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This is nonconsensual in nature, no violence. You may respond according to your tastes.

NOTE: This story, Controlling Jennifer I, is © 1993 by Daniel Reinker, and while I do not mind it being distributed, please make sure that you include this header. (so they know who wrote it.)

* * *

Controlling Jennifer I

Jennifer was a frosh at Jefferson College, and so far she liked it a lot. As she walked down toward the gym, she smiled to herself at the California weather. It was nothing like the weather in Alaska. Here it was, the middle of february, and she could walk around in shorts without worrying about freezing to death. Others complained that it was cold and told her she was a nut for wearing shorts. Obviously they didn’t come from Alaska like she did. To her, the crisp chill in the air was more refreshing than it was chilling, and she knew that after running around the track a few times, she would actually be hot.

Jennifer liked to run; it was a good way to keep in shape, and it was a good way to daydream while still being productive. She was a good student and very responsible, and this was her way to escape the constant academic pressures she put upon herself. She could jog around the track a few times, letting her body do the work while her mind wandered onto other things. Others wouldn’t believe her, but running relaxed her. (Her roommate thought she was crazy, but then again, Jenny’s roommate was a plump girl who looked like she had never exercised a day in her life.)

Jenny was wearing a tank top and a loose fitting pair of shorts. Underneath the shorts, she wore a pair of those tight-fitting bike pants, made of the stretchy black material. This was mostly to keep her warm, and to keep her decent. Plus, whenever she ran in panties, they got all drenched in her sweat and basically became too disgusting to wear. Similarly, under her tanktop, Jenny wore a tightfitting elastic top over her breasts. The reason for this was that she hated the feeling of running in the discomfort of a bra, and if she wore nothing, she bounced, and that became painful after awhile.

Jenny was happy with her body, unlike most women, and this happiness gave her a very visible confidence. This confidence almost did more to make her attractive than her actual physical appearance. Jenny had dark hair and tan skin, and a nice smile. When she had first arrived on campus, men had swarmed around her, mostly frat guys checking out the new women, but Jenny had made it through without acquiring any boyfriends. She was not one that had to have a boyfriend; on the whole, she preferred not to, as they took up a lot of time and never seemed to be much worth it. She didn’t need the time-drain. Yes, Jenny would only settle for a boyfriend that she actually loved, and the frat guys soon gave up on her, disgusted, and moved to other prey.

As Jenny bounded down the steps toward the gym, taking them two at a time, she enjoyed the beauty of Jefferson College campus. It seemed like a park more than a campus, and she walked under the trees towards the gym. Squirrels chirped at her from their trees, and she let her eyes wander to them, watching them hop from tree limb to tree limb.

“Hi, Jenny.” a voice said, startling her out of her reverie. She looked to see a man standing beside her. He looked to be in his twenties, possibly a senior, with short dark hair and dark eyes. Jenny thought he looked italian. She couldn’t remember his name offhand, and decided he was probably some guy from a fraternity that she had met and forgotten. Still, he was fairly attractive, so Jenny flashed her most charming smile. After all, she might as well keep her options open.

“Hi!” she said. “Have we met before? We must have, but I’m afraid I don’t remember....” She shrugged and grinned.

“No, we haven’t really been formally introduced. You can call me Mark.”

“Hi, Mark. Nice to meet you.”

“Yes....yes. Nice to meet you, too, Jenny.” Mark’s eyes shifted, and he smiled slowly. “I’ve been wanting to talk to you, I said, we haven’t been introduced, but I’ve seen you from afar, and well, let’s say I’d like to get to know you better.”

Jenny’s eyebrow lifted. He was very forward, and she felt a faint discomfort. She discarded this quickly, telling herself she was just being paranoid. She had dealt with forward guys before; this one was no different. “I was just on my way to the track to run a few laps...want to walk with me? We can talk on the way.”

Mark’s eyes shifted. “Actually, I was hoping we could sit down. Please? It’ll only take a second, and then you can be on your way. Huh?”

Jenny squinted at him. “You sound like you have something very specific to tell me.” she accused.

Mark grinned, and Jenny thought his grin was very cute...kind of a Tom Cruise smirk. “Actually, I do.” he admitted. “Wanna sit down?”

“Okay.” she said. “I suppose I can take a few minutes.” Mark grinned again, and walked over to a picnic table. He sat down, and she plopped down opposite from him.

“Ok.” she said, propping herself on her elbows and looking him straight in the eye. “What do you want to tell me?”

Again the grin. It’s almost like he’s embarassed to say it, Jenny thought. “I’ve been watching you, Jenny...from afar. I suppose you could say I was admiring you. You’re very pretty, Jenny.” She smiled, but the compliment disturbed her. She didn’t particularly like being ‘watched from afar’ by someone she didn’t know, and she was wondering where all this was leading. “I think you’re just what I’m looking for.”

