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Title: Dream State

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The following is a work of fiction (actually, “FANTASY”). Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental and rather far fetched, if you ask me.

This is a story that describes some sexually explicit situations in a fictional (remember fiction?) setting. The target audience is adults (people over the age of eighteen) with broad minds. This audience is getting harder and harder to find each year.

Final disclaimer—I doubt that any of the people would act in the way described herein, or even if things described herein are even possible. This is just fantasy, and should be treated as such. This fantasy takes place in the mid 1970s to late 1980s, without any fear from AIDS or any other sexually transmitted diseases, so don’t try this at home.

Chapter 4—“Strangers in the night, exchanging glances...”

I was on disability, so the military was no longer an option. This was disappointing for me, since President Reagan had started pumping a lot of money into the Department of Defense. “President” Reagan, I thought to myself, shaking my head. I remember him being governor of California when I was younger, and I sighed, thinking about the years that I had missed.

Since I hadn’t gone to college, I didn’t have any degrees to qualify me for most white collar jobs. I wasn’t averse to sweating for a living, but my body was still out of shape, having done very little exercise in the last dozen years except my PT training sessions at the hospital. I might be able to go to school on the GI bill, but being in my mid-thirties (again, this was hard for me to accept!), I felt that I’d be out of place. Besides, I had already rejected college before and wasn’t really in the mood to give it a try now.

I did have the stipend from the government and a hefty savings account, which did give me the ability to just spend as I wished, but that ran counter to my desires to be productive and not a drain on society.

My parents had passed away while I was in my coma. The last that I had remembered of them was the disappointment in my father when I enlisted in the service. He had been in the marines, and couldn’t understand my entering the army. I didn’t know if they ever visited me in the hospital, but if they had, they had probably met Mary. I do know that before the accident that took their life, I was supposed to be the executor of their will. Instead, they apparently added language to their will that named their lawyer as executor in the event that I was incapacitated. This lawyer basically liquidated their assets, took a small cut for his services, and put the rest into a trust fund that was managed by a financial services firm for me. I didn’t exactly know the current extent of the fund, but it must have been a lot, since during my big sleep, interest rates had been skyrocketing.

Then there was Mary.

She had really impressed me; she seemed devoted to me. She also didn’t think that I was nuts due to the weird dreams. That always counted for something.

* * *

The day after our first night together, Mary had taken her car to work, but she had left me some bus schedules for mass transit near where she lived, along with the admonition that I would need exact change (What? Bus drivers don’t have that change-making device on their belts any more? Was I turning into Rip Van Winkle?).

I filled my pockets with a few dollars of loose change, idly checking the dates on the money to see how many had been minted since my sojourn in the hospital (more than I would have liked to have seen, actually). I had a rough idea of the layout of the town, and I was going to meet Mary at a mall near the bank where she worked.

The trip to the mall wasn’t too eventful. Kids had changed quite a lot in the time that I had been away. Long hair wasn’t “in” any more (thank goodness!), and teenage girls seem to be alright wearing pretty slutty outfits that I had to admit that I would have liked to see on girls when I had been in high school. In any event, the kids tended to leave me alone.

I wandered the mall, doing a lot of window shopping. Clothing styles had changed quite a bit, and I wasn’t very keen on the new styles yet—at least for the males. There were more fast food places than I had remembered, and I was amazed about how much they had started to specialize. Imagine going to a shop that only sells French Fries! (Yes, my curiosity got the better of me, and tried them. They weren’t anything to write home about.)

About an hour before I was scheduled to meet Mary, something very disturbing happened. I had a jarring sense of hollowness that I had felt previously when my out of body “presence” had been penetrated by a living person. The feeling was so startling that I dropped my fries, stopped walking immediately, and looked around me. There was nobody near me... and I was starting to question whether I was really at the mall at all... or having another of my out of body dreams.

