The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Downsizing Lisa

Rod put his head in his hands and slumped over his desk. He knew he wasn’t going to get this promotion. His bitter rival Lisa had nailed her interview and she was walking around cocky as hell, smirking at him whenever they passed in the corridor.

God he hated that woman. She was a classy lawyer, strutted around in designer suits and looked at him with the same air of superiority that she had with pretty much everyone else. He was more experienced but she was coming through fast and had the partners of the firm in her pocket. The next promotion had been in the bag for him till she’d shown up. The fact that she was drop dead gorgeous and knew it didn’t help things. Her long dark hair was always neatly up and her well cut outfits showed off her gym-toned body. She had absolutely everything going for her.

He leaned back on his chair and fingered the small crystal he kept on a cord around his neck. It was a lucky charm he’d bought in a street market a few months ago, shortly after Lisa appeared on the scene and he’d begun to feel he may need a little luck to avoid ending up in her slipstream. He’d found the way the light bounced off it strangely alluring and snapped it up, even though it wasn’t the sort of thing he usually went for. The merchant had favoured him with a broad grin and assured him it would bring him good fortune. He’d felt like a total sucker but he liked the crystal, so what the hell.

He pulled the cord up over his head and let the crystal hang down from his hand, swinging it gently from side to side above his desk. He often did this when he felt his stress levels rising. It seemed to calm him down a bit somehow.

Just then his door swung open without a knock and Lisa waltzed in with a very broad grin on her face. He glumly noted she looked better than ever in a sharp new trouser suit and her hair immaculately coiffured.

“Guess what Rod. The partners just told me I got the job. I wanted you to hear it from me. I knew you’d want to congratulate me, being such a good sport and all. I guess we both know the better lawyer won.”

God she was loving this. Rod could see she could barely able to hold herself back from laughing in his face. He let his lucky charm continue to swing, hoping it would somehow help him keep it together, and maintained what he hoped was a dignified silence. She did indeed look a bit disappointed when he didn’t come back at her with anything and her eyes dropped to the charm.

“Well at least you’ve found a nice little toy to play with. That’ll cheer you up when I’m bossing you around won’t it.”

Oh she was awful. The thought of being at her beck and call was too much to bear. He’d have to find another job, but she could even make that tough for him.

He noticed that she seemed to be losing interest in taunting him and her eyes were now following his charm very closely, from side to side. The pupils of her deep brown eyes had dilated and were fixed on it.

“Lisa? Are you ok?”

He couldn’t believe he was asking her that but something about her altered state had startled him. She looked very odd.

“Yes Rod. I’m fine.”

Her voice was slow and flat and her eyes still tracked the crystal, which he left swinging at the same slow and gentle rhythm.

He thought it might be best if she was off her feet in case she passed out.

“Sit down Lisa.”

“Yes Rod,” she said in that odd flat voice, and sat down on the chair opposite his.

This was getting stranger and stranger. It didn’t seem like a joke. She had become transfixed by his charm and was now responding to his suggestions. He fleetingly wondered if the merchant had been right after all about this thing bringing him luck. Excitement began to take hold of him as he wondered just where this might lead. He couldn’t resist testing it. He could always laugh the whole thing off as a joke if it went wrong.

“Lisa I think you’d feel more comfortable on all fours down on the floor. Do that for me now.”

“Yes Rod,” came the reply again, and straight away she was off the chair and on all fours on his office carpet. Even in that position she looked elegant with her back straight and her head help proudly up. She really was unbelievable. But Rod had other things on his mind now. This was amazing. A hundred thoughts were racing round his head but there was one in particular.

He walked round his table and sat in the chair Lisa had vacated, with his gleaming shoes just a few inches from her face.

“Lisa listen to me very carefully. Being a lawyer is too much for you. You’ve felt it for a while and you just can’t carry on with it any longer. You’re not very bright and you know it. Whenever you try to do the work you get confused and stressed. You’re desperate to leave all this hard work to the bright people, like me, and do something less demanding. Do you understand?”

“Yes Rod. I’m not very bright. I need something less demanding.”

She looked so cute repeating his words down there on the floor.

“That’s right Lisa. Well done.”

Lisa smiled slightly at the praise. This was too good to be true. He decided to push on and see if his luck held.

“Lisa, what you need is a job as a secretary. Your boss will tell you exactly what to do. All you have to do is please him by carrying out his instructions to the letter. No stress. No worries. Just being a good little secretary who makes her boss happy. That’s the job for you Lisa.”

“Yes Rod. No stress. No worries. That’s the job for me”

Rod decided he’d better leave it there for now. Who knew how long this would last, or whether it would work.

“Stand up Lisa”

She got up from the floor and stood facing him, staring blankly forwards.

“When I click my fingers you will wake up. But whenever you head the phrase ‘Lisa doll’ you will go back into this trance. You like being in this trance. You feel safe and warm in it. When you wake you will not remember being in a trance, but everything we said will go round and round in your mind and will seem to be your own thoughts.”

“My own thoughts,” she murmured.

Rod clicked his fingers and Lisa’s eyes blinked then focussed on him.

“What happened? How did you get over there,” she asked, clearly startled.

“You seemed to have a bit of a turn. I wanted to check you were ok. Anyway, you seem fine now, so well done on your promotion I guess.”

“Yeah, the promotion,” she said, but the broad grin had been replaced with a frown.

“We’ll see. Bye for now Rod.”

“Bye Lisa.”

And with that she was gone again leaving Rod to wonder what might happen. He looked down at his charm and shook his head in wonder.

* * *

The next day was very dramatic for Rod. He was called up before the board and informed of his promotion. He was absolutely delighted.

The board also informed him that Lisa had resigned from her post saying that she had found the pressure too much and would be leaving the legal profession. However she had asked if the company could retain her, for a while at least, as a secretary and specifically requested to work for Rod. Rod’s new position entitled him to a personal secretary and he was asked if he would he like to take Lisa on in this position.

The board briefly mentioned that they were very surprised by Lisa’s decision, as she had seemed to be coping admirably, but that it showed you never could tell. They were keen to keep her in this new capacity, as they still rated her and thought she might reverse her decision one day, so Rod would be doing them a favour by accepting. They understood it might feel odd for him, with Lisa’s change in status, and they would view his giving it a go very favourably.

