The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created

by mypenname3000

Chapter 10: Oral Delights

James Davies

I was so glad that Ruri wanted to lose her virginity. I had been patient with her. She was a prickly girl, embarrassed by her emotions and desires, prone to lash out with attacks to protect her emotions. The Japanese called it tsundere. However, her cute, innocence made my heart beat so fast. My creation was ready to be taken hard.

“Don’t just stare at me,” Ruri said, her arms hugging herself, her small breasts quivering. Pink nipples thrust hard from atop those little mounds. Her pigtails swayed about her shoulders as she shifted. They danced about her, looking so fetching, so sexy. They made my dick ache.

I couldn’t wait to touch her. To love her.

“What do you say, James?” Orihime asked. The flirty and busty girl grinned at me. She had orange hair, a bright shade that no natural girl had. They both came from my imagination. Her pillowy mounds jiggled as she sidled up to me, her arm hooking mine. “Let’s make her explode. She needs it.”

“I don’t need it!” Ruri hissed, her cheeks scarlet, her light-purple, verging on blue, hair swaying. “I just...” Her expression softened as she stared at me. “I just want to make James happy!”

“We both do,” said Orihime. Her sweet musk filled my nose. I glanced down her body. The tight slit of her pussy was just visible vanishing between her thighs. Her juices glistened on her puffy vulva. A line of her cream ran down her supple thighs. “But you’ve been difficult.”

“Na-huh,” Ruri said. Her eyes snapped to me, purple and quivering. “Right, James?”

“Well...” I said. “You’ve been a little difficult.”

Her cheeks puffed out. “If you three are going to tease me. Then it’s off. I don’t have to lose my virginity today.”

“Nope!” Orihime declared. “You don’t get off that easily!” She glanced at me. “Let’s get her!”

“Yes!” I grinned, glad my sisters had kept dad up so late last night he’d overslept. Now we weren’t going to church. Maybe Becky and Sam deciding to lose their virginity to Dad prompted Ruri to lose hers this morning.

Orihime had surrendered hers the moment she’d stepped out of my poster.

Orihime sprang at Ruri, the taller, curvier girl grasped the slender delight and pressed her down. Ruri had the budding figure of a younger girl even though she was nineteen while Orihime was more developed, possessing a woman’s curves combined with youthful perkiness.

“No!” Ruri gasped as Orihime pinned the blue-haired girl down. Ruri’s legs kicked. “Get off of me I don’t want it. I changed my mind.”

“Liar,” Orihime said. “You’re nipples are so hard.”

My cock was so hard. I slipped out of my boxers, my dick thrusting large and proud before more. My balls ached to shower my women in cum as I watched Orihime straddling Ruri, the curvy girl’s shaved pussy aimed right at me. I could just fuck her but...

Ruri’s tight slit flashed between her thrashing thighs. I’d enjoyed Orihime already. I wanted Ruri.

“If you’re not eager for this, then why are your nipples hard?” Orihime asked, pressing her tits down against Ruri’s. “They’re making my own nipples tingle when they brush together.”

“Stop it!” Ruri hissed. “Ooh, Orihime, you’re a big-tittied cow!”

“I am,” Orihime moaned. “That’s how James drew me. To have these big, lush tits. And he drew you to be so slender and sexy. His little, cute treasure. He’s going to eat you up. Just admit you’re horny and want this.”

“No! James! James, get her off of me!”

“But your pussy,” I said, moving to her. I grabbed her kicking legs, holding her tight. “Your pussy is leaking so much cream. Your juices are staining your thighs. If you’re not horny, then why are you so wet.”

“Am not!” she gasped as I gripped her calves, her muscles flexing. I stared right at her virginal slit, bare of all her pubic hair. Neither of them had to shave. They were naturally bald, just the way I liked a girl’s pussy to be.

“Oh, yes, you are,” I groaned. “Show her, Orihime!”

“Mmm, I know I’m dripping wet feeling her little titties against my big boobies!” Orihime purred. Her hand shoved down between their bodies, darted across Ruri’s pubic mound, and reached for her pussy. Ruri tried to squeeze her thighs shot to trap Orihime’s hand.

I kept her legs apart, my dick throbbing.

Orihime’s delicate fingers caressed over Ruri’s pussy, cupping that plump mound. Ruri gasped as her virginal flesh was stroked. Orihime’s fingers grew sticky with the juices. I breathed in, inhaling both Orihime’s sweet musk and Ruri’s spicy delight. The twin scents mixed in my mouth, making me shudder in delight at the wonderful scents filling the air.

Orihime’s fingers came away wet. She held them up, admiring how they glistened. Then she pressed them up to Ruri’s face. “What is this?”

“Th-that’s your pussy juices!” Ruri gasped. “I’m not wet. I don’t want this!”

