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Controlling Jennifer XII: Love of God

I think I’m in love with Mark, Jennifer thought to herself. It was bizarre, it was strange, it was completely wrong, but she thought it was the truth. She was in love with a man who could control her with just a few words. Who could control ANYONE with just a few words.

And the weird thing was, she thought he was probably in love with her, too.

Jennifer looked at Mark’s profile as he drove. She couldn’t imagine having that kind of power at her command. It would mean never having to worry about anything ever again. Money would mean nothing; you could have anything you wanted. Power wouldn’t mean anything, either. With Mark’s controlling, he had total power, over everything. He never had to put up with rude people, or police, or bureaucracy, or anything ordinary people had to put up with.

What if he WAS in love with her? What did that mean?

“Mark...” she said. “Can I ask you a favor?”


“Can I have this car?” It wasn’t the white one she had been in before, it was a new one, a black convertible. Very classy.

Mark shrugged. “Okay.” he said. “I can always just get a new one.” And just like that, she had a car. Jennifer was amazed. It was so easy.

“Wow.” she said.


“I’m just trying to imagine what it’s like to have your power.”

Mark shrugged as he made a left turn. “Well, it makes things easier.” he replied.

That was an understatement, she thought. It not only made things easier, it made things other people spent years worrying about ridiculously simple. Getting a car became just a matter of a few words.The more she thought about what she could do with such a power, the more the whole thing excited her. Money was nothing to Mark, and if she was dating him, it would be nothing to her, too. If she saw something she wanted, all she had to do was ask for it and it would be hers. Anything.

They were going to a nearby mall now; it was more or less their first real date. Actually, Jennifer had just wanted to find a place to talk; she would have been willing to go anywhere. But Mark insisted that they head to the mall, to a small restaurant he liked to go to, where he said it was quiet and pleasant and a good place to talk. He said he would answer whatever she asked there. Jennifer thought maybe this was a place he wanted to show her, like maybe his special place to go or something.

Or maybe he wanted to show her his new car. Correction: HER new car. Jennifer ran her hand over the white leather armrest. She could hardly believe it. “Wow.”

“You keep saying that. What is it?”

“I can’t believe you just gave me a car.” Not just a car, she thought, an EXPENSIVE car.

She could feel Mark’s grin at her back. “A car is nothing.” he said. “I could give you a dozen cars.”

“That’s all right.” she said. “I only need one.” Jennifer could imagine waking up in the morning, to find Mark outside with a whole parking lot full of new cars. It was just the kind of show-off thing he would do, too. The question was, would she be impressed?

Well, yeah, of course she would. Just like if he showed up with ten diamond rings, one for each finger. Jennifer let her thoughts drift lazily in that direction, wondering what Darlene’s reaction would be if Jennifer showed her ten brand new diamond rings. Or if a limo pulled up beside them, and it was Mark come to whisk her away on a surprise weekend to Tahiti.

And what about school? Sure, she had told Mark to keep his power out of her grades, but then, the pressure was always high, and wouldn’t it be nice to be able to call on Mark every so often, to make things a little easier on her? Like, get him to postpone a test or something. That wasn’t really abusing his power was it? She would still have to take the test, just it wasn’t REALLY cheating. Just relieving the pressure of college. That wasn’t so bad, was it?

“You’re kind of quiet.” Mark said. “Anything wrong?”

“No, everything’s fine.” she smiled at him. “Just thinking about things.” She paused. “Mark, do you use your powers to make things easier for you? Like with college? Do you have your teachers give you straight A’s?”

She was surprised when Mark shook his head. “I used to at first.” he admitted. “But after a while I realized that grades were more or less meaningless anyway, for me, except as ways to judge what I’ve learned. I mean, I transferred here by using my power on the admissions committee. I don’t think they ever even looked at my grades.” He paused as they turned right. “I’m really here to learn, not to get good grades.”

She shook her head. “I just can’t imagine it.” she said.

“Imagine what?”

“Having things so easy.” she said. “I don’t understand why you’re even at college. You have everything you want now, don’t you?”

He gave her a half-smile. “Not everything.” he said. “I thought about it, and I decided that it would be better if it looked like I made my money legitimately. If I just try and take everything with my power, down the line SOMEONE is going to get suspicious.” His smile became a little tight. “And that’s one of the things I worry about, that someday a bunch of scientists are going to catch me and dissect me to see how my power works.”

