The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 2

author DVant

Dave lay in his bed spooning Darcy, absentmindedly playing with her tits and enjoying the feel of her body against his. He knew Darcy loved and craved his touch and wanted to stay here with him because he had told her to feel those things.

The day had certainly taken an unexpected turn. There were lots of things he wanted to do, mainly to and with Darcy, but felt that he’d better be careful about it. He didn’t want anyone to know that he had power over his step-sister and realized if their relationship changed abruptly it would raise suspicions. He also wondered if his power was limited to controlling Darcy or if it would work on other girls as well.

As much as he was enjoying his time with Darcy, Dave knew she was cheering at a basketball game tonight and would need to leave sometime soon. She’d have to clean up a bit first as she was a bit tousled and messy as a result of their intense encounter.

“Listen Darcy” Dave started “You will never do anything consciously or unconsciously to communicate what I’ve done to you. Even though you love and crave my touch, that will not be something you share with anyone else. You will maintain the air of disdain you have for me when you’re around people who don’t know our secret. You will go about your life as you normally would making the types of decisions you usually would unless I’ve given you instructions to do otherwise. Got that?”

“OK” Darcy said softly, wiggling her ass and pushing into Dave.

“You’re going to go to the basketball game tonight and do your best job cheering the team on but at the end of the night you’re going to say you have a headache and need to go home rather than hanging out with your friends.”

“Do I have to go to the game?” whined Darcy

“You want to.” Dave told her.

With that Darcy got up and went to her bedroom and bathroom to get ready.

As much as Dave would have enjoyed having Darcy some more he needed some time alone to wrap his head around what had occurred and think about how to proceed. Anyway she’d be home after the game and that would give him the night with her.

Dave wanted to see if what happened with Darcy was a freak occurrence or if he could do it to someone else. He had to make sure there was minimal fallout if he tried it again and failed. He thought of the other girls he knew and none of them would put up with the kind of language he used with Darcy. After the entire high school had learned about his embarrassing secret he couldn’t take another hit to his reputation. Being labeled a misogynistic asshole might be OK in certain jock circles, but it wouldn’t fly with the folks he hung out with. The theater folks, AV techs, science and math folks he knew looked down on chauvinistic language and behavior.

Thinking of the theater tech crew reminded him of an assignment that was due next week for his Theater Arts class. He had to come up with a scene to be acted out in class by other students. He’d been struggling with the assignment and had talked about it with his buddy Al. Al, sometimes also known as Ally, was Alice Dunn, another member of the theater tech crew. She was somewhat “one of the guys” in the group. Dave thought she was cute, but it was an unwritten rule no one dated within the team. She hadn’t expressed any interest in guys or girls for that matter so he didn’t know which team she played for. He hadn’t really thought about it though because of the group’s unofficial rule but now he wasn’t sure.

He gave Al a call and she picked up.

“Hey Al, you free tomorrow?”

“Wow, I’m surprised that you sound as chipper as you do. You do realize that most of the school now knows you were a bedwetter because Darcy shared your secret.” Ally replied.

“Well, I’m still bummed about it, but I might have some ways to deal with it. I think if folks understand it happened after my mom died they might be more sympathetic. And if they aren’t fuck them.

“Is the monster there? How can you even stand to be in the same house with her?”

“Yeah, she’s in the shower getting ready for the basketball game tonight. I’m going to enjoy a quiet evening here by myself. But what about tomorrow, can you come over?” Dave asked.

“You know I’m not going to your place if that freak’s around.”

“She’ll be at one of those cheerleader car washes to raise money for the cheer team. We’ll have my place to ourselves. My dad and Joyce are both away on business. Dad won’t be home for a couple of weeks and Joyce won’t be home until next week.”

“Are we doing a tech team thing?” Ally requested.

“No, I just want you over. I’m having a difficult time with the scene assignment and wanted to run some things by you before sharing with the rest of the group.” Dave lied.

“OK, I’ll come over. What time?” Ally asked.

“Darcy will be leaving around 9:00 so any time after that would be fine.” Dave replied.

“I’ll shoot for 10:00.” Ally said.

“Great!” Dave said, “I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye”


Dave hung up the phone, walked over to his desk and opened his computer. He needed to come up with some dialogue to test out on Ally to see if she reacted to his words like Darcy did.

Dave was deep in thought when Darcy poked her head in his room.

“Hey lover!” she said in a sing-song tone, “God, I want you touching me so much!”

“Don’t worry Darcy, there will be plenty of time for that tonight. You want to go to the basketball game now. Have fun but remember that headache.”

“OK Dave” she said and bounced out of the house.

