The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Control Software

By Special Programmer

Chapter 1

My name is Paul and I am a 40 year old computer programmer. With some help from on-line friends I developed a special program. With this program I could upload a code to an mp4 file and when played on a CD or iPod would allow me to control people. First I configure the name of the people I want to control and what level of control I want. Next I configure a start command and end command. Finally I upload it to a CD.

Once the subject hears the file played they are instantly programmed. Then when they hear the start command they are under my control. They will act normal and have all there regular beliefs, but they will do anything I say. Then when they hear the end command they return to normal with no memory of what happened.

Well I needed to test it. The obvious choice was my wife. Janet is 41, a redhead and just a little overweight. I don’t mind this because I prefer women with a little meat on their bones. Janet’s best feature is her full DD boobs. We have been married for 11 years now and our sex life has become quite routine. I configured the program to have Janet do anything I suggest, even if she normally would not. I set her start command as “Bird, Tractor, Martian” (3 random words that I figured she would not hear by mistake – I would hate for someone else to control her). I then configured the end command to be “Dig Dug”. I then uploaded the program to a CD and put the CD in the player. When Janet got home I hit the play button and the signal was sent out. Janet heard nothing and acted normally. I ejected the CD and put it in my briefcase. I waited until she was ready to go to bed. About 10 pm she got up and said that she was going to get ready for bed. That’s when I decided it was time.

“Bird, Tractor, Martian” I said.

There was no reaction, as I expected. Time to find out if it worked. Janet has always been self-conscious about her body. I followed her in the bed room and said to her “Why don’t you sleep in the nude tonight”.

This kind of comment would not be out of the ordinary coming from me. But she would never agree to it. I got undressed and got in bed. To my delight she stripped and got in bed with me without putting on her pajamas. My heart skipped a beat. It had worked. Time to have some fun.

“Why don’t you put on some lotion” I said.

She picked up a bottle of the end table and preceded to lotion her hands.

“Your legs look a little dry; maybe you should do them too”

Without hesitation she dropped the covers and rubbed the lotion on her legs. She had a bit of a puzzled look on her face, but continued to do what I told her to.

“Gee Janet those boobs look a little dry too, I think you should do them next.”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you” she said with sarcasm, but while she said it her hands were already at work.

I love the sight of my wife playing with her tits.

Now I needed to really test this out. Janet never gave head anymore. I figured I could easily have her do it, but it would be more fun to have her want to do instead.

“I bet you really want to suck my off right now, don’t you” I said. Figuring that saying it that way would create the desire.

“For some reason I do” she said.

“You need my permission first don’t you?”

“Can I have it” she said.

“Have what?” I toyed.

“Permission to suck your cock”.

“Well if you finger yourself while you do it maybe” she never masturbated in front of me. She hesitated for about 5 seconds and then she laid on her back and her right hand dropped between her legs and started going in and out of her pussy. Then she opened her mouth and said “Is this OK”

I took off my underwear and brought my cock to her face. She opened wide and I stuck my dick in. She sucked me like there was no tomorrow. About 2 minutes in I knew I was going to blow soon. So I made I quick command.

“When I shoot my load in your mouth you will have a huge orgasm”. As I said it I blew my load in mouth. She started convulsing as she came so hard her toes curled.

After a few minutes she looked at me and said “How the hell did that happen”

At this point I knew my program was flawless and decided to have more fun.

“I don’t know” I lied. “Why don’t you play with your tits while I think about it”? Confused by my answer she started playing with her tits again. After about a minute I was hard again and ready to go.

“I think I know what happened” I said to her.

“What” she replied?

“Get on all fours, face away from me and I will tell you” not sure what one had to do with the other, she got on all fours and looked back at me for an answer.

I got behind her, placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy and said “I used a mind control device on you and you have to do whatever I say”

“Bullshit” she said

“OK, let me prove it. Beg me to fuck you”.

After about 10 second she said “Please fuck me, please”.

So I oblige her and stuck my dick in her. “Convinced” I said

“Not really” she said, as she was enjoying a good fucking.

