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When Ellen awoke it was like she was born; seeing things for the first time. She knew it was still dark, but everything was so in focus, her eyes cutting through the shrouded gloom.

She sat up and took in a deep breath. Something made her almost gag. She turned and saw her boyfriend William. She heard his heart pounding. It was like tom-toms in her ears.

But his smell… it made her retch. She could see lines of his odour wafting up and it made her tumble out of bed; scrambling to get away from him.

She fell out of bed, but somehow—remarkably—she landed on her feet—like a cat.

“Huh?” he murmured, “Honey, are you alright?”

She stepped back. She could see the lines of heat in his body—the flow of blood tumble into his cock, engorging.

It made her even more revulsed, the thought of his cock—how she had ever allowed it into her, to despoil her. She found herself in the bathroom.

Her body, naked, sensed the cool air, but it was not uncomfortable. Her body was different. She had more tone. All her mid-30’s fat had fallen away from her.

She noticed her pubic hair had gone. She felt herself there; smooth—not just shave, it was like she didn’t have little dark follicles ready to sprout up again

As she touched herself her clitoris engorged. She watched as it swelled and protruded out like a micro-penis, three inches long.

It drew her touch. She gasped. She strummed herself, and in moments she was doubled over, coming.

“Babe?” William called, “Are you alright?”

She stopped frigging herself to see him; through the wood of the door she could see his shape, in a mosaic of colours. She knew he was just outside the door.

He went to touch the door handle. In an instant she was across the bathroom and clicked the lock.

William heard it click. “Honey?”he called again, testing the lock. “Honey, why is it locked?”

“Leave me alone… go away” she said. She wanted to fuck herself again, her clit burning for the touch of her hand, but having him there was a distraction.

“Honey, open the door…” he asked concerned, then his tone changed, “You know I want to fuck you…”

She turned and leaped back to the toilet She vomited.

“Honey?” he called again

“Go away!” she growled.

“Honey, you’ve got me worried.”

“FUCK OFF!” she spat

William was visibly stung by her words. He was shocked and took a few steps away from the door.

“I’ll…,” he began, upset, “I’ll be downstairs making coffee”

She watched the heat silhouette move away from the door. She was glad he was gone. She only left the bathroom when she was finally rid of him

Dressing quickly she then had a strange idea. She went to the window, opened it and threw herself out.

Again, she landed like a cat; on her feet. She went to her car and was down the driveway before William had realised she was driving off. He came out to confront her but she ignored him and drove away.

She was early to her practice. Her receptionist Carol was there. Carol was surprised to see her so early.

“Is there any problems, Doctor?” Carol asked.

Ellen eyed her young employee. There was something about her that was compelling her.

Carol felt uneasy at being stared at.

“Doctor?” Carol asked

Ellen snapped out of it and ignoring Carol’s questions went to her room.

Ellen masturbated for the next hour. She could barely stop when Carol buzzed the intercom

“Doctor, Lisa Burns is here to see you”

“I…” Ellen began, “Send her in”

“I hope you’ve had a good morning, Doctor” Lisa said as she came in

“Can I…How can I help you?”

“Ah, this finger…” Lisa said holding it up, “I think it’s infected”

Ellen could smell it, “Yes, I think it is” she said. But she smelled another scent, and her tummy grumbled.

“Should I get any antibiotics?” Lisa said

Ellen felt a strangeness overwhelm her. She’d been hungry before, but this was to a depth she’d never felt before.


Ellen was almost overcome with the hunger

“Doctor?”Lisa asked again

“You need to let me examine you” Ellen said


“Take off your panties and roll up your dress”

“I will not”

“Do it” Ellen said, her eyes boring into Lisa’s

“I…” Lisa began, “Yes, Doctor” she said

She reached up under her dress and drew her white panties off.

Ellen inhaled deeply. She could smell Lisa’s sex

“Up, onto the table” she said

“Yes, Doctor” Lisa said climbing up

“Open your legs”

“Yes, Doctor” Lisa said. She raised her legs at the knees and then opened them up.