Time flew for Dave while Darcy was away at the game. He wanted to make sure he crafted the perfect script to make sure he had an out in case Al didn’t respond the same way Darcy had. He kept rewording the script and running through all of the possible scenarios that might happen as a result.

One thing he didn’t write out or think too much about is what he’d do if he was able to control Al. On the one hand they were friends and she hadn’t ever done anything negative to him. On the other hand he did find her attractive and wondered what he’d do if they weren’t on the tech team.

He didn’t have too much time to ponder those thoughts though because shortly after he finished the script Darcy burst into his room.

“The fucking game went into overtime!” she said, rushing over to Dave at his desk and putting her arms around him from behind. “God! I need your touch,” she exclaimed, surprising him with her enthusiasm and intensity.

Dave remembered that she’d do anything he told her to do and that thought alone was enough to get his cock solid.

Dave pushed his chair back causing Darcy to release him and step to the side. He stood up, turned, put his hands on her waist, drew her in and started to kiss her. As his lips met hers he marveled at how soft and luscious they were. He felt her enthusiastic response to his kisses. She put her arms around his neck and gave a soft sigh as he put his arms around her and lightly squeezed her. He didn’t know how many times he’d imagined doing this and so much more. Now he knew his fantasies were about to come true.

They continued to kiss for a while as Dave’s hands explored Darcy’s back, waist and butt. He was enjoying himself and knew that Darcy was as well because she now loved and craved his touch. As much as he wanted more. He thought of the unexpected blow job she’d started earlier and wondered what it would be like if she’d finished.

He broke their embrace and Darcy let out a little whine of disappointment.

“None of that Darcy, you’re mine and you’re happy just to be with me.”

Dave knew they had the whole night together and as much time in the future that he wanted so he wasn’t in any rush. He wanted to find out what it was like to undress a woman. One of his fantasies was to strip a woman who was unable to resist and now he had that opportunity.

“Let’s go upstairs.,” he said, taking Darcy’s hand. When they got to the top of the stair rather than turning towards their bedrooms he headed towards the master bedroom.

“Where are we going?” Darcy asked.

“I want plenty of room and dad and Joyce have that big king size bed that’s empty.”

“But” Darcy started.

“Shh!” Dave chided her.

Dave pulled Darcy into their parent’s room and moved her over in front of the mirrored closet doors facing the mirrors.

“OK Darcy, you can’t move unless I move you. You’re going to be turned on by what I’m doing and will enjoy seeing us in the mirrors.”

With that he moved behind Darcy and looked over her shoulder at the two of them in the mirror. Darcy was incredibly cute and sexy in her cheering uniform. He left her standing there, went into the bathroom and came back with one of Joyce’s scrunchies. He gathered Darcy’s hair into a ponytail and put the scrunchy around it. The sides of her neck were exposed now and Dave leaned in and kissed the left side of her neck. Darcy gave a little quiver in reaction to his lips but didn’t move otherwise. She also let out a light sigh.

Although Dave knew they had all night long, his work on what he would try with Ally had gotten him excited and he wanted a release sooner than later. He’d still have a more relaxed approach but wouldn’t stretch it out too long. He wanted to see his step sister’s tits so he reached out to Darcy’s arms and moved them over her head. He took the base of her top and lifted it up and over her head and pulled it off of her arms. He threw them over to a chair and returned his gaze to the mirror. He could see the upper portions of Darcy’s tits but they were pretty much held as prisoners in the armor like bra that held her lovely mounds in place when she was jumping around cheering. He unclipped the clasps on the back one by one, the straps pulling apart as the weight in front fell down and outwards as each hook was undone. As the final hook was released Dave watched Darcy’s tits move downwards and out showing a little underboob as the cups moved outwards.

He reached around her and cupped her underboobs then ran his palms and fingers upwards over her nipples before grasping the cups and lifting the bra up and over her arms as well.

“Mmmm, quite lovely Darce,” Dave remarked, “you have great tits.” He brought his hands down, cupped her udders feeling their silky weight in his plams and started tweaking and pulling her nipples. Darcy wanted to push herself back against Dave to feel his cock pushed into her backside but was still unable to move. She let out a soft moan mixed with a little bit of a sorrowful whine. Dave responded by leaning in and giving Darcy’s ear a little nibble.

Dave brought his hands down to the top of her hips and kneeled down behind her.

“Clasp your hands behind your head Darce.” he commanded. He loved the look of a woman with her hands behind her head. It pushed out her chest and emphasized her tits and Darcy had great ones to emphasize.

