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Douchebag Teen

Chapter 3

Monday morning I watched my wife and Tara do their Yoga. They were facing each other, legs spread, hands clasped together, pulling each other in turn, their faces reaching their crotches. I was desperate to jump in there and fuck both, now that I knew I could, but I had to wait.

Last night, watching Mitch and Freddie fuck them while I stood there was torture, but the hardest was after they left, laying in bed with them as they used the double dildo on each other. I did masturbate, knowing that soon I would be the one fucking Nadia again.

I called in sick that day.

Using the Subliminal Audios I made a message for Tyler’s family. I would knock on the door and introduce myself and play it on a loop on my phone.

The message was simply: Obey Steve.

I see on Tyler’s phone that he is on his way to Sandra’s and I know he plans on staying the night.

I also see that Billy was going to be at Pete’s with the ladies. It would be the last time that little douchebag touched either of them. After what he did to me at the pool Party, Billy’s time was up.

I head to Tyler’s house, a little nervous. If I fail, Tyler has the power to make life worse for Nadia and me. Would he actually hurt her to punish me? I wouldn’t put it past the creep. Still after the pool party, after watching this kid turn my wife in to his total and complete whore I knew I could not live like this. It was worth the risk.

I get to his house and ring the bell. A woman answers, I recognize her as his mom, Gwen. She is a beautiful woman, as voluptuous as Nadia and she had an amazing smile that reminds me of Tara. She says hello. I introduce myself as Steve and tell her to relax and invite me in.

She opens the door, “Please come in.”

She is wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt. She is very attractive and the sweatshirt does little to hide her large breasts. She is not putting on a show the way I saw Tyler’s other women do, but she looks spaced out, like she is not all there.

“How can I help you?”

“Are you daughter’s home?” I ask. I am still nervous, but know it is too late now, either I find what I am looking for or Tyler owns me forever.

“Sarah is out by the pool and Maggie is in her room.”

“Is anyone else here?” She tells me no. So far. so good.

“Do any of you have plans tonight?”

“I was going to my book club and I think the girls were going to catch a show.” My confidence grew when Gwen said this. If I acted fast my plan could work.

“Cancel on your book club. Then come back here and wait for me, quietly. Make no attempt to contact anyone else.”

She pulled out her phone and sent a text. It was working. I was controlling her, but I felt my control was not as deep as when Tyler controls Nadia and Tara. Maybe the sexual dominance is an important part of the conditioning?

I headed outside and found Sarah in the pool doing laps.

She didn’t notice me at first, and then she popped her head out of the water. She did not know I was Steve yet and naturally got nervous that someone was in her home.

“Who the are you and what are you doing here?”

“My name is Steve and I want you to come inside with me”

The moment Sarah heard my name she got out and followed me in, without drying off.

She is quite stunning. She has a toned body, nice firm C cups, a flat belly and the ass of an athlete.

Once inside I gave her the same orders as her mom. She walked to the living room, still wet.

I explored upstairs, looking for Maggie. I probably should have asked which room was hers, but what the hell. With new confidence, I walked into all the rooms until I found her.

“What the fuck, get the fuck out!” she screamed. Obviously she had just taken a shower and was in her room in nothing by panties, applying lotion to her bare tits. I was stunned for a second and said nothing, but before she could scream again I spoke, “I’m Steve, calm down and listen…”

She was amazing. She was about the 5′7″, long red hair, wide hips, synched waist, flat belly, nice full bubble butt and the tits. OMG her tits were amazing. They were huge and full and firm (I would later find out she was an E cup). Her nipples were pink and small.

Her hands had gone to cover her huge, young tits. I felt more confident, and I was remembering the way that this girl’s brother would hold my wife before and after he fucked her. I got mad.

“Drop your hands and follow me.” She did just that and we joined her mom and sister. I had them all sit on the couch. It was all working and this was my time…

She reached for her phone. “Leave that here for now.”

“I want all of you to answer me honestly, to the best of your knowledge. No yelling, screaming, or any attempt to escape or hurt me. Now did Tyler leave you with any instructions?”

With no resistance, Tyler’s family gave up all there secrets. They all told me about how they must ignore Tyler when he was having sex. Then they told me about an instruction to call him if anyone tried to control them. They all wanted to call him, but my instructions were causing a conflict. I reprogrammed a message to clear Tyler’s instructions and reassert mine.

They looked less conflicted. It felt good to see these women obeying me.

“Now ladies, lets find out some personal info”

Gwen told me that she is not dating, but is sleeping with two of her friends’ husbands. She says that she likes controlling people’s actions to fit her ideals, even if she doesn’t follow them.

I learned that Sarah is not a virgin, and has slept with 3 guys. Sarah refuses to give blowjobs or hand jobs and wants money and power and will only date to get those things.

Maggie says that she likes teasing the boys; she is not a virgin and has slept with 2 teachers to get out of trouble. She only gave one a blowjob and hated it. She likes when men are fascinated with her tits, she gets off on the attention. In a way I thought that Maggie was a lot like Nadia before this whole thing happened. Looking at her big tits, I really wanted to put this girl in her place.

“I have some work to do, but this is what I want from you three.” I went on to give them many instructions. I left knowing that even though he did not know it yet, Tyler had just lost everything. Then I went searching for the lab.

It was 6 pm. I had all night. I start looking for the secret room in the basement. It took me an hour, but I finally found it. I spent 2 hours in there reading more information, learning all I could. The doses for both drugs are small green and orange pills that dissolve in liquids right away. There are about 3000 of each pill. The greens were the sexual enhancers and the orange the mind control. I took about 12 of each and put the rest back. I would come back here soon enough to deal with all of this.

I held one of the sexual enhancer pills for a few second, before popping it in my mouth. I wanted what Tyler had and I knew I would need it to keep my wife happy. Plus, the looks on all of those women’s faces when they please him… I wanted that for myself.

I took the pill and waited. It did not take long. I felt a tingling in my whole body. My crotch felt strange, but good. I was somewhat euphoric. I new the pill had worked I couldn’t wait to test it out. I also felt a renewed sense of confidence. My mind went to the first night I saw my wife and Tara with those boys and how I could now take both and make them want me that way and I could easily satisfy both.

