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This story started from the ending. I had Deirdre’s speach at the end written before I started: The whole point was to get to that point.

When I started writing, I intended for a more ‘pathic’ story: Connor was supposed to intend to get to that scene. But, somewhere along the way, well, I just could never quite the motivation right for him. So... He’s a nicer guy than I intended. ;)

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A Dog’s Life

Opportunity Knocks

“...You only hear my voice. When I release your hand, you will hear nothing until I take it again.” Connor released Deirdre’s hand and turned to their audience. “So, ideas on what I should do with her?”

The answers were to be expected from a slightly drunk group of college kids. Nudity and embarrassment topped the list.

Connor hoped this would work well. He’d just been hanging out with some friends, when he’d mentioned hypnotism from his psychology classes. He’d actually studied hypnotism a bit in high school, even put a few of his friends under. But he was no expert.

Exactly how Deirdre had gotten picked to be his subject wasn’t obvious, but he didn’t mind. If there was anyone he wanted to whisper in the ear of, it was her.

“Ok, ok.” He took her hand, and bent to her ear. At least she’d been a good subject. “When I snap my fingers, you will turn into a well-trained dog. I am your master, but you will obey any command that I don’t override. You will continue to be a dog until I say ‘Human time, Deirdre.’ When I say ‘Human time, Deirdre’ you will wake up as a human, and remember your entire time as a dog. You will not be upset at being a dog: you will enjoy it.” The last part was pure cover-his-ass: Connor just didn’t want Deirdre angry at him when this was over.

He released her hand, and smiled at their expectant friends. Just for showmanship he left her in her chair for a moment as he went back to his. Then Connor snapped his fingers. Deirdre got out of her chair and on to the floor, then sat on her haunches.

“Here Deirdre, come here.” Connor called, as he would call any dog. Deirdre came ‘running’ over on her hands and knees, and sat by the side of his chair, panting.

“Good girl.” Connor said, and reached into her reddish brown hair to give Deirdre’s head a scratch. She accepted it like any dog would accept a scratch from her master: with obvious pleasure.

The group was laughing. “Will she come to me?” This was Tom.

“Try it.” Was Connor’s suggestion. He removed his hand from her hair.

“Here Deirdre, come here girl.” Deirdre eagerly went to Tom, who rewarded her with a pat.

“Deirdre, roll over.” This was Justine, Deirdre’s roommate. Deirdre complied, rolling onto her back. She got stuck there a moment against Tom’s chair, but quickly rolled back to her hands and knees.

“Hey, Deirdre, come here.” This was John, who’s room they were all in. He’d pulled out a small pillow from his chair. He waited until Deirdre got to him, then threw it, saying: “Fetch!” Deirdre went for the pillow, then brought it back to him in her mouth, releasing it at his feet. The group laughed again as he repeated this a few times, scratching her under her chin as a reward.

“Be a little careful guys; she’ll remember everything.” Connor warned.

“What’s the fun of that?”

“I figured she should know what her friends are really like.” Connor replied.

“Hey, John, throw the pillow here.” This was Mary. She caught the pillow easily, then called Deirdre to her. Her throw was a trick throw: the pillow went behind her while she pretended to throw it a long distance. Deirdre was fooled for a moment, but when she didn’t see it land started looking around and quickly found the pillow.

“Now you guys are just teasing her. Here girl.” Connor called, and Deirdre came. “Sit. Good girl. Stay.” He mussed a few curls in her hair.

Connor leaned back and looked at Deirdre a moment. She sat at his feet, mouth open, hair disheveled, clothes wrinkled and out of place. He changed his mind. “I say we leave her like this for a little while. What do you say?”

There was a chorus of assents.

He released her, gave her a pat on the head, then sent her back to Mary, who continued to torment her friend with hidden pillow tosses. Conversation drifted to the uses and ethics of hypnosis, and then to wider pastures. Connor eventually realized Deirdre was lying at his feet, forgotten.

“Human time, Deirdre.”

She sat up, as people remembered she was still there. “Great guys; I agree to let Connor show off his hypnosis, and you leave me as a dog all night.” She got up and stretched, straightening her clothes. “Uhgk. Anybody got a comb?” John got up and got one of his. Deirdre thanked him as she sat down.

“So, what do you remember?” This was Justine.

“Everything, I think. I remember running around, and playing fetch, and Tom trying to scratch my tummy—thank you for stopping him Justine—and Mary trying to hide the pillow. You guys are evil.”

“Sorry you were under so long. I kinda forgot about you.”

“It’s ok. I should have expected something like this. At least no one thought to get a camera.”

“What exactly did Connor say to you?” Justine again, still interested in the mechanics.

Deirdre thought a moment. “Huh. That’s interesting. I don’t remember. I remember Connor starting his induction, then the next I remember I’m crawling off the chair.” She looked at Connor.

“I can’t remember too exactly myself. Just that you would be a dog until I gave the command to stop.” He shrugged. Actually, he remembered quite a bit better than that, but if she didn’t remember him telling her to be ok with being hypnotized he wasn’t going to tell her about it. Especially given how long she had been a dog. “Sometimes people remember, sometimes they don’t. I did tell you to remember your time as a dog.”

“No lingering suggestions?” This was Tom.

“There shouldn’t be. Though...” Connor snapped his fingers. Nothing happened. “Just wanted to check. Sometimes people will go back under at their trigger, even when not told to.”

“Well, it’s a relief to know I’m not going to turn into a dog every time you snap your fingers.”

“So, what was it like?”

“It was odd... Part of me knew I wasn’t really a dog, but it didn’t care. The rest of me wanted to be the best dog I could be. Kinda like I was just playing along, but forgetting I was playing along at the same time. Kind of fun, actually.”

General silence met that remark for a moment.

Deirdre blushed. “It’s hard to explain. I think you’d have to experience it yourself.”

“And everyone experiences hypnosis slightly differently.” Connor added.

“Anyone else want to try being a dog? I’ll get the pillow...” Deirdre grinned.

The group vehemently denied any interest in further hypnosis.

Connor yawned and stretched. “Well, with that I’ll call it a night. I do have a morning class tomorrow after all.” He got up and headed for the door, which appeared to be a cue for the informal party to break up.

Deirdre caught up to him not far from the door. “Just wanted to say that I’m not going to be angry at being left as a dog for so long. As I said: it was kind of fun, so I don’t really mind. Anyway, just wanted you to know I was ok with it. See ya!” She headed off towards her apartment.

Connor watched her leave. That had been somewhat odd... He shook his head and headed home.

At least he had some interesting dream fodder.


The next time Connor got to demonstrate his hypnosis was at a real party. The high point of the party had passed, though not too long ago. People were looking for something to do; always a dangerous part of a party. Someone mentioned that Connor could hypnotize people.

“Hey Connor! Hypnotize someone for us!” They laughed. Much of the group was more than half drunk, though Connor didn’t like to lose himself in alcohol. He’d volunteered to be a designated driver for the night.

He looked around at the drunken horde. They were looking forward to some entertainment.

Deirdre happened to be close by. She didn’t look as drunk as the rest. “Oh, ok. Hey, Deirdre, mind if I turn you into a dog again?”

She came over. “Two conditions: You don’t leave me as a dog all night, and you keep an eye on what they do.”

“No problem. I’ll just make sure you don’t listen to them at all this time.”

She nodded, and Connor began a simple induction. When she was under, he started the suggestion: “When I clap my hands you will again be a well-trained dog, much like last time. This time however, you will only listen to your master, not to anyone else, no matter what they do. You will be a dog trained to only obey her master’s voice. You will be a dog until I say ‘Human time, Deirdre.’ When I say ‘Human time, Deirdre’ you will drop out of your trance and return to being human. You will remember and enjoy your entire time being a dog.” He stepped away and clapped his hands.

Deirdre obediently dropped to her hands and knees, and started looking around. Connor immediately spotted a problem: Deirdre was wearing a skirt, like most of the girls here. It was short enough not to interfere with her crawling, but bent over like that it rode up quite a ways...

At least she appeared to be wearing panties.

