The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Simurgh42

Story Title: Digitized Submission

Chapter 2

Abigail Hawkin

I had the AI recreate my last visit to Rachel’s house, cross-referencing Crystal’s memories with my own. Human memory is flawed, so it wasn’t perfectly accurate, but it did an incredible job at filling in the gaps. The model of Rachel herself was a bit off, regrettably, but

I was still besides myself with excitement.

The model of Rachel shouted, “Crystal, food’s ready!” in a voice wasn’t spot-on but close enough for our purposes.

“Coming, mom!”

Crystal entered the room in her maid outfit. This time, I could look at her as long as I wanted, and I delighted in every little touch I put on her little uniform—something about her wearing it in the comfort of her own home excited me. Crystal looked at me in the way I always wanted her to, with genuine appreciation bordering on being flirty.

“Hi miss Abigail, I’m so honored to have you over!”

“The pleasure is all mine, Crystal. Love the outfit, by the way,” I said with a smile.

“Oh my gosh, you do? It’s my absolute favorite,” she said as she sat down at the table.

I stared at her, observing the small text symbols being written in front of her eyes. Her hands were shaking, and I loved watching her squirm. I had written the incoming quotes myself.

“Wow, it’s sooo hot that you’re barefoot Abigail. Your feet are just so pretty!”

She sounded so genuine that I almost believed her.

“Thank you Crystal! I didn’t know you had a thing for feet.”

The next part was everything I had hoped for. I watched her twist in her chair, her whole body was tensing up and I could see the conflict in her face.

“I love feet! I can smell yours all the way over here. Do you think I could… sniff them maybe? It’s uhm… turning me on.”

The model of Rachel interjected, “Crystal, what are you saying?”

I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit.

“You want to sniff my feet? But they’re so disgusting and sweaty! I only took my socks off to get a bit of relief. But I guess if you’re serious about it, I don’t see why not.”

Crystal looked towards the model of Rachel, following the little theater I had written for her.

“Can I, mom?”

“If Abigail is okay with it, I guess it’s fine.”

Watching her betray her former self was amazing. “Come lay on your back under my chair, then.”

Crystal crawled under the table, positioning herself beneath my chair. She gave me a pleading look which I happily ignored as I pressed both of my feet down on her pretty face. “Now sniff my smelly feet! I want to hear it from up here.”

She inhaled forcefully, and her eyes became watery. This was everything I had hoped for: Rachel’s bratty daughter obeying my every command. It was a dream come true.

“You love it when i walk around barefoot don’t you?”

“Yes, miss.”

“And the more my feet smell, the more excited you get.”

“Yes miss, I want your feet... as smelly as possible”

A small notification window appeared before her.

“Foot Worship 1 => 2”

“All foot stench enhanced by 50%”

Description: The smell of feet is my favorite perfume!

She groaned the instant it came up, and by the time it disappeared there was water running from her eyes. I was sure her nostrils were burning from the enhanced exposure. I laughed and grabbed my glass of red wine, swirling the substance around and enjoying its rich aroma.

“Oh Rachel, your daughter can behave, you just needed the right parenting methods. I guess that’s another area where I’m superior. Keep sniffing Crystal! I didn’t say you could stop.”

As I heard her sniff, I tapped my feet on her face and took a sip of the wine, flush with power. This petty revenge scenario felt euphoric.

“It’s been such a short time, and now she’s almost as obedient as a robot servant. Aren’t I such a good teacher Crystal?”

Her voice was muffled from being under my feet, but she still did her best to speak.

“You’re amazing, Miss Abigail. If only my mom had half of your talent, I wouldn’t have become such a spoiled brat.”

“That’s right! And you’re such a good student Crystal. I guess your mom was correct when she talked about you being a quick learner.”

“I’m just a stupid teenager! You’re the one doing all the work, Miss Abigail.”

I chuckled. Viri was only making half of these quotes up; the speech training was working better than I expected.

“My only regret is that we have so little time together, I’m just too busy with the release of the game. But on Saturday we can play together all day! Isn’t that great, Crystal?”

“Yay! I can’t wait to service you all day, Miss Abigail.”

“That’s what I thought. Unfortunately I have to go again, but that doesn’t mean you have to be bored.”

I used a cloning spell from the real Utopia Online, stepping outside my own body and materializing a new one, leaving a pixel perfect copy behind with Crystal still stuck under its feet. “You can spend a few hours like that. Then Viri will give you a few hours of practice in giving foot massages. My little copy here doesn’t talk, but make sure to let her know how much you’re enjoying yourself.”

This time there was a brief period of silence. I relished her frustration that even when I was gone, her torments would continue to no purpose.

“Yes, Miss.”

As I opened the menu and found the logout button, I heard Crystal say “I love being under your feet miss Abigail, I’m such a lucky girl” I laughed and exited the game, wishing I could stay for longer.