“Oh.” said Jennifer. She hadn’t thought of that; of course scientists would be interested in him. Most likely the government, too. A person with a power like Mark’s would be a powerful tool in their hands. Or else they would kill him, because his power also made him dangerous to them. Jennifer shivered. She wondered again, whether she wanted to enter into Mark’s world. It was a lot more complex than hers had been.

Then again, she didn’t know if she could leave his world. She didn’t really want to. Mark reminded her of the main guy in a movie she had seen about gang members. He was like two people. One was the powerless Mark, the Mark who didn’t know how to deal with people, the one she could easily manipulate with a tear and a frown, if she wanted to. The other one was the powerful Mark, the controller, master of everything. Master of her, if he wanted. Which one did she love? Both, she admitted to herself. She certainly wouldn’t love the powerful Mark without the other one, he would be a monster. The monster she had first taken him to be. And, when she thought about it, she probably wouldn’t have fallen in love with the powerless Mark either. She found the whole power thing...intriguing.

The whole thing blew her away, how she had hated Mark, and now she thought she loved him. Occasionally, she wondered if he had used his power, someway, to make her love him. But she always abandoned that idea. For one, the emotional roller coaster she had been going through was too genuine to be a result of his power. For another...well, she just didn’t think he would do that. He could’ve done it from the beginning, if that was what he wanted.



“From the beginning, what did you want from me? And what do you want now?”

He concentrated on his driving. “I really didn’t know, in the beginning.” he admitted. “I ‘captured’ you before I really thought about what I was going to do with you. I guess I thought I would use you of indulge my fantasies....but, well, it hasn’t really turned out that way.”

She watched as they turned in to the mall parking lot. “You know, it’s hard for me to forgive that.” she remarked. It was true, she liked to forget his original intentions for her, it made it easier to forget the past. The more she remembered the first couple times she had seen him, the more she felt like she should just tell him to go away. She should...but didn’t want to. “I mean, what you did to me in the beginning.”

Mark sighed. “Yeah. But actually, that’s not really the truth either, I mean, what I said before. I wanted more from you than just someone to indulge my fantasies with. Look, wait until we get to the restaurant, all right? We can talk there.”

Jennifer didn’t answer, she quickly lost herself in thought. She thought about the second time, with the limo and the fancy french restaurant. It would have been a really impressive first date, if it had been a date and if she had had a choice whether to go or not. He didn’t have to go through all that glitz, not if she was just something to indulge his fantasies.

Mark parked, and they walked in silence into the mall. The place was fairly crowded, but not overly so, and Jennifer followed Mark down the plastic walkways towards the restaurant. Finally, they reached the entrance to a dimly lit dining area. A sign in front read “Mark’s Cafe.” Jennifer looked at him curiously, and he shrugged.

“My place.” he said.

A pretty young lady inside happily greeted Mark, and led them to what she said was “Mark’s table.” It was a small isolated area in the corner, and was bordered on two sides by a thriving green garden that provided an artificial out-doorsy atmosphere. The chairs were extra plush and soft, and Jennifer settled comfortably across from Mark. Once again, she fought off being impressed. Mark could surely do a thousand times better if he really wanted to; she had no reason, really, to be impressed. But, she was. Just a little.

After ordering two large orange juices (Mark said the orange juice was especially good) he turned to her. “All right.” he said. “Let’s talk.”

When it finally began, Jennifer wasn’t really sure how to get it started. She finally settled on an old question. “Why did you leave that Saturday?” she asked.

Mark picked up his knife, and started poking his napkin glumly. “I don’t know. I watched for awhile, and then...well, I don’t know. It seemed like you were more with him than with me, anymore, so I kind of thought I would leave you two alone. It just seemed like you had forgotten about the game, you having too much fun with him. And then I kind of thought, about what you I was turning you into. Or what you were becoming. I suppose I got attacked by a heavy dose of self-doubt, finally I just left.”

Jennifer waited to see if he was finished, then spoke quietly. “I came looking for you afterwards. I looked all over, but you were gone. I hadn’t forgotten you.” Well, that wasn’t entirely true. She hadn’t forgotten him, but she hadn’t been exactly thinking about him, either. “I guess you were my excuse, Mark. If you wanted me to do something, I could do it, and enjoy it, and then just say I did it because of you. I guess it let me act like a slut.”