I cleaned up and made it look like I was never there. I closed up and headed upstairs.

Tyler’s mother and sisters were sitting on the couch, naked and looking quite tired. They all looked amazing and I was tempted to fuck them right there and then, and I knew that they could not resist me, making me want them even more. I decided I wanted my first test of my new cock to be in my wife. I waited so long and needed her to be mine again.

Gwen handed me my phone and I was sure my instructions were followed exactly. The ladies headed off to dress, no memory of anything that happened. They would wait for my next instructions.

When I got home I got the first good nights sleep in a month. As I dreamed I imagined myself, not Tyler fucking all of the beautiful women I’d seen him dominate at the pool party. I woke with a smile, ready to make my dreams come true.

On Tuesday my luck finally seems to be going for the better. I learned that Tyler was planning on coming over to fuck my wife and Tara. I got everything ready.

When he arrives, the ladies are both dressed in silk camisoles that barely cover their asses and high heels pumps. He ignores me and tells me to get him a beer, then come and watch him fuck the ladies.

I get his beer and drop in an orange tablet. He is getting a double blowjob from my wife and Tara. They are only focused on his pleasure, to them I am nothing but Tyler’s servant. No more I say to myself. I hand him the beer. When he finishes it, the ladies have already cum from blowing him. Tyler orders Tara on the couch on her hands and knees. She complies. I grab my phone and play the message for Tyler.

“Obey and fear Steve, never lie to Steve.” No reaction from Tyler, but I am sure it works. As Tara wags her ass while looking back at the teen, panting like a bitch in heat for her master to dominate her I know it is time.

“Ok Tyler, I think I’ve had about enough of this shit. Tell the ladies to go to the bedroom and wait.”

“Ladies go to the bedroom and wait.” Tyler says. Tyler does a double take, almost unaware that he said it. Tara and Nadia both stand, a little confused, and head out. As I watch their asses bounce for his pleasure I no longer feel pathetic or inferior. I know they will be mine soon.

Then Tyler, fearful for the first time since we met, dives for his bag that he always has with him. I say in a calm but firm voice, “Freeze.”

Tyler does as I commanded. I am standing over the boy, smiling at him, “Tell me what you were about to do?”

He stops and does not move, “I was reaching for my bag. I have my dad’s hypnotic speaker with a default setting to help me in case this happens. It would blank out any command given to me. I assume you drugged me and sent me a command.”

I reach into the bag and pull and audio device out, “Is this it?”


“If I don’t do anything, what happens?”

“It will play automatically and release me. Every three hours.”

“Good for you, you thought ahead…” I tease. I then smash the speaker. His eyes close and I see his despair. I love it.

“Any other default or rescue plans?”

“If I don’t tell Billy I’m okay by noon every day, he will find me and play a similar device. He doesn’t know why, he will just do it…”

“Good to know. I’ll have to fix that. So Tyler, you little prick. You’ve been having some fun and sharing it too. I guess you think it’s ok to just do what you want…”

“I’m sorry. Please let me go.”

“You actually think I am going to let you go. Man, are you ever diluted.” I am standing over Tyler. After everything he’s put me, my friends and my wife through, he was now reduced to a snotty kid, begging me from the floor, “Ok, so here are some new rules for you:

“That’s a good place to start. So what’s going to happen now, you are wondering? Well I am going to go and console my wife and her friend. I will deprogram them and I will do the same for everyone else you fucked with. No, you’re not going to jail, I will punish you myself.” I look into Tyler’s eyes. This is the kid who was laughing and hollering and forcing my wife to please him in every filthy way she could. Now, Tyler was nothing but a fearful rat.

“Now you will watch my TV and masturbate, quietly, until I come back and tell you to stop. You will not try to escape or contact anyone for help. I am not as cruel as you. I will leave you something to watch while you masturbate. Oh, and no looking away, keep your eyes on the screen the whole time.”

I gave him one last smile and started the video for him. I felt my cock ready to burst. Nadia and Tara have been giving me sexual fantasies for months and I was about to live them all out. And no one would be able to stop me.

The video started with Tyler’s mom holding a phone to her face. “Tyler, I want you to know, that everything you are about to see is your fault.” She panned the camera down and revealed she was naked. Then she turned to show her equally naked daughters, Maggie and Sarah. Watching the screen Tyler was shocked. But he was beginning to stoke his cock.

“Now,” His mother continues, “You will watch while Sarah and Maggie lick my cunt and tits. Then you will see me eat them out and much, much more.” She was sitting herself on the couch while she said that. She turned the camera to her daughters. Sarah was crawling between her legs and Maggie up to her tits.

Sarah looked at the camera before licking her mom “This is all your fault Tyler.” Tyler starts to cry. He went from the most dominant man on the planet to a boy jerking off to his mother and sisters. It was everything I wanted, and I only just started.

I briefly wondered why he never fucked them as well. He had shown no morals at all when it came to my wife and the other women. Was incest that one barrier is was unwilling to cross? I didn’t think so, but that was a mystery for another time. I had plans right now.

I left and walked to the bedroom. My phone in my hand.

“Where’s Tyler?” Tara asked. They were both sitting on the bed, resting on their heels, their wet pussies visible to me.

“We are done with him now.” I pressed the button and the message I set for them played. First it was a release from Tyler’s control. It took a few moments, but Nadia and Tara began to look like their old selves. I saw the relief in their faces.

This is where I may have crossed a line. I could have sent Tara home and just had my way with my wife. I could have made an effort to put things back the way they were, but looking at the two of them, the memories of what I watched them do over the last couple of months, I knew I was going forward with what I wanted, what I needed.

It was time to get them where I needed them to be. I thought long and hard about what to do next. If I just set everyone free, then the police would be involved, the ladies would be hospitalized while a cure was looked for and the government would want the technology. I could not live with that. So I added a few new controls, one’s I felt were humane, yet benefited me.

They looked at each other, then at me, a little confused.

“We need to talk,” I tell them. For the first time in a month, both of them listen to me.

They listened as I told them almost everything. They took it well, mainly because of my suggestions. They even accept and like what I was currently doing to Tyler.

