The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Cora washed the spuds under the cold water whilst her mother Niamh sprinkled herbs on the sausages in the baking tray.

Both women felt the tingle at the base of their spines. “I’ll go…” Cora said

“No…” her mother insisted, “I’ll go….”

“Alright, mum” Cora smiled.

Niamh brushed her hands on her apron and then hung it up on a hook by the kitchen/back door.

She went out to the barn.

It. It was waiting for her. A writhing skin-coloured mass. It throbbed and moved like a wobbling plate of gelatinous material. It had no eyes, but knew she was there. It sprawled multiple tentacles, of different sizes, and springing from its form in no apparent design.

Niamh was forty-four. Her body was aged. Yet she grew moist between her legs. “Please, don’t take so much..” she begged as she pulled down her panties.

There was a small mattress at the one end of the building and she sat down on it, sitting against the wall.

It began to move forward, some of its tentacles testing the way as it went. She opened her legs as it was a the end of the mattress.

A tentacle rose up and plunged towards her face. Her mouth opened and it disappeared into her throat. Her urge to gag was suppressed by the slimy material it secreted. Another tentacle changed in shape and moved towards her vagina. She spread her legs a little wider and it found her wet slit there. It pushed in her hairy snatch. Her body bucked. Other tentacles wrapped around her arms, her legs. She was lifted up off the mattress as the one in her vagina drove in to her cervix. If not for the one in her mouth she would have cried out in joy.

And it fucked her. Her body quivered and shot out an orgasm right away; it fed.

It fed on her sexual energy. Women can have multiple orgasms and it drove her through a cycle of pleasure; milking her of energy. It was a process her husband did not survive… that first night. He came, and his heart, his body could not take anymore.

It fucked her for ten minutes, and in that brief time she came five times. The final one left her unconscious. She woke about a minute later. Her body sore, tired, lethargic, but satisfied. It was a wonderful way to die. She managed to get to her feet. She didn’t look at it. She knew it had slunk back to its side of the room.

She opened the door. “Mum!?!” Cora gasped

“Please, I’m alright…” Niamh said

“Let me help you…” Cora insisted. She let her mum use her as a crutch and helped her back into the house.

“I’m not sure I can give much more…” Niamh said

“We need to find others to help feed it…”

“We can’t put this upon anyone else!” Niamh said as she was helped onto the couch.

“We have to…” Cora insisted. “It’s slowly killing us…”

“I don’t think I could be part of that…” Niamh said as her eyes fluttered, “I…” and then she collapsed.

Cora knew that they would have to get others. It did not occur to her to flee, she couldn’t. That part of her was under its power. She had a desire to feed it. It made her feel better than any man or woman had ever done. It was in that sense addictive. She had to feed it. But she also knew it was dangerous to her. It had killed her father. Her mum looked like she was ten years older than she was. Cora had seen her own body change too, from being drained of energy. She no longer got her period. Unlike her mum her public hair had fallen out.

Cora could hear it in her head. She knew it knew her thoughts. At the beginning when she desired to escape it made her return to it and it fucked her so long—for hours—she became exhausted. It was addictive too. She loved it. It was the best feeling she had ever known. It didn’t just fuck them, it invaded them. Never had she felt so open and exposed. It was like her soul disappeared and she simply became a living cunt, throbbing with desire. Desire. Pure desire.

Siobhan was on a night out with the girls. She was a full-figured woman with shaved dyed-hair. A lesbian. The ‘girls’ had been on a protest against the Misogyny of Irish Cinema of the 1990s. They had stormed a lecture of a famed movie critic and demanded reform of Irish movies. When pointed out that the lecture was about older films they howled in protest anyway, and on their way out set of fire alarms and attacked the public address system… thus ‘sticking it to the man’!

Siobhan was fuming with anger at how they had been treated. “What about OUR right to free speech…?” she growled.

“Yeah!” came the agreement.

“Don’t we have a right to shut them down?”

“Haters!” someone cheered.

Siobhan belched out across her pint of beer. There was laughter. “I just need to go for a slash” she said as she got up from her chair

“Stay, babe” her friend Ciara said

Siobhan stopped, bent over, clutching Ciara’s head by the cheeks and planted a heavy deep kiss on her lips.

“Ahhhh” she gasped for air standing up in triumph. She saw a couple of people turn away and whisper

“Fuck you!” she yelled across at them.

“Careful, babe” Ciara said

“Screw them!” Siobhan said.

She looked back at them and then lifted her shirt to reveal her large pendulous breasts. “Take a good look!” she said, and laughed

“Babe!” Ciara cringed.

“Don’t let the patriarchy win!” Siobhan said and then sauntered off over to the bar to order more pints.

“I think you’ve had enough, young miss” Bob O’Reilly said from behind the bar.

“Don’t be condescending to me…”

“Look…” he began

“And I don’t need mansplaining either…” she snapped. She swayed a little from the booze and grabbed the brass bar that ran under the counter. It was just enough to stop her falling backwards

“I…” he began but said nothing when she leered at him.

