?”

The technologist shook his head rapidly. “No no no. I don’t think so. The suppressant is actually fairly common. Activol is found in virtually all diet pills that came on the market in the last couple of years.”

“So you’re telling me she was on diet pills?”

“Cavanaugh nodded happily. “That’s it Mr. Klaw. I’m thinking it was a pure fluke. A coincidence.”

Klaw shook his head. “Then why didn’t she notice anything while employed at Cain? Our working environment is fairly unorthodox. Why didn’t we notice anything was amiss?”

“I don’t know. Maybe she just figured the other girls stuck around because they were desperate for jobs. If she wasn’t on the diet pills at the beginning, it could be that the dampening was gradual. She just woke up one day and, well, saw what was happening. I still don’t think Becky understands what is really happening at Cain, Mr. Klaw.”

Klaw nodded slowly. “That would explain why Joanne Morgan has adopted the court strategy against us instead of some other gambit, like say, an investigative media push or a more direct approach. Joanne Morgan is working off faulty intelligence she’s receiving from Becky—and Becky doesn’t realize that the girls aren’t merely submissive—they’re Conditioned.”

Cavanaugh shrugged. Legal strategy wasn’t his department.

“And is there is a counter-agent to work into the Conditioning process to combat this Activol? We must begin to correct this situation at once.”

Cavanaugh smiled broadly. “Already done, Sir. We simply need to have the men retreated and the problem is solved. More or less.”

“More or less?”

The technician shrugged. “It’s not perfect. The Conditioning ability is different in different subjects. Most men will be fully able to use the Conditioning on women using the diet pills. Some might find their ability lessened. Some men won’t be able to use it at all. It depends.”

Klaw nodded, frowning. “But for now, our friend Becky is finally Conditionable, correct?”

Cavanaugh nodded. “Yes. But it will take someone with considerable strength to do it reliably. Until the new treatment fully takes effect.”

Klaw smiled. “Mr. Cavanaugh, I want to buy you a drink.” A voice called from outside. “Ah, I’ll be with you in a moment. Mr. Jackson!”

Cain took his technician by the elbow and poured a drink for him at the bar. “You’ve done a fine job Cavanaugh. Anything I can do for you, reward you with?”

Th technician shyly shook his head. His slight frame seem to shake uncomfortably in Klaw’s presence. “Nothing—just enjoy doing my job sir.”

Klaw smiled. “You don’t get to enjoy Gilded Cage much. Take a few of the girls and enjoy yourself Cavanuagh—I insist.”

“Well, I...” Now slightly green, the recipient of this favor looked very uncomfortable indeed. Klaw had long suspected why his technology lieutenant might be so uncomfortable with his suggestion. He patted his arm, relenting. “Of course, if you’ve got work to do...”

The thin man bobbed his head. “I do, I really do. Thank you for the drink.” Klaw nodded and watched as Cavanaugh left.

He returned to his party. Chet Jackson was lingering as the rest of the party was vacating the garden. His eyes gleamed, a wolfish smile that was hungry for more. “Uh, hi, Irwin. I was just wondering...”

Klaw spread his arms. “Please, what can we get for you? Really, anything to make my guest more comfortable. Say, would you like the girls you saw on stage tonight? Let me have them...".

“Uh, not exactly. I’ve always wanted to see a blond-brunette team. I was thinking of two others I’d seen earlier in the garden. I, uh, asked them their names are Samantha and Maria.”

Klaw collared an overwrought Miss O’Connor, who was trying to collect the empty tumblers and ashtrays strewn through the garden. Her attitude instantly adjusted itself though.

“Yes, Sir—right away. Samantha and Maria will be ready and waiting for Mr. Jackson in less than ten minutes. Mr. Jackson, Sir? Any preference in lingerie?”

Chet leered. The blonde and redhead had been hot, but this would be IT. His lifetime fantasy was about to come true! “Yeah-get them in panties and garterbelts. Blonde in white, brunette in black.”

Klaw repressed a sigh. How original.