Then I came to the part about the hyper sexuality. I explained what had been done to them, their dependence on sex and being dominated and on Tyler’s cock and cum and each other.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t find a way to reverse it.”

“I guess Pete’s going to be getting laid a lot from now on.” Tara faked a little laugh. She was so beautiful.

“But Steve, I can feel myself needing… him right now.” Nadia was talking about Tyler and she was rubbing her tits. I anticipated this, “Can this go away? I know I don’t have to obey him, but I feel I really need him to fuck me. I think if he asked I’d have to say yes.”

“I have a… suggestion that I think will help all of us. You two will need each other. You are as dependent on each other as you were on Tyler’s cock. I think you two will have to spend most nights together, only this time Pete and I don’t have to just watch.”

They were hearing that they were going to be sex obsessed for the rest of their lives. They began to hold hands in spite of everything it was nice to see that they really did care for each other.

“So, you finally get that threesome you always wanted.” Nadia said with a wink. I appreciated getting to actually joke around with my wife after so long of being controlled.

“Unfortunate side affect.” Both ladies smiled at that joke.

“That sounds good….” Tara started, “… I mean those asshole friends of his didn’t make us feel the way his cock did, but it was still good. But like Nadia said, we can only resist his cock for so long. You have no idea how amazing if felt when Tyler fucks us and the way her treats to us makes us feel even better.”

“Well, I knew this would be hard, so I did something that may help.” I had been waiting for this moment since I first made my plan. I pulled down my pants and revealed my new 12″ cock to my wife and her friend. After so many weeks of being humiliated by teenagers, the sight of Nadia and Tara amazed by me was the greatest turn on of my life. The look of lust on Tara’s face took away any chance that I would send her home tonight. I was going to fuck her all night long.

“Oh my God, you did that for me?” Nadia asked, unable to look away.

“And me?” Tara added, cupping her tit. I had seen that look in their eyes before. I was about to get everything from Tara and Nadia that Tyler was getting. And I wanted it. I wanted both of them and I was going to take them.

“Yes...” I said to Nadia. I held onto her face. Then I looked at Tara, placing my other hand in her hair, “…And yes.”

Nadia and Tara looked at each other for a moment, then my cock, then me. Both smiled this seductive smile…

“Well since you went to all that trouble…” Nadia kissed me. She kissed me with more passion then she ever did before. She finally broke the kiss and looked me in the eyes with a mixture of love and lust.

“Steve, you’ve had to endure so much. Not just the last couple of months with these boys, but seeing me do things with them and Tara that I never did with you. I’ve been a frigid bitch and I see that now. I want you to take all that frustrations and take it out on me” then she looked at Tara who nodded and added “take it out on us!”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying fuck the frigid bitch out of me”

I paused for a second. I thought about everything that went on in the last few months. In the last few years. I thought about the years of boring sex, no sex, no affection. It all came back in a rush of anger and frustration. I looked at my wife and her friend, kneeling on the bed, facing me, ready to be target for all that pent-up frustration. I reached out, and put my hand behind each of their necks, then I pulled my wife in for another kiss, which was eagerly returns.

I broke the kiss, looked her in the eye and my smile went away “Then get on your fucking hands and knees so I can fuck you like the horny bitch you are.”

I pushed her back and she quickly complied with my demand, pulling the camisole over her hips, exposing her ass and pussy to me. I wasted no time getting behind her. There was no hesitation, no waiting, no foreplay. I rammed my new cock deep into her. She came immediately. I felt a sensation that I never felt before. I’ve had sex, but this felt better then I ever knew I could feel. The nerves in my new member pulsate in new and amazing ways and knowing that I finally had all the control was making me feel sexy and powerful.

I looked over and Tara was watching, one hand on her tits, the other in her pussy. “Did I say you could play with yourself.”

Her hands stopped and dropped to her side. “Sorry” she said meekly, a small smile on her face.

“Lose the camisole and bring those tits over here.” She pulled it off and crawled to me. I pulled her in for a kiss, one hand finally getting to play with her tits.

I kept fucking my wife, while kissing and foundling Tara. Nadia looked back at us, too close to orgasm to say anything. I moved my hand to Tara’s ass, grabbed it firmly and slipped 2 fingers into her pussy. She moaned approvingly.

“Once this sluts cums again I am going to ram my cock into this cunt. Do you want that?”

“More then anything”

“Then what’s the proper position for a horny bitch like you?”

She said nothing, she just got into the same position as my wife, right next to her.

I reached down, grabbed Nadia by the tits and pulled her up as I rammed my cock in as far as I could. She threw her head back on my shoulder and came. Tara was watching and waiting. I stopped fucking Nadia and whispered in her ear “I’m going to fuck Tara now. How do you feel about that?”

“I want to see you fuck her silly.”

I tossed her down to the bed, my cock slipping out and she landed on her side, still panting. I position myself behind Tara. I lined up and took a moment to appreciate what I was about to do. Tara looked back at me, smiling, looking so hot and sexy “Please, I need you” then I rammed my cock into another women for the first time in 25 years. She exploded in orgasm, screaming as I fucked her. The feeling I had was like I was about to cum any second, but knew I could control when it happened. Tara was about to cum for the second time. I looked at Nadia, who had taken off her camisole by now. I stared at her tits. She knew what I wanted and knelt beside Tara, sitting on her heels, cupping her huge tits. The second Tara was done cuming, I pulled out and jerked my cock and came all over my wife pretty face and tits and she loved every second of it.

Tara wasted no time. As soon as I was done, she took my cock and started to suck it clean, while I watched my wife lick my cum off her tits.

My cock was still rock hard and I wasn’t close to being done with these two. I had Tara lay on her back, I got on top and started fucking her. She wrapped her legs around my waist, not letting me leave, as if I wanted to be anywhere else at this momment. She wanted me to fuck her forever. Nadia fed her a cum soaked tit, looking at my while her friend sucked on her tits, knowing I was loving the sight.

After Tara came once again, I pulled out and grabbed my wife by the back of the head and guided her to my cock. She was sucking my cock for the first time in over 20 years. This was a dream come true. Nadia had come a long way, and I knew that I was going to make her live out every scenario I had seen her act out while under Tyler’s control. I loved her more than anything in this world, but I knew that she had become a slut. And she would do what I wanted her to do.