“Liar,” Orihime said. I groaned as she pressed her pussy-soaked fingers against Ruri’s mouth and thrust them in. The girl shivered. She sucked on the digits, her eyes bulging as Orihime pumped them in and out. “Ooh, she’s sucking on them, James. She loves tasting her pussy juices.”

Ruri let out a frustrated moan, her legs twitching and kicking in my tight grasp.

That excited me. I had to play with her. I had to taste her and tease her. I sank to my knees, my hands sliding up her legs, past her knees. I pressed her thighs farther apart as I leaned my head down. Ruri’s spicy musk grew stronger as I approached her virginal flesh. That wonderful delight tingled my nose.

My cock ached.

“James!” Ruri groaned. “No, no, you can’t do that. That’s too embarrassing. That’s my pussy! You can’t lick my pussy and... James!”

My lips kissed right atop her tight, virginal slit. Her spicy juices coated them. My tongue flicked out, brushing her hot flesh for the first time. She had such a creamy, silky feel to her. Her legs stiffened. She let out a naughty, wanton shriek.

It was such a delicious sound to hear. My dick throbbed. I licked her again. And again. I flicked my tongue against her vulva, parting her tight slit to brush her silky petals. I fluttered it up and down, from her budding clit to the hymen guarding her juicy depths.

My dick twitched as I rubbed that.

“James!” she gasped. “Oh, James, no, no! That’s so naughty. That’s my pussy! Oh, that’s such a naughty place.”

“So naughty,” purred Orihime. Her pussy wiggled before me as she squirmed, still pressing her tits into Ruri’s. I could see those big mounds pillowing against Ruri’s body as I gazed before me, Orihime’s stomach sleek like Ruri’s.

My tongue lapped faster. I gathered up those juices while Ruri gasped and moaned. She made such sweet sounds now that I was pleasing her. My cock wanted to bury in her, but I wanted to make her cum. I wanted to love my creation.

My sweet Ruri.

Beneath her prickly exterior, she was a hot-blooded maiden needing me to please her. Her sweet moans echoed through my bedroom while her humping hips rubbed her hot pussy against my mouth. She smeared her juicy flesh against me. Her cream coated me. I lapped it up, loving the flavor of her.

I nibbled on her clit. I sucked on her little pussy folds. My tongue pressed against her hymen. I teased that thin membrane, loving the feel of the elastic cherry beneath me. My dick throbbed so badly. I wanted to pop her.

When she was ready.

I nibbled up and down her labia. Her juices flowed, coating my mouth and chin. I breathed in her sweet musk. It was an incredible treat to enjoy. I stopped holding her thighs to slid my hands beneath her tight rump, cupping both her butt-cheeks.

I held her tight, squeezing her, kneading her. I pulled her twat tight against my mouth. She shuddered, her thighs squeezing about my cheeks. Her moans echoed through the room. More and more of her spicy cream filled my mouth.

“James! James!” she gasped. “Oh, wow, James! That’s so naughty. You’re making my pussy feel so good! You don’t have to!”

“Yeah, he does,” Orihime purred. She rolled off of Ruri and settled down beside the blue-haired girl.

I stared up at Ruri’s face, loving the expressions flashing across her features. Her violet eyes darted around, glassy with the pleasure I gave her. Her small breasts quivered. Her stomach flexed as she shuddered. Orihime stroked a finger around Ruri’s pink nipple.

“Isn’t it amazing?” Orihime said. “How he loves your pussy. How he licks and laps and stirs up all those naughty delights in you. He wants to make you explode. That’s so wonderful, isn’t it?”

Ruri whimpered, her face scrunched up. Her ass tightened. Then she gasped as Orihime’s head darted down, the orange-haired beauty engulfing Ruri’s nipple. The slender girl moaned, her thighs clenching about my face, holding me against her hot pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned. “Oh, James! Oh, wow! I’m going to... I’m going to...”

“To what?” I moaned between licks. I fluttered up to her clit, nipped it.

“That... that...” She moaned. “Oh, don’t make me say it. It’s so embarrassing.”

“But if you don’t say it...” I said, pulling my lips from her pussy, my cheeks caressing her thighs. “How will I know what you need?”

“Please!” she gasped.

“Please what?” I asked over the noisy sucks Orihime made while loving Ruri’s nipple.

“Please keep licking my pussy!” Ruri moaned. “I’m so close.”


“To cumming!” she howled. “Don’t stop! Please, please, don’t stop, James! I need you to make me cum!”

“Then what?” I asked, my fingers digging into her butt-cheeks. I took a long, slow lick up her pussy, brushing her hymen before I caressed her bud.

“Then you can pop my cherry!” she screamed as my tongue circled her clit. “I want you to make love to me, James! I need you in me! I can’t hide my feelings for you any longer.”

I sucked hard on her clit. I nibbled on it with my lips while Orihime loved Ruri’s nipples. The gasps and moans echoed through my bedroom. Her stomach flexed before me. The bed creaked as she shuddered.

