The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Conversion

a story for Carole

The note read, “Tonight. 6:00. The lobby.” Mary Lincoln bristled with excitement. Perhaps tonight she would meet her secret admirer. She felt childish about being so excited by this, but it was so romantic. She sighed. She needed to get back to work. There would be time later to figure out how the note ended up on her desk. She pushed the intercom button.

“Kelly, send in Mr. Hilson.” Mary said in her usual strict tone.

“Yes, ma’am.” Kelly replied.

Moments later, Mr. Hilson walked through the door to Mary’s office. He barely made it through the doorway when Mary started to yelling.

“Do you realize that e-mails at this company are monitored? Do even comprehend that you are expected to do work here, Mr. Hilson? This is a professional business office, not the place for you to send cutsy e-mails to your girlfriend! Do you understand that?”

“Yes. But—”

“No, Mr. Hilson! No buts! Either you stop using company time and e-mail for writing love letters, or you will be fired! Is that clear?”

“Yes.” Mr. Hilson just stood there, at the doorway, looking at the floor.

“Now get back to work.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Mr. Hilson slunk back to his desk.

Mary did not understand why men were so stupid. She did not have these problems with her female employees. No, she had other problems with her female employees. Mary sighed. Mary decided that she must be the only smart one in the whole division. The women all wanted to stand around and gossip instead of working. And the men all wasted time doing all the wrong things. They were all stupid. Well, all but Jack Tarlson. He was the best worker she had. And the best looking too. Mary hired him two months ago. She was so pleased with him, she was thinking of promoting him to office manager. That would have to wait, however. She had more people to yell at.

The people in Mary’s division did not like Mary. They often referred to her as the Wicked Bitch of the West. The men who worked on her floor disliked her most. Mary Always dressed in tailored suits that showed off her shapely figure. Her skirts were always short. It was obvious she dressed to show off her body. But she always treated men with complete contempt. Of course the women who worked on her floor would say that she treated the women the same way. It was rumored that she only kept her job by blackmailing her boss, but it was never proven.

5:45 finally arrived. Mary began getting ready to head down to the lobby. She could not find her umbrella. The weather news on the radio said thunderstorms would hit town by 6:30. Already there was a light rain outside her office window. She searched but could not find her umbrella. Time was getting short. She decided to forget the umbrella for now. She needed to go down to the lobby to meet her secret admirer.

Three months ago she started getting mail from her secret admirer. The letters told her how beautiful she was. At first, Mary was skeptical, and almost called the police. But the worshipful tone of the letters won her over. Soon she was getting letters and notes at work. Always her secret admirer wrote to her in the most romantic and worshipful ways. She started to leave notes for her secret admirer. In response, her secret admirer wrote back of how precious and wonderful her notes were. The whole idea of being worshiped from afar excited Mary. She even started having dreams about meeting her secret admirer. The letters were always full of descriptions of things the secret admirer wanted to do to worship her and her beautiful body. In the past week or so, Mary had written to her secret admirer and described a few things she would like her secret admirer to do if they ever met face to face. In submissive tones, the secret admirer would respond with agreements to do whatever Mary wanted. That pleased Mary very much. And now, tonight, she was about to meet her secret admirer.

She stepped from the elevator into the lobby of the office building. Immediately she began looking around, trying to spot her secret admirer. She stopped by the information desk to lean against the counter as she looked around. She felt a tapping on her shoulder. She turned, and was severely disappointed. it was only a guy working at the information desk.

“Ms. Lincoln?”

“Yes, what is it?” Mary said disdainfully.

“A man just left this letter for you. He said you were to get it when you got to the lobby.”

“A man? What man? When?”

“He just said you would know.” The fellow shrugged and held out the envelope to her.

Mary grabbed the envelope and tore it open. She hastily opened the letter. “Follow the directions and the map below to my house.” the letter read. “I will be waiting for you. Don’t be late. “She wanted to jump up and down in happiness. She was going to meet him at his house. She rushed out to her car.

