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Chapter 4

Author DVant

After Ally left Dave took Darcy back upstairs to the bedroom and the two of them played for a while. Dave was really enjoying the new relaxed relationship he was having with Darcy here at home. He knew that he’d have to endure her normal behavior when they were at school but it was a small price to pay for having her here. It had been a full weekend and Dave knew they both needed a good sleep before returning to school if they didn’t want to look like zombies.

“Hey Darce, as much as I’d love to do more, we’ve got school tomorrow, so let’s call it a night. You’re going to get up and get ready for school as you usually do.” Dave said. Darcy gave him a quick nod then he then motioned for her to move into him. He spooned her and within minutes both of them were asleep.

Dave was awakened by a kiss from his nude sister standing above him. “Hey lover, you’d better start getting ready for school. Oh and I’ll try not to be too mean today. I can dial it back a little bit without causing suspicion. I’m going to paint myself as a bitch by letting it slip that you were having the bed wetting problems after your mom died. I am known to be a ditz sometimes so it would be in character for me.”

Darcy went off to get dressed and leave for school. She had to get there earlier than he did because of her various social and cheerleading demands. Dave lay in bed a little while and started thinking. He knew he had been able to control Darcy and Ally but wondered if that was an age related thing. They were all 18 years old so maybe his sphere of influence only extended to his peers.

It came to him that he knew who his next target should be Mona Andrews, his theater arts teacher. He could use the same ruse he’d used on Ally. He’d ask her to meet with him after school to review his theater arts project. The worst that could happen is she’d make him actually write a new script. He had most of the school day to figure out what to do if he was actually able to control her as well.

Ms Andrews had shared her story with the class as part of a personal monolog demonstration. She’d auditioned for Broadway productions but had never been cast. The disappointment and rejection had taken their toll and after a year she gave up her dream of being a Broadway actress. She’d actually double majored in theater arts and education so she did have something to fall back on. She went back to school for a couple of years, got her teaching credential and ended up at the high school Dave attended.

Ms. Andrews was a beloved teacher at the high school despite her short time there. She always seemed to have time for her students and would sometimes spend hours at school after the day had ended. She was also popular with most of the boys and some of the girls. She was attractive even though some would describe her as plain. She had a nice bust, a slender waist and nice hips and a soft overall look that was both womanly and sexy. She always seemed to be smiling and was always very friendly.

During his theater class Dave told Ms. Andrews he was having some problems with his project and asked if he could run it by her that afternoon. She was already planning on staying late so she said he should come by after school and she’d work with him.

Dave could barely contain his excitement at the prospect of what lay ahead for him. He made it through the rest of his classes and then headed over to the theater about 15 minutes after school ended. He made his way into the theater making sure no one else was there. As we walked down towards the stage he saw Ms. Andrews at the little table she had at the front row. She had some papers on the table, was going through them and didn’t seem to notice him approaching. The stage was conveniently equipped with a bar, chair, bed and door for a play the theater department was putting on. It was perfect for Dave’s plan.

“Hey Ms. Andrews” Dave said about halfway to the stage.

Ms. Andrews kept looking at her papers but said “Hi, Dave, just a minute. Let me finish this paper and I’ll be right with you.”

Dave got down to the front row, put his backpack in one of the seats and pulled out the page with his dialogue. Although he knew it by heart already he thought it would be better for him to look like he was reading from his rough draft.

Ms. Andrews finished what she was doing, looked over to Dave and said, “OK, what’s up?”

“I’ve been working on this script and I really want a good grade. I’m a little nervous because some of the language is a bit harsh but I’m not sure it works if I tone it down.”

“Can I see your script?” Ms. Andrews said, reaching out for him to hand her the paper.

“I’d rather have you hear it than read it. That way you can also critique my delivery” Dave replied

Ms. Andrews leaned forward intrigued by Dave’s request “OK, what’s the scene?”

“Two friends together, my character is speaking to the character who betrayed him causing my character to lose face in his social circle.”