Ellen felt it happen; her upper canines extended down into fangs

She saw the glistening pink folds of flesh and she drooled.

Ellen moved forward, opening Lisa up further. She pressed her mouth between Lisa’s legs and instinctively bit down

“Ow!” Lisa gasped, bucking a little

Ellen’s tongue charged into the warm slit and lapped at the blood now flowing

Lisa relaxed. It didn’t hurt. It burned. She almost swooned.

Ellen suckled at the nectar of life flowing out of Lisa’s pussy. Lisa squirmed. She came suddenly, even grabbing Ellen by the hair and pulling her into her hard

“Fuck, yessssss” Lisa gasped. As she felt her energy flow out she gazed into Ellen’s eyes. Ellen was looking back, her mind forcing images into Lisa’s.

Lisa came again and then passed out.

Ellen wanted to keep drinking. She could have drained Lisa; drunk her to death. She didn’t. She stopped. Not because she wanted to preserve Lisa’s life. Lisa meant nothing to her. Instinctively she knew that getting rid of a corpse would be difficult. She relented. Her canines retracted and she licked over the wound

Lisa’s wound clotted.

Ellen took out a saline bag and hooked it up to Lisa. Lisa would live. Ellen felt a need to do something else. She sprung up onto the table, squatting over Lisa. She dipped her clit into Lisa’s mouth.

Lisa stirred a little as vaginal fluids dripped into her mouth. She tasted them. She opened her eyes and began to tongue Ellen. It was like she got her energy back.

Ellen came and shot clear fluid onto Lisa, who licked it up.

“You may get dressed” Ellen said as she returned to the ground.

Lisa dutifully pulled her panties up. Her pussy stung a little. It tingled.

“What did you do to me?” Lisa gasped as if coming down from her high

“I don’t need you anymore… you may go…”

“I want to know… what did you just do to me….?”

Ellen spun around grabbing Lisa’s head. “You will obey me, forever”


“You will not speak of this to anyone”


“You can go”

“Yes, Doctor” Lisa smiled upon being released

“Thank you” she added.

Ellen was already tired of her and did not acknowledge her further

The day dragged on. Ellen had some male patients… they made her gag. The male scent repulsed her.

She did not return home.

Ellen walked through the bar. It was quiet, not yet 7pm. Things wouldn’t pick up till closer to 11pm.

A woman sanitised the bar itself with a spray and a wipe. She looked up and saw Ellen standing just inside the door.

“Can I help you honey?” she called

“No” Ellen said

Ellen looked about. Aside from the lack of patrons it looked very much like it did two nights ago when she, William, and their friends Caley and Edina had stumbled into it.

She remembered the conversation

“Why are we going in here?” she had asked

“It looks dangerous” William said

“We’re going to end up raped, or mugged, or both” Caley had said… but Edina had urged them on.

This was not the place respectable people—medical professionals—should frequent.

Ellen remembered being embarrassed by the acts; strippers. Even William was uncomfortable.

Then “Lilith” stepped on-stage. The lithe black woman in red panties and bra strode out like a predator about to strike.

After the act Ellen had excused herself as she looked for ‘the little girl’s room’—she still called it that.

And there, lost in the corridors she had met Lilith again

Ellen shivered as she remembered it all; raped (at first) she had succumbed to Lilith’s hunger. It stung, but then a strange sweet languor. And she had fed from Lilith too.

The memories of it all had come flooding back; Lilith had changed her. Whatever she was now, Lilith and done this to her.

“We’re you here the other day?” a thin young thing walking behind her suddenly asked

Ellen turned around. The woman was a bar-maid.

“Julie” it said on a small name tag over her flat left chest. She was thin, petite.

“Yes… yes I was…”

“And you wanted to come back?” Julie snorted

“Yes…” Ellen said, “I want some answers”

“You’re not the police are you?” Julie asked concerned

“Hey, you!” yelled the woman behind the bar, “Julie!”

