The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 5

Author DVant

Dave’s plan was working perfectly. Ms. Andrews submitted the AV request that coincided with his PE period. He went to her classroom, set up the equipment and then stayed for the presentation skipping PE. He’d been done setting up in five minutes so there wasn’t any reason he had to skip PE. However he knew how much Ms. Evans disliked students skipping her class. Today was also his scheduled wrestling test which would infuriate her even more.

After finishing the rest of his classes Dave packed up his stuff and took a route through school that would take him past the PE areas. He was disappointed he didn’t see Ms. Evans but as he rounded the corner there she was walking toward him.

“Dave!, stop right there”, she yelled to him “I’ve got a bone to pick with you. Follow me to my office.”

“But Ms. Evans” Dave protested drawing on his acting skills to sound convincing.

“No, mister, I already spoke with Ms, Andrews and she said you just stayed for her presentation rather than making it to your PE class. I’m going to be giving you detention. Come along with me.”

Dave turned and followed Ms Evans back to her office which adjoined the girls locker room. He was really enjoying the view. Ms Evans was wearing her signature tight volleyball shorts and a loosely fitting t-shirt. Even though her torso was hidden from view he was still enjoying her small and slender ass, just the way Dave liked them Her legs were great too, solid and muscular yet still feminine looking. She was in great shape, even better than Joyce, his step-mom.

He entered her office from the door on the hallway and she pointed to a seat across from her desk. “Sit there for now mister, I’ve got to make sure the locker room is clear.” she said and then left through the door to the locker room.

Dave looked around the office. The two doors, one leading outside and the other to the locker room, were solid and windowless. It was very quiet in there meaning that sound wouldn’t travel outside. There were various posters of female sports stars spread around the office. Dave sat back and waited for Ms Evan’s return.

A couple of minutes later Ms Evans walked back into the office and closed the door behind her. “Dave, you skipped my class today didn’t you?” she said not even waiting to sit down to address him.

Dave watched her move behind the desk and sit down then replied with a rather smug “Yep.”

Dave could see the anger building in her face. She leaned forward looking him in the eyes and said “You know I don’t like when you skip my class, there will be consequences.”

Dave had her where he wanted her. “Don’t move cunt! Don’t speak cunt You are going to do anything I tell you to do cunt! You’ll do it without my calling you a cunt, cunt! You will never do anything consciously or unconsciously to communicate what I’ve done to you. You’ll feel anything I tell you to feel. You’ll think anything I tell you to think. You’ll be anyone I want you to be. All I have to do is say the word and you will change. You won’t feel any distress about what I’ve done to you. You accept it completely as your new normal.”

Dave pretty much had his commands down and memorized now. He just needed his target in a quiet, private place and they would be his. It was time to set up the next parts of his plan. As much as he would have liked to have played a little with Ms. Evans as she was frozen, he needed her to think that no time had passed since the time she told him there would be consequences.

“OK now Ms. Evans, you’re obviously upset with me. You want to punish and humiliate me for missing your class. You are going to propose that I take my wrestling evaluation with you now. To humiliate me you’re going to propose strip wrestling where the person pinned loses a piece of clothing each time. You’re very confident that you’re going to win so you are willing to do something risky. However with each piece of clothing either one of us takes off you lose a little strength and you become more turned on and attracted to me and my cock. The less we’re wearing the more you want me to fuck you. You’re going to completely forget what I did to you and forget that I gave you these instructions. You’re going to think that you came up with the perfect way to humiliate me and you are looking forward to doing that. When I say what consequences you’re going to be able to move and talk and do what I just instructed you to do.”

Dave tried to put himself back in the position he was in before he froze Ms. Evans. He took a breath and then said “What consequences?”

Without skipping a beat Ms Evans replied “I’m not sure yet.” A few seconds later a little smirk appeared on her face and she seemed to give a silent chuckle. “I’ll tell you what we’re going to do. You’re going to make up your wrestling evaluation now, but I’ll be your opponent. I’ll give you more details before we start. Go get changed into your gym clothes and meet me in the wrestling room.”

“Wait!” Dave said, acting as if he was going to protest her instructions.