Crystal Marone

As always, I had locked the door to my room. The conversations with my mom were becoming unbearable, all she did was complain about how much I was playing. Normally I wouldn’t care for her criticism, but it hurt because I knew she had a point. It was getting out of hand. A few days ago I had agreed to cut down, but since then I skipped school twice so I could play more. I couldn’t help it—the real world was becoming increasingly boring and unsatisfying, like it was just the thing that stood between me and Utopia Online. I kept this a secret from my mom.

My phone rang and I picked up before placing it in the middle of the room. A holographic image of my friend Victoria appeared, displaying her brown hair and curvy figure.

“Hey Crys, you coming on holo?”

“Can’t, laying in bed…”

“Trying to play sick to excuse your absence? Don’t give me that shit, it would take an undiscovered disease for someone like you to get ill. Utopia Online comes out and suddenly you don’t talk to us anymore and start skipping school. It doesn’t take a genius of your caliber to figure out what’s going on.”

I sighed, she was right on.

“Okay okay, I’ve been playing. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I can’t seem to stop playing to save my life. The game is just too good.”

“In that case you should play with us! If you’re gonna play any way you might as well play with your friends.”

It was a sincere invitation, but for some reason playing with others was off-putting. I couldn’t identify the exact problem, but the mere thought of playing with others was repulsive enough to send shivers down my spine like if I shared the Utopia experience they would take the magic away and I would never get it back.

“Sorry, I’m a solo player. Don’t worry, I’ll come back to school soon, I just need some more time to play.”

The hologram crossed its arms, she sounded angry.

“Fine, if you’re too important to play with us, then suit yourself!” The model of Victoria disappeared, and I was left in silence.

Great, both my education and my social life were going down the drain, hopefully I could muster the willpower to stop playing soon.

I turned off the lights and swallowed an extra strength sleeping pill. My mind couldn’t seem to drift away from Utopia Online and it was messing up my sleep. As the drug kicked in I convinced myself that I’d go to school tomorrow.

The next day, I stayed home to play again.

* * *

The tasks Abigail gave me to keep me busy in her absence were simple but frustrating. I would practice giving massages, clean her virtual laundry, or engage in speech training.

The speech training was easy. There would be a screen generating quotes from Abigail like “You’re such a good girl Crystal,” then I’d need to come up with a response under a certain time limit. For that one, an AI judged my reply: an A+ answer would be something like “I’m just a stupid teenager! It’s because you’re such a great teacher, Miss.”

It didn’t take me more than an hour before I was able to get A+ on every question (anything less and the AI would shock me to different degrees), and I was supporting my chin with my palm by the 2nd hour.

The competitive person in me couldn’t help but feel slightly proud at getting an A+, but I tried to suppress that emotion. I quickly found out that the AI rated certain keywords highly, like “teenager, miss, stupid, lucky, girl, happy” and others like those. By the third hour, I wondered if it was even an intelligent system grading my responses, or just a simple script. Doing the task again and again, the simplicity of it started to drown me in boredom.

I tried constructing a sentence like, “Miss stupid teenager is a lucky girl,” and the system punished me with a fierce electrical shock and a scolding from Viri. I had been getting shocked so much for disobedience, if this had been taking place in the real world my nerves would have been fried and I wouldn’t have been able to feel pain at all anymore.

With the intention of escaping from all this, I asked Abigail if I could have some time to play with my friends. I knew that she had zero concern for my wants and needs, so I tried to persuade her that it would lessen the chance of anyone getting suspicious in real life, why I wasn’t around.

‘Playing with my friends,’ turned out to be far worse than any task so far.

I was in a middle-aged tavern, wearing my perverted maid outfit, and my avatar included the visual changes I had made on day one, before Abigail stripped them away.

“Here’s your food,” I said with a smile as I placed the tray on the round table.

Victoria ignored my comment, as she was busy chatting with five other girls from my class at the table. She was wearing a semi-transparent green dress that showed off her figure and her in-game avatar looked identical to her in real life. That is, except for some elven ears and a fix to some of her worse features. I had always shamed her for dressing like a slut and apparently in-game was no exception. But now we were both dressed like one.

She stopped me from walking away and asked, “Is it true that you’re giving free foot massages to any girl who comes in here? It said so on the door.”

I clenched my jaw, and a warning from Viri showed up in my vision: Smile Crystal. Knowing what would happen if I didn’t, I forced my mouth to curve up.

“Yes! Anyone who comes in here, it’s my speciality in fact.”

“I think I’d like to try it,” Victoria said, ”I’ve never had a foot massage from a real person before.”

This was unreal. I was used to being the one calling the shots in this group, and now I was downgraded to a foot massaging waitress. Hayley, another girl from my class, interjected, “Isn’t it a little bit creepy?”