Rod replied that he was also very surprised to hear this news but of course, for the good of the company, he would give it a go. Not till the door was closed behind him did he break into a grin and punch the air with joy.

That afternoon, as he was unpacking his things into his new much bigger office, Lisa came in. The sharp suit was gone and she was in a simple blouse and skirt. She had transformed her appearance overnight so that, from being every inch the high-flier, she now looked like just one more secretary, albeit a very pretty one.

“Hello Rod. I want to thank you so much for taking me on as your new secretary. I know it must seem a bit odd but I just couldn’t stand being a lawyer anymore. It was all so confusing and stressful. I don’t know how I got away with it for as long as I did. I’m so looking forward to my new role, and I just knew I could do a good job for you Rod.”

She smiled up at him very winningly as she finished speaking.

Rod was seriously enjoying this new Lisa and decided to get off to a good start.

“Well that’s no problem at all Lisa. But I warn you that I run a tight ship and I expect my instructions to be executed promptly and to the letter. And I know some of the guys like to have an informal relationship with their secretary but not me. You will refer to me as ‘sir’ at all times. Any problems with that?”

Lisa blushed.

“Oh no, of course not sir. I don’t know what I was thinking. Please forgive me. I’m still getting used to things but I promise I’ll be a good secretary sir.”

“That’s better. Fine then, I was just making a start with my unpacking but you can do that for me now. I need to relax before my meeting later, so I’ll sit down and tell you where everything goes.”

“Of course sir. You must relax before your meeting.”

Rod then had the time of life reclining in his chair and ordering Lisa around the room, having her arrange things one way and then another. When he was done he had her return to her desk outside his door to field his calls.

He was happy as could be. The next few weeks passed like a dream. Settling into the new job was made very easy by his extremely efficient and dedicated secretary. She soon learned his routine and didn’t even need to be told what to do. She took his dictation, did his filing, arranged his meetings and brought him a freshly ground coffee exactly at the times instructed. And she did it all with clear pleasure. It amused Rob immensely that, thanks to his lucky charm, his erstwhile rival was now the best secretary in the building, always anxious to please her powerful boss.

But after a little time he realised he wanted more. His control over her at work was very satisfying but he still remembered how she’d previously behaved towards him and realised he could only be satisfied by increasing his power over her. And of course she was very attractive, particularly these days.

He instructed Lisa to keep a morning free and had her come in to his office first thing.

“Sit down Lisa”

She obediently perched on the nearest chair.

“Lisa doll.”

Lisa’s eyes instantly glazed over and she looked blankly ahead. He savoured the moment, enjoying her beautiful body sat still and waiting for his suggestions, and then proceeded as he’d planned.

“Lisa you’ve been doing ok as a secretary but not great. And you’re desperate to be the best secretary you can possibly be. To do that you need to make me completely relaxed and happy so that I can concentrate on my work. That is your job.”

Lisa nodded slightly.

“Everything is going fine with the office work but I have personal stresses you need to take care of. For starters, you will make yourself physically available to me. It will relax me greatly to know I can use you for my physical pleasure at any time and in any way I want. You know this and it will give you great pleasure to satisfy me because you know it means you’re doing a good job for me. And that means more to you than anything.”

“Yes,” nodded Lisa.

“You will make yourself available to me 24 hours a day and obey any instruction because your job is to make me happy, and doing your job means more to you than anything Lisa.”

“Anything,” responded Lisa.

“When I use the phrase ‘good secretary’ it will make you very happy and set you working even harder for more of my praise. You’re desperate to earn my praise and will do whatever you can to get it.”

“Do anything for it,” said Lisa.

“Very good Lisa. When I click my fingers you will awake. You will not remember being in a trance but everything I said will go round in your head and feel like your own thoughts. You will feel completely controlled by the power of these thoughts.”

And with that Rob clicked his fingers.

Lisa’s eyes cleared and came back into focus. Rod waited eagerly to see whether there’d be any instant change.

“Sorry sir, I must have phased out for a moment there. Will that be all?”

“Yes Lisa. You may go.”

She got to the door and began to open it, with Rod feeling vaguely disappointed by the lack of reaction, but then she stopped and turned.

“Sir, I hope you don’t mind me saying so but I feel I can do more for you. I think I can be a better secretary if you’ll let me. Is there anything at all I can do for you that I’m not already doing?”

Rod felt that the thrill of power ripple through him.

“Yes Lisa. Since you ask, I’ve been thinking that you look rather frumpy compared to some of our other young secretaries. As my secretary you represent me and I want you to look your best, and I’m sure both of us know you have a body worth showing off.”

Lisa’s face went pink in the most charming way and she looked bashfully down at her feet, but Rod could see she was pleased.

“From now on I want to see you more appropriately turned out for an attractive young secretary. That means shorter skirts, higher heels, showier blouses and more playful make-up. I want you to be a secretary that makes me feel good whenever I look at you. Is that a problem?”

“Not at all sir. Thank you for telling me. I’ll do all I can to meet your requirements.”

Rod was really looking forward to the next day and he wasn’t disappointed. Lisa came in with his morning coffee, dead on time as usual, looking like a high class hooker who’d been dressed up in a kinky secretary outfit. Her skirt barely covered her shapely ass. Her blouse was thin and low cut, showing off her breasts and with her bra clearly visible. Her make-up, with big red ‘kiss me’ lips and heavily shadowed eyes, would have been about right for a dancer in a strip club. She was now every man’s fantasy girl.

“Your morning coffee sir.”

“Thank you Lisa.”

Lisa looked a little hesitant and then asked,

“I hope my appearance is more to your liking today sir.”

“Yes Lisa. That’s much better. I’m glad to see you’re really getting into your new role now. I think you’re going to be a good secretary.”

Lisa visibly gasped with pleasure.

“Thank you sir. Nothing is too much trouble for you.”

“Very good Lisa. You may go now.”

Wit h some slight reluctance Lisa left him. Rod clenched his fists with delight. This was getting better and better, and he had no intention of stopping.

