The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Dimensions of Dementia-2

by J. Darksong

Chapter II. Detective Robin Wungner

“Hello? Jacksonville City Police Department?”

“Yes. Sergeant Perkins speaking. How may I help you?”

“Yes, I was watching the television, and I saw the warning about the escaped inmate. Oh, gosh, I’m so nervous! The message said he was dangerous and that you shouldn’t try and catch him yourself but to contact the police, immediately, so—”

“Wait a minute! Are you saying you’ve spotted Dr. Thorton?”

“Yeah, that is what I was trying to tell you! I saw this guy, and he looked just like the guy whose picture you flashed on the television! He was dragging this girl along with him, he had a hand over her mouth and she was struggling... I mean, this IS the bad side of town, and all, but something like that will still catch your eye.”

“Excuse me, sir. I need to know where you saw Dr. Thorton. The location. I need a street name.”

“Yeah, yeah. He was right around here. I live up here on the third floor, you see, and I was just about to close my shutters and head to bed when I saw him dragging that poor girl across the street from me. Hey! Does this mean I get a reward or something?”

“SIR!! Please... focus! This girl’s life may be in danger, and every second counts! Now, tell me WHERE you are, what street address, so we can send a unit to investigate.”

Jacob Thorton glanced from his window to the alley across the street. “On the corner of Third Street and Main. The warehouse district.” He chuckled softly to himself. “I saw him carry her into one of the abandoned buildings on the left side of the street.”

“Okay. Thank you. We’ll send a unit right over to investigate. Now, if you’ll just stay on the line, I’ll have transfer you to another officer who can take your name and see about that reward—”

Jacob clicked the receiver abruptly down on the cradle. “No thanks. Seeing your confused and appalled faces after I abduct one of your fine officers will be all the reward I need. Thanks anyway.” He chuckled, turning to walk over to his captive, who looked up at him with a concerned look. “You’re no doubt curious as to WHY I just called the police, aren’t you?” The girl nodded softly. “Well, Barbara, my dear, to tell you the truth, I am beginning to get a little bored. You are coming along nicely. One more treatment and I think you’ll be well on your way to a life in a straightjacket. Fine for you, but not for me. I have a really really REALLY short attention span, and I get—OH! So THAT is where I left my sandwich!” he said, taking out a slightly moldy ham sandwich from behind the chair. Sniffing it once, he made a face and tossed it into the trash. “UGH! Guess the expiration date on THAT has expired. Now then... oh yes! I need a new challenge. And what better challenge than to try and break the spirit, not to mention the MIND, of one of Jacksonville’s Finest?”

He walked back to his chair and sat down, taking out his binoculars, watching the warehouse he had set up in advance as a trap. “Besides, I owe them. They portrayed me VERY unfairly in all of those commercials, warning folks to stay away from me. Geez, what am I, a leper?” He focused the lenses on a single unmarked car, pulling in and parking next door to the warehouse. Two undercover policemen got out, detectives, no doubt. One was a tall dark skinned man, which caused Jacob to frown, but the other was a startling young redheaded woman, a curvaceous little thing, that screamed sexuality despite her drab working clothes. Jacob smiled. “Oh yes... this should be fun.”

* * *

“See anything yet, Wungner?”

Robin Wungner glanced around the empty building, shining her standard issue flashlight in a sweeping arc about the main room. “Nope. Not a thing, Dawkins. This place seems real quiet for the hideout of a crazed psychotic kidnapper. You think this is just another wild goose chase?”

Detective Frank Dawkins shrugged. “I dunno. Could be. Our supposed ‘eyewitness’ hung up before he gave the desk sergeant his name. Still, we’re here. We might as well check the place out.”

“Agreed,” Robin concurred. “Just watch your ass, partner. I’m getting too old to train ANOTHRR rookie partner.”

