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Author’s note:

My apologies to new readers! I do try to keep in mind those folks who are arriving in the middle of the “series”, but you will find a minimum of exposition about what has gone before in the world of Corelle D’Amber.

This story follows “Ecstasy and Submission” which followed “Ecstasy and Vengeance”. Reading those might increase the enjoyment of this tale, but I strive to make each story stand-alone.

My tales will often contain mc, fd, ff, and edi (Extremely Disturbing Imagination). All stories copyrighted.

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Ecstasy and Secrets

Eye of Serpent

Corelle D’Amber was at the apartment door when Evelyn Flaumel opened it.

“Good evening, Evelyn,” she offered with a thin-lipped smile. “May I come in?”

Evelyn hesitated for a second. Here was another event that broke the pattern of the last year. Corelle had never been to the apartment. She glanced at the hallway behind her boss. “Sure. Come on in.”

She pushed the door fully open.

Corelle walked past her and set her heavy black briefcase down on the low table in front of the sofa. She was wearing a long leather trenchcoat with a gray scarf at the neck. Below the black coat, sharply creased charcoal slacks and black flats completed a business casual outfit. Of course, Corelle’s ever-present eye patch was a soft charcoal that matched the pants exactly. Evelyn watched Corelle look about the room, taking it in for the first time.

Evelyn closed the door and stepped back into the living room.

“Nice, Evelyn,” she nodded. “It suits you. Practical and no-nonsense. A hint of Scandinavian design aesthetic. I like it.”

“Thanks.” What was this about? Did this have something to do with—.

“Evelyn, do you recall the questions you asked me last month in Hong Kong? I told you I’d answer them some time soon.” She unfastened the belt of the coat. “How about now? Tonight? Do you have brandy?”

Evelyn’s heart started racing with excitement.

“Now is fine. And yes, I do have some around. Let me take your coat and I’ll get a couple of glasses.” Evelyn remembered most of the intimate interlude with Corelle at the airport in Hong Kong. It was rather tame in retrospect, but she had asked for much more. She had wanted to experience the dark thrill of the real Corelle, and her strange power over people. Corelle had promised more; promised to ask her an important question. Perhaps even to explain about Celestial Fu, the Horror of the Ancients.

Evelyn moved into the kitchen and returned with the brandy and two small glasses. “Only two-thirds of a bottle. If this takes all night, we’ll run dry,” she joked.

“Oh, I don’t think we’ll be dry tonight.” Corelle looked pale. Under the heavy coat, she had been wearing a thin gray cashmere sweater. Her auburn hair glinted in the lamplight, but her green eye was dark as a shaded forest pond. Her hair had completely grown back to shoulder length. She looked good, considering what a year it had been. But she appeared colorless wearing the gray outfit. Even her hair color didn’t put life into her angular face.

Evelyn’s mind buzzed with possibilities. She hadn’t been able to clearly recall their conversation at the airfield. She remembered a very erotic trance. She had wanted it to go further, to be pressed downward into herself. She had imagined what Corelle might be able to do to her, perhaps what Evelyn had done to Dara so many times in the Hawaii hotel—mastery complete and without bounds.

And that was a peculiar thought—exciting in a wicked way.

She had a dozen questions, and then there were the little things she had noticed in the household and at PolyCorp. People surrounding Corelle were all acting a bit odd. Nothing very obvious. It seemed that as Corelle became more her old cool self, Louisa, Doris and the others were getting pretty pleased with themselves. They seemed almost giddy with confidence to have her recover so quickly, as if they were planning a surprise celebration for Corelle. Strange that was the sense she got.

It gave Evelyn a twitch in the short hairs of her neck. Something was in the wind.

Or was it more serious? Had Corelle done something to them? The back of her neck flushed.

Evelyn poured and handed off a glass. She splashed some of the amber liquor in her own glass. “What shall we drink to?”

Corelle lifted her glass. “To the millennium and the future. And to death.”

