The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Shoutout to Mana Ray for editing the story and coming up with suggestions.

Author: Simurgh42

Story Title: Digitized Submission

Chapter 1

Abigail Hawkin

“I’m glad you invited me over... A lesser person might have taken the recent events more personally,” I said.

Rachel poured me a glass of red wine, sending me a smile.

“I wouldn’t let business get in the way of an old friendship. Besides, competition is healthy for the market! We’ll beat you next time.”

“You’re on.”

It took some of my willpower not to boast. I had been CTO of Utopian Entertainment for ten years now, and Rachel had been appointed as CTO of our rival company, Cerebral Games, a few years ago. There had been a race to see which company could make the first brain-computer interface game, and we had just barely won. Our game, Utopia Online, was set to launch tomorrow.

A robot carrying dishes filled with luxurious food placed them on the table and Rachel shouted “Crystal! Food’s ready!”

Another voice shouted, “Coming, mom!”

I could hear footsteps from the hallway and I felt the anticipation building. Rachel’s daughter was beyond beautiful; partially the result of the most expensive genetic engineering money could buy. Gene modification was still something that sparked public debate. It was another technology which promoted inequality, as only the rich could afford it and it went far beyond making someone taller and more beautiful. Genetically modified people could see more colors than a normal person, and have their other senses enhanced similarly. Little by little, people were embracing all kinds of bio-enhancing technology.

Rachel and I were both in our late forties, but biologically we weren’t a day over thirty.

I tried not to stare too much as Crystal approached, blonde hair waving behind her. I couldn’t help but smile as I wondered if the large size of her chest was from genes Rachel had selected for her. Maybe she thought it would make her more attractive? If so, she was right. Crystal sat down, and Rachel gave her a stern look.

“Crystal, can’t you even welcome our guest? You’re eighteen now for god’s sake. I shouldn’t have to lecture you about basic manners.”

The young girl rolled her eyes and looked at me and said in a nearly sardonic tone, “Hello, Abigail. It it such a pleasure to have you.”

Then she turned to her mom and said, “Happy?”

I hated her self-important teenage personality, but the way Rachel had ordered her around always turned me on. I had often fantasized about what I’d do to her if given the chance. Some time ago, I even went so far as to make an avatar of her in virtual reality, getting off while dressing it in all sorts of slutty costumes. If Rachel had known I was pleasuring myself to perverted images of her teenage daughter, she’d never see me again.

It was a hot day outside, and upon entering the house I had taken my socks off to get some relief—something which Crystal noticed right away, causing her to scowl.

“Abigail can you please cover up your feet, I can smell them all the way over here, it’s disgusting.”

Rachel interjected “Crystal… please behave.”

She crossed her arms “You know I don’t like when people walk around barefoot indoors! it’s offensive. And my gene mods make my sense of smell more sensitive to it. Thanks for that, by the way.”

“You could at least say it properly. You’re being very rude.”

I couldn’t wait to enact my plan and put this bitch in her place, but for now I put on an act. “It’s okay Rachel, I was being inconsiderate” I slipped on my socks again, and Crystal seemed relieved.

I gave her my most friendly look. “So Crystal, are you planning on playing Utopia Online too?”

She kept her eyes focused on her food. “Yeah. Not because I’m particularly interested, but most people at school are playing it, so I guess I’ll try it, too.”

“You know, as CTO I do have some special privileges, I could help you get a head start.”

“Abigail that’s cheating!” Rachel said, adding, “I’m already not fond of my daughter playing your game, and especially not of her getting your help”

“Don’t worry Rachel, lots of people who pre-ordered got this bonus as well, it’s just some in-game cash. I’ll send you the code later Crystal, enter it tomorrow when you play alright?”

“Sure, I’ll try it” Her voice didn’t reveal an inch of gratitude.