“What?” Julie yelled back

“You’re not being paid to stand around and yap”

“You’re not paying me at all!” she yelled back and then turned back to Ellen “Well, not at least until my shift starts”

“You’re a waitress here… I recall”

“Yep” Julie smiled, “You’re sharp!”—an edge of sarcasm in her voice. “I’ve been here for what… a week… not long I know”

“Do you know all the …. ‘girls’…?”


“Do you know Lilith?”

“Sure, who doesn’t know Lilith… but she won’t be in till after nightfall”

“Why’s that?”

“Dunno…” Julie shrugged, “Is she the girl you wanted to see…”


“What’s it about?”

“I… I don’t know if I can explain it…”

“Try me”

“It’s… just…” Ellen said—how do you explain a vampire making you do what Ellen had done.

Ellen had fucked Lilith. She’d never fucked a woman before in her life but Lilith fucked her that night. Not only had they exchanged blood but Ellen had eaten out Lilith’s bare snatch… and she’d loved it….

But now she hated men. She loved pussy. She knew that wasn’t how she’d always been. She wanted to know why she’d been changed… maybe she could get her old self back?

“What am I going to do?” Ellen asked herself

“You can’t hang around here…” Julie said, “Not lest you buy something…”

“I’ll have a beer”

“I’ll set you down somewhere quiet” Julie smiled.

Ellen only smiled a smile back as reply.

Ellen went to a corner booth. Soon Julie appeared with the beer. Ellen would draw it out as long as possible.

Todd Badman walked in off the street at about 9pm. The place was still quiet. He looked about. He saw Ellen sitting by herself reading her phone, a half-a-beer in front of her.

“Can I get you a table?” Julie asked him, walking up and almost taking him by the hand.

“Thanks, sweetie”

“You’re kind o’ cute” she said as she lead him towards the bar

“Closer to the stage” he said

“Sure…” she said as she lead him to the stage

At that time a naked Asian woman was writhing about; a feather boa being drawn from her ass-hole.

Todd kept his eyes on her even as he took his seat.

“A beer” he said to Julie without looking at her. “Coming right up” Julie said

She returned with the beer momentarily. “Say” Todd said, pulling a photo out from an inner-pocket of his jacket, “You wouldn’t have managed to see this girl around?”

Julie looked at the pic. “Are you the cops?”

“No” he said, “That’s my sister”

“Your sister?”

“Yes… have you seen her…”

“I think she may have been here a few days ago”

“Really?” he said surprised… this was the first lead he’d had in a while “Are you sure?”

“She looks familiar”

“Is there any way of making sure?”

“I could ask Mario, he’s the boss here”

“Would you?” Todd said “It’d be much appreciated.

Just then a group of young already drunk men stumbled into the bar, momentarily distracting Julie

Then she saw Ellen waving to her and after seating the guys and fighting off their paws she made her way over to the corner booth

“You haven’t forgotten about me?”

“No” Julie lied

“Is Lilith in?”


“Can I see her…?”


“You’ve not had me sit here all this time for nothing…”

“I kinda feel bad… look, I’ll take you back now…”

“Thank you” Ellen said, getting to her feet and following Julie back.

Some of it was coming back to her now; the familiarity… the place where she’d been raped by the vampire.

Lilith sat at a dresser; the mirror had been removed.

“Excuse me, Lilith” Julie said, “There’s someone here to see you…”

Lilith didn’t acknowledge either woman.

“I… I need to talk to her alone” Ellen quietly hinted to Julie

“Sure…” Julie said slightly disappointed—she wanted to know what the big mystery was… but she backed out of the room, even if a little ungraciously.

“I need to speak to you” Ellen said.

Lilith ignored her. Lilith applied make-up, facing where the mirror had once been

“I need to speak to you, now” Ellen said with more force.

Lilith continued to ignore her.

“You changed me!” Ellen said

“Yes” Lilith said, still not looking at her…


“I felt like it…”

“What?” Ellen gasped, annoyed by the flippancy of the woman.

