The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Downfall

Synopsis: This one is about revenge, it’s about getting back at those who treat you horribly and about taking it into your own hands… Woman driven but some other stuff too

My stepmother had yelled at me for as long as I could remember, I was the oldest of two, and she hadn’t wanted me, but when her and daddy got married I was a part of the deal. So all through my life, I tried hard to be what they had wanted, (in essence an older version of my little brother) but I never quite succeeded. I even joined the military straight out of highschool, but it wasn’t good enough for them. My little brother had done the same and did 8 years coming home unscathed, but I had to be the fuck up who got hurt while in war, I was the one who was never talked about, nothing to be proud of. I went on to college, and got several degrees, one in photography and one in psychology. At the time I didn’t know how usual those would be to me, this is all a little background info you see. In a little while you’ll see how useful those could be. Out of college I got a job with a business that was just starting, using the psychology degree, they were doing testing to see if subliminal messages really worked. In order for the tests to be effective the subjects being tested had to of course be unaware of the messages. I was one of the ones chosen to program those messages into things, like commercials, and music, regular television programming too. That’s when I got the idea. One that I knew would make our company millions.

The subjects had to sign a waiver saying that they released any information deemed necessary for the testing, and then one saying that since it was a double blind test they wouldn’t know what the testing was even about. Now I knew I couldn’t get my mother to sign those forms, but as a teenager I had gotten really good at forging her name, so I took the forms home with me, and brought them back the next day with a signature that even experts would claim was hers.

The things I was supposed to put into the program was to make the people who watched them enough times want to buy lingerie, which as far as I knew mom had never bought before in her hate filled life, so I started with that. A few days later, she called me and asked me where to go the best kind at, since she knew I wore it every once in a while (though she didn’t know why I were it… since according to her I would never get a guy) and I told her about the absolutely great store I used sometimes. I guess she went, because when she called again she sounded confused as to why she had maxed out her credit card with expensive underwear.

The next time I played with her programing, I inserted subliminals to make her dress a little sexier, and to wear a LOT more make-up, enough that so someone blocks away could see that she had on bright red lipstick and more blush that a common whore. Three or so weeks later, after I went over for the obligatory family dinner she and I had once a month, and to my surprise, she looked like a cheap whore, she had on a skirt that if she bent over I could see her new expensive g-string, (which she’d gotten 2 sizes too small, so I could see her pussy too) and her shirt was not only skin tight but see-through and under it she had a bright pink bra, that made her almost non-existent boobs look like she actually had some. I didn’t realize that the messages I had placed would make her go so far overboard with it, but I decided to keep going with them, right then and there. So while she was finishing dinner I got the next set of messages ready to cue up (I geared them purposefully to her and no one else) and inserted them into the music she already had playing through her TV, these messages were about how she secretly always wanted to have sex with a woman (she’s scared of Lesbians) and then we set down to dinner. After dinner I decided to add a couple of more things into the programing I had started earlier, and told her I had to work a little before we could talk. She just pointed at her table, huffed and said go ahead.

As I set down I knew two things I wanted to add, and then quickly thought of more. My mother who was always dominant in anything she did was about to do a complete 180. I put in small messages to make her want to me for permission for everything, messages that made her realize she was doing it but couldn’t stop herself, ones that made her into more of a slut look-alike, messages that would in time get her to give me power of attorney to everything she owned, one that changed her will to exclude my little brother, and one that made her beg me to allow her to do even the simplest of things, like go to the bathroom, and one that made it so she at all times had to have a TV going where she could here it, even in the shower or the yard. I set it up so it looped fast and constant no matter what she was watching, or listening too, it would always be in the air for her to here.