I roared inside my mind ‘YES, IT IS!”

Victoria smiled.

“Calm down, I’m just going to try it.”

I knelt down at her feet and undid the little clasps on her footwear; its design was beautiful. Her shoes had the appearance of leaves and branches spiralling up her ankles, like something an elven princess would wear in a fairy tale. Apparently the game mimicked the horrible smell resulting from her running around, and it wasn’t made better by the 50% enhancement I got from having Foot Worship at level 2. I had trouble keeping up my plastic smile as the pungent scent slapped me in the face.

Her feet were a bit larger than Abigail’s, and not quite as well-kept. I felt ashamed that I was making such comparisons as I began massaging them, using what I’d learned from countless hours of in-game practice.

Victoria sighed in relief.

“Wow! This feels a lot better than I thought it would. You’re quite good at this.”

Hayley curled her lip, “Really?”

“Yeah! You should have her do your feet after she’s done with mine.”

“Guess I’ll try it.”

I had to do something about this horrible situation. Perhaps with my classmates here, this was my one chance to escape. I took in a deep breath and made my attempt:


The worst pain I had ever experienced crushed my senses: it was like my body had become a rod hit by lightning. My hands shook like mad as countless needles pressed themselves against every part of my skin with, particularly against the back of my skull in a pounding migraine that obliterated my ability to think.

Despite all of this, my body remained stock-still, even though I wanted to cry out and run away to escape it. I could hear Viri’s calm voice while I was drowning in pain.

“That was a severe violation of the expected conduct. A repeat offense will have far worse consequences,” I kept expecting the pain to stop as it usually did, but it lingered for far longer than normal. And the longer it went, the worse it got!

“Woah, the vibration feels kinda good, but you look a little upset,” Victoria said with a surprised look on her face.

My body calmed down, and in defeat I tried to salvage the situation by smiling dumbly.

“I went a little crazy! Sorry about that, I will continue your massage now.”

She narrowed her eyes.

“You said you’re Crystal?… wait… you don’t have an NPC tag, and that voice… Holy shit, it’s really you!”

I wanted to stop existing, and even though I felt like I would cry I suspected that Viri wouldn’t let the game render my tears. I tried to play it off, “Who? …”

“There you go lying again. I can’t believe it! Why the fuck would you play the game to do something like this?”

My brain had short-circuited, I wanted to tell them everything but now that very thought was linked to unbearable pain. A glimmer of hope appeared in my mind: If my friends could reveal in-game degradation to myself in the real world, perhaps there was a chance to break the circle. The hope was gone as quickly as it arrived though. Abigail had certainly thought of something to prevent this from happening. Perhaps a she would re-write my classmate’s memories as she had done to me? I fell into despair the more I thought about it. At the end of the day, I either had to embarrass myself or be subjected to something even worse.

“It’s just uhm… a lesson in humility.. or something,” I said as I kept massaging her feet. What the hell could I say?

Victoria laughed in disbelief, joined by the other girls at the table. “This is what you spend all day doing—THIS is why you don’t come to school anymore? Are you like, a closet masochist or something?”

I grabbed her foot harder in a show of anger but Viri quickly warned me to lay off. If there was a spell inside the game that allowed you to disappear from existence, I’d like to cast it right now.

“I guess I enjoy it... I don’t know what to say,” I tried not to let my voice shake too much.

“Well, if you like massaging my feet, I won’t get in the way!” Victoria finally admitted, ”How did you become so good at this?”

“I’ve had… a lot of practice.”

That line elicited another wave of laughter from the girls at the table, and I lowered my head as far as I could while blushing furiously. Hayley asked, “Is this why you’ve never had a boyfriend, because you’re a secret foot freak?”

I wanted to protest, but Viri was giving me a text prompt for this one. It was either commit social suicide or face whatever Abigail had planned for me if I kept disobeying. I had no doubt in my mind that the latter was worse. I took a deep breath.

“Yes I love feet, touching them is really hot,” I tried to make it sound somewhat convincing.

The look on their faces was a bizarre mix of amusement and disbelief.

Victoria leaned back in her chair, “In that case, knock yourself out. I know I’m certainly enjoying this.”

One of the other girls at the table joined in, “Is this why you act so stuck-up in real life, so we won’t realize your secret? Well, I wouldn’t miss a chance to have her arrogant ass massage my feet! You look so good down on your knees in that costume Crystal! Do mine when you’re done with Victoria’s.”

“Hey, she was supposed to do mine next!” Hayley said.

A fourth girl interjected “Then after she’s done with your feet I want her to do me, I don’t want to be last!”

It was the most humiliating day in my life so far, the whole thing went on for hours with them degrading me all the way, I massaged the feet of all six girls at the table before they logged out. Although they would sometimes make comments like, ”I can’t believe Crystal Marone is giving us foot massages right now!” they ignored me for the most part, and that hurt. Being excluded from my group of friends, and treated like a waitress.

