The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Contract Review

by Rilawild

Anne stood up from behind her desk when the distinguished gentleman was ushered into her small office. She guessed that he was in his mid to late thirties, a good ten years older than herself. She wouldn’t call him classically handsome, but he would certainly attract attention with his tall, muscular body; strong bearing and groomed black hair. Anne noticed that he had a slightly crooked nose suggesting it had been broken in the past and not properly set. However, that didn’t really mar his appearance, instead giving his square jawed face some character.

He had an imposing demeanour as he strode into the room and thrust out his hand in greeting to the normally confident young solicitor. Anne found herself a little intimidated, which was unusual for her, she usually commanded the room because of her own stunning beauty and sparkling intelligence, but for some reason she knew immediately that Mr. Edward Hargrave, for that was who the newcomer must be, would not be impressed by a pretty smile or a witty comment.

‘Mr. Hargrave?’ Anne reached out and shook the man’s hand.

‘Yes, and you must be Anne.’ The older man’s grip was strong and firm as he took Anne’s hand. It irritated her a little that she hadn’t been addressed as ‘Miss Cray’ as she preferred. Anne always felt that in business a little formality helped keep things nice and professional. She didn’t correct him, however, she wanted to make a good impression with a potential new client, especially one reportedly as rich and important as Mr. Hargrave.

Anne couldn’t help but notice the man’s cologne. It was almost overpowering, a heady and musky scent. She couldn’t understand why anyone would chose to wear such a strong scent. It seemed a strange contrast to the otherwise understated dignity of the aristocratic gentleman. It wasn’t unpleasant, just too overwhelming.

The man gripped her hand a little longer than Anne was completely comfortable with, all while looking Anne straight in the eye. Anne, feeling uncomfortable, blushed and broke eye contact first, feeling that she had given a little ground. She usually liked to be the one in charge in a meeting with a client, but somehow she knew that she was already on the back foot with this imposing man.

‘I’m very pleased to meet you Anne. I do hope that you can help me. Mr. Walker said that you do a lot of conveyancing work. I have a contract for the transfer of some very valuable property to my ownership that I need to have reviewed, to make sure that all angles are covered; that it is legally watertight.’

Andrew Walker was Anne’s boss, the senior partner at Walker & Harrison. Anne was the most junior member of the firm and mostly did simple conveyancing work for people buying and selling houses. Andrew had told Anne earlier that afternoon that he’d met a potential client at a social engagement and that he had some legal work that sounded right up Anne’s street. He had told her that he needed Anne to do the best job she could, because it would be a significant feather in their cap if they could win Edward Hargrave as a client.

‘Well, I’m sure that I can help. I specialise in conveyancing and I’m sure that I can make sure that your purchase goes through smoothly with no legal problems.’

‘Excellent Anne.’ Mr. Hargrave took a seat across the desk from her and gave her a brilliant smile. ‘However, I’m not buying as such, I’m taking ownership. And the contract is, how can I put it, unconventional.’

He then reached into his expensive briefcase and withdrew a plain envelope and lent across the desk to hand it to the young woman, but as Anne took the envelope Edward didn’t immediately release it and once again stared Anne straight in the eye.

‘This contract is of a very sensitive nature and quite unusual. You will of course keep its contents strictly confidential?’

Anne felt a flare of indignation, as if she’d ever breach a client’s confidence, but then she forced herself to calm down. Mr. Hargrave had a legitimate concern, like any client, he probably didn’t realise that as his solicitor, it was Anne’s duty to keep everything they discussed secret.

‘Yes, of course. We take client confidentiality very seriously here at Walker & Harrison.’

As she waited for him to release the envelope, she breathed in another waft of the strong cologne. It almost made her feel light-headed. It was certainly a potent concoction of interesting scents.

‘Good, that’s very reassuring Anne,’ he released his grip on the envelope, ‘as I said the contract is unconventional so there aren’t really any experts in this field, but since a significant portion of it deals with property transfer, I thought perhaps a conveyancer might be best placed to review it for me.’

Intriguing, thought Anne, what sort of contract could be that unusual.

She opened the envelope and drew out the pages of the contract. Anne was surprised when she smelled the strong scent once more and realised that it was coming from the open envelope and the pages.

How strange. Why would anyone spray cologne on a contract? Perhaps Mr. Hargrave had had an accident and spilled some on the paper. He wore so much of the stuff that he probably didn’t notice the smell. As she breathed in the scent, Anne decided that it wasn’t too bad after all, when it wasn’t so strong as to be overpowering then it actually was quite pleasant.

Thoughts of the cologne though was driven from her mind when she unfolded the contract and read the title: ‘Contract of Enslavement’. She read a little more and glanced down the rest of the first page. It was unbelievable, surely a joke.

It seemed to be a contract between a ‘Master’ and a ‘Slave’. Anne noted that the section identifying the master was already filled in with Edward Hargrave’s name and what she guessed was his address. The section for the slave was blank.

It appeared to be what the title suggested, the person identified as the slave would be committing to be Mr. Hargrave’s sex-slave.

It must be a joke. Was this some form of strange game to see if she could be shocked?

‘This...’ she started, ‘this can’t be real.’ All she could think to say was, ‘slavery is illegal. This could never be legal.’

‘That’s why I’m here, Anne.’ He reached across the desk and took hold of the solicitor’s hand in a reassuring way. ‘I want my slavegirl to give herself to me consensually but to still be bound to me as if she were a slave.’ He squeezed her hand gently, ‘Can you understand that Anne?’

