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Danni, Such a Good Girl

Chapter 1

“Thanks for fetching the Henderson file, Dan. Just place it down on the table, there’s a Good Girl.” As soon as he finished his sentence, Danni felt a tingle run through her, an ice cold finger ran all the way up her spine, through her skull and into her brain. She gently shuddered, her mouth momentarily hanging open. She mentally shook herself.

His eyes studied her expression intently, and Danni thought she saw a spark of amusement in her bosses eyes. What is the matter with me? Her cheeks started to burn, she was sure they were bright red. How DARE he speak down to me like that! She composed herself, and opened her mouth to say—

“Good Girl. That’s it. Just place it down. That’s right.” He was beaming at her, looking down at her and leaning in much closer now. She barely noticed his hand gently moving up her knee. She was far too distracted by the ice cold finger that seemed to be slowly and gently scrambling her brains. It was getting really hard to concentrate on any one thought. A small voice in the deepest recess of her mind whispered this is wrong what’s is happening to me I can’t—

His chuckling interrupted her thoughts, and his voice cut through the thick fog that was settling in her mind.

“Poor thing. You’re trying so hard to work out what’s happening to you, aren’t you? Truthfully? It’s so fucking sexy seeing you like this. Trying, barely, to resist. But we are quite short on time, so I’m afraid we are going to have to cut to the chase.”

Her mind had started to clear, and she noticed his hand had moved to her inner thigh. There was a look of cold determination in his eyes she had never seen before. It scared her. She started to move away from him.

“No no, none of that now. In a moment I am going to repeat your trigger phrase. Each time I do, a part of you is going to float away into mindless bliss. And when I make you cum, those pieces will be lost forever. Do you understand?” She shook her head. “That’s ok. Everything will make sense soon. Ready?” She shook her head again, opened her mouth to say something.

“Shh! Be a Good Girl and stay quiet, for now”. Danni’s words froze on the tip of her tongue. The icy fingers we back, prickling her brain. He put his finger over her lips, and smiled.

“Relax and all this will be over soon. That’s it,Good Girl, just relax”.

She was only barely aware of his finger, sliding into her mouth,as she sagged back down into her chair. An immense wave of relaxation washed over her. It was like all her anxiety melted away. She calmly wondered if she should be concerned as his left hand slipped easily over her blouse and under her bra, roughly squeezing her small right breast, but it was hard to muster the willpower to care. She felt more relaxed than she ever had in her life.

“Well, these never were your biggest or best assets, were they?” He sounded disappointed as he withdrew his hand.

She considered his question. The icy fingers had began to withdraw from her mind, making thinking a little easier. She couldn’t speak with his finger still in her mouth, so she calmly shook her head.

That seemed to please him. He drilled her with his eyes, and flashed her a wicked grin.

“Turn around. Show me your best asset.” He said. He removed his finger from her mouth. She slowly stood up, and turned around. She felt his hands rearranging her blouse at her back.

“Goddamn but you always had a killer ass! And you always knew it! I bet you had to pour those trousers on!". He grabbed both her buttocks, and started to squeeze, hard. The tinge of pain allowed a brief moment of clarity, cutting through her calmness like a sharp knife. She felt her face flush red. What the hell was she doing? His hands were vigorously kneading her ass now, and he moaned with anticipation.

“Mmmm... Bend over the table.” He breathed. A slow anger began to build in Danni as realisation dawned on her. She spun around to face him, slapping his hands away.

“What the hell did you do to me!?” She demanded. She had never felt so betrayed, so used before.

He seemed taken aback. “Well well, I am impressed. I didn’t expect such resistance from you at all.” He gestured for her to sit down next to him. Anger flashed to molten rage at his seeming indifference to the situation.

“You cunt, were you going to rape me!?” She realised her face was inches from his as she practically spat her question into his face, her hands clenching into fists. A smirk started across his face, her fist swing back—

“Good Girl...”

Her inner fiery rage was immediately penetrated by a thousand frozen nails. She staggered back, her hands reaching up to her head, as if to pull away the fog that was settling on her mind. It was so hard to think but she knew what he was trying to do to her, and that fuelled her anger, giving her something to focus on, to try to hold onto.

“Sit down.” His words snapped through the fog, crystal clear. She realised she was sitting down, exactly like he told her to. Her eyes locked onto his as her anger started giving way to fear. He smiled at her.

