The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Control Software

By Special Programmer

Chapter 11

The last few weeks have been great. We’ve had Carol over at least half a dozen times. Actually she spent the night here last night. Cindy and Frank have also joined us for a few fun nights. We played adult games. Janet made us double fuck her same way we did Cindy. All in all our sex life is better then I ever could have wished.

I just woke up with two beautiful naked women beside. I was thinking about a little morning action when there was a knock at the door. I put on my robe and went answer the door. I opened the door and standing there was Marcy and Carla.

“Hi Uncle Paul. We’re here.”

Oh fuck I completely forgot. Marcy and Carla were coming to visit for a week. I was about to take control of them and fix the situation, but I decide to let thing unravel naturally. Worse case I could always undo it.

“Did you forget we were coming?”

“No, no it’s just that I just woke up.” The girl came in.

My cock got hard remembering fucking these two. “Come on in” the two girls entered.

I took there bags and set them aside. “Would you like some coffee?”

“That sounds great.” We went into the kitchen and I made coffee. We sat around the table and chatted. I heard Janet and Carol coming down the stairs.

“Umm that coffee smells good.” Janet said as she walked in the kitchen. She was only wearing a robe and it was opened. I was facing the door and Marcy and Carla had there backs to it. They could not see Janet’s tits bouncing about. Janet noticed the girls and snapped her robe shut. Marcy turned just as her boobs were covered. Janet turned around and left quickly

“Aunt Janet was that you? Is everything alright?”

Janet came back in trying to look composed. “Oh yes, I’m fine. I just forgot something.” I was laughing

Marcy got up and hugged her. When Marcy’s head was turned away from me Janet glared at me as if to say “you could have told me?”

Janet grabbed a coffee and joined us. Soon Carol came in the kitchen. She was dressed.

“Good morning, I’m Carol and friend of Paul and Janet’s” She stuck her hand out to Marcy.

“I’m Marcy, their niece and this is my friend Carla.”

“Nice to meet you both. I was out with your aunt and uncle last night and I had a little too much to drink. They let me sleep here. Well I should be going.” She turned and left

I followed her “Let me walk you out.”

When we got to the door I said “Sorry, I forgot they were coming.”

“It’s a good thing Janet at least had on her robe. I was naked. We were coming down to give you a “special” breakfast.” She smiled and gave me a kiss. “It will have to wait until the kids go home. Call me tiger.”

She left. Dam that sounded like a good breakfast too.

After coffee Janet and I showed the girls to the room they were staying in and we went to get changed. I activated Janet’s control. Lay down and sleep. She did.

I went to the girls room and found them unpacking. I activated them as well. I had them sit and not move and told them to answer my questions

“Marcy did you ever use your double dildo”


“With who?”


“Carla are you still a virgin?”

“No, I did it with a boy at school”

“Is he your boyfriend?”

“No, I just had sex with him?”

“Do you two have sex with each other often?”

“Every night that we are together.” Carla answered

“Are you lesbians?”

“No it’s just better than masturbating.”

I was pondering what to do. I could just control them and have them fuck me then have them forget or I could make them do it in real life. But having my wife get involved with her niece might be pushing it too far. I thought about it for a while then decided.

“You will both be very attracted to me and Janet. You will get horny just being near us. You will wear skimpy clothes and try and have us notice you. You will tell each other about your feeling towards us. Janet and I will be having sex a lot while you are here. You both will spy on us and pleasure each other while you watch. Unless I talk directly to you, you will assume we can’t see you or hear you. If I acknowledge your presence you will do anything to convince Janet and me to let you join us.”

I left the room then deactivated them. They continued unpacking unaware that I was outside the door. I heard Carla say “Your uncle is really hot.”

“Yeah, I’ve always thought so.”

“And your aunt has great tits.”

