The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created

by mypenname3000

Chapter 11: Schoolgirl Temptation

Steve Davies

My dick throbbed in my slacks. Kyleigh wiggled, her breasts jiggled in her blue blouse, her tits almost spilling out. They were so lush and perfect. I wanted her. I had made her into this slut, turned her into this hottie. I deserved a little delight. I couldn’t fix anything wrong at my church this Sunday evening. My wife’s now open bisexuality had caused consequences to this new timeline. Repairing the damage had to wait until I had more editing slots. However, I could have fun with Kyleigh right now.

“Yeah, let’s go talk over...” I looked around. “Over here.” I nodded to my reverend. “Glad you understand.”

“Your dedication to your students is an inspiration, Steve,” said the reverend, giving me a smile. He had no idea.

I took Kyleigh’s hand and I pulled her towards the backroom. She giggled behind me as we passed the other members of church attending the Sunday evening service. I nodded to Fabiana, the reverend’s wife, as she talked to her lover, a gleam in her eyes that was so foreign to the Fabiana I knew. I had changed so much about our world without meaning to. I had to remember that.


I led her from the worship hall into a quiet section of classrooms that wouldn’t be used tonight. I led her past the near ones, her hand hot in mine. She smelled so sweet, her perfume filling my nose while her footsteps echoed behind me.

“Oh, I need this soooo bad, Mr. Davies,” she moaned. “All weekend... I just can’t resist. I even came to Sunday morning worship, and you weren’t here.”

“I overslept,” I said. “Sorry.”

“Just make it up to me,” she moaned as I opened the classroom door. It had a window in it. Someone might catch us, but that ache in my cock was so great I didn’t care. I had a nineteen-year-old hottie to fuck.

I didn’t turn on the lights. I didn’t want anyone to think we were in here. I moved through the dark room, past the rows of chairs set out, towards the table. I pressed her towards the tables, eager to just fuck into her. I bent her over the table, my hand squeezing her rump.

I kneaded her. I massaged her, squeezing her. She had such a tight ass. She moaned and squirmed, her hips wiggling from side to side. She flashed me a look over her shoulder, her face pale in the darkness, her eyes twinkling.

“Ooh, yes, yes, tutor me, Mr. Davies,” she said. “Just slide that cock into me! Fuck me! Give me that big, hard lesson! I need it! I’m so wet! I’ve soaked my panties.”

“Have you?” I asked, my hands hiking up her skirt, drawing it up her thighs until I exposed a pair of yellow panties, bands of ruffled lace across her rump. It was amazing to see. Her pussy molded to the underwear’s gusset. Even in the dark room, I could see the wet spot.

I pressed my finger into her panties, feeling her warmth bleeding through the fabric. Her juices stained my hand. A spicy musk filled my nose, that aroma of her feminine lust. It was just a delicious treat. I stroked her through the sleek cloth, making her coo.

“You are such a dedicated student,” I said, caressing her labia. I teased her, making her whimper. “So eager to learn, aren’t you?”

“I am, Mr. Davies,” she whimpered. Her back arched. Her juices soaked my fingers. “Mr. Davies, just pull down my panties. Rip them down and fuck me! Just plow into me! Teach me, Mr. Davies!”

My fingers slid up her gusset, crossing those bands of ruffled lace hugging her rump. She wiggled as I moved up to the waistband of her panties. I hooked my fingers into her waistband, tugging, working those panties down, exposing her pale ass, that delicious, curvy butt that I shaped. I deserved to enjoy this. Linda didn’t care.

She’d love to know about it.

The light spilling through the window into the room dimmed. My head snapped around, a spike of fear racing through me. Someone peered through the window, a grinning face. I paused at the sight of my daughter, Sam. She held up her phone and winked a green eye.

I winked back.

It was hot knowing my daughter was watching me teach my student. Sam needed to learn how a naughty slut acted. I turned back to Kyleigh and ripped her panties farther and farther down her body. I rolled it down to bunch around her mid-thighs. In the dim light, I could see the gleam of her juices beading on her shaved vulva, that wondrous gleam of delight. It was such a hot treat to enjoy.

I unzipped my slacks. Her ass scrunched and she let out a whimpering moan. Her hips wiggled back and forth. She looked over her shoulder at me, her eyes burning with passion. She had no idea my daughter watched us.

“Yes, yes, teach me, Mr. Davies!” she moaned, her voice liquid passion. “I need it so badly.”

“Such a dedicated student,” I groaned, pulling my cock out of my boxers. My shaft thrust out through the unzipped fly of my slacks.