Crystal Marone—Next Day

The school was full of gloomy expression today, and it was clear to see who could afford to play Utopia Online and who couldn’t. In economics, I had learned about the Globalised Union struggling to spread the wealth generated by artificial intelligence. Despite everyone’s standard of living going up, revolutions in technology had led to the greatest wealth inequality in human history. Genetic engineering and new medical drugs were a main driver, both too expensive for the average citizen to afford. The kids of the upper class were better looking, smarter, and more resistant to diseases and bad health. Not to mention the cognitive ability required to even contribute to society, as robots and AI were simply cheaper and better than humans in most fields.

I didn’t care much. I was on the right side of the fence in this scenario. Because so many people were unemployed, the entertainment business was booming, and mom never seemed to run out of money.

My classmates all sat at different tables, with separate AIs teaching each student individually, assisted by screens located at each table. The courses were adjusted to each student’s skill level, and I was at the top without having to try. I took a lot of pride seeing my name at the top of the roster, and sometimes I even impressed the AI whose job it was to tutor me.

Mom refused to admit it, but I knew my intelligence had been enhanced artificially. I still wasn’t sure what to do with my future, but I was convinced that I would be amazing at whatever I did. If I wanted to, I’d never have to work a day in my life. But mom wouldn’t like that—she had harsh expectations of me.

Some of my friends talked to me about meeting up in Utopia Online later, but I told them that I had no interest in playing. I shamed them for engaging in silly escapes from reality, acting as if I had better things to do like study to keep my place as the top student. Of course, I was still going to play later, just to see what all the hype was about. Plus, the look on my mom’s face when I told her I’d play her rival’s game was priceless!

Arriving home, I noticed the large box located on our doorstep. I called our robot assistant and had it carry the box up to my room. Ugh, I can’t believe people used to do manual labor all the time, thank god for modern day technology.

Unwrapping it revealed a helmet with a fancy font spelling out “Utopian Entertainment.” Ew, I don’t think they could have made the design any uglier if they tried! They had clearly gone out of their way to make it more appealing to nerds. It was like a race helmet, except instead of sponsor logos it had images of wizards and dragons painted along the side.

I skipped over the manual and pulled everything out of the box. The helmet came with the usual wireless charger. There were some electrodes you had to place on your head, and the moment I saw them I decided to lock my door. I’d look ridiculous with this thing on. Oh well, there would be no one around to see, and I bet I’d get tired of this thing after just one go.

After running through some of the steps to get the helmet working, I laid down on the bed. It was a little exciting actually: the thought of having a totally different life from your daily one. Like something out of a superhero movie, or those cartoons I used to watch as a kid.

I put the helmet on, closed my eyes and hit the power button. The experience was hard to describe. Just like you don’t notice the exact moment you fall asleep, I didn’t notice the exact moment my ordinary reality was swept away.

I stood in an empty space, white as far as the eye could see. A 2D screen appeared before me, taking me through the steps of character creation. Apparently, you could adjust your looks in any way you wanted. Perhaps it was clever to disguise myself a bit. I changed my hair color from blonde to black, adjusted a few facial features and raised my height by five centimeters, putting me at 175cm. No matter what I changed I only seemed to get uglier, I guess that was a good thing.

Like so many other games, Utopia Online was set in a medieval setting. Fighters, Wizards, Archers, all the nerdy stuff you’d expect. I cringed at the thought of some people running around pretending to be wizards in some digital world, and I decided to go with Fighter for my class, as that seemed like the least geeky one. The white clothing I had been wearing was replaced with typical medieval armor, and I sighed at this atrocious offense to fashion. I reminded myself that I was just going to try it, that I could log out any time I wanted to.

One last thing, the coupon code Abigail gave me. I was sure they had some way to use the Internet while in-game, but I had been too quick when I read the manual, so I wasn’t sure how. Fortunately, I could usually remember things after having seen them just once, and I entered it in the input field.

When I pressed submit, the landscape around me completely changed.

Blocks of small blue squares formed walls, furniture, and the floor beneath my feet. An instant later, the blue blocks were replaced with solid matter. I was in what looked to be an ordinary house—and a luxurious one at that. Wasn’t Utopia Online supposed to be a medieval fantasy game? This looked like any contemporary house that an aristocratic type might live in.