“There almost as nice as yours”

I went back to my room and found Janet asleep. “Janet will get hornier every day that the girls are here. You will desire Carla and even Marcy. You will fuck me every time I ask while they are here. You will not notice them spying on us or hear them talk unless I talk to them. If you here me say “it’s ok honey” you will go along with what I want. When I say your termination code you will wake up” This was going to be fun. I deactivated Janet.

“So what should we do with these young girls?” Janet asked

“We’ll take them to diner a few nights, but my guess is that they will have their own plans. So anyways Carol told me what you two had planned this morning”

“Oh yeah, that was close. How do you suppose I would have explained a naked woman walking into my kitchen with me?”

“Too, bad that could have been fun. They may have enjoyed the show.”

“You’re sick, that’s our niece.”

“Carla’s not.”

“No she’s not. She does have a really nice set on her” My wife noted

“Almost as good as yours” I said as I approached her and took grabbed her tit.

“Paul don’t there in the other room”

Just then Marcy yelled “If it’s ok we’re going to go sit by the pool?”

“No problem” I said “See there not going to get in the way” I pulled off her robe.

“Tell me you’re not horny” I said as I slipped a finger into her wet cunt.

“Oh, you always know how to push my buttons.” I sat her on the bed and got on my knees. I stuck my head between her legs and lick her pussy.

“Marcy, come see this. Your uncle is eating out your aunt.” I heard from the door.

“Oh my god, that is so hot.” Marcy said

“Shit, she shaves her pussy!” Carla said

“That looks so sexy” Marcy said

Janet heard nothing. I continued the pleasure her for a while.

“Man I would love to suck on those tits. Their almost as big as yours” Marcy said to Carla.

“I’d like to suck that cock. Look how big it is” Carla said

I got up and guide Janet’s mouth to my cock. She was sucking like a pro. I turned and looked at the girls. Marcy was wearing a pink bikini and Carla a purple one. Carla had one tit out and was sucking on her nipple. Both girls were masturbating.

“I’m going to cum” I said

“Blowing it on my tits baby” Janet said as she presented her tits to me. I turned just a bit so the girls could see me cover Janet’s tits. I unloaded and covered both her tits. She massaged the juice into her skin. The girls go up and ran downstairs.

“I’m going to take a shower. Want to join me” Janet asked.

“Maybe later”

“To bad for you.” She said as she went into the bathroom

I went downstairs, grabbed some lemonade and went outside to see the girls. Before I opened the door I checked and they were both decent. They were lying on their stomachs with their tops undone. Marcy’s ass look so good I was tempted to fuck it right there.

“Would you like some lemonade?” I said

Carla raised her head and showed almost all of her boobs. Her nipples were just covered. I tried not to stare.

“I would love some.” Carla said.

I gave them a glass and then went back inside. I was in the kitchen looking at the girls when Janet came in. “So is this why you turn me down, to stare at two young girls?” I turned and saw Janet wearing her yellow bikini. She had become much more comfortable with her body lately

“No, I was just looking.” Janet looked out the window.

“They are hot little things aren’t they?”

“Yes, but your hotter” I said as I gave her ass a squeeze.

“Still I bet you’d love to fuck those big tits’ of Carla’s or fuck that tight little ass that Marcy has?”

“Well I wouldn’t say no”

“You’re a dirty old man” she said jokingly as she went outside to join the girls.

The three sunbathed for the rest of the afternoon. We all went out for dinner that night and then the girls went to a club. Janet and I went home. I waited until late to fuck Janet. I wanted the girls to come home and catch us. Sure enough I was doing Janet doggy style when the girls got home. They came to our door and watched.

“Oh my god, there at it again” Marcy said

“Man, they sure don’t act their age.”

The girls soon dropped their clothes and were foundling each other while I fucked Janet. I leaned in to Janet’s ear and said “I want your ass tonight.”

“Do it, fuck me in the ass.”

“My god he’s going to fuck her ass.” I slipped my cock in and Janet went wild.

“She really loves it.” The girls were fingering each other like crazy now. “We have to try that.” Carla left and came back with a red dildo.