The rain was starting to come down harder now. There was a huge pot hole in the parking lot she had to walk around to get to her car. She ended up having to walk over a drain cover. Her stiletto high heels slipped. She fell backwards and landed in a shallow but dirty puddle. Worse yet, one of her heels had got caught in the drain cover and broken off of her shoe. She sat there for a moment. She almost cried. Her secret admirer was waiting. And now her clothes were soaked with muddy water. She stood up finally. She chided herself for acting so stupid. This secret admirer of hers would not care. Besides, from the way he wrote to her, she was certain he would do anything she told him. She would simply drive to his house and have him wash her clothes. She smiled now. She was always happier to be in control of the situation. The car seat would have to be cleaned too. She would have her secret admirer do it.

She noticed on her hands, which she had used to help push herself up, felt slick and oily. She tried taking another step and almost slipped and fell again. Very carefully she stepped to her car. If she did not know better, she would have sworn someone had set things up for her slip and fall.

Mary got into the car and finally started toward her secret admirer’s house. She drove slower than usual because of the rain and having to follow the map. The trip took about 45 minutes, but it was worth it. Her secret admirer must be wealthy, she thought. His house was huge, and far removed from any other houses. She parked near the door and got out of her car. She knocked on the door. Soon a muscular, handsome man answered.

“Jack Tarlson?” Mary asked in disbelief. “You are my secret admirer?” She stared at him. “But I only hired you two months ago.”

Jack nodded. “I had to work for you. You are so beautiful, so strong... Oh dear!” He suddenly looked very worried. “Please, come in. Forgive me for making you stand outside.” He stepped aside to let Mary pass.

Mary walked into the fancy house. “Yes, I forgive you.” She patted him on the head as she walked by him.

“Thank you. May I get you a drink?”

“Yes. A—”

“—Vodka on the rocks with a twist of lemon.” he said hopefully.

“Why, yes. How did you know?”

“I watched you in a bar once. No, I was not following you, but I turned and you happened to be there. I could not help but watch you. I hope I have not offended you.”

“Not at all. I am flattered.”

“Please, come this way. I will find you something dry to wear, and I will put your wet clothes in the washer.” He started out of the foyer and into a hallway.

Mary was pleased. He was even offering to wash her clothes now. Controlling him would be so easy. Jack led her to a bedroom. He scrounged up a tee shirt for Mary to wear, along with a beach towel for a skirt. He left the room to go fix her drink. She giggled. He was so willing to do whatever would please her. She laughed as she took off her clothes. She would have him kneeling before her soon.

When Jack returned to the room, he had a tall drink in his hand. Mary had pulled on the tee shirt, which seemed a size to small for her, and wrapped the beach towel around her waist. Her wet clothes, including her bra and panties were on the bed. Mary smiled sweetly as Jack handed her the drink.

“Thank you, Jack.”

“My pleasure.” Jack replied as he picked up her clothes. “I’ll put these in the washer and be right back.” He headed for the door.

“Yes. Do that.” Mary was so pleased with herself. She was going to enjoy this. She watched Jack leave then sat down in a chair near the closet. She sipped her vodka with a twist of lemon. She contemplated her relationship with Jack. She sipped more of the drink. She wondered what she would do with Jack first. She sipped more of the vodka. As she waited for Jack’s return, she sipped and sipped and sipped. He seemed to be taking a long time. But she was starting to feel really good. She felt really relaxed. She sipped more of her drink. Jack sure was gone a long time. But Mary decided he must not have been able to figure out how to wash her clothes right away. She felt so relaxed though, that she did not mind. Finally Jack returned.

“How do you feel, Mary?”

“Mm... good.” She giggled.

“Do you feel relaxed?”

“Yessssss.” She tried to smile seductively at him.

“Good. Why don’t you let me help you relax some more. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Okie dokie.” She giggled again. He was so obviously devoted to her. Soon she would have him trained like a little puppy. She laughed.

“Listen to my voice, Mary. Listen to my voice and I will help you relax.”


“Imagine your self floating. Floating and feeling more comfortable than you have ever in your life.”