I pressed my dick against her pussy. I rubbed up and down her slit. She moaned louder, her hot flesh caressing my sensitive tip. Pleasure rippled down my shaft. I never thought I would do this at my church. I was a deacon here.

But my student needed me. I was a good professor. I grinned at that thought.

I threw a look over my shoulder again while Kyleigh whimpered and moaned. I winked at my daughter then thrust into the schoolgirl’s juicy pussy. Her silky flesh engulfed my dick. Her tight cunt caressed it as I pressed deeper and deeper into her snatch. My eyes widened as the pleasure surged through me.

This was amazing. It was such a wondrous delight. I groaned, my cock throbbing in her depths. This hot delight was wrapped around my dick. I slid to the hilt in her. I pressed up against her rump, my slacks rubbing on her flesh.

“Yes!” she howled, her back arched, her pussy clenching around my cock. She was so hot. “Oh, Mr. Davies! Fuck me! Give me that lesson!”

So loud. We were at church. We were sinning, and I didn’t care. I drew back my hips, feeling my phone shifting in my pocket. The app gave me this power. I thrust into her tight cunt. My student moaned and gasped, clothing rustling.

Every thrust into her sent such waves of hot lust surging through me. It was just a delicious treat to enjoy. The pleasure gripped my cock, massaging me. It was such a heat wrapped around me, caressing me. Her juices bathed me as I pounded her.

I gripped her hips, the table rocking beneath her as I fucked into her hard. I plowed into her with powerful thrusts. I slammed my dick into her hot depths. Her cunt squeezed around me. She gripped me. She teased me with that hot cunt. Her hips wiggled, stirring her snatch around my cock.

“Damn!” I grunted. “Work that cunt. Show me all that you’ve learned. All that I’ve taught you.”

“Yes, Mr. Davies!” she gasped, her pussy clenching around my dick. “Does this feel good?”


The table rocked as I pounded her. I drilled into her naughty cunt. The schoolgirl moaned and gasped, bringing me closer and closer to making me erupt. Her pussy massaged me with her juicy silk. Every thrust made my balls tighten. Brought me closer and closer to exploding in her depths.

Then she gasped. Her back arched. Her black hair danced about her head, falling in thick ringlets about her shoulders as she bucked. Her pussy convulsed around my cock. It rippled around me. This wonderful delight that massaged me. It was such a bliss to enjoy. Her cunt sucked at me, eager for my cum.

“Feel that!” she howled. “That’s how much I’ve learned! Studied! Oh, yes, yes! Just spurt into me!”

“Fuck, yes!” I groaned. “I feel your dedication.”

My balls tightened. I buried into her depths. Her flesh rippled around my cock, sucking at me. I groaned as the pleasure surged out of me. My cum pumped into her. I fired blast after blast of jizz into her. I flooded her with my passion.

Pleasure shot through me. It slammed into my mind. Her pussy writhed hot around me. She moaned and gasped, her cunt draining my balls of my load of jizz. I shuddered as stars burst across my eyes. It was incredible.

I loved cumming in a schoolgirl’s pussy. It was a treat every professor should enjoy.

“Mr. Davies!” she moaned. “You’re the best professor. Mmm, I learn the best lessons from you.”

“Yeah,” I panted, my dick twitching in her pussy as her convulsions slowed, died.

I threw another look over my shoulder. My daughter winked at me before she darted away.

I was just pulling out of Kyleigh, the schoolgirl panting and shuddering, when my phone beeped. A text message alert. I pulled it out and saw a message from my wife. I opened it, my dick drenched in pussy juices.

“So banging your student, huh?” Linda texted.

“Sam ratted me out?” I sent back.

“Our daughter is a born peeping Tom. So, you planning on sharing?” She added the splashing water emoji. “That video she shot looked hot. You were fucking her hard. It’s distracting me from the beauties at the strip club.”

“I’ll share. So, enjoy any lap dances?”

A picture appeared of my wife sitting down, a beautiful, Latina woman straddling her waist, shaking a pair of naked tits in her face. One of my wife’s lovers, either Marissa or Evaline, was filming it.

“Looks like you’re having fun, too,” I sent. “Can’t wait to see you. So much has changed.”

“Fucking your students, popping our daughters’ cherries. Yeah, things are different.” She capped it off with a winky emoji. “I have to go. Evaline’s getting her first lap dance.”

I smiled, shaking my head. Everything was so different.

“You’re still hard,” purred my student, her hand touching my dick. “Should I demonstrate my... oral skills?”