“Lean against the wall” Marcy did as she was told

Carla took the dildo and shoved into Marcy’s wet cunt for lube and then slowly inserted it into Marcy’s ass. She was matching my rhythm now. Marcy started to tensed up and then orgasmed as did Janet. I pulled out an shot my load on her ass. The girls picked up their clothes and went back to the room.

This continued for the next two nights. On the third night Janet was riding me reverse cowgirl while the girls used the double dildo on each other.

On the fourth day the three women were sunbathing and talking when Janet got up and came in.

“Paul the girls asked if it would bother you if they sunbathed topless. Now normally I would say no, but I really need to see those perky tits. It’s been driving me nuts. So I’m gong to tell them yes, but you had better be ready to take care of me tonight.”

“No problem dear, I’ll try and play it cool.” She went back out and the girls smiled and then took off their suites. Janet was having a hard time not staring at them. I walked out.

“Thanks for being ok with this Uncle Paul. I hope it doesn’t make you uncomfortable.”

“It does a little” I lied “but I’ll get over it.”

“Aunt Janet, you should try it, it feels great.” Marcy said

“You don’t wan to see an old lady like me topless?”

“You’re beautiful, what are you talking about” Carla said

“Well maybe I’ll give it a try.” Janet removed her suit and laid back down. All three were lying on their backs.

After a while Marcy piped up “I feel a little “insufficient” compared to you two” she said as she touched her breasts.

“Nonsense.” I said “Big breasts are nice, but your body suites you.”

“Really, you think so”


“Yeah, and besides I would give these up to not be so fat” Carla said

“Don’t be silly Carla, you don’t have to be a size zero to look sexy.”

“Thanks Paul.”

The women sunbathed for a little longer then Janet came in. I was in the kitchen reading the paper.

“I can’t take it anymore. You have to take me upstairs and fuck me now.”

“Why not right here?”

“They might come in”

“Let’s just have a quicky.” I then said the magic words “it’s ok honey”

“Fine just give me that cock” she pulled down my shorts and took my cock in her mouth. I was enjoying the sucking when I looked out and saw Carla coming in. Perfect.

Carla came to the kitchen and saw Janet blowing me. She ran out and got Marcy. While she was out I told Janet to sit on the table. I got on my knees pulled the panties of you suit aside and ate her out. When the girls came in Janet was enjoying my attention and playing with her tits.

“These two fuck like rabbits.” Carla said “He must be good at that, look at her she is about to cum”

And she did all over my face. I got up and kissed her. She used her hand to jerk me. When she saw the look on my face that I was about to blow she dropped to her knee and took my load on her tits. The girls went back outside. Janet cleaned her tits and looked at me “did I get it all?” There was still some in her cleavage.

“Yep, looks good”

“I better go back out there. Thanks I needed that.” she left and I followed.

When she got back to her chair, Marcy looked at her and said “You have something between your boobs Aunt Janet.”

“Oh” she said as she scooped it up and licked it up “It’s cream, I was preparing something in the kitchen.”

“I see” Marcy said as she looked at Carla and laughed.

Janet gave me a dirty look.

I actually took that night off and slept. I heard the girls coming expecting a show. I opened my eyes and saw them naked at my door holding the double dildo.

“Ah they went to sleep. I guess they can’t fuck every night.” I laughed a little as I thought to myself “Tomorrow morning will be the time” The girls turned and went back to their room to take care of business I assumed.

They next morning Janet got up early and went to make breakfast. I found her in the kitchen. She was wearing a short rob over a blue silk teddy. I walked up behind her and grabbed her tits from behind.

“I’m horny this morning. I want to fuck you right now.” She felt my hard cock pressing against her ass.”

“I can feel that. What if the girls come down?”

“It’s early, there still asleep and I’ll be quite.”