“Ha, just watch your OWN ass, Wungner. You’re the one that nearly bit it on the last assignment we had. If it hadn’t been for—”

“SHHHH!” Robin hissed, drawing her gun. Frank immediately fell silent. Robin gestured silently to a door at the end of the room, where a dim light was shining from underneath the door. Moving stealthily, the two partners made their way across the warehouse, through the scattered remains of worm-eaten wooden crates, and half-crushed barrels. It took several minutes to transverse the long, litter-covered floor, moving carefully in the darkness, to keep from alerting their quarry prematurely. Finally, reaching the door, Robin took a position to the left, kneeling on one knee, pausing to assess the situation.

A thin silver wire ran across the front of the doorframe. A trip wire of some kind. Gesturing to Frank, she warned him silently, as she carefully stepped over it, moving to stand between it and the closed door she was about to kick in.

The light seemed to shift, sweeping back and forth, perhaps from a person pacing nervously back and forth in front of a lamp. Robin stood there, motionless for a moment or two, listening, until she heard it. A sound. The ummistakable sound of a muffled or gagged female trying to speak. Robin nodded to Frank, and signed a count of three. On the last count, Robin moved forward, kicking in the door, gun sweeping the area in an arc, looking for a target.

“FREEZE, you sick son if a bitch! Jacksonville PD! Get your hands... up... now?” she sputtered, as she and her partner secured the empty room. The small room, an office of some kind in its latter day, was as ransacked and abandoned as the rest of the warehouse. The overhead light had long since burnt out; the weak dim light illuminating the room came from a small flashlight, hanging from a broken window by a string. The movement Detective Wungner had thought she’s seen had been caused no doubt by the wind moving the light, causing it to spin and sway randomly. With a deep sigh, Robin reholstered her gun.

“Very impressive, partner,” Dawkins commented glancing around the empty room. “Too bad there were no bad guys here to see it. Man, I am getting so FUCKING tired of all these FUCKING false alarms! Is everyone in this town a FUCKING loony or what? While we run around town on all these FUCKING false calls, the real FUCKING psycho is out there, somewhere, doing God-knows-what, no doubt laughing at us—”

“Quiet down,” Robin said, trying to stench off the flow of another of her partner’s famous tirades. “I cuss just as much as the next cop, dammit, but I’m not in the mood for another one of your ‘FUCK’ fests. Since we’re here, the least we can do is look around a bit, see if there is anything to this place or not.”

“There isn’t!” he replied in exasperation. “This place is deserted. There’s dust and grime all over the floors and walls and the scattered debris in here. The only footsteps in this place are the ones we made walking in here. Hell, this place was abandoned long before our ‘perp’ escaped the loony bin.”

“Maybe, maybe not. Look at the swinging flashlight. That thing is too new-looking, too modern. And the thing still works. The overhead lights have long since blown out, yet the flashlight swinging there is still shining. It can’t have been there too long if the batteries still work. And look at that window where it was left hanging. The entire room is dust covered, and full of mold and mildew, yet that window seems dust free, as if someone used it recently... maybe to place that flashlight in here, to make us think that they were here.”

Dawkins drew out his gun again. “You suspect a trap or something?”

A loud burst of laughter sounded, and both officers turned, startled. A small wall mounted speaker drew their attention, partially obscured by the clutter. “Well done, detectives,” the male voice said with glee. “As a matter of fact, this IS a trap. After all, it was I that called you down here to investigate, you know. Congratulations. You’ve found my little secret hideout. As a reward, I’ll let you in on a secret: I’d be running out of there as fast as I could about now.” At that moment, a beeping sounded from the left of their position. Turning a light on the source, Robin saw the flashing digits of a clock spinning rapidly... spinning BACKWARDS rapidly.

“Bomb!” Dawkins yelled. “Move your ass!” Turning, he headed for the doorway, eager to get out before the explosion. Robin, too, turned to evacuate, but the light of her flashlight illuminating the doorway reminded her at the last second about the tripwire positioned in front of the door. Eager to leave before the bomb went off, Frank Dawkins had forgotten all about it. Time seemed to slow as she watched her partner run towards the opening. With horror, she saw Frank’s left foot slide under the wire, the right one hitting the pavement as his left foot shifted, preparing to come up. She reached out a hand, intending to shout a warning, but all she managed was “NOOOOOOO!!!” before Frank’s foot rose, pulling the taunt wire, tripping him to the floor, and activating whatever device it was connected to.