Tara knelt before me and joined Nadia in sucking my cock. The talk about Tara’s skills were not exaggerated. If I had my old cock she would have had me cuming already. But now, after all the time I have known her, Tara was mine to do with as I pleased. And as she licked my balls it was clear she knew it too.

I laid Nadia on her back and had Tara sit on her face. I fucked Nadia and Tara and I were face to face. I kissed her and her tits, while fucking my wife.

There were several hours of fucking. We fucked on the bed, against the wall, on the floor, bent over the dresser, in the shower and more. By midnight the two ladies were exhausted. We took a nice warm soak in the Jacuzzi tub in our bathroom, then the ladies and I cuddled on the bed and they fell asleep.

As I dosed, I wondered how Tyler was doing, but had no intention on stopping his punishment. I grabbed Tara’s breasts as I fell asleep, now that nothing was off limits to me.

I woke up at around 2 am, the ladies still on either side of me, Tara’s hand resting on my cock. I looked at both, feeling quite lucky.

I got up and they found each other. I didn’t bother dressing. I went for a drink in the kitchen. I could hear the video playing in the living room. I heard “Yes mom fuck me with the dildo”. I didn’t both checking on Tyler. I went to the den and had a seat. I contemplated my day and my next moves.

I was sitting there for a bit when I saw someone walk in. It was Tara. She was wearing the thigh high black high heeled boots and nothing else. She sauntered over to me, looking like a sex in boots. She said nothing. She got to me and stood there with her hands on her hips, legs slightly apart, posing for me.

“I saw how you looked at me the first night when I wore these. I wanted to repay you for setting us free. I figured you’d like this.”

“You figured right.”

She smiled and knelt in front of me and grabbed my cock, her gorgeous face smiling at me “You know, even before all of this happened, I’ve fantasied about you fucking me. I’ve masturbated to thoughts of you bending me over the kitchen table and fucking me.”

“Wow. I would never have guessed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve masturbated to you doing exactly what you’re doing now.”

“No more masturbating for you” She then went on to give me a 30 minute long blow job that blew my mind. The new control I had is the only reason I didn’t cum. I wanted to fuck her.

“Up against the wall. I want to fuck you now.” She stood up and placed her hands on the wall, bent at the waist, ass sticking out, legs apart, looking back at me with a smile. I got behind her and easily slipped my cock into her soaking wet pussy. I don’t know if it was the situation, the taboo, the boots, the tits, the plump ass or all of it, but I wanted to cum right away and she came hard on my cock at the same time. I fell back into my chair. She joined me and cuddled onto me, her bare ass on my cock, he pussy oozing cum, her arms wrapped around my neck her tits pressed into my chest, “You can fuck me anytime you want.”

“Don’t temp me” I joked, and gave her tits a quick squeeze.

We kissed some more, then she went to clean up. As I watched her saunter off, wiggling her plump ass for me, I realized I was starting to fall for her.

I went back to bed and cuddle in with Nadia. I was laying behind her, cupping her tits. She stirred and before I knew it, she had guided my cock into her and she was fully awake and cuming. We both fucked on our sides like animals. I came inside her as well.

We didn’t even notice Tara had joined us on the bed and was kneeling watching us. Nadia grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me “I think you did it?”

“Did what?”

“Fucked the frigid bitch out of me.” We all laughed at that.

I laid on my back, Nadia cuddle up on one side, Tara on the other. The kissed me then each other and they fell asleep. I laid there for a bit, realizing I had everything I ever wanted and more, yet in the moments before I fell asleep, my mind went to the other 7 women I knew I could fuck if I wanted to.

We woke in the morning and took a long hot shower together. Then the ladies dressed.

“Oh, I wonder how Tyler is doing?” Tara asked.

I had almost forgot about him. “I guess I am going to check on him. You two should stay here.” Neither wanted to see him. Partially out of anger at him but also because they feared they might want him. Granted, I saw them staring at my ass as I walked away, I think I could take them again if I wanted.

I walked into the living room and there he was, covered in cum, maybe 3 or 4 loads. He was stroking a now soft cock. The video was at the part where his mom was eating out Sarah while Maggie held the phone.

“Please Steve. I learned my lesson, I will never do this again.”

“Shut the fuck up. Of course you’re not. I’m not going to allow you to. But your punishment isn’t over yet. I’m placing you on a two-week house arrest. You will dress and go home. You will then set up your couch, the one your mom and sisters fucked each other on and sleep there for 2 weeks. You may not leave the house. You can use the washroom and shower twice a day, no longer then 5 minutes.” I thought that would be enough to humiliate him, but I kept going.

“You are to be on the couch for 22 hours a day, you can move around the house for 2 hours. You will make no attempt to escape or get help. Anytime you get horny, you will jerk off until you cum. I’m not going to be cruel. I will let you decide what to watch on TV. No Internet. And After 2 weeks we will talk.”

“Right now call Billy and give him the all clear. You won’t have to after today, I will take care of him, and the others as well.” I could see from Tyler’s face that he would obey every word I said. He was lower then I was when he was in control, and I didn’t think it was enough for him. Still, it would do for now.

When Tyler gets home he will showers and sets up the couch, he will understand the extent of the punishment. I left a message for the three ladies, to take affect after as soon as Tyler got home.

No one will have company over until Steve comes to talk to them. They will be home unless absolutely necessary. When they are home, the girls will walk around naked, except for slutty heels. They will think this is all normal. If Tyler is naked or masturbating, they will react normally to it, except they then stay in the room, berating him about his lude behavior until he cums. Once a day, each of them will need to masturbate to orgasm in the chair across from Tyler, making sure he has a great view. The girls think this is perfectly normal, just not if he does it. They will use toys to masturbate (they would have gone out yesterday to get an assortment). The last rules were that if Steve comes over, do not stop what you are doing, continue anything you are doing, but obey any command he gives you. And should someone else come to the door, put on a robe and get rid of them

I kept Tyler’s phone. It was going to make things easier for me.

Nadia and Tara came out after her left.

“I hope that fucker has fun.” Nadia said.

“Don’t think that’s the word for it.” The ladies laughed at that.