“Crystal! I’m so happy you used the code I gave you!” Abigail came towards me, and I realized we were in a living room. She was wearing one of her usual expensive outfits that matched her black hair. I didn’t know her real age, but I always found it weird that she looked no more than 10 years older than me.

“Abigail, what’s going on? Why am I in an ordinary house?”

She ignored my question.

“Wow, you don’t look like yourself at all! Let’s just fix that, shall we?” she said, snapping her fingers.

I felt myself shrink, and I glanced at my hair which had reverted back to its natural blonde. My armor was replaced with an exact copy of the clothing I had been wearing yesterday, one of my more casual outfits. Something about the way she could manipulate my appearance without my permission was setting off alarm bells.

“There’s Rachel’s beautiful daughter! So glad you could come,” she smiled in a way that made me even more uncomfortable, especially combined with how she looked me up and down.

“What the hell’s going on?”

“You’ll be playing a different game from everyone else,” was Abigail’s reply, “See, this is an exact replica of my house, and while you’re in here you’re going to be my maid.”

She smiled as she said it, and this felt like a surreal dream. As she snapped her fingers again, my outfit was replaced with an overly-sexualized version of a maid’s uniform, my thighs and stomach on full display due to how brief the skirt and vest were. The section at my chest was way too tight, and sheer to the point where my nipples were clearly visible through it. I could feel my breasts rubbing against the fabric as I turned. This was beyond fucked up!

“You’ll be doing any task around the house I ask you to. I know your generation has never had to do physical labor, but you’ll just have to learn it. I can’t wait to see you hand-wash my laundry, scrub my toilet, and bring me drinks. I wish I could have you in my real house, but this will just have to do for now. Having my own stuck-up teenage maid is going to be great!”

“You’re insane if you think I’m gonna let you order me around,” I said, crossing my arms to cover myself, “You’re delusional.”

“Oh but you will! As long as you’re in my game you follow my rules,” she said as she walked towards me,

“You need to learn that maids don’t fight back,” and she placed a hand on my left shoulder, “They just obey.”

I felt as if a boulder had been dropped on me as she pressed down, slamming me into the floor and crushing me beneath an insurmountable weight. If this were the real world, I’d be worried about organ damage, it hurt so bad. Smirking, she bowed down and touched my neck and an iron collar materialized around it. The text “Crystal Marone” was embedded on it, and below that “Owned by Abigail Hawkin.” I could already feel it gnawing into my neck, like it was deliberately set too tight.

I screamed in pain, but my voice was trembling. “You’re crazy… Y-you’re insane!”

“Maybe! But just do as I say and this doesn’t have to be painful for you. I couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to make Rachel’s daughter my little slave maid. And the best thing is that she will never know!”

I could almost laugh at how delusional she sounded, like a cartoon villain explaining her plan to the hero. But I didn’t feel like a hero. She continued:

“I’ve had my eye on you for quite a while, you know. You’ve been teasing me with your big tits and amazing body every time I come over.”

She acted like she had just won the lottery. This whole thing was absurd, and I kept telling myself that there was no way this was happening.

“No way… I’ll logout.. I’ll tell mom!” the collar seemed even tighter around my neck, and I still couldn’t move a muscle from under the powerful force pinning me to the ground.

“Too bad I already disabled your logout button, sweetie. As for the second part: After we’re done tonight, I’ll have the helmet lock all your memories of what happened here. You’ll just remember that you had an amazing time playing my game! In fact, you’ll be eager to come back and play again! You’ll tell your friends about it.”

The force relented and I finally got up from the floor, my limbs still hurting as I rested my weight on them. The game and the real world felt completely identical, a fact I learned in a painful way.

“There’s no way I’m going to forget this. The technology you’re talking about doesn’t exist!”

She smiled.