I dismissed it being entirely a dream quickly. I had, in fact, interacted with other people. That was something I never was able to do (except with Mary during her dreams). That feeling was so identical to that feeling from when I was comatose, that I had an eerie sense of deja-vu.

I picked up my fries and found a litter container for them. I sat down, and tried to figure out what that feeling meant.

Obviously, there wasn’t anything physical that had gone through me. There wasn’t anybody around at the time. Could I be detecting somebody else “dream walking” in the mall? Would that be too far fetched?

I was then reminded about one of the first times that I had ever ventured outside my body, when I was in the base hospital. It was the time that I first looked at a newspaper, and I felt an invisible presence (and even heard it say “Sorry, guy!"). I had mostly forgotten about that strange incident, but something inside me told me that this sensation that I had felt had something to do with that experience.

I started to think about the situation.

First, when I was comatose, I was able to walk outside my own body.

Second, when I was outside my own body, I was able to “invade” Mary’s dreams, and even re-shape them, using it as a way of communicating with her.

Third, when Mary and I slept together the previous night, we seemed to have shared our dreams, although Mary never specifically mentioned it this morning. In fact, we even went so far as to experience each others feelings during sex this morning. Mary hadn’t mentioned that either, though.

Now, I had just felt a disquieting presence in the mall that was very similar to a presence I felt one time at the base hospital when I was in a coma.

What did these add up to? I wasn’t sure.

I was sitting down, lost in my thoughts, when I “heard” somebody think “Life is grand, isn’t it?”

I knew that thought-voice. It was Mary’s! I looked up and around, and finally saw her about 200 meters away from me. I got up and walked toward her.

When she saw me, she rushed toward me and gave me a big hug. I had to agree with her. Life was indeed grand.

* * *

We ate lunch at the food court in the mall. I picked out a couple of familiar burgers at McDonald’s, and Mary went to some place with a salad bar.

“I wish to thank you for the wonderful wake-up gift this morning,” I told Mary, with just a hint of wickedness, talking in a crowded mall.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

At first, I figured that she was just shy, but her face showed a definite questioning look.

“The way... the way you woke me up this morning!”

“Oh, Jim! I’m so sorry. I tried not to make noise while I was making you breakfast...”

“No. I mean... before that...” I studied her face. She seemed genuinely confused.

“If I woke you up this morning, it was probably because I’m... I’m not used to sharing my bed...”

What was she talking about? She performed oral sex on me, and she didn’t remember it?

I slowly exhaled my breath. Was I really dreaming of that encounter? Strange. I never had any erotic dreams while I was in my coma, or if I did, I didn’t remember any of them.

Mary changed the subject. “Anyway, Jim. How do you like the mass transit system in our little city? Much different than you remember, isn’t it?”

I nodded absently, and Mary looked at me, concerned.

After a pause of a few minutes, Mary asked me, softly. “Is there anything wrong, Jim? Is this too much activity too soon? Do you want me to call Doctor...”

“No! No! Don’t call any doctor. I was just a bit... disoriented.” I decided to explain about my “Rip Van Winkle” feelings. “It’s just that there’s so much for me to absorb. For example, did you know that a Big Mac costs more than a dollar now? I used to be able to get one of those with fries and a coke for that much money!”

Mary looked at me, still concerned, but then her features crinkled up into a smile that must have lit up the entire mall.

“Oh, Jim! You are just so strange!” She leaned toward me and kissed me. I not only let her, but I actively participated in return.

“You want to know what else is strange? I went into a toy store, thinking that I’d get you a GI Joe doll—something for you to think of me by. I couldn’t find too many. Instead, they had all these Return of the Jetty things, which are the weirdest things I’ve ever seen...”

“Wow. That’s right. You’ve never seen Star Wars, have you?”

I admitted never hearing that term before, except on the news regarding some policy of the president’s.

“It was a movie. The last episode was a couple of years ago. It’s ‘Jedi,’ by the way. Not ‘jetty.’”

“Whatever. Kids movie, I guess.”

“Lots of adults like it, too,” she told me.