Mary listened. She smiled as he talked. He was serving her already. She did imagine herself floating and comfortable. She let Jack’s words lead her. She was floating. She was relaxed. She felt good. She felt safe. She was floating and comfortable and safe. She almost started falling asleep. She wanted to tell Jack, but did not because she was enjoying the attention. Her eyes were closed as she imagined herself floating and relaxed. She drifted along lazily. On his words she floated. Yes, on his words, for they were so soft and comforting. She floated long safely in his words. As she gently sank down into his words more and more, she felt safer and more comfortable. Jack’s words seemed to carry her along. She was feeling sleepy. She could not even open her eyes now. Oh, Jack had guessed that. His words had said it. His wonderful words. Jack would not mind if she just drifted off. His words were so relaxing after all. And she was safe. Safe in his words. Safe in his words. Deep in his words. Safe in his words. Safe...

Mary’s eyes fluttered open. She would have to thank Jack. She felt truly relaxed and rested. As her mind roused itself further from sleep, she noticed something was wrong. Calmly her turned her head. Strange, her wrists her tied to bed posts. She lifted her head enough to see that her ankles were bound as well. Shouldn’t she be worried about this? She wasn’t. She noticed she still had on the tee shirt and the beach towel. Although, she could feel the residue of something on her inner thighs. What was going on? She heard a door close and then Jack’s handsome face entered her line of sight.

“Oh good. You’re awake. Now that things are safely in hand, there are a few things that you deserve to know.” James explained calmly and softly.

Mary started to worry. Something was wrong. Something about this situation was not right, but she could not remember just what.

“Your boss, Mr. Giamico, finally got tired of being blackmailed by you.”

She smiled. Blackmailing her boss with slightly doctored photos of him and a young secretary at a Christmas office party had been a stroke of genus.

“So he hired me. It’s my job to make sure you resign from the company and never bother him again. Quite naturally, when I saw the pictures of you, and heard about what a bitch you are, I knew exactly what your cure was. You will become my personal slave.”

That’s what was wrong. She was angry now. She pulled at the silk ties that held her down. She glared at him. “You son of a—”

“Quiet.” was all he said.

Mary’s mouth shut. She tried to talk. She could not. What had that stupid bastard done to her?

“Now then, I have spent all weekend reprogramming you and training you and conditioning you. You were and excellent student I might add. However, when you submit to me, it will be willingly. You will beg to submit to me. When and only when you submit to me will your programming and training take full hold on your mind. But rest assured, you will beg.”

Mary wanted to scream. She wanted to spit in his face. She would never submit. She would never beg. She hated Jack now. She despised him. She would find a way out of this and see him dead.

Jack left her field of vision for a moment and returned holding a pair of scissors. He smiled at her. She glared back. Her expression turned to fear though when she saw him bring the scissors near her ample chest. He pulled the fabric of the tee shirt over her right nipple up away from her skin. Snip went the scissors and tee shirt went back to hugging her body, only now her nipple was bare. He pressed the flat of the cold, metal scissors to the exposed nipple. Mary felt her nipple harden automatically. Snip, snip, snip, and a line was cut across the fabric of the tee shirt. The tight shirt easily separated to leave her breasts fully exposed. Both nipples were hard now. Jack just smiled as he made the remaining snips to finish cutting up the tee shirt so her could pull it way from her.

The towel was easier to deal with. Jack untucked the corner Mary had used to hold the towel closed around her narrow waist. Jack pulled the towel away from her to expose her crotch.

Mary squirmed and pulled again on the silk ties that bound her. She was certain that Jack intended to rape her. She tried to scream, but she still could not make a sound or even open her mouth. Her hips jerked when his fingertips touched her vaginal lips. She hated him, but oh his fingers felt so good as they pushed inside her. Almost instantly her vagina filled with wet arousal. She shook her head. She should not be enjoying this. But having two of his long, firm fingers sliding around inside her wet sex was pleasing her immensely. His fingers probed inside her, as if he were looking for something. They found her G-spot. Hers was rather larger than normal, so it was easy for him to stroke continually. She moaned through shut lips. She could feel the orgasm just start to build when Jack pulled his fingers out of her. She was breathing heavier now. She still hated him.