“SHIT!” Detective Wungner cried, bracing herself for the explosion she knew was coming. Moments later, she opened her eyes, still alive, glancing down at her partner. “Frank? You okay?”

“Y-y-yeah. Although when I hit that wire, I nearly peed myself. I thought to God we were toast.”

“We still might be. The clock’s still ticking. Let’s... hey do you smell.. what’s... what’s... that smell?” Robin frowned, sniffing the air. A distinct hissing sound was issuing from somewhere close by. Suddenly, a deep euphoria swept over her, and she giggled. “Do you smell... hehehee.. do you smell....hahahahaa.. what the Rock is cooking?” she managed, before busting out laughing. Affected by the gas as well, Dawkins doubled over in laughter. “No, no no... I mean... I smell... gas. hahaha... We better... hehehee hahaah.. get the hell hahahaha... outta here!”

Nitrous oxide, the still working part of her brain concluded, even as she dropped to the floor, literally rolling with laughter. But... that’s not all. Some kind of substance with the gas... making me feel... horny. God, its been too long since I have been with a man! No, wait, this is wrong. Some kind of aphrodisiac mixed with the gas. Have to fight it. Have to get the hell out of here. Still laughing, she began crawling towards the door, loving the way her clothing stroked and caressed her body in this position. She resisted the urge to slip a hand into her sopping wet panties and play with herself, but the need was steadily rising within her. As she crawled towards the open door, she watched in awe as the hallway seemed to warp before her eyes, stretching even longer, making the twenty yard length seem several hundred miles long. She shook her giddy head and blinked her eyes, only to see the once empty passageway now littered with moving vines, as if junglelike overgrowth had mysteriously appeared in the few seconds that her eyes had been closed. The hissing of the gas turned into the hissing of snakes, and as she glanced down at the jungle floor on which she was lying, she found herself caught in the coils of several hundred snakes, slithering all around her. Shrieking, she began wiggling frantically, trying to get them off, knowing deep inside her mind that it was a hallucination, that one of the gases was a hallucinogenic, but that information couldn’t save her from the blasted snakes intent on biting and devouring her.

BE-BE-BEEP!! The clock finally reached zero, but instead of a fiery explosion, the time released gas canisters that had not already activated now popped. A thicker, stronger gas settled over the area, dosing the two detectives. Suddenly, all of Robin’s strength left her. Her eyes fluttered closed, opened again briefly, then closed one last time. Likewise, Frank’s struggled ceased as he drifted off into a deep, deep sleep...

* * *

Robin awoke with a start. The first thing she noticed was that she was cold, and looking down at herself she saw why. She was completely naked. Gasping in shock, she tried to sit up, but she was bound tightly to the platform she was lying on. Struggling fitfully, cursing loudly as she did so, the policewoman was unaware that she had company until the man spoke.

“AH! Good, you’re awake. I was hoping you’d wake up in time for the show to start.” Robin turned to the side to see the man she had been seeking standing before her. Dr. Jacob Thorton flashed her a winning smile. “I’ve gone through a considerable bit of trouble to set this up for you, officer. I hope you appreciate it.”

“Let me go this instant, you fucking psycho!” she yelled. “When I get out of here, I’m going to see to it they bury your sorry as UNDER the fucking jail! You hear me! Get me out of here. NOW!”