“No” Ms Evans said “The way I see it this is the easiest way out for you. You missed an evaluation on purpose and I could have you suspended for that. You’re already known as a bedwetter around here. I could make your time in my class hell in a myriad of ways. I don’t think you have much of a choice.”

“OK” Dave said with a fake note of surrender “I’ll meet you in a few minutes.”

Dave slunk out of Ms. Evans’ office, turned the corner and picked up his pace with a smile on his face. His plan was coming to fruition.

Dave went into the boy’s locker room, put his backpack in a locker and then changed into his gym clothing, a jock strap, shorts, t-shirt, socks and gym shoes. He closed and locked everything else then went into the wrestling room.

Ms. Evans was already in the room wearing what she already had on earlier. She was over at the wrestling clock setting it up.

“Ah, here’s my victim.” she said, turning to him and chuckling. “I’ve set up the clock so each round lasts 90 seconds. The clock then gives us a minute to rest and then 30 seconds to get into position before the next round starts.”

Dave nodded, feigning nervous resignation.

“We’ll start in the referee position alternating position each round. Since I’m feeling generous I’ll let you start in the top position.” Ms Evans said.

“Sounds fair,” Dave said.

“We’re also going to make things a little more interesting” Ms Evans started the smirk returning to her face. “We’ll be doing strip wrestling. Every time someone is pinned they lose one piece of clothing. Being even more generous, if we end a round without anyone being pinned I’ll take off a piece of clothing, although I doubt that’s going to happen. We’ll stop when someone would have to take off their last piece of clothing and the other person will be the winner.”

“What?” Dave said “That isn’t right Ms. Evans. You’re stronger than me and I don’t think you should be doing this.”

“Well Dave, it’s that or suspension, your choice.”

Dave drew up his acting skills again and put on a good show of indecision and then resignation. “OK, Ms Evans, strip wrestling it is.” he said and then gave a heavy sigh but he was smiling inside.

Ms Evans’ smile grew larger as she moved to the center of the wrestling mat. “Start the clock Dave” she said pointing to the reset button. Then she got on her hands and knees in the bottom referee position.

Dave pressed the button and got down slightly beside and behind Ms Evans put his right hand around her waist and on her t-shirt at her stomach and his left hand on her left arm at the elbow, laid his head on her back and waited for the buzzer signaling the start of the round. Ms. Evans seemed to tense up a little at the feeling of Dave above and behind her, but her breathing stayed slow and calm.

The buzzer went off and Dave was surprised as Ms Evans took her left hand, grabbed his right arm at the wrist, pulled it to the left and turned her body to the right flipping Dave onto the mat. She landed on top of him, grabbed his legs and had him pinned all within a few seconds.

“Round one Evans!” she exclaimed, “lose a shoe mister!” smiling in a gloating manner.

Dave was surprised by just how fast it was over. He sat down to take off his shoe while Ms Evans went over to the clock button and pressed it starting the minute rest period.

The minute went by surprisingly fast and the signal to get into position played sooner than Dave expected.

“OK, you’re bottom this time mister.” Ms Evans said pointing to the center of the mat. Dave crawled to the center and Ms Evans got into position above him as he had with her.

Dave waited for the start of the round again and when it did it wasn’t much better than the first round. Ms Evans reached under him with her left arm, took his right arm and then flipped him over under her. Once again she used her superior strength and skill to have him pinned in just a few seconds.

“Looks like you’re shoeless Dave now.” Ms Evans joked laughing.

Dave got up from his back while Ms Evans went over to the reset button and pressed it again. She was supposed to be losing strength, he thought to himself. He certainly hadn’t noticed any less strength that round. Then again it was only the second round but at this rate he’d be buck naked before his plan was completed.

Dave had a thought and while they were both resting he said “Sandy, you’re not going to notice me talking. You’re also going to do what I say without noticing you hadn’t chosen to do it.. You are going to start saying what you’re thinking but you won’t notice yourself doing it.”