‘I want you to review and amend it so that it is legally binding, Anne.’ Every time that he said her name, Mr. Hargrave gave Anne’s hand another little squeeze. ‘Of course ultimately my slavegirl will not care about the legality of the contract Anne, she will be dedicated to me as my loving sex-slave slut Anne, but I do like to do things properly. You will help me won’t you Anne?’

She couldn’t believe it. Who would agree to such an outrageous thing. However, it seemed that Edward Hargrave had a woman who was happy to sign a contract of enslavement. Anne had heard about such relationships but had never met anyone who was in one, and certainly had never had any thoughts of being involved in one.

‘I’m... It’s... I’ll...’ She couldn’t quite work out how to respond. Edward squeezed her hand one final time and then released it.

‘Just have a quick look through it first, before you make up your mind.’

Anne flicked through the pages, shocked and alarmed by what she saw.

There were two copies of the contract and Anne noted that the final page of each was for the signatures. Edward had already signed both copies and she noticed that someone had witnessed those signatures. If it was a joke then Mr. Hargrave had gone to a lot of trouble.

Anne didn’t really know what to do. Slavery was illegal. Yet as another wave of the cologne assailed her senses she felt a little light-headed, she shook her head to try and clear her mind and then re-read the clause that she’d been reading: “Slave must always be obedient”. This couldn’t be real.

Then she remembered what Mr. Walker had told her, she had to do the best job she could so that they could secure Mr. Hargrave as a long-term client for the firm. She knew that she had to at least do something. She couldn’t send this man packing with his perverted contract. At least, she would have to review it, even if the result was that it could never be legal, she had to do her job in good faith. It was her duty as a solicitor.

‘Well I’ll review it, though I don’t know if there’s much I can do to make such a contract legally enforceable, but I’ll do my best.’

‘Excellent, I knew you were the right girl for the job.’

Anne felt indignant again, this time at being called a girl, but she swallowed her feelings and stood to escort the strange gentleman from her office.

‘Thank you for coming in, I’ll give you a call once I’ve been through the contract in detail.’

Edward Hargrave grasped her proffered hand once more in his firm grip.

‘I know you’ll do your best. I just ask that you have an open mind.’

To Anne’s surprise, Mr. Hargrave lent in kissed her on both cheeks, as they do on the continent. It was far more familiar than she was used to in a business meeting, but she was so stunned that she didn’t pull away. Being so close meant that she was assaulted by that scent one final time and it was much stronger as Edward brushed his cheek against Anne’s.

It wasn’t so bad, she thought. It’s actually quite bold and striking, a perfect compliment to the strong and confident gentleman who wore it. In fact as she breathed it in deeply, Anne decided that it really was a nice cologne. Lovely and... she couldn’t put her finger on it. Lovely and … seductive, was the thought that seemed to bubble into her mind from somewhere.

After Edward Hargrave had left, Anne just sat at her desk, the contract sitting in front of her, but she wasn’t reading it. She sat in shock, stunned by the strange meeting and the perverted nature of the contract she’d just promised to review. She found that she couldn’t get the thought out of her mind that Edward Hargrave was a man who planned to make a woman his sex-slave. A shudder went down her spine. Anne had to admit that Mr. Hargrave would fit her idea of a dominant master perfectly, if he were dressed in leather. Then she couldn’t help but imagine the man attired thus and standing in a confident and commanding pose. She dismissed the image almost as soon as it appeared in her mind’s eye, but it felt like it was indelibly imprinted there.

Anne looked down at the contract, but couldn’t bring herself to pick it up.

Instead she put it in her in-tray and forced herself to work on the handful of conveyancing contracts that she had had on her plate before Mr. Hargrave and his Contract of Enslavement came into her office. However, she kept seeing the folded contract out of the corner of her eye.

Eventually, she found herself so distracted that she decided that there was no point in trying to work on anything else and picked up the contract. A fresh wave of scent rose from the paper as she unfolded it and began to read.

  • Slave must read and understand this contract.
  • Slave agrees that she is a sexual submissive and needs to be controlled and dominated by a strong master to receive sexual fulfilment.
  • Slave must always be obedient.
  • Slave must be able to recite the clauses and requirements of the Slave from schedule 2 from memory.

Anne read on, but found it difficult. It was just too much. She flung the disgusting paper away.

Once again she started work on her more normal contracts and did manage to get some work done. However, nagging at the back of her mind she knew that Mr. Hargrave’s contract was waiting for her.

  • Slave must read and understand this contract.

Anne found herself remembering that first phrase from the body of the contract. It kept distracting her, reminding her that she ought to read through the contract as she’d promised.

Anne’s head was throbbing a little and she decided she had a headache coming on. That probably explained why she was having difficulty concentrating. She stood and went out into the reception area to get a glass of water and that made her feel a little better. So, refreshed. she got back to work. This time instead of working on paperwork she decided it might be easier to catch up on her call backlog.

She had almost cleared her backlog when she found herself speaking with a client who had a problem with his contract. He was a first time buyer and was almost ready to exchange with the seller of a nice little apartment.

‘I’m sorry Miss Cray, I’ve tried to read and understand this contract, but I just can’t get my head around it.’

  • Slave must read and understand this contract.

