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Controlling Jennifer IX: Waiting for Mark

“I wish I had a boyfriend.” said Darlene, as she dropped her book to the side and stared at the ceiling. She was lying on the bed, supposedly studying, but the book was apparently so boring that she would put it down every two minutes. Jennifer looked up from her Chinese Culture homework.

“So get a boyfriend.” she told Darlene.

Darlene sighed. “I can’t. Look at me....I’m fat.”

“You’re not fat!”

“Yes, I am.” said Darlene. “I wish I had your body, Jennifer.”

“Your body is fine, Darlene. Anyhow, if that’s the way you feel, why don’t you go jogging with me? I always offer, but you never go.”

Darlene leaned over and shook her head. “Some women just can’t run, Jen. You can, ‘cause you look good running. But not me. I look ridiculous. I look like I haven’t run a day in my life.”

“You gotta start sometime.” Jennifer said. “Come on, go with me tomorrow. It won’t be as bad as you think. I’ll run with you the entire way, ok?”

Darlene just turned on her back and sighed. “I could, but it wouldn’t get me a boyfriend.” She picked up her book, and started reading again. Jennifer watched her for a moment, then turned back to her homework.

Not that she was having any more luck than Darlene. Her mind kept returning to the same thought. Where was Mark? Why had he disappeared that day? It had been almost a week, and she had heard nothing from him. Every time the phone rang, she expected it to be him. Every time she went running in the morning, she expected to see him waiting for her in the park. And thus far, she had always been disappointed.

And as always, her mind told her the answer. Call him. She had checked for ‘Antonio’s in the school phone directory, and there he was. Marcus Robert Antonio. Extension 6072. All she had to do was pick up the phone and call him.

But always, just as her mind started to consider this option, she would abandon it. Why was she calling him, anyway? Why did she want to talk to him? True, they had become more friends than master/slave over the weekend, but that didn’t necessarily cancel out the month of anxiety he had provided her with beforehand. No, if he was gone, good riddance! She could get on with her life.

At least for another five minutes, at which point her eyes would once again drift from studying the Boxer rebellion to studying the phone, and wondering why he had left her in the park the saturday before. But she would never call him. No, she was better off without him.

Jennifer had last seen Jacob the tuesday before. She had been walking down the men’s hall, when suddenly he was there, glaring out at her from his doorway. His hand was bandaged, and his eyes were strange. A little too dark, a little too intense. The complete opposite of the clumsy inebriated expression that had been on his face the friday before. “Jennifer.” he hissed.

Jennifer froze. He wouldn’t try anything, she told herself, not in the middle of the hall. Still, fear clamped onto her heart, and, her mind racing, she cursed herself for not telling Mark to do something. Mark could change Jacob. Just with a couple words.

“Jennifer.” Jacob repeated. “What happened on friday night?” His eyes searched her face, burning into her. God, he’s changed, she thought to herself. He used to be so friendly, so lively and cheerful. Now he was dark and scowling, and his expression reminded Jennifer of the sky before a thunderstorm. Have I done that to him? she asked herself. Has Mark? She made a note to tell Mark about Jacob the next time she saw him. Mark could change Jacob back.

“You mean, you can’t remember?” she asked. It was possible, after all, he HAD been drunk.

“Oh, I remember just fine. I remember too well. I just wanted to get your side of the story.” He paused, appraising her. “Who was he, Cailly?”

“Who was who?”

“Don’t fuck with me!” he snapped. His eyes were wild. My god, what’s wrong with him? she thought, stepping back, ready to bolt. But Jacob seemed to reign in his temper, and looked upon her with cold determination. “Who was the guy you were with? The guy...” his voice shuddered. “The guy with the voice. Who was he, Jenny?”

“I don’t know who you mean.” she hedged. “What guy? You were drunk, Jacob...”

“Don’t lie to me! Tell me who he is, Jennifer! Tell me!” he snarled, and took a step forward. Jennifer would have bolted, should have, in fact, but at that moment, all she could think of was what an asshole Jacob was. And she got mad.