Ms Evans immediately started speaking. “Man, this is going to be easier than I thought. The little pipsqueak has no game. I’ll have him down to his jock in no time. OK, I should at least look like I need to rest just to give him a false sense of hope. Just relax and feel your core Sandy, you’ve got this in the bag,”

The one minute tone sounded and Ms Evans said “You’re on top again mister, I hope you can do better this time.” then sent on with her internal thoughts. “I’ve got to give him encouragement so he doesn’t quit and ask for suspension. My first move worked so well I think I’ll try it again. He won’t expect me to do it twice.”

All the while she was talking, mixing her external voice with her internal self dialogue she moved into the center of the mat and got into the bottom position.

“Let’s get going mister.” Ms Evans said then thought aloud “He sure is slow.” as Dave moved to get into position. As he did she continued “Am I actually starting to enjoy him getting close to me. No, can’t be, it’s probably just the endorphins from the first two rounds. OK Sandy, relax and focus, get ready for that buzzer, you’ve got this.”

The buzzer sounded. “Get his right arm, wait what’s happening he’s already moved it. It’s as if he knew what I was going to do. OK now he’s up and we’re in neutral position. I’ve still got him. Look at his form, it’s a mess. I’ll just rush forward grab his leg and flip him, here I go, got it! He’s off balance and he’s down again, just need to grab his legs to pin him. This is getting a bit tougher, am I getting tired already, I guess I shouldn’t have spent so much time at Mona’s place last night. OK, there are those legs, I’ve got him again.”

“Pinned” Sandy yelled then released Dave and moved towards the clock button. “I’m glad we have that minute of rest time. He was a bit more difficult to control that round. I still have the upper hand though, I’ll have him in four more rounds. Three more rounds and all he’ll have is his jock. I’m kind of looking forward to that, wait a minute, what am I thinking, I don’t like guys why would I want to see him almost nude, what’s happening to me. I think I just want to see him humiliated by being so exposed in front of a lesbian who couldn’t care less about him”

Even though his pride had taken a little hit from being pinned so quickly he was enjoying Ms Evans’ unwitting commentary. His plan was starting to yield results. It had been easier to wrestle with her that time and she was starting to see him differently.

“Get it together Sandy, you’re better than this.” Ms Evans thought out loud just before the clock indicated the minute rest was over. “At least I’m back on top this time. I’ll get him down before he gets a chance to get up.”

“OK mister your turn on the bottom again, although you always seem to end up there anyway.” Ms Evans joked.

“Is he getting cuter, am I getting tired or both? Look at him as he crawls over the mat. There aren’t many guys that I find at all attractive, but Dave seems to be one of them. Or more correctly I’m not as repulsed or indifferent as I usually am about men. God Sandy, what are you thinking, remember you don’t like guys.”

Dave almost chuckled as he moved into the bottom position. He was really enjoying Ms Evan’s internal dialogue and this was getting more fun than he expected.

Ms Evans kept spilling her plans to Dave and when the buzzer sounded he was able to get out into the neutral position. Her commentary kept him informed of her next moves and he stayed one step ahead of her. She almost got him under control a few times but he was able to slip away with her reduced strength.

The end of round buzzer sounded and Ms. Evans said “Fuck!” out loud then went into sharing her thoughts. “How the hell did that happen? What the fuck are the tells I’m sending him. It’s as if he knows what I’m about to do before I do it.”

“Time to lose a shoe Ms. Evans!” Dave said in a sing-song voice breaking her train of thought.

Ms. Evans smiled at Dave. “Fucking little prick, he’s so smug. When I defeat him he isn’t going to be in such a good mood. I’m just going to take off my shoe in a very relaxed, nonchalant manner. I don’t want to show him that he’s getting to me. Laces undone, shoe off, toss it away in a relaxed manner. Smile back at him and then give him a stern look, make him know he’s mine. That’s it Sandy, own him. You’ve got it in you.

The minute tone sounded and Sandy made her way back to the center of the mat getting down into the bottom position.