He brought his hands back to the zipper and slowly unzipped it then let Darcy’s skirt fall to her ankles. Her lovely ass was hidden behind her cheering underwear so he slowly slipped those down making sure his hands and fingers ran over her buns and legs on the way to her ankles. His efforts were rewarded by exposing his step-sister’s lovely ass. Dave was really enjoying taking in Darcy’s body in a more relaxed manner. They had gone at it so quickly earlier that day and he hadn’t been able to fully appreciate all of Darcy’s assets.

While he was down at her feet he untied her shoes, said lift as he pulled down her panties, shoe and sock off of her right foot and then repeated with her left. He then got up and walked in front of Darcy, took a moment to take her in then stepped forward cupping her pussy with his right hand and squeezing her tit with the left. He ran his fingers over her pussy feeling how damp and slippery she was and worked his right middle finger into her pussy. Darcy responded with a shiver and a slow moan.

Dave stepped back from Darcy, looked her in the eyes and said “Now we’re moving into your area of expertise, after all you are the head cheerleader.” a grin appearing on his face. “It’s time for you to tell me what to do and remember I want you to give me the best blow job you’ve ever given. You’re going to do what you think will give me the best experience I’ve ever had.”

Darcy gave Dave a wink and a sly smile. “OK mister, I’m going to rock your world.”

Darcy did indeed give Dave the best blow job he’s ever had. However since it was the first one he’d completed that wasn’t a hard target to hit. After she was done Dave played with Darcy until he was able to get it up again. This time he lasted a lot longer and took Darcy through several positions before they finished. The step siblings fell asleep together in the master bedroom. When Dave woke up in the middle of the night horny again all he had to do was move Darcy into position to fuck again and she was ready and willing. It was a wild night.

Dave woke up first but he didn’t wake Darcy. Although Dave wanted to do so many things with her he realized he had a long time to fulfill all of his fantasies. He knew Darcy would enjoy anything he did if he told her to. He could try so much with her and didn’t have to worry about offending her or turning her off. She was his play thing and would be as willing and enthusiastic as he wanted her to be. Dave was worn out from last night’s activities and wanted to make sure he had something for later that day if things went that way.

He shook his sleeping step-sister and said “Darcy, be sure to get up in time to clean both yourself and this room before you leave for the car wash.”

“OK” she said with sleepy disappointed recognition, “I should probably get up now.” she continued with a pout.

“You will be happy when you’re doing what I tell you to do.” Dave said

Darcy immediately changed gears and went about cleaning up the room. She had a smile on her face and was humming one of her favorite songs as she worked.

“Be sure to do a good job.” Dave added, “Al is coming over and I don’t want her to suspect anything is different.”

“Al?” Darcy asked with a somewhat confused look on her face.

“You are happy I have other people in my life in whatever capacity I choose Darcy.” Dave responded.

“OK” Darcy said and returned to happily cleaning up their parent’s bedroom.

Dave went downstairs while Darcy completed cleaning their parent’s room and then started getting ready for her day. He went into the kitchen and grabbed a bowl of cereal. He could have had Darcy make him breakfast but she wasn’t much of a cook. Also she needed time to make herself look almost perfect as usual. He heard the shower turn on, then walked over and put his bowl in the sink then returned to the kitchen table and checked his phone.

A little while later Darcy waltzed into the kitchen, threw her arms around him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I missed having you in the shower” she said “and I’m going to miss you while I’m at the car wash. But I know I’ve got to act normal there, so don’t worry.” Darcy released him, went over to the cupboard with the energy bars, took a couple and danced out of the room blowing him a kiss on the way.

Dave knew he was a bit messy himself but it was rather nice smelling of sex. He didn’t want Al to know something was up so he went upstairs, took a shower and then got ready for her arrival. He went back downstairs with his dialogue and went over it a few times before getting back to his phone.

The doorbell rang and Dave answered it. “Hey Al!” he said, seeing Ally on the porch, “come on in.”

Al walked into the house and looked at him a little more closely. “Wow, you look like you had a rough night.” she said, noticing the bags under Dave’s eyes.

“I didn’t get much sleep” he said suppressing a smile as he thought of all the things he’d done to and with Darcy. “Let’s go into the living room” Dave said, leading

her in.

Ally sat down on the sofa as Dave walked over to a chair facing the sofa. He took a seat and picked up the folder of his dialogue off the end table next to the chair.

“How’ve you been?” Dave asked Al as he took a piece of paper out of the folder.

“I’ve been OK” Ally responded, “But the question is how are you doing?”

“Yesterday was rough, but I got through it.” Dave said “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

“I don’t know how you can be so calm with what happened at school yesterday. I guess it shows in the bags under your eyes, but you’re strangely calm now. You do seem a little nervous but I’m not sure why. I’m not going to do anything to you.”