We talked on and on about things that have changed.

After a bit, I noticed that we had both finished eating, but we were still talking in the food court. A glance at my watch told me that we’d been talking for a couple of hours.

“Mary. What do you do at your bank where you can take a two hour lunch break? Do you rob it?”

I was rewarded with another of her golden smiles, and her cheeks even dimpled.

“No, silly. My boss understands about my needing some time off. I have two weeks vacation time, and he said I could even take sick time, if I needed it.”

“Must be a very understanding boss.” She seemed to have a great job, actually.

“So, what’s your plans for this afternoon, then?” I asked her.

Her smile turned into a wicked grin. “How about a rematch of last night’s performance?”

I looked at her, pretending to be shocked. “You mean, here?”

Mary gave me a grin. “If you insist, but I think we’d shock the others. Would you mind waiting until we get back?”

“Of course!” I agreed.

* * *

Mary took me back home to her place, and as soon as she got inside, she started to disrobe immediately.

“Come ON!” she said, nearly screaming. It was obvious that she was hot for me.

She pulled me into her bedroom, and by the time we reached the bed, she was completely naked. I hadn’t even slipped off my shoes yet.

As I struggled to remove my pants, Mary came over and kissed me, passionately. Normally, I don’t have problems working the button or the zipper, but for some reason, my fingers weren’t cooperating. My body had simply decided to feel the desire that she was creating inside me.

I gave up trying to take off my pants, and as soon as my hand went down, one of Mary’s took its place, and unfastened my pants expertly. Before long, she had me completely undressed, having sacrificed one or two of the buttons of my shirt in her haste.

Mary pulled me on top of her as she collapsed onto the bed, still kissing me passionately. I finally figured out how to work my fingers, and started playing with her breasts. I was rewarded with her pulling me even tighter toward her.

My left hand was near Mary’s thigh, and I felt around and found that her legs were spread wide. My finger touched her pussy, and I found it was extremely slippery. Mary was more excited than I ever remember experiencing with a woman.

She wasn’t alone in her excitement. My cock was hard enough to tamp a 60 millimeter cartridge.

I positioned myself over her crotch, and she took her hand off my back onto my ass, and pulled me quickly toward her. At first, my cock’s aim was a little off, but with a bit of a wiggle from Mary, it found its way in, and she thrust her hips upward and I found myself almost completely engulfed in the warmth of her vulva.

My eyes were closed, and I started a steady pumping action.

I was greeted with the sensation of a cock going in and out of my own pussy. I had connected with her again!

Feeling the heat inside her crotch, I altered my rhythm, slowing down, since the sensation seemed to be more pronounced that way. This elicited an excited squeal from Mary (and almost from me!).

For a few minutes, I got lost in the sensations, feeling my cock going in and out of her pussy, and feeling her reactions to it. It was weird, experiencing them at the same time from both my cock and her pussy.

I felt that I was building up to a great crescendo, something that seemed to me to be just out of reach. The sensations were orders of magnitude more than I had ever experienced before. I tried to focus on specifics of the feeling. There was a very sensitive part, for instance, that making a tiny adjustment in my thrusts gave a fantastic result... and I thought that I would lose my mind with the intensity of the feelings.

This was no normal fuck for me. I had reached a new level, and I felt a wave of extra strong sensations pass through our bodies. It was like I had reached orgasm, except that it lasted more than just a few seconds. In fact, even as it started, I could feel my cock erupting into Mary; I could feel the semen start to flood her cavity. I realized that I was feeling myself come from Mary’s perspective. The orgasm just grew more and more intense.

In fact, it felt like it went on for minutes. My cock continued to pulse as I continued to thrust. Instead of ending, it still continued!

Finally, I felt the wave of orgasm start to subside, and my cock finally stopped erupting. This was the longest orgasm that I had ever had so far in my life.

Since it still felt wonderful to feel my cock going in an out of her pussy, I continued to pump, albeit a lot slower. I still made sure that I made the shaft touch that magic spot. I noticed that the orgasm wasn’t fading, but it was starting to grow again.