“Jacob, stay away from me or you’ll regret it.” she said. Her voice was very low and even, surprisingly even. Jacob’s eyes widened, and she could see him back down, could see him pulling his rage back inside himself. His eyes went dark and dangerous again.

“We’ll see.” he said, and he pulled back into his room and shut the door.

Jennifer was left shivering. She felt like talking to Mark right then and there, to tell him about Jacob, and get him to do something. It wasn’t that she feared just for herself; although it was startling to realize, she feared for Mark too. Mark was so used to relying on his power...would he be prepared if Jacob made a sudden and surprise attack?

In the end, as Jennifer made her way slowly down the stairs, she became lost in uncertainty. She couldn’t decide what to do. And finally, she did nothing. But as she walked, a thought entered her head. Monsters beget monsters, she thought, and this phrase kept returning to her the rest of the day.

“This book is SO boring!” wailed Darlene, heaving the book across the room into the closet door. Jennifer blinked. Back to reality. She turned, and couldn’t help smiling at the image of Darlene staring in frustration at the battered book.

“It’s your fault.” Jennifer said. “You shouldn’t have taken a class with the name ‘Role of the Elderly in Pre-industrial France.’”

“Had to.” muttered Darlene, sulking. “Needed to satisfy the European culture core requirement.” She picked up a stuffed animal from her bed, the austere looking walrus she called Jefferson, and started to toss it up and down. “When are you going running tomorrow?”

“I don’t know. Probably in the morning, around 9:30 or so.”

Darlene sighed, as if the next words out of her mouth would cause her physical pain. “Maybe I will go with you.” she said reluctantly. “I really need to get in shape, and I suppose I need to stop putting it off.”

“ ‘Your one true love loves you for yourself, not your body.’ " quoted Jennifer. Darlene grimaced; it was a favorite saying of Kristi, one of their Resident Advisers, and they were all sick of hearing it because Kristi was absolutely gorgeous and it seemed had never had to worry about attracting guys at all. Jennifer looked at Darlenes face as it bobbed up and down, following the rise and plunge of Jefferson, and she decided Darlene was not unattractive. She was somewhat plump, but she had a cute face, and curly hair that bounced like tiny springs whenever she moved. Of course, thought Jennifer, maybe guys saw things different.

“That’s easy for Kristi to say.” said Darlene. “They have to notice you before they can love you.” Jefferson went up again, came down again.

“Yeah, and then it’s still a mess. It never gets perfect.”

Darlene grinned at that. She had a nice, lively grin, too. “Yeah! ‘Cause even when you’ve found the perfect guy, you still gotta live with him.” She tossed Jefferson again, this time missing him as he came down. He bounced against the bed spread. “Maybe I’ll just stay single and get rich. Maybe guys aren’t worth it.”

“Sounds good.” Jennifer smiled. “Maybe if you give up guys, I’ll be able to get some homework done.”

Darlene grinned again. “Oh, that’s how it is, huh? Ok, I’ll leave you in peace...I’m gonna go check if Amy is still awake.” She slipped on a pair of slippers and padded out the door in the direction of Amy’s room.

Jennifer was left by herself. She sighed. “Who am I kidding?” she said to herself. “Darlene’s not the only reason I’m not getting anything done.” She looked at the phone, and was about to reach for it, when she made herself stop. Instead, she made herself reach for her pencil. “Don’t.” she told herself. “Let Mark call you. He likes to be in control so much, fine, let him be in control. As for you, get on with your life.” Good advice. She started writing.

At 9:30, Darlene and Jennifer, dressed in t-shirts and shorts, walked side by side through the park and to the track. Jennifer had planned on taking it easy, and just having them both run a slow mile. But even that was too much for Darlene; after about two laps, with the pace slowing more and more as time went on, she finally stopped and refused to run any further. A final compromise was reached with she agreed to walk two more laps with Jennifer, so that they could at least say they had done a mile, even if they hadn’t run the whole thing.