“Here he comes again, you’ve got to take him again the way you did in the first round. God, why is he being so gentle, I want him to grab me more firmly. What the hell am I thinking”

Dave took Ms. Evan’s lead and grasped her a little more closely to him placing his hand on her firm taut stomach through her t-shirt. It was strange feeling such a powerful woman. Darcy was in good shape but Ms Evans was in great shape. He put his left hand on her left arm and gave her a gentle squeeze.

“That’s more like it. What the hell am I thinking? Are my nipples starting to tingle a little? I know competition turns me on but it’s only been against women. Focus Sandy, you have this, go back to your opening move, show him who’s in charge.”

The round buzzer sounded and Sandy repeated the move she’d done in the first round. Dave wasn’t really trying too hard to resist her but noticed that she was a lot less powerful than she’d been before. It took her longer to get Dave on his back and then to pin him. As she was making her moves Ms. Evans was alternatively giving herself encouragement and expressing concern that she wasn’t moving as strongly or quickly as she had been before.

“I got him that time. Just two more wins and I’ll offer him a chance to concede.” Ms Evans thought out loud.

“OK Dave, last sock off now. Your shirt and shorts are going next mister.”

Ms. Evans looked at Dave as he took off his sock. “Hold on, why the heck am I looking at him. I should be getting ready for the next round. I want to finish this. But watching him… Jesus Christ, it isn’t just endorphins, I am getting horny, but why. It can’t be Dave, I’m not into guys.”

Dave had been noticing Sandy’s attention and enjoying it for a while but hadn’t wanted to acknowledge it before but now he was ready. He lifted his head and stared Ms Evans straight in the eyes, then he clearly undressed her with his eyes.

Ms. Evans froze under Dave’s gaze. She felt her heart flutter, her nipples get a little bit harder and her pussy tingle a bit. “I shouldn’t be turned on by his looks, I should be enraged, offended and disgusted. But I want his attention. My pussy is starting to feel so warm and tingly.”

Listening to Ms. Evans internal dialogue was getting to Dave. He was feeling his cock get hard. He turned and stretched so that his bulge was apparent to Ms. Evans.

Ms Evan’s found herself unconsciously turning to stretch in a way that exposed her crotch even more. “What the fuck am I doing? Am I trying to encourage him? What’s so different about him?”

Ms Evans was shocked out of her state when the one minute tone sounded. “OK, Dave you’re bottom this time, you’re losing that shirt” she said.

Dave crawled for the center of the mat and once again Ms Evans found herself paying too much attention to him and too little attention focusing on victory. “Get your head together Sandra, you have this, you’re stronger than he is, you’re tougher than he is and you’ve got him. Just two more and get him to concede.”

She crawled over to Dave and started to move into the top position. “Why do I want to be so close to him? I’ve never felt this way around a guy before. At least when the match starts I’ll be able to grab him. What the fuck are you thinking Sandy, you need to put this sucker down. He’s been going right so I’m going to follow and flip him”

The round buzzer went off and Ms. Evans made her move. Knowing what Ms. Evans was going to do Dave went right, sending Ms. Evans over him and onto her back. Dave quickly reversed direction and was able to get on top of Ms Evans.

“OK, I just need to buck him off me. It feels like he’s so heavy, why can’t I get him off. I should be able to press twice his weight but I’m having problems pushing him up. Wait a minute he’s got one of my legs. How is he able to hold on? My legs are strong, I should be able to pull away from him.”

Although Dave had Ms Evans in a difficult position he was still unable to actually pin her but the clock ran out and the round was a tie.

“Looks like it’s time for shoeless Sandy.” Dave said at the end as he went over to reset the clock. Ms. Evans sat on the floor and took off her remaining shoe then watched Dave as he went to sit for his rest.

“I can’t believe he almost pinned me. What the hell is happening to me? As we were wrestling my mind was wandering to the way his body felt on top of me. It was almost as if I wanted him on top of me. I can’t keep losing on the draws. If we both take something off he’ll be down to his jock before I ever lose my shirt.”

“Dave, you’ve obviously learned more wrestling than I thought you had. I was willing to give you the rounds where no one was pinned, but I think you’re better than that. Let’s say that if neither one of us pins the other we both have to remove a piece of clothing.”

Dave actually was looking forward to moving things more quickly, so he readily agreed. “Sounds fair to me.”