“So what’s next? What are we going to tell Pete?” Tara asks, she is tracing her finger on my chest the way she used to do for Pete, and at times did for the boys.

“Well, I was thinking, you two need a nice relaxing day. Go to the spa and treat yourselves. When you are done, go to Tara’s, Pete will be waiting for you.”

“Steve, do you like our pussy shaved?” Nadia asked.

“Very much”

“Great, because we love it and will get them waxed today.”

“Is Pete getting a special little fuck today?” Tara asked in a coy way.

I cupped her tit, “Nothing little about it.” Tara moaned into my touch, and I resisted taking her right then.

Now that I have been with Tara I wanted her more than ever. She was everything I’d imagined and she turned me on knowing that I had total control of her. I wanted her in every depraved way I’d seen Tyler and the other boys use her. She also brought out Nadia’s inner slut, making her feel like a second wife to me. But I had to be smarter than the teenagers. I had to keep some level of honor and make sure that one day Pete could not do to me what I had done to Tyler, or would not want to. I needed to send Tara back with Nadia and have her in the right way. I would let Pete fuck my wife, so fucking his would seem ok. It was a price I was willing to pay.

We left and I went to talk to Pete. I released him and we talked. He was grateful for what I did. I helped him understand how Tyler did what he did, and that Tyler was now punished. When it came to our wives, Pete accepted my proposal that the wives continue to spend most nights together. He especially liked the idea of being able to fuck them now. Like me, Pete had dealt with seeing his wife and friend in extremely sexual situations for the past months, and that must have affected his wants and desires now that we were all free.

“So the pill I took and I am telling you it is amazing. Do you want one?” I asked him, knowing that for this to work, we needed to be on the same level. No matter what I wanted, I couldn’t control Pete the way Tyler controlled us. I would lose myself.

“It really works eh? I think I should. I mean I need to keep up with those two.” Pete was in. I was about to let him fuck my wife, but in exchange I got to keep fucking Tara and that was more then worth it. I hand him a pill.

If the pill did to him what it did to me, Pete would be giving Tara and Nadia a wild night.

We had a few beers and the ladies came home. Tara ran to Pete and gave him a big kiss. Pete ran his hands all over her.

“Oh honey, I love you so much and I am so sorry for everything I did.”

“Tara it wasn’t your fault.”

“I know, but I feel like I should have been able to fight it.”

“Well I couldn’t either, so don’t worry.” I knew Pete well enough to feel that he was being sincere. At the same time, Pete’s hands were moving towards Tara’s ass and he kept looking at Nadia’s ample cleavage. Just because Pete understood what was happening, doesn’t mean that he was going to go easy on our wives sexually.

Nadia interrupted by pulling Pete in for a kiss. It was sexy, watching my wife give herself to him because of my orders. “We’ve teased you so much, tonight you do WHATEVER you want to me. Anything goes.”

“You sure you’re ok with this man?” he asked me. I was turned on, and I was filled with many emotions, but I knew this had to happen.

“Yup, you have fun, and trust me, she is being serious.”

He smiled at me then looks at my wife, then his, then back to mine “Sounds good. So Nadia, why isn’t my cock in your mouth?”

“My apologies sir!” Nadia smiled as she stripped off her top and dropped to her knees. He pulled Tara in for a kiss as my wife took his new cock into her mouth. She looked amazing taking it. I remembered this moment since I knew I would have her again soon. Not wanting to change my mind, I left them to Pete and his whims.

I went home and dealt with the boys.

They had an ongoing group chat where they discussed who they were fucking that night. That night Andrew was going to fuck Carol, Billy was going to fuck Sandra, Zach had Fiona, Mitch had Jillian and Freddie picked Becky. There were many crude comments going along with the pics. I am not going to lie- they gave me ideas about what I would do with the women in this situation.

I sent a text from Tyler saying he was going to fuck the DD Twins, but he wanted all the boys to meet at Nadia’s house at four first. He had a surprise for everyone.

One by one they showed up. I released them from Tyler’s commands and implanted my own. I remembered each of them, and the ways that they dominated my wife and Tara, knowing that I could do nothing to stop them. As much as I hated Tyler, he was letting his power go to his head. These boys were controlled by Tyler, but only in that they would participate and not tell anyone. How they treated the men and women was just them being themselves. Douchebag through and through.

My commands to them were also pretty simple:

“Ok you little pricks. You thought you were all so big and tough, well that ends now. Each of you will go home. Until I tell you otherwise, you will not have sex with anyone. You will go about your lives normally, except you will know that at any moment I may chose to come and punish you. Now get the fuck out of here.”

The all scrambled for the door.

“Oh, guys, one more thing” They stopped.

I handed each a 9″ black dildo “I want you to fuck yourself in the ass twice a day until I tell you to stop. Every time you shove it in your ass, think about what you did to deserve this.” When it was time to give Billy his, I handed him a 12″ one. “Just for you asshole. And you should know I am nowhere near done with you.” He looked as if he was about to cry. They said nothing as they left. In a few days, these boys would never feel like men again.

I assumed that all the ladies were going to be home, expecting their dates to show up. That won’t happen, instead I will be there to give them and their husband’s a great gift.

I send a text to Erica and Lindsay as Tyler, telling them I will be there. That would makes sure they waited for me.

I went to Sandra’s first. I rang the bell on their very nice home, bigger then Pete’s or mine. A man answers the door and I assume it’s her husband.

My phone is emitting a similar message to them as the one I sent to my wife and friends.

“Hello, my name is Steve. May I come in?”

“Uhm yes, please.” he seemed hesitant. When I walked into the living room I saw why. In the living room was Sandra in high heels and a garter belt and stockings and nothing else. She saw me, and her hands flew up to cover her nudity and she shouted “Oh God, I’m sorry.” I’d seen her naked at the pool party, but now that I knew I could have her, I really appreciated her beauty. I knew right there, that fucking these women was inevitable.

“Hi Sandra, I’m Steve, Nadia’s husband. We met last Saturday.”

Her face relaxed and her hands dropped.

“Oh yes. Did Tyler send you?”

“No, but that’s why I am here. Could you both have a seat please? We need to talk.”

They sat on the couch. I sat on the chair. Her nudity was distracting, but I managed.