Jack’s wet fingers found her left nipple. Her sensitive nipple felt her own slick fluid wet her nipple. She wanted to cringe, but felt her back arch slightly upward. She could not help it. Not because of anything Jack had done to her. Mary had sensitive breasts. Few things aroused her as much as her breasts being fondled and caressed. Jack’s spread her own silky fluid over to her right nipple. She did hate him. She wanted to hate him. But his touch on her chest was causing ripples of warm pleasure to flow through her.

Jack leaned down to whisper in her ear. “You will submit.” he said. His breath on her ear sent sensual shivers down her spine. “You will beg. He only smiled when she turned her head to glare at him. “You see, a few of the things you have to obey are already in effect. I’m sure you noticed that you can’t make a sound. One of the other things is that you cannot reach climax again until you submit to me.”

This time, Mary did cringe. He would not. How could he cause such a thing? Then she realized his plan. Her torture would be sexual. Perhaps he was going to rape her after all. Or just toy with her breasts. Could she hold out? Her ego kicked in. Of course she could hold out. She would not bend to his will. She would withstand his torture long enough that he would grow tired of the attempt and let her go. Of course he would. And then she would have her revenge.

“Now then,” Jack continued, “you may make sounds, but not speak except to beg permission to let you submit to me.” He smiled at her. She was just about to growl at him when his hands started to caress her breasts. She whimpered.

She could not deny how aroused she was by Jack’s caresses. She remembered dreaming of Harvey Kingston and the night she lost her virginity. Harvey was the first boy who had ever blatantly fondled Mary’s breasts. They were in the back of Harvey’s car at the time. Mary had tried to fight him off, but her strength had melted under Harvey’s hands on her breasts. No, wait, she did not dream of that. She had told Jack all about it. She was beginning to remember some of the hypnosis sessions. What else had she told him?

Mary whimpered and moaned. Jack’s soft massage of her breasts was driving her crazy. His hands stimulated her just enough to arouse her but nothing more. She ached for more. But she hated him. She could not give in. She whimpered and moaned.

Jack’s hands left Mary’s breasts. Mary sighed. She was now unsure how long she could hold out under this sexual torture. She heard a soft pulsing hum. Then it stopped. Her mind raced. What could that hum mean? It reminded her of her vibrating pager... No. Oh no. She tried once more to break free of her silk bonds. She yanked as hard as she could. She writhed and twisted. All to no avail. Jack appeared in her sight again and confirmed her fears.

“This is a vibrator” he said of the long, humming, metal object he held in his hand for her to see. It looked shiny and wet. Mary had never felt such a thing before. Such things were for weirdoes and perverts. She wondered how Jack would use it on her. “I think you’ll like this. You’ve never used one before.” Jack put it down in the valley between her breasts, and then pressed her breasts together. The soft pulsing vibration of the lubricated vibrator made her writhe again. Not in a struggle to get free, but in unsatisfied arousal. Doubt finally entered her mind. Would Jack do this to her again? It felt so good. She shook her head. She was not supposed to be enjoying this. But the slight trickle of fluid from her vagina down toward her ass was undeniable. Was being under Jack’s complete control arousing her? She dare not consider that. She stared at Jack, trying still to glare, to keep arousal from her expression. Jack just smiled back at her. The vibrations between her breasts were beginning to make her moan. Her back arched upward, and she could not stop it. “But don’t worry,” he continued, I’m not going to push it inside you, yet. But you will.” He smiled as he finally pulled the vibrator away from her.

Jack left Mary’s line of sight again, and she was too busy trying to regain her composure to look for him. She gasped when the slick vibrator was laid against her vaginal lips. She had never felt anything like that before. If she had been able to, she would have instantly enter an orgasm. Instead her arousal and desire grew exponentially. Her vagina was plenty wet, but it ached to climax. She tried clenching her vaginal muscles as tight as she could, yet still her pussy felt empty. The vibrations were now making her moan even louder. The length of the vibrator was resting against the length of her labia. The waves of pleasure that the pulsing vibrations were causing her only became more intense with each wave.