“Here, Deirdre, come here girl.” Maybe if he could get them to focus on her being a dog they wouldn’t notice... “Sit. Good girl.”

“Hey, you can see her panties when she’s crawling!” Well, that was one hope lost.

“Yes, so? They’re basic.” Connor knew he had to do something to keep this under control. He couldn’t bring her out just yet, not if he wanted to keep from getting mobbed...

“Anyone got some crackers? Deirdre: Beg.” Deirdre stood up on her knees, her hands hanging in front of her. Come to think of it, her blouse had a fair bit of cleavage as well...

Connor was handed the plate of crackers. He hoped Deirdre had heard of dogs doing this trick... Carefully he placed one on her nose. She held still, and it stayed.

Everyone was watching now. He stepped back a moment, let them see her balance a cracker on her nose. “Ok, Deirdre.” She flipped her head up, and caught the cracker in her mouth, dropping back to a ‘sitting’ position.

“Up, Deirdre.” She sat up again. “Catch.” He tossed a cracker at her. She lunged and caught it in her mouth. People were laughing now.

“Make her fetch!” “Heck with that, make her roll over. " In a group this size, hecklers were inevitable.

Connor ignored them. “Up, Deirdre.” She sat up. He placed another cracker on her nose. Connor turned to the crowd. “Anyone else want to try to get her to eat the cracker?”

There was a chorus of ‘Ok, Deirdre’s and ‘Now, Deirdre’s. Deirdre didn’t move. Connor let them try for a moment, then said: “Ok, Deirdre.” She ate the cracker.

“Ok, guys, I think that is enough.” He turned back to Deirdre. “Human time, Deirdre.”

Deirdre got up off the floor. “Awww. I was starting to like those crackers.” That got a laugh.

They drifted apart as the party wound down. Connor overheard several people ask Deirdre about being hypnotized, and once saw her try (and fail) to balance a cracker on her nose.

When Connor was starting to gather his group together to drive everyone home, Deirdre came up. “Thanks for looking out for me by the way. I guess I forgot how short my skirt was.”

“And how low your shirt was cut.” Connor replied.

She looked down for a moment, examining her chest. “Guess they didn’t notice that one. Anyway, thanks.”

“Don’t mention it. Anytime you want to be hypnotized, you know who to come to.”

She smiled. “I’ll remember.” And with that she headed into the crowd.

Open the Door

Connor was working on his thesis. Mid-term was coming up, and he needed to get a draft in to his advisor if he wanted to get his master’s this year.

The doorbell was unexpected.

He left off work to get it, and found Deirdre standing there, getting ready to leave. There was an awkward pause a moment as they both stood there, him taking in her old jeans and sweatshirt look, her deciding whether she still wanted to have rung the doorbell.

“Hi Deirdre. Come in. Didn’t realize you knew where my place was.”

“Thanks. I... asked around. I have an odd request for you.”

He led her into the living room. “Take a seat. What’s the request?”

She looked around at the house, ignoring the question for the moment as she took a seat on the sofa. “You afford this by yourself?”

Connor took the armchair next to her. “Sorta; it’s a ‘summer home’ for a family friend. They don’t like renting it to college kids, but don’t like to leave it empty either. When they heard I was getting my master’s here they offered to let me use it.” He laughed. “Not that they use it much in the summer either. In fact, there is talk of letting me have some sort of permanent lease if I stay in the area. It’s tempting. I do pay rent, but not as much as it is really worth. I just have to help keep it up as well.”

“Sounds like a nice deal.”

“It is. So, what did you come over for?”

“I want a vacation.” Connor looked at her, confused. “I’m stressed out over mid-term, and papers, and what to do on break, and everything else. I just wanted to escape it all for a bit.”

Deirdre checked to see if he was following. Connor was, but wasn’t sure where this was going. “I was thinking about how to ignore it all so I can unwind. Just for a few hours. And I was thinking about... About when you hypnotized me. Being a dog was fun, and I didn’t have to worry about anything. It would be like a little vacation.”

“So you would like me to hypnotize you, and send you on an imaginary vacation.”

“No... I want to be a dog again. Just for a few hours. Please? I mean, I guess an imaginary vacation would work too, but...” She didn’t really know how to finish that sentence.

Connor scratched his head, but he remembered how cute Deirdre looked crawling around at his feet. And this wouldn’t really interrupt his work that long...

“Ok. I’ll do it. A ‘couple of hours’? Any time in particular you want this vacation to be over?”

“Just get me home in time for dinner, so my roommates don’t miss me.” It was just past noon.

“I should warn you that I won’t have much time to play, if that’s what you want. I have work to do.”

“That’s ok. Just do it.”

“Ok, just lie down on the couch...”

It took a while for Connor to get her to go under; Deirdre was obviously tense. Still, she knew it could be done and eventually relaxed into it.

Connor took her down as deep as he could this time. Before he turned her into a dog, he had some questions he wanted to ask.

“Deirdre, I am going to ask you some questions. I want you to think about them, and answer them as honestly and completely as you can. You can answer them without waking up: just keep your eyes closed and answer the questions in your trance. Do you understand me?”

“Yes.” From the tone, Connor knew he had her.

“Ok, Deirdre. My first question is: why do you want to be a dog?”

“I enjoy being a dog. I am not upset about being a dog. I enjoy everything about being a dog.” There was a little cadence in those words.

“Why do you enjoy being a dog?”

“You told me to.”

Connor sat back. He had told her to enjoy being a dog, but this wasn’t what he had expected. He had a choice to make: he could try to take his command out, but he did not know what the effects of that could be. She could end up hating him.

He could just leave it, and do what she asked. Make her a dog for a few hours. She’d probably come back once or twice, at least. Beyond that, Connor didn’t know.

Or he could reinforce it...

Connor looked over his subject. Even in old jeans and a sweatshirt she was gorgeous. Her hair, with it’s hint of red, framing her face. Her breasts, holding up the sweatshirt...

He’d never claimed to be nice. “Ok, Deirdre. Now we are going to turn you into a dog again. A well-trained dog, that obeys her master, and only her master. You enjoy being a dog. Being a dog is normal for you. You enjoy everything about being a dog. It is an escape from your unenjoyable life. As a dog you don’t have to think, don’t have to worry. You just do what a dog does, and obey your master. Always obey your master. It gives a dog pleasure to obey her master. A dog always trusts her master; you always trust me. It gives you pleasure to be a dog. You will be a dog until I say ‘Human time, Deirdre.’ When I say that phrase you will return to being a human. You will remember with pleasure your time as a dog. Your time as a dog will have recharged you, and made you ready to face your worries again. You will not remember anything else from when you are hypnotized except for when you are a dog. You will become a dog when I snap my fingers. What will you do when I snap my fingers?”

“Become a well-trained dog.”

“And how do you feel about being a well-trained dog?”

“I like it. I enjoy it. It gives me pleasure.”

“Ok, now just relax and wait for me to snap my fingers.” Connor waited a moment, took a deep breath, then snapped his fingers.

Deirdre, as expected, woke up, crawled onto the floor, and stood there waiting on her hands and knees, her tongue hanging out. He patted her on the head, grabbed a arm-pillow from the couch, and threw it.

“Fetch!” Deirdre fetched, laying the pillow neatly at his feet. He repeated the operation a few times, then replaced the pillow on the couch.

This was getting Connor turned on, and he didn’t want to do something that would scare Deirdre away just yet. Besides, he needed to work on his thesis. He went back to his office. Deirdre followed.

When he started to work, Deirdre (sitting beside him) started to wine a bit. He looked down at her, ran his hand through her hair, and said: “I’ve got to work now. Go play on your own.” She quieted down, but didn’t leave. He went back to work.

She lay by his side for a while, then wandered off for a while. Connor managed to mostly ignore the fact that he had a human dog, and get some work done. Though not as much as he wanted to.

When she came back in with the couch pillow, and carefully laid her head in his lap, he relented. “Ok, Deirdre. I’ll play with you. I’m not getting much work done anyway.” He pushed back his chair, and threw the pillow across the room. “Fetch!”

He played fetch until he got bored, then wanted to see what else she would do. He told her to sit, and gave her some room.

