The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 3

Author DVant

“What took me so long to do that?” Ally asked, still lying atop Dave.

“Well, there’s that unwritten rule about no dipping in the group pond.” Dave replied.

“Fuck that” Ally said, “but there no need to share this with them. I don’t want to deal with the wrath of the group.”

“OK” Dave replied “mums the word. From now on when we’re together away from the group you’re completely comfortable around me. You’re happy just hanging around with me nude and just hanging out. You’re openly affectionate with me when we’re together and you enjoy my affection as well. You love fucking me but know I’m not posessive of you. However, before you sleep with someone else you’re going to make sure I know.”

“What’s with the rules Dave?” Ally inquired.

“You’ll follow the rules I tell you but will forget that I told them to you. You’ll think it’s what you consider right. When we’re with the group you’ll act as you always have with me and give them no indication that anything has changed between us.” Dave replied.

“OK” Ally said, dropping whatever concerns she’d had earlier.

Dave had an idea then said to Ally. “Call your mom and let her know you’ll be spending the night here.”

“What about the monster?” Ally asked.

“You aren’t concerned if Darcy will be here. You also won’t consider her returning today. You’re going to just enjoy spending time with me whatever we do.”

Ally immediately relaxed. She called her mom and told her she’d be spending the night. This wasn’t all that unusual because Ally had often spent the night at Dave’s place when they got together with the rest of the group. Also her mom knew Ally was an adult and could do whatever she pleased. She trusted Ally and they had a good relationship.

Dave and Ally spent the next few hours playing some video games, having lunch and eventually going up to his parent’s room for some more fun. Dave was thoroughly enjoying himself as Ally was always available to him in whatever capacity he wanted. He kissed, groped and played with her whenever he wanted and she did the same. Dave really enjoyed their time in bed because it was very relaxed and comfortable. He didn’t feel driven to do anything in particular and just went with their flow.

Dave and Ally were up in his folks room napping when Darcy came back from the carwash. “Hey lover!” she yelled after coming in the door.

Ally woke with a jolt and frantically whispered to Dave “The monster’s back!”

“Don’t move” Dave said and Ally froze in place. “You’re relaxed and enjoying just laying there for now.

“Up here, Darce!” Dave yelled down to his step-sister.

Darcy made it upstairs and started saying “Hey” before entering the room, got to the door, saw Ally in bed with Dave and continued “dipshit, what are you and your loser friend doing?”

“Darcy, Ally is under my control too so you don’t have to act mean.” Dave said.

“Thank God, I’m not enjoying it like I used to. I’m even having difficulty keeping it up if you come up with my friends. I mean it’s easy for me to do, I just don’t like doing it.” Darcy explained. She looked at Darcy laying on the bed, nude and unmoving. “Looks like you didn’t miss me too much, have fun?”

“We’ve been having a good time. Just a minute.” Dave said and then turned to Ally. “Al, you feel completely comfortable with Darcy being here, being nude in front of her and doing anything I tell you to do as well. You’ll also feel comfortable and not bothered by anything I do with Darcy or anyone else. You can move and talk now.”

Ally sat up next to Dave and put her arm around him.

Although Dave had known that Darcy was returning and he wanted Ally there when she got back he hadn’t really planned what to do with them next. Now that he knew Ally was somewhat unsure of her sexuality he thought it might be nice if she had a chance to see what it was like with another woman. Even though he had come not too long ago his cock was starting to stir at the thought of Ally and Darcy together.

“You two are not going to remember what I’m telling you now.” Dave started “Darcy you’re going to apologize to Ally for the way you’ve treated her in the past. You’re going to realize the reason you’ve been so shitty to her is because you’re actually attracted to her but you’ve been jealous that I’m her friend and you aren’t. You’ll let Ally drive things, be open to anything Ally wants to do and will be accepting and sensitive to any sort of fears or reservations she has. Also you’re going to feel somewhat jealous we’re both naked and will strip down. Ally, you’ll know that you’ve always been attracted to Darcy even though the two of you are very different. When Darcy apologizes to you you’ll think that you’ve been judging her too harshly. You’ll accept she wants different things from life but you know you can enjoy each other when you’re together. Now both of you are going to start discussing experiences with each other and me. As you’re doing that you’re going to be very open with each other and accepting and you’ll also be getting more and more aroused as our discussion goes on. OK, we’ll start now.”

“Ally, I want to tell you how sorry I am that I’ve been such a bitch to you.” Darcy said with complete sincerity.

“Wow, thanks” Ally said somewhat shocked at the apology. “I think I might have had the wrong impression of what kind of person you are.”

