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Debbie, Dan and the Demon

(mc, mmf, ffm, ff, bi, etc)

Chapter IV

The week or so passed relatively without incident. Meaning that Debbie and Dan returned to work and got back to their normal routine. Except that Debbie continued to dress more provocatively (for her) including very daring, even scandalous, underwear, when she wore any at all, and that Debbie and Dan had sex far more often than previously, like nearly every day. And when they fucked, the house rocked. Every orifice Debbie had was used often and well. Oh, and one night Debbie (really Zach, but where was the difference now) asked Dan to shave her pussy. He did, and the pussy licking afterwards was incredible.

Dan was ecstatic, and if Zach had informed him of his effective “possession” Dan said nothing about it. But Dan began working out regularly, toning up his already decent body, and looked for every opportunity to touch Debbie sexually. He also openly looked over other women when they were together, even commenting on some of them to Debbie, and also commented on how other men were looking Debbie over, telling her how hot it made him to think of the things other men clearly wanted to do with Debbie.

On Saturday, while Dan showered, Debbie went to the phone, though she could think of no reason why.

“Let’s have some fun,” Zach’s familiar voice said in Debbie’s head.

“What kind of fun...I mean what kind of fun sir?” Debbie questioned.

“That’s better, just listen in on your own conversation”

Debbie dialed Li’s number. “Hi Li, its Debbie, from the flight from Paris. Yes, Dan and I have been thinking of you too, about all of you. Listen Li, we were wondering if you’d like to come over and...get better acquainted, sort of really get to know each other better. When? Well, are you in town today? Oh, for several days? Great! Why don’t you come over today about one? I might be late, but you and Dan can think of any number of ways to keep busy until I come home, I’m sure. See you then!”

Screaming internally, Debbie then left Dan a note before leaving. It said “Be sure to be home before 1:00, I’ve got a surprise present coming for you. Back later in the day.”

With that, Debbie picked a raincoat from the closet and headed into the rainy day to do some errands.

As her car door closed, Zach let Debbie loose. “What the FUCK was that!” Debbie exploded. “Isn’t it enough you’ve got me fucking Dan every which way? Do you have to give him to that slut from the plane too? Am I even going to have a husband left when that gorgeous bitch gets through with him? Oh shit, why not just kill me and be done with it?”

“Oh that was naughty Debra,” Zach said calmly but coldly. “I don’t think I’ve ‘got you’ fucking Dan, I think you and Dan are doing it with little if any prompting at all, you just won’t admit how much you’ve gotten to like being a good fuck for your husband. And as for Li, you didn’t seem to mind having ‘that gorgeous bitch’ sucking your sopping twat on the plane while Dan reamed out your ass. Where were the protests when Li gave you her number, did you even try to throw it out? I never stopped you from doing that. You just don’t want to share that oriental pussy with Dan, do you, and you don’t want to share Dan with anyone. Tough shit. Now, as to your tone, I think we’ll have to have a little demonstration today. It’s still early, between us, and this is the first time I’ve had you share your man, so we won’t do anything permanent, like pierce your pussy lips or put rings in those sweet nipples. Here, let’s start with this...

Debbie found herself stripping down in the car, still in the garage. Once she had nothing on at all, Debbie put on her raincoat, unbuttoned to mid cleavage.

“What are we doing?” Debbie inquired quietly.

“We’re going to run your errands, but we may add one at the end.”

And she did run errands. Debbie bought groceries, attracting looks from several stock clerks when she stretched or bent over to reach for items. She bought shoes, the clerks at several stores practically went to war over waiting on her, especially since when she sat and crossed her legs the rain coat fell open to her upper thigh. Fitting shoes provided a wonderful view of Debbie’s newly shaved pussy. When her scheduled errands were done, with surprising efficiency, Debbie started her car again and began driving to a seedier area of town one littered with strip bars and porn shops.

“Please, Zach, don’t do this. I’m sorry, I was surprised, I won’t act out again.”

“Oh, I don’t mind. I like delivering lessons on who serves whom. Besides, monogamy was getting stale. Ah, here we are.”

Debbie found herself outside a porn shop with “25 cent peep shows” written in neon on the front. She undid one more button on the coat and entered. The store’s several customers’ eyes immediately locked onto Debbie like jackals sizing up prey, estimating their chances of a successful kill. Scanning the shelves, Debbie picked out a large double headed dildo, a strap on with several sized phallic heads, a long but thin vibrator and an 8″ realistic rubber dick. Not showing any concern outwardly, Debbie went to the cashier.