Then her spicy cream gushed out of her. It coated my cheeks and chin. She drowned me in her virginal passion. It was amazing. I licked it all up. I feasted on her, so glad to finally be enjoying my tsundere lover.

I made this delight. I created her. Two perfect women to love me always.

“Take me, James!” she gasped.

Orihime popped her mouth off Ruri’s nipple. “Yes, yes, take her!” my busty girl moaned, her blue eyes almost glowing. “Ram your cock into her and make her explode!”

I rose up Ruri’s body, her spicy cream dripping from my mouth. Her hands seized my shoulders with greedy need. She pulled me down to her, her thighs locking about my waist. Orihime’s hand darted down my body, grabbing my cock.

She guided me to Ruri’s passion.

I kissed my cute lover, sharing her spicy juices. Orihime rubbed my cock up and down against her hot flesh. My dick ached and throbbed as her silky delight teased me. Pleasure spilled over me. I groaned into her kiss, her arms clutching tight about my neck. Her small breasts brushed my chest. My glasses shifted.

“Love her, James,” Orihime purred, her hand squeezing my cock as the tip pressed against Ruri’s maidenhead.

Orihime ripped her hand away.

I thrust forward.

Ruri’s hymen stretched before my cock. She whimpered into our kiss. Her arms wrapped about my neck and pinned me to her hot lips. She kissed me with a hot passion, her tongue thrusting into my mouth as her cherry stretched. Stretched.


I groaned as I sank into her pussy. The second one I’d ever enjoyed in my life. Her silky sheath engulfed my cock, wrapping about me, holding me tight with her juicy passion. I groaned as I slid deeper and deeper into her. Her cunt engulfed me in such sweet heaven. I moaned, loving it. This wondrous delight bathed around me, teasing me.

Our tongues dueled as I bottomed out in her deflowered flesh. I held in the hilt of her for this wondrous moment, letting the heat of her cunt bathe my dick. She was all around me. Hugging me, teasing me. It was an incredible delight to experience. My cock throbbed in her pussy as she squirmed, stirring her silky flesh around me.

“You two are so cute together,” Orihime purred, her hands sliding down her body. She rubbed at her hot flesh. “Look at you! James! You did it! You popped Ruri’s cherry!”

I broke the kiss and grinned at her. “I did.”

Orihime kissed me as I drew back my cock. She must be tasting Ruri’s spicy cream still lingering on my lips. Ruri’s snatch squeezed around my dick as I pulled out, the silky friction rippling around my cock felt incredible.

I thrust into her. I buried to the hilt in my petite lover. Her hot cunt engulfed me. Her whimpers filled the air while I groaned into Orihime’s mouth. I kissed her hard while I made love to Ruri. The bed creaked and groaned as I buried into Ruri again and again.

That silky caress... That hot embrace...

I loved it.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Ruri moaned. “Oh, James, you’re churning up my pussy! Oh, it’s incredible. Mmm, you’re plunging in so deep and hard. Oh, James, yes, yes!”

I loved it. I kissed her hard. I rammed into her shaft, my balls smacking into her taint. Her cunt squeezed around my dick, her flesh massaging the spongy crown. My balls drank it in. The pleasure swelled and swelled in me. It built, driving me towards an explosive orgasm.

I broke the kiss with Orihime and stared down into Ruri’s violet eyes. They shone with such passion. Her body moved beneath mine as she whimpered. Her cunt clenched around my cock, increasing the friction for brief moments.

The ache swelled at the tip of my cock.

“Ruri, you feel so amazing!” I groaned. “You’re going to make me explode.”

“Yes, yes!” Orihime moaned. “That’s right! Just spurt your jizz into her. Flood her cunt with all that wonderful cum. She needs it spilling through her.”

“Oh, yes!” Ruri gasped. “Cum in me, James! I want it! I love you! Let me show you! Please, please, spill in me like you do Orihime!”

“Yes!” Orihime moaned. She rolled onto her back. She had both her hands between her thighs. She masturbated her cunt with a wild abandon. She rubbed her flesh, her big tits bouncing and heaving as she whimpered. “Spurt all that yummy cum into her cunt!”

I thrust hard and fast into Ruri’s cunt. I plowed into her, loving the way she was wrapped about me. It felt incredible. Her cunt caressed me. Squeezed me. Pleasure rippled through me. Little stars danced through my vision.

I groaned, pounding her hard and fast, my balls smacking into her. The bed creaked. All three of us were panting, moaning. Orihime’s big tits jiggled, squeezed together by her arms reaching down her body to rub her cunt.

“James!” Ruri groaned, her pussy clenching around my cock. “Oh, James, I think... I think I’m going to cum again!”

“Naughty slut!” Orihime gasped, her words strained by her pleasure.