“You’re not a slut, Jennifer.” Mark said. She was surprised by the intense tenderness in his voice. “Just because you enjoy sex doesn’t make you a slut, it just makes you a human.”

Jennifer sighed and touched his hand. It was sweet to say, but he didn’t understand. “Thanks, Mark. But I AM a slut. After that saturday, I had sex with Francisco...he was the guy in the park. I didn’t really enjoy it, I did it because I felt I had to. I kind of felt like he saw me as a slut, and I had to act that way. No, I can’t continue the way I’ve been going with you. I’m changing too much.”

Mark was quiet for a moment. Finally, he spoke. “So, how are things going to go between us now? No more games of controlling Jennifer?”

“Mark, do you love me?” Jennifer asked.

Perhaps she meant to catch him off-guard, to base his emotions on his reaction. Whatever, it was the next question she most often asked herself, and she wanted to know the answer. She certainly got the surprise she had expected; Mark was momentarily struck dumb. She was afraid he would refuse to answer, and when he stopped to consider, she was afraid he didn’t know.

Finally he spoke. “Whatever I say...” he said slowly “I can always make you forget it later.”

Jennifer just nodded, waiting.

Mark was silent for a moment longer, and then nodded slightly. “Yes, Jennifer. I think I do. I think I love you.”

Jennifer didn’t know what she had expected, but when he answered yes, it took her completely by surprise. She didn’t know how to react. But it seemed she didn’t have to worry about that, a smile crept onto her face, and she said, “You do?”

“Yes, I do.” he said, eyeing her with trepidation.

Jennifer leaned back, letting the smile blossom on her face. Wow, she thought to herself. He actually does love me. Even more, he admits it. She wondered what this was the start of. Whatever it was, she felt very, very good.

“Well?” demanded Mark after a moment.

“What?” she asked. She looked at him with glimmering eyes; he looked different now that she knew he loved her. More gentle, less threatening.

“Well, do you love me?”

Jennifer let a moment slip by, pretending to consider, not because she really had any doubts as to what the answer was, but just to make it look like she was still a little uncertain. A game of controlling Mark. “Yeah. As crazy as it seems, I think I might love you, too.”

“That is crazy.” he said. But he didn’t look unhappy. He looked like he wanted to hug her, and finally he did.

“I know it’s crazy.” Jennifer whispered. “After all you’ve put me through...” She felt his hold tighten.

“You enjoyed some of it, Jennifer, I know you did.” he said. His hand tickled the hair at the back of her neck.

“Some of it.” she answered. She didn’t know how long they would hold each other; Mark showed no signs of releasing her, and she didn’t particularly want to be the one to break the contact. She liked the way Mark held her; he held her like he needed her.

Finally, they split apart slightly. Jennifer felt a foolish smile drift onto her face despite all efforts to keep it away. Their faces stood close to each other. Mark wasn’t looking at her eyes, but down at her lips. She thought it was funny, now that he had the chance to kiss her freely, that he acted so nervous about it. When he finally did bring his lips to hers and start to kiss her, it was a trembling, uncertain kiss. A kiss from the other Mark, the vulnerable powerless Mark, perhaps. Jennifer let it last like the hug, keeping her lips gently against his, until he pulled away from her.

Impulsively, she hugged him again. “Wow.” she said. “I’ve always wanted to have you kiss me like that, without your power or anything.”

Just then, the lady appeared with two glasses of orange juice. Jennifer accepted hers, and the lady took their order. Mark suggested the hamburgers; he said they were good, so Jennifer ordered one.

The lady walked away, saying it would be as fast as possible. Mark told her to take her time, they were in no hurry. He turned back to Jennifer. “It’s different.” he said. “Without the power, I mean.”

“How?” she asked.

“Just different. More mechanical. Your lips kiss me, but you yourself don’t. Kind of like that.”

“Really?” It seemed to make sense. “Is that why you seemed disappointed, when I kissed you after the dance?”

He nodded. “Yeah, that was why. Well, that was part of the reason, anyway.” He didn’t go on, and she didn’t press the point.

“Hmm...” she smiled. “So is sex the same way?”