So they walked around the track and talked, mostly about school and other people. “What happened to Jacob’s hand?” Darlene asked as they neared the end of the mile.


“His hand is all bandaged. I asked him what had happened, but he wouldn’t tell me. ‘Ask Jennifer.’ he said.”

Jennifer frowned. “It was his own fault.” she said. “Remember the dance friday night? He showed up drunk, and tried to get in a fight with the guy I was dancing with. Said I was his girlfriend and all that.”

“What an asshole.” said Darlene with disgust. “So what happened?”

Jennifer thought about lying. “Mark happened.” she finally said. “It’s kind of hard to explain, but Mark intervened and told them to take it outside. So anyhow, they went out to fight, and Jacob got his hand burnt or something.”

“Wow! Mark saved you?”

“Sort of. Don’t look at me like that, it wasn’t like that at all. I think maybe he just wanted to see a good fight.” That was the truth, thought Jennifer. And she had been thinking of calling this guy? Uh, uh. Good riddance.

“Sounds like I missed the action that night.” Darlene said.

“You didn’t miss much.” said Jennifer.

Afterwards, they were walking back through the park, when Jennifer saw a familiar face walking towards them. She suppressed an urge to run and hide. It was Francisco. As he neared them, he called in greeting “Hi, Marcie!”

“Who’s he talking to?” whispered Darlene.

“Shh.” said Jennifer. “I’ll explain afterwards.” She waved. “Hi, Francisco!” she called back. She could feel Darlene’s wide grin at her back.

Francisco neared. “I was wondering if I would ever see you again.” he said cheerfully.

“Francisco...I have a confession to make.” Jennifer took a breath. “My name isn’t Marcie. It’s Jennifer.”


“Yeah. I’m sorry...I told you my name was Marcie because...well, you can probably figure out why.”

Francisco nodded. “Yeah. Yeah, I think I can. So, Jennifer. Nice to meet you.” he smiled. “I was hoping I would find you around here.”

Jennifer opened her mouth to say something else, when she felt a poke behind her. “Oh, I’m sorry. This is my roommate Darlene.”

“Hi, Darlene.” said Francisco. Jennifer couldn’t help but smile at the friendliness in his voice. Francisco’s a good guy, she decided.

“Hi.” said Darlene.

“Well, Marcie...ah...JENNIFER...since I’ve found you again, I get a chance to ask you out. Want to get dinner and catch a movie on friday?”

Jennifer stopped to consider. A voice called out inside her: what about Mark? But she pushed it back. What ABOUT Mark? She didn’t owe him anything. “Ok.” she said to Francisco. “Sounds like fun. Want my number?”

He grinned. “Oh, I get your number this time, Marcie?”

Jennifer felt herself blushing. Ridiculous, she thought...she had kissed him, let him see her breasts in public, all without blushing...why blush now? “Uh huh.” she said. “You get my number now. 8621...can you remember it, or should I write it down?”

“8621. I can remember it. See you on friday, Jennifer.” he said.

“Bye.” said Jennifer. He walked away.

“Bye!” called Darlene. “Nice meeting you!” As they started walking again, Darlene turned to her, excited. “Wow! Jennifer, what’s gotten into you? That makes four different guys I’ve seen after you in the last week! I swear, suddenly you’ve become Miss Popularity!”

Jennifer felt like saying that guys liked a slutty woman, but held her tongue. That was the truth after all, wasn’t it? She had met all those guys, Jacob, Derrick, now Francisco, all because she had been willing to let herself be seen as a sex object. Sex, wonderful way to attract men, she thought to herself with a note of bitterness. All except for Mark. She had met Mark because he had wanted her to act like a sex object.

“ ‘Your one true love loves you for yourself, not your body.’ " Jennifer quoted.

“Uh huh.” Darlene nodded with a grin. “You’re starting to get worse than Kristi.”

Jennifer shook her head. “I don’t feel that popular. I feel like a piece of meat.”