“Thanks. How long have you two been, uh, enjoying each other?” Darcy asked.

“Well, I’ve had the hots for your step-brother for as long as I can remember, but I’ve always been too afraid of making a move because the group wasn’t OK with that. Anyway, after what you did to Dave on Friday I thought he might need some cheering up so I came over today to make him feel better.” Ally said.

“And did it?” Darcy asked, turning to Dave.

“Very much so.” Dave replied to Darcy.

“You two look so comfortable, mind if I get comfortable too?” Darcy inquired.

“Sure” Ally said

Dave sat back and watched Ally watching Darcy take off her clothing. Little things revealed her secret desire for his step-sister. Ally opened her mouth a little and stuck the tip of her tongue slightly out and ran little circles on the corner of her upper lift. Ally’s nipples got a little firmer and her breathing seemed to increase a little bit. All the while she was trying to keep her cool as Darcy revealed more of herself.

As Darcy finished up Ally let out a rather deep sigh. “How can I compete with that?” she said looking at Dave’s now nude step-sister.

“Do you know how long it takes me to end up looking like this?” Darcy asked Ally then answered her own question, “I need at least an hour before I can leave the house in the morning. I envy you Ally, you have a wholesome natural beauty that shows through even without much prep. I’ve seen you the few times you didn’t know I was going to be here after one of the nights you spent here with your group. Yes I knew I was a bitch those few times and sneered at you, but I was always impressed by your relaxed appeal.”

“If you’re talking about these”, Darcy said looking down at her tits, “I do have to say I like them, but do you know how much unwanted attention I get from creeps. I think if I had a choice, and knew what I know now I’d choose your chest over mine. You’re perky and look young and fresh. I’m willing to bet you’re going to look great long after mine start to get saggy and old.”

“Whether you know it or not, you compete very well with me. You might not get as much attention as I do but remember you also probably don’t get as much unwanted attention. You’re also smart, funny and from what I can tell caring. I don’t think there are many people who think the same about me.”

“I’d like to start having you as a friend, or something more. Dave’s changed me and I have to say I’m feeling happier than I ever have before. I know I have a reputation to keep up to hide Dave’s secret, but even though it’s only been a day give or take an hour It’s much easier to live in my skin than it was before.”

Ally was impressed with Darcy’s observations, both about her and about Darcy’s own self. She also felt better about herself after what Darcy said. “Thank you” she replied, “you’re not so bad yourself now that I know you a little better.” She was also feeling more attracted to Darcy even though she didn’t know part of it was at Dave’s suggestion.

Dave was still too much of a control freak to let things progress organically. “So Darce, have you ever kissed a girl?”

Darcy sat down on the bed then answered “Several times with several different girls. We’ve had truth or dare games at the cheerleading camp and those usually end up with some kissing and more.”

“And more?” Ally chimed in.

Darcy looked at Ally with a compassionate and slightly passionate gaze and replied, “I’ve squeezed a few tits, had my tits squeezed, sucked a few nipples, had mine sucked, touched someone down there and been touched down there by someone. Most of the times were at all girl events, but sometimes when we’re partying with the guys they’ll come up with some lame douchebag jock games to get us girls to show off for them. At the mixed parties we’re performing for the guys, at the all girl gatherings sometimes it’s more than acting. How about you?”

Ally looked a little bit uncomfortable at becoming the focus of attention, “Well, I’ve always been in a mixed group so I haven’t really had any all girl things. I’ve always been somewhat one of the guys so I don’t have a lot of female friends. I think I’m afraid I might be more interested in girls than I thought I was. I haven’t really been ready to realize that until now.”

“So you’ve had feelings for girls?” Darcy pushed further.

“I’d call them more twinges than feelings. Sometimes I’ve wondered what it might be like to kiss some girls but it really hasn’t gone beyond that.” Ally replied.

“That’s OK,” Darcy said, “I’m sure you’ll do something if it feels right and is the right time for you. I’ve definitely enjoyed playing with other girls, but never wanted to go beyond that. The cheerleading community isn’t that lesbian or bi positive and I didn’t really want to try anything that could negatively affect me there.”

Dave was sitting back watching Darcy and Ally talking. He was picking up on little clues that they were both getting more and more excited. Both of them had fairly erect nipples. Also both of them were fidgeting slightly as if repositioning themselves would scratch an itch they were feeling. Dave was also noticing that Ally’s heartbeat and breathing were getting faster.

Ally wanted to change the subject even though she felt comfortable. “How long have you and Dave been this comfortable around each other this way?” she said pointing out Dave’s nude body.