I don’t know whether they remembered what happened, but probably not seeing how they never brought it up with me or my mom in real life. I made a note of never asking Abigail for a favor ever again.

* * *

“Mom keeps complaining about how much I’m playing, and I think she has a point...” I pressed send and turned over in my bed, the light from my phone was the only thing illuminating my face.

Mom had seriously lost it after I was done playing today, complaining about how my life was on a downwards spiral. I told her she was overreacting, and I hated the way she treated me like a child. It was easy enough for her to tell me to stop playing when she didn’t know how fun the game was. At least Abigail understood my struggle, and I was beginning to wish that the universe had made her my mom instead. My phone vibrated as she texted back immediately.

“She just doesn’t remember what it was like to be young! When we were your age we did lots of irresponsible things. Don’t listen to her. You’re eighteen now, you don’t have to let anyone order you around.”

A smile appeared on my dimly lit face. Abigail understood me so well. My mom had no business telling me what to do! I typed another message.

“Yeah, I mean, I’m still young and there’s plenty of time to study. It should be fine to take some time to play right?”

“You bet! You should do what feels good for you. Even if you slack on your schoolwork now I’m sure a smart girl like you can catch up in no time”

I felt a warmth build up in body, I loved it when she praised me. It really was an honor to receive a praise from such an important woman and besides,she was right. I was already many years ahead of people my age academically. Mom was just exaggerating because she was jealous of Abigail’s success.

I put my phone down and swallowed another two sleeping pills—the first one just didn’t cut it.

* * *

My real life counterpart is such a fucking idiot. If the game could monitor my thoughts, anyone listening in would have their eardrums blown to bits. The disjuncture between the real world and the world of Utopia Online was driving me insane. I can’t believe I went from being one of the most popular and intellectually promising girls my age to a fucking foot maid and video game addict.

I spent all day fiending to get online, and every time I entered the game, my memories returned I was fuming. Abigail’s way of flaunting it in my face by messaging me outside the game only made it worse, because when I was in-game I could see all the subtle ways she was dooming me to failure.

It had only been two weeks since I got trapped in this hell, but I felt like I had been in it for months. Abigail had changed the landscape from her apartment to a luxurious hotel in a tropical environment, deserted except for her laying in swimwear on a lounger by the pool. I was, of course, standing at a little hotel bar, making drinks. The recipes she asked for contained up to forty different ingredients, some of them in such a small quantities that it couldn’t possibly affect the taste. I was sure she made them needlessly complicated just to annoy me. After I was done I placed it on a tray and brought it to her like a robot servant. Why did I have to perform these tasks when she could conjure things out of thin air? She even made me do the dishes afterwards, although it was pointless.

My outfit was even more awful than usual. Because of the heat, I was wearing nothing but my collar, a maid headband, panties that were way too small and a bikini which seemed to defy the laws of physics with its ability to stay attached while barely covering my nipples.

I hunched over, reached out with the tray and encouraged her to take the drink, but she just gave me an unimpressed look.

“Maids don’t bow like that Crystal. Bend at the waist, all the way down.”

I was wearing the same stupid smile on my face as I obeyed, but she still wasn’t satisfied.

“Not good enough! Get your ass and chest up, imagine you’re pressing your stomach towards the ground and look at me”. I curved my back to the point of it being painful, trying not to let it show on my face. This position was basically screaming “please look at my tits”

She gave me a hint of a smile as her stare went from my boobs to my face, I wished she’d let me quit this degrading position already. “That’s good. That’ll be how you bow from now on. Hey, I’ve been wondering about something, tell me Crystal…”

She reached up and caressed my face with her hand.

“Are you a virgin?”

I blushed. The nerve of this lady!

“Yes, Miss Abigail.”

“And why is that?”

I wanted to tell her that it was because none of the boys at school were worth my time, but I knew that wasn’t the response she was looking for.

“Because I’m only into older women, Miss.”

She seemed pleased, and I loathed how good I was getting at predicting what she wanted me to say. Well, it didn’t exactly take a pattern recognition genius to figure out her perverted mind.

“If I wanted it, would you give it to me?”

My fake smile almost broke. I had no idea how that would even happen within the game and I certainly didn’t want to find out. I didn’t receive any text prompt from Viri, but I knew exactly what kind of answer I’d have to give if I didn’t want to get shocked. I had to agree, and I had to do with enthusiasm.

“I’d be be so happy if you took my virginity, Miss Abigail. You can have it any time you want!”

She became lost in thought for a moment, and the wait time filled me with anxiety.

“For now I like the idea of having a virgin teen maid, maybe I can take it when our one-year anniversary comes around, as a celebration of our relationship.”

