The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Dog-Day Afternoon

(MF, FF, MC, MD)

(A formerly pleasant summer afternoon)

“Your sister is such a bitch!!”

“I know, I know but she is the only sister I have, I just wish she were nicer to both of us.”

“Well...there is a way...”

“Not that hypnotism bullshit, honey I love you but it will not work, just give it up. You could not hypnotize me and you won’t be able to hypnotize her. I was a willing subject and you couldn’t put me in a trance.”

“I was reading this article that a combination of the correct over the counter pharmaceuticals would have a strong hypnotic effect.”

“You want to drug my sister. Honey I love you and she drives me nuts but that is going just to far.”

(Three weeks later same weather)

“She is such a bitch!” My wife said as she walked in the house. I did not bother to ask whom after all only one person could get her that pissed. She flounced her very attractive 5′ 8″ body on the couch and tossed her auburn shoulder length hair to the side. The only thing about my wife’s figure I ever wanted to change was her tits. She was a B-Cup, while her sister (the bitch) had almost identical build and looks with black hair but sported a DD-cup chest. Of course Linda’s sister Leslie cut her hair to short, I guess she thought it was stylish. In my mind the only time Leslie had ever done anything with even a semblance of intelligence was to divorce that SOB she had married, of course sometimes I said they had deserved each other.

“Now what did she do or say?”

“It doesn’t matter she treats me like a dog. Honey how soon can you get that special cocktail together to put her under hypnosis.”

“What happened to that hypnotism bullshit comment?”

“I don’t care she needs to be taken down a few notches.”

(One week later)

“Come on Leslie, Sam said he would make us some special drinks.”

“I don’t think I want to drink this early in the day and I am trying to watch my figure. Maybe you and Sam should be watching yours. Both of you are starting to look a little chunky.”

“You know Leslie there is no need to insult us, Linda and I are right here. Have a drink, it just happens to be low calorie and has only a trace of alcohol.”

Leslie sat down and reluctantly started sipping her drink. Anyone could tell she really liked it. But would she say anything nice, no way. However, she continued to sip it until it was empty. She held out her glass for more, no please no thank you just treating other people like something less than human, like some kind of not to smart pet. She finished off her second drink in record time. She was swaying with the gentle music playing from the other room her slightly out of focus eyes watching the play of sunlight on the window. She was ready.

“Those lights are pretty aren’t they Leslie.”


“It is hard to take your eyes off of them, do you see the way the light sparkle and jump.”

“Yes...sparkle and jump.”

“You don’t want to look away, you must watch the sparkly lights.”

“Must watch sparkly lights.”

“The lights are very relaxing you must watch the lights, my voice is very relaxing you must listen to my voice.”

“Must watch lights, must listen to voice.”

“You see only the lights, hear only my voice.”

“See only lights, hear only you.”

“Maybe we should forget about this Sam, it looks like she is really under.”

“Leslie I want you to say, see only lights, hear only Sam, and watch only lights, obey only Sam, and say it again and again until I tell you to stop.”

“See only lights, hear only Sam, and watch only lights, obey only Sam; See only lights, hear only Sam, and watch only lights, obey only Sam; See only lights, hear only Sam, and watch only lights, obey only Sam; See only lights, hear only Sam, and watch only lights, obey only Sam.”

I pulled Linda out of the room. “What are you doing, you might have ruined it?”

“I don’t know honey I know she is a bitch and everything but seeing my sister just parrot your words was kind of freaky, besides, I am your wife.”

“It is ok honey, don’t worry your ‘pretty little slut’ head over it.” She dropped into a trance as I sat her down at the kitchen table. It was a good thing I had tried my cocktail on her last night and used a post hypnotic command. “Now I want you to sit there and repeat 25 times ‘My sister should be my husband’s sex slave,’ when you reach 25 you will come and can start all over again.”

“My sister should be my husband’s sex slave, 1, my sister should be my husband’s sex slave, 2, my sister should be my husband’s sex slave, 3...”

I returned to the other room.

“...Sam, and watch only lights, obey only Sam; See only lights, hear only Sam, and watch only lights, obey only Sam.”

“Stop Leslie. Now Leslie I want you to close your eyes. Good, you still see the lights, you still hear my voice.”

“Yes...I see the lights, I hear and obey your voice.”

I ran her deeper and deeper than I began to turn her into my sex slave or I tried, this is where I hit the stumbling block. She had finally developed a backbone leaving her husband and could not be made to change.

“Leslie, listen closely. There are two of you, the strong bitchy woman who will no longer let any man control her and the submissive bitch that is eager to serve her master.”

“No, no I am a strong woman, I may be a cast iron bitch but no man can tell this woman what to do.”