Anne felt a little dizzy for a moment. The way he’d said it reminded her of Mr. Hargrave, for some reason and she once again found herself thinking about that strange man.

‘Miss. Cray? Anne? Are you all right?’ the man on the other end of the line enquired.

‘Y-yes, I’m fine, sorry. You were saying?’ Anne felt anything but fine, she was flustered and finding it difficult to concentrate.

‘I was just saying that I don’t understand the bit about the leasehold and the service charge. It doesn’t make sense, I think there’s a word missing or something.’

Surely there couldn’t be a problem, she’d have to double check it.

‘Errm, I had better take a look. I’m sorry. Errm, I have to go. I’ll get back to you.’ She quickly hung up not sure why she was so confused.

  • Slave must read and understand this contract.

Now, why did that phrase keep running around in her mind, she thought. Anne reached for the man’s contract to check the details but when she looked she realised that she’d accidentally picked up the Contract for Enslavement. Her eyes glanced at the text and latched on to a clause: “Slave agrees that she is a sexual submissive and needs to be controlled and dominated by a strong master to receive sexual fulfilment.”

It was so perverse. Yet Anne didn’t put down the pages.

Anne found herself reading through the first page and then turning to read the second. It was a very strange document. Quite disturbing really, but almost interesting once she managed to get past her queasiness about its content. It was so sexually degrading and alarming, but still there was a strange edge to it, it was compelling. Anne couldn’t explain it.

She stretched as she finished the second page, and as she did she felt her breasts move within her bra and was embarrassed to realise that her nipples had become erect. Anne was mortified. She quickly folded the contract up and stuffed it back into its plain envelope. The scent once again blooming around her as she handled the document.

Anne found the right contract this time and quickly found and corrected the mistake.

  • Slave must read and understand this contract.

It played around and around in her mind. How arrogant she thought. Of course anyone agreeing to any contract must read and understand it, there was no need to stipulate it in the text.

Anne realised that she’d been pondering Mr. Hargrave’s contract for a while when her door opened and Andrew Walker put his head around it.

‘I hope I’m not disturbing you. I just wanted to check on how your meeting with Edward Hargrave went.’

‘Errm, it was fine.’ Anne found herself blushing and for some reason that made her more embarrassed. ‘It was a little unusual.’

‘Yes, he can be a little intimidating can’t he, but he’ll make an excellent addition to our client list, so when he mentioned that he needed a contract review about the acquisition of some very important property I immediately offered that we’d do it, and since you’re our best conveyancer I thought of you. I just know you’ll do a good job.’

Andrew clearly didn’t know what the contract was about, Anne realised, otherwise he would never have agreed to take on the work. She wondered if she should mention it. but something about it made her feel reluctant and she remembered that she’d promised to keep it confidential. Besides it would very embarrassing to explain that their new client was a pervert who wanted to own a sex-slave.

‘Anyway,’ Andrew continued, ‘put in as much effort as you need to, he’s paid a significant advance on his fees so it shows how serious he is about it. This is your top priority at the moment.’ With that he was gone, along with Anne’s opportunity to tell him what the contract was really about.

The rest of the afternoon went by in a blur. She did her best to concentrate but it was a struggle. Every now and then she would find herself gazing at the envelope and thinking about its provocative contents, and that troubled her. She found that she was intrigued, she wanted to read it and try to understand why a person would firstly come up with such a document and secondly someone else agree to its terms.

Eventually, the clock moved around to five thirty and Anne was relieved that the troubling day was over. Tomorrow would be better she decided. After she’d packed up and put on her long trench coat she picked up her handbag and was ready to leave when she saw the contract sitting ‘accusingly’ in her in-tray where she’d put it.

  • Slave must be obedient.

Now why did she think about that? But as she dismissed it, she remembered how she’d promised Mr. Walker that she’d do her best. Anne knew that she’d only really skimmed through the contract, she really needed to read and understand it so that she could think about how she could improve it, how she could make it legally binding somehow.

I’ll just take it home and make some notes this evening, she thought. I haven’t got anything planned for tonight, Monday’s are always quiet, so it won’t be a problem. I’ll spend thirty minutes, an hour tops, and I’ll be all set for tomorrow.

Anne stepped into the shower, weary from her strange day, thankful to be home. The warm water cascaded over her curvy body as she rubbed the liquid soap into her skin. It felt so good to wash away the troubles of the day, to ease her tense muscles. When her hands ran over her generous D-cup breasts, Anne was surprised at how sensitive they felt, her nipples tingling back to full hardness immediately. Oh that’s so nice Anne gasped in pleasure. She couldn’t help herself from gently caressing and tweaking them further, enjoying the self-indulgence for a few moments. It felt wonderful.

She was soon moaning, her fingers squeezing and tugging on her hard nipples. It was not enough though, and she couldn’t help herself from sliding a hand down over her flat belly, through her brown thatch to her warm and slick petals. She was so wet.

Anne idly masturbated, it felt so nice to pleasure herself.

However, as she did an image came to her mind, a picture of Mr. Hargrave. He was in the guise of a master dressed in leather, a riding crop in hand. In her imagination Mr. Hargrave’s piercing eyes stared straight at Anne’s soapy, naked and vulnerable body while he smiled arrogantly at the young brunette.

That thought immediately shocked her out of her reverie and she snatched her hand away from her crotch. She felt guilty and embarrassed. Not that she was a prude, she often masturbated, but she wasn’t some pervert; so finding herself thinking about the masterful Edward Hargrave while she was touching herself was too much.