Suddenly Jack was whispering in her ear again. “Just think, Mary. Pleasure like this could be yours every night. You could have orgasms like you never dreamed possible.” His breath on her ear sent more sensual shivers down her spine. “Wild orgasms. Mind shattering orgasms. Orgasms so long and so strong and so overwhelming that you pass out.” Yes, Mary thought, that would be good. No, no, no. This was all wrong. She bit her bottom lip. She could feel the desire to cum growing within her. But this was all wrong. She moaned. “Yes, Mary. It is pleasurable, isn’t it?” His hands returned to her breasts. His caress was soft. His hands were coated with something wet and silky. “You want more, don’t you?” She nodded, then shook her head vehemently. Jack just smiled at her. His hands left her breasts. Mary moaned.

“You see, Mary,” Jack explained, “I studied you for a while. I read up on your background, your past history of behavior. I know why you are, ahem, were such a bitch to everyone you knew.” Oh really, Mary thought. “Yes, I do. You wanted someone to challenge you, to dominate you.” Yeah right, Mary mentally scoffed.

“Think about it. Your father was a strict man, but you had a happy childhood. You had a perfect record during your two years in the military. It wasn’t until you got to college that you started to get bitchy. True, you excelled in academics, but by your senior year, you had very few friends. In college you were free. No one to tell you what to do and when to do it. But you wanted someone to command you, didn’t you? Only you weren’t willing to admit that to yourself. No, you were an admiral’s daughter. You were strong. But you started getting bitchy with your friends, subconsciously daring them to fight you. But they didn’t fight you. They just left you alone. And you were in college seven years because you changed your major three times. Only pressure from your father to get out of college and get a job caused you to finally graduate and get a job. You do your work well. After all, you like being told what to do. But you were still bitchy. For some reason that was interpreted as management potential. So you rose fast in the company. All the while, daring anyone and everyone to fight you and take control of you. But your bitchiness was starting to rub your superiors the wrong way. You’re smart and you knew you might not last much longer at your job. So you decided to sneak some cameras to Christmas party for your division. And with those cameras you got film footage of your boss being friendly with his secretary. Harmless really, until you altered certain frames of the film to look like they were taken in his office. And altered them a little more so that they implied actions on the part of your boss and his secretary that just are not so. Still you subconsciously wanted him to put you in your place and tell you what to do. But he could not risk you releasing those pictures. So you kept your job. Until now that is.

“How does it feel to have your secret figured out?”

Mary was stunned. Could he be right? Yes. No! It just couldn’t be true. Could it? Did she want someone to dominate her? No, of course not. Yet, she was enjoying this. Even more than just on a physical level, she was aroused. No, no, no. Jack had to be wrong. He had to be.

“I’m going to leave you alone for a while.” Jack said. “I am sure you want to be alone to think about things for a while. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Mary struggled to lift and turn her head to watch him walk out the door.

He just could not be right about her. She was a strong woman. She needed to be, er, did not need to be dominated. Right? She moaned. It was so hard to think straight with the pulsing vibrations on her vaginal lips continuing to send wave after warmly arousing wave of pleasure through her writhing body. She had to try to get the vibrator off of her. She could not see it. She did not really know how long it was. She had to try something though. She strained to lift her head as far as she possibly could. She managed to see the end of it sticking up past her crotch. What if it slid into her wet pussy? Oh heavens no, she could not think of that. She shuddered anyway. Not in her, no. She had to get it away from her. She decided to try lifting her hips up far enough to let it fall down to the bed. She started to push her hips up and felt the vibrations slide along her labia. She moaned. She let her hips down. This would be harder than she thought. She lifted her hips again. She groaned to feel the vibrator slide over her vaginal lips. She did not lift her hips high enough. She lowered them slightly and tried again. She whimpered loudly. Several times she lifted her hips up and down until she realized she was starting to do so because she was enjoying the feeling. She had to steel herself against the pleasure. She thrust her hips up as fast and as far as her body and her bonds allowed. The vibrator slipped down alright. Just one problem. The slick vibrator was starting to slip between her ass cheeks.

