The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Cube, Chapter 1

by Dede

The two 18-year-old seniors were sitting in the back of their history class, not paying a bit of attention to their teacher who was droning on about some war or something.

“Curtis,” Jason whispered, “how in the world do you do that?”

Curtis chuckled. “Solve a Rubik’s Cube without looking at it? It’s called having a superior, well trained mind.” He tossed the cube to his friend. “Here, mix it up as much as you want, then hand it back to me.”

“Sure, okay,” Jason grinned, glancing towards the front of the class and noticing the teacher’s eyes were looking in their direction. “Let’s see how good you REALLY are.”

After a couple of minutes of twisting the cube into different directions, he returned it to Curtis, whose eyes were on the teacher, Miss Denise Miller. “Here, wow, you really aren’t even going to look at it?”

Curtis just smiled as his hands began turning the cube. His interest seemed more on the teacher who was now approaching them, even as forty-two seconds later he had solved the cube.

“Well,” Denise smirked as she reached down, taking the cube away from Curtis, “I don’t think this is an appropriate use of your time in my class, Mr. Allen. You can come back after school today and pick it up.” She turned on her heel and marched back to the front of the class, opening a drawer and putting the cube inside.

“Bus-ted,” Jason giggled, as he glanced over at Curtis, who didn’t seem bothered at all. “Wow, you almost look like you WANTED her to come back here and take it.”

“I did.” Curtis’s eyes followed the young woman as she launched back into her lecture. “She just gave me a reason to get her alone with me, and I plan on finding out ALL of her secrets.”

“What makes you think she has any?” Jason asked.

“Everyone has secrets. And I just have this suspicion that Miss Denise has a few more than most.” He winked at Jason. “I’ll let you know what I find out,” he added as the bell rang.

* * *

Later that afternoon, Curtis returned to his history classroom, and pushed open the door quietly. Seated at her desk, Denise Miller’s attention was on a paper in front of her. Curtis looked her over; shoulder-length brown hair with blonde highlights, brown eyes, minimal makeup, and a plain-looking tan blouse, a lighter shade than her dark tan skin. He dropped his backpack on the floor, his hand closing around an item in his pocket as he approached.

“Mr. Allen,” Denise muttered, “I suppose you’ve come back for your toy.” She reached into her drawer and removed the Rubik’s Cube, not noticing Curtis had opened his hand and let the item inside it start to swing, as he held the chain it was on.

“Yes, I have, Denise.” He smirked, knowing she meant the cube, but his mind was already going elsewhere. He swung the old pocket watch back and forth gently, letting the sun’s rays streaming through the window bounce off it as it spun.

“Fine, here you go,” she spoke as she handed it back. As her eyes started to look up, the swinging of the watch caught her attention. “What’s that...”

“My grandfather’s old pocket watch. So pretty, isn’t it, Denise? Watch it swing, back and forth, back and forth...” He grinned as he watched her eyes start to follow it.

“Wha-what are you...doing...”

“I’m hypnotizing you. Pretty quickly, it appears. They always say teachers make the best subjects; looks like you’re proving it right. Just keep it swing back and forth, back and forth...”

“I...umm...I...” Denise’s face began to relax, to empty of all emotion. Her mouth hung slightly open as her arms dropped to her sides. “I...”

“That’s it, Denise, feel your eyes getting heavy, as you watch it swing, as you listen to my words, you’re starting to drop for me. Drop for me, Denise.”



Denise’s eyes slammed shut.

Curtis slid the watch back into his pocket, observing Denise as she sat there, entranced. “Denise, can you hear me?”

“Yes,” was her soft, monotone response.

“Good girl. Now, I want you to listen to my voice as I take you deeper. Focus on my words, and relax, and let yourself drop deeper for me.” He watched Denise closely, looking for the telltale signs that her trance was deepening: her shoulders were slumped, her breathing was light and rhythmic, her heart rate had visibly slowed, her facial muscles were relaxed.

“Now, I want you to listen to my voice, Denise. I’m going to ask you some questions. I want you to answer me truthfully, without thinking. Are you ready, Denise?”

“Yes,” was her response again.

For the next three hours, Curtis asked Denise a great many questions: questions about her past, questions about her private life, and questions about her desires, her fantasies. He probed deep, uncovering every secret she had—and he’d been right, there were many. In the process, he implanted a number of triggers, based on the answers he received, triggers that would give him the opportunity to see just how far some of those desires might go.

He looked up at the clock: it was almost six-thirty. Surely everyone else would have left the school by now. It was time to wake up his new toy and start to play with it.

“4...3...2...1...Awake, Denise.”