Evelyn held herself very still. “I can’t drink to that. It’s my job to protect you.”

Corelle looked at her and then dropped her gaze. “No. Of course not. But I can.” She upped her glass and finished it in one pull. Then she bent over and took the bottle, re-filling her glass. “Now let’s have a better toast. Friends and honor.”

Evelyn relaxed. “Friends and honor. Cheers.” She touched glasses with her boss.

Corelle sipped the brandy, then sat down.

Evelyn felt as if she should stay standing. Some positional advantage? Ridiculous. What am I thinking? She sat across from the sofa and Corelle. As the cushion conformed to her ass, she realized she was much more aroused than she thought.

“There isn’t a good way to do this. I’m a bit nervous to start, so I’m just going to plunge into it and we’ll work things out as we go.” Corelle met her eyes now. “Evelyn, will you die for me? And given that, will you live for me?”

Evelyn opened her mouth to answer, then realized she didn’t understand the questions. Then she belatedly recalled Corelle had asked this before, that night in Hong Kong. A hazy feeling of arousal passed down her belly and nestled in her groin. She paused, thinking fast. “I’m leaning to ‘yes’ on both, but I’m not sure what you mean.”

“I’m going away and I will never return,” Corelle answered.

Evelyn felt the room hold for an immutable moment. It was as if time and every power beholden to it were all stopped waiting for Evelyn to say something.

“You can’t do that,” she exhaled.

Having said it, she realized immediately how stupid it was. An adult can make of their life anything they want if they apply themselves. A billionaire can do even more, an Ancient immeasurably more than that. If Corelle intends to disappear, I bet that no one will find her. Not even—.

“Is this about the Horror? Is she coming for you?”

Corelle shook her head. “No. This is about me. I’ve failed and it’s time to pay the piper. My plans to change the direction of my life have died in the past year. It is time to move on. Time to take myself away and do what I know how to do. Do what I’m good at instead of what I hoped to do.”

This line of conversation was so contrary to the track of her running thoughts that Evelyn felt off-balance, and sudden passion fueled her words. “You’re not a quitter or a failure. That’s crap! I know you and I respect you. What’s more, you’ve got a whole load of people who love you and would agree with me. You a failure? That’s total bullshit! You are one of the greatest women I’ve ever met.”

Corelle smiled. “From your point of view, what you say might be true. Not from mine.”

“Tell me what you’re talking about!” Evelyn closed her eyes. Damn, this is fucking with my mind. “Don’t you realize—,” she stopped herself. She stared at Corelle, her hands gripped into fists.

Corelle looked at her with a question.

No help there. She kept her mouth shut. Realize that I love you, too, Corelle? You frustrating bitch.

“I was hoping I didn’t need to do my life story in order to reach an agreement with you.” Corelle looked tired now.

“I’m not agreeing to anything until you tell me what this is about.”

Corelle nodded. “I thought you might hold me to this. Let me tell you this first. It’s over. Whether you agree to help tonight or not, I leave. You won’t see me again. No one will know what happened to me. I won’t take your memory with me, but I’ve already primed everyone close to me. I’ve already induced the Turnover. The corporation, the house, my friends and everyone from the inner circle except you will accept the change. I’ve seen to that. The rest is your choice.”

Evelyn swallowed and felt chill. “That’s cold-hearted.”

She nodded. “Yes. It is, isn’t it?”

Evelyn pounced on something she saw in Corelle’s eye. She pointed at her. “And it’s killing you. It’s hurting you more than Fu hurt you. I can see it. You’re holding on by your fingertips. Why are you torturing yourself? Why would you leave the affection and support? Balls, Corelle! This is the defense you’ve built; the life you’ve built. You have power. You can protect yourself.”

“No. You’re only looking at the surface. Doesn’t Celestial Fu’s attack tell you how wrong you are? It tells me that. Why are all of you so willing to think I can stand another fight with her or any of the other Ancients that might know exactly where I am and how to get to me?” Corelle finished off her drink and immediately poured another.

