The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


chapter 1

It had been one of the worst days of Dave’s life. His step-sister Darcy had made him the laughing stock of the entire high school and also dashed his hopes of going out with Jennifer.

Dave and his step-sister Darcy were seniors at Falcon Valley High School. Darcy was a cheerleader, very popular and very hot! Dave on the other hand was quiet and reserved, staying out of the limelight as an AV tech and a drama club tech. He wasn’t unattractive, but he didn’t do anything to present himself as a handsome guy.

Dave and Darcy met at 12 when Dave’s father Ed, a widower, was dating Darcy’s mom Joyce, a single mother. Their respective parents eventually got married and Joyce and Darcy moved into the mansion where Ed and Dave lived. Darcy and Dave were always rather different, but co-existed well enough when the family first came together. As Darcy’s star rose and she became more popular she did more and more to distance herself from her step-brother.

Ed made his money in tech and loved working. He enjoyed travelling for business and was a successful consultant who was always in demand. Ed’s wife, Dave’s mom, had passed away suddenly when Dave was 5. Ed had stayed close to home most of the time until Dave turned 12 then he felt he could be away for longer periods. Dave was convinced the reason his dad married Joyce was partially to have consistent adult supervision at home.

Joyce always seemed like a gold digger to Dave but he didn’t dare suggest that to his father who was amazed Joyce was his wife. Joyce had been an instructor at the gym Ed went to and that’s how they met. Although Ed tried to downplay his wealth Joyce was able to find out he had millions from early work he did at a number of major tech players. He’d worked for stock and the companies he worked for had done very well making him a very wealthy man.

Like her daughter, Joyce was very hot. Joyce was only 34 having had her daughter at 16. Being a fitness instructor Joyce was in great shape. Not only that, just like her daughter she had a great shape. Both of them were muscularly trim but with very nice chests. Dave thought they were both probably D or DD but didn’t know that for sure. Both of them had smaller trim asses which Dave prefered, but Joyce had slightly larger hips and a slightly larger ass than her daughter. It was probably due to being a little older and having given birth to Darcy. When the family went on vacation Dave had to make sure he didn’t spend too much time looking at them in their bikinis otherwise his appreciation for their bodies would have been visibly apparent.

Dave had gotten home and was fuming. He was so pissed at his step-sister he could hardly contain himself. At the same time he was wondering how on Earth he’d be able to salvage his reputation. He was reliving some of the taunting he had experienced when the door opened and Darcy waltzed in. Dave spun towards her and immediately unleashed his rage.

“I can’t believe what you did cunt! You are going to feel so bad about it cunt! You’re only going to be miserable and feel horrible cunt! You’d have to blow me for me to forgive you so you could feel better cunt! Now get out of here cunt!”

As he finished each sentence he had noticed Darcy had shown more shock and fear in her face. Darcy burst into tears and quickly turned and ran to her room and closed the door.

What the fuck have I done Dave thought to himself. He was sure Darcy was in her room right now calling her mother, his step-mother reporting what he’d done. Joyce, his step-mother, had never really liked him that much and always sided with Darcy whenever there was any question of fault.

Dave’s despair grew deeper as he heard Darcy come out of her room still crying and approaching his. He expected her to lay into him but when she saw him. but instead she looked afraid and started crying harder. Barely getting the words out between sobs she said “I’m so sorry Dave, I feel horrible.”

“You should”, Dave said surprised that she wasn’t ripping him apart.

“Let’s get it over with” she whimpered, “I want to start feeling better.”

“Get what over with?” Dave asked.

“You said I’d have to blow you for you to forgive me.” Darcy explained.

“Stop fucking with me Darcy” Dave said turing from the door waiting for the barb she was hiding to further his misery.

“No, really! I want to feel better. Please let me do it.” Darcy pleaded.

Dave quickly played the earlier scene back in his mind. He’d never called Darcy a cunt before. Could that have done something he pondered. He’d thought of doing it plenty of times but he always had to hold back to avoid the wrath of Joyce. Joyce could make Dave’s life miserable especially if she thought her daughter had been harmed or maligned in any way.

Dave sat on his bed and said “OK, come on in.” while spreading his legs. Let’s see how far she’ll go, he thought skeptically. Even though he thought this would end up going south he was starting to get a bit turned on by what was happening. He started to feel his cock losing it’s limpness.