Jacob merely shook his head. “Tsk tsk tsk. Seems that its YOU that has the dirty mouth now, instead of your partner.” At the mention of Frank, Robin glanced around, wondering if he was here as well or had somehow gotten away. “If you’re looking for your partner,” Jacob said with a grin, “then look no further. That is the little show I had planned for you. Face forward, please, and take a gander at this!” Jacob rolled a small television set in front of Robin and clicked it on. A picture slowly formed. The static soon dissolved away, reforming into a clear picture of Detective Frank Dawkins. Like her, he was naked, tied down completely to a platform. The camera filming him zoomed in, and Robin could see his large wild eyes, his face snarled in a grimace, a look of intense agony, despite the laughter coming through the speaker. The man laughed and laughed, drool running down his face, as he twitched and jerked aimlessly.

“I did a little work on him, as you can see,” Jacob said idly, as Robin watched in horror. “A pretty big guy. Real strong macho type too. It took less than an hour to break him, and not long after that to completely shatter his sanity. A pity too. I had hoped for a new challenge after I finished my last project. I hope YOU don’t disappoint me, Detective.”

“You... you fucking psycho!” Robin screamed. “What the fuck did you do to him? He was my PARTNER for God’s sakes!!” More than anything, Robin wished she had her gun. Insane or not, mental patient or not, she wanted to kill Dr. Thorton with extreme prejudice. If she ever got free she knew then and there that her career as a policewoman would be over, that most likely she would end up in a sanitarium herself, because the only thought on her mind at the moment was ripping the demented doctor to pieces with her bare hands.

“Oooh! You’ve got a lot of spunk,” Jacob cooed softly. He reached out and caressed Robin’s face, and she jerked away, disgusted. “You’ve got fire in you, Detective.” Then he frowned. “Too bad for you, I happen to HATE fire and spunk. Guess I’ll have to schedule you for a ‘session’. Oh, DAR-LIIING!” he called out loudly. “I need you! We’ve got another patient to prep.”

Robin’s eyes grew wide as a young shapely blonde girl entered the room. She instantly recognized her as the missing woman, Barbara Gordon, from the police reports. Although her clothes were dirty and torn, and her hair frizzled and matted, she smiled devilishly and wiggled seductively as she walked. When she made her way over to the doctor and kissed him passionately on the lips, Robin wondered idly whether this was indeed the same woman caught on the parking lot security tape, kicking and screaming to get away from her kidnapper. She certainly didn’t seem in distress now!

“I see you have a new toy to play with,” Barbara said in a low silky voice. “Have you grown tired of me already, Sir?” she asked, fluttering her eyes seductively.

“Oh certainly not, my dear,” he said with a grin. “With her, it will be strictly work-related. With you, its all pleasure.” He gave her a little kiss on the cheek. “Anyway, she is not for me, she’s for YOU, my dear. You’ve been such a GOOD subject that I thought I’d reward you for your miraculous improvement. After I’m through adjusting her warped way of thinking, she will be your own personal little playtoy.”

Barbara cooed gleefully. Robin, angered and frightened, responded by again struggling against her bonds. “You son of a bitch! You are not getting away with this shit! I don’t care what the hell you do to me, I am not going to let you get away with this! I’ll see you pay for this shit, Thorton! I’ll kill you with my own bare hands!”

“Feisty one isn’t she?” Barbara said with a grin. “If I may suggest, Sir, I think she could use a few lessons in humility. She’s way too independent, too strong willed and forceful. I think you need to take her down a peg or two.”

Jacob furrowed his brow. “Hmmm. I agree with your prognosis, ‘doctor’. Very good. Make it so.” Barbara walked over to the girl, taking out a small dial of liquid, removed the stopped, and squirted several drops into the startled woman’s eyes.

“HEY! What the fuck... what the hell was that? Get away from me you crazy bitch!” The liquid stung her eyes slightly, and when she tried to blink, she found it hard to focus her eyes clearly. A blurry figure of Dr. Thorton appeared before her.

“Now, now, nothing to worry about. Its just a little drug to help with your, ahem, conditioning. Its the same kind of thing the eye doctor gives you when checking your eyesight. It numbs the nerves and keeps your eyes from focusing. It also tends to make your pupils contract a wee bit. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you have something really PRETTY to look at.” He smiled wickedly, holding up a small golden pocketwatch on a chain. With a twitch of his wrist, the watch began to sway, dancing nimbly in front of Robin’s eyes. Try as she might, she could not get her eyes to obey her, and everytime she managed to close them, the damn drug would make her open them again. The glittering watch captured her attention, and though she fought with all her might, she knew it was a losing battle.