“OK how about this, you will get closer and closer to an orgasm and really want it, but won’t have one until I stick my cock in your ass and then cum on your face” (you see Janet made it very clear that she would never have anal sex with me or allow me to blow my load on her face)

After about 2 or three minutes of fucking she finally said “Oh fuck, just put it in my ass, please.

“Only if you grab your tit and suck on your nipple” (something else she never did)

She reached up grabbed her right tit and started sucking on her nipple. I pulled my cock out of her dripping pussy and started pushing it her ass. It was so tight I was in heaven. I got it all the way in and started pumping. She was going nuts. I was sure she was going to suck her nipple off. That was all I could handle. I pulled out moved in front of her and blew the biggest load of my life all over her face and tits. She came so hard I think she blacked out.

When she recovered I looked at her and said “Well do you believe me now?”

“You fucking asshole!” she said as she wiped my sperm off her face

I just smiled. My experiment had worked. Now it was time to put things back.

“Go take a shower then get in your pjs. 10 minutes later she was in her pjs and looking at me with pure hatred on her face. “Dig Dug” I said.

Instantly her face went back to normal and she got in bed, said goodnight and turned out the light. I could not sleep the whole night with the possibilities that were going through my head. First on my list was Colleen, Janet’s sister.

Chapter 2

My timing was perfect. The next day Colleen was coming for a visit. Colleen is 2 years older than Janet. She is a little skinnier and her boobs are a little smaller (maybe D cups). She is just as pretty and has strawberry blond hair. Her ass was something I had admired for years. Colleen is a little prudish. I quickly made a new CD for her. Her start command was “Dog, Jet, China” and her end command was “House Boat”.

When Colleen arrived the sisters hugged and proceeded to sit, talk and catch up for about an hour. I place the CD in the player and hit play. After about 10 second I removed the CD and proceeded with my plan.

Janet came in the kitchen to get some tea. I walked up to her and said “Bird, Tractor, Martian”. Again no reaction. I gave her some commands.

“Janet go tell Colleen that you are taking a shower, then go upstairs and shower. While in the shower I want you to trim your pussy and shave your legs. Then dress in something nice with some sexy underwear. You will do this without saying anything and then forget why you did it and come back downstairs.”

She turned and proceeded to follow my instructions. I went into the living room and sat with my sister in-law. She was a little confused with Janet’s sudden need to shower. We made small talk for couple of minute then I said “Dog, Jet, China”.

“Colleen, you can’t move or talk until I say so” I said.

She stood motionless and looked at me confused.

“Colleen, you will answer all my questions honestly. Then when Janet comes down you will go and shower, trim your pussy and shave your legs. Then you will dress in the nicest outfit that you brought.”

“Ok” was all she said.

Time to get some info.

“Have you ever cheated on your husband” – “No”

“How many men have you slept with” – “5”

“Have you ever done anything sexual with a women” – “Never”

“How often do you fuck your husband” – “about twice a month”

“Who wants it more” – “he does”

“Do you suck his cock” – “no”

“Do you take it in the ass” – “Never”

“Do you masturbate” – “Rarely”

After this last question Janet came down, and as commanded Colleen got up and went upstairs.

Janet was wearing a nice skirt, white blouse and black heels. She looked hot. We sat and chatted until Colleen came down wearing a nice blue pant suite with a white blouse and green heels.

“So ladies what is on the agenda for tonight” I asked knowing that the agenda was going to be whatever I said.

“I don’t know, what do you want to do” Janet replied and asked her sister.

“Do you guys want to go out for diner or stay in?”

“How about I BBQ and we stay in and play a game”

“What game?” Colleen inquired.

“I’ll come up with something”.

After a nice diner we were sitting with a glass of wine in the living room. I turned to the women (who were still in my control) and said “How about we play Permission”

“What’s that” they asked.

“Simply, I give you a desire and then you need to have my permission to do it. I will of course give it conditionally”

“I don’t get it” said Colleen.

“Let me show you. You want to tug your ear. Now that desire will build in you, but you will not be able to do it until I say you can. Once you do it you will feel incredible relief.”

Both women started twitching and shifting in there seats. Janet was first to speak up.