“Sounds like some of the high school angst that goes on here all the time. I believe you’ve had some recently. Is this where the idea came from?”

“No, not at all. Let me continue. The other character has just told my character she’s about to go and reveal some more of my character’s secrets and this is news to my character. The other character is rather smug and relaxed whereas my character is very keyed up and this news has pushed my character over the edge.”

“OK” Ms. Andrews said, “It sounds like it will be a dramatic scene.”

“Let’s hope so,” Dave said. “Why don’t you just sit back and imagine you’re the other character.”

“OK” Ms. Andrews said, looking at Dave indicating he should deliver the lines. Dave looked down at prentind to read the words on his paper, took a deep breath and hoped Ms. Andrews reacted the same way Darcy and Ally had.

“Don’t move cunt! Don’t speak cunt!” yelled and then looked at Ms Andrews

Ms. Andrews was in the same position she had been in when he started and wasn’t moving. Her face however was a little different, her eyes were wide and were darting back and forth around the theater, Dave waited for another beat then got out of the chair and walked over to Ms. Andrews. She stayed completely still except for her eyes which were now fixed on him. Her look was one of surprise rather than fear because she had been unable to move after the initial surprise of his works hit her.

Dave stood on the far side of Ms. Andrews table, took his hand and waved it up and down in front of her eyes. She didn’t move and her expression didn’t change.

“If you’re under my control, blink twice” Dave said.

Ms Andrews blinked twice.

Dave was ecstatic. He was able to control women older than his peers. A little smile appeared on his face. He continued with his instructions completing the takeover process. He’d learned about the negative effects of the process when he took over Ally and didn’t want Ms. Andrews to experience that.

“You are going to do anything I tell you to do cunt! You’ll do it without my calling you a cunt, cunt! You will never do anything consciously or unconsciously to communicate what I’ve done to you. You’ll feel anything I tell you to feel. You’ll think anything I tell you to think. You’ll be anyone I want you to be. All I have to do is say the word and you will change. You won’t feel any distress about what I’ve done to you. You accept it completely as your new normal”

He left Ms. Andrews sitting in the front row then went to lock all of the doors leading to the theater. He returned, got a couple of scripts out of his backpack and put them on her table.

Dave was pretty sure he’d covered all of the bases so he continued with his plan. Dave told Ms.Andrews that she’d think he was lacking some of the conviction and confidence in his acting. Even though she knew theater wasn’t his goal she’d want to help him become the best actor he could. She would help him gain confidence by having him play a more mature role. She’d have him play the seduction scenes from the film The Graduate. But she’d go off script at the end and actually seduce and bed him. As the scenes go on you will get more and more horny and want to fuck me more and more. I’ve put scripts on your table but you’ll remember printing them out yourself and bringing them for us. You’ll also go back to wardrobe and change into something appropriate for the scene. When I say “OK, thank you” again you’ll remember we’ve gone through my lines, you gave me feedback and you’ll be ready to move on to your plan.

“OK, thank you.” Dave said.

“Dave, do you have time to stay here a little while longer?” Ms. Andrews asked him.

“Sure.” Dave said.

“Let me do a few things and I’ll be back. Just stay there and I won’t be long.” she replied.

Dave sat back and Ms. Andrews went off towards the wardrobe department as directed. She was wearing loose comfortable clothing when she left but returned wearing a red dress which showed her lovely figure and emphasized her pleasant bust. It wasn’t as if Dave hadn’t realized how attractive she was, it’s just that she hadn’t packaged herself this way before when he’d seen her.

“What’s this?” Dave asked her when she returned.

“OK Dave” she said after they took their seats, “I know you aren’t planning a career in theater, but I think being able to act well can help in many areas of life. I want you to leave my class with the best acting skills I can help you attain. You lack some confidence and conviction and this exercise should help with both.”

Dave nodded in agreement.

“I have the perfect scenes for you to play to give you some more confidence. You may think they’re big shoes to fill but I’m going to have you play an iconic character that Dustin Hoffman once played. He was nominated for the best actor academy award for the role. You’ll be playing Benjamin Braddock from The Graduate. Have you ever seen the movie?”