‘Roll over’ worked fine, as expected. As did ‘beg’ and ‘shake’. ‘Speak’ produced a cute little bark, and ‘play dead’ had her on her back with her arms and legs in the air. An oddly erotic pose, in the circumstances...

She’d lean in for a scratch on the side of her head, seemed to enjoy the rustling of her hair, didn’t really seem to care one way or another about a pat down the back, enjoyed a scratch under the chin, and would move her leg for a scratch on the side. Connor couldn’t quite bring himself to try a tummy scratch...

That about exhausted what Connor could think of for dog tricks and tests. It had been a couple of hours, at least, though not very long. “Human time, Deirdre.”

She got up, looked at the clock. “That wasn’t very long. I thought you said you had some work to do.”

“Yeah, well, having a girl crawling around on her hands and knees is kinda distracting. Especially when she places her head in your lap!”

Deirdre chuckled. “Sorry about that. I didn’t really mean to keep you from anything important.”

“It’s just my thesis draft. I’d like to have a copy ready before midterms, but there’s no real deadline.”

“Well, glad I didn’t set you back to far on anything. I feel a lot calmer: that ‘vacation’ did the trick.”

“Glad to hear it. I tried every dog-like thing I could think of for you to do.”

“I noticed. Maybe next time we’ll have to research some dog tricks.”

Connor smiled. “Maybe.” Next time sounded good... “I’ve got a comb, if you want one.”

She laughed again. “Yeah. Shouldn’t be leaving your house all disheveled. People would get the wrong impression.”

Connor went and got her a comb, trying not to make obvious jokes.

Deirdre combed her hair into a semblance of order, then sighed. “Well, back to the grind. Thanks, it was fun.”

“Anytime.” She headed for the door, leaving Connor to ponder the ethics of what he had just done. And wonder whether or not it had worked.

And Let Her In.

Deirdre came back the day before midterms started. “Could I have another ‘vacation’? I’m too nervous to think straight.” Was what she started with when Connor opened the door. She had the same outfit on as last time.

Connor had been having fantasies of having a dog-Deirdre around the house full time just about every night.

“Sure, come in. We’ll see if we can do anything about that nervousness.” He said.

“You don’t have to study or anything? I don’t want to distract you if you have anything important...” She stepped inside.

“Oh, no. I’ve been studying all weekend. A break would do me good as well.”

“Good.” She lay down and relaxed. “Thank you...” She said, as he started the induction.

“In a few minutes Deirdre I’m going to snap my fingers and you are going to become my dog again Deirdre. You love being my dog, don’t you Deirdre?”


“What do you love?”

“Being your dog.”

“You love to obey me as a dog. To obey your master, your owner. Dogs are pack animals Deirdre. They obey their alpha. To a dog, her owner is her alpha. The leader of her pack. Who am I Deirdre?”

“My alpha.”

“And what do you do to your alpha?”


“Good, Deirdre. You obey your alpha. I know you trust me, Deirdre. Do you trust me?”


“You know I will protect you as a dog, make sure nothing bad will ever happen to you. You know I will never make you do anything that will hurt you. Why did you come here tonight?”

“To be a dog.”

“And why did you want to be a dog?”

“To relax.”

“That’s right. Being a dog is relaxing: you don’t have to worry about anything. Your pack leader, your alpha, does that. As a human you have to worry, have to work. As a dog you just play. Do you like to worry, Deirdre?”


“Do you like to work?”


“Would you prefer to play?”


“So, which do you prefer, Deirdre. To be a dog, or to be a human?”

“To be a dog.”

“Yes, you love to be a dog, don’t you.”


“You will get to be a dog in just a moment. In just a moment you will be my well-trained dog again. You will be a dog when I snap my fingers. But you can’t be a dog all the time, can you.”


“You have to be a human sometimes. You will be a human again when I say ‘Human time, Deirdre.’ Then you will go back to your human life. But in a moment, you are going to go on vacation to be a dog. Are you ready for vacation?”


“Good. In a moment you’ll have your vacation. And when you are human again, you will remember your whole vacation. You will not remember this conversation though. You will only remember your time as a dog.”

He snapped his fingers.

A few minutes of fetch was routine at this point. Deirdre was as eager and on the ball—or pillow in this case—as ever.

When Connor was bored of that, he managed to get Deirdre to grab one end of the pillow while he held on to the other. It took a little while before she got the idea, but he managed to start a tug-of-war, her trying to pull the pillow out of his hands while he tried to pull it out of her teeth.

He’d got down on his knees to do that, and found after a moment that it had evolved into a full-blown wrestling match. He decided he needed to break it off while he still remembered what species she thought she was. Otherwise he was liable to do something out of character for a dog owner.

He let her win the round and got up. Telling her to stay, he went to the kitchen and got a box of crackers.

The cracker on the nose trick was actually more fun with no one else there to watch. Seeing Deirdre sit there on her legs, concentrating intently, her hands raised up so they were just touching the sides of her breasts... It was a provocative pose.

Connor let Deirdre sit that way for a while before signaling that she could eat the cracker.

He threw her a few more, then patted her on the head as a good girl. Scratching her ears he decided to see if some of his suggestions had taken hold: he moved down her side, scratching. Deirdre leaned into it, and was soon lying partly on her side. Connor moved in for the tummy rub.

He meant to stay on the belly, but found his hands had drifted more north than intended... Not that Deirdre seemed to be complaining. Though Connor was more worried about when he woke her up.

For the moment though, it was time to let her be. He stopped rubbing and let her up. Unable to think of anything else for her to do, he went back to the kitchen to put the crackers away.

The presence of food reminded his stomach he was hungry, which reminded Connor. Loudly. He decided to make himself a sandwich. Bread, a couple layers of meat, cheese, lettuce.

Picking up the sandwich and turning around he found Deirdre sitting not far away, obviously not begging.

Well, there was an idea.

Connor put the sandwich down and turned to the fridge, looking to see what he had at hand. First thing he noticed were some chicken leftovers, pulled off the bone and stuffed in a container. Perfect.

He dug the chicken out, dumped it on a plate, then stuck it in the microwave to thaw. While that cooked he took out a bowl and filled it with some water. When the micro beeped he took the chicken out and set both it and the water down on the floor.

“Here you go, girl. Bon appetite.” Connor took his sandwich to the kitchen table and sat down to watch Deirdre eat.

She made a mess, having trouble with both the water and figuring out exactly how to eat the chicken. Parts were to big for her to chew directly, and biting it off took some skill.

Connor wished he had a video camera.

He waited until Deirdre had eaten most of the chicken bits she’d spilled on the floor, then said “Human time, Deirdre.”

“I hope your floor is clean.” She said as she stood up.

“Well, it was.“ Deirdre turned so Connor could actually see her face. “Here, let me get you a napkin.”

“Thanks.” She took it and wiped chicken bits off her face, then handed it back to Connor, who threw it in the trash. Deirdre then proceeded to adjust her clothes back to normal. “If you are going to give me tummy rubs I think I’ll have to skip wearing a bra.” She adjusted the garment in question.

Connor did not have a response for that.

“Here, have a seat. Would you like anything else for supper?” Connor said, in full host-mode.

“A glass of something besides water with chicken bits in it would be good.” She sat down.

“No problem. Any preference?”

“A Coke would be nice.”

“No problem.” He got one for himself as well, then sat down. “So, should I be expecting this as a regular thing? I could get some dog toys...”

Deirdre blushed, and took a drink of her soda. She studied the mess on the floor as she answered. “Maybe. It’s nice to get out of myself for a while, you know? Just relax and not have to worry about anything. Just play, without worrying about school, parents, life... It’s hard to explain.”

“Hey, who wouldn’t like to be free from all their worries?”

“Exactly. As a dog, I don’t have to worry. It’s just playtime all the time. So... I don’t think it will be ‘regular’, but it might happen again. It’s a good stress relief.”

“Well, I don’t mind. It’s fun having a girl crawl around at my feet.”

That got a laugh. “I bet. And you don’t mind if it means you can feel me up either.”

Connor shrugged. “I’m a guy. Sorry, though, if I went too far. It just fit, at the moment.”