“Sex. Is it mechanical when you use your power? Would my body make love to you, but I wouldn’t?”

He shrugged. “It’s a very slight distinction.” he said. “But yes, it’s the same way.”

This brought another nagging question into her mind. “Have you used your power on a lot of women? To make them have sex with you, or whatever?”

“Do you really want to know?” he asked.

Jennifer thought a moment. “No.” she finally admitted. “No, I don’t think I want to know.” Not now, anyhow, she thought to herself. Not while things seemed to be going well. Eventually, she would probably have to come to grips with Mark and how he used his power. But not yet.

Then, Jennifer started wondering what it would be like. She didn’t think she would notice the distinction between sex by control and actual sex. What if she noticed a guy that was particularly attractive to her? Would it be wrong to have Mark ‘suggest’ to him that he be attracted to Jennifer, too?

Yes, it would be! she answered herself. It would be exactly like what Mark had done to her when he had first used his power on her. She forced the thought out of her mind. It was tempting, yes...but it was wrong.

“What are you thinking about?” Mark asked. Jennifer’s mind raced for a moment, trying to decide whether to tell him or not. Finally, she decided, why not? If thus far was any indication, their relationship was going to be pretty interesting sexually anyhow.

“I was thinking about sex.” she said. “About whether it would be wrong for you to ‘talk’ a guy into being physically attracted to me.”

“If you wanted, I could have an entire military regiment have nothing more on their minds but pleasing you sexually, Jennifer.” That thought, and the way he said it, so matter-of-factly, put a rush through her. She squeezed her legs together, rubbing her inner thighs against each other.

“No.” she said. “I decided it WOULD be wrong. I don’t want you to do that.”

“It’s not as wrong as you think, Jennifer. You can make it worth their while most times. With my power, I can make sex ten times better for the person I’m screwing. Believe me, sex is very satisfying for these people; they never leave unhappy.”

Jennifer shook her head. “It’s still wrong.” she insisted. “They don’t have a choice in the matter.”

Mark just shrugged. “So?” he asked. “Is it wrong to make someone happy against their will? Sure, I might have fun with it, too, but that doesn’t make it wrong.”

Jennifer was about to reply, when the lady came by with their hamburgers. “Here you go.” she smiled as she sat the food down. “That’ll be on the house, of course.”

“Fine, Terry.” Mark smiled back. “How’s work going?”

“It’s all right. It’s always kind of empty this time of day.” Terry had long brown hair in a braid, and pretty brown eyes with long eyelashes. She was dressed like a typical waitress, in a pink uniform that reminded Jennifer of the outfit the waitresses wore on the show ‘Alice.’ It was fairly tight on Terry, though, and showed off her curves. Jennifer wondered whether it was just coincidence that such an pretty lady would know Mark by name, or whether it was something more.

She didn’t have to wonder long. Mark spoke. “Well, would you like to take a break?” he asked. And at those words, a distant smile slipped onto Terry’s face, and she started to unbutton her uniform.

Jennifer turned to stare at Mark. “A mental suggestion I planted in her mind.” He explained. “Whenever I ask that, it makes her want to have sex.”

Jennifer was about to protest, but Terry spoke up. “Yeah.” she said, her breathing coming quick, and her voice content. “And I’m glad Mark’s always here when I get into these moods...he never minds.” Terry had finished undoing the buttons of her blouse, and she pulled it open. She was wearing a bra made out of some heavy fabric; her breasts were large and strained against the constraining material. Without even showing any consideration for the fact that they were in a restaurant, she slipped off the blouse, and popped the clasp on her bra. She slipped off the fabric. Her breasts heaved out of their restraints; they were large, with big nipples and indentions where the bra had pushed into her skin.

“I don’t believe you’re making her do this.” Jennifer said.

“He’s not making me do this.” said Terry. “I want to! Mark always makes me feel so good.” She gave him a shy smile, and started to slip out of her skirt.

Jennifer glanced around, and realized no one could really see them where they were. She now knew why Mark’s regular place was so isolated. When she looked back, Terry had added her skirt to the pile of clothes and without any hesitation, yanked off her panties. Her slit was camouflaged by coarse brown hair, but Jennifer could smell a musky scent of arousal emanating from it, and as she watched, she saw a bead of juice drip from Terry’s pussy, hanging on a long line like a spider until it got pressed and rubbed between Terry’s legs. Her panties joined the rest of the clothes.