Within seconds of the longest orgasm that I had ever experienced, I felt another one start. It didn’t seem as strong as the first, and it wasn’t felt in my cock. This was being felt by that magic spot in Mary’s pussy.

The feeling continued to grow. I continued to pump, giving the sensitive spot as much stimulation from my cock as I could possibly give it. The feeling swept over us like a tide, bringing us back to the crest of the wave that we had ridden before, and then, unbelievably, reaching even higher... more intense.

I could feel my cock pulsing again. Could I possibly have that much sperm in my body?

I couldn’t tell if semen was filling her vaginal cavity; but her sensitive spot... what I figured was her clitoris... was bringing her much more intense feelings than even before.

The sensations would fall back, but never back to zero. It would come again, and again, reaching for the peaks.

I didn’t know how long I was fucking her. It felt like hours. I couldn’t believe that anybody could feel such intense excitement and still survive.

We shared four orgasms together. Each time, I could feel my cock pumping, but the sensation quickly drowned out by the intense orgasms that Mary was experiencing.

As the fourth orgasm started to fade—I felt that the top of Mary’s crotch was getting raw from all the friction. I felt that my own cock was getting sore as well.

I slowly pulled out, not wanting to hurt either of us.

I looked down at Mary, and her eyes were closed. Not clenched shut, but closed, as if she were sleeping.

I kissed her on the cheek, and she didn’t respond.

She was still breathing, but her breaths were even.

What a stud you are, Jim. You fucked her unconscious!

* * *

I really had to pee, so I gently moved off of Mary, and then got off the bed.

I looked at Mary, and noticed that the bed spread was soaked all around Mary, a large circle that reached up to her head. There was light gray semen oozing out of her pussy, which fascinated me; I’d never seen my semen on another person before.

At the very least, we would have to change the sheets, and probably the blankets as well. I hoped Mary had some to spare.

I walked out of the room, and went into the bathroom. Surprisingly, I was still rock hard. This was never the state I was in after a great screw. It also made relieving myself a bit difficult, but I managed, after a bit.

I walked back into the room, and saw Mary still sleeping, her breasts heaving up and down slowly with each breath.

The living room was much brighter, so I decided to go there. On the way, I realized that I was still naked. Not wanting to go back into the bedroom and wake Mary up, I decided to leave my clothes in the bedroom.

I walked over to Mary’s easy chair, and found a Newsweek magazine on the table next to it.

I had taken to reading Newsweek and Time magazines in the hospital as a way to help me catch up on current events. Since Mary had the latest issue, I curled up and started reading the cover story.

I fell asleep almost immediately.

* * *

I was in a porno film. At least, it seemed that way to me. It was a hotel room, the smell of stale smoke permeated the air.

A guy wearing too much Aqua Velvet was on top of me, pumping his cock in and out of me.

It occurred to me that the star of this dream wasn’t me. I was, in fact, Mary.

I felt the intense orgasmic feelings that I felt before, only they weren’t accompanied with the soreness that had typified the last orgasm that I shared with Mary.

The orgasm that Mary was feeling wasn’t as intense as the ones that I shared with her just a few minutes earlier, but it was still the female style of orgasm that I was feeling. Not the “Wham! Bam! Thank you, Ma’am!” style blast that I had experienced as a guy, before I started sharing Mary’s internal feelings.

Unlike the orgasms that we shared together, Mary’s was vocal. I heard her scream “Fuck me!” as the guy she was with pulled out (FRUSTRATING!) and spewed his load all over her stomach and breasts.

“YES!” Mary shouted.

I jumped up in reaction to Mary’s shout, and found myself hovering over Mary and her mysterious boyfriend.

“YES!” she shouted again.

Get me out of here, I thought to myself. This is disgusting.

I left.

* * *

I was somewhere else. Somewhere I had never been before.

This much was clear to me.

