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The Danger of Logical Fallacies

Chapter 3 Tania Try’s New Birth Control

Tania loved her after noon work outs. Many of her fellow coworkers complained about having to try to find time to work out in their busy work schedules, to them it was just one more unwanted task. Tania, on the other hand, didn’t work out because she wanted to keep from getting diabetes or to keep her weight at a level that gave her the best health insurance rates, she did it because she enjoyed it. There was just something incredibly relieving and relaxing about getting on a tread mill, forgetting about the rest of the world, and just running.

Today, however, she was snapped out of her relaxing trance by the man on the tread mill next to her.

“Hey Tania, long time no see,” said the vaguely familiar man who was actually working out in a business suit.

“Um... hello? Have we met?” responded Tania. She was none to please to be forced to acknowledge reality during her ‘me’ time, but she wasn’t about to be rude because of it and just ignore the strange gentleman.

“Really? You don’t remember me? About 7 months back you prosecuted me in court,” responded the man, his previous casual expression replaced by a hurt one.

“Um... hmm... oh right, Mr. Lawrence right?” responded Tania finally placing the face.

“Yep that’s me,” responded Lawrence, no longer looking hurt, but now giving her his full attention, clearly intent on having a conversation. Tania restrained a disappointed sigh.

“So... uh... how are things? Hopefully you’ve stopped your sexual harassment at work? I gotta be honest, when I got your case last time I thought I had you dead to rights, you’ve certainly got some impressive lawyers,” said Tania. Indeed she remembered Mr. Lawrence all too well now, a man she’d have rather forgotten about forever. He was up on multiple sexual harassment charges of varying degrees and yet some how his Lawyers had gotten him off with a fine so small it was quite frankly an insult to the people he’d harassed. From what she’d understood his father owned the soda company he worked at so there hadn’t even been any negative reprecussions for him within the company, he’d merely moved to a different department, likely with a substantial pay raise for the " inconvenience”.

“Well to be honest I had hoped the charges would have been dropped all together, but you proved far more potent an adversary then I had expected,” returned Mr. Lawrence. Tania did not even attempt to restrain herself this time as she let out an audible sigh, looked to the ceiling, and shook her head, clearly the man had no remorse over what he’d done to those women, truly a tragedy. “By the way, that’s quite the form fitting outfit your wearing, I take it you enjoy showing off your body?”

“It’s a work out leotard, I wear it for working out, and only working out, and now speaking of which, I’d appreciate it if you’d allow me to continue working out in peace,” said Tania, both offended, and running out of patience for this unrepentant spoiled ass hole.

“No, I don’t think I will and I don’t think your being honest, after all—if you wanted to hide your body you’d be wearing loose or baggy clothing that hid your body’s form, you aren’t wearing loose or baggy clothing, therefore you must not want to hide your body—,” explained Mr. Lawrence.

“True, but just because I don’t want to hide it doesn’t mean I want to show it off,” returned Tania.

“O’ contraire,—a person who wanted others to leer at her body wouldn’t want to hide her body, you don’t want to hide your body, therefore you must want others to leer at your body—" countered Mr. Lawrence.

Dang, thought Tania, he had her. Even though she didn’t recall it being the reason she’d picked out this outfit, she couldn’t argue with his logic, she obviously did want others to leer at her body. Having admitted that fact to herself she had to be thankful she’d been forced into wearing this particular outfit today, though it was a pretty standard work out outfit, it’s form fitting nature had always made her a little uncomfortable in public so she normally only wore it at home and had only worn it today because she was behind on her laundry so her usual, far baggier, gym work out clothes were still in her dirty laundry hamper.

“All right, fine, you obviously want to leer at my body, and I admit it, I want to be leered at, so go ahead, undress me with your eyes, but can you please do so quietly with out anymore talking?” requested Tania. She did want him to leer at her, but what she wanted most was to just return to her relaxing trance she usually entered when she was working out, one she was unable to currently recreate with Mr. Lawrence talking to her.