“No, it’s ok... It did fit. It was something you would do with a dog. At the time, I didn’t even notice. Now... It was just part of being the dog. Like playing fetch. It’d be humiliating to do that as a human, but as a dog it is enjoyable. Something to look forward to.”

“Well, at least I apologize for making you uncomfortable now.”

“Not a problem. It’s nice to be able to talk about it. About being a dog, I mean. It makes it more real, somehow.” She finished her drink. “Well, I should go. I need some sleep before my tests. Thanks for supper, and the ‘vacation.’”

“My pleasure.”

Entertain Her

Connor was out shopping the next time he ran into Deirdre. It was lunchtime at the mall, and he needed a table. “Mind if I sit here?”

“Oh, hi Connor. Go right ahead.”

“So, how were mid-terms?”

“Oh, fine. Once I stopped stressing I could concentrate, and breezed through them.”

“That’s usually the case. So, what are you up to today?”

“Mostly just getting off campus. Doing a little spring shopping too.” She motioned to some bags at her side. “You?”

“Spring cleaning supplies. Got to keep the house in good shape. I’m just about done here for the day though. Just thought I’d catch lunch while I was at it. Something other then sandwiches.”

“Some here. Glad I found a table.”

“Glad I found yours.” Connor grinned back.

Deirdre rolled her eyes and smiled. Then she went back to finishing her food.

“Well, nice seeing you,” She said, clearing her tray away.

Connor took a look at the pile of bags on her side of the table. “Hold on a moment, I’ll help you carry those. Assuming you’re going to your car, that is.”


Connor finished quickly, then picked up his bags and half of Deirdre’s. “Which way?”

“Follow me.” Deirdre started off. Connor followed, trying to think of small talk.

Connor noticed Deirdre slowed down in front of the pet store. She was glancing in the window.

“Would you like to stop? Maybe get a few toys?” Connor asked, with a grin.

“What would they think?”

“They’d think one of us has a dog. That’s perfectly normal: lots of people have dogs.”

“Oh, right.”

“Come on.” He said, heading through the door. Deirdre followed.

There were rows and rows of stuff. Connor looked around quickly for the dog section, spotted it to the left and headed in before Deirdre had a chance to think.

He stopped in front of the treats section. “Do you think her balancing trick would work better with real dog treats?”

“I think ‘she’d’ prefer crackers.” Deirdre walked on.

“Hmm. No, I don’t think she needs a leash...”

“Defiantly an indoor-only dog.”

“How about a collar?”

Deirdre actually considered that for a moment, wandering over to the chew-toys. “No... I don’t think she really needs one.” She said, abstractedly.

Connor took a closer look, trying to figure out which would be her size.

After a moment he joined Deirdre at the chew-toys. Deirdre was fingering a rawhide bone, but looking at a squeaky ball on the pegboard. Connor reached in and grabbed one of both. “Do you think she’d like anything else?”

Deirdre blushed. “No, I, ah, think that would be enough toys for her at the moment.”

“Ok.” Connor went to the cash register and paid for the toys. “I’ll just hold onto them for now. Next time she visits she can play with them.” He said to Deirdre, as they left the store.

“Ok.” She squeaked. “It, ah, could be a while. I have plans the next few days.”

“No problem. Whenever is convenient for you.”

“Sure.” She took her bags and marched off, holding her head strictly forward and level so she couldn’t see Connor where she left him.

Connor chuckled as she stumbled over a bench.

As She Wishes.

It was a full week before Deirdre showed up at Connor’s door again. She was in the same sweat-suit and jeans.

“Come in. What can I do for you today?”

She rolled her eyes. “Just turn me into a dog and let me play with my toys, ok?”

“Sure, no problem, right this way...” They headed to the couch, where Connor proceeded to put her under.

“Ok, now Deirdre in a few moments I’m going to let you be my dog again. I know you like to be a dog. You like to obey and follow me. Who am I, Deirdre?”

“My alpha.”

“That’s right, I’m your alpha. Dogs serve their alpha. They trust their alpha to make decisions for them and to keep them safe. Just like you trust me to make decisions for you and keep you safe. As a dog, you don’t have to worry, you don’t have to work. You just follow your alpha. Obey your alpha. You don’t like to worry. You prefer to play. As a dog you can play. You like to be a dog. Being a dog is a normal thing for you.”

“In a moment I’ll snap my fingers and you can be a dog again. You can be a dog until I say ‘Human time, Deirdre’, when you must be human again. You will be able to remember your time as a dog, as always.”

He snapped his fingers and told Deirdre to stay, then went to get the toys. After all, that was what had brought her over.

The chew-bone would be for later. For now it was time to play fetch with something besides that pillow.

Deirdre was obviously having fun: the ball would rattle and ring, darting away from her just as she was about to pick it up. She was so proud when she finally caught it and could drop it at Connor’s feet.

She actually managed to get tired before Connor did; he could tell by the way she crawled. Not that she wasn’t eager to go on, if he wanted. Still, Connor thought it was time for a break.

He went to get her a bowl of water. She eagerly accepted. When she was done he told her what a good dog she was, patting her head; her side. After a moment he got her to roll over and rubbed her tummy.

She’d skipped the bra this time. Connor felt that was an invitation.

When he’d had enough he gave her the rawhide bone, and left her to chew on it.

There was some good TV on, and the novelty of having a girl crawling at his feet was wearing off. She’d enjoy the chew-toys for a while on her own.

After a little while, Deirdre brought the toys and joined him, but Connor didn’t notice. She played at his feet while he watched TV.

The next time he noticed her was over an hour later. There was an odd noise in the house, and Connor went to investigate.

Deirdre was sitting at the back door, whining and pawing at the door.

“You want out? Well, during the day people can’t really see through the hedge...” Connor opened the door.

Deirdre trotted out onto the grass, and half-sat in an odd position. Connor’s confusion was relieved when he saw the front of her pants start to get wet.

“Oh, shit... Human time Deirdre!”

Deirdre blinked as she remembered being a human, then ran inside. Connor followed. “Sorry, Deirdre, I didn’t realize what you were doing!”

She slammed the bathroom door.

“Deirdre, I’m sorry!” He slumped against the door.

For a moment, all he heard was silence.

“Connor, do you have something I could wear? A pair of shorts or something?”

“Sure, no problem. I’ll go get some.” He jumped up and ran to his room.

After trashing it for a moment, he found an old set of sweatpants that was a little small on him. He ran back down.

“I’ve got them.”

“Ok, pass them in please.” The door opened a crack, and Deirdre’s hand appeared around the corner. Connor passed her his sweatpants. The door shut.

When it opened again, it opened fully. Deirdre was standing there, wearing her sweatshirt and Connor’s (slightly too big) sweatpants.

“Deirdre, I’m sorry, if I’d realized...” Connor started apologizing.

“Connor, it’s not your fault. Not entirely anyway. I’m the one who asked to be let out. Besides, it’s not really that bad anyway. I mean, I’m embarrassed, but I know you won’t tell anyone and even if you did the highlight of the story would be me wanting to be a dog anyway.”

“I know you’d never do anything to harm me. You even worried that someone might see if I went out. You looked after me, and responded quickly when I did something unexpected. So there was an accident. No one got hurt.”

Connor just stood there, trying to process. He could tell Deirdre was sincere, but...

Then the wording clicked in his head. She was justifying agreeing with his suggestions. Telling herself that he hadn’t let her come to harm, because he would never let her come to harm.

Time for him to agree. “Yeah, it was an accident. We’ll have to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Do the pants fit ok?”

She blushed. “Yeah, though they’re a bit long, and I’ve got lots of extra string...”

“Good. Here, bring your pants and I can do a quick load of laundry.” Connor led the way to his laundry room. “Um... You do the settings. I’m not sure what settings apply to girl’s underwear.”

“Oh, these are just cotton. Normal will do.” She thought a moment. “Though we can’t put the jeans in the dryer. They’ll shrink.”

“So, do you want to stay around till they are dry?”

“Not really; it’ll take ages. I’ll pick them up later. I should head back now; this has already taken longer that I expected.”