I was in an apartment, just like Mary’s, but the furniture was all wrong.

The bedroom door was open, and I saw the back of a naked woman, facing the wall away from me. Her left leg was up in the air, and I could see her fingers working furiously between her thighs as she was masturbating herself.

I blinked, and I was no longer there.

I was looking at the wall now. My left hand was rubbing my clitoris, bringing me just outside the edge of an orgasm. The middle finger of my other hand was plunged into the depths of my cunt.

I was the masturbating girl. This wasn’t Mary. Mary felt... much different.

I could feel the frustration of the woman in the bed. She had brought herself to four wonderful orgasms, and she wanted another one. She couldn’t do it.

I smiled to myself; I knew what it was like to have experienced four mind-smashing orgasms.

I need a thick, hard cock, the woman was thinking. I’d do anything for a guy to put it into me like those previous orgasms.

I knew that I was sharing this woman’s dream. So, who was she? Where were we? How did this happen?

As if to answer me, I saw in her mind that her name was Debbie. She was in the apartment just above Mary’s. She must have tapped into Mary’s and my fuck... she wanted more!

I figured that discretion was the better part of valor, and decided to leave the woman. As my presence went to leave, apparently Debbie started to feel more frantic. I felt her get out of bed as I left her.

* * *

A few minutes later, I felt something touch my dick. Without opening my eyes, I could tell it wasn’t Mary this time, but it was the woman from the upstairs room. How had she gotten into Mary’s apartment? Didn’t we lock the door?

I felt another touch on my dick, and in my minds’ eye, I could “see” Debbie, kneeling before me, touching the tip of my cock with her tongue.

“No!” I said within my mind.

Why was Debbie here? Mary was in her bedroom, asleep. I loved her very much and a day after we first made love, I have a strange woman blowing me!

“No!” I said in my mind. “I don’t want this.”

Debbie’s lips left my organ.

Why was Debbie here? Mary was in her bedroom, asleep. What if she heard us? I didn’t even really want Debbie here!

I held my breath, and counted to ten.

As I did so, I felt lips surrounding my cock again.

I opened my eyes. To my relief, I realized that it wasn’t Debbie. It was Mary, sucking me.

I figured that I had been groggy with lack of sleep and dreamt about Debbie, and my mind was getting confused with in a half-dream, half-reality.

“That feels nice,” I murmured, partly to myself.

“Ssh,” came a voice.

“O.K.” I said, and closed my eyes.

Then I did a double take. How could Mary shush me with my penis inside her mouth?

Mary’s head moved off my penis, and started licking the shaft. I felt another sensation on the other side, apparently her fingers.

I opened my eyes again, and looked down in shock. It wasn’t just Mary licking me. Debbie was on the opposite side, licking me as well!

The sudden shock hit me by surprise, caused my cock to jump, and it then spewed semen up between the two girls. Debbie immediately moved into the line of fire, and my spunk hit her face in the eye, dripping down her cheek.

This wasn’t the long drawn-out orgasm that I had earlier experienced with Mary. This was a quick, one-shot affair.

Mary watched Debbie take the shot of semen on her face, and then, without a word, moved toward Debbie, and started licking it off her face.

What was going on?

Debbie smiled as Mary was licking her, and she turned her face toward Mary. Soon, Mary’s cum-covered tongue was licking Debbie’s tongue, and I watched, unbelieving, as the two girls French kissed.

I noticed that both girls were naked. They were kissing like long lost lovers, and for a moment, I felt a little jealous of Debbie.

Mary was the one I loved, and she was kissing Debbie!

I knew that I had to say something.

“Um...” I started. Good start!

Debbie broke off the kiss, and turned back to me. “Ssh,” she admonished.

Mary turned to me, smiling. “We’re here... your slaves. Ready to do your bidding!”

“What the fuck...?”

If I had been dreaming, I knew for a fact that I was fully awake now.

Debbie and Mary were both kneeling together in front of me. Naked as the day they were born, smiling at me.