“Who said I wanted to leer at you, I’m just making observations, like I notice you have a sports bra on under your leotard...” continued Lawrence. Tania, for the second time, made no attempt to withhold her frustrated sigh. For a minute she considered just ignoring him, but some how she had a feeling she’d only be delaying the inevitable, better to satisfy this creeps bizarre curiosity in her and be done with him.

“Yeah, so?” she replied in annoyance.

“Well you’ve gotta have what, ‘A’, maybe ‘B’ cup tits tops? I doubt you ever need any support up there, let a lone when your wearing such a form fitting leotard. So why are you wearing it?”

The truth was partly that she just always wore a bra and felt naked with out one, but more because it hid her nipples as they had a tendency to “come to attention” while she was working out. Tania, however, had no interest in telling Mr. Lawrence that so she just sent him a dirty look instead.

“Don’t want to say, aye. I think its pretty clear why though. It’s basically a training bra isn’t it?—girls often wear bras that provide support they don’t currently need as preparation for their chest size becoming larger, your wearing a bra whose support you don’t currently need, there fore your obviously wearing it in preparation for your chest size becoming larger.—”

“What!?” responded Tania in shock. His logic made sense, and yet it didn’t make sense. She had no expectations of a growth spurt coming this late in her life, and honestly she didn’t want one, she’d heard enough horror stories about girls with larger chests, both being harassed, not taken seriously, and having significant back problems.

“Of course that can only mean one thing, your looking to get big porn star jugs. Probably want to go from your tiny As to at least some Js. After all—Men would leer at the body of a girl with big ‘J’ cup tits, your a girl who wants your body to be leered at, thus you want to have big ‘J’ cup sized tits so your body will be leered at—.”

Tania found herself completely confused. She didn’t want to be any bigger... or at least she was pretty sure she hadn’t wanted to, but his logic made so much sense, clearly she did want big “J’ sized tits. But couldn’t she get plenty of leers with out resorting to getting fake tits.

“I can tell from your expression your a little confused, but it really makes a lot of sense. After all—If you didn’t want to attract the attention of the sort of men who’d let a random stranger give them a boob job with the only requirements being that they make sure to cum all over their tits and face, you wouldn’t want big ‘J’ cup sized tits, but you do want big ‘J’ cup sized tits, so you therefore want to attract the attention of the sort of men who’d let a random stranger give them a boob job with the only requirements being that that they make sure to cum all over their tits and face—”

This only left Tania even more confused. Of course his logic was sound... and yet it still made no sense. Why the hell did she want to attract men like that.

“You still look confused, so let me ask you this, do you want to get pregnant at this point in your life and career?” came a question so random Tania had to double take.

“WHAT?” was all she could reply again.

“No seriously, are you looking to get pregnant right now, or would it be a major inconvenience for you?”

“I don’t know if I’d say it’d be a major inconvenience, but no, I don’t think I’m at a point in my life where getting married and having kids make sense,” replied Tania, more out of curiousity as to what this could possibly have to do with anything they’d been discussing so far then anything else.

“I figured as much, yet I think you’d agree that any male who comes in here could get you pregant if they got their cum in your cooch, it wouldn’t be a guarentee, but it would be a possibility,” said Lawrence, shockingly matter of factly. “And I think you would also agree that if a man had recently cum prior to putting his dick in your cooch, he’d probably be incapable of producing as much cum inside of you as he would if he hadn’t, thus making it at least a little bit less likely for the act to result in you getting pregant. This of course leads us to the fact that,—if you convinced every man who came to this gym to cum on your tits and face, they’d be less likely to actually get you pregant should their dick some how find its way into your cooch, and since you aren’t looking to get pregnant right now, it only makes sense that you get every man who comes to this gym to cum on your tits and face.—”

Hmm... I suppose that does make sense, thought Tania. She certainly didn’t want to get pregenant, so it only made sense then that she reduce the cum levels of the male occupants of the gym, and once she got the tits she wanted anyway it would probably be much easier for her to convince the men to allow her this pre-work out ritual, for safety of course. Still...