She quickly finished her shower and, dressed in some comfortable sweat pants and top, Anne made herself a light dinner.

After eating she reluctantly reached for her bag and pulled out the envelope. She’s promised Mr. Walker that she’d do her best to help Mr. Hargrave, so she had better spent a little time working on the contract. She had to read and understand it first, and then she might be able to find something that could be done to make it legal.

Anne sat at the table and picked up the contract, a pad in front of her ready for her to make notes. As before, she couldn’t help but notice the cologne, it was certainly growing on her she thought. It had a quite pleasant hint to it, it was layered and complex.

She started to read the contract properly, doing her best to concentrate on both the words and what the intention was behind them. She read clause after clause, her mind swirling with strange thoughts.

The first section covered clothing and attire. The slave would spend her time naked when at Mr. Hargrave’s home, and only be allowed approved clothing when not. In fact the master would determine whatever clothing the slave would be allowed at all times. Anne shuddered when she saw that that might mean that the slavegirl could be commanded to be nude in public.

Suddenly an image flashed into her mind. Anne imagined a proud Mr. Hargrave leading a nude slavegirl along a street. She squirmed a little in her seat, her sweat pants feeling tight around her crotch.

She read on.

The slave would be give up all her property, her mind, her body and her soul to the master. She would have to rely on Mr. Hargrave for everything. She would be helpless without her master. Anne thought that the slave would really have to love Mr. Hargrave to agree to this.

Next, she read that the slave would be required to perform domestic duties. Anne realised that Mr. Hargrave would expect his slavegirl to be a maid and housekeeper as well as a sexual partner, and worse she would be naked while doing it. Anne found herself imagining the aristocratic gentleman standing over a naked girl kneeling at his feet scrubbing the floor. She realised that she was feeling quite hot and was embarrassed again when she felt once more that her nipples were very hard.

She forced herself to make some notes and continue reading through the contract.

It now turned to sexual practices and Anne squirmed again uncomfortably in her chair.

The slave would be trained to perform fellatio to the master’s satisfaction and had to show both enthusiasm and an eager desire to please the master. The slave had to think of the master’s pleasure before her own.

Again Anne couldn’t help imagining a naked slavegirl kneeling between Mr. Hargrave’s legs submissively performing oral sex on the strong dominant man. She felt light-headed as she imagined that. It was a very confusing moment for the young solicitor. She’d didn’t like the idea of oral sex, and she was a little alarmed to realise that she was feeling aroused at the thought of a woman giving the man a blow job.

Her mouth was suddenly dry and so she reached for a glass of water. As the cool liquid quenched her thirst, Anne realised that while she’d been thinking about the perverse sex scene that she’d raised the contract to her nose and had been smelling the interesting scent that suffused the pages.

Shifting her position, straightening her back and brushing her long hair away from her face, Anne tried to compose herself.

She had to do her job, she had to get on, she couldn’t allow herself to be distracted, she had to please her boss with her work, she had to think about her job before her own worries. So, with renewed resolve, she got back to her notes and the weird contract.

Anne read with embarrassment that the slave would have to keep her pussy shaved, that would be humiliating she thought. Worse, as she read further, she discovered that the slave would not be allowed to orgasm without permission, in fact she would have to beg her master for permission to come. God, it was bad enough that the slavegirl would give up her property and her clothes and be made to perform oral sex on her master, but to also give up her own right to an orgasm was awful.

However, she remembered one of the first statements of the contract: “Slave agrees that she is a sexual submissive and needs to be controlled and dominated by a strong master to receive sexual fulfilment.” Anne supposed that a sexual submissive would want to controlled by a strong master, would receive her sexual fulfilment at the command of a man like Mr. Hargrave, at the command of a master; at the command of The Master.

In great detail, it went onto describe that the slave would be trained to adopt various submissive and downright degrading positions. Anne couldn’t help but imagine a naked slavegirl being made to adopt each humiliating position in turn as Mr. Hargrave corrected her with his riding crop.

The contract next moved onto punishment and discipline. Anne shivered slightly and read that the slave would be punished for any disobedience or infraction of the contract’s terms. It might take the form of a physical punishment such as spanking, paddling, whipping or caning; or other forms such as bondage, denial of orgasm or indeed anything that Master determined was appropriate.

Anne’s head was spinning as she read about how Master would train and correct the slave for her mistakes. Her mind’s eye kept imagining a naked slavegirl bent over Master’s knee as she was spanked for bad behaviour.

She was embarrassed to feel how swollen her labia were as she shifted position; to realise she was getting turned on by the terms of the slavery contract.

Taking another gulp of water she glanced at the clock and realised that she’d spent the whole evening reading through the contract and making notes. She didn’t know where the time had gone.

It was a fitful night for Anne, she found it hard to sleep and when she did her dreams were filled with strange dreams of submission and dominance with Edward Hargrave taking a prominent role.

When her alarm sounded, Anne had to force herself to get up, she was exhausted, but worse she realised that she was also very aroused, her panties wet with her juices. It was very confusing for the young woman. She tried to shake it off as the result of working on the strange and sexy contract. That lifestyle didn’t really interest her, and she was no submissive, but she realised that there was something very erotic about it. No doubt it was that eroticism that had got to her.