“Teach you that in school, did they? You’d be surprised at what breakthroughs can be made when people are motivated by escaping reality. The real trick wasn’t creating a game-world—it was creating a world that would always make people walk away thinking they had a good time. Anyway, I didn’t bring you here to discuss my work.”

Sitting down on the couch, she swung her legs up onto the table and pointed towards her feet. “Crystal, come kneel herel. I want you to massage my feet. I heard that maids would massage their owner’s feet all the time, so you should do your best to get into the role. Also, you were very rude to me for being barefoot yesterday! So you better make up for it.”

I was fuming. She didn’t own me, and I wasn’t going to follow her damn orders. The way she was looking at me reminded me of the way the more vulgar boys at school did sometimes.

“You’re kidding, if you think I’ll mass—” An electric shock exploded from my collar, and I felt as if I was getting stung by a thousand needles. My entire body was wracked with an unbearable, spasmodic pain that disappeared as suddenly as it had arrived.

Abigail smirked, waving her feet back and forth while looking at me.

Terrified of another shock from my collar, I attempted to beg for mercy.

“Abigail, you know I don’t like feet! Isn’t there some other wa—”

“Miss Abigail,” she corrected me, “And no, there isn’t. Since you’ve been so reluctant, I think you should ask for permission to massage my feet. That should be a good start to your training.”

I didn’t like the sound of whatever ‘training’ she had planned but decided not to ask about it. I pressed my lips together as I looked at her, contemplating defiance. But the collar started stinging ever so slightly, as if teasing me with tiny needles pointed at my throat. I swallowed my pride. This lady was an absolute devil.

“Miss Abigail... may I please massage your feet?” the words sounded alien to my mouth, and I was gritting my teeth at this sort of demeaning treatment.

“Since you asked so nicely,” she smiled, “I’ll allow it. Just remember that attitude from now on.”

“Yes miss,” I forced myself to say as I sat down in front of her feet, removing her expensive, trendy athletic shoes. “Do I have to remove your socks as well?”

“What kind of maid massages feet with socks on?” she asked, raising an eyebrow derisively, “I guess you’re just as stupid as your mom.”

Fuck, I didn’t need her insulting me. Being forced to act as her maid was enough misery on its own. And did she dislike my mom? I thought the two were friends.

I slipped off her soft socks (the same ones she wore yesterday, I noticed) revealing her bare feet. They were nearly perfect, not a single dead skin cell. Probably the results of some bio enhancing product, or perhaps it was just the game’s rendering. Her nails were painted with a black pedicure that matched her outfit and hair, I was a bit surprised that I could actually find a pair of feet beautiful.

“What are you waiting for Crystal? Get to work!”

“Yes miss!”

I had no clue what to do. I had never done any sort of manual labor, let alone given someone a massage. Using my body for any kind of physical activity was simply not something I did. I pressed my fingertips against her soles, moving my hands in small circles—that was at least my idea of a massage. The only one I had ever received was from a machine based on pressure and vibrations, the idea of using your hands to give a massage in this day and age was absurd.

Abigail laughed at me.

“No you spoiled girl! Use your thumbs. Don’t worry, you’ll get better in time, perhaps we can get an AI to teach you. Have you watch videos about it.”

I clenched my jaw and repositioned my hands, kneading her soft soles with my thumbs. She sighed and her shoulders relaxed, but I hated how self-satisfied she looked. I felt as if I had been blasted over two thousand years back, some servant girl in an aristocratic household.

“You’re terrible with your hands. Maybe we should try your tongue instead” She gave me a sadistic look, and I could feel my palms get sweaty. What should I say? What could I do? Fear and disgust clouded my rational mind, and I couldn’t think of anything. I reminded myself that I just had to hold on until the day was over, and this thought shielded me from panic.

“Okay… I mean yes miss” My voice was shaking. I hoped I wouldn’t get shocked again, the very thought of disobeying her was linked to that pain.

“Just stick your tongue out and start at the heel sweetie. I’m sure licking feet is easy enough, even for you.”