“Paul can I tug my ear please”

“If you get up and cluck like a chicken first”

She got up, clucked and then sat back down. She then tugged on her ear and had a look of relief on her face.

Colleen then turned to me and said “Paul can I please tug my ear”

“Same conditions as Janet” I said.

She also followed my command and then tugged her ear.

“So that’s the game, let’s play. But I’m adding this. The first to comply will get off easy, the second will have to do a little more.”

“You both want to scratch your head”

They both asked for permission to do so.

“Ok, the first one to squeeze her tits can do it.”

They both looked defiantly at me. Neither moved for a couple of minutes. Finally Colleen quickly squeezed her tits and looked at me.

“OK Colleen you can scratch your head”

Janet then gave her tits a squeeze and looked at me.

“Sorry Janet but that’s not good enough. I want you to give me your bra and then squeeze them”

She reluctantly took off her bra, gave it to me and then squeezed her tits. I then gave her the nod.

“Ready for the next command? You need to snap your fingers.”

“First one to give me her underwear can do it.” Janet had her underwear off in about 10 seconds since she was wearing a skirt. I told her she could snap her fingers.

Colleen could not get her underwear off as fast since she was wearing pants. She got up left the room and came back with her underwear. I looked at her and said “Janet beat you to it. If you want my permission you have to give me your bra too.” She complied and got to snap her fingers.

“Next let’s say that you want to touch your toes and the first you to have an orgasm can do it.”

This was a sight to see. Both women looked at me defiantly. Janet was the first to slip her hand under her top and caress her tits. Next she lifter her skirt and started fingering herself. Colleen unzipped her pants and started to massage her mound. Both women were lost in the moment. All inhibitions were gone. They were masturbating with a fury. I was a little shocked when Colleen lifted her shirt and started sucking on her nipples. Colleen started breathing really heavy and was tightening her muscles. Her orgasm lasted about 3 minutes. When she was done I told her to stand up and bend down and touch her toes without bending her knees. She was to stay like that until I told her to stand up. Since her pants were still undone, Janet and I were treated to a great view as her pants fell down. Janet was looking at her sister’s pussy when she reached her own orgasm.

“Janet now you have to rub your tits on Colleen’s pussy. Get your nipples nice a wet. Then lick them clean and you can touch your toes”

She did as I told her. With Colleen bent over Janet opened her blouse, took out her tits and started rubbing her nipples on her sister cunt. She got them so wet they were dripping. Colleen seemed to be enjoying the attention. Janet next licked her nipples clean and looked at me. I told her she could touch her toes.

Both ladies were now sitting and hoping that I was done – they were wrong.

“OK now you want to kiss me. First one with nothing but her shoes on wins.”

They raced to get naked. I really enjoyed the fact that their desires were surpassing there modesty. Janet was the fist one naked. It was nice to see that both had nicely trimmed pussies. Janet leaned in and kissed me. I gave her plump tit a little squeeze. She sat down and tried to cover up with her hands. Colleen now naked looked at me with that what next look.

“Colleen you can kiss me if you finger fuck yourself while you do so.” She stuck her fingers in her pussy and leaned in and kissed me.

“Time for some real fun. Janet you want to see me fuck Colleen. Colleen you want me to fuck you.”

They looked at me waiting for the condition.

“I will fuck Colleen when she is licking Janet’s pussy.”

“No way!” they both exclaimed.

I just stood there and smiled. After about 2 minutes Janet started to spread her legs and Colleen got on her knees and put her head between her sister’s legs. She was going to town on my wife’s pussy. Janet looked at me a said “She’s licking me now fuck her would you.”

I got behind colleen and proceeded to fuck her. We were all enjoying the pleasure and I could feel my orgasm building. I said to the women “You will both orgasm when Colleen licks my sperm off of Janet’s tits.” I pulled out of Colleen’s tight pussy and pointed my dick at my wife’s tits. She held them up for me. I was jerking off when I decided to degrade Janet a little. “Suck my cock clean and I will cum on your tits.”

At this points she needed to cum so bad she just opened her mouth and suck her sister’s juices off my dick. I pulled out of her mouth and shot all over her tits. Colleen wasted no time in licking my sperm up. As she did they both started coming as hard as I’ve ever seen.