“I know it’s hard to think right now, I’ll give you a moment to compose yourself. But if you try and get up, I will just say the magic words again and we’ll be right back where we started. Understand?” A few seconds passed whilst his words registered, she nodded her head twice.

He allowed a few more seconds to pass whist he studied her face.

“Good. Now to answer your question, no I am not going to rape you. I am going to fuck you, but your going to beg me first. You have no say in this, there is nothing you can do to stop this. But I want you to at least enjoy it.”

He continued studying her for a moment whilst she took stock of what he was saying. Her thoughts came a little easier now, and fear started to build up again, but she stayed still. She didn’t want him to say those words again. She was scared of how totally they stripped her control away from her. And she was terrified by how a small part of her liked it.

“I am going to fuck your mouth now, and when I’m finished you’ll understand a bit better.”

She was only a little ashamed of how she gasped and started to beg “Just wait, please—”

“Good Girl. No more thinking for now, just do as you’re told. Good girl. Kneel down in front of me, and take out my dick.”

Ice water washed away her thoughts. She was kneeling in front of him, his dick fully erect in front of her.

“Look at me. Good Girl.” Her eyes locked on to his, they were all she could see.

“Good Girl. You love me. You always have. You trust me completely.” His voice was all she could hear.

“All you want to do is please me. All that matters now is making me happy. Good Girl.”

She was looking up at him. Her eyes were filled with his. Her heart gushed with warmth at the sight of him. She felt a goofy grin fill her face.

“There now, so much better, my Good Girl. I think that’s about finished off the last of your resistance, hasn’t it?” He asked in a sing song, almost mocking tone. She nodded her head, and he smiled, clearly pleased with her response. Warmth filled ever part of her. She was nearly overwhelmed at the sense of pride she felt.

“Excellent. Now make me cum in your mouth. There’s a Good Girl.”

Her mouth had hungrily swallowed his cock before she could blink. A single purpose filled her to the very core now. A velvety warmth enveloped her thoughts, covering them in a thick syrup, making them slow and sticky. His cock pumped her mouth, his hands roughly on the back of her head, he moaned shamelessly. She didn’t notice. She realised she could no longer remember her name. It didn’t matter. All that mattered now was making his thick warm cock explode in her mouth. All that mattered was pleasing him. She was a good girl, that’s all that mattered.

She felt he was close, she frantically redoubled her efforts. At last it happened, she felt a river of cum filling her mouth, his hand squeezing hard on the back of her head. The strongest sensation of satisfaction filled her. Once again she was nearly overwhelmed with a feeling of pride as he emptied himself into her mouth. Too soon it was over, he pulled himself out of her. Her heart sank, and she felt a little empty. She swallowed the last drop of his cum. She had always loved the way it tasted.

He sat up in his chair. She was kneeling still, gazing up into his beautiful eyes.

“Fuck yes! Wow. That was amazing. You were amazing!” He smiled down at her. Her eyes filled up, she was so happy she was sure she would cry. He chuckled and looked down at his shrinking penis. “Go ahead and clean me up before I straighten up.” She beamed, quickly slurping and sucking his cock clean. When she was finished, he gestured her to sit in the chair next to him. She beamed at him and complied.

“I told you you would enjoy this. And as much as I love having you like this, if we’re going to make it permanent then I need you to truly accept it. And to truly accept something, well you’ve got to understand it first.”

He leaned in close to her, his eyes boring deeply into her. She sighed contentedly.

“That’s why when I snap my fingers the first time, you’re going to wake up from this lovely new state. You will remember everything that has happened, and although you will surely be angry you will in no way try to hurt me or leave, nor will you try to call or message anyone, understand so far?”

She nodded her head, every word sinking in deeply, completely trusted and accepted as truth.

“Good. When I snap my fingers the second time, you will remember exactly how you feel about me now. All that love, that affection, you will feel it flooding back into you. You will remember exactly how good it feels to please me, just like it does now, OK?”

She nodded vigorously, a silly grin splitting her face.

“Good Girl”


Sudden awareness flooded Danni’s mind. Her eyes bulged, her jaw dropped. Her cheeks burned. She wanted desperately to scream at him, to break his nose. But her body refused to execute her will. She fixed him with a glare and focused on the thought of punching him, shaking with the effort of trying to lift her arm back.