I didn’t know what terrified me more: spending a year with her or that so called ‘celebration.’ My legs and back were were aching from standing so long in that horrible position, but I knew she wouldn’t brook any protest.

“You’ve become such a well-behaved slutty maid” She swept her hand across my blonde hair, moving some of it to rest behind my ear.

“You were a little rough around the edges at first but bit by bit, you’re becoming flawless, Crystal”

I almost shivered with pride, a feeling that came on any time she praised me. I convinced myself that it was due to my real life counterpart’s newfound obsession with Abigail leaking into my current mind. Although I inwardly had to shake it off, there was only one kind of response she wanted when she praised me.

“It’s because you’re such a great teacher, Miss, I’m just a stupid teenage slut.”

“That’s right, you’re my million dollar slut, and I didn’t even have to pay a single cent to get you! In fact, you paid to become my slut when you bought the game.”

Although the game was a gift at first, the real-world me ended up buying it in some idiotic show of support for Utopia Online and to spite my mom.

“I’d pay any amount of money to be your slut, Miss!”

She finally took the glass from the tray, letting me stand upright and get some relief. I suddenly felt a burning pain right above my chest area. I let out a small scream and touched the source of the pain with my fingertips. Looking down, I found the phrase “Million Dollar $lut” embroidered onto my skin in black letters. I didn’t appreciate being a model for her fethizied customes, but having her tattoo me was a step too far! I struggled to contain my anger, consoling myself that at least my body in real life was unharmed.

“What’s wrong Crystal? You became so quiet all of a sudden, did you not like the tattoo?”

I tried not to sound too displeased. “Ehm yeah I love it, it’s just that it’s a bit… visible”

“Ah, don’t worry about that. We can get you some private ones later, if you behave nicely”

The slightest bit of protest and things took a turn for the worse! I should have learned that by now, but it seemed like the part of me that still had any self-esteem left wasn’t eradicated just yet.

Abigail took a sip of the drink and frowned. “This is way too strong, go make a new one for me.”

I was pretty damn sure that I could follow a drink recipe, I knew linear algebra by the age of twelve. It was exactly as she had ordered it, and she was obviously doing this just to frustrate me, but I knew she wouldn’t tolerate me pointing it out.

“I’m sorry miss, I’ll do it better next time.”

It was even more difficult to sound apologetic when she had me remake it three times, and I hated how easily I danced along to her tune. After she was finally satisfied with one of the drinks she had me kneel down to massage her feet while she enjoyed it. Remaining stationary beneath the sunlight was probably quite pleasant for her, but for me it was painful as though I would get a nasty sunburn this way.

I crawled towards the foot of her lounger, pulled up the menu, navigated to my inventory and pressed the lotion icon, causing it to materialize in my hand. Early on in our sessions, touching her feet made my hairs stand on edge, and my enhanced smell didn’t help matters. But to my dismay I was not only getting used to it, I was getting good at it. Viri had spent hours instructing me while Abigail was working, generating a model of the woman’s feet and highlighting which points to touch and how much pressure was appropriate. I began rubbing her soles with my thumbs.

“Ahhhh, that’s good Crystal. I knew being an academic wasn’t a good choice for you. This is clearly where your talent lies—at least, your friends think so!”

Reminding me of my wasted potential hurt, but I swallowed my feelings once again. As she leaned back and relaxed, there was a period of silence with me attending to her feet while the sun scorched my back.

I had to get out of here, but how? My trick with the email didn’t work. In fact, I suspected that she left the vulnerability there just to give me some false hope. I had tried several different memorization techniques to smuggle information out of here, but nothing stuck. The me outside the game was reduced to a useless video game addict every time. She simply had too much control: it was like having a role in a prison break movie, except the prison guard was also the director of the show.

My thoughts were interrupted by a call tone.

Abigail brought up the menu and pressed a button, and I could hear my mom’s voice coming through.

“Abigail I need to talk to you. It’s about Crystal.”

She sounded concerned.

Abigail sent me a smile, and continued her phone call:

“Oh, she actually texted me yesterday. She can’t stop talking about how much she’s enjoying my game”

My feelings towards my mom were ambivalent: the me outside the game hated her, but inside the game she was my greatest hope. I knew my voice wouldn’t reach her however; Abigail had done business calls with me at her feet before and the AI used voice-recognition software to filter out anything I tried to say.

“That’s exactly the problem! I’ve never seen her like this before. She doesn’t come out for dinner, she doesn’t want to study, she doesn’t want to hang out with her friends. All she wants to do is play your damn game. And she’s not the only one. Your game is dangerously addictive and it’s so realistic that many people are now convinced that the normal world is a simulation too.”

Abigail laughed.

