The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Disabled Powers—Chapter V

Esmerelda was a handsome woman, who was probably quite attractive years ago. She had been married years ago, but her husband had died in a war a few years before Sport was born. She was a friendly and warm person, whom the young man could feel comfortable around and even talk with if he was feeling down.

Two days had gone by and Traci had been more than friendly, often inviting another encounter with his hand. Yet the young boy didn’t do anything with her, perhaps because he also enjoyed the excitment of his “love” and her urgency of another erotic touch. Instead when he was around or not, his mind would send her little bits of emotions, or thoughts, exciting her towards another self-love session. It became, that whenever she came around him she would faun over him, touching his hand or shoulder, looking into his eyes as if pleading. In all, Sport was enjoying the charade, though he reenforced Traci’s lady like values to hold back her desire she radiated for him.

It was about this time when Sport decided to enter the mind of the live-in maid, Esmerelda. What he “saw” startled him. The woman was a lively and sexy woman, completly opposite to her actions. For one, Sport discovered that on her night off she went to a remote bar and would often go home with a man for a nights passion. Another, she liked to make love with a woman just a must as a man, something Sport hadn’t thought of before. Yet excited the hell out of him. Often as she worked diligently about the house, her mind was going over the encounters with her gentemenly friends. So the talented young man began to intrude upon her thoughts and even mold a few to his own liking.

For one, he enforced the fact that he was the bosses son, and that she should watch her step around him. Much like she does with the old man. Yet he tried to build a strong desire to continue to work with him, to follow what he said and not his father. He wanted to try something, something different than with Traci.

So on that day, Traci being off for the day, Esmerelda spent much time around the disabled teen. When she bent over, as she often does, to fix the pillows where she had been sitting earlier, Sport promptly placed his hand upon one raised round cheek.

Esmerelda yelped then spun around, “Sport!” He smiled at her, then again reached out and grasped her breast a few feet from his face. She pulled away, “Don’t you realize what you are doing?” Both, of course, knew. “It, its not right!” Her voice had gone up an octave.

“I like you Esmerelda.” He smiled and interrupted before she could say something, “And would hate for father to discover what you allowed me to do.” She didn’t say a word, unsure of what he meant.

He tried another approach, as per his plan. “I’m sorry Esmerelda, I just...well you are so beautiful and I never thought you... But of course if you don’t like cripples!” He created a sad face.

His act and a quick mental link, forced her actions. She took the two steps to him and wrapped him in her arms. “I’m sorry Sport!” Kissing his brow. “I don’t mind if you are disabled, really dear.” Still pretending hurt, he melted into her shoulder. “It just that...” That very second is when his hand reached between them and clenched at her full round breast that hung inches below his chin.

She froze.

Sport moved his hand around until he completly held the end of the roundness in his small hand. After a few seconds he again moved it down to her stomach and pulled up her sweater to reach beneath. This time he cupped her breast against her bra, feeling her warm and smooth skin through the harse material. His lips were next to her ear and he whispered, “Don’t wear a bra tomorrow if you want to keep working here.” He kissed her warm neck and then sat back letting her go.

Esmerelda stood and quickly straightened her sweater, frowned at him, then promptly turned and left the room.

That night, the lad sent the puzzled woman several mental messages, but didn’t try to force her dicision. At least not directly. That next morning when she came to wank him before Traci arrived, it was odvious that her breasts were free of the hinderance of her bra.

Sport did not even try to hid his gaze as he watched the sway of her large breasts under another of her casual sweaters. And as he watched, both nipples began to harden, giving him an added delight. Esmerelda was unusually cold to him this morning, ignoring him as she went about her duties mechanically, not even glazing in his direction.

When it came time for her to help him out of bed and into his chair, that he first spoke, after her hands were busy helping lift him. “Open you shirt for me Esmerelda.” She didn’t say a word, or even acknowledged him until he was sitting down.

The older woman stood straight and with quick hands lifted the bottom of her sweater up to her neck and stood still facing him, her eyes forcibly ignoring his. Sport of course boldly viewed the large pale white bosom in a delighted excitement. Noting the silver dollar sized nipples and every wrinkle they revealed. With trembling hands he moved his chair closer to her then reached up to hold her flesh mounds in his hands. He stole a amused look up to her face and saw that she was bitting the bottom of her lip while he explored her chest.