After her shower, she’d consciously avoided any hint of masturbation whilst she’d washed, she padded around her bedroom in her robe trying to decide what to wear to the office.

  • When permitted clothing, Slave will only be allowed to wear a skirt or dress. The hemline of which must never be less than 20cm above the knee. Tights are not allowed, stockings are the only form of hosiery permitted.

Now why had she thought about that, Anne wondered.

  • Slave must be able to recite the clauses and requirements of the Slave from schedule 2 from memory.

Anne rubbed her temples, trying to clear her mind. I spent far too long last night working on that contract she decided.

Standing in front of her wardrobe Anne pondered her suits. The majority were fashionable trouser suits, ideal for a professional young woman. However, as she looked at each one in turn she just felt that none of them fit her mood for today. In the end she found a delightful green skirt and a plain cream blouse that went very nicely with it. Yes, Anne thought, that will work. It was warm enough she decided that she didn’t need to wear a jacket.

  • Slave must never wear underwear except with explicitly order of Master.

Anne was looking through her underwear drawer and blushed as she remembered the clause in the contract. That would be so embarrassing she thought. I can’t think why a woman would agree to something that. She selected one of her normal pairs of panties and a plain bra and quickly put them on. As she did so though she couldn’t help noticing that her breasts were still sensitive from her earlier arousal, not to mention how her nipples leapt back to erectness as the cool material enclosed her breasts. Similarly she could feel her pussy snugly within her knickers as she pulled them tight around her crotch. They felt a little tight and perhaps a bit uncomfortable, but Anne shrugged it off as she pulled on a nice pair of stockings. having brushed aside all of her tights in order to find them at the bottom of her underwear drawer.

Fully dressed, Anne collected her coat and handbag and then noticed the contract on the dining table. She picked it up and raised it unconsciously to her nose to breathe in that interesting cologne before stuffing it into her bag. Somehow, that scent had a nice familiarity to it now, and it made Anne feel just a little calmer after her sleepless night.

Anne had a strange day at work. She worked on a number of contracts for her other clients, but couldn’t help coming back to the slavery contract. She just couldn’t work out how she could make the contract legally binding.

Each time she worked on another contract after a while she would find herself remembering that arrogant initial clause, “Slave must read and understand this contract,” and then Mr. Walker’s instruction that she must put every effort into helping Mr. Hargrave. Her mind was in turmoil and her lack of sleep meant that she found it difficult to properly concentrate.

  • Slave must be able to recite the clauses and requirements of the Slave from schedule 2 from memory.

She just couldn’t see a way to make it legally binding, but maybe if she read through the contract again inspiration would come. So she’d pick up the contract and read through each clause and her notes again and again. Each time she read it she found it more and more familiar and less strange or alarming. She could understand what Mr. Hargrave wanted but still couldn’t work out what to do to make it binding.

During her lunch break, Anne kept finding herself having to adjust her bra strap. For some reason she just could find a comfortable position for it. Her bra just felt wrong, uncomfortable and seemed to pinch. Anne couldn’t wait to get home and take off the awful garment. And if that wasn’t bad enough, her panties too seemed to constantly ride up and bunch uncomfortably between her buttocks.

After a quick lunch break, Anne found herself once again working through the contract. She could almost remember each clause now without actually reading it. As she read each section through again she couldn’t help her weary mind wandering and her imagination running riot. Her mind was filled with images of each clause. And with each image she was embarrassed to feel her arousal building more and more. It had never completely died down since she’d woken up with damp panties that morning, and now it just kept getting worse and worse as images of a naked slavegirl serving the glorious Master played repeatedly through her tired mind.

At last the day was over and Anne could head home exhausted.

Once again Anne decided that she had to work on the contract briefly after her dinner but promised herself that it would only be for a short time and that she’d get to bed early so that she could catch up on her missed sleep.

After her shower, she padded to her bedroom just wearing her robe.

  • Slave will remain naked when at home.

Oh that would be so wicked wouldn’t it. There’s no-one here, I could do that if I wanted to. Anne felt too embarrassed though to just slip off her robe. However, she didn’t get dressed and was soon sitting at the table feeling a little naughty to be just wearing her robe whilst she worked.

As she read through and contemplated the contract time and time again, she would catch herself caressing her hard nipples through the thin material of the robe. She knew she was aroused by the erotic contract, and was embarrassed whenever that arousal seemed to get the better of her and she tweaked an erect nipple, or worse found herself squeezing her thighs deliciously together.

She cursed herself when she saw the clock a little later and realised it was past her bedtime and she hadn’t got the early night she’d promised herself, forgetting that she’d only intended to spend half an hour or so on the contract and had instead worked all through the evening again.

She was sitting at her desk the next day when she had her idea.

She’d thankfully managed to get a good night’s sleep, even though she thought that she’d had those strange erotic dreams of submission and dominance again. So she’d been full of the joys of spring when she’d started work that morning, and she credited her good night’s sleep with helping her come up with a solution to contract’s conundrum.

The problem was that slavery was illegal, but many of the terms and clauses of the slavery contract were not directly related to the slavery. Anne was sure that she could put together a series of individual different agreements that when put together had the same basic effect that Master Edward Hargrave was looking for.

She started to work out what different types of agreements she could draft. She’d make a master contract that contained the set of individual pieces.