Lisa started to draw a lot of attention around the office now. Word had gotten round about the star young lawyer who was now working as a secretary, but people had just assumed it was some kind of psychological meltdown and had gradually put it behind them. Things at the firm moved fast and most of the staff had forgotten already that Lisa was ever anything other than a secretary.

But everyone was now noticing the gorgeous secretary in the slutty outfits working for Rod and he was the envy of all his male colleagues. The female staff, including the other secretaries, resented all the attention going on this “bimbo doll” (as they started to refer to her) and ceased to speak to her. But Lisa’s outfits were just about acceptable under company guidelines so noone could do anything about it. And the senior staff, who were almost all men, obviously enjoyed seeing her around and often let their eyes linger on her as she went by.

A few more days went by and Rod enjoyed the variety of tantalising outfits that Lisa showed up in. And he’d noticed other things. Lisa would linger slightly longer by his side than necessary after receiving her instructions. She seemed to take every chance to lean low over his desk and show off her fabulous breasts even more than her revealing blouses were doing already. When doing her filing she seemed to bend over far more than necessary so that her bottom was thrust invitingly up into the air. And often she seemed to be on the verge of saying something to him but would lose her nerve.

Rod was becoming desperate to get his hands on her but didn’t want to rush it. He wanted to give Lisa’s new mental state time to deepen and totally take over. And he was rather enjoying the game of waiting for her to come to him, which he figured would put him in an even stronger position.

He didn’t have to wait too long. After a couple of weeks of this enchanting vision busying herself around his office and clearly flirting with him, things moved on to the next level.

He dismissed her after she’d taken down some dictation but she’d clearly made up her mind that she had to say what had been bothering her.

“Sir,” she began bashfully, “I’m very glad you allowed me to look more attractive for you. But I still feel I can do more and I so want to be the best secretary for you that I can be. I want you to feel that you can come to me about anything.”

“I see Lisa, carry on,” he said with as much cool as he could manage.

“Well,” she bit her lip in the sweetest fashion, “I’m young and, well, not ugly. I want you to know,” she knelt by his side and put a hand gently on his thigh, “that if I can give you any physical pleasure to help you relax and do your difficult job then I’d love to do that for you. I’d do absolutely anything you want. I don’t want anything from you. I just feel like I owe you so much for your faith in me and, if I can make you happy, then I want to.”

“That’s very good of you Lisa.”

Encouraged, she carried on.

“And it wouldn’t have to be in office hours. I can be available to you at any time, wherever you like. Just tell me what you want sir and I’ll do my best.”

Her eyes were gazing up at him imploringly as she said these words. She was clearly desperate to do more for him and be a better secretary.

“Very well Lisa. I appreciate the efforts you’re making to improve your performance. I’d like you to come over to my house this evening at 7 to, erm, discuss this further. Wear something sexy for me.”

Lisa nodded and smiled appreciatively.

“But for now I’d like a little preview. Take off your blouse and sit on my lap.”

“Yes sir,” she said brightly, unbuttoned her blouse with a seductive look at him, slipped it off and sat gently down across his lap.

He put his left hand down on her thigh and put his right arm around her back and then cupped her right breast in his hand. Her bra was very flimsy and he brushed his fingers up and down against her taut nipple. He pulled her to him and smelled her hair, which was laced with some delicious perfume. He could feel her breath quicken as she submitted to his grasp but she remained silent and did not move.

God she was so hot. It was so tempting to put her over his desk and have her right now, as he knew he could, but with the thought of a whole evening to play with her in the privacy of his home he was just able to resist. For now it was enough to have this woman, who a few days ago had been taunting him after getting his promotion, sitting soft and pliant in his arms. But he could hardly wait for 7 to arrive.

He took a very deep breath and released her.

“You’re a good secretary Lisa.”

She jolted with pleasure, her shoulders pulling back and her breasts pushing forward against the constraint of her delicate bra. She almost purred her happiness at him.

“Now make yourself decent and get on with your tasks. And remember I want you at my place at 7 sharp looking your best.”

“Yes sir. Of course sir.”

She slipped gently off him, picked her blouse up from the floor and buttoned it back on.

He grinned to himself as he thought she was still a long way short of decent, but she was just about respectable enough to resume her station outside his door.

“Very good. Now run along.”

And she was gone, closing the door softly behind her. All he had to do now was get through today, go home and prepare for the best evening of his life.

* * *

Rod had sent Lisa home early to prepare herself. He now sat on a big leather armchair in his spacious home, waiting for her to arrive. He’d taken off his tie and shoes, made himself a martini, and made himself comfortable. The anticipation was almost killing him, and he’d arranged a little surprise for later in the evening.

At 7 on the dot his bell rang and he walked quickly to the front door and opened it.

The most beautiful woman he’d ever seen was standing on the other side. Her long, sumptuous dark hair flowed down over her shoulders to her breasts. She wore a clinging red dress that made her slim, toned body look better than ever. It was strapless and covered just enough of her breasts to avoid her being arrested, then just a thin strip down over her belly button made the connection to the bottom half, which was about 6 inches of fabric that hugged her bottom and came to a halt at the very top of her legs. She wore matching red heels around two inches high that propped her up a bit, but still left her well short of Rod’s height.

Rod felt all his blood race down to his crotch and had to fight to remind himself that he wasn’t on a hot date with a goddess, but was in fact meeting his eager-to-please secretary for some extracurricular instruction. He could have easily fallen down on his knees and asked her to command him, but thanks to his lucky charm he could have it even better.

“Good evening sir. I hope my appearance is to your liking. May I come in?”

That set him back at ease a bit. She might look like a goddess but he still had her totally in his control.

“Of course Lisa. Do come in. You look very nice.”

“Thank you sir.”

And she walked past him and into his house. He closed the door and followed her into the main room.

“Make us a couple of drinks Lisa. A martini for me and whatever you like for yourself. The drinks cabinet is over there.”

Rod was gradually getting his breath back but it wasn’t easy with this incredible woman infront of him. He made him up his mind to stop playing games and enjoy her now, but she looked so good he needed another drink to steady his nerves.

“Right away sir.”