I really had to think fast it looked like she was struggling to break my hold on her. “Just relax Leslie, the submissive little bitch is not a woman.”

“Not a woman?”

“No Leslie she is literally a little bitch, a female dog.”

“I’m...I’m a dog?”

“Leslie a bitch is a female dog, the part of you that is a woman is strong and in control, but the part of you that is a little bitch is a submissive little girl dog.”

“Submissive little girl dog? But how can that be?”

“You can’t let anyone control the woman, but some part of you needs to be submissive, that part is the submissive little girl dog.”

“I...part of me is a submissive dog, part of me is a strong bitch woman?

“Exactly, the strong woman needs to be in control, while the little bitch needs a master.”

“A master, why would she need a master?”

“You see how Mandy (my real dog) is don’t you, how she follows me everywhere how she always lays at my feet how she would do anything for me, how she worships and adores me. Mandy needs that kind of relationship and so does that little bitch part of you, that little girl dog.”

“The little girl dog part of me needs a master, someone to worship and adore.”

“Yes, you have it.”

“Who is the little girl dog’s master, who does she love and adore?”

“Why me of course, the little girl dog loves me Sam her lord and master.”

“Yes, the little girl dog loves you Sam her lord and master. But what about Leslie the bitch woman, how will I know which personality will be in control or should be? Please help me.”

“Of course I will help you. Now listen carefully. You can hold the little girl dog in for another week. Next Saturday I will have a collar for you. When you wear it you will be the little girl dog. When you are not wearing it you can still be the strong bitch woman. Just remember that you must have me release the little girl dog at least once a week or she will start appearing on her own.

(One week later)

“I am so excited Sam. Do you think this will really change her personality, I mean she has been a class a bitch for a lot of years.”

“It should work. I gave her a lot of post-hypnotic suggestions and the longer she is in this other mode the stronger that submissive personality will become, eventually it will be her only personality.”

“Do you really have to fuck her, I mean she is my sister and you are my husband.”

“Just remember my ‘pretty little slut’ this is what you want me to do. You want me to fuck your sister and turn her into my sex slave, after all you want whatever I want my ‘pretty little slut’.”

“Umm of course it is darling I am just a little nervous, that’s all.”

There was a knock at the door, it was Leslie I must say I was surprised she knocked she usually just barged in. We invited her in and than Linda left us alone.

“Ok I’m here, just what do you want Sam.”

“You are the one that wanted to come over, but ass long ass you are here I did have something for you.” I pulled a large dog collar with an ID tag on it.

“Is this your idea of a joke”

“No, it is a present for you to wear. Read the tag.”

“little bitch, Property of SAM; why you...” She stopped as she placed the collar around her neck. When it was fastened and the tag dangling in front; she seemed dazed at first than she looked closely at me.

“Oh Master, little bitch is ready to serve you. Just command little bitch.” She got on the floor and crawled over to me. Once by my legs she looked up at me in adoration curled up around my chair.

“There are a few things you need to know little bitch (at this point she came, she was programmed to get excited when she said little bitch but to come when I said it); first of all as my little girl dog you may not wear any clothing, secondly you may not speak unless commanded, and finally you will get hornier and hornier the longer you are like this, after all you are only a little bitch (she came again).”

Leslie or little bitch quickly stripped and returned to her position at my feet. I went around the house doing minor chores, she followed closely behind, when I felt like it I stroked and petty my new dog. Of course my hands went places that just would not be appropriate on a real dog. Eventually we made it to the bedroom. I had her get up on the bed for sex. She laid on her back with her legs spread her pussy an open invitation.

“Just what do you think you are doing little bitch?” No response other than a slight moan. “Speak.”

“My master wanted sex, his little bitch is more than ready.

“You are a little girl dog, little girl dogs do not get screwed on their backs.”

Quickly realizing her mistake she got in the proper position lifting her tail and wagging her butt to show me she was ready. I had no intention of licking her pussy today after all she was a bitch and not a cat. I just dropped my pants and pushed inside of her. It wasn’t long before we got a good rhythm going; I had intentionally fuck Linda that morning hopping to last longer. I didn’t I was just too excited about the whole process. After coming inside of her I ordered her to turn around and use her mouth to clean me. This was actually a big test as Linda told me that Leslie had sworn she would never; ever suck a man’s cock, especially after he had fucked her. Well Leslie might not do it but little bitch was more than eager to obey. She did such a good job that I fucked her again.

(Three weeks later summer coming to a close)

“little bitch come here.” She had been sniffing at Linda’s panty clad butt. She definitely was far more dog like than even a few weeks ago, well in most respects, she had undone my pants and was licking my cock and balls.

“I can’t get over the change in her,” Linda said. “Even as Leslie she is being nicer to me I just don’t get it.”