“I know Al” Dave said. “It’s just that I’ve been working on this script and I really want a good grade. I’m a little nervous because some of the language is a bit harsh but I’m not sure it works if I tone it down.”

“Well, let me take a look and let you know what I think.” Al said, reaching out for him to hand her the paper.

“I really want to see your reaction as you hear the dialogue instead of as you read it.” Dave replied

Al sat back on the sofa and got comfortable “OK, what’s the scene?”

“Two friends, a guy, my character, and a girl, your character, are in a room not unlike this one. Your character has betrayed my character causing him to lose face in his social circle.”

“Ah, not unlike your current situation” Ally interrupted, “My character isn’t Darcy is she?”

“No, not at all. Let me continue. Your character has just told my character she’s about to go and reveal some more of my secrets and this is news to me. Your character is rather smug and relaxed whereas my character is very keyed up and your news has pushed my character over the edge.”

“OK” Al said, “It sounds like it will be a dramatic scene but it sounds like you might be digging it up from your recent experiences. That always makes for better writing.”

“Let’s hope so,” Dave said. “Why don’t you just sit back and look a bit smug.”

Al relaxed into the couch putting on an air of arrogance and a smug look on her face. Dave looked down at the words on his paper, took a deep breath and mentally prepared himself for whatever was about to happen.

“Don’t move cunt! Don’t speak cunt!” yelled and then looked at Al.

Ally was in the same position she had been in when she started and wasn’t moving. Her face however had lost it’s smug look. Her eyes were wide and were darting back and forth around the room, He waited for another beat then got out of the chair and walked over to Al on the sofa. She stayed completely still except for her eyes which were now fixed on him. Her look was one of surprise rather than fear because she had been unable to move after the initial surprise of his works hit her.

Dave stood to the side of the couch then took his hand and waved it up and down in front of Ally’s eyes. Once again she didn’t move and her expression didn’t change.

“If you’re acting you’re doing a great job!” Dave said. “If that’s the case you can drop out of character and let me know what you thought of my words.”

Ally remained still and stayed silent.

Dave realized that he had been able to affect Ally the same way he had affected Darcy. Now it was time for him to use the rest of the words he’d put down.

“You are going to do anything I tell you to do cunt! You’ll do it without my calling you a cunt, cunt!”

Dave now had power over Al. He just wanted to make sure his power was complete and remained secret.

“You will never do anything consciously or unconsciously to communicate what I’ve done to you. You’ll feel anything I tell you to feel. You’ll think anything I tell you to think. You’ll be anyone I want you to be. All I have to do is say the word and you will change.”

Dave was pretty sure he’d cover all of the bases so he continued with his plan.

“OK Ally, when I ask you a question you’ll be able to answer me but you will remain very calm and relaxed. What are you feeling and thinking right now?”

“I’m terrified Dave. I’m also angry and disappointed that you would do this to me. I’m thinking what the fuck is happening to me right now and why can’t I move. I want to get up and run and never see you again. I’m thinking that you are a monster and Darcy is an angel compared to you.”

It was odd for someone to say what Al had without any emotion or concern, but that’s the way she delivered them. The words cut Dave to the quick but made sense.

“What did it feel like when I was calling you a cunt?”

“It was like you were raping my brain. You stripped it from me, started fucking it in front of me and changed it into something I don’t know. You’ve made me question my reality”

Dave was shocked, that was the last thing he’d want his friend to feel. On the other hand it sounded exactly like what he thought he’d like some women to feel.

“You’re going to forget that image now. You now feel curious about what’s taken place but not threatened by it. You know that I am your friend and I would never intentionally hurt you. You trust me to use my abilities. You will never see me as a monster no matter what happens.”

Although Dave had already told Ally to remain calm and relaxed he seemed to sense that the fight between what she was aware of and how she was supposed to act diminished and she seemed a little more interested in what was going on.

She was waiting for Dave’s next words, but Dave was still thinking of what to say. Here was his friend on the couch and she was looking very cute to him. She wasn’t hot like his step sister, but she was certainly appealing. He’s never looked at her quite this way before. Sure he’d thought about her from time to time when getting off and had watched her when they were together with friends. But he’d never had the luxury of really being able to study her.

She had a lovely somewhat round face with small lips, a cute nose and nice blue eyes. Her eyebrows were dark but her hair was a dirty blonde and fell evenly around her face slightly shorter up front than on her neck but not much. Her neck had a nice soft look to it and disappeared into her t-shirt. Other than that the only thing he could see on her were her arms and hands. They also had a nice, soft look to them and her hands were somewhat delicate.