She made him his martini and just a mineral water for herself. He gulped it down quickly, felt its warmth spread through him, and felt a little steadier.

“Thank you for making yourself available to me at this late hour Lisa. I’m a very busy man, as you know, and your offer to help me relax was most welcome.”

He sat back down in his favourite chair.

“Now come and kneel here at my feet.”

“Yes sir,” replied Lisa with relish, and gracefully dropped down infront of him.

“Take my dick out of my trousers and place it in your mouth.”

With the dexterity of a professional Lisa unzipped his fly, gently removed his firmly erect cock and lowered her mouth on to it. She then paused, awaiting further commands.

“You may begin to blow me Lisa.”

Her tongue began to roll expertly around the exquisitely sensitive tip of his penis. His hands gripped the arms of his chair and he gasped. Where had she learned to give head like this?

Looking down he saw her mass of shimmering hair in his lap and her almost entirely uncovered back rhythmically dipping and straightening with what she was doing to him. He buried one hand into her hair, feeling the movement of her head, and said “good secretary”.

He heard her gasp and the unbelievable things her mouth was doing to his dick quickened. Various filthy things he could do to her to further enhance his pleasure raced through his mind, but they could wait. For now this was more than enough. Cocky Lisa down on her knees worshipping his cock. He managed a grin at that, between his pants of pleasure.

Inevitably he came after just a couple of minutes, exploding into her mouth. He’d never known such pleasure. But he still managed to voice one instruction as he started to recover himself.

“Swallow it Lisa. Swallow it all.”

She obeyed with apparent relish, and then smiled up at him.

“Was that good for you sir? It feels so much better to be able to do things like that for you. I hate seeing you leave at the end of each day when I know there’s so much more I can give you.”

“That was very satisfactory Lisa. You’re coming along excellently.”

Lisa positively beamed with happiness.

“Is there anything else for tonight sir,” she asked hopefully.

“As a matter of fact there is. But, much as I have enjoyed you in that dress, I feel you should be properly attired for your next task. Go to the first bedroom upstairs and change into the outfit you find there. Then come back down to me. Be quick now.”

Lisa positively flew up the stairs. In an ideal world he’d liked to have done her again right away, but he wasn’t quite as young as he used to be and so had devised a little entertainment for this part of the evening.

Five minutes later Lisa came back down the stairs in the outfit he had carefully chosen for her. It was a scandalously erotic pink maid’s outfit. The main dress was very short and low cut, but was almost transparent so what it covered didn’t make much difference. However the cute little white apron covered up a little of Lisa’s panties. The dress was complemented by black suspenders and stockings, and a smart pair of shiny black heels. The whole thing was topped off with a little maid’s hat. Lisa had sensibly done her hair up, figuring that maid’s duties must be forthcoming, and the hat sat securely in place. She looked like an absolute doll.

“Am I satisfactory sir?”

“Yes Lisa, that will do very well. Now follow me into the kitchen.”

Rod had purposely made a mess of the room earlier, hoping that things would go to plan, and now he could have his fun.

“Lisa it’s very difficult for me to keep a tidy home when I’m so busy at work. And knowing my home is messy makes me stressed and distracts me at the important meetings I attend. I would like you to clean my kitchen from top to bottom. I trust that’s not a problem.”

“Oh no sir. I understand completely. I’m very happy to help.”

And with that Lisa filled the bucket he’d left handy with soapy water, dropped to her knees and began to scrub.

Rod sat on one of the kitchen chairs with a feeling of total contentment.

“This patch of floor around my feet is particularly dirty Lisa. Start by cleaning here.”

Lisa was instantly over and on all fours, gently brushing herself against his legs, scrubbing earnestly away. The sight of her reduced to this, scrubbing his floor in a kinky maid’s outfit with her luscious bottom wiggling in the air, was just too much.

“Lisa, this won’t mean much to you, but there are some words I’d like you to repeat while you’re working. It’s just a little thing for fun, and I need all the fun I can get when I’m so busy. I want you to say ‘I used to be a hotshot but now I’m Rod’s maid’. OK?”

Lisa paused slightly and Rod could instantly see he might have gone too far too quickly. This could trigger her repressed memories of the trances he’d put her in. But it was just about ok.

“Yes sir. Whatever you wish.”

And Lisa began to repeat her mantra. Rod leaned back and relaxed as Lisa scrubbed away around him, watching the cute way her breasts jiggled as she scrubbed.

When she was finally done, and it took her a good while, Rod was ready for her. He had her drop her panties and bend over his kitchen table. Then he stood over her and, savouring the moment, slid his eager dick into her for the first time. Heaven.

He began screwing her, hard, and had an idea.

“Lisa, every time I thrust into you I want you to say, ‘thank you sir’.”

And she did.

He felt so good and so powerful. This fantastic figure of a woman was writhing around as he thrusted deeper and deeper into her, panting out “thank you sir” over and over. Again he came with huge satisfaction and heard her scream as she climaxed too. The thrill of giving him so much pleasure had been too much for her.

He pulled out and patted her on her reddened bottom.

“Excellent Lisa. That will be all for tonight. Clean up the table, then get changed back into your dress.”

He sat back in his chair and thought things over. This had been even better than he’d hoped, and he had particularly enjoyed Lisa’s latest incarnation as his cute little serving maid. He realised he could exert his control over her so much more fully when they weren’t at work. Perhaps it was time for Lisa to decide that even her new secretarial duties were too much for her and she’d be happier to clean and tidy his home on a full-time basis?

Lisa came back down the stairs looking as good as ever, possibly slightly dishevelled to the discerning eye, and stood infront of him.

“Lisa doll,” he said simply, and she fell straight back into the trance. He admired her wonderful body from his chair and then got to business.

“Lisa you are going to find that even being a secretary is too much for you. You’re just not very bright. You forget things, file things in the wrong places, can’t keep up with dictation. You need something easier where you can still serve me and make me happy. And you found out tonight what that is. You want to be my permanent live-in maid. Nothing makes you happier than to look after my home when I’m out and to be completely available to me whenever I want it. You will miss assisting me at work but you know I need a brighter girl for that. Your place is in my home, dressed in your maid’s uniform, at my beck and call.”