“I’ll get him this time or at least force a draw. You have this Sandy.” Dave’s agreement to share draws gave her new confidence “I’m not sure why I’m so drained. It must have been last night with Mona.”

The 30 second warning sounded and Sandy made her way over to the center of the mat getting ready for Dave.

“You have this Sandy! Here he comes.”

While getting into position Dave ran his hand over Ms. Evan’s bum before moving it under her tummy. Sandy felt little streams of warmth move from her bum to her pussy and nipples as Dave did this. “God that felt good. Can’t let him know how much his touch is affecting me.”

Dave once again held Sandy closer and more firmly than he had earlier just before the round start tone went off. When it did Sandy was able to make her way up to neutral position. Dave used Sandy’s thought narrative to avoid being taken down and pinned by her but was able to use her moves to assess her strength. She was definitely losing her strength and it was much easier for him to evade her. After dancing around the mat with her evading each other’s moves the buzzer sounded with no one pinned.

Sandy got a big smile on her face. “One down, one to go!” she thought aloud then said “Off with the shirt mister, I’m just losing a sock. Two more and you’re done!”

Taking off her sock her inner voice shared “One more win and we offer resignation and this is over. You’ve got this Sandy!” She looked up at Dave taking his shirt off as the increased arousal and desire from two pieces of clothing kicked in and then thought “But what I really want is that. What did you just think Sandy? Why am I so horny? My pussy is so hot.”

The next two rounds went almost the full time with Dave making sure he pinned Sandy with just about 10 to 15 seconds to spare just in case she was able to put up more of a fight than he expected. Ms. Evans lost her last sock, t=shirt, some more strength and gained more arousal and desire.

As Sandy was removing her t-shirt Dave was treated to his first glimpse of what was underneath. Her stomach was flat and smooth with just a delicious bit of six pack definition that fit her femininity. He also saw more of her arms than he’d seen before. Although she’s seen most of her biceps the t-shirt had completely covered the pleasantly defined triceps and tone where her arms met her shoulders. She wore a high necked sports bra jam packed but flattened her bust. She might have a bit more up top than he’d expected. Sandy turned to see him studying her chest, her cheeks warmed with blush, her nipples tightened and she felt a pulse in her pussy.

“Eyes up here Dave!” she said pointing to her eyes.

“God! I am so fucking turned on, how can that be. Worse yet it’s that guy over there that has me so hot. He was barely able to pin you each time. You just need to pay a little more attention and be smarter. You’re on top this time so you have the advantage”

Once again the thirty second tone sounded and Dave moved to the center of the mat.

“Look at those arms. He shouldn’t be able to pin me, but somehow… Why do I want to be wrapped in them with him pumping into me? I’ve never had such images in my mind before, but they’re so compelling and real now.”

“Better hurry up Sandy” Dave said, taking Sandy out of her head and her thoughts off of his body and their bodies together. She made her way over to Dave. As she was moving into the top position she found herself taking in his scent and ran her hand over his back and along his waist taking in the feel of his skin.

“God, he even smells and feels so good. What would it be like having that in between my legs on top of me? Snap out of it Sandy, you have to win this one”

Dave knew he had her now but was just deciding how to play it. It was amazing how things had turned around so quickly. He thought he might have been able to do it without her vocal thoughts, but was glad he hadn’t tried. It was also wonderful hearing just how uncomfortably and unexpectedly turned on she was. It was turning him on and making him look forward to the end of the match. He was almost turned on enough to just pin her twice, but it wouldn’t play out the way wanted things to go.

The round buzzer sounded and Dave let Sandy take control of him. He was easily able to give her the impression that he was having difficulty keeping her from pinning him. He wanted her to enter the last two rounds with enough confidence to think she could win. During the round he heard her alternating between wrestling strategy and the pleasure of his skin and body on and against hers. Dave also made sure he was briefly groping her as they moved to pin each other. She responded to his touch with little moans and grunts.

The round buzzer sounded and a disappointed Sandy slumped to the mat releasing Dave. The both moved away from the center of the mat to rest and shed a piece of clothing.