“And now you’re better…”


“Your senses, you’re stronger, all better… you’ll never get sick…”

“But I don’t want these changes”

“I didn’t ask for your permission” Lilith said, “A goddess doesn’t ask her cattle for permission…”

Ellen was annoyed by this, not least for the mixed metaphor.

“I don’t want this… this hunger… do you realise what I did to a woman today…?”


“And my William—I can’t even stand to be in the same room as him”

“You like pussy, now”. Ellen caught Lilith smiling.

“I… I don’t want this” Ellen spat

“You have been made a dhampir”

“A what?”

Lilith finally turned in her chair… a little annoyed that she would be questioned so much

“I am a vampire; immortal. You are dhampir… you have almost all my gifts”

“Gifts?!” Ellen spat

“Yes, gifts” Lilith said, “As a dhampir you are not a mere minion of mine…as many of the girls are here…”

“You serve me” Lilith said getting up, throwing off her robe.

Ellen; confronted by Lilith’s nakedness felt her nipples grow rock hard. Her clitoris drew out, and she noticed Lilith’s too; like a small cock.

Lilith went to her. Ellen found she could not resist; the embrace.

They touched. This clits brushed against each others.

Ellen’s clit throbbed at the touch. “Oh, fuck!” she gasped.

Lilith bit into her; into her neck. At the same time she offered her wrist to Ellen’s mouth. Ellen bit into Lilith

The two women shared each other’s blood, their clits pressing against each others

Ellen groaned and gasped; the most intense orgasm she had ever had ripped her mind apart.

She howled her desire.

* * *

Jeff was an itinerant. He was forty-five. A woman, Callie, ushered him into the back of the club. She drew off his clothes. He washed in the shower they provided.

Callie helped him, lathering him—but there was no emotion in what she was doing. She seemed almost like a robot… Jeff thanked her when she handed him a bath-robe but she didn’t speak to him; in fact she didn’t even look at him

He was ushered into a large room. He noticed naked, Ellen on a couch. He didn’t know her. He didn’t know that her panting sweat-soaked body had just come down from the most intense fucking she had ever had.

Lilith stepped forward out of the shadows. “Hello” she smiled.

“Fuck, you scared me…” he said.

She sauntered up to him; sexy—but he had a sense she was stalking him like prey.

She took the threads that bound the robe and drew him forward. They kissed.

Ellen managed to turn to watch. Her eyes were glazed over still; mesmerised.

Lilith turned, still holding the robe, and gently lead; guided Jeff towards a high bed.

She turned and pulled his robe from him. His cock loomed up hard.

She spun him till his butt touched the bed and she pushed him, he got the hint and climbed up onto it.

She dropped her own robe and climbed up over him

She took hold of his cock and slid up over him. With his cock in her hand she guided her hairless cunt down over him. She opened up, kissing him with her vagina and sliding onto it.

“Fuuuuucccckkk” he gasped as she mounted him.

Bending down she kissed his chest, she licked it; tasting his salty sweat.

She sat up again as she rose up and down on his shaft. Her head lolled back. Her mouth opened wide. Her canines extended down. He noticed this

“What the fuck!” he gasped as she bent down towards him

He grabbed her about the throat. She seemed to laugh. She grabbed his arm and in a flick of her wist snapped his. He screamed in pain.

She held his other arm down.

Lilith pressed her mouth against his throat and pushed her razor-sharp fangs into him, piercing his soft flesh. His blood shot up into her mouth, pumped there by his fast-beating heart

Her lips sealed around the wound and she sucked. His screams drew to a whimper.

Her grunting of delight grew louder than his cries.

The last thing he did before he died was come in her.

She sucked till she was full; and she felt his heart stop. His blood would begin to taste putrid to her as his body-heat washed away. She sat up. Her own orgasm was intense; such a high from such a feast.

She looked over at Ellen who had managed to sit up. Ellen was fingering herself and she smiled as she saw Lilith’s blood-stained lips.