When Janet’s tits were clean of my spunk they both looked at me.

“Go upstairs and shower together. Wash only the other person and make sure you’re both clean. Then meet me in the master bedroom.”

They both went upstairs.

I wanted to see if I could send a command to be carried out when they were not under my control. I had set up a wireless camera in the guest bedroom. You could only see it if you knew what to look for. I assumed my sister in-law did not.

About 20 minutes later they walked in the master bedroom with towels around their bodies.

OK ladies here are some new commands. At 10 pm you will both go to bed. Janet you will get very horny and want to fuck me. Colleen you will no be able to stop visualizing me and masturbate. You will not be able to orgasm until you are completely naked and on top of the sheets.

I had them get cleaned up and change into their pajamas and meet me downstairs.

When they came down I said “Dig Dug” and “House Boat”. Both women looked normal and sat down and continued to chat like nothing had happened.

On queue at 10 pm both women declare they were tired and wanted to go to bed. I stayed in the living room. About 10 minutes later my wife came down and asked “Are you coming to bed.”

“Maybe later” I replied.

“I’ll make it worth you while” she teased

“Really? How so?”

She opened her top and showed me her tits. “You can play with these”

“Sounds tempting, but I want more”

“Well come to bed and you will get it” she said.

I got up and followed her to the bedroom. So far so good, but now for the real test. Janet never took control. She would lay there and let me do the work. I laid and bed naked and waited. She looked at me and said “well are you going to do something”

“No, you wanted this you can get on me and work for it”

She soon relented and climbed on. She fucked me for a good 20 minutes while I played with her tits. When she finally came I told her I wanted to finish with her tits. She knew what I meant. The one thing she had no problem with was tit fucking. She climbed off me and got on her back. I put my cock between her tits and she squeezed them together. I never last long when do this and this time was no exception. I blew my load all over her tits. She got up and cleaned off. She gave me a big kiss and went to sleep thinking all this was her idea. I couldn’t wait to see the video from my camera.

About 1 hour later I got up and went to my laptop. I retrieved the file from the camera and watched the video of my sister in law. First she discretely started masturbating under the cover. Within 10 minutes her pajamas were on the floor and the covers were off. She surprised me a little when she rolled onto her stomach and had her ass in the air while one hand was plunging in and out of her pussy and the other was pulling at her tits. When she was done she sheepishly got dressed and went to sleep

All I could think about was who was next.

The next day Colleen left and I told her that we would be by soon for a visit (trust me I wasn’t done with her by a long shot).

I spent the next 2 weeks fucking my wife every night, sometimes under my control and others with her consent (sort of). I gave her a few new behavior commands, nothing drastic. I improved her eating habits and desire to stay in shape. She always wanted to loss a few pounds.

What was going to be my next move, Colleens 20 year old daughter, the neighbor and her daughter or maybe my buddy’s hot wife? I guess I’ll have to choose.

Chapter 3

Since it was going to be a month or so before I visited my sister in-law I decided to have some fun in town. My buddy’s wife was going to make the perfect plaything. Frank’s wife is Cindy. Cindy is blond, 5 foot 10, full figured with a nice set of D cups. She is in fairly nice shape and is very pretty. Much like my wife she is intelligent and opinionated. I’ve always had the hots for her, but never thought I would have a chance. That was about to change.

I prepped her file and put it on my iPod. I also prepped a file for Frank. I went over to there house and told them they just had to here this comedy routine I downloaded. Cindy put on the ear phones first and I hit play. Naturally she heard nothing. I feigned concern and played with the control and told Frank to try. When they both heard nothing I apologize and put the iPod away.

I said both of there start commands and told them both to sit and not talk or move and to answer all my questions and follow all my commands. I figured that since I was going to fuck the shit out of his wife I may as well gets some info and see if I can make things a little better for him.

“Frank how often does your wife fuck you”

“Once a week”

“Is there anything that she won’t do that you want”

“She won’t blow me or fuck outside the bedroom”

Easy enough to fix.

“Cindy, why do you only fuck Frank once a week?”

“Because it’s not that fun for me and it feels like a chore.”