“If that’s all, maybe I can help you try on some of this in the back,” the greasy but hard bodied cashier smirked.

“Just these please,” Debbie said. “Oh, and how about $20 in singles for the video booth,” she added carelessly but loudly enough for those in the room to hear.

Debbie took her bag and opened a booth. Not finding what Zach evidently wanted, she went from booth to booth until entering one and locking it behind her. The booth was the usual, bare except for a chair, a tissue dispenser and the video screen, channel selector and coin box. Pumping the dollar bills all in, Debbie turned the channels until she found a hot tape of group sex, often double penetration. But she lined her chair up facing the one side wall instead of the screen

“Would you like to know what Dan and Li are up to?” Zach said in Debbie’s mind. “Right now, they’re curled up on the couch, a little wine on the coffee table, and they’re just getting things started. Ooh, that’s a nice long kiss, Li has a very mobile tongue. She’s a good match for Dan that way. All their clothes are still on right now, but Dan is playing with the buttons on Li’s blouse and her tight little skirt is riding up over her tight little ass as they move against each other. I’ll keep you posted while you stay busy here.”

Debbie took the long vibrator and the rubber dick from her bag and spread her legs wide and started working her cunt over with the vibrator. Her eyes saw the video in front of her, but her mind visualized Dan and Li and tears leaked from her eyes even as her pussy got wetter. The vibrator sound was clearly audible from nearby.

Hearing someone enter the next booth, Debbie found out what Zach had been looking for. Her booth had two holes cut in the walls. One, at eye level, had a flip cover that was now swung shut on her side. The other was crotch high and light from the next booth was visible, then went dark as someone’s eye pressed to the hole. Debbie heard a sharp intake of breath from the man next door as he saw the nude beauty running the vibrator along the lips of her vagina, dipping it deeper inside her every few seconds.

“Open your peephole!” an insistent whisper said from the next booth.

Unable to resist, Debbie stood and opened the cover on the eye level peephole, then returned to her sex toys. Once her cunt was damp, Debbie took the 8″ dildo and started to lick and suck it realistically until it was well covered with saliva. Then, putting one foot up on the chair edge and swinging her leg wide, she started working the rubber cock into her cunt languorously, moving deeper with each slow stroke.

“Update time,” Zach said. “Dan’s pants are wide open and Li’s hand is stroking his cock, not really jerking him off, but just running her hand up and down loosely. Li’s topless now. Her tits aren’t really as nice as yours, quite a bit smaller and not so full. But her nipples are so long! Dan can’t believe how long they stand up when he sucks them. He got a real surprise when his hand went under the skirt too, no panties at all, even under that little leather skirt. What a dirty girl. We’ll have to think of an appropriate punishment.”

Debbie’s breath came faster now, the dildo building up her excitement level despite her own feelings of despair. Her eyes locked on the lower hole in the wall now as a bare cock pushed through the hole a respectable distance.

“C’mon baby, do it for me, you’re driving me wild!” the stranger said.

Debbie pushed the big dildo nearly all the way into her cunt, leaving only enough outside to grip. Then, with a half moan of lust and half sob she moved to her knees near the protruding cock. Just as Zach had described, Debbie began sliding her hand gently along the big prick. A guttural groan came from the other side.

“Oh yeah! Faster now baby, faster!”

Debbie complied, starting to jerk off the man in earnest.

“Well,” Zach said, you and Li are just about keeping the same pace. She just moved to sucking Dan’s cock for real, on her knees in front of the couch. She’s pretty good at it too, takes just about his whole cock into her mouth, deep in her throat. Dan’s running his hands over her silky hair, but not pushing her on any deeper. Li’s good with her hands too. One pumps his cock behind her mouth, and the other is fondling Dan’s balls and tickling the spot between those and his ass. Hmm, you can’t reach this guy’s balls, but you can do everything else. This format is so limiting!”

Knowing what came next, Debbie began deep throating the anonymous cock, pumping her hand wetly along with her mouth. She could feel the cock begin to swell and tried to move her mouth away, but Zach kept her going steadily as the jism began to spray into her mouth. After swallowing some, Zach had Debbie move her mouth off and spray some cum onto her own cheeks and tits, then massage it onto her skin. Then she began to pump the dildo furiously into her pussy, giving the now softening man a display of her climax as the orgasm shook her and she cried out loudly.