“Aw. What’s wrong, Jennifer? Guys pressuring you, or something?” she peered at Jennifer. “Who’s been pressuring you?”

No one, I’ve been giving in without any pressuring at all, she thought. But Jennifer couldn’t tell Darlene that. She was Jennifer’s roommate, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t call Jennifer a slut just like everyone else. Nice girls just didn’t give strangers handjobs in the middle of parks.

Darlene had become stern. “Jennifer Cailly, tell me who has been pressuring you. Is it Mark?”

“No one.” sighed Jennifer. “No, not Mark. I just feel like that’s why I’ve been getting so much attention lately. Guys just want me to sleep with them.”

Darlene eased out of her rigid motherly mode and shrugged. “So, what else is new? If I remember correctly, you had frat guys hanging around you in a swarm around the beginning of the year. You handled them well enough. Besides, I guess I don’t know Francisco, but he seemed like a nice guy. Hey, you haven’t told me why he called you Marcie!”

Jennifer, fortunately, had planned for this question since friday night. She had expected it to be asked about Derrick, but apparently Darlene had forgotten certain details about that night, probably lost in an alcoholic mist. “I told him my name was Marcie first time I met him. You know, I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to know my real name. I wasn’t sure what kind of guy he was.” She thought about Francisco. Darlene was right, he WAS a nice guy...and just because Jennifer had about thrown her body at him didn’t mean that was all he wanted.

What would Mark think if he knew she was going out with Francisco. Would he care at all? Maybe he wanted her to be with Francisco. Maybe that was why he had left her. Maybe Mark was gone for good.

Somehow, she couldn’t believe this.

Jennifer dressed casually for her date, wearing a pair of snug but comfortable jeans and a deep red shirt under a denim jacket. A pair of Darlene’s earrings, the ones that happened to perfectly match her red shirt, finished off the picture. “You look great!” gushed Amy. “Dressed to kill!”

“Thanks, Amy.” Jennifer smiled at her reflection in the mirror. She liked the way she looked. “What are you all going to do?”

Darlene was lounging on her bed, and another taller girl named Maya was sitting in her seat. “Probably screw around in the dorm.” she said. “None of US have dates.” She grinned.

“Is he going to come to your room?” asked Amy excitedly. Amy got excited whenever anyone had a date. It was her way.

“No, I said I would meet him down in the lobby. Actually I’d better go see if he’s there now.” Jennifer grabbed her wallet and turned to leave.

“No!” Amy bounced to intercept her. “What if he’s not there? I’ll go check, okay!” And without waiting, Amy had bounced out the door and was racing down the hall.

Jennifer sighed, and sat down on her bed. “You feel jittery?” asked Maya.

“Not really.” said Jennifer, and it was the truth. After all she had been through with Mark, a first date seemed strangely relaxing.

Amy shot into the room. “I saw him! He’s down there watching TV. Darlene, he’s exactly like you described him!”

Jennifer scooped up her wallet and slid it into the inside pocket of her jacket. “Then I guess I’m off.” she said. “Have fun, you guys.”

“You, too!” they all chimed, and then Jennifer was out the door, ignoring the double entendres and laughter that predictably followed. As she walked down the men’s hall, she felt creepy, especially walking by Jacob’s door. It felt like she was being watched. She wrote it off as anxiety about Jacob, and made her way down the stairs.

Sure enough, Francisco was there. “Hey, Jennifer!” he greeted her as she approached. “You look great!”

“Thanks.” she smiled. “Sorry if you waited.”

“Don’t worry about it. I just got here a second ago. Want to go?” Jennifer nodded, and he led the way out the door and to his car. It was a beat-up blue Toyota Celica. “The Francisco-mobile!” he proclaimed proudly.

“Wow.” said Jennifer.

“Yeah, I know, it’s not much, but first cars never are.” Francisco let her in, and they were off.

Dinner was nice. They went to a place called Louisa’s, a small diner-type restaurant Jennifer had never been to before. Francisco talked a lot, and told a lot of jokes. Most of them were at least enough to make Jennifer smile. By the end of the meal, Jennifer had decided Francisco was a fun guy to be with.