“See how easy it is,” Dr. Thorton began, speaking in a low deep voice. “I’ve tied you down, drugged you, weakened you. There is no way to fight me, detective. All you have to do is relax and watch the watch, relax and watch the watch. You don’t even have to focus on it, just stare straight ahead and let your mind relax, and it appears before you. See? Its easy... so easy.”

“No... you aren’t going... to hypnotize me... you sick fuck...” Robin growled, her eyes beginning to glaze over slightly. Thinking was beginning to become harder and harder, as more and more of her mental faculties became consumes in concentrating on the flashing swaying watch. She knew what was going on, but she was helpless to do anything about it. Dr. Thorton, aware of her feelings, merely smiled. That very helplessness and her frustration were the tools we planned to use to entrap and enslave her.

“Oh yes, by all means, fight me, detective. Fight me with all your strength. But we both know it won’t do any good. You can’t fight me. I am already in your mind. You can not block out my words, you can’t fight my control over you. You’re strong willed, yes, but your will is cracking, slipping away with every second. Yes... you know its true. You know who and what I am, what I once was. I know people’s minds, what makes them tick. I know you, Detective. I know your mind better than you do, yourself.”

“That’s... bu... bul.. bullshit,” Robin managed, her will starting to sag under the relentless onslaught. If only the man would just shut up for a moment and let her think...

“Oh really,” he continued mercilessly, waving the watch before her eyes. “Then let’s test that little theory. You’re a strong-willed person. A gun-toting police detective. You didn’t settle for being a meter maid or something safe, not you. You felt you had something to prove, to yourself and to everyone else around you, anyone who dared to suggest there was something you couldn’t do. You’re proud, and dedicated, never one to quit or leave something undone. You love a challenge. You’re a fighter. And yet... despite all of that, there are layers in you, my dear. Layers untouched, hidden behind that strong purposeful exterior. You’re lonely. For all your success, and your accomplishments, you have no one to share them with. You rarely smile. The other men in the precinct think of you as ‘the girl detective’ rather than as a person, a member of THEIR force. And why shouldn’t they? After all, you keep them all at arms’ length.”

Robin tried to close her eyes, tried to block out the words. Damn him, but his words were starting to ring true. She was lonely. It had been ages since last she had dated, and even that had been a short-lived experience. She was devoted to her job, and it left little time to concentrate on a social life. But so what? She was only twenty-six, she had her whole life ahead of her to worry about love. Right now, her career came first.

“You’re probably one of those that think that since you’re young, your lovelife can wait, while you focus on your career.” He was rewarded with a grimace on her lovely face. “Ah, struck a nerve did I? Well I am about to strike them all. You may consciously THINK that you can do without companionship for a while, but deep inside your mind you know the truth: that you are a scared and lonely little girl! You only play at being a strong, independent woman, trying to fool everyone as well as yourself that you don’t need anyone. But you can’t fool yourself, and you can’t fool me. I know. I KNOW!” He dropped the watch and moved to kneel face to face with the stunned girl. Taking her face in his hands, he locked eye-to-eye with her and spoke in a soft guttural voice.

“You are weak. Weak-willed. You pretend to be strong to hide the hurt. You ate alone. Alone and afraid. You want to be able to fight, to run away, to hide, but you can’t. You can’t even move, can’t get up, can’t fight, can’t run. All you can do is submit.” Tears began to run down the detective’s face, as she felt her entire world breaking apart, shattering like her mind, into a million pieces. “Give in,” he continued. “You need help. Guidance. You are confused, unsure of yourself, unsure of everything. All you can do is trust me now. Trust in me. Open yourself to me, and let me guide you. Just say that you accept my help, and everything will be okay. Everything will be fine. You won’t be scared or lonely again. But you have to accept my help. Just say the words. Say it. Say that you accept my help. Just speak the words, and everything will be alright.”

