The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

In which the love relationship of Roberto and Veronica is saved, through only those means deemed strictly necessary.

Diary of a Hypnotist

Bride of a friend:

The biggest disadvantage of being a hypnotist is that you have a lot of power in your hands, and if you are skillful, you can use it whenever you want, wherever you want, and with whomever you want.

One day I was invited to the friend’s house to meal of the day, as usually happens every one or two months, to chat and drink some beers. Roberto is a friend with whom I’ve become quite close, but neither he nor his girlfriend Veronica know that I am a hypnotist. I studied computer science in college and now work as an advisor, for a small company that sells computer mice. Even so I once had a ‘therapeutic clinic’, where I helped patients with anxiety, addictions, stress, normal shit. Sometimes a pretty girl would ask me for an appointment and we’d wind up fornicating, but those are tales for another time.

Veronica is short, about 1.50m, platinum blonde hair down to her shoulders, good hips, and very very slim. That day she wore a traditional long green dress and light makeup, mainly to accent her eyes, flip flops and nothing else, a surprisingly simple woman. She is one of those girls who smiles all the time, and flirts behind the groom’s back, on more than one occasion she has sent me suggestive messages with her eyes, or there was that time when she massaged my thigh and confessed, “Sometimes I feel very alone at home ... . ”

Roberto got injured playing rugby, which is a real shame. The three of us wanted to drink a few more beers, so we went to the store, Veronica and I, it was already getting dark, halfway there my ‘confession’ came: “Veronica I have hypnotized you ...", I lied, I had not manipulated her mind in the slightest. She was surprised and as expected she did not make light of it, she was serious, my reading of her had not failed, she is one of those people who believes in the mystical, the chakras, meditation, and to my liking, hypnosis. I only had to ‘prove it’ by performing some basic physiological tricks, the rigid arm, the sticky hands, the sealed eyes, etc. Among the tricks I mix in elements of true hypnosis, until the typical smile that framed her face had been replaced with emptiness, nothing was happening now, her conscience along with her smile were lost, like releasing a balloon full of helium on a windy day.

In the presence of the real Veronica, devoid of all pretense, I inquire before doing something that would not be good for a friend, “Do you want me Veronica?” “Yes,” it was enough for me. I took her to the closest and fortuitously empty park, I squeezed her left hand hard as I whispered in her right ear, to warm her belly and knowing we had time, I made her come ten or fifteen times, the first three orgasms were soft noises, but what I wanted. The air around us was completely silent, so for each orgasm, her vocal cords would still more and more. for the last orgasms she writhed against me, the expression on her face was funny and exciting, it did not look at all like that complacent and hypocritical expression that she wore in front to others.

I laid her on a cement bench, lifted her legs and skirt, one of her flip flops falling to the floor, it should come as no surprise that I had my pants down, or that it did not take long to bestially fuck her wet, tight hole. Before me was a delicacy, I was just looking for a mid-afternoon snack (In the morning I had screwed Laura. She thought we were playing dominoes when actually she rode cock, while reciting pieces of random lectures. Each orgasm changed the presentation, when the presentations ended, she would arrive at her ‘Horny limit’, and we would start again) Filling Veronica with my cum is delicious. Before pulling her out of the trance, I chose the trigger word “Naughty bride”, we went for the beers, on the return journey...

“Do not you think we’re forgetting something?” “No, why?” “Naughty bride.” I sat on a public bench and let her work me with her mouth, sucking my glans with conviction, while I continued to disrupt her perception. “... Normal Veronica will remember this as only a fantasy ... a beautiful and perverted fantasy ... produced by the inevitable sexual attraction you feel towards me ... " a boy on a skateboard passed by the sidewalk, “... every time you suck Roberto, you’ll be thinking of me in your mouth, every thrust he gives you, you dream that it’s me ... and that gets you incredibly horny, you’re addicted to my phallus ... addicted to my smell, addicted to my presence ... walking with me today you have noticed these feelings ... because you felt your hard nipples press against your bra, your soaked panties, and the burning sensation that started in your clitoris and spread all throughout your body ... ..and it does not go away ...can not leave, in fact …you love my presence... it’s instinctual, your animal part ... wild desires that transcend control and sanity. ”

“But you love Roberto, you two are an incredible couple, and you would never be unfaithful, except with me…..... that is inevitable ... if I asked you anywhere at any time to get on all fours ... you could not resist ... you know that you need my nectar inside you ... more than the air ... more than faith, this goes beyond any value you have and will ever have, remember when I filled you up with cum a while ago?” She pulls my cock out of her mouth, “Yes ..” and resumes the fellatio. “At that same time, every week, you will feel that something is not right, that something is missing, you will not know what, on the surface, but deep down you are dying to have me in you, filling you... At that moment your intuition will guide you to maybe take a walk in the park, or maybe give me a secret visit ... I’m about to cum in your mouth, Veronica look at me, you will taste and swallow every drop of jizz, every time you talk to me you will feel it is an insult to speak and not suck, but the weak, rational part of your mind will know when it is appropriate to do so, you will daydream about kneeling before me to taste my manhood in perverted private fantasies ... hrnngh!” and I exploded in her mouth.

We returned to the house at last, drank some beers, talked, laughed, it was fun. I wish Roberto the best. He had told me on the phone of the lack of desire he saw in Veronica, when it came to having sex, he thought that she had a lover. (I confirmed in the trance that she did not ... but sometimes she wanted one) After my peculiar visit, he did not return to the topic. Instead I heard that they were very happy, my suggestions had had a very positive effect. I’m happy for Roberto.

He was the one who told me, “The sisters are easier.” Now I would reply with, “Naughty brides are more accessible ...” Today, in the afternoon, Veronica visited me, saying that she went through the neighborhood in search of a shoe store that she claimed someone recommended. (Full disclosure: There are no shoe stores nearby, not one single place.) Not finding it, she came to give me a visit, knowing the conflict she’ll feel, I let her give me her flimsy excuses and finally put her in a trance. As usual, I have a girl between my legs while I write this incredible anecdote ... Oh, God! This bitch is an artist ...