“Yeah we’ve been sued for existential crisis a few times. But really, can you blame us for making a game that’s too good? Besides, Crystal is eighteen. You should let her do what she wants. Just because she’s your daughter doesn’t mean you own her,”

She raised the foot I wasn’t massaging and used it to tug on my collar, which read ”Property of Abigail Hawkin.”

“Don’t lecture me on parenting when you don’t even have kids!” My mom shot back, ”Look, can you at least let me talk to her while she’s playing?”

“I don’t know, Rachel. It’s part of our policy that the real world and the game world are kept completely separate. It helps with the immersion.”

My mom’s voice was sounding increasingly desperate. “Please, I’ll owe you a favor”

Abigail went silent for a bit, smiled, then replied, “Alright fine, you can talk to her just this once. This is not a normal procedure though, so hang on and give me some time to find her in the system. And remember that you owe me.”

“Thank you, I knew I could count on you!”

Abigail hit the mute button and gave me a look that sent shivers down my spine. I didn’t like where this was going at all.

“So Crystal, I thought of a little mini-game and here are the rules: You are going to talk to your mom and convince her to leave you alone while you play Utopia Online. And while you have this conversation, I want you to lick all the lotion off my feet. If you or your mom hang up before my feet are completely clean, I’m going to punish you, hard.”

I could go along with acting like her stupid bimbo, but having to reject the only person who was trying to get me out of this mess was too much. Could I really go through with this?

“Yes, Miss,” I murmured with her foot in my hands.

She pulled up a virtual keyboard and began modifying some settings. “Don’t even think of asking for help or telling the truth. You’ll be monitored the entire time, and our electrical circuits function literally a million times faster than the biochemical ones inside your mind. Don’t try to get clever and think you can get away with saying anything before the system shuts you down like you did with your friend Victoria.”

I pressed my lips together and nodded at her. She was right that she could shut me down before I could convey anything meaningful, and I was certain she could just do that to me once again. Disobeying her was becoming increasingly difficult. The mental strength it required kept increasing, and I found myself wanting to go along with whatever she said even though her requests kept getting worse.

Pressing the unmute button, she addressed my mom: “I’ll redirect you to her now Rachel, just keep the call open.”

Abigail pressed another button on the display, and the conversation menu shifted from besides Abigail to the front of my face.

“Crystal, are you there?”

“Hi mom...” I pressed my tongue flat against Abigail’s sole, picking up as much of the lotion as I could manage. I swallowed it as fast as I could. The bitter taste mixed with her feet was repulsive, but I had to be careful to not make a sound that would give it away.

“I know you probably don’t want to talk to me, but can you at least leave your room for dinner? Or stop locking the door? That game is ruining your health.”

I looked up at Abigail, and she shook her head at me. This time the call was filtering out her voice, and she took the opportunity to mock me: “I’m afraid your daughter is way too busy at my feet Rachel. Besides, she’s already having dinner.”

She giggled at her own joke.

This conversation was hopeless, I had no idea what to say.

“Uhm.. I’m sorry, but I want to keep playing. I’ll just take some nutrition pills before bed.” I took Abigail’s toes into my mouth, running my tongue around to scoop up as much of the lotion from the undersides of her toes as I could.

“That isn’t good enough! Look, I’m fine with you playing, but you need to take care of your school and health too. I saw that you’re using sleeping pills now. You’ve never needed those before—no 18 year old should need those, especially not one as healthy as you are.”

While she talked I licked away like mad because I wasn’t sure when the conversation would end. I cursed Abigail for making me rush through a genuine conversation with my mom, but nevertheless I managed to get all the lotion off of her left foot in a short time. I was feeling nauseous, but I wanted this depraved roleplay to end.

“There’s no nutritional difference if you take the right pills, and sleeping pills don’t have any side effects. You’re totally overreacting mom.” I said, as I began lapping away at the arch of Abigail’s right foot.

“What about your future? Your education? You’ve done nothing but live inside that game ever since you got it.”

Abigail giggled again, saying, “Don’t worry Rachel! She’s training for her future right now, she’s already improved so much!”

I didn’t appreciate her mean comments one bit, and in my haste I made a loud sucking noise as I popped one of her toes out of my mouth.

“Crystal, what was that sound?”

“Ehm… Just an in-game sound effect. Forget about it. And you don’t have to worry about my education. I’m one of the top students, who cares if I take a bit of time to play” I was almost done, finally.

“You’re impossible to argue with! I can’t believe you’d get so obsessed over a game, you’ve always said games are for losers.”

I certainly felt like the biggest loser in the solar system right now, and the worst part was that I was getting used to it. Licking up the last lotion from her feet, I gave Abigail a pleading look and she nodded. I decided to end this dishonest conversation as fast as possible.

“Maybe I was wrong, and can you please stop disturbing me while I’m playing, I’m hanging up.”

“Wait Crys—” I pressed the end call button and sighed.