“What do you want?” she slurred

“Nothing” Cora said.

“You’re kind of cute…” Siobhan said sliding up to Cora.

“Ah, thank you”

“What’s your name?”

“Is miss, Cora” Cora said, “Sorry… My name is Cora”

“I speak some Irish too!” Siobhan said then belched

“You’re from the Gaeltacht?” Cora hoped

“Huh?” Siobhan said… “Look ah… what are your plans, young Miss Cora?” she asked. She was acting now like an 18th century gentleman, bowing melodramatically.

“Here drink this… “ Cora said, offering Siobhan a glass of what appears to be stout.

“What’s in it?”

“Nothing” Cora lied

“Will you go out with me if I drink it?”


“Okay, then” Siobhan smiled. She gulped the contents down in one hit.

Siobhan bumped her head on the side of the van. She woke up. There was a flickering light on in the ceiling and more light came in via a box-door leading to the cabin of the van

“What the fuck?” she gasped wondering where she was.

“Oh, you’re awake” Cora said from the driver’s seat as she heard the noise in the back

“Where the fuck am I?”

“Near Costlelloe” Cora said chirpily. Siobhan tried to get up but realised her arms and legs were tied.


“Past Galway”

“Galway?” Siobhan spat “What the fuck am I doing in Galway?”

“You’re going to our farm…”

“Untie me, you dumb bitch!”

“Sorry, I can’t do that”

“If you don’t let me out..”

“You’ll what? Cora laughed.


Cora turned and closed the box door to the back of the van leaving Siobhan in almost total darkness.

The road got rougher as Cora drove down more and more wilder parts.

Siobhan wonder how long she’d been out… what was in that drink? She was at least three hours from the pub in Dublin.

The van drew to a sudden halt with screeching brakes. Siobhan tumbled against the bulkhead. “Ow” she cried

A moment later the back doors were opened. Siobhan blinked as she tried to accustom herself to the sudden influx of light.

“Is this her then?” Niamh asked her daughter

“It is, mum”

“Where did you…?”

“Do you need to know…?” Cora interrupted

“No, not really…”

“Is it ready to feed?”

“Yes” Niamh said, “We should introduce her to it right away.”

“Help me then…” Cora said

“I brought a bucket” she said brining up a wheelbarrow

The two women ignored Siobhan’s alternating pleas and threats as they climbed into the van and dragged her out.

In the barn she was tossed out unceremoniously onto the small mattress

Niamh cut her ropes.

Cora held her from behind, holding her head facing towards ‘it’.

Siobhan saw it, as it slowly emerged out of the shadows

It seemed to gurgle, though it didn’t have a mouth.

Siobhan trembled. She had never seen anything like it before. Cora forced her to look at it.

“I think she’s ready” Niamh said

Cora checked Siobhan’s face.

She had a kind of fascinated glazed expression.

“I think she’s ready” Cora concurred and the two women slipped away.

It crawled towards Siobhan. She couldn’t take her eyes off it. Something about it both repulsed and fascinated her. She shifted in her position and without realising it she spread her legs.

It sensed this; senses her sex. One of its tentacles tested the air. It drew closer to her, wrapping around her ankles and opening her up wider. Another tentacle flicked over her chest. Her nipples were bullet hard.

And yet another tentacle wormed its way down her T-shirt. It tugged at it, and tore it open, exposing her very pale pendulous breasts.

Two tentacles opened like mouths on their ends and attached themselves to her breasts.

“Ohhh!” she gasped.

What appeared like it’s main tentacle flopped and shimmied along the mattress between her legs, moving up towards her crotch. It morphed at it’s tip, forming a long spike. This cut into the material of her jeans and the ripped open.

Siobhan watched in silence; in fascination as it opened a hole first in her jeans, and then in her panties. The spike melted back into the tentacle. It now appeared somewhat like a horse’s pens. It pressed against her and then slowly pushed into her

“Ohh… ohhhh…. ohhhh” Siobhan cried.

The tentacle broke through her hymen and she arched her back suddenly and came. It began to feed.

Niamh sat at the kitchen table having a cup of tea with her daughter Cora when the door opened. Siobhan stood there in tattered clothes. She looked shocked, as if she’d just been in an accident.

Niamh got up and guided her in, closing the door she had her sit down at the table.

“How do you feel?” Cora asked as she poured another cup with tea.

“Wonderful…” Siobhan smiled.

Niamh took hold of her hand “I knew you’d be alright” she said

“You can stay here with us…’ Cora said, “Won’t that be good?”

“Er… yes” Siobhan said

“You will need to go back and feed it later tonight…” Niamh said, “Until you’re fully under its control…”

“If that’s okay?” Cora asked

“Yes…” Siobhan smiled as she took the cup of tea, “I’d like that…”

“Good” Niamh said, “I’ll make up a bed for you upstairs… you’ll need to rest before it fucks you again”

Siobhan smiled and sipped her tea. She smiled as she thought about how good it felt when it was inside her. She wanted to do it again.

The End