God he was getting hard again just saying this. If this worked his erstwhile tormentor would be slaving away on his housework and permanently available for his sexual gratification. And he knew from tonight just how gratifying she could be.

“Yes sir. My place is in your home.”

“Good Lisa. When I click my fingers you will awake. You will not remember this trance but what was said will go round in your head and feel like your own thoughts. You will happily give in to these thoughts.”

He paused.

“And from now on you will love it when I call you a ‘good maid’. That phrase will fill you with pleasure and set you working even harder on your duties. My praise means everything to you. You don’t want me to think of you as a secretary anymore. You’re desperate to show me that you could do much better serving me as a maid.”

“Much better,” Lisa replied dreamily.

He clicked his fingers and she came round instantly. He got up, took a last hungry look up and down her fantastic figure, then sent her on her way.

The next few days should provide further amusement he thought.

* * *

Lisa looked much the same at work over the next week or so. The same slutty outfits that drew lusty stares from every man in the building. The same heavy make-up that gave her a fantasy doll complexion. The same lingering at his side, hoping for instructions beyond the usual filing that would give her a chance to really shine for her boss.

But her performance was beginning to deteriorate. She had previously been a very efficient secretary, which was hardly surprising considering she had been about to become one of the most senior lawyers in the firm, but now the most routine work was being handled sloppily. Things were being filed in the wrong place. He’d ask her to retrieve a recent document and then stand over as she searched for it, clearly distressed after finding it wasn’t where it should be. His meetings were put in the calendar for the wrong time. He would get halfway through dictation and then notice she’d stopped and was looking very anxious. When asked she’d admit that she’d fallen behind and couldn’t keep up.

After a couple of days of this he set up a ‘performance review’ to discuss ‘recent problems’. Lisa was devastated and, when the time arrived, crept into his office looking on the brink of tears.

“Sit down Lisa.”

She perched on the nearest chair, hands together between her knees, looking dolefully down at her feet.

“I’m sure you know what this is about Lisa. I showed a lot of faith in taking you on as my secretary given your lack of relevant experience. Early on you seemed to be justifying that faith but lately your performance has been entirely unsatisfactory. What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I’m sorry sir. I’ve been trying so hard but I just can’t seem to cope. I used to be able to handle my tasks but now they seem so hard and confusing. I can’t remember how to work the electronic calendar properly. Sometimes I just stand there with a file in my hand and can’t work out where it goes. I don’t understand what’s happened. I know I’m not very bright but I just seem to be getting worse and worse.”

“Well that’s all very well Lisa but I can’t let this slide without some form of discipline, don’t you agree?”

“Yes sir, of course,” she replied meekly.

“Come and stand here by me.”

She stood up smartly and came quickly to his side.

“Now lie down with your tummy on my lap.”

She flicked her eyes up at his for a moment and then obeyed.

“Your discipline is going to be get smacked. The quality of your work has been that of a child so you’re going to be treated like one.”

And with that he delivered a firm smack to that beautiful bottom. She looked so small and helpless, quivering there on his thighs. This was so much fun.

He was about to raise his hand again when he heard that Lisa actually had now begun to sob. Not with the pain of his smack, obviously, but with the shame of being punished for letting down her boss who she wanted so hard to please.

He felt a surprising dash of affection for the totally defenceless Lisa and decided to change the situation a bit.

“Lisa, although I feel obliged to punish you, I want you to know that I’m going to enjoy it very much. Your ass looks particularly fetching today and giving it some good hard smacks will be a very pleasurable experience for me. However poor your work has been you still have plenty of attributes that are pleasing to me.”

Lisa’s sobbing abruptly stopped, much to his relief. He offered her some further encouragement by cupping her bottom, propped up nicely in his lap and barely covered by her tiny skirt, and squeezing it appreciatively. Lisa gave a little gasp of pleasure and then reached her hands back to her skirt. He wondered for a moment what she was up to and was delighted when he saw. She gently tugged up her skirt so that her bottom was fully exposed, save for an almost invisible thong.

“I hope that will make disciplining me a little easier for you sir,” she whispered.

“Very good. Now count the smacks for me Lisa and thank me for each one. I’m doing this for you.”

Smack. A gasp from Lisa, but this time clearly one of pleasure.

“One smack. Thank you sir.”


“Oh! Two smacks. Thank you sir.”

And so till he reached forty smacks, and he enjoyed each one immensely. But he suspected that Lisa had enjoyed them even more.

“You may stand up now Lisa.”

Lisa rose and straightened what there was of her skirt over her reddened bottom, and then bit her lip and looked at him. She clearly wanted to speak but was overcome with nerves.

“Will there be anything else Lisa? Your discipline is complete. I trust it has been a lesson to you.”

“Sir it’s very kind of you to discipline me and try to teach me to do better. But I just know that however hard I try I’ll let you down again. You need a brighter girl than me to be your secretary. I’m just not up to it. I’m so dumb. But I’ve been thinking I can still be of service to and I’d love to if you’d let me.”

She paused briefly and Rod, secretly elated, nodded for her to continue.

“It was that night you allowed me to come over and, well, make myself useful to you in your home sir. I hope you won’t mind me saying but...”

She paused again looking more nervous than ever.

“...I, um, thought that I could be your maid. I’d clean your home everyday, cook for you and be available for you whenever you wanted. I could even live with you maybe and then I wouldn’t need any pay.”

“Well I’m not sure Lisa. I can see that the simple tasks of a maid would suit a girl of your limited intelligence but I would set very high standards. I’d want my home to be spotless everyday. I’d want you to learn to cook to a high standard. And if you were to actually live with me, well, for me to put up with that you’d have to be totally obedient and make yourself invisible when I wished to be alone or with company. For instance I wouldn’t want you messing around the place if I were to bring a woman home.”

Lisa blushed at this last comment.

“Oh no sir. Of course. I’d stay entirely out of your way whenever you wanted me too. I’d be no trouble at all.”

“Very well. I suppose I could give you a trial but that’s all it is Lisa. I can’t promise anything more than a couple of days if it doesn’t work out and then I imagine you’d find it very difficult to find any sort of employment elsewhere. You really are a very stupid girl who’s made a mess of things here, aren’t you?”