“You’re not the loud one.” She said as she turned her head to kiss me. I kept foundling her tits through her teddy and lifted the material at the same time. When her ass was exposed she reached back and freed my hard cock. She maneuvered it between her legs and inserted it into her. I was fucking nice and slow when the girls came in both wearing oversized t-shirts. As usual they thought we could not see them.

“I guess last night was just a breather.” Marcy said

“Yeah, oh I love morning sex.” Carla said

I had Janet pinned against the counter with her teddy above her tits and decided that now was the time.

“Girls what are you doing” They both jumped and so did Janet

“We’re sorry, you just looked so sexy.” Carla said

“Oh my god, I’m sorry girls, I just got really horny and I needed it. Paul stop that.”

I pulled out. The girls were staring at Janet’s ass and tits and my wet cock.

“What got you so horny?” Marcy asked

Janet looked like she wasn’t going to answer “”it’s ok honey” tell her” I said

“It was being around the two of you. Your sexy bodies were driving me mad” she answered as she tried to compose herself. She did not know what to do. Her body was still exposed but she was enjoying the young girls approving looks

“You find me sexy” Carla said.

Janet again did not want to answer ““it’s ok honey” tell them everything”.

“To be honest Carla I been fantasizing about you all week” Janet was not even aware that she was touching her own boobs now.

“What about me?” Marcy asked

“I’m not proud about it, but yes you too.”

“So you’re into girls”

“Yes, Paul and I have had other women in bed with us”

“So my tits turn you on?” Carla said as she squeezed her tits together

“Oh god yes”

“Well yours turn me on too.” Carla answered

“What about you Uncle Paul, do we turn you on too?”

“I’d be lying if I said I haven’t thought about you.”

“In that case we have a confession” Carla looked at Marcy and when Marcy nodded she continued “We’ve been spying on you two fucking all week and we’ve been trying to find a way to join you”

“But Marcy you’re my niece”

“I know, but I just can’t help it. I really want you both”

Seeing that Janet was torn I added ““it’s ok honey” we could just keep it between us.”

“Oh please Aunt Janet I really want to taste you and feel Uncle Paul’s cock inside me?”

To answer the young girl Janet walked over, pulled Marcy in and gave her a passionate kiss. I looked at Carla and said “I guess that’s a yes.” She came over and kissed me. My hands went right for her tits.

I broke the kiss with Carla and said “Why don’t we go into the living room. It will be more comfortable. While we were walking Marcy asked “So that pretty, busty women from the day we got here.” We removed the rest of our clothes while we walked

“I guess you could call her our girlfriend” Janet answered

“I never would have guess.”

“I’m not as prudish as your mother”

“I’d say that’s an understatement”

“There’s also a couple that we have fun with, Cindy and Frank. You should see cock on him.”

“He’s bigger then Uncle Paul.”

“Paul has a great cock and really knows how to use it, but Frank has a fucking monster between his legs.”

When we got to the living room Carla made me sit and dove right for my cock she really seems to enjoys licking off Janet’s juices. Marcy pushed Janet down and said “I have to try that bald pussy of yours.” And she dove into her lap.

Janet and I looked at each other “This is so wrong but feels so good” Janet said

“Which one should I fuck first?”

“Fuck Marcy while she eats me.”

Marcy lifted her head and said “Please Uncle Paul fuck me.”

“At this point we could lose the Uncle and Aunt.” Janet said to Marcy

“Sure thing Janet, do you like the way I’m licking you”

“God yes.” She pushed the young girls head back down. I got behind Marcy and slipped my cock into her waiting pussy. Carla sat beside Janet and Janet fingered her while they both watched me fuck Marcy.

“Paul, we saw you fuck Janet’s ass. Do that to Marcy”

“Oh yes Paul I want you to fuck my ass.”

“Ok” I said as I switched from her pussy to her ass. I pushed my cock past her anus and kept plowing her.

“Oh god, that feels so good. I can’t believe this. My god I’m already cuming!!”

Soon Marcy and Janet were both cuming.

Carla looked at me with her legs spread and my wife’s fingers in her cunt and said “My turn, I need that cock.”