“You can lower the sweater now.” She did and was about to rapidly leave the room when he again spoke. “Now lift your dress up!” The sound of his voice revealed his excitment. She stood still for several long seconds as she seemed to contemplate her options.

When her hands clenched at the hem of her skirt, he felt the power of controling another human being and it was like a bolt of electricity running through his body. Using his mind, he could make this older woman do anything. Even now hours after the last contact with her mind, she was doing things because of his direct intervention into her thoughts. He loved it.

“Higher!” She finally lifted it so he could see her crotch. He saw that her nylons were the kind that went up to her waist and completely covered everything of interest. And below that, was her panties which made a double hinderence to his sight. But Sport still reached out and felt the tight fabric over the mound that he had sought. She was an older woman, and wide in the hips, but not overly, and was still very attractive. And the mound between her legs looked like it hid a wonderful part of her body that he meaned to explore. “I don’t like panty hose, I want to be able to touch you here,” he pressed firmly where he imagined her clitoris hid, “and here,” he reached up with the free hand and cupped her breast over her sweater, “so please don’t wear any more bras or panty hose.”

He sat back and enjoyed her frantic exit from her room. After a quick examination of her thoughts, decided she would not reveal his orders to the old man and left her to her emotions.

Disabled Powers—Chapter VI

Sport had not seen Claudia since that enjoyable day, she had kept her blinds down when she was home, and avoided him out of the house. So late at night, when both houses were dark, he reached out his mind to contact hers. Soon he felt her sleeping presence. He instinctively knew that in a dream state a person was much more supseptable to certain suggestions or “orders”. So in only a moment, Claudia was up, her light on and her blinds open.

As before she did a strip of her nightclothes, no underwear, until she again stood naked before her open window. Moving animatedly she moved a chair to the window and sat in it. Quickly her hands moved to her sex, her legs widened and her body trembled. Sport forced her to manipulate her hairless vagina for his viewing pleasure. He moved her legs over the arms of the chair until her thighs were very widely spread and her knees raised slightly. This gave the young man a perfect view from his perch. This continued for several minutes.

Suddenly the Claudias door opened. Standing there in her housecoat was her mother, opened mouthed and frozen in surprise. This intrusion broke the mental contact with the girls body and she began to cry and ran to her bed to hide. The mother mumbled something Sport could not hear and promptly left, closing the door behind her.

For a moment, the young man forgot Claudia and worried about the older woman telling her husband about the sight she had witnessed. So he quickly found her thoughts inside the large house and quickly made a suggestion, changing the emotions that went along with her earlier vision of her daughter masturbating. These thought grew rapidly until the older woman found her sleeping husband and crawled beneath the covers to his lap.

So fascinated by this turn of events, Sport attempted to use another power. He visualized his eye moving over to the house across the street and into the bedroom of Claudias parents. Suddenly, almost as quick as he thought of it, his vision was suddenly travelling across the open space between houses to the open window of the young crying girl. The vision did not enable him to hear anything as he could see Claudia crying in her bed, but he ignored her.

His sight moved through a dark wall into two rooms until he found the room he was seeking. The light from the street lights and the moon flittered through the window giving enough light to see by. He noticed Claudias father, Bill Rutherford, right away lay in the middle of the large bed. While Jen was between his spread legs beneath the covers her head moving up and down over his crotch. This continued for some time, at first puzzling Sport until he realized what was going on. Mr Rutherford pushed the blankets down to his knees revealing his wives head of hair over his middle.

Sports vision moved about he room to get a better view. The man held on to the woman’s head with both hand and controlled her motions as she bobbed up and down continuously. Yet her long hair hid everything that she was doing, thought he young man could easily imagine what a delightful sensation it would be having a woman do that to his crotch.

Finally Jen looked up from her work to look upon her mate. She began to climb up his body, her eyes looking like a wild predator as she positioned herself above his hips. She wore a long loose shirt which she quickly pulled up, her fingers pulling aside her panties before she dropped down onto the glistening pole of her husbands cock. Fascinated, Sport watched everything very closely. Bill held onto his wives hips and began to move his own up in time to her sinful descent. Both made faces of delight and ecstacy as they fucked quickly to the enevable explosion that Sport knew was the conclusion to this evening.