“I almost had him so many times. We’ll both be down to our last piece of clothing so I can’t ask him to concede defeat. I do not want to do this, but I can’t concede to him either. I guess it’s time to lose my top.“

Dave was listening to Ms. Evans stream of thought as he moved to drop his shorts leaving him in only a jockstrap. As Dave was dropping his shorts he looked over to Sandy who was starting to pull off her sports bra. She crossed her fit, sculpted arms in front of her, grasped the bottom of the bra and then lifted upwards. Her boobs burst out from the restrictive bra showing their perfect form and shape. Dave was amazed at the size of Ms. Evans tits. It was obvious she’d been wearing a binding sports bra that flattened and hid her boobs from those around her. As far as he was concerned they were exceptional. He’d enjoyed Darcy’s, Ally’s and Mona’s tits but none of them had been as amazing.

When Dave had dropped his shorts and she had taken off her sports bra Ms. Evans had felt a one two punch as her arousal was kicked up a couple of notches. It was almost all she could do to stop herself from dropping to the floor and begging Dave to fuck her. Looking over at Dave didn’t help her. She zeroed in on the bulge in his jockstrap and immediately felt her nipples get a little more erect and her pussy get warmer.”

“Fuck! What is happening to me? Get your head together Sandy, you don’t like guys. But I want Dave so much! I’ve got to fight this. Focus on something else.”

She brought her gaze up to Dave’s eyes and he grinned at her as if he knew what she was thinking.

“I’ve got to make him think I’m somewhat turned off. Maybe if I give a look of distaste and then look away it will send the right message.”

Ms. Evans went through with her plan but then shared her thoughts aloud again. “Why is it so hard to look away? So hard, yes he is so hard and I’d love… Stop it Sandy, you don’t want that, what is wrong with your head. Get yourself back into the game.”

The one minute rest time tone sounded and they moved back to the center of the mat. Dave crawled into the bottom position. Sandy made her way over to Dave and lowered herself into top position. As she did so her newly freed tits brushed over Dave’s back giving both of them a little thrill.

“God that feels good, so warm, I just want to grab him and smash myself into his back. Stop that Sandy! Head in the game. You have to pin him this round! But it’s so nice being so close.”

Ms. Evans unconsciously started moving in small circles above Dave running her hard nipples over his back. The round start tone sounded but Ms. Evans was lost in the pleasure of nipple stimulation and was completely unprepared for Dave’s first move and he was easily able to get out from under her.

Ms. Evans quickly got up thinking aloud “Crap, what happened there? It was feeling so good I lost track of time.” She got into neutral position but her mind still wasn’t on the match. “God my nips are practically buzzing and my pussy is so wet.”

Dave was able to move in while Sandy was distracted, got her leg, spun her round so he was behind her and then brought them down to the mat on their sides. He wanted to make sure he didn’t pin her as that wasn’t his goal this round. He wrapped one leg around one of hers and brought his foot down to the mat spreading her legs and trapping her in this position. He moved his one hand to her exposed tit cupped it somewhat, took the nipple between his thumb and forefinger and began alternatingly lightly squeezing, pulling and twisting it.

She gave a heavy moan and grunt and then thought aloud “He’s so clumsy, but it feels so good!”

He took his free hand, ran it down her stomach, slipped it inside her tight shorts and then brought his fingers to her pussy. She was so wet they moved easily over and in between her pussy lips. He curled one finger and positioned it over her clit hood and began rubbing her there. With another finger he ran circles atop her lips, occasionally dipping the tip into her sopping hole before returning it to her lips.

“No finesse but he’s still getting me so hot and horny. God I want to fuck him. How is this even possible?” her internal dialogue shared with him before she just started breathing more quickly succumbing to the stimulation. Just as she was about to give into her aroused desires the round buzzer went off and Dave abruptly withdrew his hands, ending the stimulation and released her.

“Huh?” exclaimed out loud then spoke her first thought “NO! DON’T STOP! What? You can’t mean that Sandy. Got to rest. Got to recover. Got to stop this”

Sandy stayed on the mat as Dave got up and dropped his jockstrap to the floor then kicked it away.