He studied her. “Now now, no violence. Clearly you can remember everything, so you must realise that even if you somehow muster the will to lift your heavy little arm there, I can drop you like a stone with two words. Now, settle down and let’s talk about what’s going to happen next.”

She stared at him. She couldn’t believe what was happening. What he had done to her. She felt a sickening dread at what he was insinuating was coming next.

“You fucking bastard.” She swore softly at him. “You can’t get away with this.”

He smiled at her, almost sweetly. “I so will. In fact, you’re going to make sure of that.”

“What the hell are you going to do to me?” Her voice nearly breaking, she refused to let the tears fall down her face. It was only anger that was making her cry, and she couldn’t give him the satisfaction.

He leaned forward, his voice quite and matter of fact. “I am going to make you my fuck puppet. I’ve decided that I’m not going to completely erase everything that was you, not like the others. No, frankly there is a slutty side to you that is just too damn hot not to keep. So Instead I’m going to dampen your will, pretty drastically reduce your cognitive abilities and wash away some of your now obsolete personality traits, like your desire for independence. In sort, I am going to make you my sweet little bimbo.”

He was grinning at her. Her mind was racing, and real fear started to build up in her.

“You can’t do this to me. You’re crazy. You can’t do that to a person!”

He span away from her, reached over to the telephone and pushed a button.

“Hello, reception.” Charlotte, the receptionists, perky voice piped through the loudspeaker.

“Charlotte, come in here a moment.” The line clicked off, and a moment later the door to the office opened.

Charlotte stood in the doorway, looking in expectantly. She was young and pretty, about 5′5″ and whilst not slim, she was curvy in the right way. He brown hair spilled over her bare shoulders. Her light tan dress was quite conservative. “Everything ok?”

“Come in, close the door.” Charlotte did as he asked, moving in and closing the door behind her. Danni caught charlottes eye, desperately she wanted the young woman to help her. Before she could think of a way how to communicate this to Charlotte without him realising, he spoke.

“I am the key.” He said quietly. The expression slowly drained from charlottes face, her eyes slipping away from Danni’s and glazing over as she gazed off into some dark distance. A silly little smile settled on charlottes face. Danni felt a shiver, she remembered with frightening clarity what that felt like. To have your mind shunted away. She was disgusted to find a tiny part of her had liked it.

“Charlotte, please lick danni out, but don’t let her cum until I tell you.”

Charlotte sank to her knees in front of Danni, her hands deftly began trying to undo her buttons. Danni swatted them away in horror, she started to get up, to try to push Charlotte off her.

“Now now, be a Good Girl, and just sit quietly whilst Charlotte takes care of you. " Danni let out a soft sigh as her trigger phrase melted her thoughts like ice cream on a sunny day. She slumped in her chair, her will to resist momentarily evaporated.

It was enough time for Charlotte to have unbuttoned her trousers. Danni was only barely aware of Charlottes hands moving underneath her.

“Bum up.” She commanded. Danni complied mindlessly. “Thank you.” Charlotte murmured as she slid Danni’s trousers down to her ankles. She pushed Danni’s thighs open, her fingers slid Danni’s panties across and her mouth found Danni’s pussy.

Danni gasped, the warm wetness of Charlottes mouth on her bringing some of her senses back to her. Charlottes tongue pushed itself into Danni’s lips in a most passionate kiss. Danni looked down in horror as the younger girl lapped away happily at her. Danni went to once more push Charlotte off, disgusted by what was happening.

“Now now, we both know I’m not going to let you do that. You can either sit back and take it whilst we continue our conversation, or i can... Heh, take your mind off it and just enjoy watching. Your call. ”

Danni’s lips pursed to a thin line and she tried to bore a hole in his head with her stare. Charlotte was lapping at her pussy in earnest. Danni had to admit that she was very skilled, but she refused to give him the satisfaction of showing him the effect it was having in her. She tried her best to ignore the intensely pleasurable sensation. The fact that it was another woman helped- she had never been into girls.

“Good. Much better this way. Now, I believe you were telling me I couldn’t turn a person into my fuck toy. I think that Charlotte there would disagree, wouldn’t you sweetie?”

Charlotte nodded her head, her tongue never missing a beat.