Mary could not raise her hips and higher. She was straining to keep them that high. She tried clenching her ass muscles together. Too late. The vibrator only slid faster. It finally stopped sliding. She sighed. But she had to lower her hips. She was starting to feel small cramps in her back muscles. May be if she lowered her hips slowly, the vibrator would slip down to the bed. Slowly she brought her hips down. The vibrator slid upwards towards her anus. She stopped. Maybe if she brought her hips down faster, she could make it slide away from her. She brought her hips down as fast as she could. The vibrator slid right into her anus. She moaned.

She now had the vibrator inside her, and she could not get it out. Jack had told Mary that she would put the vibrator inside herself. She writhed and whimpered and moaned. This was better, or was it worse, than having the vibrator on her labia. She had never imagined having the vibrator in her anus might feel so good. Jack had said she might have orgasms like she never dreamed possible. She might have been in orgasm then, except Jack apparently had fixed her so that she could not climax. Not until she submitted. But she could not do that. But what if she did? Her thoughts finally returned to Jack’s words. Was he right? She had been happier in the military. She had been happier when she lived with her father who demanded strict obedience. Could Jack be right about her? Her desire for sexual release was growing. She had to decide. Would she try to hold out or give in?

Mary heard the door open and someone walk in. Jack returned to her field of vision. She could no longer glare at him. The pleasure was starting to overwhelm her. She looked meekly at him. She wanted so badly for him to let her go. She did not want to make this decision.

“Well, how are you feeling?” Jack asked. Mary only whimpered and moaned. Her back arched high when Jack’s hands began to caress her breasts once more. She could not resist the power of his hands caressing her breasts. She moaned loudly. She ached greatly for an orgasm. The vibrations in her ass and the soft massage of her breasts was too much for her. She had to cum. She needed to cum. But that meant submitting to Jack. “You will submit, Mary. You will beg for it.”

Mary knew then what she should do.

“Have you decided yet, or should I go?”

“No!” Mary shouted. “Please, let me submit. I need to submit to you. Please!” She could feel her orgasm start to build as soon as she finished speaking.

Jack smiled broadly. “Yes, my little slave girl, you may submit.”

“Thank you... Master.” No sooner had Mary spoken, the climax hit her body. She bucked against the air and screamed at the top of her lungs. Cum gushed from her pussy. Her head thrashed wildly on the bed. She thrashed and bucked and bucked and thrashed. Her whole mind seemed to open up as she climaxed. All of her training and programming and conditioning took hold as her body was assaulted by wild waves of intense pleasure. Finally her body and conscious mind could take no more. She froze in mid air and then collapsed. Her trembling, unconscious body gasped for air.

Mary’s eyes fluttered open. She would have to thank Jack. She felt truly relaxed and rested. She slowly became aware of her surroundings. Her wrists and ankles had been untied. She no longer had a vibrator in her ass. She slowly sat up and looked down at her crotch. She smiled and blushed at the huge cum stain she had left on the bed sheets. She would have to wash them. She looked about. Jack was not in the room. She would stay where she was until he returned. She had something to show him.

Moments later, Jack walked into the room. He smiled to see her awake. Swiftly, Mary slid off the bed and moved to kneel at Jack’s feet. She rested her ass on her ankles and spread her legs wide to show her total submission to him. She wanted him to see that she did willingly and completely submit to him. James smiled at her.

“I did not tell you to kneel that way.” Jack said.

“This girl knows, Master, but she wanted to show you how much she adores her Master.”

“Very well. Then you will kneel before me, and me alone, like that always unless I tell you otherwise. Clear?”

“Oh yes, Master.” She was overjoyed. He liked her little present. She was so lucky to be his slave. “Thank you, Master!” She leaned down and kissed his feet.