“I’m not a slut!” Ruri moaned, her cunt clenching about me. “Right, James? I’m your girlfriend. I just love you! I want to love you with my body! That doesn’t make me a slut!”

“It makes you my slut!” I groaned and slammed hard into her.

Ruri’s eyes widened. Then her face contorted. Her pussy grew hot about my cock. Then she bucked beneath me. Naughty squeaks and squeals burst from her lips. Her pussy writhed about my cock as her orgasm surged through her.

I made her cum.

“James!” she moaned, her pussy spasming around my cock. “Yes, yes, I’m your slut! I love you!”

“I love you!” I gasped and kissed her.

My dick pumped away at her convulsing flesh. Her writhing pussy massaged my cock. Milked me. It was incredible to feel. It was this wondrous sensation that drove me towards my orgasm. I rammed hard into her.


My cum pumped into her twat. I groaned into her kiss as the pleasure surged out of my cock. Every time my jizz flooded her orgasming, deflowered pussy, rapture slammed into my mouth. Stars exploded across my vision.

It was amazing. I groaned, my eyes rolling back in my head as I pumped her full of all my cum. Orihime trembled beside us, her breasts quivering in the corner of my vision. Ruri’s pussy milked my balls dry as I broke the kiss.

“Ruri!” I groaned as my orgasm peaked.

“Oh, James, you flooded me with your seed!” she gasped. “Oh, it’s so hot in me!”

“It feels wonderful when he cums in you!” Orihime moaned. Her body trembled. The juicy sound of her fingers plundering her pussy filled the room. “Yes!”

She came beside us as I kissed Ruri, loving my tsundere lover. She trembled beneath me, clutching me. Her pussy’s writhing slowed, stopped. She mewled, kissing me back with gentle passion, transformed for her normally uptight persona.

I loved that my creations came to life. I didn’t know how this was possible, but I must have some sort of powers. I must be some sort of god. I groaned, my dick still hard. I pulled out of Ruri and glanced at the quivering Orihime.

“Fuck her!” Ruri moaned. “Love her, too!”

Joy burst through me. I made them both. I couldn’t wait to see what other sorts of powers I must have. I mounted Orihime, her fingers ripping out of her pussy, clearing the way for my shaft. She grabbed my wet cock, guided it to her holes. I was still so hard. Ever since they came to life, I had impressive stamina.

I rammed my cock into Orihime’s pussy. “I love you both!” I howled. “You’re both mine!”

* * *

Becky Davies

Sunday morning passed in a blur of love-making until the three of us finally spilled out of the bedroom, Sam and I dripping with pussy juices and Daddy’s cum. James was closeted in his room with those two girls he made. They were all having a good time. I was glad my little brother could have his fun, even if it was so perverted that he made them.

I wonder how he did that.

Daddy and Sam vanished to go work on the car after our late breakfast, so I dressed in my usual weekend clothing of a simple skirt and t-shirt. I went to work on my homework. I was so behind after I wild romp all weekend. It was so much fun, but I had grades to maintain. I wanted to be valedictorian when I graduated at the end of the year.

I lost myself to my homework. I could do that easily. It surprised me when I heard a knock at my door and looked up to see it was almost 1 PM. A few hours had passed. I stretched as I sauntered to my door, hoping it was Daddy wanting to reward my hard work with a chance to love his dick.

“Hey, Daddy, I...” I blinked at the sight of Tonya, my best friend. Well, my only friend.

“You weren’t at church,” Tonya said as she slipped into the room. “And you’ve been ignoring me all weekend. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” I said, captivated by the way her platinum-blonde hair shimmered as she slipped into my room. My heart suddenly quickened. I always had this latent, bisexual streak in me. It was why I had an attraction to my mother. After this weekend, I was also appreciating Sam’s nubile form.

Now I was seeing Tonya as a blossoming woman. She was still wearing her Sunday dress, white stockings cladding her delicious legs, her skirt falling down to her knees, covered in a floral pattern. There was just a little bit of a neckline, and not nearly enough to show off any cleavage. She was a petite girl, the opposite of my curvy figure.

“It’s just been busy with Mom out of town,” I said. “You know, Sam and I had to step up and do more around the house.”

“Oh, sure,” Tonya said. “But why weren’t you at church?” She sat down on my bed, staring at me, her legs pressed tight. “Your family never misses church.”

My cheeks warmed. I couldn’t tell her the truth. It was such a shame. I’d never lied to Tonya in all the years I’d known her. We’d grown up together. “Just... overslept. We, um, had a power outage overnight and no one’s alarms went off. By the time we all woke up, well, it just didn’t seem like much point in going.”

“Oh,” Tonya said, smiling. “That makes sense. I just...” She licked her lips. “I thought we were going to study today.”

“Right!” I said, heading over to sit on the bed. She was so beautiful. I had never noticed it. Her face had this delicateness to it that made her seem so fetching. I leaned in and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. “Sounds like a great idea.”