* * *

“Well?” Julie asked as Ellen strode out of the office.

“Everything is fine…” Ellen said.

“Fine?” Julie was disappointed… she didn’t really know what to expect—but the way she had reckoned Ellen to be she had been sure that there might have been some kind of fireworks in the back office.

“Yes, everything is fine” Ellen said. “As a matter of fact…” she continued, “I’ve been promised a gift…”

“A gift?”

“Yes, come with me…”

“I still have to work another two hours”

“It’s okay, I’ve cleared it with your boss…”

“You sure?”

“Yes” Ellen said smiling, though not quire sure what was going to happen

Ellen lead her into the main office

“Should we be in here?” Julie asked as Ellen held the door open, ushering her in.


Ellen could see Lilith watching from a darkened corner. She closed the door and locked it.

“This is Lilith’s office…” Julie said as if to confirm Ellen knew where they were.

“Yes, I know…”

“I don’t know why she gets her own office…” Julie said now, petty and jealous… “And such a big office…”

“Say…” she said, looking at some artefacts on a display cabin “What are these?”

“They’re implements used by various vampire hunters” Ellen said


“Yes, they all tried over the centuries and Lilith has kept them as a trophy”

“You’re saying Lilith is a vampire” Julie chortled


“And you are one too, I suppose?”

“No, I’m a Dhampir…”

“A wam what?”

“Dhampir…” Ellens said. She made me to serve her. I will guard her during the day, and feed with her at night… the best of both worlds”

“Ah-ha” Julie said, waiting to hear what the punchline was

“And the other girls….they are minion… they serve us…”

“That would explain why they don’t talk much…” Julie said flippantly.

“And now I am Dhampir, I get to have my own minion…you” she smiled, running her hand through Julie’s hair.

“What the fuck…” Julie said, now not seeing any joke.

Ellen smiled. She did so deliberately to let Julie see her fangs extend

Julie suddenly let out a small wee.

Ellen smelled the fear and smiled, “You will enjoy this…” she said as she leant in to kiss Julie

Julie suddenly leaped back. She spun around to do a full-roundhouse kick. It surprised Ellen that she knew martial arts, but Ellen’s new being was up for it… her reflexes were far faster than before.

She ducked under the high kick. She brought her hand down to unbalance Julie. And then with Julie on the ground she was upon her.

She opened her mouth wide. Julie pulled a knife out of her pocket. As Ellen bit she drove the knife with all her effort into Ellen’s side; stab, stab, stab..

Ellen sucked, ignoring the knife.

As she drank Julie’s hand grew weak. She let go of the knife. She sighed. She no longer wanted to stop the assault.

Ellen drank. As she fed her mind entered Julie’s flooding it with images of soft sexy female flesh

Julie sighed again

Her legs opened as if she was going to be penetrated. She was wet.

Ellen looked up to see her mistress smiling. “Ellen” Julie whimpered, drawing Ellen’s head back to her neck. She wanted her to bite her; to feed.

Julie was minion.

Ellen fed some more and then undressed her slave. Julie was happy to be exposed, it felt so natural for her body to be revealed in full to her mistress.

Ellen offered her own cunt to Julie and Julie tasted it. She wanted to serve. She lapped at Ellen’s snatch. She was rewarded by a squirt from it. Ellen came hard into Julie’s mouth. Ellen had come several times on Julie’s eager tongue.

When Ellen was off her high she got to her feet.

Julie got herself onto her knees. She knelt there gazing longingly at Ellen; waiting to be commanded.

“Why didn’t you join me, Mistress?” Ellen asked Lilith who now drew out of the shadows.

“She is your prize… your reward” Lilith said, “I wanted you to enslave her yourself… look at how she longs to serve you…”

Ellen looked at Julie who’s face was full of love… “As I serve you…” Ellen said

“Yes, you are my Dhampir” Lilith said as they embraced. Ellen felt her clit grow again.

The End