The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Control Software

By Special Programmer

Chapter 5

Cindy, Janet and I had one hell of a night. I took turns fucking them and enjoyed a really good lesbian show. I sent Cindy home around 3 am. She and Janet think that we just had nice diner and conversation all night. I think I may even have to have a night with the two of them again and let Frank join us. I would not mind seeing my wife nailed by that python he has.

This weekend we are visiting Janet’s sister. I decided that I was going to add my niece to the list of my conquests. I already had her program ready (one for my brother in-law as well – couldn’t have him interfering). I just had not decided exactly how I was going to have her.

We arrived in the morning and were greeted by Colleen. She told me that Joe (her husband) would still be at work until 9. Just then my niece (Marcy) came into the room. She was 20 and other then having strawberry blond hair she was nothing like her mother. She is shorter and has a slender body with small breasts and an incredible ass. I could see someone else behind her. After hugging Janet and me she introduced us to her best. Carla was a sight. Not what most guys would go for, but definitely to my liking. She was only about 5 ft 2 and weighed about 145 lbs. The weight was in all the right places. Her tits were probably bigger than my wife’s. She had a small waist and a plump butt. She had short black hair and a beautiful face.

Thank God I brought my laptop. As soon as I had a chance I grabbed my laptop a made a program for Carla and added it to the list on my iPod. I had also brought speaker. When no one was looking I connected the speakers and played the programs so that Carla and Marcy could hear.

After diner Joe came home and I played the program I had ready for him. One by one I activated everyones start codes and rounded them up in the room. I had decided to give my wife and sister in-law the night off. I told them and Joe that when they heard the end code they would feel sleepy and go to bed. This would leave me with the 2 young girls.

I gave the end codes for the 3 of them and they left.

“Marcy are you a virgin?”


“How many guys?”

“Just one”

“How about you Carla?”

“I’m still a virgin”

“Very nice. Have either of you given a blow job before?”

“Yes” from both

“Have either of you done anything sexual with a girl?”

“No” from both

“Marcy tell me your nastiest fantasy”

“I want to be tied up and fucked from behind”

“What about you Carla”

She turned red as she said “I want to suck on Marcy’s father’s cock while her mother eats me out”

Wow that shocked me. I pondered this for a few minutes.

“Tell you what Carla, I’m going to give you complete control of your own decisions from now on and if you do what I asked I will send you into their room to have your way with them. Do we have a deal?

“How do I know you can do it?”

“Here is some proof. Marcy take off your pants.” She did. I went into Colleen’s room and cam out with her.

“Don’t say a word” I said to Colleen. “Take off your pajamas, drop to your knees and suck on your daughters pussy for 30 seconds then go back to bed naked.”

She immediately dropped her clothes, revealing your wonderfull tits, went to her knees and started sucking Marcy’s pussy. Marcy looked scared at first, but really started enjoying the sensation.

Colleen soon got up and left, leaving Marcy breathing heavy and looking like she wanted more.

“Convinced” I said to Carla. She looked surprised and speechless.

“Well do we have a deal”

“Yes” she said

“That means you do whatever I ask and I’ll give you what you want.”


“OK first get naked, I want to see those tits.”

She slowly striped and was soon naked. Her breasts were bigger than my wife’s. I knew I was going to enjoy them. The were full, pale with nice small pink nipples.

“Get down and finish what Colleen started”

She slowly got down and started licking her friend’s pussy. I looked over at Marcy and told her to suck my cock while I enjoyed the show.

Carla may have been a virgin, but she knew how to pleasure a woman.

“Carla use your tits to make her cum.”

Carla grabbed both tits and started rubbing them on Marcy’s pussy. Marcy quickly started coming. I pulled my cock out of her mouth.

“Carla, I want you to get on the couch and spread your legs, I’m going to take your virginity.”

She complied. I got on top of her and pushed my cock into her tight pussy. It only took a few minutes to loosen her up, she was really wet. She seemed to really be enjoying the fucking.

“Marcy, come her and suck on her nipples.”

This seemed to be all she needed to go over the edge. She started cuming and contracted her pussy around my cock. This was driving me nuts.

I pulled out and pumped my cock towards her tits. I shot my load on her tits and Marcy’s face.

“Clean up ladies, we have more fun to have.”

Once cleaned up I had Marcy strip of the rest of her clothes and follow me into her parent’s room. Once there I activate her parents and told them to do whatever Carla told them to.

“Go ahead Carla, there all yours. Hope you don’t mind but Marcy and I are going to watch”

“No I don’t mind”

“Marcy I want you to stand at the end of your parent’s bed and bed over. I’m going to fuck you while we watch.”

Marcy did as she was told. I went behind her and started fucking her. She had a very nice pussy.

“Go ahead Carla”

Carla got up on the bed and sat up.

“Joe get naked” he did

“Colleen I want you to lick my pussy until I cum and Joe let me suck your cock” Joe was already hard and stuck his cock in her mouth. Colleen went to work on Carla’s pussy. Carla looked like she was in heaven. She was going to town on his dick, playing with her tits and enjoying the sensation on her pussy.

Joe only lasted about 3 minutes (can’t really blame him). He blew his load all over her pretty face and boobs.

“Colleen lick all this sperm off of me.” Colleen moved up and lick the young girls tits clean and then went on to her face. The two women kissed when Colleen was done.

“Joe can you get hard again?”

“Maybe” was his answer.

“Colleen make him hard again”

Colleen when to her husband and began sucking his soft cock. Carla leaned in and started playing with Colleen’s tits. This seemed to work. Joe’s cock got hard again.

Carla got on all fours.