She blinked, her blue eyes so wide. Her tongue flicked out, tasting her lips. “Um, what was that?”

“What?” I asked her, my stomach squirming. “It was just a kiss. Just saying hello.”

“I mean...” She shook her head. “Yeah, okay. I guess.”

Why did I kiss her?

She was just so sexy. I wanted to do naughty things to her. Mom was always seducing women. At church. At the free clinic where she volunteered at. She’d even enjoyed a few of my teachers and professors. Mom was fearless when it came to seducing a woman. I wanted to be like that. To just throw myself at a woman and enjoy her.

That would be so wild.

I stared at Tonya, wanting to kiss her again. To just pin her down on the bed and love her. I would make her cum so hard. Then I could share her with Daddy like Mom did. He would love me so much if I did that. Tonya and I would be so close, and then... maybe I wouldn’t have to lie to her.

“Is there something on my face?” Tonya asked, her eyes wide. She parted her lips to flash her pearly whites. “Do I have something in my teeth?”

“No, no, I’m just being an airhead,” I said, my cheeks burning. How did my mom just do it? Seduce women? I was so scared of making things worse. “Let’s study!”

Tonya nodded her head. We were both top students at Rainier Christian College. I didn’t know which of us would come out on top. Not that it was a competition. We supported each other like we had for years.

I grabbed my textbook. She hadn’t brought hers so she had to sit close by me.

She wore such a pretty perfume.

It was sweet and spicy. It filled my nose when I inhaled. I groaned, the delight tingling in my nostrils. I groaned, shivering. My pussy grew hotter and hotter beneath my skirt. I wasn’t wearing any panties.

A faint, spicy musk filled my nose.

Did Tonya smell that aroma? Did she realize it was hot pussy? She would know it wasn’t hers. Would she wonder why I was turned on? Every time she glanced at me, my heart beat faster and faster. Her lips were so pink and kissable. So glossy.

Her arm brushed mine as she turned the page. She leaned her head in, her platinum hair spilling over my shoulder. I could smell the lilac of her shampoo. I groaned, my pussy clenching. Heat rushed out of me.

My large breasts swelled my t-shirt. My nipples were hard. I wasn’t wearing a bra, either. She had to notice those. They were so prominent. I groaned, my entire body shaking. Excitement swept through me as I stared at the profile of her face.

“I think this is important,” she said. “The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal will definitely be on the test.” she shifted. “Why does quantum physics have to be so weird?”

“Yeah,” I said, nodding my head. “You just can’t know everything. You can’t know the... state something’s in. If it’s receptive.”

“Receptive?” she asked, her pink lips moving.

My lusts boiled through me. Mom did this. I could do this.

I lunged at her. Kissed her. My fiery hair swept into her platinum locks as she stiffened. This time, it wasn’t a brief kiss. This was no momentary contact of my lips on hers. This was passion. It was intense. Our mouths welded together. She groaned, her eyes wide as I pushed her down.

She didn’t move as I pinned her to my bed, kissing her with such wild passion. My lusts were unleashed. Her blue eyes darted back and forth. It was so wonderful. She tasted so sweet. I had to love her. I had to make her cum before she could realize what I was doing. A bold attack.

Something Sam would do. And she had those friends of hers she was always making love with.

“Becky!” Tonya gasped as I broke the kiss. I slid down the bed. “What are you doing?”

“You’re just so beautiful, Tonya!” I moaned, pushing up her skirt. “Let me show you how beautiful you are.”

I was hungry for this. I wanted to be just like my mother. My hands slid up Tonya’s inner thighs, stroking her white pantyhose clinging to her flesh. Her warmth bled through. Her panties were an opaque shadow through them.

“I’m going to love you!” I moaned, sinking off my bed to kneel between her open thighs. I grabbed her legs and pulled her rump to the edge of the bed.

“Are you gay?” she gasped. “Becky! You can’t do this! It’s a sin!”

“I don’t care!” I moaned. Not after giving my body to my father and sister. Not after the weekend I had. Sin didn’t matter. It just held you back from experiencing all the delights that this world held. “You’re just so sexy! Let me love you! You’re my hot friend!”

My fingers slid down her thighs to her crotch. I followed, leaning in as she squirmed. Her hands shot down her body, trying to push down her skirt. My fingers reached her panties. I rubbed at her pussy through her stockings and underwear.

She gasped as I touched her. Shock flashed across her features. I knew she tried not to masturbate. She wasn’t prepared for the bliss I was giving her. I would make her cum and show her how wonderful lesbian bliss was.

Then we could do other things together. Naughty things.

I rubbed harder as I leaned in. My pussy was on fire. I had to feast on her. Right now. Her panties and pantyhose were in the way. What would Sam do?