“It’s been a day plus or minus an hour just like the change Dave made in me.” Darcy answered, “I have to say even though it wasn’t something I ever thought I’d want, I am enjoying it. I’m sure you know how warm and caring he is and of course he’s a good lover as well.”

Darcy moved up to the top of the bed, nudged Dave and Ally over and joined them in bed on the other side of Dave. She gave Dave a kiss on the cheek. Ally surprised Dave and Darcy by asking “Got one of those for me?”

Darcy and Ally leaned towards each other in front of Dave giving him a front row seat to their light, gentle first kiss.

Ally leaned back next to Dave and said, “Mmmm, that was rather nice. Your lips are so soft and you taste good too.”

“I liked your lips too” Darcy replied, “I’m wearing cherry lip gloss, you want some?”

“Don’t mind if I do.” Ally said, surprising both Dave and Darcy again by leaning over and planting her lips on Darcy’s again with a bit more force and passion. The kiss lasted a lot longer than the first one and this time Darcy reacted with an “Mmmmm” as Ally was kissing her.

This time when the kiss was broken it was Darcy who sat back with Ally staying leaned towards her. “I could get used to that.” Darcy said.

“Come on over here lady” Ally said, motioning Darcy to crawl over Dave to her other side.

As Darcy crawled over Dave and Ally’s legs Ally reached out and ran her hand over Darcy’s back and then gave her ass a little squeeze as it passed by. Darcy sat on the other side of Ally, her legs crossed facing Ally. Ally drew her legs up, crossed them and turned to face Darcy. She put her knee where Darcy’s legs crossed bringing them somewhat closer together.

Ally and Darcy leaned in towards each other and started their third kiss. Rather than breaking it off this time they moved their heads to enjoy slightly different kissing positions. After a while Ally raised her hands up, gently held Darcy’s head in them and drew her closer increasing the intensity and force of the kiss. Darcy followed suit running her fingers through Ally’s hair at the back of her head to hold her more passionately. They eventually had to break the kiss to get their breath back. They were both breathing harder. When they did they kept their eyes on each other’s eyes and grinned shyly. They ran their hands down each other’s arms, Ally turning her hands down and Darcy turning hers upwards so that they ended up with Ally holding Darcy’s hands.

After catching her breath Ally leaned in again drawing Darcy in for some short tender kisses. As they kissed Darcy ran her thumbs in little circles around the backs of Darcy’s hands.

Darcy leaned back, smiled broadly at Ally and said “Who’d have thunk?” and they both giggled a little.

Ally moved her eyes to Darcy’s tits and seemed to be fully taking them in for the first time. She got a little look of concern on her face and shyly asked “May I?”

Darcy smiled warmly and said “Please do.”

Ally took her right hand off of Darcy’s hand and gently reached out towards Darcy’s chest. She ran her fingers over Darcy’s left tit above the nipple near the top, spread them then let them run down outside turning her wrist as they moved finishing up with three fingers on the underside of Darcy’s tit, her forefinger on the side and her thumb poised above the nipple. She lowered her thumb until it barely touched the tip of Darcy’s nipple then started slow circles that grew larger until her thumb was circling Darcy’s nipple while lightly touching the areola.

Darcy slowly leaned her head back and to the side and let out a long moan. She brought her head back up, stared Ally in the eyes and leaned in for a kiss causing Ally to turn hand so Darcy’s tit filled her palm and flattened against it as they kissed. They both let out little moans of pleasure as they kissed.

As they leaned back from the kiss Darcy said “Are you Sure! you’ve never done that before?”

Ally smiled and chuckled a little and said “You’re my first.”

“You’re gifted Ally, I’ve never been touched quite like that before.” Darcy said with sincere appreciation in her voice, “May I try to return the favor?”

Ally stiffened a little and then said in a quiet voice “OK.”

Ally dropped her right hand to her lap giving Darcy access to her chest. Darcy reached up with her left hand, gently let her fingers run down Ally’s breast, stopped her forefinger and middle finger above Ally’s nipple, brought them together and her thumb up grasping it and then turned it ever so slightly.

Ally reacted with a slight gasp, leaned her head a little down and forward, visibly shivered and then let out a prolonged “Ohhhhh!”

It was all Dave could do to keep himself from getting involved. He leaned back and lightly played with his now hard cock as unobtrusively as he could. This is working out better than I could have imagined he thought.

Ally looked up at Darcy, drew her in and gently took another kiss from her. This time their lips parted and they let the tips of their tongues lightly dance with each other. The kiss continued and their tongues slowly and carefully worked their way into each other’s mouths ending up with a full blown French kiss.

They pulled away from each other both giving a relaxed, pleased, thankful moan.