“Well, Jennifer?” asked Mark.

“Make her put her clothes on and go away, Mark.” Jennifer said. “Please, Mark.”

Terry’s eyes widened, and she looked at Mark, biting her lip. “Mark...” she said, a pleading tone adding a tenor quality to her husky voice.

“Terry...” said Mark. “Jennifer seems to dislike you. Why don’t you try and change her mind? You’ll receive the same pleasure from her body as you will from mine.”

“Mark, don’t...” Jennifer warned, but even as she turned to face him, she felt a warm body sliding beside her. A warm naked body, Terry’s body, and she could smell the arousal between Terry’s legs. Terry leaned into Jennifer, but Jennifer just pulled away, pressing against Mark.

“Mark, make her stop. Now. I’m not a lesbian.” Jennifer commanded him.

“What’s the difference?” he asked. “A woman’s mouth is just like a man’s, isn’t it? It can bring the same pleasure.”

“It’s not the same.” Jennifer insisted. Terry was trying to caress Jennifer’s shoulder, but Jennifer kept pulling back, pressing herself against Mark’s side. “Mark, NOW!”

Mark sighed. “All right. Terry, stop.” Terry stopped, and pulled away, her face crumpled in frustration. “Here’s the way it’s going to work. Terry, under the table.” Jennifer perked up in surprise as Terry slid under the table. She turned to Mark, and only had a chance to see a glint in his eyes before she felt his mind extending control over hers. “Jennifer, you will forget that Terry is a girl, and you will unable to tell that Terry is a girl. You will only be aware of the part of her that is touching you. Her hand. Her lips maybe.” Jennifer felt her awareness getting cut away, limited by Mark’s power. And then, they were all alone. Just them. No one else.

Their food had arrived, and Jennifer felt hungry. She realized she hadn’t eaten anything when she had originally gone out to eat, with Fransisco. She picked up her hamburger and bit into it. Mark had been right; it was really good.

“Good?” he asked. He had a smug grin on his face.

“Yeah, really good. You were...ooh!” Jennifer cut off her sentence abruptly, as she realized a finger was slipping along her inner leg. She felt it slip up her thigh, into her shorts. It stroked against her smooth skin, just stopping from slipping into the leg hole of her panties. She was startled for a moment, before she remembered; someone was under the table. Just a finger. She opened her legs slightly to give the finger easier access.

“I was right?” Mark grinned. “Good?”

“Yeah.” she gulped. “Good. Mark...who’s under the table?” The finger was stroking Jennifer’s pussy now, through the silk of her panties, rubbing against her lips. She could feel herself starting to get wet, her fluids beginning to permeate the fabric of her panties. The finger was joined by another, both swirling against her slit.

“Don’t worry about it.” Mark said. “Just enjoy it while you’re eating your hamburger.” He winked. “This place gives you great service.” Jennifer glanced at him, disturbed by the change she saw in him. She was with a different Mark now, not the open one she had come here with, but the controller. The over-confident one. The one with the grin. She was going to say something, but then the finger found her clit, and she sucked in her breath, tensing as the finger teased her pleasure button.

Mark took his hamburger and started eating it, seemingly enjoying the show.

“What’s going on?” burst Jennifer, even as she leaned forward, pressing her pelvis into the probing hand. It slipped into her panties, and now she could feel the fingers directly against her vagina, probing into her slit. She gave up eating her hamburger, and leaned back closing her eyes, feeling the finger push inside her, as another finger moved in circles on her clit. She felt the sexual pleasure start to build. My god, she thought, Mark’s going to make me orgasm in the middle of the restaurant. The thought of this only thrilled her more, and when the hand extracted itself and started to pull on the waist of her shorts, Jennifer obliged by closing her legs and letting the hands slide her shorts and panties down her legs. Jennifer felt the seat against the bare flesh of her backside. Then the hands started teasing her pussy again, and she slid forward and spread her legs to give them better access.

As she enjoyed the probing between her legs, her eyes fell on the clothes to the side. A woman’s clothes. Terry’s clothes. She remembered Terry, but where had she gone? The way Mark was acting, he was using his power. He was making her forget Terry. Terry was under the table. That had to be it. The fingers playing with her belonged to...a woman.

