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Domestic Doll Services: Guilt Alleviation

by bw

Added 17 September 2022

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Kaylie Macpherson is the scion of an oil company who inherits control of the company after the sudden deaths of her father and brother. Having led a private and sheltered life, soon she uncovers the corruption and evil that generations of Macphersons inflicted on the planet. Deeply guilt ridden and conflicted, she contacts William Cullen, an equally reclusive executive of Domestic Doll Services. Under the guise of purchasing a few Domestic Dolls to aid her at home, she travels to him and makes an offer that will transform not only the company she has inherited, but the future of the Macpherson dynasty forever: Miss Macpherson wants to be converted into a Domestic Doll.

Domestic Doll Services: Guilt Alleviation (9475 words)