Debbie heard the booth door slam next door, then open and close again quickly. She knew what was coming, and sure enough a man shoved his cock, a black one this time, through the glory hole.

“You look like you know what to do, slut,” the voice next door said.

“Slut,” Debbie thought, “that’s what I’ve become, that’s what you’ve made me, Zach”

“That’s right, Debra. And today you’re going to be a busy slut. Another day, when I like you better, I’ll let you be the one in control, let you be selective. But not today. Get busy. Start sucking while I tell give you the Dan and Li report. While you were drinking down that first guy’s cum, Dan pulled out of Li’s mouth, just in time to keep from cumming himself. Li was disappointed, she likes the taste of cum, and likes to fuck guys that are on their second go around, they last longer. But she made the best of it since Dan put that tongue you like so well to good work. They switched places. Li spread her legs nearly horizontal on the couch and Dan crouched down to lick her silly. Now he’s tongue fucking her while he drums a jazzy rhythm on her clit. Since she’s holding her own legs open, Dan’s got his other hand slipped under Li’s ass, cupping one cheek and sort of massaging it. Li loves it, Dan doesn’t know it yet, but she’s very anal.”

Debbie kept sucking the black cock, switching rhythms and occasionally stopping to just lick his cock like a big lollipop. The dildo still sat in her cunt, and she periodically pumped it into herself, keeping herself on the edge of orgasm but not quite there.

“Main event now,” Zach cut in. Dan stopped eating Li just short of her first orgasm and just pushed his cock all the way into her. First pussy Dan’s had except yours since you’ve been married! What a good hubby. Li is loving this. Dan has his cock pushed way in, and is rubbing the flat of his thumb on her clitoris. Oh, there she goes! Wow, she’s a screamer, Dan’s surprised. Li’s coming hard, she must have needed a good fucking. Now Dan’s starting to pump his cock while he holds Li’s legs apart and squeezes her thighs. Hmm, this looks like a good cock too, let’s fuck it.”

Debbie pulled the dildo from her cunt and stopped giving the man head. The black guy protested briefly, but stopped when he saw through the peephole that Debbie was backing up to his cock. She reached between her legs and guided the big black dick into her soaked twat. A deep groan came from the other side of the wall.

“Hold still,” Debbie told the man, and began to rock herself back and forth on his dick, fucking the cock as if it were a fixed part of the wall. This went on a while, then Debbie backed herself all the way to the hole in the wall and said “you do it!”

Immediately, the cock began slamming into Debbie’s juicy hole. She had to bend lower and hold the edge of the chair for support but, probably do to Zach’s influence, she loved the feel of the hard fuck. She reached down for the dildo and put it in her mouth, tasting her juice from before.

“Dan won’t last much longer,” Zach’s said to her, “his cum is bubbling up from those nice balls of his. Li’s about ready to pop her cork again too. Ah, there he goes, cum pumping right up Li’s cunt. If it weren’t for me there’d be a new baby in the world soon. But I won’t let that happen. My grip on Dan is nearly as firm as it is on you now, he just doesn’t know it, but he will. And Li took almost no power at all to take over, that woman is a natural slut, I hardly have to change anything with her. Its going to be hard to find something for her to do that she doesn’t already do frequently!

“Oh, feel it?” Zach asked. “This guy’s about to cum too, almost, almost, NOW!”

As Zach said it, the black man fucking Debbie started to spray his cum into Debbie, continuing to pump hard, and then still pumping slowly after he stopped shooting off, just enjoying the feel of Debbie’s still tight, but now slickly lubed pussy.

“Thanks slut, hope I find you here again,” and the man left the booth.

“Li’s not done yet it seems,” Zach said. “She’s rolled Dan to the floor, and she’s rubbing her slimy pussy over Dan’s cock. He’s not still hard, but he’s not soft yet either, and Li looks set to make sure he gets harder again. She’s putting on a show, cupping those little tits and pinching her nipples for him, stretching them way out while she keeps running her cunt over his cock and rubbing her own clit. She can feel Dan’s cock stirring again. Now she’s moving up Dan’s body, bringing her cunt over his mouth. Normally Dan wouldn’t want this. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but he’s never eaten you after there was cum in your twat, he didn’t want the cum in his mouth. But that’s something I’m going to change. There, that’s better, his tongue is fucking Li and his own cum is running into his mouth while he does it. In fact, lets have him actually suck her pussy clean. Oh yeah, that’s nice, Li likes it too, but then there doesn’t seem to be anything she doesn’t like. Her hand is stroking his cock while he eats her, its hardening up nicely. Now she’s slid back and put Dan’s cock into her. By the way, Dan’s been wondering where you are by now, he thought you’d be sharing Li with him after her performance on the plane. But he’s keeping busy. Oh look, you have another customer too.