“But this is just going to create more work for me, more stress, the whole reason I come here is to relax, to get lost in my work outs...” said Tania frustrated. She knew logically what this ass hole was saying was true, but this was definitely a case where ignorance had been bliss. While the leers were nice, she ultimately came here for the escape, if she had to spend an hour or more every time she came just jerking off the men in the gym who’d let her, she’d have no time to actually work out, defeating the entire point of coming.

“Now there I’m sure your mistaken, I mean really,—If a woman came to a gym not to give tit jobs and be cummed on, but to work out and relax, she wouldn’t want big ‘J’ cup sized tits as they would make it harder to work out or relax with them bouncing and causing chest and back pain, you are a woman who does want big ‘J’ cup sized tits, there fore you clearly do come to the gym to give tit jobs and be cummed on, not to work out or relax.—,” countered Lawrence and he smiled as he noticed from the look on Tania’s face that he finally had her.

“I... I suppose your right!” said Tania with new conviction. How she’d never seen it before, she couldn’t say, but when it was laid out like that it was impossible to argue with. She knew why she was here now, why she always came here and would continue to come here, and it wasn’t to work out or relax.

“Of course I’m right! I’m also right that this same principle applies to your work as it does to this gym, that is,—Your just as likely to get pregant at your office as you are here at this gym, and the way you reduce that risk at the gym is that you request any male who comes to this gym let you give them a tit job and cum on your tits and face, so it only follows that you should also request any male who comes to your office let you give them a tit job and cum on your tits and face to help you reduce your odds of getting pregnant there too.—”

True, true, Tania had to nod in agreement.

“However, for the time being, I have a question for you Mr. Lawrence,” Tania stated. “Would you be interested in heading into the showers with me, as you’ve already pointed out, I came here for a very specific reason and yet I haven’t even been cummed on once yet, did you want to be my first?”

“I appreciate the offer, but not today, maybe I’ll come back in the future when you’ve got that chest your wanting and can do a tit job right,” said Lawrence with a laugh.

“Aw,” said Tania with much disapointment. While this sexist ass was probably the last guy she wanted to give a tit job and have him cum on her, if there was one guy she really REALLY didn’t want getting her pregnant, it was him.

“Well that was a fun chat, but seeing as I’m not really the work out type, I think I’ll be heading out,” said Mr. Lawrence, much to Tania’s relief. “Still, since you did so kindly make me that offer I just want to point out that I noticed that young lanky kid in the corner over their leering at you when I came in. I can’t say for certain, but coming from an admitted sexual predator, the kid has the look of some one whose probably been fantasizing about you giving him a tit job since you walked in and thus probably wouldn’t be too difficult to persuade to let you make his fantasy a reality, regardless of your current tit size. Anyway, just something I noticed,” said Lawrence before shutting down his tread mill and making his way out of the gym.

Tania didn’t say good bye to, or even acknowledge, Lawrence as he left. He might have been right about everything he’d said, but he was still a spoiled chovanistic ass hole, he didn’t deserve any thanks from her. That did not mean, however, that she wasn’t going to make use of his observation. Waiting till she was able to catch the lanky young man sneaking a glance at her, she stopped her own tread mill and began to make her way toward him, moving in such a way as to draw as much attention to her body as possible. The look on his face told her all she needed to know. This guy definitely doesn’t need me to wait till I get my implants, she knew. 10 minutes later, in the men’s showers, her assessment proved accurate as her meager breasts rubbed the young man’s cock in just the right way to start it spraying all over her.

In the end the act was humiliating, the cum on her body revolting, but the result gave her the security she’d been craving, knoweldge that he was no longer a pregancy threat, at least not as much of one as he’d been prior to the deed. And just think, she thought as she thanked the young man and pulled her leotard back on, once I get some bigger tits and make a name for myself here I’ll have every guy leering at me from the moment I walk in!