“Come fuck me Joe”

Joe did as he was told.

“Colleen, lick my asshole while Joe fucks me.” This girl was nasty. She did give me an idea though.

I took my cock out of Marcy’s pussy and put it in her ass. Marcy complained, but I did not care. I leaned in and said to her “the more it hurts the harder you will cum”

Joe fucked Carla for a good 10 minutes and then blew his load. I was close so I pulled out of Marcy and walked over to Carla’s ass and shot my load all over her plump butt.

Carla was still on all fours breathing heavy when I laid down next to her. “I think the girls should clean you up. Marcy, Colleen lick Carla clean would you.” Mother and daughter worked on the young girls ass and pussy. I looked at Carla and said “Was it what you hoped for?”

“and then some”

I was really starting to like this girl, too bad she wasn’t going to remember any of this.

“Would you like to spend the night with me and my wife.”

“Sure, but can I have control of her too, I think she is hot”

“What’s in it for me”

She paused for a second and then said “I could let you fuck me in the ass”

“How can I resist, what should we do with them”

“Joe go to sleep”, she said

“Colleen I want you to lick your daughter’pussy until she passes out.” I liked this girl.

“Marcy do the same to your mother” I said. The two got into a 69 position and started licking.

Carlaand I got up and left for the spare bedroom, I gave her ass a squeeze as we left.

Chapter 6

We found Janet asleep in the spare bedroom. I walked up to her and gave her one simple command. “You will do whatever Carlaanne tells you to.”

“What?” she said I she woke up

I said nothing. Janet then noticed that Carlawas standing at the foot of the bed naked and so was I.

“What the hell is going on” Janet said.

Carla decided to take over. “Shut up bitch” Janet stop talking

“I like this power. Do I have any limits?” Carlaasked.

“Just nothing that will hurt too much or leave permanent marks.”

“Good. Janet, you are overdressed. Lose the nightshirt”

Without saying a word Janet lifted the shirt she was wearing.

“You have some really nice tits. How big are they”

“38 DD” my wife said

“Have you ever eaten pussy?”

“No, that’s sick” Little did she know.

“Really, well then come over here and let me be your first.” Carla sat on the bed and spread her legs.

“Lick me good bitch”. Janet put her head between Carla’s legs and started licking the young girls pussy.

“She’s better then her sister. Hey bitch I just want you to know that your husband took my virginity about 1 hour ago and when I am done with you he is going to take my ass, what do you think about that.”

“You’re lying”

“Really, then why are you eating me out right now?”

“Paul do you want to join us?”

“Actually I’m just going to watch for now.”

“OK. Janet stop for now and stand up.” Janet did as she was told.

“Go in Marcy’s room and get the vibrator out of my bag. Then look around and see if there is another one somewhere. Marcy is a horny little bitch I’m sure she has one.”

Janet left. Carla sat on the bed and look at me with a smile on her face while she rubbed her pussy with one hand and pinched her nipple with the other.

Janet returned about 10 minutes later with a big surprise. She had a small red dildo in one and a large (at least 3 inches around) green double dildo that was about 2 feet long.

“The red one is mine, Marcy must have had plans for this weekend. I guess I ruined her surprise for me. Carla bring that big one over hear.” Janet joined her on the bed.

Carla spread her legs and laid on her back. “Slowly fuck me with the big one.” Janet started pushing the green dildo into Carla’s pussy. After a few minutes of fucking her Carla said “OK get on top and put the other end into your pussy.”

Janet straddled Carla and put the other end into herself. Carla reached down and held the dildo in place while Janet grinded into it. Carla started sucking on Janet’s tits. Janet was obviously getting close to an orgasm despite her distain for the situation.

“Now take the red one and stick in your ass!”

Janet looked shocked, but did as she was told. She slowly inserted the red dildo into her as without breaking her stride of fucking the younger girls below her. Once the red dildo was all the way in and with Carla sucking on her tits, Janet started convulsing with a powerful orgasm, which triggered Carls have her own.

Once both women caught their breath Carla said to Janet “No lick those dildos clean” Carla looked over at me and noticed that I was hard as a rock.

“Enjoy the show?”


“Are you ready to collect”

“Sure, are you ready to be fucked in the ass?”

“Just go slow please.”

Carla got on all fours and turned to Janet “hey bitch, your husband is going to fuck my ass now, how about you get over here and lick my butt hole and his dick to lube them up.” I really liked this girl

Janet crawled over and licked Carla’s butt and then my cock until both were really wet. I then started inserting it into her ass. She resisted at first, but eventually I had a good pace going.

“How does that feel?” I asked her

“Great now, I can’t believe how horny this is making me. Bitch get over here and suck on my tits” Janet laid on her back under Carla and started sucking on her nipples.

“Oh my god I’m cuming” Carla yelled. She climaxed and then looked back at me.

“Could you cum on her face please? I want to see that”

“No problem” I pulled out and started blowing my load on my wife’s face

Carla said “lick him clean” My wife did as she was told.

“That was awesome, thank you.”

“No problem.”

“How about we lie here and cuddle for a bit”

“Sure” I laid on the bed and held the young girl. Her large breasts pushing into my chest.

“What about my wife?”

“Oh yeah, she has been good. Janet you can join us.” Janet laid down on my other side and they fell asleep on either side of me.

I woke up around 6 am and call everyone into the living room. The four women and Joe were all sitting there naked. Time to reprogram

“All of you will go to your own beds and wake up with no memory of what happened. Everyone will shower and dress and go about there regular day. Colleen you will decide to join Joe in the shower and give him the best fucking of his life.” Since I’ve used and abused his wife and daughter I may as well give him something for it.