Reluctantly, I stuck my tongue out and pressed it against her soles. The taste of her feet almost made me recoil, but the fear of the pain kept me going despite how horrible I found it. I licked along the heel, moving upwards, slowly covering her foot with my spit. At her command, I kissed her soles, and sucked on her toes. I found myself going along with her every direction like a dog, and I loathed myself for it. Abigail seemed to be in heaven.

“Ahhh that’s fantastic Crystal! You’re actually talented at this. I wonder what Rachel would say if she could see her daughter now, reduced to being my foot maid.”

She slipped a hand down her panties and my eyes went wide—this lady was a disgusting pervert! Seeing my reaction, she tapped her toes on my cheek, and I blushed so hard I wondered if there was any blood left for the rest of my body. “Turns out that in losing the race for the game, her daughter became my cute little plaything as well. If she would have known, she would probably have worked harder,” Abigail said, laughing at her own cruel joke.

“Keep that eager tongue on my feet, girl. If I feel you stop for even a second, I’ll shock you… ahh” The hand thrust into her panties was moving in more urgent circles as I licked her soles again and again.

“Look at me Crystal! Oh, we’re going to have so much fun together. Well, I’ll have fun—you’ll just do what you’re told. Did you know your mother spent millions on your gene modification? It’s so nice of her to spend eighteen years to give me such an expensive sextoy… AHh fuck yeah! I own you from now on! I own your big tits, I own your pussy, I own your ass and that rude, bratty little mouth. Keep going you little teenage whore. Uhh… she probably expected you to have some grand career… but instead, your future is here with my fucking foot in your mouth!! AHh!!!”

I felt my eyes get watery as she continued to degrade my mom and me. As I sucked on her toes, a tremendous orgasm rocked her body, causing her to push her foot around inside my mouth.

Gasping for air, she came down to earth again.“Keep that fucking foot in your mouth, we’re not done yet. Let’s make some memories! Hold out your hand,” She commanded and I did as instructed, terrified at what was about to happen. I felt a small device materialize in my hand. It looked like, oh god, a camera.

“Selfie time! Keep those toes in that bitchy little mouth and show off for the camera!”

My eyes went wide, this was the worst so far. The electricity had begun poking at my neck, and I knew it would be impossible to disobey her. With trepidation, I held up the phone-like device, watching myself reflected on the screen. In this slutty maid outfit, I looked like a girl straight out of porn. I wouldn’t forgive her for doing this to me, she’d pay some way or another.

I hated how content she looked as I adjusted the camera. “Look into the camera Crystal, and try to smile as best as you can!” Attempting to smile with her toes in my mouth just made me look even more ridiculous, but I nevertheless snapped the picture. She pulled out a similar device and looked at the photo, her tone was gleeful in a way that annoyed me to no end “Not bad, let’s get some more!”

Every time I snapped a photo, a large copy of it would hover as though projected on a screen nearby, so I was witness to my own debasement.

She had no shortage of “fun” position for me to try. “Get your tongue in between my toes this time. Press your tongue flat against my soles. Make a peace sign with the other hand!” She laughed as she browsed through all the pictures.

“For the last one I want you to really deepthroat my foot. Get it as far into your mouth as you can.”

I almost threw up, attempting to take her foot as deep as possible. The constant verbal harassment was wearing on my sanity.

After what felt like forever she seemed satisfied, and I took her foot out of my mouth, disgusted about how it was dripping with my own saliva.

“Everything considered, I think you did quite well on that part! And in this game, you’re rewarded if you do well.”

Some fancy animations filled my vision.

“Foot worship 0 => 1 | Title earned: Foot Maid”

“Item unlocked: Foot Massage Lotion”

Description: Oh, it’s also edible, but it doesn’t taste very good...

The game pulled up my inventory, and apparently I had an infinite stock of this item. A quick look at the label revealed a picture of a pair of soles, as well as some text informing about the lotion. This game even had items to suit her depraved fantasies?!