Jenny leaned back, her eyes narrowing. “You’re very forward.” she remarked, somewhat coldly.

“I can afford to be.” Mark was not the least bit fazed by her coldness. “You see, Jenny...let me explain something to you. I’m new here too, and I’ve been looking for a woman. Not a girlfriend; I don’t care about that just now. I’ve been looking for a woman who’ll do whatever I say.” He grinned, and this time his grin seemed somewhat was the confidence behind it. “I suppose you could say I’ve been looking for a slave.”

That was all Jenny needed to hear. “Fuck off.” she intoned, and started to get up.

“Stop.” said Mark. And suddenly, Jenny was frozen. She couldn’t move. “Sit back down.” And Jenny did.

Mark looked regretful. “I didn’t want to have to do it this way.” he sighed. Jenny could only sit there, motionless. Her mind raced. Why can’t I move? What did he do? Her face would have shown her fear, but her face too was frozen. “You see, Jenny...I have the power to control you, whether you like it or not. I guess after years of wishing I had the power, I wished so hard that I actually got it. But it’s funner if I don’t use it. It’s better.”

He folded his hands and looked like a lawyer making a contract. “Here’s the deal, Jenny. You do what I say, without me using my power, and it will be easier for you. You refuse, and I’ll be forced to use my power, and it will be harder on you. I won’t do anything all that bad, truly; I won’t hurt you or anything. I don’t get off on that. I get off on the controlling. But it will be better for us both if you do it without the power.” He watched her as she struggled against his control. “Tell you what. I’ll let you free from my control, and you tell me what you want to do. Okay?” He concentrated. “You’re free.” he said.

Jenny suddenly regained control of her muscles, and she bolted. She was maybe ten feet away when he shouted “Stop!” And she froze. Unable to stop her momentum, she tripped and laid frozen on the ground. As she laid there, completely immobile, she heard his footsteps crunching the leaves, walking towards her. “I can see how it’s going to be today.” she heard him say sadly. “I hope you will learn in time. As for now, here is your punishment. In twenty seconds, you will be able to move again. From that time until you get back to your room, you will feel very sexually attracted to every third guy you see. Once you have helped them reach orgasm, you will once again regain complete control, and then you will know what you have done.” He paused. “I’m sorry it had to be this way, Jenny.” he said sadly, and then she heard him walk off.

Jenny laid in the grass for that twenty seconds. All she could do was breath and blink her eyes and wonder what the hell was happening to her. After the twenty seconds was up, exactly as he had said, she regained movement.

“Oh, god.” she said. “What in the world is happening? Is this really happening to me?” Jenny tried to deny what she had just experienced, but she could not. It was a cold, sterile memory; it was all real. She couldn’t afford to disregard the power he weilded over her. “I need to get to my room.” Jenny thought, and then she could think no more, for she lifted her head. She saw a guy throwing a frisbee to his dog. She saw an old man hobbling along the path. And then she saw a guy, sitting on a bench under a tree, writing in a notebook. “Oh, god.” she said.

He was small, smaller than her. He had thick glasses, and his hair was in a disarray that she found very erotic. “Oh, wow.” she said, and she felt the wetness spreading between her legs. He had something about him; maybe it was his size, maybe the way he slowly scribbled in the notebook. Maybe the way he lightly nibbled on his bottom lip. All Jenny knew was that he was the most gorgeous thing she had ever laid eyes on. And she had to have him. Her body felt empty; she had to have him inside her or she wouldn’t be able to survive. She was cold without him.

It was a quick walk over to him, and the boy didn’t notice her until she stood right over him, blocking his light. He squinted up at her through his glasses. “Yeah?” he asked.

“Hi.” she said, and she slid next to him, pushing her body delightfully close to his side. With every touch of him, she felt a rush go through her stomach and settle between her legs.

“Can I help you?” he inquired. Jenny wanted to scream: fuck me! fuck me! She fought for control over her desires. “What are you doing?” she gasped.

“Writing.” he said. “Why?”

“Oh, wow.” she said, and all control left her. She thrust her body into his side, running her tongue into his ear, running her hand onto the growing lump at his crotch. She cursed herself for wearing the lycra top under her blouse; she wanted to feel her breasts touching his shirt. With one hand she peeled up her top, with the other she frantically tried to undo his pants.

She pressed her lips to the boys, and plunged her tongue into his hot mouth. He resisted for a moment, but that quickly faded as her hand slipped into his pants and touched his hard penis. She moved over, so that she was sitting over his legs; her breasts were free, and she mashed them against his body.