Denise’s eyes opened, as she looked around, clearly disoriented. “Wha-what happened? Curtis, what’s going on?” Her eyes were bouncing all around as she noticed the time. “Curtis?”

“It’s okay, baby, you just dozed off for a bit.“

“Oh,” Denise’s expression relaxed, “I did...just dozed off...sorry.”

“It happens. Poor little thing, you’re so exhausted from all that hard work, aren’t you?“

“Umm, yeah, a little, I guess. It’s been a long week, happy it’s over! I need to go home now, it’s late, I can’t believe I dozed off for so—”


Without hesitation, Denise slid out of her chair and onto her knees, which were just covered by her dark skirt. Her eyes were looking upwards at her student, who was standing right in front of her.

Good girl. Service me.“

Her eyes glazing over, Denise’s fingers went straight to Curtis’ jeans, unzipping them, pulling them down, then his briefs, her lips wrapping quickly around the object of her desire and going to work.

“Damn,” Curtis breathed, as he enjoyed what Denise was doing to him, “you said you were good at this, but damn...” Her eyes never left his, locked in place as she took him quickly to the place he wanted to go, and then over the cliff...

He let her swallow, let her finish cleaning him up, got himself dressed again, and then he reached down, taking her chin in his hand, and spoke her name: “Denise.”

She blinked, her eyes full of confusion. “Curtis, what...what’s going on...”

“It’s time to go home. Enjoy your weekend; and I’ll see you Monday morning, doll.” And with that, he turned, grabbed his backpack and walked out the door, smiling the whole way out.

* * *

Curtis got to school early Monday morning, and found a spot near the front door. He wanted to be one of the first to see his history teacher, Denise, as she came up the steps; he wanted to see firsthand the product of his handiwork. He didn’t have to wait long.

All eyes were on Denise as she climbed the steps; she was wearing a bright red blouse, tighter than the loose shirts she usually wore, with a couple of buttons at the top open. Below that was a bright, flowery, knee-length skirt, with a slit up one side, exposing her tanned thigh with each step. A pair of five-inch bright red heels completed the outfit; and the red lipstick and red ribbon in her hair matched the rest perfectly. She was still in dress code compliance, but barely; every male gaze was on her as she strutted like a peacock through the front door. She glanced in Curtis’ direction and gave him a smile before marching down the hall to her classroom, her heels clicking loudly as she went.

“What a doll,” Curtis mumbled under his breath, for once looking eagerly forward to his History class later that day.

* * *

“Well?” Jason poked Curtis as the two sat down in their desks. Their attention, as was everyone’s, was on Denise, and her new look; boys and girls alike were stopping by her desk, complimenting her. And Denise seemed to be embracing her newfound attention, smiling more and more happily with each comment on her appearance.

“I told you. She has a TON of secrets. Miss Goody-Two-Shoes has some very dark and delicious things running around inside that pretty head.” He took out his Rubik’s Cube and began fiddling with it as the bell rang to start class.

“Dude, you’re gonna get in trouble again, put that thing away!” Jason’s voice was a bit louder than a whisper, and it got everyone’s attention—including Denise’s. Her happy countenance took a serious turn as she strode down the aisle towards Curtis.

“I thought I was clear yesterday, this is NOT an appropriate thing to be doing in my class!” she blurted out while still a few feet away.

“What is?” Curtis asked innocently. “THIS?” And he held the Rubik’s Cube in the air, and began slowly twisting it.

“Yes that is...” Denise stopped in mid-sentence. Her gaze was locked on the cube, as her features softened, and her eyes glazed over; her arms flopped weakly to her sides, her toes turned towards each other, and a little bit of drool escaped her slightly open lips. “Umm...”

“You were saying?” Curtis smirked, drinking in the sight before him. His haughty History teacher just stood there, dumbly, not saying a word, with a ‘deer-in-the headlights’ look on her pretty face. Behind her, the other students were whispering: ‘What’s wrong with her?’ ‘Omigod she looks so dumb!’ A few pulled out their phones and snapped photos.

“,” was all she could manage in reply.

“That’s enough for now,” and with lightning speed his hands spun, returning the cube to its solved form. The moment he finished, Denise’s expression and posture changed immediately; shaking her head, she turned and returned to the front of the class, sitting at her desk with her head in her hands.

“Whoa, dude,” Jason breathed. “You did that to her? What a total mindfuck. I don’t even want to ask how. You’re the man, Curtis.”

“That’s just the beginning. I plan to have a LOT more fun with her after school today.” Curtis packed the cube away as Denise, still looking shaken and discombobulated, slowly stood and attempted to regain her focus.