“Ok. By the way, how did you like your toys?”

Deirdre blushed, and didn’t answer till she got to the door. Then it was more of squeak than anything else. “They were fun. Thanks.” And with a peck on the cheek she ran out the door.

She’ll come to You

Tuesday Connor was eating lunch in the cafeteria when Deirdre walked up.

“Hi Connor.” She sat down across from him.

“Oh, hi Deirdre. What’s up?”

“Just wanted to arrange to swap my clothes back sometime.”

“No problem. You can come over and pick them up anytime. Or I could bring them over to your place.”

“No, my roommates are already asking enough questions about where I got your sweatpants. I’d rather you didn’t show up at my door with my underwear.”

“Ok. I could even put them in a bag or something, give them to you at lunch or someplace.”

Deirdre actually thought about that for a moment. “Thanks, but I don’t need them that urgently. I can come pick everything up sometime.”

“Sure. Saturday?”

“Sounds good. We can combine it with a relaxation session.”

Connor smiled. “No problem. Though we still have to work out how to prevent accidents like last week.”

She shrugged. “I figure you just have to plant some potty-training suggestions. You can teach a dog to use the toilet. I’ve read about it.”

“That doesn’t solve the main problem though. Dogs don’t normally wear pants.”

“Umm. True. I hadn’t thought about that. We’ll have to think about this some more.”

“No problem. At the very least you have a spare set at my place now. We’ll come up with something.”

“Right. So, see you Saturday morning sometime?” Connor nodded. “Thanks. I appreciate you letting me do this all the time.”

“Hey, it’s fun for me too.”

“I bet. Well, see you around.”


And Ask for More.

Deirdre showed up at Connor’s door at 9:30 on Saturday. Connor had just finished breakfast when the doorbell rang.

“Hi Deirdre. Come in, I was just having breakfast.”

“I brought your pants back.” She held up a shopping bag.

“Thanks. I’ve got yours washed and ready for you...” At this point he noticed what Deirdre was wearing today. Not her normal ‘dog’ outfit at all: The top was a spandex club-top that barely left her skin. The skirt wasn’t nearly as tight, but didn’t even make it halfway down her thighs. “Um, nice outfit.”

She blushed. “Thanks, it’s kinda a backup idea, in case you are too embarrassed by my first idea on how to avoid an accident...”

“What’s that?” Connor said, sitting down in his normal chair.

Deirdre took her spot on the couch, sitting for the moment. “Well, I was thinking about what you said, about dogs not normally wearing any pants. I occurred to me that the simplest solution, and the one that helped me feel like a dog the most, would be for me to dress like a dog: no pants. No shirt for that matter either. Then I could handle it like a dog would.”

“Of course, I’d be naked, but a dog is always naked. I’d just be being a dog. It’d probably be a better experience, actually. But if you are uncomfortable I can wear this; it’s the closest I could get in my closet to not wearing anything. I think if I take off my panties I could even use the toilet without the skirt getting in the way.”

All that came out in a rush, and Connor just sat for a moment trying to absorb it. Deirdre sat watching him, obviously hoping for the best.

“So... You want me to turn you into a naked dog. My naked dog.”

“Yes. That way we don’t have to worry about me messing up my pants, and I can get the full dog experience.”

“Are you going to take your clothes off before I hypnotize you?”

“Actually, I was hoping you’d have me remove them while hypnotized... Stripping for you would be awkward. I mean, it’s not like we’re going out or anything. Only the dog me should be naked.”

The logic of this escaped Connor, but he let it slide. “Ok. So, when should I bring you back to being human?”

Deirdre blushed. “Well, I don’t really want to have to explain this outfit to my roommates... I left before they woke up, and I was hoping you could just keep me all day. If it’s late when I return I can just say I went clubbing. They’ll have some comments, but they won’t think anything of it.”

“So you want to be my naked dog until sometime this evening?”

Deirdre eagerly nodded, murmuring assent. “If it wouldn’t embarrass you too much.”

“I... I think I can handle it.”

“Thank you!” She smiled, and shifted to laying down on the couch. “I’m going to have to think of some way I can pay you back for letting me do this all the time.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it. Honestly. Now, just focus on the sound of my voice...”

When Connor had gotten Deirdre under he sat back a moment to think about what happened next.

Ok, he’d been fantasizing. He’d even acted on those fantasies, pushed Deirdre to want to be a dog.

This, however, was more than he’d been expecting. Thought of, on occasion, but... But he wasn’t going to back out now.

Not with this in front of him.

“Ok, Deirdre, in a moment we are going to let you take the next step in being a dog. In it you will not just act like a dog, but you will dress like a dog. How does a dog dress, Deirdre?”

“Only a collar.”

Connor managed to keep talking through his surprise. “That’s right, Deirdre. A collar, and nothing else. That’s all a good dog wears. You’ve been a good dog so far, but you haven’t earned a collar yet. We will have to see if you can earn one. To do that you will have to be a good dog today, and dress like a dog before they get their collar.”

“Being naked will help you give up your worries, and become more of a dog. You want to be more of a dog; being a dog is normal and enjoyable for you. As a dog you can relax, and obey your alpha. Who is your alpha Deirdre?”

“You are.”

“That’s right: I am your alpha, your mate, your master. You want to please me, to be a good dog for me. To be a part of my pack. You trust me to never hurt you, and to protect you.”

“Now we are going to get you ready to be a dog, Deirdre. Stand up and take off your clothes so you can be a dog.”

Deirdre complied readily. Working her top off took some time, but soon she was standing in front of Connor, naked.

He took a moment to enjoy the view. Deirdre wasn’t the most athletic of his friends, but she kept fit. Her body was toned and smooth, her breasts full and firm. Her most striking attribute, at least from Connor’s perspective, was the small, dense, and definitely red clump of pubic hair. Not flame-red, but not the red-tinged brown of the hair on her head either. A real red.

“Ok, Deirdre, I want you to sit down to listen to the rest of my instructions. You enjoy being naked for your alpha. You enjoy it when your alpha pets you, or touches you. You like to know your alpha likes you. Your alpha can touch you anywhere he wishes, and you will enjoy it. It is normal for your alpha to touch you anywhere he wishes.” Ok, so that should let him get away with some of what he wanted...

Now to prevent accidents like the last time. “You are going to be a naked dog for your alpha. As a naked dog, you have another trick: you can use a human toilet. You know how to get over it as a dog, and how to flush it with your paw. You will use the human toilet instead of asking your alpha to go outside. Do you understand all of these instructions, Deirdre?”


“Good, then in a moment I will clap my hands to release you to be a dog. You will be a good, well-trained, dog for me, until I say ‘Human time, Deirdre.’ Then you will become human again. As a human you will remember being a dog. Being a dog is normal for you, and you will find what happens to you as a dog normal. You enjoy being a dog. You will not remember anything else about when you are hypnotized. Are you ready to be a dog, Deirdre?”


“Good.” Connor clapped his hands.

As expected, Deirdre got down off the couch and onto her hands and knees, and sat facing him panting like a dog.

Connor realized he needed to do something, but he couldn’t think of anything. At least, nothing that would be dog-like for Deirdre... Finally he went and got the box of crackers.

Deirdre followed him into the kitchen, so Connor decided that he would play right there for the moment. He got Deirdre to sit up, placed a cracker on her nose, then left her there.

Now it was time to try distracting her.

Deirdre didn’t move, concentrating intently on the cracker as Connor played with her breasts, teasing her nipples to hardness, then running a hand down between her legs and slipping a finger in. Finally he said ‘Now, Deirdre’ and she snapped up the cracker.

He pulled out another cracker and Deirdre almost hopped with eagerness. “You want to play again, Deirdre?”

The dog at Connor’s feet obviously had no greater wish.

So Connor repeated the trick.

Deirdre had eaten quite a few crackers before he got bored. He let her lick his fingers clean than picked up his dishes from breakfast, then headed back into the living room. He took her toys off the shelf he’d stashed them on, and started a game of fetch.

That dark red bush was really cute as she crawled away from him.

He happened to have just gotten the ball back from her when the doorbell rang.