“No”, Dave said, “I’m not that interested in older films.”

“Well that’s perfect” Mona responded, “you won’t be trying to recreate his role.”

“I’ll set the scenes for you. Ben has recently graduated from college, he’s 21, a bit older than you, and he’s not sure what to do with his life.” Ms. Andrews told Dave. She was starting to get hot just thinking of the scenes and where she wanted to take them.

“You’ve just driven Mrs. Robinson, a family friend who you’ve known for years, home from your graduation party. Her husband left earlier in their car and she needed a ride home. You hoped she would just let you drop her off but she insisted that you take her into the house until she has all of the lights on. She asked you to walk ahead of her to the sun porch where the bar and chair on the stage are from. Benjamin isn’t completely comfortable being there with Mrs. Robinson and isn’t completely sure of himself.”

“Here’s the script with your lines. Don’t read ahead and just play the role as you see it. This is something that might happen at an audition so you need to be ready to just read the lines as best you can and go with the flow of the scene. Sometimes a director or casting director might actually ask you to do something different than the script and improvise something. They might do that if they see you have chemistry with another actor and they might want to change the script to capitalize on that chemistry.”

Ms. Andrews walked onstage behind the bar and motioned Dave over to the onstage chair. Once he was there she got into character and started delivering her lines.

“What do you drink? Bourbon?” Mona said as Mrs. Robinson.

“Look, Mrs. Robinson, I drove you home.” Dave said then paused “I was glad to do it. But I have some things on my mind. Can you understand that?”

Dave and Ms. Andrews continued the scene and Dave was enjoying where the scene was going. He was enjoying the interplay, Ms Andrews seemed immersed in her role and was giving him unconscious queues to where this was going. He delivered his next line as almost another order for Ms. Andrews “Mrs. Robinson, you are trying to seduce me.”

They continued the scene until just before the conclusion where Ms. Andrews delivered Mrs. Robinson’s line “Have you ever seen Elaine’s portrait?”

Mona had loved playing the scene with Dave. She enjoyed Mrs. Robinson’s forward, somewhat dominating demeanor in the scene. Dave had been able to really deliver the level of confusion and discomfort his character Ben was feeling after being cornered in such a way by such a powerful self assured woman. She thought it might be more than acting and that Dave’s true reactions to her acting and the scene had been coming through as well. She was getting even more turned on than she had when she first thought of her plan, and now that it seemed to be working perfectly she was getting more prepared for it’s conclusion.

“OK, Dave at this point Ben and Mrs. Robinson have gone up to Elaine’s bedroom which is set up over on that side of the stage. Mrs. Robinson has walked over to the other side of the bed while your character, Ben, is looking at the portrait on the wall. Let’s go from there.”

“Elaine certainly is an attractive girl, isn’t she?” Mona said, delivering Mrs. Robinson’s line.

“I don’t remember her having brown eyes.” Dave said as Ben

Mona starts taking off her jewelry and throwing it on the bed as Mrs. Robinson did in the film.



She went through the rest of the scene with Dave actually unzipping her dress as called for in the script. When doing so he smelled her intoxicating perfume and noticed that Ms. Andrews wasn’t wearing a bra under the dress. The thought of her tits brought additional tingles and firmness to his cock.

Ms. Andrews walked over to the bar, picked up a purse that was there, handed it to Dave and then said “OK, Dave, we’re going to do the scene where Ben is going up and down the stairs with Mrs. Robinson’s purse with you just standing there. I’ll get behind the door so that you can’t see me as it would be for the characters. Just deliver your lines and when you get to the last one throw the purse on the bed.”

Dave and Mrs. Andrews continued the scene with her on the other side of the door. Mona slipped out of the dress to come into the room nude as Mrs. Robinson was in the film. As the scene got nearer to the end Mona waited for Dave to throw the purse on the bed then she walked in completely naked.

“Oh God! Let me Out!” Dave said, delivering Ben’s lines.