“Tell me why do you think Mandy allows you to dominate her while she is my dog.”

“I don’t know.”

“Because Mandy recognizes that you are higher in the pack pecking order. If she thought she was dominant to you she would be doing her best to get you to submit to her. Kind of like she keeps trying with little bitch here.” On hearing her name her ears perked up and little bitch looked up with adoration in her eyes.

“What is that smell, it smells like wet pussy only stronger?”

“That’s little bitch, she is in heat.”

“A person can’t be in heat, can they?”

“I told little bitch (the scent grew stronger as she came again), the last two times I had her in a trance, that as long as she wore the collar she was a dog and little girl dogs are not interested in sex unless they are in heat.”

“So now whenever she wears that collar she is in heat. Honey I love you but you are one sick puppy.”

“So are you read for our three way yet? As you can see little bitch is more than ready.”

“How does the Leslie part of her justify what the little bitch part of her does?” Linda asked avoiding the question.

“I’m not really sure, little bitch is becoming stronger and stronger, I think at some point she will be the dominate personality and eventually the only personality.”

“Will you please stop saying her name this room is beginning to reek. Why don’t you take your pet upstairs and fuck her senseless?”

“When you answer my question, my pretty little slut.”

Ok, ok maybe next week, but what about that smell, I am not sure I can lick her pussy with it smelling like that.”

“Like what?”

“Like wet dog cunt.”

“Don’t worry my pretty little slut you will lick her pussy next week.”

“Come little bitch let’s go upstairs.” She followed eagerly and rushed ahead to get in her now accustomed position. I knelt and began to lick her soaking wet cunt. I was afraid to tell Linda that things were getting out of hand. When I licked Leslie’s pussy (as little bitch) my cock got rock hard and I just needed to fuck, her mainly but even the last time after Leslie had left I fucked Linda three times before my cock went down. Linda asked if I had been using Viagra or something. Not only that but last night I stopped over Leslie’s apartment bent her over the kitchen tale and fucked her (Leslie).

It was happening again I could feel my erection go from just a hard cock to super stud. I wanted to ram it into my slave and go downstairs and do the same to Linda. I knew that once again she would have a wild fuck after Leslie left. I continued to lick as her scent filled the room. At one point she dropped and rubbed her juices on my bedspread.

I lifted her to enter her; she took my full length with a grunt. “Why did you rub your pussy on the bed, little bitch?”

“Just marking my territory master. Oh master, fuck your little bitch.”

After almost two hours I removed her collar and sent her home. I told her to send up Linda. When she entered the room Linda gagged.

“It reeks in here I got to get some spray and maybe open a window.”

“No, my pretty little slut, I made her leave her juices on my hard cock, come and lick it clean and than mount your master, my pretty little slut.” Linda did as I told her, she hesitated at first but after her first taste she really got into it. I fucked for less than two hours but it was the longest just fucking session we had ever had.

(One week later first week of fall)

“Linda come upstairs, little bitch is ready.” She was, her pussy was exposed as she pulled her ass checks back for a better view.

“This room reeks, do you really want me to lick her pussy honey? Why would you want me to do that, besides I swear her scent is stronger than last week?”

“I just fucked my little bitch, her pussy is full of my cum, see a little is dripping out right now. I want you to lick and suck every last drop of my cum out of her pussy my pretty little slut.” Linda’s resistance crumbled as she fell before Leslie’s pussy and began to gently flick her tongue up and down Leslie’s cunt. Before long she was eagerly lapping it up and than she was pushing her face into her cunt almost like she was trying to get inside. Suddenly Linda came again and again, she was almost screaming. Finally with a glazed look in her eyes she got on the bed beside her sister, her ass in the air her pussy waiting.

“Lick your little girl dog’s pussy master lick it please I’m in heat.” She was, I learned as I tasted her, she was in heat and now I had two little girl dogs in heat and eager to serve their master. I could hear them kissing but I was preoccupied switching from pussy to pussy licking and fucking my sluts.

Hours later I lay on the bed my pets on either side Leslie was asleep while Linda was up. Linda had removed Leslie’s collar at some point, I asked her why and she said, Leslie no longer existed only little bitch existed, the collar really wasn’t necessary anymore. Than she said two things that both startled me and to be honest frightened me, first she asked who she was because Linda no longer existed and it wasn’t fair that little bitch had a name and she didn’t. The second was who I wanted to join the pack next. I asked just how that was to be done. She laughed and said, any bitch that licks the pussy of one of my dog’s when said dog was in heat would become my bitch, and no bitch could resist the smell of my pet’s pussies in heat, than she reminded me that she, like little bitch and any future girl dog were always in heat. I told ‘pretty slut’ to go to sleep and than after pondering my future for a little while drifted off.