They went to the theater near the campus, which was a big twelve-plex that seemed to make its money mostly off of the college students. He asked her what she wanted to see, and Jennifer told him anything was fine. So they saw “Army of Darkness.” Francisco had seen it three times, Jennifer not at all, but he said it was a fun film. The audience was very loud, cheering and catcalling and basically having a good time. Halfway through the film, Francisco put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. He was very confident in the way he did it, and Jennifer leaned against him.

Then his other hand slid upward, and almost absent-mindedly started to rub her arm. It slowly made its way up her arm, and Jennifer could see where it would go if she didn’t stop it. But she couldn’t decide whether to stop it; she usually didn’t like to do much more than kiss on the first date, but how could she protest, after what they had done in the park? Inevitably, Francisco’s hand reached her right breast, and he started to fondle it through her shirt.

Jennifer looked around. The theater wasn’t very crowded, except for a loud gathering near the front, and no one was paying any attention to them. Jennifer had taken off her jacket, and had it laying over her lap. At first, she felt Francisco’s fondling without emotion, letting him play with her breast and feeling it from a distance, as if it wasn’t attached to her. He must have felt her coldness, because he leaned in towards her. “Are you okay?” he asked uncertainly.

Jennifer was swept with confusion. What to say? How could she stop him, when the time before she had practically begged him to touch and feel her body. Come on, Jennifer, she told herself silently. Get into it. She pushed a smile onto her face, and nuzzled into Francisco. With her other hand, she pushed his hand back onto her breast.

He happily started to fondle her again, pushing his finger down the cup of the bra and twiddling her nipple. It hardened immediately. Jennifer concentrated, trying to force herself to enjoy it. After all, this was the way he knew her, right? Besides, she had enjoyed it before...she just needed to get herself in the right frame of mind. She tried to put images of pleasure into her head. You are enjoying this, she told yourself. You are enjoying it.

He leaned over to her. “You like that?” he asked.

“Uh huh.” she lied.

He leaned in closer, and moved his hand down her body, until he was sliding it between her legs, clumsily pressing her slit through her jeans. She was surprised at how dry she was; on the whole, she was surprised at how distant she felt from her body. She felt utterly passionless. So he wouldn’t know anything was wrong, she scissored her legs open slightly and gave him more access to her crotch.

He slipped his hand up and down, rubbing against the denim. This is wrong, thought Jennifer. I would’ve never allowed anyone to do this before. Not before Mark.

“Are you okay?” asked Francisco.

“I’m fine...that just feels good.” And to keep him distracted, she slipped her own hand between his legs and ran her fingertips over the hard bulge in his pants. She could feel it straining against the fabric, and Francisco closed his eyes and sighed slightly. Jennifer slid her hand over his shaft, and that seemed to keep his mind occupied. Meanwhile, his hand probed her own crotch, and she could feel the wetness finally start to form between her legs.

Francisco leaned over and kissed her. It took her by surprise, and she broke out of it before she had intended. He tried again, and this time she met him halfway; they kissed for a moment, their tongues shyly darting against each other. His lips were very firm and unyielding, and his kisses were very hard and passionate.

Even so, after he kissed her for the fifth or sixth time, and as they leaned against each other, his hand brushing her breasts, a loud burst of laughter filled the theater. Jennifer broke the kiss to see what was happening on the screen; there appeared to be some battle sequence occurring. She watched for a second, before Francisco moved in and kissed her again.

This time, she pushed him away. “Francisco...come on, let’s watch the movie.” She could feel his disappointment, coming from him like a tangible wave. “After.” she promised him, and even as she said it, she wondered if she would keep her promise.

And After soon came. Francisco put his arm around her as they left the theater, and led her to the Francisco-mobile. They drove, and they drove, and after a while, Francisco stopped the car, and they were off in some out-of-the-way woodsy area.

“Here we are.” he said.