Bill bite his wives nipples through the thin shirt, while also pressing the fabric of her panties into her crack of her bum. Try as he might, Sport could not see the place where they joined, it was too dark and the clothes Mrs. Rutherford wore hide everything. Sport only guessed when the moment had come, Bill had made a stupid surprised look as his orgasm came. While Jen look saddened and frustrated to Sports surprise. They collapsed, holding each other closely.

Sport had seen more than enough and was about to break contact when Jen Rutherford rolled off the bed and moved daintily out the door of her bedroom and down the hall. His vision followed as she went through the dark house to the basement and a comfortable common room. The small attractive woman sat upon a long comfortable chesterfield and peeled her panties down her legs and then through them over into the corner. She spread her legs in the darkness and began to manipulate her sex with both hands. His vision could just barely see her form in the darkness and could only see a dark spot between her thighs where her fingers were moving frantically. It didn’t take long when she began to convulse, her body shaking and her head whipping back and forth, having an orgasm her husband could not deliver. Finally Mrs. Rutherford relaxed and took her time to catch her breath.

Sports contact was promptly broken when his sperm shot out of his enlarged penis to land upon his stomach and chest. He also caught his breath after the sights he had just witnessed. It was a large world out there with many wonderful and exciting women and Sport knew that he wanted to discover as many as he could. And with his powers he was able.

Disabled Powers—Chapter VII

The next meal with the three older maidens was strained. Betty seemed puzzled by the silence that hung over the table. While Esmerelda stared at her plate, and Traci keep looking towards her charge with expectant eyes. Only Sport seemed in uncommonly high spirits. Often making a pleasant comment or asking a simple question to one of the ladies about the dinner table. And as usual the supper was delicious.

While eating Sport began to play with his nurse’s body using a simple form of telekinesis. He manipulated her vaginal region, her clitoris primarily and her inner thigh teasingly. She often wiggled her bottom on the seat, looking around if anyone had seen, or moved her knees together as a cricket would. Once she even moved her hand between her legs and pressed down to relieve the sexual pressure contained there, to no avail. That and Sport noticed her arm movements and sent a signal for her to stop. She had to sit through the meal in a high state of arousal, much to the delight of her young charge.

It had been three days since Esmerelda was ordered to appear at work without bra or panty hose. Well it was very obvious that her breasts were unhindered in any way, but her legs were still covered in nylon. About to berate her, Sport decided to just slip his hand up the back of her leg as she stood with her back to him. Much to his surprise and delight, he felt that her nylons only went to midthigh, and that they were held up by flowery type of harness to her waist. He promptly ordered her to lift her skirt high and then she did a slow spin to show him her stockings and garters, as she called them. Also she wore a skimpier type of panty that showed much of her thigh and he could see the darkness of her bush beneath. Beyond that episode, he had done nothing else.

It was after supper that Sport rolled his wheelchair into the kitchen and sat watching Betty moving about the large well stocked room. She never even noticed him, while he studied her every curve of her body. Betty was in her early thirties and from Latin decent. Her skin was a wonderful olive colour and her hair jet black. Sport hadn’t even really noticed her plain strong features or her almost boyish body before his encounters with the other ladies of the household.

When she bent over the chopping table in the kitchen, Sport sent a command to her brain, severing all motor functions until he commanded otherwise. It took only the briefest second until Betty was laid out, her upper body laying on the table. The teen “listened” to her thoughts for a few seconds, recognizing her fear. She mentally screamed, nothing worked, not her mouth, her eyes, nor any muscle in her body. She was absolutely helpless. Betty could only listen to what’s going on around her and see was is right in front of her vision.

Sport rolled up behind her. “Is there something wrong Betty?” He didn’t even bother reading her thoughts. He let her panic for a few seconds before he reached out and lifted the hem of her tight skirt. He moved it slowly up her long straight legs to her buttocks, before forcing it higher over the curve of her boyish bottom until it was collected at her waist. “I can help you.” He touched her small panty covered bottom, feeling the muscles beneath his hands. “Yes I can help you...but you will have to do whatever I say from now on?!” He sent a mental command along with his words.