“Becky!” gasped Tonya as I ripped open the crotch of her nylons. They tore with a satisfying rip. My pussy clenched as I exposed her cream panties. They cupped her pussy. A few stray, blonde hairs escaped around the gusset. “No, no, you can’t do this! What has gotten into you?”

“You’re just so sexy!” I purred as I ripped the gusset of her panties to the side, exposing her blonde bush hiding her pussy. “Let me show you how sexy you are.”

I pressed my face into her pussy. Her silky bush caressed my lips. Those platinum hairs tickled my cheeks and lips. I nuzzled in until I reached her pussy. I fluttered my tongue up and down her folds, tasting a faint, tangy flavor.

She wasn’t wet. Yet.

“Becky!” she whimpered, her hands grabbing my fiery hair. She pushed on my head. “You have to stop! I’m not a lesbian!”

“I’m not, either!” I moaned. “I’m bi! You can love both men and women!”

My tongue attacked her pussy. I learned how to please Sam this weekend. How to touch a woman. My little sister was more than willing to let me. I loved her naughty, petite figure. I licked her cunt even when it wasn’t full of Daddy’s cum.

So knew what to do.

My hands cupped Tonya’s squirming, flexing ass through her panties and pantyhose as I devoured her. I flicked my tongue up and down her folds, her tangy flavor growing. Her excitement swelled. Her pussy lips grew engorged as her arousal swelled.

Her clit peeked out of its little hood. Pink, glistening. So cute. I flicked my tongue against it. Her eyes widened in shock as I caressed it. I knew just how sensitive that little spot was. My own throbbed between my thighs.

I shoved my right hand down my body, abandoning her rump, and rubbed at the hot folds of my cunt. My juices soaked my digits in moments. My fingers slid through my furry muff, silky hairs stroking my palm as I found my clit.

Rubbed it.

“Becky!” whimpered Tonya. She thrashed on the bed. “Oh, Becky, what are you doing to me? This is so wrong!”

“I know!” I hissed. “Just enjoy it. You don’t have to fight it! Let the passion surge through you.”

My tongue flicked up and down her folds, brushing her clit at the pinnacle of every lick. She gasped and squirmed on my bed. The creaking filled the room. Her thighs flexed, rubbing her silky stocking against my cheeks as I feasted on her.

My clit ached beneath my stroking touch. I rubbed my cunt with a feverish passion. My fingers stroked up and down my folds then plundered into my juicy depths. Two digits penetrated deep into me while my thumb massaged my bud.

“You have to stop!” gasped Tonya. “Becky! You’re making me feel things!”

“Good!” I moaned, her tangy passion coating my lips. “Don’t fight this, Tonya! Let the passion consume you. Cum on my lips!”

“Cum?” she gasped, her face twisting in shock. “No, no, I can’t cum! You’re a girl! I’m a girl! And... and... Oh, Lord, please, you have to stop!”

“Because it feels so good?” I asked. I ran my tongue across her hymen and brushed her clit again.

She didn’t have to say it; her moan answered it for me. The way she shuddered as she squirmed against me provided all the proof I needed that I was pleasing her. That I was driving her wild with my licking and tonguing. She groaned, her eyes rolling back into her head.

My fingers plunged faster and faster in and out of my cunt. I stirred myself to a hot froth. It was amazing. I was eating Tonya out. I was giving my friend such bliss. I wanted to cum so hard. My pussy squeezed about my fingers, increasing the silky friction.

Swelling my orgasm.

My tongue swirled around her clit. Then I nibbled on the bud. Her fingers gripped my fiery hair. She wasn’t trying to push me away now. She just held me as I loved her. Her head tossed back and forth as she shuddered on the bed. More and more of her tangy juices coated my mouth.

It was incredible. I loved it. I didn’t want this to stop. I groaned as I sucked hard on her clit.

“Becky, Becky, please!” she howled.

I loved how she begged. She was about to cum.

“Oh, Lord, Becky!” she howled.

My nipples throbbed against my blouse. My pussy clenched about my fingers. My juices poured down my hand to my wrist. My thumb massaged my clit in fast circles. I was so close. I sucked so hard on her bud while the fingers of my left hand were naughty.

They slid into her butt-crack.

I caressed up and down her, teasing her. Then I found her asshole. Her eyes bulged as I caressed her sphincter. Her juices coated my chin and cheeks. I wiggled my finger against her anal ring. She groaned, her face scrunching up.

“No, Becky!” she groaned. “That’s so dirty! That’s my butt-hole. You can’t... I... I... Becky!”

My finger penetrated her asshole.

My friend came.

Her juices bathed my face. Tangy passion spilled out of her and into my hungry mouth. I thrust my fingers so fast and hard into my cunt as I reveled in making her cum. Her asshole writhed about my digit while her moans sang through my bedroom.


I made my best friend cum. I seduced her just like Mom would have. I groaned, my thumb pressing hard on my clit. Sparks exploded in my pussy. I buried my fingers deep into my cunt. My twat writhed about them.