“I know this is not the kind of game you wanted to play, but I had the AI design it just for you, so you should be grateful. I should note that leveling up your skills here often makes things harder. So you can think of it as increasing the difficulty” Abigail smirked, and my hatred for her was growing by the minute. This could hardly get any more deranged.

“These are some pretty great pictures,” she said, leaning back while swiping through the photos. “I’ll create a slideshow for my phone background, that way if I’m stressed at work, I can cheer up by watching Rachel’s daughter get all over my feet.”

The thought of anyone else seeing those pictures send a nervous shiver through me, but there was no way she was stupid enough to show them to anyone. At least my suffering was private for now.

She was so confident in everything she did, the memory manipulation had to exist. In that case, there was only one way to escape: Figure out a way to create a message for myself tomorrow before my memory was erased. But how could I accomplish this? I cursed myself for not bothering to read the manual properly.

“I have a meeting to attend to, so I have to go. We’ll have to find a way to keep you entertained while I’m gone, how about this?”

With a simple hand-wave, the house that had been in pristine condition was transformed into a hellscape of dust, dirty laundry and unwashed dishes. The very smell felt suffocating. Looking around, every corner was filled with dust or litter, and countless pairs of underwear were scattered randomly around the floor.

“I know this is not actually stuff that needs doing, but it should be a healthy way to humble you. I figured this is how my house would look without modern day technology. You should still have 8 hours to play before bedtime, so you can use that time to clean my house.”

This couldn’t be real. Every second spent here was a second too much, and she was expecting me to work on this mess for 8 hours? I sent her a pleading look, aware of how pathetic I must have looked.

She stood up and tapped her right wrist twice with the fingers on her left hand, making a 2D menu screen appear before her. “Oh right. You’re going to need some tools to work with. Down in the basement there’s an area where you can hand wash the dirty laundry. As for the dust...”

Miniature versions of a dustpan and a broom appeared before me, falling down at my feet, none of them any larger than my hands. She couldn’t be serious, how was I supposed to do this shit in 8 hours, with these absurd tools? I loathed having to go along with everything she told me. And what about my body in the real world? Wouldn’t I get hungry or something?

“Miss Abigail, can’t I have something else? I could do a better job picking up dust with my hands than with these ridiculous tools.”

She seemed to enjoy my protest, “Oh, that wouldn’t do. The game retains your physical condition between sessions, and if anything happens to your hands it’ll get in the way of you massaging my feet in the future.”

I clenched my fist behind my back and gave her a bit of a smile.

“Of course miss Abigail, I wasn’t thinking clearly”

“That attitude really suits you, Crystal. I’m pleased to see you’re already learning. I would love to play with you more, but unfortunately there’s so much work to do concerning the release of our game. Enjoy the housekeeping! I can’t wait to hear how it went tomorrow,” she said, pressing a button on the menu before disappearing.

I was left alone as a fucking maid having to clean a house that wasn’t even real. I screamed my protests and cursed Abigail. No way I was doing any of her fucking work, I’d just sit on the coach until I could logout and th— My train of thought stopped as I felt the tingling around the collar again, and a calm female voice entered my mind. “Hi! I’m Viri, your personal maid coach! I’ll help you get started.” Blue highlights began to appear in my vision, guiding me towards what to do next.

I got to work, powerless against the threat imposed. Attempting to clean anything with these tools were a hopeless task, but if I stopped for even a moment Viri was there to scold me. “While you work, let’s get you started on developing some proper speech patterns. Dictate everything that appears from now on”

I frowned as a sentence appeared in my vision, with a block of bold text above it “Silly and Excited Tone : ‘Miss Abigail is so hot, I’m like, so lucky I get to be her maid!’” I was dumbfounded, and when I ignored the message a digital countdown appeared in my vision, with an icon of a lightning bolt when the timer hit 0. Worse, all that blocky text messed with my vision so it was hard to look at anything else.