And then she felt it. The boy moaned, tensed, and his penis started pumping hot jism onto her hand. She froze. “Oh, god, what the hell am I doing!” She pushed back, and fell backwards off the boys lap into the dirt. Her eyes were wide with shock, and the boy stared at her with confusion shrouded in ecstacy. Jenny quickly scrambled to her feet and sprinted away as fast as she could go, her face hot and tears of shame dripping from her eyes.

She ran until she was out of the sight of the boy, and then she paused to catch her breath. Tears ran down her face. How could I do that? she thought to herself. What came over me? She felt dirty, disgusting. Slutty.

When she looked up and around, she noticed the guy with the frisbee had stopped tossing it to his dog and was staring at her. She wondered why for a moment, and then remembered she hadn’t pulled down her blouse again, and her breasts were visible. She quickly pulled her blouse and the lycra down (too quickly, as she pinched her nipple between the two fabrics) and turned away from the frisbee guy, her cheeks burning again. She started a purposeful walk.

Then she froze. “Oh, geez...that’s one male I just saw. He said it would be the third. I gotta stop looking at people...I gotta get to my room.” She was hardly aware she was talking to herself, and she clapped her hands over her eyes.

“How can I get back if I can’t see?” she thought. It would be nearly impossible to get back blind, and even worse, it would be embarassing. “Stare at the ground, Jenny. Look where you’re stepping..that’s all you can do. Don’t look up no matter what.”

Jenny started to walk, staring down at the ground and striding ahead purposefully. She focused completely on the ground, and wished that she had remembered the curse Mark had laid upon her before she had looked at the guy with the frisbee. She could make one mistake. It was the second one that would start her off again. Jenny walked.

She came to concrete, and carefully studied the cracks as she walked. She fought down her natural desire to stare at everyone she passed, studiously avoiding even looking at their feet. She concentrated so hard that her head hurt.

“Hi, Jenny!” said a male voice, and Jenny quickly stopped herself before she looked up. Who was it? James? Rob? Whoever it was, she was fairly sure she didn’t want to sleep with him. “Hi.” she mumbled, and steadfastly marched past the owner of the voice.

“Thank god I’m getting near the dorm.” Jenny muttered to herself after awhile. It had seemed like it was taking forever, and Jenny had been in constant fear that she would forget herself and look up. She sighed in relief as the realization that she would probably make it sifted into her consciousness.

And then she ran into someone. As they collided, Jenny let her eyes wander up to see the face of a fat middle-aged man. He had been reading a book, and hadn’t been watching where he was going. “Oh! I’m sorry!” he exclaimed in a nasal voice. Jenny’s eyes filled with distress, and she quickly dropped her gaze and rushed past the man.

“Damn!” she swore, her only consolation being that she was almost to her dorm. Finally, she reached the door. Breathing heavily, Jennifer dug into her pocket and fished out her key. It was difficult to insert the key without looking, but she managed it. “God, they must think I’m weird.” she thought, thinking how she must look to the people in the lobby as she walked through the door with her gaze fixed on the ground.

Jenny was going up the steps to the third floor, when a realization hit her. The dorm was coed, and she was going to have to walk down the men’s hall in order to get to her room. “Oh, god...” she moaned under her breath. She hesitated by the door, and then entered the hall.

Take it fast, she thought. That’s the key. She rushed down the hall.

And found herself looking into Jacob’s eyes. He was lying on the floor in the hall. “Hi, Jenny!” he said, looking up from his book and waving. “Sorry, am I in your way?”

“Oh, wow.” said Jenny. She had never realized before how sexy Jacob was. He was on the wrestling team, and his muscles seemed to bulge through his tank top. Jacob had briefly expressed an interest in her the first week, but he had accepted her disinterest, and they had become “just” friends. How could I have rejected him? Jenny screamed to herself. He’s GORGEOUS!

“You all right, Jen?” asked Jacob. Jenny realized she had been staring at him. She didn’t care.

“Ooh, Jacob...ooh...” she sat down on him, straddling him with her legs, his firm stomach muscles supporting her behind. She was heavily juicing up, she could feel it. She wanted Jacob inside her.

Jake’s expression was one of shock, and he dropped his book just before Jenny mashed her lips against his face. “Woah!” he blurted, as Jenny dotted his face with kisses. She slid backwards, and could feel his hard penis against her butt. She moved, back and forth, kneading it, pressing it against her wet cunt. “Jacob...Jacob, I want you inside”

“Holy shit!” said Jacob, looking nervously up and down the hall. “Let’s move into my room, ok? Let’s not do this out in the hallway.” Jenny heard him, but didn’t care. What did it matter WHERE they did it? All that mattered was that he make love to her. She started fumbling with her clothes, raining kisses on his face and neck. Jacob picked her up in his arms, and carried her into his room.