Evelyn abruptly saw it all for what it was. “This isn’t just about you. It’s about us. You’re leaving to protect us.”

“Don’t be stupid, Evelyn,” Corelle snapped. “You all will be dead anyway in thirty years or so.” She took a drink. “Why would I throw away everything that I’ve built for years of—? What was your phrase? Torturing myself?”

Evelyn sat back in her chair and took a long drink to give herself a moment. I’m not fooled. You bitch at me to push me away from the truth.

“Here is the plan, my dear. At your word, YOU are now Corelle D’Amber.” Corelle opened the briefcase and pulled out clear packets. “Here. This is everything. Deeds, documents, identification that blends you perfectly into my life. If you are willing, Evelyn Flaumel will die and you can live for me. You can protect the girls, direct the companies, and watch for the other Ancients to come sniffing around. You’ve got the mindset. You’re tough. You love them. You will take care of them. You can hire the right people. You are a fighter. You can kill if that is what it takes.”

Evelyn stared at the three large packets. She looked up at Corelle. “You’re not serious. I can’t be you. I resemble you, but they’ll know. They’ll all know you’re gone and they won’t accept it. This is crazy.”

“They will accept it. I told you. It is already done. You walk into my life, if you decide to, and you pick it up right where I walked out. They will honestly think you are me. No physical difference, no slip of yours will ever dissuade them. They have no choice. And what’s more, because they believe it totally, most of the Ancients will accept it too. As close as they usually get, they will take it for fact.”

“Oh. My. God.” Evelyn understood better now. Corelle had changed them. This was part of Corelle’s secret; the ability to bend minds into new shapes. Evelyn felt a rush of heat between her legs. She must have been planning this for months, maybe ever since they had met. She looked back trying to see the truth. “How long have you been planning this? Since our first meeting? Since you first convinced me to act as your body double?”

“What does that matter?” Her voice was flat.

Evelyn was quickly angry. “I’m the one asking the questions now. You want me to do something totally deceptive to people I care about. If that doesn’t affect you, and I think it does, it sure affects me. Answer my question.”

Corelle sighed. “No, not from the first. I realized that I had to make these changes after you all rescued me from Fu. When I got back, things deteriorated and I realized that I couldn’t hope to change fast enough, learn fast enough to break the cycle. I couldn’t take advantage of new ways as I had hoped. Then this became necessary to do right by the others. A complete Turnover of the D’Amber persona, I leave and take the bloodletting with me.”

Evelyn reached up and wiped a tear from one eye. Balls! The last thing I want to do is get emotional. Corelle is hiding behind these excuses she’s giving out.

“What are you talking about? What plan to change? What new ways?”

Corelle took out a cigarette.

Evelyn was delighted to note that Corelle’s fingers trembled slightly. Now I know she’s lying about wanting to leave. This is getting to her.

Corelle lit the smoke and drew on it ruthlessly. “Since humans unlocked a few of the secrets of atomic power, I’ve been hoping that enough information about molecular physics and electromagnetic theory would develop to point to the deeper secrets of my kind. Perhaps even the secret of the Great River. I’m miserable at these science things. I’ve talked to the right scientists. I’ve forced myself to learn as much as I can, but I still am in the dark about the deeper truths.”

“I think I know more than the Others. I think I’m close to the bridge between the mystic things I learned as a child and the marvels that mortals are still uncovering. Even Heather’s sacrifice taught me a great deal.” She paused.

“Unfortunately, I’ve run out of time. I needed wealth and position to get the information. I needed public mobility. I built those across eighty years. I knew I’d be more exposed. I knew I wasn’t a warrior and that the Other Ancients might pin me before I could learn enough or find the right person to teach me. That was the risk. I took the risk. I lost. Everything has fallen apart in the last few months.”