“Do you have a lover?”


“Why do you not give him blow jobs?”

“We are married now I don’t need to impress him”

“Cindy from now on you will only fuck you husband or someone I tell you too.”

She nodded

“When you fuck you will orgasm if your partner does and your main goal will be do make your partner orgasm.”

“You will also perform any act that Frank or I ask you too, even if you find it disgusting, is that understood?”

“Yes” she replied.”

My plan was to have Cindy over tomorrow and use her for the day. I also figured I would let Frank have his way with her tonight.

“Listen when I give you the end code and leave you will not be able to see or hear me for 3 hrs. Frank once I am gone you will start to get horny and decide to ask your wife to do things she normally would not do.” This should be interesting to watch.

I gave them the end code and then apologized again for the problem with the file and told them I had to go. I walked towards the door opened it and closed it. I stayed inside but they thought I was gone. About 5 minutes later Frank walked up to behind Cindy in the kitchen, put his arms around her waits and kissed her neck. She reacted favorably. Frank pushed his luck and brought his hands up to her ample chest. She did not resist so he started fondling her tits.

After a little while he started to undo her blouse and remove it, followed quickly by her bra. What a great set of tits. They were at least D cups, lots of weight and only a little sag. He was grinding his obviously hard cock in her ass and she was reacting. With this unusual positive response he decided to push his luck. He turned her around and said “you wouldn’t want to blow me would you?”

He looked absolutely shocked when she responded by dropping to her knees and freeing his hard cock from his pants. She pulled out his dick and I was a little shocked at what I saw. I’m not small by any means, I’m 7 ½ inches hard with a good amount of girth, but he was a monster. It had to be at least 4 inches around and almost 10 inches long. No wonder she never gave him head.

She licked his shaft up and down and then started to suck the head. She finally got his dick in her mouth and was going up and down about 5 inches of it. She was doing a great job when he pulled out and started coming on her tits. This triggered her orgasm and she rubbed his cum into her tits while she climaxed. He looked down at her with what could only be described as pure love and joy.

She got up and said “Looks like I need a shower.”

“Can I join you” he commented.

“Sure” another surprise response for Frank.

They walked upstairs and I followed. They got in the bathroom and undressed. I was surprised to see that Cindy shave her crotch. It was very erotic site. I decide then that I was going to see Janet licking that pussy.

They got in the shower and I watched through the glass. After a little cleaning they started kissing and then Frank told Cindy to bend over. He slipped his massive cock into her from behind. He pumped her for a good 10 minutes before he blew his load into her. He was quite surprised when this triggered an orgasm on her part.

Having seen enough and in the need for a release I decided to go home and fuck my wife. I lasted about 2 minutes into her blow job before losing it all over her tits. I could not wait until tomorrow.

Chapter 4

The next day I called Frank and quickly gave his the start command. I told him to get Cindy and put the phone on speaker. He did as he was told. When Cindy was on the phone I said her start command.

“Cindy when I hang up you are going to tell Frank that you have plans with Janet and that you are probably not going to be home until really late. Then you are going to get changed into a nice summer dress with high heels and come over. Frank you will not question anything and just stay home until Cindy comes home.”

I gave them the end code and said bye and hung up.

Then I called Janet in the room and said her start code. I told her to go get showered and dress in a nice summer dress and high heels. She came back wearing a nice blue summer dress that showed a modest amount of cleavage. I then told her that Cindy was coming over as per her plans. She believed me.

Cindy arrived about 20 minutes later. She was wearing a green summer dress and 3 inch heels. She was showing way more cleavage then my wife. I was tempted to have them fuck me on the spot, but I wanted to have fun.

Cindy came in and I told Janet to go get some wine. When Janet was gone I gave Cindy her start command. I told the women to sit. I told them that they would not be able to see or hear me from the time I said “invisible” and until I said “Return”. They would however have to do everything I said.

“Invisible” I said.

The women acted as if I was never there. They sat and drank there wine and chatted. I really did not have a plan, but I figured I could wing it and be satisfied with the end result.

“Janet start talking about sex and Cindy answer all questions honestly”

“So Cindy how are things with you and Frank… you know?”