The knowledge almost quenched Jennifer’s sexual heat, but then she felt a hot mouth against her pussy, a soft tongue probing her. And it didn’t matter anymore. Jennifer had never engaged in oral sex before, either receiving or giving, and it was an amazing sensation. It slipped into crevices fingers couldn’t reach, and when the tongue slid into her, she gasped. Lips pressed against the swollen lips of her slit, and then the tongue moved onto her clit, slipping under the hood and licking her with such an intensity that she almost cried out. I’m close, Jennifer thought. Very close. And then the tongue slid over her, from top to bottom, ending on her clit, and that pushed her over.

She had had bigger orgasms, and this one was snuffed as soon as it broke through that it had been Terry that had brought her to the climax. She still wasn’t sure about having another woman administer to her body, although she admitted it wasn’t that different. It was just the thought of it.

“How was it?” asked Mark.

“Good.” she said. She leaned back flushed. I should pull on my shorts, she thought, but it was too much effort. Besides, she didn’t really care. No one could see her but Mark, anyway. Mark and Terry.

“Terry, why don’t you come up here?” said Mark, smiling at Jennifer. Terry popped up next to Mark, still naked. Mark grinned at Jennifer, but this faded to disappointment when she failed to react.

“You don’t seem surprised that you just got brought off by a woman.” he said, his voice holding a trace of annoyance.

“Oh, I could tell.” she said, secretly liking his disappointment. “Woman do it differently.” Jennifer noticed Terry was also flushed and sweating. Mark absent-mindedly dropped his hand between Terry’s legs and started bringing her to her own climax. Jennifer noticed that he barely touched her, but it seemed to be doing the trick.

“How would you know?” he asked. He continued to tap on Terry’s slit, and finally she fell into a shuddering climax. Mark pulled his hand back and ignored her.

Jennifer took his other hand, and pulled it between her legs. “Guys just feel different.” she smiled. Mark disappointed her by pulling his hand back, but then he kissed her on the cheek, and she felt better.

Terry got dressed. “Why don’t you get dressed, too, Jen?” Mark prompted. “So we can leave.” Jennifer noticed he had finished his hamburger, probably while she had been approaching her orgasm.

“We can’t leave yet.” she insisted. “I haven’t eaten my hamburger.” She noticed Terry waving as she walked away, and Jennifer waved back. Mark was watching her as she started eating her hamburger again. She looked at him between bites. “Why don’t you make yourself useful?” she said, her eyes shining with mischief.

“How?” he asked.

In answer, she took his hand and put it between her legs again. “Show me the difference between a girl and a guy.” she said. She pressed his fingers against her wet slit.

He tried to pull his hand back again. “There is no difference.” he told her. “Hands are the same.” Jennifer held his hand tightly against her.

“Well, then, do to me the same thing you did to Terry. Make me shudder. Make me so hot that I have to put down my hamburger.” She took another bite of the burger. It WAS pretty good.

Mark’s hand lay limply against her vagina, and then he started making some clumsy motions with his fingers. His hand lacked experience, something that surprised her, and he was completely missing her pleasure points. By the time Jennifer was finishing off her hamburger, she wasn’t even close to any sort of orgasm. She just felt frustrated.

“Mark...come on.” She said, rubbing the back of his hand. “Touch me like you did Terry.” He had brought Terry off in less than a minute. But his fingers stopped their movement, and when she looked at him, he seemed downcast.

“Jennifer...” he said “the only reason Terry got off so fast was that I have a suggestion in her mind that if I just touch her pussy, it’ll bring her to orgasm. To be honest, Jennifer....that’s really the only way I’ve ever satisfied women. With my power. I’m really not sure how else to do it.”

She stared at him. “Seriously?”

Mark nodded. “Seriously. I can give you the most mind-blowing orgasms you’ll ever have in your life with my power...but I’m not really sure how else to do it. I’ve never really worried about that before.”

Jennifer still held his hand between her legs, but now she actually clasped his hand in hers. “But I don’t want you to use your power. I want you to do it yourself.” she said. She suppressed a smile. So Mark, despite his previous experience, was a lot like a virgin. He knew how to please himself, but not another.

That’s all right, she thought. I’ll teach him how. And she did smile. She reached under the table to get her shorts. “Let’s get ready to go.” she said.

To be continued