She looked at Evelyn. “I went against everything I knew this last eighty years. I came out of hiding. I quit the ‘hermit’s role’ and took a place in the mortal world. I joined your frightening and treacherous world of Hunters and Spoilers. I found it was as cruel and hurtful as I had imagined, but I learned to compete. God, the way you tear each other down is as bad as my kind.” She blew smoke and took another drink. She licked her lips. “And I found love. I found humans who didn’t care that I was born a monster. Who were willing to cherish me, people who were like family. I never realized I would fall in love.”

“And I betrayed them all in time. Brought terror and grief down on them.”

“But that’s over. There is no more time to study. To stay is to fight every Ancient who sends their agents to cut away at me. I can’t do that. I don’t have the stomach for it. I don’t have the talent for it. I think this is the only way.” She smiled weakly. “So I ask you to take my ‘family’ onto yourself and protect it as I couldn’t. It will be hard. The Ancients will think you are me, they will test you, looking for your weaknesses. They will try to suck the life out of you. But you are a fighter, Evelyn. You can beat them. You proved that in Hong Kong. On top of that, what I accomplished against Fu in Hong Kong will make them stay away for a long while.”

At the moment, she didn’t care about Fu. Evelyn husked. “You’re mad. You’ve gone crazy. ME? Fight Ancients? Protect the ‘family’ while you run away? I think YOU are the only person qualified to do that. If I said yes to this, it would just allow you to walk away thinking it was a good thing.”

“Wrong, my friend. I’m already walking.” Corelle reached up, snatched her auburn hair off her head, and tossed it on the low table.

Evelyn gasped. Corelle was shaved bald. Her uncovered ears now displayed rows of new piercings. Evelyn realized the eye patch cord had been under the wig. Suddenly, Corelle was almost unrecognizable, looking frail and years younger. She has been planning. A long time. It’s really over. She’s walking away from us.

Anger erupted into Evelyn’s veins. She lost it. She vaulted from her seat, jumped the low table and slapped her friend across the face with a full arm swing. “How DARE you make me the scapegoat for your fears!”

The sound was like the crack of a leather whip. Corelle’s head twisted away with the first blow. Then Evelyn was on top of her without pause. Her fists struck at her head and breasts. Corelle started to curl around the assault, unresisting. Evelyn concentrated on the stranger’s face that Corelle had put on and was able to double her anger. She ignored the ache of loss and only thought about the betrayal. “How DARE you say you love us and then run away!”

The realization overtook Evelyn that Corelle wouldn’t fight. Or couldn’t.

It made her own sorrowful anger surge brighter that Corelle would permit all this.

She struck at her again. She straddled Corelle as the Ancient slipped down to the sofa cushion. She slapped her again. Again. She grabbed the cashmere sweater neck and it tore. She wrenched Corelle upward. The fabric split apart displaying pale skin and black transparent bra. Tears were spilling on Corelle’s pale face. They were both crying. Evelyn wanted her to fight. She grabbed Corelle’s head at the ears with both hands.

The patch slipped. Was torn off.

Evelyn looked down at Corelle in shock.

She stared.

Corelle looked back at her.

“What have you done?” Evelyn asked weakly. Tears spilled from her face to Corelle’s. She looked at Corelle’s two healthy green eyes looking back at her from tear-smeared mascara. “Your eye—?”

“Just hate me and get it all over. I have to go.” Corelle whispered.

Evelyn paused. A long moment passed and she slowly released her grip on Corelle’s head. “You’ve already pulled the trigger. Corelle disappears, never to return unless I take up the gauntlet. Was that fair to anyone?”

“No.” Corelle shook her head slightly.

“I can’t be you.”

“You can do a better job than I did.”

Evelyn lowered her lips to Corelle’s blooded ones and kissed her. Corelle moaned softly and tried to turn away; bury her face in the cushion. Evelyn grabbed her chin and forced her face back. She kissed her again. Her left hand found the belt at her waist and unfastened it. “I know you’re not a black belt, but you are stronger than you look, Corelle. We’ve sparred. Stop me if you can. I don’t think you will.”