“Yes sir,” Lisa replied, looking thoroughly ashamed of herself but still delighted to have been awarded a trial.

“As I’m doing yet another favour for you, taking you on for a position for which you have no experience, I’m going to ask for something from you first.”

“Oh of course sir. What can I do?”

“You’re known around the company these days as ‘Bimbo Doll’. A name that I think rather suits you. As a permanent reminder of your final status at this company I would like you to get a tattoo, just above your ass, that reads ‘Bimbo Doll’ in nice clear letters. I think I would rather enjoy seeing that every time you’re naked, and it would be good for you to remember what you were here. I may even call you ‘Bimbo Doll’, or perhaps just ‘Bimbo’, when I’m in the mood as it seems to fit you better than ‘Lisa’. How does that all sound Bimbo Doll?”

Lisa had been gazing at him open-mouthed as he told her this. There was the smallest pause when he finished but then she drew herself together and replied, “Of course sir, if that’s what you like. I’m sure that, as you say, it will be a good reminder to me of my place.”

“Good. You may go now Lisa. We’ll talk no more about this until you show me your tattoo, and you will execute your ‘difficult’ secretarial duties as best as you can. And we’ll have no more of your absurd blubbing. Just do what you can.”

“Thank you sir.”

And with that she was gone, leaving Rod gazing at the closed door with a broad grin on his face.

Lisa was clearly keen to get started on her new duties because first thing the next day she came into Rod’s office and told him that she had her new tattoo if he would like to inspect it now. Rod felt a little shiver of anticipation go through him and told her to lock the door.

“Fine. Undress for me Lisa, facing me. Do it slowly, as if you were an expensive call girl with an important client to impress.”

This was a fine build-up to the main event. Her flimsy blouse was unbuttoned. Her tiny skirt was dropped to the floor and she stepped out of it. She took off her shoes and then rolled down her tights. Then she stood back up to face him, rolling her shoulders back and favouring him with lovely little pout. Stunning.

Next the bra was unhooked and gently allowed to drop to the floor, revealing those gorgeous and surprisingly generous breasts for a such a slimly built girl. He noticed with satisfaction that her nipples were firmly erect and that she was breathing rapidly. She was clearly getting off on this as much as he was, being allowed to perform for him this way.

And finally, with a suggestive look at him, she stooped to slowly ease her thong down her beautiful smooth legs until it too lay on the floor beside her feet. She came back up and stood there for him, back straight and chin up, like a shapely little solider awaiting inspection.

“Excellent Lisa. Now gradually turn around.”

After a brief moment to enjoy her in profile, her slender back and shapely bottom came round into view and with it her new tattoo. Just above her left buttock, in beautifully drawn lettering an inch high, read the word ‘Bimbo’. And just above her right buttock, in the same lettering, read ‘Doll’.

Rod was so turned on by now. He went over to her, ran his hands down the sides of her back and brought them to a stop at either side of the lettering.

“Bimbo Doll,” he read out loud.

“Yes sir,” she replied.

Rod chuckled.

“Very good Bimbo Doll. You have pleased me. And now you will please me further. Bend over my desk.”

She quickly did as she was asked and Rod took up position behind her.

“Get up on tiptoe, lift your ass as high up as you can, then stretch yourself to the limit across the desk.”

Again Lisa obeyed and Rod was treated to seeing the tattoo on that luscious bottom nudge up towards him. He could even swear she managed to give it a seductive little wiggle. A nice touch beyond the call of duty.

“Good Lisa. I’m starting to think you’re going to make a good maid.”

Lisa gasped with pleasure at this and somehow, despite already being impressively stretched, managed to inch her ass up a little higher.

Rod needed no further invitation. He unzipped his trousers, let them and his boxers fall to his ankles, and slipped his painfully erect penis into her warm and welcoming pussy.

“This time Lisa, I would like you to say, over and over, ‘I’m your bimbo doll and I love it when you fuck me sir’. Better keep it down a bit as we’re in the office but I’m sure you can still put some passion into it.”

And she did, saying the words softly but great feeling.

This was the ultimate pleasure trip for Rod. He couldn’t imagine a better feeling that fucking this bitch Lisa from behind, with ‘Bimbo Doll’ tattooed on her ass and her telling him over and over, passionately, that she loved being fucked by him. She’d gone from smug rival to ultimate sex doll. He laughed as he screwed her. Bliss.

He’d been itching like Hell to have her again but this time he was a little more used to the intoxicating combination of her beauty and submissiveness. He went at her at a more leisurely and sustainable pace, savouring every stroke. He had her repeat her phrase every time he gave her a slap on the side of her ass, which he found particularly stimulating.

Slap. A gasp. “I’m your bimbo doll and I love it when you fuck me sir.”

Gradually his rhythm built up, his stroking and his slapping, and her delivery of the words became more intense. God she really sounded like she meant it. And then, eventually and exquisitely, he came into her, pumping deeper and deeper and letting out an involuntary cry of delight. At exactly the same time she let out her own cry of release and he could feel her shiver through her orgasm. He loved the way that her body had become so perfectly attuned to his pleasure. She was almost an extension of his cock, helplessly coming whenever he did.

As he came back to himself he looked down to see he was gripping her fiercely to him, with his fingers deep into her skin around the ‘Bimbo Doll’ tattoo.

“Well done Bimbo Doll. You certainly lived up to your name. They never made the doll that compared with you.”

And he withdrew from her, pulled back up his pants and trousers and zipped them closed.

Lisa continued to hold her pose, tummy tight to the desk and ass in the air, though she was now visibly shaking with the effort. Rod laughed at her impressive dedication.

“Very good Lisa. You may relax. Clean yourself up a bit and get dressed.”

He waited till she was done.

“As your reward Lisa, you are officially fired. The board will entirely understand why I had to let you go given your shocking performance recently, although I imagine they’ll still be a little surprised I didn’t want to keep you around for other reasons. In fact I’m sure they’ll miss looking you up and down themselves. You really are the most eye-catching little bimbo secretary this company has ever had. They’ll have all fantasised about banging your brains out when they’re at home with their wives. But sadly for them the real thing is reserved just for me. Isn’t that right Lisa.”