I pulled out of Marcy and walked over to Carla. My cock went in easily and I was sucking on her nipples as I fucked her hard. She was soon bucking and grinding hard. She screamed “Fuck me harder, I’m cuming, I’m cuming.” To help Janet reached down and played with her clit. That pushed her over the edge. She came so hard I almost blew my load inside her.

“I’m going to cum” I said

“Cover my tits” Carla said as she grabbed them

I pulled out and let loose all over her plump young tits. Janet leaned in and sucked on her tits, while Marcy took my softening cock in her mouth.

We laid there and Marcy was the first to talk “We leave in 3 days, I think we should make the best of the time we have.”

“So you want to do this again” I asked

“Fuck yes. Maybe you can introduce us to this Frank fella.” Carla asked.

“I know Frank would love to meet you two.” I said

Carla reached over and touched my cock “That sounds great for later but right now get that dick hard again. I want you to do my ass too.”

“Sounds good, maybe if you went down on Janet I would be inspired.” She smiled and went down on Janet. Marcy came over and took my cock in her hand. “Let’s see if I can help” and she started sucking my cock. In no time my cock was standing at attention.

“Carla I think he’s ready” Carla moved her ass and pointed it at me. She lifted her head for a second.

“Go ahead and fuck my butt.” She put her tongue back to work. Marcy snuggled up to Janet and played with her tits while her friend was dealing with her pussy. I got behind Carla and pushed my cock into her pussy for a few strokes just to lube it up. Then I shoved my cock in her ass. She jumped when I popped in. “Oh my that feels great.”

At this point I was so horny for these girls that I just went savage on her young ass. I grabbed her hips and started slamming her hard. I was driving her so hard that she could no longer concentrate on what she was doing. She brought her head up to mine. She wrapped her hands around my neck and said “Come on fuck my ass like you mean it. Fuck me harder.” I obliged her and slammed harder and harder. She started cuming. She pushed her face back into Janet’s lap. I pulled out and shot my load over her ass towards her back. One string flew over her and hit Janet’s left tit.

“Oh my god you hit me” she said jokingly

Marcy wasted no time and cleaned her boob. I slipped my cock back into Carla’s pussy and slowly fucked her until I was soft. She just lay there catching her breath.

“So ready to go again” Marcy said

“I think I need a nap” I said as I laid down on the couch

“Fine you sleep, Janet you can take care of me” with that she grabbed her Aunt’s head and guided it to her wet pussy.

As I was falling asleep watching my wife munch away at her niece I realized that I was going to need to back up. I picked up my cell and called Frank

“Hey buddy”

“What’s up Paul?”

“Not much, just wasting the day. Cindy is visiting her mother.”

“I need some help. Janet and I have some guests and I can’t keep up. There young and hot. Interested?”

“I’m already in the car”

I hung up “Ladies I’m going to sleep for a bit, but don’t worry our friend Frank is on his way.”

“Is he the one with the big cock?” Marcy asked Janet

“That’s him”

“Goodie” Carla said “Janet finish eating that pussy, we need to get cleaned up. Bit her clit that always makes her cum.” Janet went back to work and took Carla advise Marcy was soon climaxing on her Aunt’s face.

“Thanks Janet that was just what I needed.” Marcy said as she gave Janet a passionate kiss. “Now let’s go take a shower. I think I want to shave my pussy like Janet’s”

Janet and the two girls went upstairs. I got a cup of coffee and went out and got in the Jacuzzi to recharge.

Chapter 12

Frank arrived and the girls were still in the shower.

“So where are these two girls and come to think of it who are they?”

“There upstairs taking a shower with Janet.”

“I like them already. So who are they”

“Marcy and Carla. They are both 20. Marcy is the strawberry blond with a slim figure and Carla is the voluptuous brunet. Oh and Marcy is my niece.”

“You’re fucking your niece!”

“What can I say? They were visiting and things just happened.”