Ms. Evans sat up and said “Dave, this is over, we have to stop this.”

“We can’t do that Sandy, we need a winner, you need someone to win.” Dave told Ms Evans knowing his response would be taken as an order she’d have to follow. “Get up and lose the shorts. I’m already ready for the last round.

Sandy could feel his eyes on her as she got up and peeled the soaking shorts off and down her legs. She was completely exposed now and showing Dave more than any man had seen before.

“So exposed, but so horny. I know he’s looking and I should be disgusted, but it’s turning me on even more. I’ve got to end this with a winner. He’d be on top this time and I’m sure that wouldn’t end well. Let’s try something different” she shared unconsciously then looked up.

“OK” Ms Evans said “Last round, but let’s start in the neutral position.” Ms. Evans didn’t realize it yet but her eyes were fixed on Dave’s stiff cock. Her thoughts revealed her longing to Dave. “Why do I want that and him so much. I’ve never wanted fo fuck a guy before but I want him to take me. I’ve got to end this by pinning him and get out of here. But I need him so much. I’ve never needed anyone like I need him now.”

Ms. Evans looked into Dave’s eyes to get his answer. :Well?” she said.

“Sure.” Dave said. Although he’d played this out in his head with the referee position he was sure he could make it work from neutral.

The thirty second warning sounded and Dave made his way back to the center of the mat. He motioned for Ms. Evans to join him there. She weakly made it over to the center speaking her thoughts as she went. “This is it Sandy, you can do this. You’ve got him. You’re stronger than him and a better wrestler.”

She took a neutral stance then let her eyes wander over Dave’s body. “God! I want him. What is wrong with me? Look at that cock, I’ve never had anything that big in me before but I still want it. No Sandy, you have to beat him, you can’t have this.”

The start tone sounded. Dave and Sandy started moving around sizing each other up. “I’ve just got to take him. Here goes!” Sandy said and rushed at Dave.

Ready for her move Dave crouched down slightly and braced for Sandy’s weakened charge. She ended up wrapping her arms around Dave’s neck as if giving him a hug. Dave pushed her back just a little bit and then wrapped one arm around her back and put the other behind her head. Dave pulled her face into his and started kissing her. Sandy was startled by the move but started responding to Dave’s kisses. The kisses became more passionate as both of them got into it. Dave ran the hand that has been behind her head down her back, over her rump and behind her thigh. He lifted her thigh up and out spreading her legs and exposing her sopping pussy. Sandy responded with a wanton moan. Dave repositioned his body so the tip of his cock was at Sandy’s crotch. He was able to move his hips and legs to slide his cock back and forth over her pussy, coating it with her slick juices. Sandy was letting out little grunts turning Dave on even further as well. Rather than moving just forward Dave moved upwards driving the tip of his cock into Sandy’s waiting pussy. Dave pulled back from Sandy and looked into her eyes which were wide with surprise.

“What?” Sandy said, vocalizing her thoughts.

Dave pulled out and back a little and then drove his cock a little deeper into Sandy’s pussy.

“So big!” She thought out loud between grunts and moans.

Dave repeated his earlier move and got a little deeper.

“So hot!” Sandy blurted out in thought.

With two more thrusts Dave was all the way inside of Sandy.

“Hold on” Dave said and Sandy held him more firmly. He took the hand that had been at her back and lifted her other leg up at the thigh. This was taxing Dave’s muscles to the limit as he lifted Sandy’s rock hard body completely off the floor.

He didn’t know how but Dave was able to slowly drop to his knees. When they hit the mat it pushed Dave’s cock as deeply as it could go into Sandy’s pussy.

“Uh!?” Sandy said looking into Dave’s eyes.

Dave leaned forward as slowly as he could, laying Ms Evans back onto the mat. He scooted a little bit forward, lifting Sandy’s lets higher and pushing her shoulders down onto the mat.

Dave got a little smile on his face, looked Ms Evans in the eyes and confidently said “Pinned! You’re mine.”