Rather than continuing the scene Mona said “We’re going to deviate from the script Dave.” She walked up to Dave, embraced him and gave him a deep, lingering kiss.

She stepped back a bit giving Dave a better look at her.

“I never liked that part of the script.” Mona said. “I didn’t like Mr. Robinson returning and always thought that Mrs. Robinson would have been more aggressive and dominant with Benjamin. We’re going to call on your improv skills and write a new scene. And remember improv is the art of saying yes to your partners.”

With that Mona pushed Dave back where he fell onto the bed.

“Ben, I want to suck your cock, you’re OK with that aren’t you?”

“Yes” Dave said.

Mona moved forward kneeling in front of Dave. She ran her hand up his legs to the top of his jeans. She deftly undid his belt and then began unbuttoning his jeans one by one while looking into his eyes. Still focusing on his eyes she spread his jeans apart and fished his firm cock out and lightly caressed it with her fingers.

“Are you ready Ben?” Mona said.

“Yes” Dave answered.

Dave spread his legs a little bit, Mona crawled between them, leaned forward and kissed his cock along the bottom up to the tip. After kissing the base of the tip she moved the tip of her tongue around tip’s ridge then licked the tip slickening it with some saliva. She licked then closed her lips, lifted his cock, put her lips to the tip giving it a light kiss then ran her moist lips over the tip, over the ridge and down the shaft.

“Oh yeah!” Dave exclaimed, “YES!”

He’s good at improv Mona thought then she took her tongue and circled the ridge of his cock between stroking her lips up and down the shaft. As she did this she started peeling Dave’s jeans down over his hips. When she had them down as far as she wanted she reached between her legs to make sure she’d be moist enough. She brought her other hand to her tit, squeezed it and played with the nipple, exciting herself more and helping her get even wetter.

Mona pulled up off of Dave’ cock lightly running her teeth over it as she did. She sat up, moved back a little, pushed Dave’s knees together then pulled his jeans down to his calves. She crawled onto the bed straddling Dave and lowering her tits to his face giving him a chance to briefly kiss and lick them a little. Then she sat back a little and looked Dave in the eyes.

“Do you want me Ben?” she asked

“Yes!” Dave answered.

“Yes what, Ben?” Mona asked.

“Yes, please Mrs. Robinson, I want you.” Dave pleaded.

Mona reached down and moved Dave’s cock so the tip was at her pussy and started running the tip around her lips. She gave herself a little more pleasure rubbing her clit with his cock and then started lowering herself onto Dave’s cock.

“Oh Yes!” Dave moaned.

Mona started moving up and down Dave’s cock, Dave reached up and took Mona’s boobs in his hands. He enjoyed their weight and the way they jiggled in his hands as she moved up and down on top of him. He let her nipples move around his palms for a while Then turned his hands so he was able to take her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He started twisting and squeezing them which caused Mona to ride him a little harder, grunt and moan.

Dave sat up just a little bit, took his shirt off then reached up to Mona and drew her down so she was laying on top of him, still moving up and down his body to keep thrusting on his cock. He loved the feel of her boobs on his chest. He drew her face down to his and kissed her deeply. After a delicious few minutes he broke the kiss, drew her head down further next to his and whispered in her hear “Tell me how much you want me, tell me you want my cum inside of you, tell me how hot you are, practice the art of improv, concentrating on yes.”

Dave pushed Mona back into a sitting position on top of him. She started moving up and down with more vigor saying “I want you so much Dave. Your cock feels so good inside me. I need you to fill me with your cum. Make me yours Dave.”

In response Dave started moving his hips in opposition to Mona’s thrusts. This brought his cock further out of Mona’s pussy and then thrust it in more each stroke increasing Dave’s.

“Oh Mona, fuck me hard!” Dave said and then started to grunt and moan until his body tensed and he started to cum. Mona started moving a little more slowly up and down his cock continuing the stimulation in a way that seemed to be increasing his pleasure. She knew what she was doing.

When he was done, he drew Mona back down on top of him, hugged her and began running his hands over her back.