“Well yesterday was pretty special”

“Do tell” “It started in the kitchen and moved to the shower then the bedroom” I guess they weren’t done when I left

“So give me details”

“It’s weird, I was in the kitchen and he came up behind me and started kissing my neck and the next thing I know I’m topless, on my knee, covered and having a great orgasm”

“From sucking him off”

“Yes! I could not believe it. I must have been really horny or something”

“Paul is always bugging me to do that, but I just don’t want to anymore”

“This was the first time since our honeymoon for me, maybe you should try it”

“Did Paul pay you to say that”

They both laughed.

“How about you Janet, how are things”

“Well I’ve been pretty horny lately and Paul has been more than willing to comply, but other than being on top for the first time in a while, nothing too crazy” Little did she know.

“Your both feeling hot and need to undue a couple of buttons.”

“Man is it ever hot today” said Janet as she undid two button of her top. Cindy did the same.

“Cindy comment on how nice Janet’s bra is”

“Janet that’s a really nice bra, where did you get it”

“That new store downtown.” “Show her more of it”

Janet pulled back her top and exposed half her lovely breast to her friend.

“Tell her to feel it”

“Touch it, it is really soft”

Cindy reached out and stroked the bra.

“Cindy ask her if it is comfortable?”

“How is it to wear?”

“Just great, do you want to try it?” I didn’t even prompt that one.

“Sure” Cindy replied and began undoing her top. The women stripped from the waist up and removed there bras. Cindy took Janet’s bra and tried it on. It was a little big, but still looked great.

“How does it feel?” asked my wife as she covered her breasts with her hands.

“Very nice”

“You both are starting to get very aroused by the sight of the other naked.”

Noticing that Janet’s nipples were as hard as rocks, Cindy said “I thought you were cold.

“Both of you will be completely honest” I added before she could answer

“I guess I’m a little turned on”

“By me?” asked Cindy

“You do have a great body.”

“Thanks, yours is pretty great too. You tits are amazing”

“You think so”


This made Janet drop her hands and expose her boobs.

“Ask her if you can touch them Cindy”

“Do you mind if I see what they feel like”

“OK I guess”

Cindy reached out and took my wife’s breast in her hands and started to massage them.

“Suck on her nipples”

Cindy leaned in and took Janet’s nipple in her mouth and sucked.

“Janet this is really turning you on. If you can get her to keep doing it for 1 minute you will orgasm”

Janet reached up and pushed Cindy’s head into her chest. Cindy did not fight. She kept on sucking. A minute later Janet has an earth shattering orgasm. Then she let go of Cindy

“Wow did you just cum from my sucking on your nipple”

Still breathing heavy “Yes, I can’t believe it, I’m so sorry”

“Don’t be sorry, I just couldn’t resist your breast”

“If Paul had seen that he would have lost his mind” my wife laughed. “He’s always joke about wanting to have a threesome

“Cindy you are now extremely horny and need a cock. Convince Janet that she should let me fuck you since you just gave her an orgasm.

“You know Janet, you got off and I’m pretty turned on now. And since I made you cum you should help me with my problem.”

“Sorry Cindy, but I’m really not into girls.”

“Then you should let me borrow your husband for a few minutes.”

“What. Are you nuts. I know he would love to, but that’s just wrong”

“As wrong a pushing your tits into a women face and making her suck on your nipples until you cum?”

“You started it”

“That’s not what people will believe.”

“You wouldn’t”

“No I wouldn’t but I really need to get fucked, please”

I decide to add something “The idea of sending her home will not occur to either of you. Janet you will now feel obligated to help Cindy out no mater what.”

“I guess I could try and convince Paul. He’s upstairs, let me go talk to him”

Janet started to leave.

I ran ahead of her and when I was out of sight I yelled “Return” just I reached the bedroom.

Janet came in and found me reading a magazine. I could tell she was not wearing a bra.

“Paul I need a big favor.”

“What is it”

“I owe Cindy and I need you to pay up for me.”

“You need cash?” I added coyly

“No, I need you to make love to her” she stammered

“What was that”

“She needs to have sex and you’re the only one here”

“And your OK with this?”