Robin’s lips quivered. Somewhere within her scrambled, mazed mind, she heard a voice scream its defiance. But the scream was so crowded by her doubt, her fear, her loneliness, feelings that the doctor’s words had invoked and intensified, that the scream sounded as loud as the tiniest whisper. She licked her lips, once, then once again, before she finally spoke.

“I... I accept.”

* * *

I graduated first in my class from the police academy, Robin spoke in a flat, toneless voice. Jacob stopped the video tape there. He had, after all, heard Robin’s history from her own lips a few hours ago. Still, it was nice to be able to watch her being broken later on, after the fact. He slid the tape out of the VCR and picked up the one labeled ‘Barbara’ and slid it into the machine. He fast forwarded it past her sanity cracking sessions, until it reached the end, then pushed PLAY. Barbara stood before the camera, a dreamy, somewhat glazed look in her eyes. Her lovely face twitched slightly, as if she were having uncontrolled spasms, but otherwise she seemed perfectly normal. He heard his own voice speak in the background...

Okay, Barbara, one last time. Tell me about your past. From beginning to end.

“Past?” she blinked. “Past? What is the past? I am what I am. I was born from chaos, and into chaos I will return someday. That is all that matters.”

Very true. But you had to come from somewhere. You are alive. You had to have been born from a mother and father. Think hard and see if you can recall them.

Barbara closed her eyes for a moment, scrunching her face, as if deep in thought. Finally she opened her eyes. “All I remember is meaningless garbage. It is all irrelevant. You yourself taught me that, doctor. Why are you so interested in it now?”

Never you mind, my dear. This is for posterity. Now, tell me about the ‘meaningless garbage’.

“Very well,” she said with a sigh. “I was born from a young hooker, a hot sexy young thing off the streets. Seems one of the Johns had been a little careless, and my old lady was still kinda new at turning tricks. Needless to say, Pimp Daddy Mack wasn’t all that thrilled to have his newest girl knocked up. Still, she was too stubborn to abort me, more afraid of doctors than she was of Mack’s temper. Nine months later, I was born. I was put up for adoption soon after, meaning that I was discarded and left for dead on the side of the road.” She giggled softly, sighing, as if it was a fond memory. Her hand slipped down to her naked pussy as she spoke. “MMmmmm... I was found shortly thereafter by a kind young man named Malik. He cared for me as if I was his own. Too bad, though, the old man wasn’t very healthy. He died on me when I was twelve. I spent the next couple of years in an orphanage. I shared a room with three other girls, older girls. I never knew what a lesbian was, but they soon taught me the meaning of the word. Ohhh... yeaaahhh. Big sister Jenny always made sure I had a good night’s sleep every night. Such a naughty girl she was... but then again, we ALL were...UUUGHHHH!!” She stopped, twitching as she orgasmed slightly. Collecting herself, she continued again.

“Jenny was eventually adopted. Heartbroken, I ran away. I spent the next couple of years on the streets, following in my mother’s footsteps. I turned tricks to survive, using my sexy body for money, for drugs, and the occasional diamond necklace. I soon met up with my mom, and learned a bit more about my past. I don’t hold a grudge though. She did what she had to do to survive. We all do. So I continued living my life as always, until one day I ran into one very bad man. Sammy Jackson. A real piece of shit. He had a reputation for violent sex, so all the other girls steered clear of him. I wasn’t so lucky. He took me to a private spot and began to use me. At first, it wasn’t so bad, but then he got violent. He started to smack me around.. strangle me! I freaked. I bit him to get away, but he grabbed hold of me and started to beat on me. Yeah... nice and rough.” Barbara’s eyes again took on that dreamy quality, and she started rubbing her clit again. “He... mmmmm... spilt my lip, broke my ribs... oohhh... uuuhhh... nearly bashed my face in. I thought, oooohhh, thought I was done for. That’s when... that’s when.. Oh OH OH OH MY GOOOODDDD!!! That’s when YOU... came along!! MOTHERFUCK!!!” She screamed as she came again, a more powerful orgasm than any she had received so far. As she lay panting on the floor, on her knees, Jacob’s voice spoke again from the background.