His roommate Kurt was there. Kurt looked up from his computer, surprised. “Out, man! I need some privacy!” Jacob said. Jennifer felt herself dropped on the bed, and she writhed in agonizing lust against the cool sheets. She slipped her fingers under her lycra top and in one motion ripped it over her head. Her breasts popped free and bounced lightly on her chest, jiggling like jello. Jacob stared at her dark nipples for a moment, then twisted his head to glare at Kurt, who also happened to be staring in amazement at Jennifer’s breasts. “Out, damn you! Can’t you see I need some privacy?” said Jake. Kurt rushed from the room, stealing a backwards glance at Jennifers nude upper torso.

Jacob quickly closed the door, and came over to Jennifer. She threw her arms around her, tearing at his shorts. “Please, Jacob....I want your cock...oh, I want it so bad...” Jacob stripped off his shorts, and let his penis bounce free. It hadn’t bounced twice when Jennifer took it in her hands, running her fingers over it, feeling the silk spider web feel of it against her palm.

“ooh!” she moaned, and Jacob helped her take off her shorts. His eyes widened as he saw there was no need for foreplay...Jennifer was dripping wet, and the crotch of her lycra shorts was soaked.

Jennifer got on her knees, and Jacob saw she was guiding her vagina towards his hardened penis. “This is too good to be true...” he whispered. Then he spoke louder. “Wait...Jenny...we don’t want any kids...let me get a condom...”

Ignoring Jenny’s very determined protests, Jacob dug a condom out of his desk and slipped it on. Then he tried to ease slowly into Jenny, but she was having none of that. With a heave, she impaled herself onto Jake’s cock, and he found himself thrusting deep within her. Jenny was almost hyperactive with sexual lust, and Jacob, who normally prided himself on his sexual endurance, found himself about to come very quickly. He tried to hold it back, but Jennifer pounded against him and finally it came spurting forth, shooting through him, a tremendous orgasm. He gasped, and rode her for all he was worth.

And Jenny came back to herself. “Oh, wow!” she thought. She was back in her right mind, but she was also very close to her own orgasm. She couldn’t stop. Just as Jacob was finishing up his orgasm, hers started, and she gasped with its intensity. Her body was wracked with pleasure, and when Jacob pulled out, her body continued to buckle with the strength of her pleasure. It faded slowly, and she savored every piece of it.

“Wow.” she said as she laid back on the bed. “You used a condom, right, Jake?” She looked at him with apprehension.

“Uh-huh.” he said, and she watched him peel it off. “Wow, Jen...I don’t know what came over you just were a wild woman! You wanted sex like a starving man wants food! What’s up?”

“Oh, Jake.” she said, turning away. “I think I’ve been...hypnotized.”

“Hypnotized?” he stared at her.

“Yeah. Hypnotized so that I go sex crazy over every third guy I see. I was trying so hard not to see anyone, and you were there...” she sighed. “You were the third guy. At least you were a friend. It could have been worse.”

Jake sat on the side of the bed, looking at her with concern. “Oh, man...I’m sorry, Jenn...I didn’t know...”

“I know.” she said, and smiled at him. “Don’t worry about it, Jake. You didn’t take advantage of me; I wanted to have sex with you so bad, I wouldn’t have taken no for an answer. You really didn’t have a choice. And I enjoyed it, all of it, even after I came out of the hypnosis.” Her eyes became sad. “I’m just glad it was you. It could’ve been a stranger. God, it could’ve been a two year old. What would I have done?”

“Hey, are you all right, Jenn? Hey, who hypnotized you, anyhow?”

Jennifer thought of telling him about Mark, she really wanted to, but she couldn’t. It wasn’t his problem. “I’m fine. Look, Jake, I know this sounds weird, but could you put a blanket on my head and lead me back to my room?”

“Okay, that sounds like a good idea.” said Jacob. He still looked skeptical, however, and Jenny didn’t thing she had fooled him. He knew she was hiding something. “Just remember, if you need someone..ya know, to talk to? I’m always here.”

“Thanks, Jake.” said Jennifer, and offered him another smile, this one forced, and Jake seemed to know it. They put their clothes back on in silence, and afterwards, Jake put a blanket over Jenny’s head and lead her back to her room.

Jennifer’s roommate wasn’t home, and Jennifer thanked Jacob and said bye to him. She closed and locked the door, then collapsed on the bed and watched the wall as the sun faded away and the grayness of night took over.

What am I going to do? she thought, but could find no answer.