“My girlfriend isn’t going to be happy with me.” Mona said.

Dave was somewhat shocked, He hadn’t known Ms. Andrews had anyone in her life.

“You’re a lesbian?” he asked her.

“No, I’m bi but about a 4.5 on the Kinsey scale. Overall I prefer women but I do need some cock from time to time.” she replied. “I’ve only been seeing my girlfriend for about six months. She knows I like guys sometimes but we haven’t come up with a way for me to see them. You’ve given me my first cock in nine months and it was so nice. But now what do I tell her?”

“Can’t you just go take a shower in the girls locker room and wash me away?” Dave asked her.

“Well, there’s the rub, my girlfriend is Ms. Evans, the gym teacher. She’d be sure to see me if I were to shower there.” Mona replied with a sigh.

“Wow, you and Ms. Evans. I didn’t know. Darcy is usually up on all of the school gossip and I’m pretty sure this isn’t one she knows about.” Dave replied.

“Oh, please don’t tell anyone. We want to keep it quiet for now.” Mona pleaded.

“I’m sure we can do something to keep my mouth shut. Why don’t you come home with me to get cleaned up?” Dave asked.

“What about Darcy?” Ms. Andrews inquired.

“She’s got some sort of cheerleading practice this afternoon. After that she’ll be spending the evening with her boyfriend.” Dave assured Ms. Andrews.

Ms. Andrews got a twinkle in her eye and a little grin on her face. “Sounds good, and I would love some more of your luscious cock before I get cleaned up.” she said.

They left separately, Dave walking home and Mona leaving a little later after getting herself cleaned up and back into the clothes she wore to work. Ms. Evans was at a game that afternoon and wouldn’t be home until late evening so Dave and Mona had plenty of time together.

Dave found being with an older experienced woman very enjoyable. She gave head much better than the head cheerleader and had a few more tricks up her sleeves. The qualities that made her a favorite teacher came through as a lover as well. She was a very patient lover and showed Dave some things that might help him be a better lover in the future.

Mona also shared some interesting things about Ms. Evans. Ms. Evans had grown up in a progressive household and when she had told her parents she wanted to marry a girl when she was eleven they were supportive. She never felt any pressure to be interested in boys and rarely did anything with them. It wasn’t so much that she didn’t like them as she didn’t need them in her life.

Dave chuckled at one of the terms Mona had used to describe her girlfriend. She called her a garden variety lesbian because when Ms. Evans had been a teen she only used very small zucchini or carrots when she was getting off. When Ms. Evans was in college and had her first relationship with a more experienced woman she was involved with a radical lesbian. Her lover believed that one didn’t need to expand one’s self beyond a finger or thumb and one didn’t need to use anatomically correct dildos. So even though she occasionally enjoyed strap on sex she only allowed small, non-anatomical dildos in her pussy. She had never so much felt anything like a cock in her pussy and didn’t think there was any reason to. Mona was still trying to convince her to use a cock like dildo when she was pegging her, but Ms. Evans hadn’t acquiesced yet.

By the time Mona left Dave had decided that Ms. Evans would be a good and challenging target for his next experiment. He was far more likely to get in trouble if he failed, but the rewards were tantalizing. Ms. Evans was hot. She was very well toned and strong and was quite beautiful. She would be the oldest woman he tried to control at 32 which would allow him to extend his age range. She also was essentially a virgin because she’d never had a cock inside of her. He wondered if his powers worked on a lesbian and to what extent they worked.

After Mona showered and cleaned up he finished his instructions for her. She wouldn’t remember their time together unless she was alone with him or people she was aware also knew. Even then she would remember that she had seduced Dave and wouldn’t remember he controlled her. He also had her feel tinges of arousal and excitement when she was with him or saw him. She’d also do something tomorrow that would set up the pretext for his encounter with her girlfriend.

He also told her that she’d remember finishing up grading pages, going home, getting off and then falling asleep. She’d lay down on her bed and then immediately think she was getting up after falling asleep and continue her evening.