“And Janet’s ok with this?”

“Actually she was hot for them”

“Hey, if they are as hot as you say I don’t care who they are.”

“So do you want some coffee while we wait?”

“Sure” we went in the living room to drink our coffee while we waited for the girls.

Janet came in first. She had on high heels and a short silk robe, which did very little to hide her body. She leaned over and gave Frank a big French kiss to say hello. I saw his hand go up her leg to her ass.

The girls soon followed. They both came out in nothing but high heels and robes like Janet’s.

Janet guided Marcy over to Frank and said

“Frank this is my niece Marcy” Marcy bent down to kiss him on the cheek

“Nice to meet you” Frank said

“And this busty little thing is Carla” Janet said as she playfully grabbed Carla’s breast. Carla also bent down and kissed Frank on the cheek, giving him a nice view of her cleavage

“Nice to meet you too Carla”

The girls looked like two kids on Christmas morning waiting to open their presents.

“So I understand that you two are looking to have some fun today”

“That depends, are you as big as Janet said?” Marcy asked

“There is only one was to find out” Frank go up and dropped his pants. His cock was only semi erect and it was still way bigger than mine.

“Oh my God!!” both girls said

“Is it going to get even bigger?” Carla said

“Trust me, it will. Now I’ve shown you mine, how about yours.” The girls looked at each other and then dropped there robe’s at the same time. Marcy had shaven her pussy and seeing her tight alabaster skinned body completely hairless was one of the hottest things I have ever seen.

“Do you approve” Marcy said as she looked at his cock that was now at full size “Oh I guess so.” She giggled

“I have to taste it” Carla said as she pushed him on the couch and took a position beside him and lowered her mouth onto his cock. Marcy sat on the opposite side and kissed frank. He had one hand on each of their asses. From where Janet and I were sitting we could see his fingers sliding in and out of Carla wet pussy. Janet had opened her robe and was masturbating while we watched.

“I don’t know how I’m going to fit this thing in my pussy, never mind my ass.” Carla said as she lifted her mouth off for a second.

“It fit in mine” Janet said

“You let him fuck you in the ass with this thing” Marcy said as she grabbed his cock and took her turn sucking it.

“Well it wasn’t so much that I let him. He was fucking me good and just kind of made me. Trust me it will fit and feel great.”

Marcy lifter her head off his cock and said “Maybe, but right now I want it in my twat.” She got up and sat on his cock. Carla sat up and feed her boobs to Frank who gladly accepted it.

Janet and I had a great view of Marcy’s perfect little ass as she rode up and down on Frank’s stick. Janet was working her pussy really hard now. She got her hand really wet and then she pulled down my pants and rubbed her juices all over my cock.

“I want you to go and fuck her ass while she is riding him.”

Not one to argue I got up and approached Marcy. I first grabbed her hips to stop her and then pushed my cock to her ass.

“Hey wait your turn” she said almost jokingly

“Trust me darling you are going to love this. They’ve done it to me” Janet said as she help guide my cock into her nieces ass. I pushed it in and Marcy reacted immediately. tensed up and could not talk. Her ass clamped down on my cock so hard. I kept pumping and she went nuts. She reached out and grabbed Carla’s tit just for support. She then climaxed hard. So hard as a matter of fact that both Frank and I shot our loads inside her. This only made her cum harder. She got off Frank and sat on the couch. Janet wasted no time diving into her crotch to lick up Franks and my semen as it came out. Carla was sitting working her pussy really hard now.

“That was so intense. I really need to try that.” She said as she looked at Frank and I

You’re going to have to give us a minute darling.” Frank said as her pointed to his deflating cock.

“Fine but I want Frank’s cock in my ass instead.”

We recovered and switched place to double penetrate Carla. She enjoyed it as much as Marcy did. Since the girls were here for another day and Frank’s wife was still out of town he decided to stay with us and enjoy a 2 day stress free orgy. Unfortunately for everyone here I had something a little more sinister in mind.