Corelle groaned with arousal.

Evelyn unbuttoned Corelle’s slacks and slid a hand into her panties. Heated satin stretched under her fingers and gave way. She smiled. “You shaved your pussy, too. You’re slick and hot down there.”

Corelle nodded slowly.

“I like it shaved.” Her fingers explored. “And you’ve got a ring down there. What? A chime? A little pussy bell?”

Corelle nodded; licked her lips.

“I’ll do it, Corelle. I’ll live for you. But you knew I’d do it. For them. I can see that. This is a mind job. You’ve put me where I have no choice but to help you. But you’re going to do something for me in return. I’m not like Doris, am I? I’m not Kinspawn, I don’t have the makings.” She kissed the bruised lips below her.

“No. You have very little potential. You don’t have the fascination for the dark.” Corelle shifted. She was hot and getting more aroused by the second. Passive. Lying pinned to the sofa and letting Evelyn do everything.

Evelyn nodded and worked her fingers into Corelle’s hot slit. She ran a hand over the black bra. “I know you haven’t told me everything. Tell me this. Can you share anything of your inner self with me? Can I start this task that you’ve set me with some edge to add to my own skills? Anything from your years of experience?”

Corelle sighed. “Read through the packets. Talk to Doris. She has power. She’s submissive at her core. She loves you fiercely, Evelyn. I think the two of you can beat any threat.”

Evelyn flushed. Her clit throbbed. Doris? Really?

She cleared her throat. “Anything else?” She worked her fingers gently in the slickness between Corelle’s legs.

Corelle nodded, rolling her hips. “Mmm. The lady—might give—her champion—a token. A favor—to carry.”

“So I’m your champion? I like that. Anything you might give me. I like that very much.” Evelyn studied the face below. So young looking. How did I never see how vulnerable she was? In some ways, she’s just a child compared to Fu. It is so wrong for her to leave when we love her.

She kissed her again. Her lips were so hot.

“Heather taught—me something,” Corelle whispered. “Mmm. I don’t know—what it means yet. It reminds me—of something—that I saw—on an early July morning—years ago in—an exquisite desert. I think—it might help you—in the days ahead. I know—it’s very dangerous. The Phoenix.” Corelle orgasmed, moving her hips in tiny thrusts. Then she ran a hand over Evelyn’s breast.

They looked at each other for a long moment.

Evelyn smiled. “Everything’s dangerous. You’re still talking in riddles. Do you have to be so obscure?” She kissed her again and fondled her warm breast.

Corelle pulled her closer. “Things don’t happen by accident, Evelyn. You have a tiny fraction of my clan’s blood. That’s why you look like me. I was honest when I said you had very little potential, but the Phoenix might change that. If we swim together in the Great River. Heather died from it. I could kill you with a single misstep. We might both drown.”

Evelyn kissed her forehead. “I’d love to—as long as it’s with you.”

Corelle moved her hands to her face. Her fingers were not expert yet at this. Her fingertips delicately probed at her left eye. Suddenly, the optical-cup slipped from the socket.

Evelyn saw a crimson flash—.

—Light. The smell of pussy. Exciting flesh. A great crimson Light washing over me. Hot. Like a sauna. Like a serpent’s tongue washing each inch of my body. Submission. Her gentle loving caress. Her willing passion and exposure. Hot. I want the soft skin of her breasts in my mouth. On my skin. Horny. Auburn hair gone with a razor. Graceful. Licking my legs. Lesbian. Crimson lips. Lipstick. Sucking. Stretched and spread. Pussylicker. Passing brandy back and forth in our kissing mouths. Tongues. Bad girls. Fuckslave. Hot mouths. Yes. Nothing hotter than being a bad girl. Mistress Evelyn. Sexy. Ancient Slave. Ancient Slut. Lonely Ancient girl-child. Hot smooth ass. Forcing Corelle’s face into my pussy. Make her work off her geas. Crazy bitch. Cruel monster. Lovely lady of my honor. Eat me. Service me like the hot bitch you are. My snatch dripping down my legs.