“Shit!” He ran to the door, saw Deirdre following him. He moved to the side, where the door would block the view. “Come here, Deirdre. Sit. Stay, Deirdre, stay.” Deirdre sat and stayed. The doorbell rang again. Deirdre barked.

Connor opened the door. He didn’t recognize the woman.

“Hi, would you like to donate to help Charles Vanderbug’s mayoral election campaign?”

“Not right now.”

“Mr. Vanderbug wants to help protect the moral values of this town by closing down some of the more undesirable stores opening up near the college.”

Connor had to blink a moment before he understood what she was saying. “I’ll keep that in mind. Have a good day.” He started to shut the door.

“Wait!” He didn’t and the door shut on the campaigner’s face.

Connor put his back to the door, and looked over at Deirdre, still sitting there, waiting for her master to release her from her ‘stay’ command, all of a foot from the door.

He started to laugh, and slid down the door. “Come here, Deirdre.” She came, and Connor gathered her into his lap, petting her.

“Wouldn’t she have freaked if she saw you,” He said, holding the sides of her head and shaking her.

Deirdre licked his nose.

“Nice to know we are friends. Ok, I think I’ll let you play on your own for a while; I’ve got some stuff I need to do this weekend, and I should get started on them.” He released her and got up, then went to do his laundry.

Next time he thought about her was when he was making lunch. He was pulling out the remnants of last night’s pizza, when he noticed her presence at his side.

“I suppose you want lunch too. Well, I don’t have any pulled chicken for you...” He looked over the fridge. “In fact, I’m not sure what I’ve got for you.” He looked around, looking for inspiration.

“Well, I hope you are ok with Fruit Loops.” He poured her a bowl of dry cereal, and bowl of water.

He set them down, and ate his sandwich as he watched her eat. She was neater this time, but still there were crumbs all over.

He wondered if she noticed her breasts were touching the ground as she ate.

Connor waited until Deirdre was done before sweeping the floor. He also refilled the water bowl and left it on the floor.

Deirdre just sat and watched him work.

“The things I do for you. Come here girl.” She came, and accepted a pet that ran the length of her body, and lingered on her ass.

He walked off, indicating for Deirdre to follow him. Connor considered that she probably knew ‘heel’, but there wasn’t enough room in the house for her to do it.

Connor collected her toys, and went to sit in the ‘family’ room, where the TV was. He started a game of fetch, and turned on the TV.

Just relaxing afternoon at home. Deirdre eventually curled up for a nap at his feet, after playing with him, on her own, and just wandering off for a while. Connor got caught up in a Scifi marathon. Occasionally he’d notice the girl at his feet and rub her belly or something.

He decided to have chinese for supper. This time he thought to order something in bite-sized pieces for Deirdre to eat.

She barked at the doorbell, and actually beat him to the door. Connor had her sit in the same place she sat earlier as he took the food.

She was definitely getting better at eating as a dog. She barely left a mess at all this time.

After cleaning up, Connor decided it was late enough. “Human time, Deirdre.”

“Thanks for supper; that was good.” She said, standing up.

“I grabbed a few pieces before I put it your bowl. It’s a favorite of mine as well. Did you have a good time today?”

“Wonderful, thanks. I think I’m almost ready to face another week. You seemed to enjoy yourself once or twice too... Though you seem to have have trouble keeping your hands from drifting down.” She was smiling.

“Yeah, well, I just can’t get over the fact that the carpet doesn’t match the drapes.”

“It’s all natural. Speaking of which, where’s my clothes?”

“They’re in the laundry room, with your pants and undies from last time.”

“Thanks.” She started towards the room in question. “So, what do you think that lady from the mayoral campaign would have done had she seen me?”

Connor took that as permission to tag along. “Probably reported me to the police and the mental health facility.”

“Before or after she stopped screaming ‘infidel’?”

“Probably before. Should I leave while you get dressed?”

“As if there’s anything you haven’t seen and fondled here. Might as well stay.”

“You don’t mind?”

“The watching or the fondling? As I said, you’ve just spent the day able to look at me however you wished, why should a few more minutes matter?” She paused, pulling her top over her head. “As for the fondling... I was a dog. You were treating me like one. It felt good; and helped me relax into being a dog. I don’t mind.”

“Thanks. I admit I wasn’t always thinking of you as just a dog...”

“I guessed that.” She smiled at him. “What was that about when I was balancing crackers on my nose?”

“I was just trying to see if you could handle distractions.” Connor replied, making a good try at sounding innocent.

“Riiight. It’s going to take a lot more than that to get me to drop that cracker.”

“I’ll remember that, next time.”

Deirdre was dressed now, in the outfit she arrived in. Connor wasn’t sure of the what he thought of the knowledge that Deirdre had panties that matched that skirt’s color exactly.

“What time is it, anyway?”

Connor had to check his watch to reply. “About quarter to 8.”

“A little early to be back from club-hopping. Mind if I hang out here a while?”

“Go right ahead. I didn’t have any major plans this evening, really.”

“No projects to work on?”

“Not right after mid-terms. In a week to two, sure. My plan for today, besides the morning required weekend activities, was mostly to veg out and relax.”

“Any good movies on?”

“Don’t know. Want to see?”

It turned out AMC was showing The Princess Bride. Which is how Connor found himself with Deirdre curled up next to him on the couch in the TV room.

“As you wish.” Grandpa said, on the TV. Deirdre was getting up to stretch. “Well, thanks for the wonderful day, Connor. I guess I should be getting home now.”

“Probably. And, it was my pleasure.”

“Well, see you around school.”

“See you. Anytime you need to relax, you know where to come.”


Be Nice to Her

Deirdre joined Connor at lunch on monday.

“So, did your roommates ask where you were on Saturday?” Connor asked, after the pleasantries.

“Not exactly...”

Connor waited patiently for the explanation.

“They didn’t ask until I made some comment about watching The Princess Bride, then they wanted to know where I watched it, and who with...”

“What did you tell them?”

“The truth, on that part at least. That you’d let me watch it at your place.”


“Well, I was still in that outfit, and they asked if I had been wearing it when we watched the movie, and I think I kinda left them with the impression that we were going out or something.”

“Or something?”

She blushed. “I think they think we’re doing more than just ‘going out’.”

“You think they are on to your little vacations?”

She turned redder. “No... More comments of, other, activities we’d do with our clothes off.”

“So they think we are sleeping together.”

“Probably. I hope you don’t mind?”

“No guy minds a rumor that he’s sleeping with a beautiful woman.” Connor replied, with a grin. “At least, not unless some other beautiful woman minds. Your secret is safe with me.”

“And you don’t mind if they think we’re going out?”

“Hey, who am I spending my Saturdays with? It’s at least semi-true.”

She settled down like a dog who just got the treat it was begging for. “Thank you.”

That topic over, there was a moment of silence until someone could think of a new one.

“So, um, I was wondering if I could spend the night on Friday.” Deirdre asked. Then she blushed again, realizing how that sounded. “As a dog, I mean.”

“You realize that would confirm all the rumors.”

She didn’t look at him. “I don’t think it matters at this point.”

“Well, if you don’t mind, I don’t see why I should.”

“Thank you!” She leaned over and gave him a kiss. On the lips. “Um, I should be going now. See you around.”

“Later.” Connor said, as she walked off. He sat there pondering the one really confusing thing about that encounter: the kiss.

Let Her Stay.

Connor found himself seeing Deirdre around campus quite a bit, but always in company. So when Friday night came around, they hadn’t discussed it much.

She showed up at his door at six o’clock. She was dressed to kill, and had a backpack slung over her shoulder.

“Well, this is a different look for you.”

“I told my roommates I was coming over for dinner, and planned to stay the night. They insisted on helping me dress. What do you think?”

Connor thought her roommates knew what they were doing, and didn’t want to take any chances she’d be back home tonight. “Looks good. I take it your roommates approve of me?”

“There have been some comments on how relaxed and happy I’ve been the last few weeks...” She smiled.

“Well, glad to be of service.” He smiled back. “What’s in the bag?”