Yes. I came along at that moment. I shot that fucker dead, and carried you away with me here. I healed your wounds, inside and out, and helped you discover a clearer, better way of thinking. And now, you’re my most loyal and devoted slave. Isn’t that right, Barbara dear?

The girl looked up at the camera and smiled blissfully, nodding. “Oh yes, Sir. Your complete and total slave. Forever...”

Jacob shut off the tape and walked into the adjoining room, where Barbara was just finishing a brutal spanking session on Detective Robin Wungner. The naked woman moaned loudly, twitching her ass as Barbara, clad only in a black leather mask and black silk panties, caressed the red throbbing cheeks, gently easing their pain with the gentlest of caresses. Seeing her Master returned, Barbara smiled, walking over to the pillory and unlocking it, releasing Robin.

“How goes the conditioning, my dear?” he asked.

“Oh just fine, Sir,” she replied with a seductive lick of her lips. “She was a little temperamental at first, but a little discipline settled her right down, didn’t it, my pretty little Robin?”

The unbound girl quickly fell to her knees, kissing and licking her Mistress’ bare feet and suckling her toes with a fervor that made the young blonde giggle. “Hehehe. You see, Master? She has groveling down to ehehehehe a science. Teee hehehe.” Barbara reached down and tapped Robin gently on the head. The girl timidly rose back to her knees again. Barb gestured towards Jacob, standing there, looking amused. Robin, brow furrowed, thought for the briefest of moments that there was something about him, something that she needed to remember. Then another slap on her backside brought her back to the present.

OH! Of course. Now I remember, she thought to herself as she crawled forward, kneeling before the man with total reverence. This man is the Master. How silly of me! How could I forget that. I hope he forgives my lapse and allows me to pleasure him! I am not complete unless a Master or Mistress allows me to serve them in some way.

“Not bad,” he said gently, raising Robin’s chin, lifting her eyes to look at him. “Little one, I am impressed. You have learned your lessons well, and for that I think you should be rewarded.” With that, he slid down his pants, exposing his oak hard rod. Robin squealed with delight. “But first,” he said, turning her head gently towards the television in front of the empty platform, “I want you to look at this picture, and tell me if you recognize this person.” He clicked on the TV, and a picture of Robin’s former partner flashed into view. Still tied down to the platform, he now stared ahead in a stupor. Robin eyed him carefully, feeling only the barest tingle of memory, and then it was gone.

“No, Master,” she said hesitantly. “Is he someone I should know? Another Master?”

“No, my dear, just someone from your past, that’s all. Now look at this picture. Tell me if you recognize these two people.” He clicked the remote again, and the picture changed to a still photo of Robin Wungner and Frank Dawkins, dressed in their police uniforms, standing side by side. Robin stared at the picture for a long long time, as her splintered mind tried to wrap itself around the image. She knew somehow that the woman was her, yet she never remembered being in that strange uniform before.. or the man beside her. It stirred up feelings within her, strange feelings, but as soon as she focused on any one of them it slipped away. Finally she shook her head.

“I’m sorry, Master. I think... maybe... the girl was me. Maybe. But the man... I am sorry. I just don’t know. Please, forgive me for not understanding.”

Jacob smiled. “Of course, my dear. On the contrary, you have just passed the final test. You understand everything completely. Now, my dear, you may have your reward.”

Robin cooed in pleasure, sliding her chin forward as her lips enveloped the Master’s cock. She began sucking and licking it deftly, just as she had been taught... somewhere. Funny, she couldn’t remember WHERE she had learned how to do it. Still, it didn’t matter. Robin performed perfectly, like she had doing so for her entire life.

Which, as far as she currently knew, she had.

<<<End of part 2.>>>