Something changes. Hotter now. Burning. The crimson light pierces through me.

I thrust my hips on the light. I feel her. Corelle. She joins with me. We are both Light.

I can do this. Tiny rings in her ears. Tiny bell in her hot wet nubbin. Frig yourself. Dance for me. She gives to me. A great crimson Light. A Great River. The Light hotter and hotter. Corelle opens her legs further and my hand penetrates into the inner deep. She twines with me at my command. She is strong, but I am stronger. I almost see the greater fears she is hiding in the Light that is her core. Something is coming for her. Something is growing closer. A Shadow is there. Things will get worse. She needs this. She needs me. This is good-bye. I’m not afraid—

I am not afraid. Evelyn blinked awake. She looked out the window at the moon above. She rolled over and slid her hand across the slim figure on the sofa with her.

Am I controlled now? Is my mind my own? Has she made me want to play the mistress? God, I’m hot just thinking about it. Why should that surprise me?

It feels like me, only better. She stretched her arms overhead. I feel wonderful. Like a kid again. She sat up and stretched again, pleased when she easily touched her toes. She paused, suddenly remembering the warm crimson light. She gasped as heat flowed immediately from her clitoris. That Light? What happened? It seemed like I was inside her and she was inside me. It seemed like we were one cunt for a moment. It was wicked.

“One cunt.” Evelyn said it again because it sounded so wonderfully lewd. So arousing.

She licked her lips. Maybe I am made over into something new.

“Hey, my little bitch.” She shook Corelle awake. “Wake up. I need you to help me cut my hair.”

* * *

Corelle D’Amber left Evelyn’s apartment, strode down the connecting stair and out to the front yard. She stopped at the sidewalk as Paul got out of the limousine and opened the door for her. She turned and looked back at the lit windows of the second floor.

The curtain dropped back into place shutting out the light there. Gone.

She gathered the leather coat tighter around her. She reached up and tugged the auburn wig. Her fingers brushed over the charcoal eye patch. She handed the briefcase to Paul. “Thank you.”

She entered the car and settled. Paul closed the armored door shutting her in. He walked around the car.

Paul got behind the wheel. “Home now, Ms. D’Amber? Everything all right with Evelyn?”

“I’m afraid Evelyn is taking another position, Paul. A good opportunity for her and I support her choice. We’ll have to get along without her. I think Doris will take the job if I ask her.” Corelle eased back into the seat. “Yes. Let’s go home.”

The car quietly moved off down the street.

Corelle stared at the dark windows of the apartment, twisting around to keep it in sight as the car moved. She realized she was crying again. She decided she could indulge for a bit.

* * *

Evelyn Flaumel handed the landlord the apartment keys and said goodbye. The lease paid off, there was nothing left to do here.

She walked down the connecting stair and out to the front yard. She stopped at the sidewalk and looked around. It was past noon. It had taken her longer than she expected to finish the details of closing out life here.

And it hurt like hell. She squinted her green eyes at the afternoon sun and pulled out her sunglasses. Slipping them on she smiled. She flipped the blonde hair back over her shoulder; pleased the wig’s fit was so tight.

Blood! This day hurts like an open wound. It amused her that the throbbing of her left eye was nothing compared to the ache in her heart.

She was alone. The smile felt brittle.

She had told some of the truth and let the rest fill itself in naturally. She had answered the questions asked. She wondered which fiery agony she might get used to first, the burning of her left eye, or the stabbing ache of being solitary again.

Or would she live that long without her family around her? Tears began again.

She looked up at the sky. This isn’t the end. Enrico, my old love, you were right. The Phoenix isn’t Death, it is Life.

She walked into a new life.