* * *

Sam Davies

“I lost my cherry!” I told my three friends first thing Monday morning when I arrived my college, buzzing from my weekend fucking my dad and sister. Tammy, Courtney, Rita, and I were all lesbian lovers. We had naughty orgies with each other, often at Rita’s house. We feasted on each other. It was, supposedly, to keep us from losing our virginity to guys and stay pure for marriage.

But really, we were just four girls who loved pussy. I was comfortable being bi, but not my friends. Yet. Maybe they would one day.

Rita—a cute, Black girl with a round face and plump hair—gave me a shocked look. “Really? Who?”

“Tell me it’s not Matthew Tollemache,” groaned Courtney, her dainty nose twitching.

“Or, worse, that Seth,” Tammy said, her dark-brown hair sweeping about her shoulders as she shuddered. “He’s so creepy.”

“Eww, no,” I said, blanching. My skirt swayed about my thighs as I shivered. I loved wearing skirts, even if they were impractical for climbing trees or running around the neighborhood. “That would be like doing my brother.” I had no interest in James. He wasn’t nearly as sexy as Dad, too much of a nerd.

Besides, he had those two Anime whores he created. He didn’t need any pussy. He was getting plenty of it now.

“No, it was an older man,” I said, my cunt clenching. I’d enjoyed Daddy before coming to college. Well, my older sister and I enjoyed him. It was so wonderful. I was so glad to be his daughter. His secret lover.

My friends all gasped. Rita’s eyes raised up while Courtney’s ran a hand through her black hair as she gave a nervous giggle. Tammy grabbed both my wrists, her hazel eyes going wide as she stared at me.

“Who?” she demanded.

I arched my eyebrows.

“No way,” Tammy said.

“You did it?” Courtney gasped. “You really did it. With...”

“Yep.” I looked at them. “You all have to try it.”

“Your dad or our own?” Rita asked, her voice... considering.

“Why not both,” I said. “Daddy love is the best!”

My brother passed us with his two girlfriends he created. They were like living sex dolls, Anime characters brought to life. How did he do that? He strutted like he owned the campus. But the real king was my daddy!

* * *

Becky Davies

I was eager to see Tonya when I entered the main building. I headed for her locker near my physics class. I had to see her after yesterday. I wanted to share her with Dad. I wanted to enjoy her more. I loved Dad, and Sam and my mom, but... I also was realizing I had feelings for Tonya. I was open to my sexuality after this weekend and...

I wanted to share it all with my best friend. It was so hot eating out her pussy the day before. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The only way that could have made my time between her thighs better was if Daddy was fucking me from behind at the same time.

Boy, I really had blossomed this weekend. I never thought about my sexuality much. I hardly masturbated, even as my crush on my daddy deepened as I grew up. But now that I wasn’t a virgin, that I had my first taste of sex, I realized how much I liked it.

I ached to do wicked things.

I wanted to share my new discovery with Tonya. With my family. With other girls. It was all so much. All so wonderful. I rushed through the hallways, weaving through the other students. Then I groaned when I saw Seth Parrish ahead. He was a sophomore, like my brother, and always ogling me, his blue eyes intense.

“Hey, Becky,” he said, a big grin on his face. “You’re looking good today.”

“Thanks,” I said, being polite.

“I was hoping to call you, but... you’ve blocked my number.”

I shrugged. “You were being a pest. Okay. I’m not dating anyone right now. I need to get to class.”

His expression fell a bit. “Yeah, okay. Just... Maybe one day.”

“Maybe,” I said, hurrying past him. I felt his eyes on me, and I wished my skirt didn’t sway so much.

Despite my encounter with Seth, my giddiness returned when I saw Tonya at her locker dressed in her identical college school uniform, looking so scrumptious. Her skirt fell over her rump. She wore knee-high, white socks that made her look so innocent. Her platinum-blonde hair only added to the look.

I hurried to her, my big tits heaving beneath my blouse, my braided, auburn hair swaying down my back. I reached her, a big smile on my lips. “Hey, Tonya.”

“Oh, hi,” she said, her words subdued. She slammed her locker shut. Hard. The clanging made me jump. “Um, well, I got class.”

I frowned. “Tonya, is everything okay? I mean... after yesterday and...”

“It’s fine,” she said and turned away, walking off, her shoulders hunched over.

All my giddy excitement melted away as I watched my friend vanish into the flow of students. I swallowed, feeling suddenly so... alone despite everyone around me. I rubbed at my arm. Didn’t she like what I did to her yesterday? Didn’t she enjoy it?