Sandy knew she was defeated but she didn’t care. She drew Dave down onto her and kissed him deeply then started moving her hips to move Dave’s cock around inside of her. Dave obliged her desire and started slowly thrusting in and out of Sandy. The rest of the world faded away as the both of them started moving with and against each other scratching their own itches while at the same time pleasing each other.

Sandy thought it was so different than the dildos she’d had in her before. The heat was amazing and wonderful. She also liked the nuanced surfaces of Dave’s cock noticing the ridge at the base of his tip and the other slight bulges along the shaft.

Dave released Sandy’s legs but she kept them bent and spread. He lifted himself off of her, supported himself on one arm and took the opportunity to grab her tit, give it a squeeze and play with the rock hard nipple with his thumb.

As he continued his slow, deliberate yet powerful thrusts he took Sandy’s hand, intertwined their fingers and moved it above her head. He supported himself on that hand, took the other, grabbed Sandy’s other hand and put it above her head as well. With both of her hands above her head he started thrusting with more urgency. Sandy responded, matching his thrusts.

They were both breathing hard and enjoying their sweaty pleasure. Sandy noticed that Dave was getting a more determined look on his face. His pace increased further still and his thrusts seemed to be getting harder. He kept at it then started moaning and grunting and Sandy noticed that his cock was getting bigger. She felt both the tip and the shaft swell within her and then with a somewhat convulsive thrust Dave pushed as deeply as he could into her and she felt a hot, liquid pulse hit her cervix. This took Sandy over the edge as well, she threw her head back, tensed up and involuntary full body shivers shook her periodically. Dave was treated to his cock being squeezed and milked by Sandy’s well toned pussy as she was coming, making him come even harder.

Dave released Sandy’s hands and lay on top of her still inside his cock barely starting to wilt. Sandy brought her hands to Dave’s back and started caressing him. She lifted her head and kissed him along the collar bone. She’d never felt this way about a man but she was enjoying it.

Dave rolled off of Sandy laid by her side on his side, reached out and ran his hand over her body enjoying the feel of her taut belly, her tits and her nipples. He was lazily exploring her body without any goal, just enjoying her. “Now that wasn’t so bad was it?” Dave asked.

“Amazingly enough no, it wasn’t. But how’d you do it. I’ve even enjoyed the sight of a man let alone craved one. Yet I couldn’t wait until you fucked me and when you did there wasn’t any aversion, nothing distracting me from the pleasure. You made me feel so full.”

“I could tell you, but you probably wouldn’t believe me and then I’d have to make you forget the reason anyway. So let’s just say that’s what I’m able to do,” Dave said. “Also you’re not going to be angry or upset by this, just intrigued but I fucked your girlfriend yesterday.”

“Well, she was probably happy about that. I know she enjoys a man from time to time, but we hadn’t come up with a way for her to do that without me getting upset.” Sandy said.

“You and Mona will be able to come up with a good way for her to get some cock that works for both of you. I don’t know the details yet but you’ll both be very happy with the arrangement. Also Mona let me know you want your relationship to stay secret and I won’t do anything to let the secret out. You and she are both very nice and I don’t want either of you to be hurt.”

“It’s getting late and I’ve got to get home. You’re going to remember you gave me detention, made me take a wrestling evaluation with you and that I passed. You’re going to attribute soreness to our wrestling. You’re very pleased with your dealings with me and see me positively. You’re going to wait here about five minutes before getting up, showering and then heading home.”

Dave headed home himself, heated up a microwave dinner and then headed into bed in his parent’s room. He was worn out from great sex and the wrestling as well even though Sandy had lost her strength throughout the match. He turned on the TV and fell asleep watching something he didn’t even remember.what he’d been watching.

He was awakened by Darcy crawling into bed with him. He briefly turned to her and shared a passionate kiss. Darcy reached down to his crotch and took hold of his cock.

“Hey Darce, that feels nice but I’m a bit worn out. I fucked Ms. Evans. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow. Let’s just go to sleep and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Dave said.

Darcy let out a disappointed “OK”, cuddled up next to Dave, gave him a kiss on the cheek and then laid her head on his shoulder and held him while they went to sleep.