As soon as we finished our evening I went home, and waited knowing in about an hour I would have a call from the bitch, and sure enough I did. “I don’t know why I’m calling you since I hate you so much, but I need to know if I can take a shower, and if you’ll pick out my clothes for work tomorrow?” She asked me, and I could hear in her voice that she despised calling me for permission. My response to her was “Yes take a shower, but instead of going to work tomorrow, you will put on the sluttiest thing you own, drive your whore self to my house, and wake me up at 5 A.M. before you wake me though, make sure my coffee is made, and to read the note on the counter.” Knowing of course that to wake me up at 5 she had to get up at 3, and since it was midnight she’d get almost no sleep, which made it perfect for conditioning. She hung up the phone sounding like she was pissed, and I set out the note I had written while I was waiting for her to call on the counter, and a small ipod next to it, with the same messages I coded tonight on it, with one more.

The next morning I was awakened promptly at 5 by my mother, wearing less than what a hooker on a corner would wear, my coffee in her had, the earbuds in her ears. I glanced at her, before I rolled out of bed, and knocking into her on purpose so she’d spill my coffee. She looked at me in horror, before I grabbed one of her pigtails, and growled at her, “You stupid bitch look what you did, you better lick every drop of that out of my carpet before I get done taking my shower, and I better see you with another hot cup of coffee in your hands by the time I’m dressed.” She immediately dropped to her knees and started licking my deep plush carpet, knowing she’d never get all that coffee out before I got done, and that I would make her pay for it.

Before I stepped into my shower I hit a button on a remote on the bathroom counter that I had put there the night before, and the programming in her little iPod changed again, and 15 minutes later when I stepped out of the shower, I was happy to see it had worked, she was in her nice expensive new lingerie, bent over from the waist in 10 inch stripper heels trying to lick the coffee out of my carpet. She jolted when she realized the shower had cut off and she still hadn’t managed to get all the coffee up. I walked over, yanked her upright by her pigtails and in the sternest voice possible growled “you better have my coffee here in 5 minutes whore, and then you get your punishment for not getting that clean.” She shook in fear but managed to go get my coffee When she got back I had all but my heels on, and I made her go get them with her teeth, and put them on me, when I knew that she thought I wasn’t going to do anything about the coffee, I kicked her over, picked up a pair of embroidery scissors, and cut two tiny holes in the bra for her nipples, pulled them out, as she whimpered, and pulled her to her feet by them, the while I was still holding her nipples in a tight lock made her take off her expensive new panties and cut the crotch out of them herself, she was almost in tears, but I had no sympathy, this woman had tortured me my whole life. I made her put them back on while I still had her nipples in a death grip, and using them to pull her around I turned her so her back was facing the bed, and pushed her down so she was sitting on it. I knew she was pretty sleep deprived, so I knew what I was going to do next was going to take a huge toll on her, and make her pretty suggestible, since she would hate it so damn much. I also knew the more I made her do, the more she would realize that she was under my control now.

Even in her 50’s mom was stunning, a red-head who still looked like she was 30, and like I said earlier, she was terrified of lesbians, which my company mostly was, me included (though she didn’t know that). Before I let go of her nipples completely I clamped small clothespins to them, and then grabbing some more of them I pulled her up and clamped them all along her now exposed pussy, and pushed her back down on the bed. She was whimpering trying not to cry from the pain. I still didn’t care, but I wanted her to be very afraid. I used her pigtails like the handlebars they were and pulled her face to where she had no choice but to look at me, and I slapped her. “You will do everything I say, no matter what, you will not raise your voice to me, you will not cry, you will wear what I want, you will ask me before you even think about doing anything and if you don’t you won’t like what happens, you will not speak unless I tell you too, and even then everything you say will end with Yes, Ma’am, am I perfectly clear? You make speak whore.” “ I understand.” And I slapped her, “you forgot something whore.” She looked at me in fear, just like I wanted “Yes Ma’am” she answered.