Anne’s immediate thoughts were that since the slave would do domestic duties that she could start with an employment contract for a housekeeper. Then since the slave would live at Master’s home there could be a tenancy agreement with full board. She was sure that if she ensured that the salary for the job as housekeeper was matched directly with the rent paid for accommodation and food, then the slave would essentially earn no money.

Then to give Master Edward the control he desired, Anne thought that a power of attorney would work for that.

Her mind was racing with the possibilities and she quickly began scribbling notes.

Yes, this would work, she was sure of it.

Anne was almost reluctantly to stop to get some lunch, but eventually her rumbling stomach forced her to head out of the office. She was definitely in a good mood as she walked to the sandwich shop across the market square from the office. Indeed, she was feeling so good she decided to treat herself and made a quick detour to the shopping centre to buy some new clothes.

As she tried on a new sheer blouse she admired the way it showed off her unrestrained breasts. She was glad that she’d decided to forgo her bra that morning. After the discomfort from yesterday, she felt so much better without a bra today. Yes, she admitted to herself, she’d had the idea because of the contract, but, she told herself, that didn’t mean that she agreed with it. So why not take some of the sexy ideas from the contract, it was just harmless fun, she rationalised.

So as she examined the look of a lovely blouse in the changing room mirror she was pleased with the way her large breasts looked through the sheer material, especially how her pebble-hard nipples made little tents in the soft cloth. Yes, she thought, a bra would have ruined the look of the blouse.

Sitting at her desk again feeling refreshed after her pleasant lunch break Anne continued working on the contract.

She could easily draft a contract to sell the slave’s house, car, property and even clothes to Master, and if she created a trust for all the slave’s assets to be solely managed by Master, who of course would have power of attorney, then effectively the slave would have no access to any money thus making her dependent on Master Edward. Of course there would be nothing stopping the slave also gifting any money she had to the Master. It all seemed to be falling into place.

Next, she started to think about the sexual aspects of the contract.

She could create a modelling contract with a release for nude, fetish and even pornographic work including BDSM. Yes, Master Edward would like that.

An agreement to undergo sexual therapy, under the tutelage of Master, of course, would allow for any training in sexual techniques including fellatio. There probably wasn’t a need to explicitly say that the slave would be undergoing actual practical training directly with the Master. Anne felt a quiver through her spine as she imagined a nice curvy brunette slave sucking at Master Edward’s cock. For a moment she wondered what it would feel like to kneel between the commanding Master’s thighs and then snapped out of the strange daydream, ashamed of her naughty thoughts.

She was embarrassed to feel that the thong she’d worn that morning was getting quite damp.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have worn panties today either, after all not wearing a bra has been a success, she thought.

Finally, as the day was drawing to a close, she worked on a consent form for corporal punishment to go alongside the modelling contract and an agreement for a physical fitness and training programme to be administered and managed by Master including a section of posture and ‘yoga’ training.

Anne was very pleased with her progress when she headed home.

That night she didn’t even think about not working on the contract, or restricting herself to just a short period of work. She was really excited that she’d worked out how to make much of it legally binding. She was eager to get as much written down as possible.

  • Slave will remain naked when at home.

Anne was so excited to get to work that after she got out of her shower she just dropped her towel on the bathroom floor and padded naked to the table and her waiting laptop. She immediately got straight to work drafting the new agreements that would make up the new contract.

She found it very thrilling, knowing that she was doing her best to satisfy her customer, to please Master Edward.

The words just flowed onto her screen, she was right in her natural territory, this was what she’d trained for all those years to do.

Master Edward was going to so pleased with what she’d come up with, she just knew that he was going to be very happy. he’d have his slavegirl completely under his control very soon.

As she worked she couldn’t help imagine a naked slavegirl crawling at Master’s command, kneeling submissively as a riding crop was used to flick her hard nipples. Anne moaned as her finger rubbed against her slick clitoris. Oh god, she suddenly realised that she’d been masturbating and pulled her hand out of her lap. She was so embarrassed.

However, as she worked through the evening, she couldn’t help herself. Her mind kept imagining the slavegirl being dominated by the handsome Master Edward. Her hand would unconsciously drop between her spread thighs and she would caress herself. It felt so so good.

At last she had to stop for the night and closed her laptop lid.

She was still keyed up when she slid nude beneath the cool sheets of her bed, so she decided that after such as good day of hard work she needed a little light relief before she could get to sleep. Anne spread her legs and slipped her hand to her pussy. Oh that’s good, she moaned to herself.

Her fingers began to explore her wetness and were soon rubbing around and around her swollen clitoris driving her on. In her mind she couldn’t help the images of Master making the slavegirl do his bidding. Oh god, that’s so sexy. With her orgasm approaching Anne, realised that the she was imagining herself as the slavegirl, naked beside Master Edward. That idea almost pushed her over the edge but for some reason she held back.

  • Slave is not allowed to orgasm without permission.

Oh my, that is such a dirty idea, but it also made her ashamed to think that she was masturbating about the idea of submitting to Master Edward. Her fingers slowed.

I can’t fuck myself silly thinking about the contract, it’s just wrong. I can’t come like this, it’s too embarrassing.

So Anne forced herself to stop touching herself and turned over onto her side and tried to think of anything other than submitting to Master. Her head was clouded with arousal combined with frustration. Eventually though she fell into a troubled fitful sleep.

When she woke her head was throbbing and her hand was jammed between her damp thighs.

Oh I need to get a grip on myself she thought.