Abigail looked overjoyed “Wow, that was great, I don’t think she suspected a thing. I’m proud of you! Maybe we can show her a recording of it one day, I’d love to see her reaction”

“Thanks, Miss,” I muttered, staring dejectedly at the ground.

“What was that?” She raised an eyebrow.

Of course, she expected the usual procedure no matter how forlorn I felt. I beamed a huge, fake smile at her even though my heart was breaking and said,

“It’s because you’re such a fantastic teacher Miss. I’m just a stupid teen bimbo.”

I was getting tired of acting like an idiot, but it always pleased her.

She waved me over with one hand, “Come here Crystal, crawl up to me.”

I placed my palms at the foot of the lounger and slowly made my way up, until she put a hand on my head to stop me.

“Look down Crystal, see how wet my pussy is from you licking my feet?”

There was a large wet spot on her panties, I didn’t know what to say, I hadn’t been pushed so far before. “Yes…”

“Do you want to lick your owner’s pussy, Crystal?”

The question hit me like a sledgehammer, and I scrambled for a response. Viri came to my rescue as some text appeared in my vision.

“Yes miss, I’d … love to eat you out”

“Take off my panties then, this is also going to become a big part of your maid duties.”

I was beginning to feel more like a whore and less like a maid, but I slipped off her panties as requested and lowered my head into her lap. The scent of her arousal hit me, and just as I was having second thoughts I felt her hand on the back of my head guiding me.

“Come on Crystal, don’t tease me.. I’m already so wet from your little show, get that tongue out.”

Abandoning whatever was left of myself, I stuck my tongue out and licked her pussy. Compared to all the things the game made me deal with in relation to her feet, it wasn’t too horrible.

“Mmmh, you’re going to get so good at this too Crystal, I’m going to train you every day from now on” She pressed against the back of my head, indicating that I should go deeper. My tongue shot forward I could taste her in the back of my throat. A screen appeared:

“Pussy Licking 0 => 1”

“Tongue reach extended by 20%”

My eyes went wide as I felt my tongue probe even deeper, eliciting an excited laugh from Abigail. Viri was frantically trying to give me directions: ‘aim for her G-spot for a while’ and ‘apply more firm pressure’, eventually telling me to caress her clit with my tongue.

“Fuck, I’m already so close! You’re such an amazing whore, Crystal… ahh.. I’m so glad I decided to make you my slave maid. Uhh… ‘Sorry mom, I can’t come to dinner, I’m too fucking busy eating out your friend’ Mmmh keep going Crystal, you’re doing so good!”

I felt so proud. Fuck, this was the last thing I should be proud of! I kept going for many long minutes, and every time I slowed down the collar would give me a small shock, causing my head to shake and Abigail to giggle. Her thighs were shaking and I could tell she was getting close.

“Nod your head if you’re my foot licking, cunt eating teen slut… Yeah? I’m so happy you agree… ahh... look up at me Crystal, let me see your eyes when I cum on your pretty face…fuck.... that’s it...I’m gonna… AHHHH” Her legs spasmed on both sides of my head, and with my mouth open I couldn’t help but take in some of her juices. The taste wasn’t as bad as I feared, or maybe I had been conditioned by all the enhanced exposure to her feet.

She caressed my hair with her hand as she calmed down. “Good girl, Crystal. Now, clean up after your owner like a good maid.”

“... yes miss”

* * *

One week later

I don’t think I’d ever seen my mom this angry.

“CRYSTAL!! I called the school and they said you’d been absent for two whole weeks, have you been staying home to play that damn game?”

I crossed my arms “So what if I have? It’s none of your business.” Her words stung but I acted tough. Admitting that the whole thing was out of control would be too hard on my pride and I could not accept her solution of taking the game away from me.

“You live in my house! While you’re here, you’re going to do as I say. Or else you can go and live off of nothing but universal basic income like the rest of the unemployed losers!” She was shaking with anger.

Why did she think she was so qualified to run my life when her eyes couldn’t even distinguish between red+green and pure yellow? I refused to meet her gaze.

“Then maybe I shouldn’t live in your house! I’m old enough to move out, after all.”

The statement caught her off guard.

“Don’t be ridiculous. You have nowhere to go, and there’s no way you could get used to living in some low-class facility. Without an education what are you going to do that a computer can’t? Sell your body? Work as a slutty ‘influencer,’ shilling for rose tea and eyelash extensions?”

“Mom, you’re being irrational! I’m far ahead of any other girl my age. Taking some time to play is fine. Also, I wouldn’t have to move to public housing… Abigail said she’d take me in. ”

Those words hit her like a lightning bolt.

“WHAT?! You can’t be serious. She’s a decent friend, but there’s a reason none of her relationships have ever survived for over a month, and the employees that jumped ship to our company won’t stop talking about how demanding she is as a boss. And lately she’s even begun to act superior even around me!”