“Yes, I would really appreciate it”

“Let’s go talk to her”

When we got downstairs she was dressed again and my wife’s bra was on the floor. I picked it up and handed it to her “lose something?”

She took it and put in on the couch. She was embarrassed and looked like she wanted me to just drop the subject.

“So Cindy, I hear you have a problem”

“Yes and your wife agreed to help me”

“Yes she did, but I did not”

They both looked worried.

“The way I see it Janet gets out of an obligation and you get a much need lay. What do I get”

“You get to have sex with a hot women, that I know your attracted to” answered my wife.

“I don’t know if that’s good enough. I am going to be breaking the guy code by fucking my buddy’s wife.”

“What do you want?” Added Cindy – right down to business.

“What are we talking about”

“You sit down, I’ll get on top and ride you until I’m done. No work on your part”

“What about my orgasm. What if your done first?”

“Then I will finish you off”

“That’s a guarantee?”


“OK, but I want a few things first, and if either of you answer no to anything, I’m leaving” by now neither of them could handle me not fucking Cindy.

“First I want Janet to stay”

“OK” from both

“I want you to kept the dress on, just pull out your tits and take off your underwear.”

“Sure” answered Cindy

“Actually, Janet I want you to do the same”

“Why?” was her answer

I started to walk out, just for show

“OK, OK”

“Well do that now”

Both women reached under their dresses and removed their underwear and then undid there top and Cindy took off her bra. They both stood there in their summer dresses with their tits hanging out. I don’t know how I managed not to jump them right then.

“Anything else?” Cindy asked, more then a little annoyed

“Since your going to give me attitude yes there is. Cindy I want you to sit on the couch and spread your legs and pull up your dress. I want to see what I’m fucking.”

She sat down and complied. Her bald pussy looked so good.

“I need to make sure your wet enough. Janet check if she’s wet… with your tongue.”

She hesitated for a while but then got on her knees and put her face between her friends legs. She stuck her tongue out like a kid tasting asparagus.

“She’s wet enough” Janet said as she quickly pulled back

“No your going to have to lick it for at least a couple of minutes to be sure”

Janet returned to Cindy’s crotch and proceeded to lick. She did so with more and more zeal.

“How does that feel Cindy”


“Has a women ever licked you before”


The site of my wife eating that bald pussy was driving me nuts. I needed more. I got behind Janet and fuck her pussy for about 10 strokes. Getting it nice a wet. I walked back to Cindy and said “If she has to taste you, you have to taste her. Suck it clean”

She opened her mouth and meekishly took my cock in. She sucked and cleaned it good. She looked embarrassed and I loved it.

“OK Janet you can stop. Cindy get on, but remember you have to finish me off no mater what.”

At this point she did not care. She got on top and inserted my cock in her pussy. I could not believe how tight she was. I saw that monster that her husband sports. She must do yoga or something

After a few minute of riding I said “Janet come hear and suck on her tits.”

Janet did so and it seemed to put Cindy over the edge. She came all over my stick.

She slowly got off me. “My turn” I said.

She gave me this “oh yeah” look.

“What do you want.”

“First clean your cum off my cock and Janet help her.” These two busty beauties did a great job of cleaning my cock. I almost lost it.

“Janet sit on the couch and spread em”

“Cindy get your face in there and eat her raw”

They assumed the position and I stood back for a second. My wife had her eyes closed as she enjoyed the attention she was getting.

“Janet play with your tits”. I positioned myself behind Cindy and pull out some lube for my cock.

“Cindy have you ever been fucked in the ass”

“No she screamed, please not that”

“Too bad bitch, you owe me” I said as I started entering her ass.

At first she stopped eating out my wife because there was too much pain, but after a few minute she resumed her duties. I pumped for what seemed an eternity and then felt that sensation coming. I pulled out of her lovely ass and walked over to my wife. I blew my load all over her plump tits. I wiped my dick off on her nipple and then sat down.

“OK bitch clean her and then me.”

She slowly licked up my cum from Janet’s tits and then sucked me clean.”

“Let’s all take a shower, were a mess.”

We walked upstairs for the start of round 2.