“Everything okay?”

I squeaked and jumped, whirling around to find Daddy standing behind me in his gray suit, a dark-red tie tucked into his buttoned-up jacket. He was such a handsome man. So tall and strong. I wanted to hug him. To kiss him right here in front of everyone but...

No one could know about our incestuous love.

“Tonya hurried off like there was something wrong.” He brushed a stray strand of hair off my forehead, his fingers gentle.

“It’s fine, Daddy,” I said, shivering. “I... I have to get to class.”

“It didn’t look fine,” he said. “Is there anything I can do to fix her?” He stroked my cheek with his thumb. The way he said he could help was so... confident. “Just tell me what’s wrong, and I bet you two will be fine again. You won’t even remember you were having problems.”

“It’s okay, Daddy,” I told him. “I can work it out. You know...”

“Yeah.” He kissed me on the forehead. “Okay, honey. I have to get to my class. Enjoy your day.”

I smiled at him, feeling his lips leaving wet heat on my forehead. I shuddered, wanting more from him. A proper kiss, but... “You have a good day, too.”

* * *

James Davies

I was eager to go to classes. Ever since my creations came to life, coming to school was a delight. Rainier may be a Christian college, but guys still had that dream of two girls, so seeing me walking in with slender Ruri on my right arm, and busty Orihime on my left brought nods.

Guys saw me differently now. I wasn’t that weirdo everyone shunned. I was the guy with two girlfriends. They were my lovers. The things we did in my bedroom... It made me wonder if the patriarchs of the old testament, like Isaac or Jacob, enjoyed their multiple wives at the same time.

Of course they did.

Why wouldn’t they use that opportunity to fuck two women at once? To have the delight of seeing them lick each other clean. Was there anything hotter than watching one girl you loved devouring your cum out of the pussy of another girl you love?

Not that I had discovered.

Orihime and Ruri clung to me, both smelling so sweet. They looked hot in their college school uniforms, the same as the other girls. They looked hot in their gray skirts and vests over their white blouses. Orihime’s tits stretched out her top, the cloth molding to them. They bounced with her every step.

“Hey, James,” Mathew Tollemache said, nodding. He was a star football player; the type of guy who used to ignore me. “How’s it going?”

“How does it look?” I asked, grinning at him.

I felt his eyes drinking in the beauty of my creations. But I didn’t worry; Orihime and Ruri truly loved me. They wouldn’t fall to the guy’s charms, even if he looked like he wanted to ravish them. To take them hard.

“Looks like you are scoring,” he said. “Damn, where did you find these girls?”

I just winked at him and kept walking.

Myles Walker nodded his head as I passed, his blue eyes sparkling. He shook his head, the envy so clear. Then I passed Seth Parish, the guy studying us with intense, blue eyes. Save for not needing glasses, he looked like a nerd. Intelligent and awkward all at the same time. He leaned against the wall, speculation in his expression. He was like me, a loner. I used to be in chess club with him, but I got into drawing more and dropped it. He was probably wondering how I got such hotties.

“Hey, Seth,” I said, giving him a big grin. “How’s it going?”

“Fine, fine,” he said, his hand running through his light-brown hair. “Had a good weekend. You?”

I glanced at Ruri. She blushed and shot me a warning look. It was so hot taking her cherry the day before. “Yeah, it was a good one.”

He nodded his head as I kept walking by. I felt like a god. I was better than all these guys around me, and my two lovers were hotter than any of the girls at my college, even that Kyleigh. She didn’t have tits as nice as my Orihime, or an ass as great as my Ruri.

My dick twitched in my pants. If I was something more, something like a god—after all, I had created these two lush beauties on my arms—why not do what I wanted? Why follow the rules? My eyes drifted down to Orihime’s breasts bouncing in her top.

“Do you have to stare at her breasts, James?” Ruri asked, sounding prickly, her arm tightening on my arm. “We’re at school.”

“Oh, Ruri, he’s just appreciating my beauty,” Orihime said. “Nothing wrong with that.”

“We’re at school,” Ruri said, her pale cheeks blushing bright, her blue-purple pigtails spilling off her shoulders to dangle down her blouse. “Idiots.”

“Yes, we are,” I said as the hallways thinned. Did I really need to go to my first-period class? It wasn’t my art class. It was just history. What did I really need to know? I could skip it. I bet Dad would cover for me.

“Let’s go over here,” I said, leading them to the guy’s restroom.