My mom clearly didn’t know Abigail like I did. I felt like she was the only person who had a chance of understanding my somewhat problematic love for the game.

“Well she’s nice to me! Much nicer than you in fact, and I think I’ll take her up on the offer”

I marched into my room and shut the door, ignoring all my mom’s protests in the background. I pulled out my phone, ready to complain to Abigail again.

* * *

One Week Later

Abigail had sent her self-driving car to pick me up, and my mom and I barely bothered saying goodbye to each other. She was a messy bag of sadness and fury but I didn’t care, I almost wanted to join the early Mars colonization just to get as far away from her as possible.

I discovered that Abigail owned a huge piece of land not far from the city’s center, which was unheard of given the current population density. The entrance even had a gate! I thought my mom was rich, but this was next level. Beholdning the entrance to the whole thing, I felt like a homeless person in comparison. Which I was, technically.

“Wow, a couple of boxes, is that really all the stuff you have Crystal?” Abigail asked as she had a robot servant carry them inside.

“Yeah, stupid mom wouldn’t let me keep most of my stuff, she even took away my car. I can’t believe she’s being so unreasonable about all of this, hopefully she’ll be willing to talk to me again soon. At least she didn’t have the authority to take back the money on my savings account. Otherwise I’d have nothing at all.”

Abigail smiled. “Yeah, I’ve never seen her like this either. She’s yelled at me over the phone multiple times, it’s becoming tiresome.”

As she showed me around her luxurious house, I had a strange sense of deja vu: something about all of this was very familiar. And why did a single business woman need all this just for herself? Was she just trying to flaunt her wealth?

I also noticed that she was walking around barefoot. There was something special about her feet, and as I repeatedly stole glances at them I felt an odd impulse to offer her a foot massage. I shook my head, where had that thought come from? I definitely didn’t want anything to do with her feet.

After a brief tour, we sat down to have a talk. Abigail faced me and folded her hands, which gave her a decidedly authoritative look.

“So Crystal, I’m happy to have you living here, but we need to get a few things in order first.”

I didn’t like her tone, I had a suspicion it was the same one she used on her employees.

“Like what?”

“Well, while you’re living here, you’ll need to pay for a few things.” Those words were foreign to my ears—she had never talked about me paying for stuff when she invited me here.

“I have to pay? Come on, you’re basically swimming in money, what amount could I possibly pay that’d help contribute to anything?”

She frowned, and I felt my whole body retreat as far back on the chair as possible. My palms were sweaty, and my fingers twitched nervously. Why did she scare me so much? Her glare only became more intense,

“It’s not about whether I need the money. It’s about you showing respect while you’re living here. There’s plenty of things to pay for: electricity, food, rent. I know your mom has spoiled you to the point where you’re clueless about how life works, so if you let me control your UBI I’ll take care of it.”

My breathing was strained. I wanted to say something, but the harsh words from a woman I respected hurt much more than anything my mom could have ever said. I was starting to doubt whether moving in here was actually a good idea.

“I’m sorry, but it’s a bit extreme, couldn’t you just tell me what I have to pay? I doubt I’ll have trouble figuring out a simple spreadsheet with expenses.”

She got up from her chair, and I could feel my whole body tense up. She put a hand on my shoulder as and it sent shivers down the rest of my body, it felt like a phantom rope was tightening around my neck.

“Crystal, this is for your own good. If you let me take care of it, you can focus on playing, and that’s why you’re really here right?”

I had just wanted a space where I could play without constantly getting berated, but I felt as if I was drowning and the only way to get my head above the surface was to agree.

“Okay… I’ll let you take care of it…”

She smiled, and I was filled with relief even though I was ashamed at how quickly I caved to her unreasonable demands. I cursed myself for giving up my UBI—that was seen as the new serfdom, giving someone control of that.

“Fantastic! I think we’re going to get along great, Crystal.”

As she let go of my shoulder, I breathed out. I had never been this scared of another person. I thought of myself as ‘stupid,’ which used to be the stock insult I threw at everyone else. Perhaps the game really was destroying my self-esteem.

My room turned out to be underwhelming. It only had the minimum requirements to play Utopia Online, almost no excess space except for a desk with a computer to power the game and a single bed. Why did a house like this even have such a room? I should have complained to Abigail that there was no way one woman could take up every other decent room in this gigantic house. But the mere thought of complaining reminded me of our conversation earlier, and was intrinsically linked to unease and defeat. I accepted the room, and focused on the bright side that at least I could play the game more, here.

In fact, I could still play for a few hours before bed! That would surely lift my spirits—I practically dove into the helmet and got ready to have the fun I so desperately needed after such a trying day.

When I logged on to play, I’m sure that my screams of frustration could be heard by every other player in Utopia Online.