“Miss Abigail is so hot, I’m so lucky I get to be her maid” I muttered, and I screamed as I felt lighting strike through me, causing my body to tense up before finally disappearing. The text. “Silly and excited tone” increased in font size, and the countdown started ticking down to 0 again, towards the lightning bolt. Gasping, I swallowed whatever pride I had left and spoke in the most frivolous and silly voice I could manage.

“Miss Abigail is so hot, I’m like, so lucky I get to be her maid!” The prompt disappeared from my vision, but it was only the first of many. As I went around, Viri constantly had me say even more abasing sentences. “I love being miss Abigail’s personal teen bimbo! I’m so happy she made this slutty costume so I can show off my body for her!”

Viri’s voice inside my head was slowly driving me mad, it was like having the worst backseat driver imaginable injected into my mind. It demanded that I smiled while I went around cleaning up all the mess, and I had never been one to put on false smiles. The next text prompt almost made me drop my facade, and as the countdown raced towards zero I surrendered. “I love being ordered around by older women, it makes my teenage pussy drool in excitement!” I couldn’t help but blush, this was too degrading.

While Viri directed me to go clean one of the sinks using a harsh chemical solvent, I began my escape attempt. I tapped my right wrist twice, copying Abigail from earlier, and a menu popped up that I could apparently use by moving my hand over it. Fortunately, AIs were superhuman in some ways and stupid in others, and I discovered that Viri could not perceive me using this menu, and could not prevent me from using it as long as I kept doing the work diligently.

I kept the menu open while Viri sent me around to do different tasks, using every moment of downtime to interact with it. Apart from my character sheet, the only other section that wasn’t greyed out was a simple form for reporting bugs. My peace was once again interrupted by another prompt “I’m such a spoiled brat, It’s so great that Abigail is finally teaching me how to behave!”

These prompts were getting on my nerves, but my fake smile became genuine as I discovered a key combination which allowed me to inspect the client-side code of the bug report form. For once, I was grateful that many IT subjects had become mandatory in schools. It turns out that the recipient’s email could be changed without access to the server, and I wasted no time in swapping out Utopia Entertainment’s email for my own.

I was a prodigy, not a random air-headed teenager for her to order around, and she was going to regret humiliating me. Between trips that had me carrying Abigail’s panties to the laundry room one by one, I typed an email on the virtual keyboard, detailing everything Abigail had done to me, and pressed ‘send.’ The form gave me a response, not reacting to being reprogrammed. “Report sent. Thank you for contributing to making Utopia Online a better experience for everyone.”

Great! Now I just had to survive the day.

Doing the laundry turned out to be the worst task of them all. I had a suspicion that it was exact replicas of Abigail’s panties, bras, and pantyhose. If it hadn’t been for Viri’s instructions, I wouldn’t have known how to do any of it. Hand washing all the clothing wore on my hands, largely due to the bone-chillingly cold water she made me use to prevent damaging the fabric of her undergarments which again, were just 0s and 1s. The irritation on my skin combined with the humiliating labor was unbearable.

If I had actually been doing something useful, perhaps I could have derived the tiniest sense of satisfaction from it, but all this mess was reducible to data. Another prompt appeared, this time it wanted me to use a sad voice.

“I hope miss Abigail will still allow me to massage her pretty feet even if my skin gets a bit rough” My vision was invaded by more notifications

“Speech 0 => 1”

“Amount of text prompts decreased”

Note: I’m so happy miss Abigail is teaching me how to speak properly!

Something was off. I couldn’t imagine that wicked woman doing something to make my existence LESS miserable. “Viri, what’s up with that skill?”

“These text prompts are constructed to teach you how to speak in a manner that will please miss Abigail,” the AI explained, “Over time you will receive less guidance, but you will still be expected to speak in a satisfactory manner. Should you fail to do so, you will be punished.”

Of fucking course, there was no end to her methods of torment!

The end of the day finally arrived. I was exhausted beyond belief, and the house was far from clean. Viri informed me that I’d have to say another sentence to logoff. I sighed and prayed that my email trick had worked, but even if it hadn’t, I couldn’t imagine myself ever forgetting today.