“Of course sir! I’d never think about another man,” she replied with great earnestness. “I live to serve you now.”

“Of course you do you gorgeous bimbo doll. And I’m going to savour taking you over and over again. Have no worries on that score. Now get your things together and get out. Report to me at my house at 7 to take up your new duties. Just bring over your make-up and any clothes you think I’d enjoy. I’ll supply you with the rest, including your uniform.”

As she was leaving he gave her a cheerful smack on her bottom and she instantly turned to him and said “I’m your bimbo doll and I love it when you fuck me sir.”

Oops, he’d forgotten to turn that off. Oh well, he decided, he might just leave her with that charming feature for now.

* * *

What followed were undoubtedly the best days of Rod’s life. He thanked his lucky charm every night.

Lisa slaved away on the housework during the day, in the cute maid outfits that Rod had selected, and would be waiting by the door, eager to please, when he got home from work.

Initially he was perfectly content to enjoy her in her maid uniform. She looked so charming with the stockings, apron, short frilly dress and hat. But as time went by he found further fun was to be had indulging any fantasy that came into his head. Before long she had a variety of outfits to suit any occasion and Rod could simply call home mid-afternoon to tell Lisa how to prepare herself for his return.

One of his favourites, which he wasn’t particularly proud of but what the Hell, was to have her perform as a naughty schoolgirl caught in the headmaster’s study. She played the part so well and he never got used to how good she looked in the uniform—white tights, short blue skirt, school blouse provocatively unbuttoned so that her cleavage and simple white bra were displayed.

She’d look terribly startled when he came in and would start muttering some excuse. He’d silence her and tell her she’d had her last chance and it was expulsion from the school this time. Her parents would be so mad. She’d plead with him not to tell them, fall to her knees and say she’d do anything, absolutely anything, if he’d let her go. He’d pretend to consider it, while staring harshly down at her, and then say perhaps she could earn his forgiveness. A little slut like her must be good for something after all. She’d look up at him, with big wide eyes, as if slowly taking in what had just been said and then bashfully begin to unbutton her blouse.

She kept up the act all the way through. He thought she was amazingly good at it. She’d undress as if she’d never undressed infront of a man before, timidly slipping out of her simple white cotton underwear, taking her hair out of its braid but leaving on just her school tie, as ordered, so it nestled between her breasts. He found this one detail sustained the fantasy nicely.

Then he liked to take her to his bed (just upstairs from his study somehow), lie her down on her back as though she really were a nervous virgin, spread her wide and then take her slowly but forcefully. As it went on he’d get more aggressive, putting his hands on her breasts and moving faster and deeper inside her.

She would start off looking terrified but then a little surprised that it didn’t hurt more, then more surprised as she began to enjoy it, and finally squealing with delight as he took hold of her breasts and began to pound her. The tie would bounce around on her chest and she would cry out “Oh sir, oh my God, this is so good, you’re soooo goood” which he found really added to the experience. And as ever, she’d come with huge pleasure at the exact moment he did.

He enjoyed it so much that he even considered programming her to think she really was a schoolgirl but thought it might get complicated. She acted the part perfectly anyway, plus her work as a maid was impeccable and she was pretty good at other roles too.

Call girl, easily seduced policewoman, cheerleader. He liked that last one and had an excellent saucy little outfit for her. She put together a terrific dance-routine for him, complete with music, during which she’d gradually shed everything and end up wearing just her pom-poms. Then they’d go at it like crazy, either with her finishing her routine by bending over and wiggling her ass at him (with the words ‘bimbo doll’ moving perfectly in time to the beat) or with her sitting on his lap, taking him in and then vibrating herself up and down on him quicker and quicker until they both came.

What more could a man ask for? Well it happened that after a while Rod had another idea.

He decided that, fun though having a maid was, it would be rather better to have a slave. Obviously Lisa already was his willing sex slave but it wasn’t quite the same as having her actually look like a slave, and know she was a slave. Every time he thought back to the old Lisa this felt like a more and more attractive idea. She could still fall a little further from her old perch and into his power.

So one day, after indulging his favourite schoolgirl fantasy, he said to her, “Lisa Doll”. It worked exactly as before. She stood stock still, staring blankly, the tie still loosely dangling over one breast.

“Lisa you feel a deep need to be tied to me more deeply than as a maid. Being a maid implies you may decide to go at some point. Being a maid implies you have the right to expect certain things from me as your employer. These thoughts are horrible to you. You only want to serve me faithfully for the rest of your life and you need me to know that. You must convince me to let you be my slave, rather than my maid, so that you may show your true devotion to me. You want to give up all your rights and become my property, to be used by me in any way I see fit. And from now on the phrase that brings you total pleasure is ‘good slave’. You will do anything to hear it and it will drive you to even greater efforts to hear it again.”

Lisa simply nodded, and Rod brought her round.

As usual his suggestion didn’t take long to have its desired effect. The next day, as Lisa served him his beautifully prepared dinner and gave her customary curtsy, she asked if she might speak. He nodded his permission.

“Sir I’m desperate for you to know how much serving you means to me. I can’t imagine any other life. I love being your maid but I feel like an employee and I’m not. I’m your slave. Your deeply happy slave. Will you let me become that, a simple item of your property to use in any way you wish. Please sir.”

She was charming when she begged. He could never refuse. But he always made sure to get a good deal.

“OK Lisa. You may become my slave. But be warned that I will expect a slave to work even harder than a maid. You will be nothing more to me than a piece of furniture or a pet. I will do whatever I want to you and you will endure because that is your place. Do you understand and accept this Lisa?”

“Of course sir. Thank you sir,” she breathed, clearly delighted.

“As a slave you must be marked as my property. Much as I like your ‘bimbo doll’ tattoo, it will not be sufficient. You will have the word ‘Property’ clearly tattooed on the side of your right breast, and the words ‘of Rod’ on the side of your left breast. This will be the proof of your sincerity. When you show me that, I will allow you to become my slave.”

“It will be done tomorrow sir.”

“Good Lisa. I shall look forward to inspecting you. You may return to the kitchen.”