A very long, sort of thin uncircumcised cock stuck through the glory hole and a southern voice said “hey, honey, how ‘bout a little party?”

Without even prompting from Dan, used to her role here now, Debbie began to lick and suck the cock, working the hood off the head first by pumping the cock in her hands, a little fascinated with the unfamiliar look.

“Oh that’s nice honey. Hey, how ‘bout you put that vibrator to work a bit, gimme a show, huh” Purty thing like you are?

Debbie’s vibrator began to hum as she started running it over her cunt lips, then zeroed onto her clit, pushing it on harder now, wanting some pain with the pleasure. She started sucking more intently now too, taking more of the long cock way down into her throat and then nearly all the way out, her other hand pumping him too.

“Whoa!, too good too fast honey. You hold still a while and let me just fuck your face. Debbie complied, though she’d have preferred to be the one in control (“Don’t worry”, Zach said, “you will be sometimes.") The man’s long cock began to pump into her mouth, down into her throat. Only Zach kept Debbie from choking and kept her breathing in time with the growing length and speed of the face fuck strokes.

“Li’s cum again, what a little slut she is,” Zach told Debbie as she continued letting her mouth be used. “Now she wants to get Dan off. She’s rolled off him put him up on his hands and knees. From behind now, she’s jerking him off. But she’s also started giving Dan his first rim job! Li’s tongue is running round and round Dan’s ass hole, pressing firmly to his rosebud while she moves her other hand between his cock and his balls. Dan’s somewhere between shock and delight, moving fast to ecstasy. Too bad I can’t have you rim this guy so you could see the reaction. Now Li is sliding her tongue into Dan’s ass, getting it wetter and wetter and pushing her tongue as deeply in as possible, still pumping his cock. He’s warning her that he’s going to cum soon. I’m tired of this face fuck thing, let’s get this guy off.”

Debbie pulled away from the wall and and told her southern friend to hold still a minute. Then she turned away from the wall again, bent way over and asked him if he’d like to fuck her butt.

“Oh honey, where have you been all my life? You have the sweetest ass I’ve ever seen. I’d love to lick your ass first, but shit yes I want to fuck it. Give it to me sweet cheeks!” (“Appreciative bastard, isn’t he?” Zach said)

Holding the chair for leverage, Debbie held the long, hard cock for a moment, appreciating the feel of it, the pulsing veins and smooth skin. Then she put its head against her ass hole and pushed slowly back toward the wall, pushing her hold out and open as she did to minimize the pain. Debbie felt her ass hole stretched wider and then felt the little give as the cock head made it past her sphincter. She took a few breaths and then began to pump herself lower onto the cock. The man swore softly, in wonder at his incredible luck in being here today.

“Li and Dan update,” Zach said. “Li has Dan’s ass wet and relaxed and now she’s pushing one, then two fingers into his ass. I’ve got him loving it. He’d probably love it anyway if he wasn’t too up tight for that. But he loves it now. Li’s fingers are fucking Dan’s ass just the way this guy is fucking yours, same rhythm. Remember I told you that I could touch things physically when I got stronger, watch this.”

Debbie gasped as she felt fingers running over the lips of her pussy, then dip deeply into her. Then she felt fingers start to stroke her clitoris firmly while she kept fucking the cock with her ass hole. Debbie saw nothing in the booth with her though.

“I’m here, bodily, you just can’t see me yet. But I’m here.”

The fingers stopped on her clit and Debbie felt a hand fondling her bouncing breasts, cupping the full, warm tit flesh lovingly. “Love your tits Debra, I really do.”

The rubbing resumed on her clit and Debbie picked up her pace on the cock as she felt a massive climax coming.

“Now, Debra, cum now, Dan’s cock is pumping cum out as Li jerks him off while her fingers keep fucking his ass. You do the same, NOW!”

She did cum, hard, the waves rocking nearly over, only Zach’s support keeping her upright. As her ass clenched with her climax, the man shouted and began to cum too, jism flooding out of her ass hole as she kept pumping back onto him.