My orgasm burst inside of me.

I moaned into her cunt, licking and lapping as the bliss surged out of my pussy. That wondrous passion spilled through my body and mind. My thoughts melted. I quivered and groaned, my fingers plunging into my writhing snatch, sending more ecstasy through me.

“Oh, Becky!” gasped my friend. “Oh, you made me cum! I can’t... This is... Becky!”

Her back arched. Her pussy rubbed against my hungry mouth, her wet pubic hair caressing my cheeks. It was so amazing. Little stars danced across my vision as my orgasm peaked in me. I groaned, juices dripping down my thighs, coating my hand.

I rested my head on her torn pantyhose, panting, my eyes fluttering. “Oh, Tonya, you tasted so good. Oh, I love you! We’re going to have so much fun together.”

“Yeah,” Tonya said, sitting up. She shifted, swallowing.

I sat up and hugged her. I kissed her stiff lips. She shifted in the embrace while I buzzed from my orgasm. I was so glad that I could love her. My heart hammered and raced in my chest as my arm was around her shoulder.

“So, that was a good study break, right?” I asked her. “I mean, it felt good when you came.”

“It felt good,” she said, her voice soft. She stared down at her lap, her fingers playing together.

“So... back to studying?” I asked. “Unless... you want to go down on me.”

Tonya shook her head. “Studying. We can study.”

I smiled and gave her another kiss, hoping she enjoyed tasting her own pussy on my lips. She was just shy. I would ease her into eating my pussy. We had plenty of time. I pulled my book over my lap and we went back to studying, Tonya sitting stiffly by me.

In another hour, Daddy knocked on my door, telling me to get ready for church. We were going to evening service. “Okay, Daddy!” I said as he stared at us, Tonya squirming beside me. “We’ll be ready.”

He breathed in deeply then gave me a strange look.

“We were doing some intensive studying, Daddy,” I said.

Tonya let out a groan, her head lower, her cheeks red.

“Good,” Daddy said, a smile crossing his lips. Then he was gone.

“I have a spare pair of pantyhose you can wear,” I said, standing up. “Sorry for tearing yours.”

“No, no, it’s fine,” Tonya said. She stood up. “Um... I don’t think I feel like going to church.”

Before I could say anything, my friend darted out of the room. I stood there frozen. Had I... pushed her too hard? Didn’t she like cumming on my mouth? I thought I gave her pleasure and now... I swallowed.

“She’s just tired,” I told myself. “It was a big day for her. She’ll be fine tomorrow. She’ll be eager for more. She got a taste.”

I nodded to myself. That would be it.

* * *

Steve Davies

“Why do we have to go to church?” Sam moaned. “The bible doesn’t like incest. God thinks what we’re doing is a sin.”

Does he? Anael claimed to be sent by God, the Most High as she called Him. That was one of God’s names from the bible. “Because it builds character,” I answered out of habit, my mind pondering the possibilities. Anael never acted very... virtuous. She pushed me to use my gift for my own personal lusts. “Churches help their communities. Morals aren’t bad, even if they’re restrictive.”

“Yeah, soooooo restrictive.” Sam sighed. “Shame someone can’t change that.”

“It would be nice,” I said, smiling. I wanted to grab my phone. “Come on, kumquat. Becky’s ready.”

James waited with the two girls I created for him. Ruri and Orihime looked real, like normal girls, but their hair and eye coloring were too unnatural, even Orihime’s blue eyes were too brilliant. Like jewels. But he was happy to have a girl on both his arms. They wore Sunday clothing, demure, though there was no hiding the size of Orihime’s tits.

Becky stood alone. “Where’s Tonya?”

“She’s not going tonight,” Becky said, giving me a bright smile. “She went home. Come on, we missed communion. We have to go!”

“Right, right,” I said. My wife wasn’t going to church in Vegas. She was enjoying a different communion. Her, Marissa, and Evaline had just arrived at a strip club. I had a naughty pic of a half-naked, Latina woman giving Linda a lap dance. My cock was half-hard in my jeans.

We drove to First Baptist of Rainier where I served as a deacon. I had to show up to evening service since I missed the morning one. Just because I was fucking my daughters now didn’t mean I had to shirk my normal responsibilities.

Church still felt important to me for all the reasons I told my youngest daughter. Even in this altered timeline, where my wife and I had threesomes with women she seduced, we still felt church was important in our lives.

We arrived after a short drive. Sunday Evening service always had only a third of the people show up as the busier morning one. It lent a more intimate and casual air to the proceedings. There wouldn’t be a full sermon, just a short one, but there would be communion for those who missed this morning.

As I mingled, saying hello to my friends, I couldn’t help but smile at the women I knew the changed version of myself had sex with. My wife had worked her way through the congregation, seducing those women she felt were intriguing. That she could get away with loving.