“What are we doing?” Ruri asked. “We don’t need to watch you pee! That’s just disgusting.”

Orihime giggled. “I bet you’d like watching him pee. It’s easy to know what you find hot.”

“I don’t find that hot!” Ruri gasped, her cheeks flaming bright.

“Right,” Orihime said, her blue eyes twinkling.

Orihime pushed open the door to the guy’s restroom. It was empty. I was just so hard. Ruri clung to me, her purple eyes hard. I kept moving through the bathroom and reached the last stall, the handicap one that was bigger than the others.

“I really don’t find this hot,” Ruri groaned. “You didn’t create me to like this, James. You didn’t! You made me to like you. Love you, but... but... Not this!”

“I’m not peeing,” I said, my dick throbbing.

“He wants us to blow him,” Orihime said, her voice throaty, her orange hair swaying about her head.

“Oh,” Ruri gasped. Relief flashed across her cute face. “But... at school. In here?”

“In here,” I said, locking the stall door.

“Mmm, it’s so hot,” Orihime said, sinking to the floor, her blue eyes shining up at me, her face round, her breasts rubbing against my gray slacks. She unfastened my belt, loosening it. Then she opened my fly, the zipper rasping as she grinned. “You are so hard, James. You need us to relax you so you can study.”

“Yep,” I grinned. “You know me.”

“Come on, Ruri,” Orihime said. As she knelt, she pulled my petite lover down.

Ruri gasped, her pigtails bouncing. She shifted, licking her lips. She stared up at me, her purple eyes glossy. She reached out, her fingers trembling. She swallowed, a nervous flicker shot across her expression.

“We shouldn’t be doing this here, James,” she whined, her fingers pulling down my boxers, my dick springing out before them.

“Then why are you pulling down his underwear?” asked Orihime. She nuzzled her lip into Ruri’s ear. “Huh? You’re getting wet. You want to blow him here, don’t you?”

“Orihime...” she groaned. “I... I...”

“It’s okay to be wet,” I said. “I made you want to please me. I love you, Ruri. I love that you’re embarrassed. I love that you’re horny right now.”

“Mmm, isn’t that wonderful,” Orihime said. “He loves us both so much. Now let’s show him how much we love him.” Orihime licked Ruri’s lips. “Suck on him. Love him.”

Ruri’s slender fingers wrapped around my cock. Her lips nuzzled against the tip of my dick. She nibbled on it. The naughty girl teased me. My shaft twitched. My balls ached. Pleasure shot down my shaft as she worked her lips along the tip.

Orihime pressed her cheek against Ruri’s to lick at my shaft. Her tongue fluttered on the edge of my spongy crown, adding another teasing delight to Ruri’s naughty sucking. My two creations loved me. They worshiped me I gripped both their heads by the hair, holding them to me.

The bathroom door opened. Footsteps echoed.

Ruri froze, her eyes widened. I just grinned at her, holding her head tight. I pressed her mouth down my cock. She didn’t fight me. She sucked on my cock, her cheeks hollowing while the guy turned on the sink, washing his hands.

“That’s it,” I mouthed at them, pleasure running through me.

Orihime had such a naughty gleam in her blue eyes as Ruri swirled her tongue around the tip of my cock buried in her mouth. The pleasure surged through me as my cute lover sucked and nursed. Orihime’s lips nibbled down my shaft, licking it, caressing me with her tongue.

My balls tightened every time Ruri sucked. It was so hot. The guy washing his hands and humming had no idea I had two hotties worshiping my cock. Their mouths were hot on my shaft, Ruri’s so wet as she sucked. Orihime went lower and lower. She nuzzled into my balls. She sucked on my nuts, my coarse hairs nuzzled against her face.

She sucked on my balls. She worshiped my nuts. Pleasure shot up my shaft to that wondrous tip throbbing in Ruri’s mouth. It was incredible. I let out a groan as the guy pulled on the paper towels then dried his hands before leaving.

“Damn,” I groaned as the door closed. “Ruri, you sucked so hard with him in here. It made you wet, didn’t it?”

She just whimpered about my cock.

“Let me find out, James,” moaned Orihime. Her hand darted between Ruri’s thighs, sliding up beneath her gray skirt. Ruri whimpered about my cock. She sucked harder. Her cheeks hollowed while she whimpered. “Ooh, she’s soaked.”

Ruri’s hand shot out, returning the favor. Orihime grinned and shifted. Her blue eyes sparkled as Ruri fingered her. My blue-haired lover bobbed her mouth on my dick, loving me, pleasing me. She sucked with true passion. She worshiped me with that hungry mouth.