Darcy hurried into his room, still crying and kneeled down in front of him.

“Stop crying” he said

“I can’t!” she wailed. “I don’t want to do this but it’s the only thing I can do. I have to feel better soon.”

Thinking it was time to see if his thinking was right he said “Stop crying cunt!”

With that Darcy was somehow able to compose herself. She reached out to his lap and unzipped his jeans. Her unzipping was quick and clinical. She made a disgusted face and drew his cock out and looked at it for a minute.

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this” Darcy said.

Dave just sat back waiting for what would happen next. Darcy brought her face into his lap, opened her mouth and sucked his half rigid cock into her mouth. She started to move her mouth up and down his cock running her lips over it. It seemed like she was doing everything she could to get him to cum as quickly as possible.

“Slow down cunt! Give me the best blow job you’ve ever given cunt!” Dave said.

Darcy immediately slowed down and started giving him a great blow job. She seductively slowed down taking his cock into her mouth and then drawing back making sure her lips were caressing it on the way up. She also started to use her tongue more, increasing her attention on his cock and finishing her up stroke running her tongue around the head of his cock making sure the be stroking the sensitive bottom of the head. In spite of giving him great head her face still showed disgust at having to perform the act.

“You’re enjoying this cunt!” he said.

Darcy seemed to relax and the tension she’d been holding earlier left her body. She shifted to a different position and seemed to actually start caring about what she was giving him.

Dave considered the shift the day had taken. He’d gone from hating life to feeling the best he’d ever felt. Seeing his step-sister’s blonde head bobbing up and down in his lap he started wondering if it could get any better than this. His mind quickly gave him ways it could get better.

“Stop cunt!” Dave told Darcy.

She withdrew her head and frowned at Dave. “How am I going to feel any better?” she whined.

“You feel better now cunt.” Dave responded

“Thank God fuckhead! I’m leaving!” Darcy said before spinning away from Dave and starting to get up.

“Freeze cunt!” Dave said, stopping her in her tracks. Darcy was frozen in place leaning forward mid-step to get out of his room. Dave took a moment to take in the view. The backs of Darcy’s wonderful legs were displayed in front of him. The curve of her ass under her cheerleader skirt with her narrow waist above and her sweater showing bulge of the back of her bra and her lovely neck partially obscured by Darcy’s ponytail.

Dave stood up, undid the button his jeans and let them fall to his ankles. No need to stay dressed, he thought to himself. He stepped out of his jeans and then took his t-shirt off and threw it to the side of his bed alongside his jeans.

He stepped over to his stationary step-sister and ran two fingers down the right side of her neck then placed his palm on her right shoulder.

“You love and crave my touch cunt. You’re getting very excited and horny now cunt.”

Although he did take some pleasure in calling Darcy a cunt he was getting tired of it.

“You will do anything I say cunt. You’ll do it without my calling you a cunt, cunt.”

Dave leaned into Darcy’s left ear and whispered “The tables have turned Darcy. You’re mine now.” Then Dave nibbled on her ear a little and kissed her neck down to her shoulder.

“You’ll feel anything I tell you to feel. You’ll think anything I tell you to think. You’ll be anyone I want you to be. All I have to do is say the word and you will change.”

He placed his left hand on Darcy’s left shoulder and then ran hands down her back to her bra then moved them forward. His fingers ran over the sides of her tits feeling them through her bra. Darcy’s tits were softly firm and hot. His hands continued forward allowing his fingertips to feel her hard nipples through her bra. He could also hear her breathing start to get a little irregular even though she was frozen. He brought his hands down under her jugs and gave them a gentle lift, impressed at how hefty they were. His content state was loosened as he took in the lovely scent of her hair and decided to continue his exploration. He brought his left hand down her torso feeling her smooth hard stomach through her sweater while moving his right hand down her ass cheek to where it met her leg. He squeezed her right bum while bringing his left hand down the top of her skirt and then pushed it in between her legs feeling and rubbing the bulge of her pussy through the skirt. He took in her scent for a moment longer, kissed her neck and then stepped back and withdrew his hands from her body.

Dave stepped back to his bed and sat down again. “OK Darcy, you’re going to turn around and give me the sexiest striptease you can think of. You’re going to be very happy about it and excited that you’ll finally be showing me your gorgeous body.”