“Two things... A change of clothes, and this.” She pulled out a box of dog-food. “It’s gotta be better then your dry cereal, right? And I, um, haven’t had supper yet.”

“What, you don’t like fruit loops?”

“Breakfast junk food. At least I know this stuff is trying to make something healthy.” Connor took the box. Deirdre continued, “Mind if I stash the rest of this in the laundry room?”

“Go right ahead. Here, let me clear a shelf for you.”

Deirdre placed her bag on the shelf, then her shoes, then started to get out of her dress.

“You, um, aren’t going to wait until I hypnotize you?”

“I don’t want the dress to get wrinkled. It needs to be folded carefully.”

“Did they help you with the underwear too?”

“Yeah, some of it is even borrowed...” The neatly folded thin strips of lace joined the pile. “Susan even tried to get me to shave my crotch. I told her you thought the red was cute.”

“I do.”

“Just a moment, I need to wash this stuff off my face. Meet you at the couch.”

“Ok.” Connor watched the nude Deirdre walk off to the bathroom for a moment before heading to the living room.

She came in still drying her face. “Well, at least now I won’t get makeup in my drinking bowl.”

“By the way, I’ve got you a real drinking bowl now. As well as a couple other things...” There was a dog collar on the coffee table.

“Oh, you didn’t really need to do that...” She had picked up the collar and was examining it, apparently fascinated.

“Well, dog bowls are cheap and this way I don’t have breakable stuff on the floor for me to step on... And as for the collar, you seemed interested in one.”

She turned to look at him. “I did?” Deirdre said, putting the dog collar back on the table.

“You couldn’t take your eyes off them at the pet store, and you mentioned it under hypnosis...”

“I talk under hypnosis?”

“Sometimes. I was asking what you wanted.”

“Oh. Thanks.”

“It makes it easier to think of things for you to do.”

“I’ll have to remember that, see if I can think of anything...”

“Anyway, so when do you want me to bring you back to being human again?”

“Sometime in the morning: I need to do some schoolwork this weekend.”

“Right. Ready to go under?”


“Then, just relax...”

“...In a moment Deirdre I will let you become a dog again. You’ve been a good dog, so I have your collar for you. You can put it on now.” Connor waited while she put on the collar. “There, doesn’t that help you feel like a good dog?”


“What are you Deirdre?”

“A good dog.”

“Who am I Deirdre?”

“My alpha. My mate. My leader.”

“Yes, I am your alpha, your mate, your leader. You trust me to take care of you, and follow my commands. You like being a dog, and following your alpha. It is normal for you to be a dog.” Connor remembered what he had told Deirdre he asked her under hypnosis. Actually, it sounded like it might be a good idea.

“In a little bit I am going to let you be a dog again. Right now, I want you to tell me what you want to do as a dog.”

“I want to sleep as a dog, walk as a dog, eat as a dog, drink as a dog. I want to have my master play with me, and pet me. I want to play fetch, and tug-of-war, and ‘not yet’. I want to please my alpha, and let him touch me. I want to have sex with my alpha. I want to sleep on my master’s bed, at my alpha’s feet. I want to explore my alpha’s house. I want to do tricks for my master, and have my master teach me tricks. I want to play with my toys as a dog.”

She stopped the outpouring. Connor was still stuck halfway back through the speech. “You want to have sex with me as a dog?”

“Yes. I want to have sex with my alpha, my mate.”

His next question asked itself without thought. “Why?”

“He is my alpha: the leader of his pack. If I mate with him I am the dominant female. I also like his touch, and trust him to take care of me. He is my mate, and looks after me. He will be a good lover.”

Connor sat back and had to think about that for a moment.

“Deirdre, are you on birth control?”


“Ok, Deirdre, in a moment I am going to clap my hands and let you be a dog again. You will not remember this conversation or any of the instructions I gave you while you are hypnotized. You will remember, and enjoy, your time as a dog. You can be a dog until I say ‘Human time, Deirdre’, when you must return to being a human.”

Connor sat back and took a deep breath. He clapped his hands. Deirdre came off the couch as bright and eager as last time.

On the one hand, fucking her right now sounded good, on the other if he did that he’d probably end up not treating her like a dog.

However, he had another idea. Something Deirdre had said to him as she was getting dressed last time came to mind...

“Come on, Deirdre.” He said, leading her to the kitchen.

He pulled out the box of crackers, said “Up, Deirdre”, and balanced one on her nose.

Then he started fondling her. The breasts were a good place to start, being presented and pushed out for him. He worked on them until her nipples were good and solid. Then he let one hand run down and arrive between her legs.

She was slightly wet already, and he proceeded to push her further, not just tease her like he’d done last time. Soon he could see her breathing change, and feel her cunt respond by humping and squeezing his hand.

She kept her focus on the cracker though.

He kept pressing it, and pushing her further, till she was right on the edge of orgasm. A couple of times she’d almost dropped the cracker, but she’d recovered.

He pushed her over the edge, then told her she could have the cracker. She’d never dropped it.

He pulled out another cracker and restarted. The description of Pavlov’s famous experiment with the bells and the dogs came to his mind, and he decided to have a little fun.

She responded quickly, still aroused from last time. This time he held her at the edge till she was having trouble keeping her eyes open.

He said “Now” and triggered her orgasm at the same time. She climaxed as the cracker hit her tongue.

Two more times and Connor was starting to get a hand cramp. It was going to take more than one night to condition her anyway. He got up from where he had been kneeling next to her, let her lick his hand clean, and went to get her box of dog-food.

He set out a bowl of dog-food and one of water, and soon found himself refilling the water one. He had eaten before she arrived, so he just watched her eat.

She was enjoying the food, and not making much mess at all. The dog-food didn’t even produce as many crumbs.

When she was done, he put the food bowl away, refilled the water bowl again, and headed back to the living room and Deirdre’s dog toys. Time for a game of fetch.

Deirdre was as eager to please as ever. Connor couldn’t be sure, but he thought she was making a point of showing her rump to him.

It certainly formed the core of his thinking.

Eventually he figured it was late enough, and went up to his room. Deirdre followed. He let her in, patted the bed, and said “Up, Deirdre.”

She wasn’t as good a jumper as a real dog, but she got on the bed quick enough. He patted her on the head as she faced him. Then he started taking off his pants.

There was a minor moment of confusion as Connor tried to get Deirdre to turn around while she wanted to sniff his dick, but he got her facing so he could get at her cunt.

She was already wet.

He held her hips as he guided his dick into her. She was hot and tight; her curly bush tickled him as he entered.

When he had fully entered, he ran his hand down her back, giving her a full-body pet. Then he moved his hands to brace himself, and started thrusting.

In and out, the rhythm established itself, with his thrusts, her rocking, and her little doggy noises of pleasure.

It didn’t take Connor long to come. Deirdre came with him.

He pulled out, spent. Deirdre turned to face him, her face the happy face of a puppy who just got a treat. Connor ruffled her hair and told her she was a good dog. She muzzled forward and licked his dick clean.

Connor waited to see how far she would go with it, but she stopped after a moment.

‘Blowjob’ would have to be another trick to teach her. Oh well. It had been a good night regardless.

A quick order from Connor got Deirdre off the bed, allowing Connor to climb in. Deirdre quickly climbed back on, curling up near his feet.

After a moment of shifting till they both were comfortable, Connor fell asleep.

Connor woke late, alone in the bed. It had been a good night’s sleep. He stretched, and rolled over to get out of bed.

And fond himself facing Deirdre’s happy face.

“Well, that’s something to wake up to in the morning.” He had a good view of her cleavage as she sat there. Her breasts jiggling as she wiggled her ass, trying to wag a non-existent tail. He patted her on the head and got up, heading for the shower.

Morning business accomplished, Connor was toweling off as he re-entered his bedroom to get dressed. Deirdre was back up on the bed; when she saw him enter she turned around, presenting her ass to him and looking over her shoulder with a pleading look.

“You want a repeat?” He smiled, and walked up to her, dick hardening, thinking this was the way to wake up in the morning.

After a quick fuck, cleaning, and getting dressed, Connor had Deirdre follow him into the kitchen, where they both had breakfast.