* * *

Later that afternoon, as the halls cleared out after the final bell of the day, Curtis made his way to Denise’s classroom. Her door was slightly ajar; he pushed it open quietly, seeing her just sitting there, her head in her hands, similar to how she’d been in class earlier.

“Hi, Denise. Everything OK?” he asked, setting his backpack down next to her desk as he approached.

“Curtis. Hi,” she looked up at him, “Umm, yeah, did I take something from you today? Why are you here?”

“I just wanted to come by and check on you. You seemed a bit spaced out in class earlier.” His hand slipped down into his backpack, retrieving the cube, which he held behind his back.

“Yeah, I...I have no clue what happened! And it’s been messing with me all day long.” She ran her hand through her hair as she spoke. “I’m just glad the day’s over, I can go home and rest.”

“I might have a clue what happened.” Curtis slowly withdrew the Rubik’s Cube from behind his back, bringing it in front of Denise’s eyes as she sat there, looking perplexed.

“That thing again?” Denise’s features burrowed as she stared at the cube, watching as Curtis rolled it around in his palm. “Are you trying to make me angry for a reason?”

“No, quite the opposite.” And he began to slowly rotate the cube, mixing it up, watching her expression change; the more he mixed it up, the more slack-jawed and vacant her expression became. Denise’s arms dropped to her sides, her mouth slightly open, with a bit of drool—much like she was earlier in class. Curtis stopped mixing the cube, satisfied he’d done enough; as his eyes wandered over Denise, particularly the way she was dressed, he thought she made the perfect bimbo. He especially enjoyed the look in her eyes, that ‘dead’ look, as if the lights were on, but nobody was home.

After a few minutes, Curtis began to slowly turn the cube back, watching Denise’s expression start to change back to her ‘normal’ self, until the cube was completely solved.

“Oh my God,” Denise blurted out as she sat up in her chair, “I’m so...I’m so...”

“Wet?” Curtis asked, grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

“Oh my God, how did you kno—”

“When you get dumb, you get wet.” Curtis sat the cube on her desk. “I know everything about you, Denise.”

“ could you?”

“Oh, baby, I got inside your head Friday afternoon. I asked you all sorts of questions, and since I’d hypnotized you, you answered every one truthfully. You’re an open book to me, and I’ve read every page.“

“I don’ me? How...”

“With this.” Curtis pulled the pocket watch out again and began to swing it. Denise’s eyes immediately began to follow it, as her breathing slowed. “Wow, so easy.” He suddenly stopped the swinging and put the watch away, as Denise started blinking in confusion.

“Oh God, you really did, what did I tell you? What do you know?” Her face had a panic-stricken look on it now.

“Let’s see. You think about sex constantly. And why not—it’s the one thing you’ve always been really good at. You’re completely submissive, which must make it especially exhausting to be in charge of a class full of teenagers. You are addicted to cock, particularly if you’re on your knees and it’s in your mouth. You’ve gotten where you are by luck, looks, and some effort—not by your intelligence; and when someone uses a term that describes your lack of smarts, it excites you. You love getting dolled up; getting dressed in THIS today must have been quite exciting. You love pleasing others. You’d rather spend your money on a new pair of heels than on a book. You live for summer—it’s the one time of year you get to be completely you; you love the sun, the beach, wearing bikinis, and swimming.” He paused. “That’s a start. Did I get anything wrong so far?”

Denise just sat there, open-mouthed, in shock. She shook her head dumbly back and forth. “What about the cube, what did you do to me with that?”

“Oh, I thought that would be a fun suggestion, and I was right. Whenever you see me mixing up the cube, your thoughts get more and more mixed up. After a bit of that, your brain just stops working, except for vital functions of course. Don’t want you to stop breathing or anything. Then when I solve the cube, your mind goes back to the way it was before.”

“You’re making me feel dumber,” Denise breathed.

“Quite. When you’re at your most ‘mixed up’, your intellectual ability is about on par with, say, that potted plant on your desk.” He grinned at her reaction. “And hearing that, for some reason, just made you a bit wet, didn’t it?”

Denise nodded yes as she squeezed her legs together. She glanced at the plant for a moment, then back to Curtis. “What do you want from me?” she finally asked.

“I want to enjoy you. I want to use you for what you were meant for. I want to explore these desires and fantasies you have, especially some of the darker ones.”

Denise gulped, afraid to even ask him what he meant by the last part. “I’m a teacher,” she shuddered, “what if people found out...”

“Found out what?” He leaned in close, whispering into her ear. “Found out what a dumb cunt you are?” Denise trembled, her body responding against her wishes. “What a brainless twat? What a stupid whore?“

“Ohh God,” she gasped, squeezing her legs together hard. “Please stop! You’re gonna make me...ohh god...” The words had brought her right to the edge of the orgasmic cliff in seconds.