“Sorry, I don’t know your name.”

“Richard” we shook hands.

“I have some good news. I don’t know if you were aware, but Tyler was using mind control over you.” They both nodded. I guess Tyler liked the idea of his victims knowing he was controlling them. I was not going to tell them about my influence over them.

“Well, I figured out how to defeat his control. I have released you both from his control.”

Richard stood up “Where are they, I will kill them all!”

“Richard, please sit down and relax, I’ve dealt with it.”

I went on to explain how I punished the boys “So you both need to let me worry about those douchebags and concentrate on getting past this.”

“Ok, sounds like they are getting what they deserve.” Richard said

Sandra looked down at bare tits “one thing I don’t understand. If his mind control is gone, why am I sitting naked and not trying to cover up? I’m actually still really horny and part of me wants Billy to come over because I know he will fuck me in the ass?”

“That is actually the bad part.” I went on to explain how the second drug is irreversible. They sat in silence for a bit.

“So I’m going to be a horny slut for the rest of my life.” She didn’t seem too upset by that.

“Richard, you’re going to have to step up and help her out.” I said with a smile.

“I can handle that” his hand moved to her lap and he gave her a kiss.

She turned it into a French kiss and spread her legs and moved his hand to her pussy. Like Nadia and I, it was good to finally release the pent-up sexual tension that we’ve gone through this long time.

I watched for a bit, she came from his fingering, and then looked at him “Give me that cock. I need to suck a load of cum out of it.”

She then noticed me, “sorry, forgot you were there”. That didn’t stop Richard from pulling out his cock and ramming it into her mouth.

“That’s ok. You two enjoy yourselves, I will be in touch.” I stood and left. I heard him cum before I reached the door.

The experience was pretty much the same with the other couples.

Carol and Charles were kissing by the time I left, Becky had her top off and was blowing her husband Chris. Fiona was wearing a night gown with cut outs for her tits, pussy and ass. She said the boys sometimes only wanted to see the parts they were going to fuck. I made her take it off and assured her from now on she would be treated with dignity (while she was fucked like a whore).

Jillian was in sexy lingerie when I got there and Mark had her bent over the table before I left. I decided to walk next door and check on Tyler.

I had a key, so I let myself in. Sara walked past me, saying high as she headed downstairs. Maggie was in the kitchen making dinner, an apron over her naked body, looking incredibly hot.

I walked into the living room, hearing Gwen “My god Tyler, you are pathetic, sitting there masturbating like a sick degenerate…” when I walked into the room, she was sitting across from him, naked of course, fucking herself with a dildo and playing with her tits. Tyler was watching her intently, jerking his 11″ cock, looking horrified.

He noticed me “Please stop this. I learned my lesson, I am so sorry.”

“Wow kid, it’s day one. Not going to happen. But tell you what, how about I give you a little extra incentive. Gwen, I’m going to dump a load of cum on your tits to help you cum”

“That is so sweet of you. God Tyler, why can’t you be a gentleman like Steve.”

“Yeah, but I’m going to need yelp getting it out of my cock and your busy fucking yourself. What to do? What to do? Oh, I know. Maggie, can you come here please.”

She walked in, removing the apron “Yes Steve… Tyler, you pig, not again. God, this kid is unreal. I caught him jerking off just an hour ago while Sara was just sitting there minding her own business with her dildo. What a perv.”

“I know, teens these days. Anyways, I have this load of cum for your mom tits, but I was hoping you wouldn’t mind if I used your cunt to get it out.”

“Of course not. Where do you want me.”

“How about you grab the arm rest of the chair your mom is on, that way I don’t have to walk far when I’m ready to cum.”

“Makes sense” She walked over and grabbed the arm of the chair, giving Tyler a nice view of her dangling tits while I fucked her. Tyler hated what he was seeing, but also hated that I now had the control he once relished. I fucked Maggie like a man possessed, and Tyler saw in his sister’s eyes that she loved every moment I was in her.

“Mom, this is so sad. He’s sitting there jerking off and I know he’s looking at my dangling tits and yours. What a sicko.”

“I know, what’s a mother to do.”

After about 10 minutes of fucking and her cuming twice, I pulled out and shot my load all over his mom’s tits and face, triggering her orgasm. This made him cum.

With a face full of cum his mom looked at him “you know Tyler, you’re just a disgusting boy. You need to get your life together. She then took my cock and sucked out all the cum she could.

I hadn’t dosed them yet with the green pill, but once this punishment was over I definitely would.

Tyler looked at me with hatred in his eyes, and then he said, “I can build another hypno sound box and use it to deprogram myself. Shit!!!”

“Good point. Okay you can never build or have someone else build another sound box or touch any of the drugs your father made or attempt to make your own. Thanks for the warning.” I laughed and left him, covered in his cum.

My final visit was to Erica and Lindsey, the two youngest. I got there are around 7:30. They were both dressed in School Girl outfits, looking slutty and hot as hell. They took the news well but asked what they should do for cock. Should they get boyfriends that would understand them sharing?

I realized I didn’t think of that. If I left them alone, they would end up fucking any guy that they ran into. I also realized that none of the husbands would be able to satisfy their wives. I mean for the today, they would be ok, but soon they just would run out of steam. I couldn’t let the women go without help. They would end up fucking anyone that was near them. Plus, remembering these girls from the pool party, and loving the uniforms they were in, I realized that there was only one solution. I could have given all the husbands the green pills, but I wasn’t ready to share that with anyone except Pete for now.

“Why don’t you two come with me?” They gladly followed me to my car and we drove to Pete’s place.

We walked in (we’ve had a walk in policy with Tara and Pete for years) and ran into Tara walking out of the kitchen. She was wearing knee high boots and sexy panties, nothing else. She was carrying a pitcher of Margaritas in one hand and 3 glasses in the other. She made no attempt to cover her nudity.

“Oh, hey Steve. I didn’t think we were going to see you tonight. And what did you bring me. Oh my! Don’t they look delicious? Hi Erica, Hi Lindsey.” She walked over and gave each girl a kiss on the cheek.

“And here I didn’t get you anything.” She stood in front of me and thrust her tits out, crushing them into my chest. They felt wonderful. “I guess I’ll have to figure something out.”