Several were married, their husbands oblivious.

I kept checking my phone, freezing time as I inspected this wife or this husband, seeing how these affairs had changed things. I felt this heady rush of power every time I did. I was peeking into the lives of those around me and they had no idea.

“Brother Steve,” Isidora Mingo, the choir leader, purred as she came up to me. The Hispanic woman looked... sexier than I remembered. She dressed a little more feminine, her body a little tighter, not as plump.

She gave me a very welcoming hug.

I opened up Isidora’s profile. I smiled, seeing that I had a hot threesome with her and Linda two years ago. Her husband had no idea that his wife had cheated on him. He was oblivious to it all. His wife remembered our threesome fondly. It inspired her to stay in better shape, hoping for another chance.

I could rewrite her to make that happen and...

No, no, I had to focus on improving Rainier with tomorrow’s edits. Not getting distracted by the women of my church.

Varsha Singh strolled by. I frowned, not seeing a wedding ring on the Indian woman’s fingers. “Hi, Steve,” she said. “Hey, Sam.”

“Hey!” my daughter said, grinning. “How’s it going. Bet you wish my mom took you to Vegas this time.”

Varsha blushed and hurried away.

I opened up the phone and saw that Varsha had just divorced her husband because... my wife had seduced her. Varsha was coming to accept that she was a lesbian. She was also jealous of Evaline for going with my wife to Vegas this time. Varsha was debating telling Evaline’s husband, Malcolm, what really happened on those trips.

I’d have to do something about that. My cheeks burned. I remembered Varsha and Sukhbir as having a close relationship. Had I destroyed their marriage by changing my wife? What other effects had I caused?

“Hi, Brother Steve,” Reverend Colin Fekete said, a Hungarian man with a thick accent. We called him Colin because his real name, Kornél, tripped some people up. “I was worried when you didn’t show up.”

“I know,” his wife, Fabiana, said. She hung on his arm. She was a Brazilian woman and just gorgeous. She usually dressed in high-neck blouses and long skirts, but she was showing a considerable amount of cleavage tonight, her golden-brown breasts enticing. “Oh, there is Luke. I need to say high to him.”

“Sure,” Reverend Colin said. He glanced at me. “Your wife’s in Vegas, right? With Evaline?”

Nodded my head. “Visiting her friend, Marissa. Good thing my daughters have been a help around the house.” I pulled out my phone, glancing at Fabiana greeting Luke Elder, one of the other deacons. He was a tall, handsome man. “They’re quite a treasure to have.”

“I bet they—” Colin’s words cut off.

I paused time as I opened the editing app, Anael appearing naked nearby, a big grin on her face. She caressed her body as I opened Fabiana’s profile and... She was having an affair with Luke Elder. The Fabiana I knew was a devoted wife. She never would have cheated on her husband. I dove into her history, navigating her memories and...

My wife made a pass at Fabiana two years ago. It hadn’t worked. Fabiana was as straight as they came, but it shook her that Linda, a woman she thought was a faithful wife, could be cheating on her husband. It led Fabiana to question her own desires and then act on them a year ago.

Her husband had no idea.

“Fuck,” I muttered. “They had a strong marriage and now...”

“How strong was it if Linda’s little flirting caused an affair?” Anael asked. She hugged the Brazilian beauty from behind. “Mmm, you can always edit her. Make her faithful to the reverend or... change who she’s having an affair with.” She squeezed those big tits as she winked at me. “Huh? That would be fun. Imagine these tits sliding up and down your dick.”

I shook my head. “Sometimes I think you’re a devil.”

“Because I’m so naughty?” she asked. She winked at me. “That’s what makes this fun. I’m the Angel of Sexuality, too, so I’m hornier than most. But the Most High chose me. He must want you to get lucky.” She winked at me. “So enjoy it.”

“I’ll fix them after the mayor,” I said. I hated how I only had three edits in a day. It would be so much better with more.

I closed the app.

“—bring such comfort and help with Linda gone,” finished Colin.

“Huh?” I asked, forgetting what we were talking about before I froze time.

“Your daughters?” he said.

“Yeah,” I nodded.

“Mr. Davies,” a coquettish voice purred. “I’m so glad you came to church.”

I turned around and found my student, Kyleigh, standing there, looking so ripe and inviting. She licked her lips, a gesture that could awaken a dead man. My dick swelled to life at the sight of the curvaceous and sexy nineteen-year-old girl. Her green eyes glowed. Her large breasts, shaped to perfection by the app, almost spilled out of her low-cut, blue blouse.

“I was hoping we could... talk,” she said. “I just can’t wait until tomorrow to have our private tutoring.”

My dick groaned at the wanton purr in her voice. Here? At church?

“You better help your student out, Steve,” the reverend said, clapping my shoulder, oblivious to the sort of education young Kyleigh truly craved.

To be continued...