Here we are, Jennifer’s mind echoed. What now, Miss Cailly?

Now you let him screw you, came the response.

Following Francisco’s suggestion, they moved to the back seat. He moved in to kiss her, and this time they kissed for a long while. His hands pressed at her back, but soon they moved freely at her chest, unbuttoning her shirt even as they were locked in embrace. He opened her shirt, and cupped her breasts gently, lifting them in his hands as if amazed by their existance. Jennifer’s red shirt fell discarded, and quickly, her blouse fell too. She made him stop, and removed Darlene’s earrings so they wouldn’t snag on anything. Then she returned to his touch. He played with her breasts, fingering her nipples and making them harden. He was at least gentle; she liked a gentle touch, and that more than anything was making the whole thing endurable. He pushed her backwards to lie against the armrest, and started to kiss his way down her body.

His tongue was wet and slick against her breasts, and she could feel it rough against her sensitive nipples. For some reason, an image of a dog appeared in her head and wouldn’t go away. He’s licking me like a dog. Lapping at me like he’s going to eat me up. He nuzzled the soft undersides of her chest, pressing his lips against the point where her breasts met the rest of her body. She sighed, and let him continue.

He made his way down, tonguing her belly button for an extra long time, as if to tease her. Then he was fumbling with the snap to her jeans. What the heck, she thought, so far I’ve given him everything else. And she reached down, and helped him undo the clasp.

He pulled at the top of the jeans, and she lifted her butt to help him pull them off. Her panties went next, falling in a heap with the rest of her clothes. Jennifer looked down, her mind focusing intently on her exposed pubic triangle. So black in the light, like a little arrowpoint—enter here. Francisco started to strip himself, pulling off his shirt and unsnapping his jeans. Jennifer watched him, waiting.

His penis sprung free, rock hard, like she had remembered it from before. Maybe bigger. Francisco’s hand probed between her legs; she could tell he was experienced by the way he quickly found her clit and fingered her until she was good and wet. Gasping, laying back, waiting for him to penetrate her.

He’ll expect me to reciprocate, she thought. Here I’ve been sitting here, like a a bad lover. She took his penis in her hand and slipped her hand up and down it. With her other hand, she cupped his balls, lifting them and then letting them fall. Feeling the coarse hair on them. He moaned, and his fingers slid over her pussy lips.

“Condom.” she said. He nodded, and fumbled out a little plastic square, clumsily producing the circular tube. Jennifer watched as he slid it on. First it goes in that, then it goes in me, she thought. Then we go home.

Fortunately, she was wet enough that he slid in easily enough. She could again feel his experience as he expertly maneuvered deep within her, and she could feel her pussy clench tightly around him. He was in her, moving, a living thing, pumping back and forth deep inside her vagina. A piece of man. And he was good at what he was doing. He managed to rub against her swollen clit as he pumped in and out, and she found herself building toward an orgasm. She felt it very analytically as it came, idly feeling the pleasure build-up. He came before she did, judging by his moaning and his spasming cock. She was afraid he would give up then, but he pumped at her even as he softened, somewhat ineffectively, but effective enough that her orgasm hit soon after his. She happily rode the wave of pleasure. Take me away, she thought. But after her shuddering climax was over, she was still in the car, and Francisco was rolling down the window to toss away the jizz-filled plastic. Jennifer closed her legs, and pressed them tightly together. She felt lost.

They dressed. Francisco joked around, but Jennifer was suddenly feeling very tired. All she wanted to do was get back to her room. The ride back was sober and quiet.

“I hope you had a good time.” he said, as the car idled in the parking lot.

“I did.” she told him, and they kissed.

“Want me to walk you to your room?”

“No. That’s fine. I can make it.” She got out of the car, and returned his wave as he drove away.

Darlene was asleep, and Jennifer quietly gathered up a nightgown and went to the bathroom to take a shower. As she let the water rush down her body, she leaned against the wall, more tired than she should have been, and wondered what she was becoming.

And once again, she wondered why Mark had left her.