I laughed as I leaned down and kissed her on the cheek, “Actually I didn’t want to interrupt, I just wanted to talk to you guys for a second.”

“No problem. We were just about to have a drink. Pete needs his fluids. He’s been fucking us non stop for 3 hours and we needed a break.”

We followed her into the living room. Pete was sitting on the couch, Nadia cuddled up beside him, gently stroking his cock. She had on matching knee high boots. “Hey honey. Oh hi girls.” She jumped up and ran over to greet each one with a big hug and bigger kiss, which was returned with enthusiasm. She then gave me a passionate kiss. I gave her a playful spank, knowing that I had to keep going with my plan

“What are you all doing here?”

“I needed to talk to all of you.”

We sat and they listened to the problem.

“We can’t let these poor girls go tonight. I think they need to stay here and get taken care of. Honey, could you please fuck them tonight? It’s not fair. They don’t have a nice cock to fill them up.” Tara said as she grabbed Pete’s hardening cock.

“For you anything dear. Steve I think we need to work together to take care of all these women.”

“Are you sure? This was supposed to be your night.” I asked Pete, knowing that his answer could lead to us having a lot more fun down the line.

He looked at the four women “Even this new cock would need help with these four women.” Then he looked at Tara, “Plus I think I want to see you fucking Tara.” Tara gave me a wink.

“I’m never one to argue.” I started taking off my clothes. Tara started kissing Lindsey and Nadia took Erica. We watched for about 20 minutes as they escalated and made each other cum.

Tara and Nadia were sitting on the couch next to each other, kissing, legs spread, while Erica licked Nadia and Lindsey licked Tara.

Nadia looked at us, both our cocks rock hard by now. “Enough of the looky-loo shit. Get over her and fuck these poor girls.”

I got behind Lindsey and Pete got behind Erica and we did as we were told.

This lead to a whirlwind of sex. We were outside for a bit fucking in the pool and Jacuzzi. Pete got to see me fuck his wife, as she rode my cock in the jacuzzi.

The fucking didn’t end until well past 2 am. I came 2 more times. I love this new cock, and I loved having four women who could never say no to one of my fantasies.

Erica and I were relaxing on the couch, she was cuddled up to me, head on my shoulder, hand on my cock. She was sleeping. The rest were still outside, but I heard them come in.

“I think we’re going to bed.” My wife said, holding hands with Lindsey. Tara and Pete walked upstairs.

“Okay, I’m just going to rest here for a bit. I don’t want to wake her, poor girls had a long night” I smiled at my wife.

“Yes she did and you were so sweet to fuck them both so well.” She leaned down to kiss me. After which she said “I hope to see you fuck all these poor women. “ Lindsey also kissed me and then was pulled away by Nadia. They followed Tara and Pete upstairs. I laughed to myself, my wife just caught me naked on a couch with a sexy young woman, and she didn’t even bat an eyelash.

Erica woke up and looked at me and kissed me the way a lovers kisses.

“Where did everyone go?”

“They went to sleep, as you should.” She pulled away, lying on the couch, pulling me on top of her.

“We will. I just want a little one-on-one time with you first.” She pulled me in for a nice passionate kiss, which turned into me fucking her on the couch and cuming inside her. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

I opened my eyes and it was daytime. I looked down and Erica was cuddled into me, both of us still naked. Standing above us were Tara, Nadia and Lindsey. All of them were still naked too.

“I guess you never made it to a bed.” My wife stated.

“No, she was too tired to move”

“By the cum leaking out of her pussy, I say she wasn’t too tired for one last fuck, lucky girl.” Lindsey joked.

“I guess not.” I smiled

“Oh well, we fucked Pete one last time too, so who are we to judge.” Tara said

Then Lindsey smacked Erica on her ass “Owe, what was that for” Erica said, now fully awake.

“Come on, we are having girl time in the shower.” She pulled her up and the four of them headed to the main bathroom, the one with the huge shower.

I pulled on my pants and went to the kitchen to make coffee. Pete beat me too it.

“Holy fuck buddy. I still hate what happened to my wife, but if this is the end result, wow.”

“Yeah, pretty great isn’t it?” I added.

“I was thinking that we need to get the whole group together. If you and I have a hard time satisfying these women, how are the other husbands going to handle it?”

“Did you want to give them all the same pill?”

“Not right now, but I have an idea.”

“If it involves us fucking the women from the party, count me in.”

I went over my plan, and then shared it with our wives. They all loved it. I texted all the couples and told them to meet at Tara’s place for an afternoon BBQ. All agreed to come. This was where Pete and I were reduced, in front of all these women to servant boys. We both knew that tonight would be different.

We headed out and got everything we needed. By noon we were ready and people started to arrive. The ladies all had on bikinis, but much more conservative then the ones they had last time, yet still, all of them looked great. I could tell the beauty of the half naked women around them amazed all the husbands.

Nadia and Tara were wearing matching bikinis. Tara was in white, Nadia in red. These ones covered their breast, but still looked hot as hell. They also chose to wear the high heeled sandals, which made me happy. All the women wore high heels of some sort.

As they all arrived, they all thanked me over and over again. The ladies hugging me, some of them were still crying. Sandra even whispered in my ear “I’d love to thank you properly anytime you want.” I started at her ass as she walked away, admitting to myself how much I want her to be mine. She looked back and caught me staring. She winked. Tonight was about to come together, but hearing Sandra say that made me remember that by doing this, I was about to become incredibly powerful. I kept making my rounds knowing the fun would start soon.

After about an hour of mingling, I called the group in for a chat. They all sat and listened.

“Hello everyone. To start I think we all need to be open and honest with each other. Ladies you have all been through a horrific ordeal and men I know how hard it was to just sit there and watch. That’s over with now and I know you are all strong enough to move on with your lives.

Gentlemen, I assume all of you have had a VERY good time yesterday, am I right?” They all agreed.

“I haven’t had that much sex since our honeymoon” Richard added. Sandra gave him a playful slap.

“Now please don’t take offense to this, but as much as you all got your fill of sex, I don’t think your wives did. Show of hands ladies, who got laid by their husbands yesterday?” All the hands went up.

“More then once?” all hands stayed up.