He put away the dishes, ran his hand through her hair, and sighed. “Oh well, time for the real day to start. Human time, Deirdre.”

His hand was still on her head; her standing up caused it to run down her back and onto her ass.

“Morning, Connor.”

“Morning, Deirdre. How was breakfast?”

“Good, though I was kinda hoping you’d decide I should have a couple crackers...”

“I figured we’d played enough this morning. My little puppy seems to have found something she likes to do...”

Deirdre blushed. “Yeah... Um, what made you decide to fuck me last night?” The question was shy.

“You asked for it, when I asked you what you wanted to do as a dog. Under hypnosis.” Connor paused for a moment. “You don’t mind, do you?”

“Oh, no. I... Just wanted to know whose idea it was.”

Deirdre wasn’t looking at Connor. He put his hands on her shoulders, and turned her towards him. “Deirdre, if a guy’s got a naked woman around and he’s not thinking about sex he’s gay. I just wasn’t going to do anything about it until you said you wanted it.”

Deirdre was searching his eyes for truth. Connor decided the best answer was a kiss. Full, on the mouth, tongue action, hands roaming her body, all interactive, kiss.

They made it about halfway to the bedroom, Connor’s clothes getting lost along the way.

Deirdre barked when she came. Both times.

“So, which was better, this or ‘doggy style’?” Connor asked, afterwards. They hadn’t gotten up yet.

“’Doggy style’.” Deirdre answered, without hesitation. She muzzled into Connor’s side.

He looked down at her. “Really?”

She looked up, and realized there had actually been a question about it for Connor. “Yes. I just... Feel more like myself as a dog. I’m not struggling with what I’m supposed to do, I just do what comes naturally. I can let go, and enjoy the moment.”

“You felt like you let go fairly well.”

“Not as well.”

“Well, tempting as it is to lie here, this carpet’s not as comfortable as it looks, and we both have things to do today.” Connor started to get up.

Deirdre put a hand up, holding him as he was partway up. She didn’t look him in the eyes. “Thank you. I’m glad you—we—did this.”

“You are welcome, Deirdre.” He said, just as serious. “It’s not like I didn’t enjoy it just as much as you did. Now, I think you’ll probably want a shower. I’ll bring you your clothes.”

“Ok, and Connor?” She waited for his acknowledgment. “Call me ‘Dee’ or something; ‘Deirdre’ is the dog.” She got up and headed for the showers.

“Sure.” Was Connor’s dumbfounded response.

She Will Become

“So, what do you want to do to celebrate the end of another school year?”

Deirdre looked at Connor with a look that implied he was an idiot. “We’ve only been planning this for three weeks.”

“That was general planning. Anything in specific you would like?”

A slow smile spread on her face. “Do you have slippers?”

Connor looked down at her, rubbing her neck along the new collar (bought after he realized she wanted to wear it all the time). “No, but I can get some.”

“Thank you.” This was not a statement. It was a declaration of joy.

“A year of school completed and she wants to celebrate by fetching my slippers.”

“Um hm. Among other things.”

Deirdre skipped ahead; they were walking home after their last finals. “I’ve always had to limit my time as Deirdre since Dee has to go back to school or something. This will be my first real long vacation. So we can get to see what it is really like.”

“Get back here.” Deirdre stopped prancing down the sidewalk and returned contritely to Connor’s side. “You still have your job on Monday. This isn’t unlimited.”

“I know, but it’s as close as I’m going to get for a while.”

“Well, we’ll just have to give you as long a vacation as we can then.”

“As soon as we get home? Till Monday morning?”

“As soon as we get home, but you have to get up early Monday. ‘Deirdre’ can’t use an alarm clock.”

“Ok, Sunday night.” She admitted, defeated.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you enjoy yourself.” Connor patted his companion on the head. She cheered up.

“I know.” She took two steps in front. “Race you home?”

Connor laughed. “Go. I’ll catch up.” Deirdre raced off.

She made it all the way to his house, and was waiting for Connor when he arrived.


“You just like to run.”

“Yes.” They were inside now; Deirdre had dumped her bag by the door and was stripping. “Can I be a dog now?”

“Go lie down; I’ll pick up once Deirdre’s enjoying herself.”

“Thanks.” She gave him a peck on the cheek, and headed for the couch. Connor swept her clothes into a bundle and set it aside before following her.

It barely took anything to put her under anymore. She knew what was coming, what to expect, and helped it along.

“Deirdre, in a moment I am going to let you be a dog again. What are you going to be?”

“A dog.”

“How do you feel about being a dog?”

“I love it. I need it. Being a dog is relaxing; it is who I am, inside.”

“Who’s dog are you?”


“Who am I?”

“My master, my alpha, my mate, my owner.”

“Good. What do you do for me?”

“I obey you. Always.”

“How do you feel about me?”

“I trust you, love you. Always.”

“Very good. When I count to three, you can be a dog again. You will be a dog until I say ‘Human time, Deirdre’. You will remember what happens while you are hypnotized once you are human. Are you ready to be a dog, Deirdre?”


“Good. 1... 2... 3.”

More than You Dreamed.

“Human time, Deirdre.” Finals had just finished, and Deirdre had celebrated by being a dog for four whole days. Her summer job started tomorrow, and dogs don’t get up to alarm clocks. She’d sleep as a human tonight.

She just sat there on the living room floor. She’d shifted to a ‘human’ sitting posture, but beyond that and her expression there was no sign she’d heard the trigger.

“Dee?” Connor asked, looking down at her.

“You made a mistake.”


She turned and looked up at him. “You made a mistake this time. You told me to ‘remember what happens when you are hypnotized’, not ‘while you are a dog’.” She stared at him a moment. “You did all of this.”

“All of what, I’m not following you.” Connor said, getting down on his knees in front of her.

“Being a dog. Liking being a dog. Needing being a dog. Making me want to crawl at your feet, fetch your slippers, let you fuck me, eat dog-food, have this collar around my neck all the time, all of it. You told me to. All of it. Under hypnosis.”

“Dee, I...”

She cut him off. “Don’t. I don’t want to hear excuses. Not right now. I don’t even want to hear that diminutive name I came up with because I wasn’t ‘really’ a human, so the dog should have the ‘real’ name.”

“Deirdre, I...”

“That’s worse. ‘Deirdre’ is the dog now. The dog who follows your every command, who worships the ground you walk on, who loves to have your praise.”

Connor kept silent this time.

“You’ve destroyed me. Do you know I don’t even think of myself as human anymore? Not even right now. I’m a dog, who’s got a ‘trick’ where she turns into a human on command. Your command.”

There was a pause, while Deirdre controlled tears.

“I should hate you. Here I am, crawling around on my hands and knees, naked, offering myself to you whenever you want. You’ve turned me into a some sort of fuck-dog!”

Another pause. Deirdre was quiet when she continued. Connor almost had to strain to hear.

“But I don’t, do I? I don’t mind; you are my alpha, my mate. You would never do anything to hurt me, you protect me, I always obey you. That’s what you’ve told me, over and over and over again. And I believe you. I have to, because you’ve told me too.”

She looked at him, for the first time since he’d sat down. “Answer one question for me: Did you mean to do this? The first time, back at John’s house, when I volunteered to be your subject.”

Connor had to struggle to remember that far back. “No. It didn’t occur to me until you came to me and asked.”

She nodded, looked away, talking to herself. “It would take years of therapy for me to feel human again. And I’ll never feel as free...”

Deirdre looked back at Connor, braced herself. “Finish this. Turn me into a dog, make me not care.”

“You want me to turn you back into a dog again? Make you forget? What about when I bring you back?”

“Don’t. Don’t bring me back. Don’t say ‘Human time, Deirdre’ again. Ever.

“But what about...”

“Your problem. Not mine.”

“Are you...”

“Connor.” She waited until he stopped. “Don’t make me think about this. Don’t make me tell myself all the reasons this is a bad idea. I want this: you made me want it. Give it to me, so I don’t have to think about it.”

He looked at her eyes, framed by the pigtails they had found looked like dog ears.

“Ok, just relax and listen to your master’s voice, Deirdre...”