Then it was over. The southerner left. Debbie cleaned off as best she could with the tissues in the booth and put her coat on. She opened the booth and found the hard bodied clerk and a fatter friend waiting for her. The store apparently closed and empty.

“About time, slut,” Hard body said. “We been waiting for you to finish. We don’t want to fuck you through no booth hole. We want the whole package.”

Debbie trembled, believing the ordeal was over and not wanting to do more.

“Don’t worry,” Zach told her, “you’re perfectly safe, never safer in fact. This slime is no threat to you while I’m with you. No one like them is. Hmm, your confidence has been shaken today. Let’s build it up a bit and do this physically.”

“No,” Debbie said to the men, “stand aside and let me out of here.”

“Yeah, right, slut. Like we’re not going to fuck your brains out after what you’ve done here today. Now drop that coat and hit your knees. Papa has something for you to suck.”

As if she’d been doing it her whole life, Debbie’s foot lashed out, catching the clerk’s knee and crumpling him screaming where he stood. The fatter friend moved forward, a knife in his hand. Debbie reached out, her hand moving like a snake around the attacker’s wrist. Lightning fast, his arm was twisted behind him, the shoulder dislocated and the knife on the floor. Debbie drove the man’s head into the wall, sending him dizzily to the floor.

“Get the fuck out of here bitch, I ever see you again and your dead,” the clerk yelled, clutching his smashed knee.

“No, you wanted a rape, I think we’ll have one after all,” Debbie answered coldly. She looked around and brought some monster dildo’s from the store wall. The clerk tried to scramble away, but Debbie kicked his head and stomped his knee again, leaving him writhing while she unwrapped the fake cocks.

“Here,” Zach said to her, “I’ll hold him still while you strip them down.”

Debbie approached the clerk, the fat man’s knife in one hand, dildo in the other. She began to cut the man’s pants and shorts off, then his shirt, leaving him effectively nude, trusting Zach to hold the clerk still. The clerk tried to move, but found himself held in place by incredibly strong hands he could feel but not see, their grip painful and more painful still each time he tried to escape. The hands turned him onto his knees.

“You want to wet this first, or you want it up your ass dry?” Debbie asked.

“Wet,” the clerk croaked, tears leaking from his eyes now. He opened his mouth and slobbered onto the dildo, passing it back to Debbie slimed with saliva.

“Don’t lady, please!”

“You were going to show me a lot of mercy, right?”

“We were just going to have a little fun. You’d been fucking everyone silly all day, why not us?”

“Because I said, no, and you didn’t listen.”

The clerk felt the cheeks of his ass spread wide by the stong, painful grip, not daring to resist this weird woman. Debbie drove the head of the dildo into the man’s ass. Then pumped it deeper repeatedly until the entire huge cock was lodged inside, painfully spreading the ass hole wide.

“Stay there,” Debbie ordered, “and the only movement I want to see is you jerking off. Do it fuck head!”

Still crying, the clerk complied, Zach’s influence producing a hard on despite his pain.

The same process took place with the fat friend. He tried to fight more, but Debbie’s foot and Zach’s grip on his balls convinced him otherwise. Soon, both men were jerking off hard cocks with fat dildo’s protruding from their asses.

“This doesn’t look right,” Debbie said. “I know, you wanted to be sucked too.”

The two men had no idea what was happening, but their bodies moved as if possessed. The fat friend moved on top of the clerk in a 69 position, and both men began to suck each other off.

“That’s right, scum heads, suck it, then sleep!” With that, Debbie went to wash in the store lavatory, then left the men squirming on the floor, trying but unable to stop sucking each others cocks.

As she got into her car, Zach told Debbie, “That was well done, Debra. They keep going until both cum, then fall asleep with each others dick in their mouths. Someone will find them just that way tomorrow, unable to remember how they got that way. You’ve done well today. How do you feel?”

“I’m OK. Still shaky, but OK. That last bit really helped me pull myself together. You will look out for me won’t you, in your own way?”

“I will. You’ll be doing things you otherwise wouldn’t. Some you’ll enjoy, others only I will enjoy. But I won’t allow you to be really hurt, and I won’t allow anyone to harm you. But you must adjust to that fact that you’re mine now. I’m not going away, and you’ll have to obey. If you do, you’ll find that I can make your life very, very enjoyable. Now let’s go home. You’re tired and Dan is waiting for you, alone.