“OK Al, you’re going to stay on the couch. You can move again but you’re going to stay there.”

Al started to move a little bit shifting about and getting comfortable on the sofa.

“You’ve never said anything about guys or girls. What are you into?”

Al started speaking in a relaxed tone as if she trusted him completely. “I’m not completely sure yet,” she said, then paused a moment to collect her thoughts. “I’ve had pangs of attraction for both guys and girls. I’ve gone all the way with a guy I met last summer, but it was just a fling. I’m afraid it wasn’t special enough for me to want more yet. I do perfectly well with my hand by myself in bed. Sometimes I think of guys and sometimes it’s girls.”

“Have you ever thought about me?” Dave asked.

“Not intently,” Ally responded, “just more of a passing thought about what you might be like.”

“OK, Al,” Dave said, “you’re going to start remembering those passing thoughts as more intense fantasies. In fact you’re going to remember getting off several times when thinking about me. You’re very attracted to me and have wanted me but couldn’t due to the tech team.”

“Leading up to last night you’d been thinking more about me and with what happened on Friday you decided I really needed some cheering up and thought seducing me might do that. You’ve specifically come over her to fuck me and wore normal clothes to make sure I didn’t have any idea.”

“You’re going to excuse yourself to use the loo but I’m going to tell you to use the one in my parent’s room because the other ones are having issues. When you go into their room you’re going to go to Joyce’s closet, pick out a sexy negligee, strip down, put it on and then come back downstairs.”

“When you’re back down here you’ll begin your seduction by pulling me up and starting to kiss me. Eventually you’ll lead me upstairs to my room, strip me, blow me a while and then take me on my bed. You won’t remember that I’ve told you any of this and are sure I’m not aware of your plan. You’re also getting hotter and more turned on yourself as you follow through with your plan. OK, now go.”

“Hey Dave, I gotta use the head.” Al said.

“You’re going to have to go upstairs and use my folks bathroom, our other ones are having issues.”

“OK” Al said, getting up, walking upstairs and then disappearing into dad and Joyce’s room.

Dave waited in anticipation knowing what was to come but not being sure what Al would choose.

After a few minutes Al left his folks’ room and started downstairs. Dave acted as if he were working on his assignment so it was reasonable not to watch Ally come down the stairs. When he saw her bare feet come into his vision he looked up and saw his friend with a wry smile on her face, a very sheer negligee over her body but nothing else.

Al reached down to Dave’s hand, threw his homework to the side and pulled him up so she was standing in front of him. “Hey there mister, I thought you could use some cheering up.” she said, moved closer to him leaned up and planted her lips on his.

Dave could feel her perky tits pressing against his chest and her soft lips on his. He started kissing her back and wrapped his arms around his friend bringing them still closer. He pressed his body against hers and returned her kiss. They continued to kiss, moving to French kissing and enjoying each other. They explored each others’ backs and butts Ally through Dave’s clothes and Dave under the negligee.

Dave was really enjoying his friend’s soft smooth body. She was a bit softer than Darcy because she didn’t do quite as much physical activity as a cheerleader did.

Ally broke the kiss with Dave, looked into his eyes and said “It looks like you don’t need much encouragement mister”. With that she took his hand and lead him up the stairs and into his bedroom. She took his t-shirt off over his head, then removed the negligee. She then pulled herself into him and started hugging and kissing him again. Dave was really enjoying her smooth soft skin but didn’t object when she broke their hug.

Ally dropped to her knees and started undoing Dave’s belt and jeans. She pulled them down, leaned forward and took his cock into her mouth. This was obviously new to Al and her skills were nowhere near those of Darcy, but Dave didn’t mind. She was still doing a decent job and Dave was getting more excited by the minute. However he was looking forward to having his cock in Al’s pussy.

He gave Al’s forehead a little nudge and she released his cock with a sloppy pop. She removed Dave’s pants and socks leaving him completely nude. She then pushed him down onto his bed then got on it and straddled him. She took his cock and ran the tip over her pussy, coating it with her natural lube. Then she positioned his cock under her pussy hole and pushed herself down about an inch. She pulled up a little and then repeated the process taking him deeper. She continued to do this until he was buried to the hilt. She started riding him slowly and Dave reached up and played with her tits. As she continued her pace increased until she was fucking him hard for all she was worth. After a while they both started breathing very hard and eventually Dave tensed and started to come inside Ally who kept riding him until he had finished. She then laid down on him, his cock still in her pussy and he took her in his arms.

“Feeling better?” Ally said, laying in his arms.

“Definitely.” Dave said enjoying his friend and recovering from her passion.