He pulled her panties down from her hips to a point right above her knees. Her slim bottom and long crack was exposed for his delight. He pulled apart her asscheeks and studied every inch. She had very little hair upon her body, including her asscrack and even lower to her sex mound. He traced the trail from her tailbone to just where her vaginal hole began. Sport spent several minutes just studying her anus, the puckered wrinkled hole. Then he moved down to her vagina and plunged a finger into her. She was very tight, tighter than Traci had been, which surprised him. She was also drier, which did not please him.

He sat back satisfied for the moment, whipping his fingers dry upon her olive buttocks. While she lay there, be began to work upon her mind. She would not remember being helpless, yet would remember every touch that he gave her. He also left a suggestion that would enforce her determination to always follow what he asked. And he made sure not to touch any of her feelings that may go along with some of the suggestions he placed. Thus enabling her natural reaction whenever she followed his orders.

He enabled her motor skills and slowly wheeled himself out of the kitchen. Not looking back, even when he could feel his cooks eyes upon his back.

Disabled Powers—Chapter VIII

Sport finally acknowledge Traci’s desire by giving her the attention that she coveted. That afternoon, as she pushed his chair through the perfectly groomed park near his house, that he proposed to her. “Would you do something for me?”

Without any hesitation, “Anything...” The beautiful woman also had a slight tremor in her voice.

“Would you play with yourself while I watched?” He turned his head to look upon her delighted features. She only nodded and smiled shyly at him, as a response. But her step quickened as they headed back home. “Over there, between that copse of trees. I want to see you touch yourself there.” His arm pointed to a shady secluded spot off the main trail. She pushed him between the trees to a small grove, well shaded from the surrounding park.

“Over there on that grass should be comfortable.” Again he pointed, this time with a slight tremble in his hand. Without a sound Traci walked slowly to the slight hillock and sat down. First she pushed her comfortable flat shoes off, then she smiled happily at her young charge as she unbuttoned her blouse. “You are very beautiful Traci!” He meant it, but it also was spoken to reinforce the mental commands that she had been given. And she beamed hugely as she continued to slowly undress.

Traci was proud of her body, that could be seen in her movements. She was also very attracted to Sport, thanks to his suggestions, in this she had no choice. So she used her beautiful body to snare the young man, to incite his hormones, not knowing that everything she did was under his control in some fashion.

Soon, Traci lay upon that bright green grass with the sun sifting through the trees to brighten her gorgeous naked body. As seducly as she was able, she spread her legs and lay back, her eyes upon the large unblinking eyes of the teens. Slowly she grasped her round firm breasts and needed them slowly, always pulling the little nipple outwards before going back down to the base of her breasts.

Sport watched every detail, every move, very closely, as she moved one hand down her stomach to the expertly trimmed triangle between her legs. The young man could feel his heart pounding in his chest as his nurse began to manipulate her sexual organs for his pleasure. The thin fingers ran through the bush and gently sliding a finger along the shiny pink trail. The longer she did this, the more the rest of her body responded. Traci began to rotate her buttocks, lift her hips, dig her heels into the soft ground, arch her back, and close her eyes and let her head fall back to the ground. She moaned through her clenched teeth even while the second hand also found its way between her legs.

She used one hand to manipulate the hard little bud at the top of her pink slit, and the other to rub up and down the length of the flowered open lips. The moisture was covering her fingers and dripping down her lower thighs and buttocks, giving her radiant skin more illuminecance. Her body became frantic as it wiggled and ground about on that small hill. Traci’s orgasm was soon approaching, Sports mental instructions had kept her in a sexually aroused state and just the touch of his eyes upon her could easily bring her to the edge of orgasm. To push her over that edge, all she needed was the touch of her fingers.

Sport had intimitly touched that gorgeous sexual organ, and had mentally aroused it, and also witnessed several others. But the intensity of his nurse’s orgasm was very compelling, seductive and addicting. At that moment his lust and love for women intermingled and he desired more. His power that had brought about this moment was paramount in his own mind and nothing was going to interfere with his drive to discover more. The aroused exhausted stat that his nurse was in soon after her orgasm was a very erotic time for him, as he “spied” upon her drowsy thoughts.