“You are sick. There is something wrong with you.” She managed to stifle a moan as charlottes tongue started to circle her clitoris in devilishly slow circles.

“Maybe. I think in all honestly though, if anyone else had access to my... Persuasive skills, they would probably do exactly the same as me. Besides, I’m not hurting anybody. And, really, you can’t tell me that a little part of you likes being my good...” He his sentence hang in the air. There was a slurping noise from between Danni’s legs as Charlotte renewed her efforts. Danni couldn’t help but let out a little sigh. She could feel her desire building, even against her will.

“Well, you see my point. Doesn’t a little part of you like it when I take your thoughts away? Doesn’t it make everything easier? All your worries and cares slipping away?” He leaned forward, clearly enjoying the sight of charlottes head bobbing up and down in Danni’s crotch.

“You really think I like it? I can’t think of anything more invasive than what you—” he cut her off before she could finish.

“Good Girl”. The combination of charlottes tongue expertly working to pleasure her and those words blasted her mind away. Once again she sank back in her chair. Moments passed, she became aware of someone moaning quietly. She realised it was her. Her hands were on the back of charlottes head,she was slowly grinding her crotch into charlottes mouth. She shook herself, began to compose herself. The pleasure was harder and harder to deny.

“You were saying?” He asked, an impish smile on his face.

“Bastard.” She swore softly. He chuckled.

“I’ll do you a deal. You suck me off again, with just as much enthusiasm as you did earlier, and instead of taking your mind away forever, I’ll make you forget everything that’s happened and let you go back to your normal life. Well, obviously I might have my fun in the future, but nothing... Permanent.”

A shiver ran down her spine, and it had nothing to do with the tongue in her pussy. She thought of her daughter, her fiancé, her life. This man would be able to carry out his threat, she knew. She briefly glanced down at the girl who worked her tongue in and out of her, mindlessly obedient. Danni shivered again. She couldn’t let that happen to her. Shit.How could she refuse?

“End this nonsense then, and let’s get it over with.” She went to push charlottes head away from her with more than a little relief- she didn’t know how much longer she could keep a cool head- the familiar heat of an orgasm had started to well up from inside her tummy.

He shook his head. Her heart sank. “Oh no, I’m afraid you’ll have to multitask.” He stood up, started to unzip himself. He Leant down and whispered something into charlottes ear, too quietly for Danni’s to hear. Charlotte nodded. He moved in front of her, his fully erect penis inches from Danni’s mouth.

“Ok then, In your own time.” He said wryly.

“You’re a monster.” She whispered.

Danni resigned herself. If she tried, she was sure she could get this over with quickly. At least that would be something. She turned her head towards his penis, leant forward and took his full length into his mouth, looking up at him as she did, trying her best come to bed eyes she could manage. He groaned. As he did, Danni jumped as Charlotte slipped a finger into her as she ferociously attacked Danni’s clit with her tongue. Danni couldn’t help but let a little moan of her own slip out. Despite herself she couldn’t help but find the situation exciting. He let out a short laugh.

“What’s the matter? A bit distracted are you? Come on now, I said with as much enthusiasm as earlier! That was the deal.”

Danni suppressed the urge to grit her teeth and did her best to ignore the intense sensations from between her legs as she continued to blow him. Each time he gave any outward sign of satisfaction, Charlottes finger would penetrate her, her tongue lapping wildly at her clit. Danni couldn’t help but Moan. She closed her eyes, concentrating. It wasn’t long before the urge to cum was becoming impossible to ignore. Clearly it was affecting her... Performance, as he began to chuckle softly. She opened her eyes, looking up at him. His smug grin filled her with rage. She half considered biting down as hard as she could, but who knows what kind of reprisal that would bring. Tears of frustration started to build up behind her eyes. She hated him for what he was doing. This was worse than rape.

“I can see you’re having a hard time keeping your efforts up.” His tone was condescending. He was right, though. Desperate as she was to avoid the fate of the poor girl between her legs, her disgust at feeling him in her mouth was too much. At least it kept in check the growing intensity of an orgasm building up in her.

“Well, at this rate you’re not going to fulfil our little bargain. Ah, but I bet I know something that will help...” He raised his hand, bringing his fingers together. Her eyes bulged, she spat his dick out of her mouth, a little voice screaming in her mind how dangerous it would be if he—