“Best day ever, I wanna do it all over again tomorrow!”

Then everything went dark.

* * *

The next day, I sat in class twirling my thumbs. The AI instructor was attempting to give me an introduction to quantum computing, but I paid little attention. I was desperate to tell everyone how much I loved playing Utopia Online, but backtracking on what I had told my friends yesterday would be too humiliating.

Playing the game was amazing beyond belief. Strangely, when I tried to recall exactly what had happened my memory was foggy, but I remembered some stuff about slaying monsters as a fighter, about beautiful fantasy landscapes and lifelike NPCs. Anyway, the whole thing had been so fun that I could hardly wait to get home and play again!

I considered skipping the last course for the day, but my mom was working from home today so I wouldn’t be able to cheat. I fidgeted in my chair. I don’t think I had ever been so excited for anything in my life. Every second I spent in the real world felt like agony in comparison to yesterday, and I could think of nothing I wanted more than to go back to the Utopia world.

After school ended, I didn’t even bother talking to my friends as I normally would. I jumped into my self-driving car and slammed the home button. On the way, I received a message on my phone.

“Hi Crystal! Abigail here. I’m curious, did you like my game?”

My heart beat faster, I felt honored that the person responsible for such an amazing game bothered talking to me. Regret filled me as I reflected on how I usually treated her when she came over for dinner. I quickly texted back “Oh my god, it was better than I ever imagined, you rock Abigail!”

“I watched you play for a bit, you really looked like you were enjoying it. I especially liked your escape attempt, you’re a clever girl.”

I blushed, she thought I was clever? I mean, I was, but it felt special coming from her. What was that thing about an escape attempt though? I could vaguely remember trying to outwit a vicious monster, so perhaps she was referring to that. Before I could respond, I received a new message.

“To be honest, I’m relieved that you enjoyed it. We picked up on an email from an IP in your area, complaining about how some things in the game were too degrading. They even went out of their way to insult me personally! I was afraid it was you for a moment”

I typed as fast as I could.

“I’d never write anything like that! I loved your game and everything about it :D.” Her response came right away

“Glad to hear you got off on the right foot Crystal ;)”

As soon as the car stopped I opened the door and ran towards our house, the voice of my mom greeted me as I opened the door “Hey honey, aren’t you a bit earlier than normal?”

“I am!” I shouted back, quickly removing my shoes. “I’ve been excited to play Utopia Online again. Yesterday was just incredible!”

As I passed by her on the way to my room, she frowned.

“You didn’t even come out for dinner yesterday, and you locked the door to your room! I don’t want you playing that game if it ruins your health.”

I pressed my lips together, “If you only tried the game you’d understand!”

Her expression turned from angry to defeated as she hung her head down. “I guess Abigail’s game really is amazing huh? It’s been getting top ratings too, and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you this happy…”

I sent her a bright smile, “You’d be happy too if you played it mom! Maybe we can play it together some time.”

“No way I’m playing her game, don’t be silly.”

“Your loss.”

I stormed into my room, locking the door and throwing myself onto the bed. I crammed the helmet down over my head, no longer caring for the stupid looks. As the game loaded, I was in a white room again, I remembered this part. But what the hell was I wearing!? I could see myself in a panel in front of me, dressed in some slutty version of a maid outfit that made me look like every boy at the school’s wet dream. I tugged at the collar around my throat and it read “Crystal Marone, property of Abigail Hawkin.”

What the hell?!

The white landscape shattered and so did my fake memories. I dropped to the floor and covered my mouth with my hand as my eyes went wide. My constructed memories collided so hard with my real ones that I wondered if I’d ever recover from the impact.

With my head downcast I recognized the floor, It was the same one as yesterday, I was back in that devil’s house. Had I been excited all day and rushed home to be her maid again? My eyes were watering as the situation dawned on me. I looked up and found Abigail’s smirking face staring down at me.

“Hi Crystal! So glad you decided to come back...”