With that Darcy turned around and gave Dave a wink and blew him a little kiss. She arched her back sticking her ample tits out and ran hands down them, to her waist, around her hips and then over her ass. She licked her lips and moved her hands to her skirt. She unzipped the skirt and let it fall down her legs to the floor and stepped out of it. She brought her hands up her tummy, lifting her sweater and putting them inside, grabbing her tits inside her bra and squeezing them before drawing her arms out to the bottom of her sweater and lifting it over head and tossing it aside.

Darcy stopped for a moment and took in Dave’s response. It was as if she’d frozen him as he sat on his bed taking her in. She smiled and then bit her lower lip seductively and tilted her head as she slowly bent down her tits threatening to fall out of her bra and untied her shoes. She kicked them off and then brought her hands over her head and clasped them together then did a slow turn showing her entire body off to Dave. When she was facing him again she brought her hands down behind her back and unclasped her bra. Her boobs dropped down slightly pushing her bra forward and showing a little underboob beneath the cups. She then grasped the bottom of the bra and lifted it up and over her head. Her magnificent tits were in full view now. To Dave they were perfect, well shaped with small dark pink areolas and juicy nipples about the side of the tip of his forefinger and about half and inch tall. Dave had seen their outline through various tops Darcy had worn but his imagination hadn’t done her tits justice. They were perfect. Darcy took the opportunity to slowly spin again, arms still in the air this time stopping with her back towards Dave.

She tossed her bra to the side near her sweater and brought her hands down, ran them over her hair, back in front of her down to her hips and then hooked her thumbs in her panties. She slowly pulled them over her ass then down her thighs bending over at the waist as she moved the panties towards her ankles. As she did this Dave was treated to an excellent view of her puckered asshole then her smooth pussy lips. Dave had suspected she shaved down there but now he was sure.

“OK, stop” Dave said leaving Darcy bent over with her thumbs still in her panties at her ankles. Darcy’s flexible body made the pose look easy to maintain. He got up from the bed and walked over to where she was bending over. He stood to her left then brought his left hand down her right ass cheek running his fingers across the bottom of it and then to her exposed pussy. He ran his middle finger around her pussy lips and then between them feeling the heat and wetness which emanated from her cunt.

He brought his left hand under her left breast, took it into his palm and gently squeezed it. He then opened his hand and ran his palm over his nipple letting it tickle his palm.

Jesus Christ he thought. I’ve been fantasizing about fucking her for years. Now I’m not sure how I want to do it. He had an idea which might help him out.

“Darcy, I want you to start making noises of pleasure and then start asking me to fuck you.”

Darcy immediately let out a loud moan and then started letting out little tones of pleasure.

“You touch me so well Dave” she said still not moving.

With that Dave knew what he wanted. As she said that he was wishing she could see the look on her face.

Dave stepped back and then went over to his bed and laid down on his back.

“Come on over here Darcy and climb on top of me.”

Darcy moved over to the bed and then straddled Dave.

“Now run your pussy over my cock and look into my eyes.”

Darcy started moving her pussy up and down Dave’s cock starting to coat it with her copious juices. Dave stared back in her face and Darcy started letting out more intense moans as she brought both Dave and herself to higher levels of excitement.

“Oh, Dave, I want you so bad. I need you. I want your cock in my cunt.” Darcy pleaded.

Dave reached up and took Darcy’s jugs in his hands, squeezing them softly and then running his thumbs over her hard stiff nipples.

Darcy let out a labored moan and then pleaded “Dave, please stop teasing me and just take me.”

Dave rolled to the side bringing Darcy down on the bed next to him. He got himself in between her legs again and moved the tip of his well lubed cock to her pussy hole and then moved it up and rubbed it over her clit. Darcy shivered and moaned deeply. “Take me Dave! Take me!” she pleaded again.

Dave shifted his tips and slowly started working his cock into her pussy. He watched her face change as his cock was slowly moving in and out of her cunt burying more with each new stroke. When he was buried to the hilt Dave started bucking hard and told Darcy “Fuck me as hard as you can.”

The two of them were lost in lust and slammed against each other until one and then the other came hard.

“You want to stay here with me Darcy” Dave said as he started to recover and return to the world.