Thankfully after a cold shower she was feeling much better and had put her erotic night behind her. She still felt quite aroused but at least more under control. Besides she knew that she could get most of the contract finished today and then would be able to forget all of this.

She decided to treat herself, so when she looked in her wardrobe she picked out some of the new clothes she’d bought yesterday. The sheer blouse felt and looked wonderful and her new mini skirt complimented it perfectly. She even measured its hem and was pleased to see that it was almost thirty centimetres above her knee. She felt very good and very sexy in her new outfit, and with it completed by her new ten centimetre high-heeled sandals she knew she looked great.

  • Slave’s shoes will always have heels of at least 8cm and will typically be 12cm to 15cm.

Why should slavegirls get to wear the best shoes? Sure these are taller than I usually wear and feel a little less professional, but they looked so nice when I was in the shop I just couldn’t resist them.

Now that she looked at herself in her full length mirror they looked great with her long bare curvaceous legs.

When she stepped out of her apartment, she felt so naughty. Her breasts were so deliciously visible through her sheer blouse and bounced nicely as she walked. It also felt so risky wearing such a short skirt without any panties. Oh but it felt so wonderful and so so sexy.

Her day at work went by in a strange blur. She just found it hard to think straight, but that didn’t really matter. She worked hard on the new contract and was happy with her draft when she packed up for the day. She couldn’t really remember much of what happened: she was so ‘in the zone’. The only thing that stuck in her mind was how as she worked she found herself frequently holding the original Contract for Enslavement to her nose so that she could breathe in the wonderful cologne. She’d have to ask Master, erm Mr. Hargrave, what it was. She’d love to buy some herself so that she could have the lovely scent all the time. Maybe she could spray a little on her pillow at night, it would be so comforting.

She was still in a lovely daze, knowing that she’d had an excellent productive day, when she got home and stepped into her shower.

  • Slave will remove all body hair from the neck down.
  • Slave is not permitted any pubic hair.

Oh that would be so wicked, she thought. I’ve always wondered what it would feel like.

Anne reached for her razor and after shaving her legs she spread cream over her pubis and cautiously drew the blade through her thick thatch. Slowly and carefully she denuded her pussy of all hair. Her heart was pounding when she rinsed away the remains of her pubic hair and she felt the smooth bare skin. Oh god, that feels so good. Why haven’t I done this before.

Anne resolved to keep herself nice and smooth in the future.

The next morning, Anne did a final review of the new contract and decided that she was happy with her final amendments and so feeling a little nervous she phoned Mr. Hargrave.

‘Mast.. erm, Mr. Hargrave? This is Anne Cray, f-from Walker & Harrison. It’s about your contract. I think I have something that you’d like, would you like to come in, perhaps this afternoon?’ Anne couldn’t explain why she was feeling so flustered as she spoke with the older gentleman.

‘Anne, that’s great news. Unfortunately I can’t come in this afternoon, but I would like to see what you have. Come over this evening, lets say eight o’clock. You have my address from the contract.’

When she heard the rich deep voice of her client on the line Anne felt a quiver in her belly. She wouldn’t normally consider going to see someone out of hours, but there was something in the way he’d asked, no that wasn’t right she realised. he hadn’t asked, he just assumed Anne would agree, he had just told Anne to come and visit him. Part of her wanted to tell him that he’d have to come in on Monday but she hesitated.

  • Slave must always be obedient.

‘Erm, okay, I can come over. I-I’ll be there at eight then.’

Anne realised that Mr. Walker had told her to pull out all the stops on this so she had better do what she could to please Master Edward. After all she had to think about his needs before her own if she were to do a good job.

She still felt dazed and confused when she knocked on Mr. Hargrave’s front door. Anne felt more than a bit intimidated, the house was very large and clearly very expensive. It confirmed what Anne had been told about him being very rich. So she was a little surprised when the powerful man opened the door himself.

‘It’s so good of you to come Anne, here let me take your coat.’

She stepped inside and allowed him to take her coat and hang it in closet off the hallway. As he did Anne noticed once again that he was wearing his lovely cologne. Somehow it made Anne feel much better and more relaxed. It had become such a lovely and familiar smell over the past few days.

The aristocratic man led Anne into a large sitting room.

‘Is that the contract?’

‘O-oh, yes, sorry. Here it is.’

‘Excellent, please make yourself comfortable.’

Anne did so and watched Mr. Hargrave slowly pace back and forth as he began to read the contract.

‘Mmm, yes, this is excellent, just the sort of thing I was looking for.’ He smiled at Anne as he read. ‘Good, good... Ah, I see you have put in the stipulation about removal of pubic hair in the personal hygiene section of the tenancy agreement – for the purpose of ensuring a clean and healthy environment for all residents. Yes very good.’

Anne felt relief, as if a great weight has been lifted from her shoulders, as it became clear that Master Edward seemed to be happy about the work that she’d done.

‘Posture training as part of the requirements for the modelling contract. Yes, very interesting. Oh and including kneeling in the proper submissive pose but describing it as the proper respectful and comfortable position for waiting for instructions from the employer, likening it to the “at ease” position for the military. Very good.’

Well it is a comfortable ‘at ease’ position if you ask me, Anne thought, even if it is also very submissive, especially for a naked girl.

‘I can see that you’ve put in a lot of work in this. You’ve done a very good job my dear.’ Anne blushed a little at the praise, but felt pride rising in her chest.