“Good bitch, I laid out some clothes for you last night, they are on the floor over there, I’ve got to leave for work in 5 minutes, you will be dressed, and your make-up fixed by that time, if it’s not you will be punished.” She opened her mouth to say something and I slapped her. “you weren’t given permission to speak, go get your fucking clothes” I yanked her up off the bed, and turned her to where her clothes lay in a wrinkled heap on the floor, “don’t worry about the wrinkles, they won’t matter, you now have 4 minutes.” I stood there watching her try to walk in those stripper shoes and laughed, and once she got to the clothes I laughed harder, they were by far the sluttiest thing I’d ever seen, and to think they were going to be on here was hilarious. It was a jean skirt that was so short even the small clothespins I’d clipped to her pussy would show a little, and a skin tight leopard print crop top that would make sure the pins on her nipples showed too. She started to hesitate to put them on, but went ahead and did it, then tried to rush to fix the makeup she’d fucked up when she was licking my carpet. When her time was up, there was one more thing she had to put on though she didn’t know it yet. I walked over to her, pushed her down, and put a collar on her, and padlocked it. The collar was studded and read bitch on it, and then I clipped a leash on it and made her crawl to my car, since it was summer, I put the top down on my convertible and tied her to the seat the way you tie a dog to it, put on some more programmed music, and drove out of my garage.

We weren’t going to my work yet though, first we went to a tattoo and piercer that I knew. I was going to make sure the bitch was properly marked and studded before I took her to work for me. We walked, in and I saw the girl I made the appointment with when I called the night before. She smiled at me, “oh this is your toy huh?” I smiled back, “yes she certainly is.” The artist who already knew what I wanted grabbed the leash and dragged my stepmother to the back with it, used her hair to pull her to the bench, and tugged up her shirt, while I looked at the jewelry for nipples, and clits, as well as tongues and belly buttons, and made sure that her nipples were nice and hard so the needles would go through. Since she was starting to whimper again, I looked back at the artist and said, “Gag the whore.” I pulled out a ball gag for her to do it with. I found the accessories I wanted, pointed them out, and went to where they were sitting. As the needle for the first piercing went into the bitch’s nipple I leaned over and whispered, “you need a new name, how about whore, it looks like it’ll fit you now.” I laughed and squeezed her other nipple while the ring I picked out was being inserted into the first one. I walked away until all the piercings were done and came back as they flipped her over for the tramp stamp, she grunted as her weight came down on her new nipple rings, and looked at me like she didn’t understand why she was flipped over, until the needle starting buzzing, and with a cold look at her as the artist finished I said “now the whole world will know you’re a whore and who you belong too.”

I pulled her up by the leash, and tied her back into my car, and made one more stop before I took her too my office. She looked terrified as I pulled into a surgeon’s office, but I looked at her slapped her again as I said to her “well whores have big ass tits don’t they? you have no tits, we gotta fix that.” I untied her leash and pushed her on her knees and went in to see a guy I’d known since I was in the military. He smiled, as he saw us come in, and ushered us right back to his office. “Well, what did you want to have done to her?” He asked me, I called him the night before too. “The whore has no tits, I need her to have the biggest fakest looking tits possible.” I responded. He nodded, and using whore’s leash he pulled her up, being as rough as possible took measurements and said “well she’s a B now, how about we make her a HH, they will look big and fake I promise.” Yelping through her still gagged mouth she looked like she was trying to say no, but I fixed that. I pulled on her new nipples, tugging her to the floor, “you don’t have permission to speak do you?” she shook her head, “that’s what I fucking thought whore, now you’re going to thank the Dr for working you in for as soon as he can, which he tells me is in about 2 hours” again she looked like she didn’t understand, until I yanked her gag off, as my friend was unzipping his pants. I grabbed her handlebars, and handed them to him, and pushed her head onto him until she was gagging. “This is how whores say thank you” I continued to push her into him and he pulled, until he came and I made her swallow every drop, “looks like he’s still hard, what do you think you should do next whore, you may speak” she looked so sad, as she answered “have sex with him Ma’am.” “No whores don’t have sex, they Fuck loudly, you should have known that.” I slapped her for her wrong answer, told my friend I’d be back after her enhancement, and handed him her leash. “you treat him like he’s me, do you understand whore” “Yes Ma’am” I walked out, to the sounds of him forcing himself into her, and her trying to sound like she enjoyed it.