“Shall we get a little more comfortable?” Ally asked Darcy.

“Please” Darcy responded.

They moved so they were laying on their sides, facing one another in each other’s arms. They kissed long and gently with plenty of passion. They ran their hands over each other exploring all the body parts within their reach. They also ran their feet over the others legs and feet from time to time giving themselves the most from each other they could get. They alternated lifting a leg giving the other access to their pussy. They would gently explore each other enjoying both what they were feeling and the various motions and sounds the other made in response. They were both getting more and more turned on, but in a very relaxed way that wasn’t frantic or desperate.

After a while Ally gently pushed Darcy over so that she was laying on her back. Ally got up on her hands and knees, looked at Darcy and said “Arms above your head, and no moving.” Darcy complied in a relaxed yet quick way. Ally moved her head above Darcy’s, put her right hand on the side of Darcy’s head and planted her lips on Darcy’s for a deep passionate kiss. She moved her right hand down over Darcy’s neck, then collar bone to her tit which she cupped then lightly squeezed and kneaded. Darcy was desperate to be touching Ally again, but complied with Ally’s instructions and remained with her hands above her head.

Ally broke the kiss then softly told Darcy “Turn your head to your left.” which she did. Then Ally started kissing her way across Darcy’s cheek, down her neck and down to her armpit where she applied light kisses and occasional licks. At the same time she let go of Darcy’s boob, ran it down her ribs, over her waist and hip, the side of her bum and to the back of her thigh.

“Knees up, legs spread” Ally commanded and Darcy lazily complied. Darcy was getting very turned on. She rarely took orders from other women or girls but was somehow enjoying this loss of control. “Ohhhh!” she moaned savoring the attention and the arousal she was feeling.

With Darcy’s legs spread, Ally moved her fingers to Darcy’s inner thigh and lightly ran her fingers up the inside of Darcy’s right thigh, across her pussy and down the inside of her left thigh. In unison she kissed her way down Darcy’s chest and tit to the nipple and started kissing around that. When she ran her fingers up Darcy’s left thigh she ran a finger outside of Darcy’s pussy before running them down her right thigh. Darcy shivered and let out an “Uh!” as the finger stayed near her pussy. Ally moved her lips directly over Darcy’s nipple, sucked it in and gave it a gentle bite with her teeth.

Ally started running her fingers up Darcy’s thigh again and started flicking Darcy’s nipple with her tongue. “Oh, Uh!, OHHHHH!” Darcy responded. When she got her fingers to Darcy’s pussy she spread Darcy’s lips with her index and ring fingers then slowly ran her middle finger from the bottom of Darcy’s pussy hole a.along the right side over her clit, down the left side and then gently began inserting it in Darcy’s pussy. Darcy gave a little buck but Ally was able to deep her place in Darcy’s pussy.

Once Ally’s finger was thoroughly soaked with Darcy’s pussy juice she began finger fucking Darcy and moved her mouth over to Darcy’s right tit and repeated what she’d done on the left.

It was becoming more and more difficult for Darcy to stay still and take Ally’s attentions. But at the same time it felt so good to be so controlled.

Ally slowly pulled her finger from Darcy and lifted her head from Darcy’s right tit causing Darcy to let out a disappointed, “Ohhhh”

Ally got up and moved between Darcy’s legs.

“You don’t have to do that” Darcy said to Ally.

“But I want to Darcy” Ally said. She then looked Dave and said “Dave, I’m so fucking horny I almost can’t take it. Could you be a dear and fuck me while I do this, but slowly so it doesn’t distract me too much.”

“Happy to.” Dave replied then moved into position behind Ally.

Ally already had her face buried in Darcy’s crotch eating her out. Dave entered Ally from behind and reached up to her tits and squeezed them from time to time as he was slowly fucking her. Ally would also similarly reach up to Darcy’s tits and play with one or a nipple as she was eating her.

It was the first act of many they enjoyed over the course of the afternoon, evening, night, morning and afternoon. They took their time and enjoyed themselves either two at a time or three at a time sleeping when it felt good, eating and drinking when they needed to and just relaxing with each other sometimes.

Finally it was time for Ally to leave. She needed fresh clothing, her school things and had to do a little homework as well. Before they parted Dave spoke to Ally and Darcy. “You will be able to remember our wonderful weekend, but you won’t be able to communicate it to anyone else consciously or unconsciously. You will be able to talk about it with any group that I completely control.” Ally and Darcy nodded their acceptance then continued their parting. They all exchanged very heartfelt hugs and kisses savoring their new relationship dynamics before Ally headed for the door. As Dave and Darcy watched leave Dave was hoping this would be the first of many days and nights together.