‘It was a pleasure,’ Anne replied, and realised that it had actually been fun in the end, despite her initial reaction to the contract.

‘And you are quite sure that in this form the contract is legal and fully enforceable? That the ‘Slave’, while not legally a slave, would to all intents and purposes be my slavegirl? She would be depend upon me for all things and would need to be obedient and submissive to me, and would have to submit to me sexually, for as long as I desire with no real choice of her own?’

Anne was feeling quite nervous, but she knew that she’d done a good job.

‘Erm, yes. I’m convinced. I think that anyone who signed the contract would indeed be effectively your slave.’ A strange shiver of excitement ran down her spine.

‘Of course,’ Anne continued, ‘it is a consensual agreement between two adults which is the point that I believe gives the legal enforcement. There would be no coercion which is ultimately the factor that means that it isn’t slavery as defined by the law. Anyway, anyone who agrees to the contract must be a sexual submissive who really does desire to be totally controlled by the Master ... by you that is. The contract simply defines the legal side of her complete and total submission to you. I think it’s pretty much watertight, I don’t think even I could find a way around the strict terms it sets out and I can recite them all from memory.’

‘Yes, that’s exactly my own thoughts on it.’

Master Edward, finished reading through the contract.

‘And yes I see that you’ve included the original signature sheet at the end. I don’t mind in the slightest that my signature is attached to this document and I’m sure that my witness will be happy to attest that this was the document that I signed. Very good indeed.’

‘However, I see that the signature page isn’t quite the same as when I gave it to you.’

‘Oh?’ Anne was a little confused, she’d felt dazed all day and she couldn’t seem to shake it off, she wasn’t sure what Master Edward was on about.

‘Yes, I see that in fact there’s a name and signature filled in for the Slave. Oh, it looks like Master Andrew has witnessed the Slave’s signature, and that signature is for one Anne Cray it appears. It is your signature isn’t it?’

Anne’s dazed state began to clear.

She remembered now going into Mr. Walker’s office with the finished contract and her letter of resignation. She could now clearly remember how she’d told Mr. Walker that she’d realised that she wanted to work for Mr. Hargrave, how she’d so enjoyed doing the contract work, that she wanted to continue to work for him full time. Then she’d asked if he would please accept her resignation, and perhaps even witness her new contract of employment amongst other things. Anne remembered apologising for the sudden change, but that she knew that this was what she really wanted, what she needed.

Anne remembered that Mr. Walker hadn’t seemed really surprised and had told her that Edward would be a good employer, amongst other things, if perhaps a little firm and demanding and that if this was truly what Anne wanted then he would reluctantly accept her resignation and would be pleased to witness her signature on the new contract.

So she’d quickly signed and dated the contract and Mr. Walker had done the same. After thanking her now ex-boss she’d collected her things and had rushed home.

She remembered then how she’d quickly showered and had shaved herself again, blushing as she remembered rubbing sensual oil into her skin, paying particular attention to her already slick crotch. After that she had quickly gotten ready to come to Master Edward’s house.

Oh god, Anne thought, when she remembered that all she’d been wearing when she left home was her long rain coat and her new fifteen centimetre high heeled pumps. Shaking her head a little to clear a bit more of the fog she remembered Master taking her coat when she’d arrived, but that would mean...

  • Slave will remain naked when at home

Anne looked down and realised that she was indeed nude. It felt so right and was so so arousing.

Then she also realised that she was kneeling submissively, that that was the position she’d adopted when Master had told her to make herself comfortable. Yes it was right and appropriate.

  • Slave will always kneel while waiting for instruction.
  • Slave will keep her knees wide apart so that Master can see that she is an “always aroused” submissive slut.
  • Slave will arch her back to push out her tits for Master’s viewing pleasure.

Anne trembled with arousal.

  • Slave will fold her arms behind her back and not try to cover any of her body from Master’s view. Master loves to look at Slave’s body.

Oh god, she was so turned on. Anne so wanted to touch herself.

  • Slave will not masturbate without the express permission of Master.

Oh my god, she’d done it, she’d signed the contract. She was a submissive sex slave and she knew the details of the contract off by heart; she knew that it was truly enforceable in a court – she’d made sure of that. However, she realised that she didn’t want to challenge it in court, the thought of being bound by the terms of the contract were just so exciting. And Master Edward was her god, why would she ever want to challenge his right to her mind, body and soul.

  • Slave agrees that she is a sexual submissive and needs to be controlled and dominated by a strong master to receive sexual fulfilment.

‘Yes, Master, I signed the contract, I am your slave.’

‘Good girl.’

Master Edward smiled and gently tousled Anne brown locks before he gently wrapped a leather collar around the kneeling nude’s neck and closed the little padlock with a sound of finality.

‘Yes, very good girl. You are my perfect little sex slave.’

Anne gazed up at her new Master, tears of joy welling in her eyes. Then Edward squat down and kissed his new pet on the forehead, his musky scent filling Anne’s nostrils.

‘And since you’re such a good little slave for me.’ He slid his hand onto Anne’s gaping and sodden pussy and began to masturbate her, ‘you may cum for me. Cum long and hard and be bound to me forever.’

The orgasm that had been unconsciously denied all week suddenly welled up inside her and the new slavegirl was overcome with the first orgasm of her new life, an amazing and very very strong orgasm, knowing that she could never go back. She was truly a sex-slave, she knew it deep within her soul and she even had the paperwork to prove it.