Lisa scuttled happily away to clean up.

The next day he got home from work, went upstairs to freshen up and left a little present for Lisa on the bed in the hope that all had gone to plan. He had no need to worry. Lisa served him dinner when he came back down and stood patiently waiting for him to finish. After enjoying the excellent meal he dabbed his mouth with his napkin and turned to Lisa. She was in one of her more respectable maid outfits today, which she often used while cooking, so he had had to wait to see if she had gone through with her promise.

“Excellent Lisa. Your cooking is still coming along very well. Keep working hard on it. Now do you wish to speak to me?”

“Yes, thank you sir. I have had myself branded as you instructed. Would you like to inspect me?”

“Yes indeed Lisa. Take off your uniform, slowly.”

Lisa unzipped her little dress, inched it off her shoulders, gently pulled it down so that it rippled over the swell of her bosom, down over her hourglass hips and finally down to the floor. She stepped out of it and stood before him.

She was wearing a bra today. A very fetching one that lifted her breasts up and displayed them beautifully. He was sure she didn’t usually wear a bra with that outfit. He suspected the little minx might actually be teasing him, making him wait a moment longer for his satisfaction. What looked like the tips of letters were visible above the top of the bra but it was impossible to be sure.

He chuckled. “The bra now Lisa, off with it.”

He could have sworn she gave him a coy smile. She was really getting off on this.

She unhooked her bra in one smooth motion, knocked the straps from off her shoulders, rolled her arms forwards and let the bra tumble off them. She then pulled her shoulders back and stood smartly to attention.

The tattooed words on her magnificent breasts were clearly visible. He got up from his chair, walked over to her and gently squeezed her breasts together so that the writing across them became continuous. “Property of Rod,” he read aloud.

“Yes sir,” she said softly back to him. “Am I satisfactory to you?”

“Most definitely Lisa,” he said, still cupping her breasts and looking admiringly down at them.

“You are now my property and my slave. You will do exactly as you are told. Your life is now mine to control completely.”

Lisa looked sublimely happy.

“Yes, thank you sir.”

“I think ‘master’ is the appropriate term from now on slave. Now go upstairs, change into the outfit you find on the bed, and return. Quickly.”

Lisa turned and raced up the stairs with nimble steps. Rod’s heart was pounding. It had been hard to let her go but he wanted to see her in her new outfit before letting himself take her.

She came back down the stairs more slowly, as if with a sense of making an entrance. She seemed to be getting very good at heightening his desire without any need for instruction. First he could see her feet, then her shapely legs, then her bare ass and doll tattoo, then her branded breasts with a leash hanging between them, then her neck with the smart leather collar round it, and finally her silky hair and blushing face. She reached the bottom of the stairs and turned to him.

“On all fours slave.”

Lisa dropped instantly down and her leash rested on the floor between her hands.

“Crawl to me.”

She did, moving her ass from side to side in the most provocative manner. She came to a stop at his feet.

“Hand me your leash slave.”

Lisa took her leash in her right hand and held it up for him. Then she was back down on all fours.

“Up on your knees now and blow me. And make it your best ever slave.”

The gorgeous naked woman on the end of his leash came up on to her knees, took his dick out of his trousers with great care, placed it lovingly into her mouth and proceeded to give him the best blow-job he had ever known. Her tongue was the most impossible bag of tricks. It was like fireworks going off in his head until he came, firing into her mouth. She swallowed and, without any prompting, began to lick his penis clean.

“Repeat after me slave, ‘I belong to you master. You own me.’”

“I belong to you master. You own me.”

“I’m nothing more than your sexy little toy. I exist to please you,” he instructed.

“I’m nothing more than your sexy little toy. I exist to please you,” she replied without hesitation.

“Stand up toy.”

Lisa rose and stood back at attention. He admired her breasts and her new tattoo again.

This was it he thought. This was his old rival completely conquered. There was nothing more he could do to her. She was his sex doll and she lived to please him. He looked deep into her eyes, kissed her on the nose and laughed.

“I think we’re done with you now Lisa. You’re going to be a good slave.”

He laughed again as she involuntarily squirmed with pleasure, then straightened back up, more at attention than ever with her back dead straight and breasts thrust out forwards. She was going to be the most marvellous toy. He would never tire of using her.

He felt himself growing hard again. She was doing wonders for his libido. He put his hand around the back of her slender neck and bent her roughly over the table. There was no resistance. He smacked her ass hard.

“I’m your bimbo doll and I love it when you fuck me sir.”

He’d forgotten about that. He grinned.

“That’s right Bimbo Doll. That’s exactly what you are. And now I’m going to fuck you like a doll.”

He went into her very hard. He wrapped one hand in her hair, jerking her head up off the table, while the other hand gripped her tiny waist very firmly. Lisa couldn’t help but release a short cry of pained surprise but she silenced herself almost instantly and gave in completely to his hold. He drove into her very aggressively, losing himself totally in the act with no further regard for her as a human being at all. She was just a possession now. A masturbation accessory. A fuck toy. Goodbye Lisa. He came quickly and violently, not even hearing the whimpered cry of her simultaneous orgasm. Her orgasm was, after all, now just an echo of his own.

“Clean me slave.”

Lisa peeled herself off the table, dropped to her knees, handed him her leash and began to lovingly lick clean his dick. He patted her on the head, as he would a pet, while she worked on him.

‘That will do. Now go and clean yourself up you filthy slut.”

He chuckled as she ran off to the bathroom. He ran his fingers around his lucky charm and reflected on what it had given him. A beautiful willing slave instead of a bitch of a rival, a promotion instead of humiliation, a love doll that would play any role and go to any extreme to satisfy his sexual whims. His mind was full of the things he would do to her now. No longer out of vengeance; the Lisa he had hated was gone. Just because she was now his shapely toy to enjoy in any way he saw fit.

The beautiful doll that looked like Lisa returned, dropped to its knees and offered up its leash.

He yanked the leash so that the doll’s face turned up and its eyes met his own. He grinned down at it.

“Now, what shall we do with you next my lovely little Bimbo Doll?“

The doll gazed back up at its owner, awaiting his orders...