“No. You’re not going to cum until I tell you to.” He chuckled as he added, “Ever again.”

“WHAT?!?!” Denise eyes were as big as saucers. “You can’ can’t be serious! You can’t control me like that...!”

“I already do. And deep down, it’s what you want, it’s what you crave. It’s probably why every relationship you’ve been in has failed, isn’t it? Because deep down, you just want to be treated like the object you are.”

“Object,” Denise repeated, as her eyes dropped a bit.

“Yes, like a fleshlight. You know what that is, right?” Denise nodded weakly as he continued. “An object, created and designed for one purpose: to give pleasure to men.”

“That’s what you think I am,” Denise mumbled.

“That’s what you are. Last Friday, you proved how good you are at that purpose. You don’t remember, of course.”

“I did?” Denise looked at him incredulously. “What did I do?”

“You got on your knees and sucked me better than any girl ever has. In a little bit, I’ll have you do it again.”

“No,” Denise protested, “I don’t want to do that!”

“Liar. You forget, I know all your secrets now. I know you’ve been thinking about blowing me from the moment I walked in the door. That blush on your face right now, you know I’m right.” He paused, relishing the expression on her shocked face. “Now, I’d like to see a bit more of you, doll.” Denise’s face brightened as he spoke the last word. “You love that, don’t you doll? You must have had the most fun this morning, trying to pick out an outfit that would get every male’s attention today, doll.“

“I did!” Denise exclaimed, pushing her chest out a bit with pride.

Good girl.” Curtis smiled as his fingers reached for the top button on her blouse. “Let’s start here.” His fingers deftly undid one button after another, pulling her shirt open and revealing her beautiful tanned skin, contrasting nicely with her bright red, lacy satin bra. “I’ll bet this one is your favorite, isn’t it, doll?” Denise nodded, biting her lip in anticipation as he reached behind her back and smoothly removed her bra. “Wow,” he muttered, clearly impressed with what he saw. “These are truly remarkable. And totally real. You’ve been hiding these from everyone here—what a shame.“

Denise glanced down, watching as his hands slid underneath her D cups, her breath coming in short gasps.

“You just love the attention, don’t you, doll?” Denise nodded excitedly. “You had every male in school today wondering what these babies look like. Tell me, how does that make you feel? And don’t lie.” His hands continued to play with her breasts.

“Happy,” Denise mumbled, “horny...”

“Of course. I’ll bet you’re soaking wet right now, aren’t you, doll?” His right hand moved down, finding the slit in her skirt, sliding inside and between her legs. “Wow.” The stimulation only caused her excitement to increase, as her mouth opened in ecstasy. “Well, let’s see.” He knelt down next to her, sliding off her skirt first and then her matching bright red panty. “Wow!” he repeated. “You’re gorgeous. Not a hint of hair—you must get waxed pretty often, I’ll bet.“

“I do,” Denise breathed, panting as Curtis’s fingers played with her, enjoying the texture and the clear excitement there. “Can’t...think straight...”

“And I haven’t even used the cube on you!” he laughed.

“Are you...going to...” Denise asked breathlessly.

“Well now!” Curtis grinned as he backed away. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you WANTED me to use it on you, scramble your little brains all up like eggs. In time, I’m sure you’ll be begging me to use it, but no, I’m going to give you a break.” His eyes roamed over her body, naked except for her heels. “Are you ready to please me again, doll?“

Denise’s face conveyed her internal struggle. Just a few minutes before, she had proclaimed that she didn’t want to do that, but now, she wasn’t about to make the same declaration. Her head was spinning, the arousal she was experiencing making it impossible for her to clearly state her intentions. “I...umm...”

“I’ll make it easy for you. You like easy, right? Kneel.“

Without a thought, Denise dropped to her knees, looking up at Curtis in anticipation, just as she’d done on Friday.

Good girl. Service me.“

And she did, even better than she had Friday. As Curtis began shooting ropes down her throat, he surmised that perhaps her state of arousal prior to the trigger caused her to be even more enthusiastic in her fellatio. He made a mental note to test that theory further. He gave her time to clean him up, and then he stepped back, admiring the sight in front of him and snapping a few photos with his phone. He briefly considered bringing her out of her trance unclothed but thought better of it; he carefully re-dressed her just as she’d been when he first entered her room, pulling her back up into her chair.


She blinked, shaking her head in befuddlement. “Curtis, what happened...”

“You were a very good girl, of course. I’ll see you tomorrow morning, doll.” He gathered his things and walked out.