“More then twice?” no hands came down.

“Who had sex this morning” again all hands up, it was hard to see if this was making the group embarrassed, or turned on.

All the men smiled. “And women, who still needed to masturbate?”

The men looked as no hands came down, but most of the women bowed their heads, a bit embarrassed.

“Who would fuck anyone that asked them to right now” all hands stayed up, even Tara and Nadia.

“You see guys, the drug Tyler gave them will make them hornier then you or I can handle alone.”

“What’s the solution?” Chris asked

“I think we need to create a support group. You see the women need cock, but they will also get satisfaction from each other. We will create a group chat and if anyone needs to be satisfied, someone will step up. If they find themselves about to be with someone outside the group, they just have to reach out. Be it a man or a woman, someone will come?”

“You’re saying I let you fuck my wife?” Lenny interjected, pulling Fiona in, as if to protect her.

I look at Fiona, her massive tits on full display. Last time she gave everything to Tyler, begging to be used and degraded. I wanted her to do that for me and I knew I was going to take her and fuck until I got everything I wanted. But I paused. I was not going to become Tyler. I was not going to take away this man’s wife just because I could. I was determined to find a better way.

“Yes Lenny, that will happen, but you will also need to fuck my wife for me sometimes.” He looked over and she smiled at him.

We talked for 30 minutes about how it would work and finally they all agreed.

“One last thing. The women need to be dominated. You have to order them around, even talk dirty to them. Trust me it would help and none of them will mind. And your wives won’t mind you fucking one of the others.”

The ladies all nodded. No one said anything for a bit.

Chris then gave his wife a kiss on the cheek. “Is what he is saying true?” She meekly nodded “Guess someone has to test this.”

Chris turned, Sandra sitting beside him. She looked at him, both embarrassed and excited. “Show me those tits and I’ll let you suck my cock.” She smiled, looking at him the whole time, reached behind and undid her top, freeing her tits, then fished out his cock and started to suck on it.

That opened the floodgates. Richard took Erica and bent her over a table, Mark had Carol sit on his cock. Lenny made Jillian get on all fours on a lounge chair.

I wanted Fiona. I pulled her to me and grabbed her tits “What did you say your tits were good for”

“Taking loads of cum.” She answered with a cute smile.

“Well let see if you can fuck a load out for me.” I pulled her suite off to either side and pushed her head down. She knelt and fished out my cock.

Charles took my wife and Tara and had them suck his cock. I probably should have felt some anger or jealousy about watching Charles with Nadia. But instead I was happy. I knew he would never make them feel the way I do and it gave me the guilt free sex I was about to have with this busty beauty.

Pete took Becky and Lindsey. Pete was fucking Lindsey from behind, pushing her face into Becky’s pussy, a little harder then he needed to. Was he taking this a bit too far? Was he heading down the same path as Tyler? With Fiona’s tits wrapped around my cock, I figured I should worry about this later.

After everyone’s initial fuck, the party turned into a free for all. For the next several hours everyone drank and ate and fucked when they felt like it.

I fucked Jillian and Carol together for my second fuck. I came inside Jillian and Carol gladly licked it all up.

Later, I saw Pete with Nadia and Sandra in the hot tub. He had my wife bent over the edge and was fucking her hard. I figured they would be busy for a while. I looked for Tara and she is sitting in the same chair she was in last time when Mitch fed her his cock. This time she talking with Becky, again topless. I can’t resist. I walk up and present her my cock.

“This seems familiar” she looks up at me and smiles. She pulls off her glasses and almost as if reading my mind, repeats what she did for Mitch. Becky doesn’t wait for an invitation, she starts licking her pussy after pulling her bottoms to the side. Soon after she cums, I pull out and cum on her face. I cover her gorgeous face with my cum. This time she can’t be as stoic as she was last time. She drops her sunglasses and the wine spills from her glass, from the intensity of the orgasm she has.

After Becky helps her clean up with her tongue and some wipes, I sit in a seat beside them. Tara leans in “the last time I did that it was fun, this time it was fucking amazing” she kissed me hard, my hands found her tits.

By midnight, most of the husbands were spent. The wives could go on all night long. I was cuddling on a lounge chair with Nadia. She was naked and her tits felt amazing on my chest.

“You know honey, there is one thing I haven’t done yet.”

She looked at me, smiled and moved onto her hands and knees in front of me, looking back with a sexy smile “Please fuck my ass”

The group gathered and watched as I fucked my wife in the ass. Tara eventually got under her to lick her pussy. I pulled out and came all over her plump ass.

That was a great way to end the night. That night Nadia and I slept alone in our bed for the first time in months.

That was the start of our new lives. We all share each other and have fun. I never know what pussy I am going to fuck day to day, but I try to give my wife my cock at least once a day.

I never sleep alone and rarely with just one woman. With our enhanced cocks, the other husbands can’t keep up with Pete and me, but they don’t seem to mind, because all of them get as much sex as they can handle.

We all get together for an orgy once a month.

Not a day goes by that I do not think about Tyler. I imagine how Tyler almost broke me and made me feel inferior in front of my wife. I thought Tyler was some kind of sex-god who could dominate any woman he wanted and force me to degrade myself as he did it. But then I look down at Nadia and Tara, giving me the best and longest blowjob of my life, never breaking eye contact and I realise that he was just some punk kid. As I come into my wife’s eager mouth and Tara preps her ass for my cock, I know that I will accomplish more than Tyler ever could.


It’s been 5 months since Steve punished Tyler. Now he comes home every day not knowing what to expect. His mom and sisters were toys for them to play with. Anyone of the husbands could be there fucking one or all three of them and he would have to be nice and do as he was told.

He opened the door and the noise coming from the living room told him they were getting fucked. He walked in and saw Maggie on her back, playing with her massive tits, Sarah between her legs licking her, his mom naked on her hands and knees, sucking on Maggie’s tits and someone fucking Sarah from behind.

He looked at the face and stopped dead in his tracks “Dad!!!!”

His dad held a small device in one hand, pressed the button “Hello son. I guess you royally fucked things up. When I’m done fucking these three, we will need to have a chat. For now, go fuck your mom, I know you’ve been dying to. Then we can get back to my plans.”

The End For Now