Pleasure swelled at the tip of my cock. That explosive ache brought about by Ruri’s sucking. She whimpered as Orihime fingered her. Orihime moaned, her face twisting in pleasure. Her busty tits swayed beneath her blouse and gray vest.

Then she sucked on my balls again. She nibbled and played with my nuts. She massaged them, tingles racing up from my balls. They brimmed with cum. The girls loved me. Brought me closer and closer to cumming.

Ruri bobbed her head. She worked her lips up and down my dick. Her lips were sealed tight about my cock. Her cheeks hollowed. Her eyes shone with such glassy lust. My cock twitched and throbbed. I came closer and closer to exploding.

“Fuck!” I groaned. “Ruri! You’re mouth...”

“Make him cum!” Orihime moaned between nibbles on my balls.

“I’m getting there!” I groaned. “I want to cum on your faces!”

Ruri’s eyes squeezed shut. She moaned loudly about my cock, her passion humming. Orihime’s head snapped up from my balls. “She’s cumming, James!” the busty girl moaned. “Just saying that set her off. Her pussy’s going wild about my fingers.”

“Good!” I moaned. “You’re such a dirty girl, Ruri. You pretend you’re not, but you’re my slut. You love it, don’t you? You enjoy being my lover. My whore. My soulmate. Both of you are mine!”

“We are!” Orihime moaned, her hand grabbing the base of my cock. She stroked me. “Make him cum on our faces, Ruri!”

Ruri sucked so hard. Her tongue danced across my swollen tip. My cock throbbed as she moaned her passion. She stared at me with all her love. She wanted me to cum on her face. To shower her in my passion.

“Fuck!” I groaned. “Gonna explode!”

Ruri popped her mouth off my dick and moaned, “Yes, yes, yes, cum on our faces, James! We’re your sluts!”

Orihime stroked my cock fast and hard, my balls tightening. They pressed their faces together, staring up at me with such lust. I groaned at the passion. I felt how much my creations cared for me. My dick throbbed in Orihime’s stroking hand.

Then I exploded.

My cock erupted. My hot cum spurted from my dick and splashed across their faces. Ropy lines of jizz painted their features. I basted them in my cum. I coated them in blast after blast of my spunk. My pearly seed coated them.

It was so hot. Pleasure slammed into my mind. The bliss slammed into my mind. My eyes widened. My balls pulsed as I bathed them with my cum. It landed in their open mouths. They whimpered and groaned as my spunk coated their features, running across their faces. It dripped down their cheeks and chins, dribbled from their foreheads.

I groaned as my final blast fired from my dick, my blood buzzed with my passion. I panted, my mind half-melted in rapture. It was incredible to share this delight. It was just a delicious pleasure to enjoy.

Then they turned to face each other. They looked in each other’s eyes, cum dripping down their features, and attacked each other.

I groaned as their tongues danced over each other’s faces. They licked up my cum. They moaned, fingering each other. Orihime gasped and moaned, her body trembling as her orgasm rippled through her while she lapped up my spunk off Ruri’s neck.

“It’s so good!” moaned Ruri, her lips smeared in my cum. “I love it, James! I do! It’s just so... so... embarrassing. We’re at school and...”

“That’s what makes you so wet!” groaned Orihime. “Your pussy is so juicy around my fingers.”

Their tongues danced across each other. It was amazing. It was such a delight to witness. My two lovers feasting on my spunk. Then their tongues met in a cum-filled kiss. They snowballed my jizz back and forth, sharing my seed.

“Damn, I love you both,” I groaned, grinning. I definitely was someone special. Someone powerful. A god. My hands gripped their hair as they kept licking up my cum. “You two are amazing!”

* * *

Linda Davies

“Ooh, the next three months are going to suck,” Marissa said as she gave me a fierce hug. We stood outside the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas by the Alaska Airlines check-in. The skycap already had the luggage. Evaline stood nearby as Marissa held me tight.

“Call that stripper,” I told her. “Have some fun with her. She’s cute.”

“I don’t want to date a stripper,” Marissa groaned. I felt what she wanted to say. “I want to date you. Love you.” Marissa wanted me all to herself, but I loved my husband more. I liked men just a teeny bit more than women, and I made my vows to be a faithful wife to Steve. If I didn’t let any other man touch me, I was keeping that vow.

Of course, it was only right that he could enjoy some women, too. It was fun sharing them. And he’d moved on to his students... And our daughters. I was eager to get home. I was going to have so much fun.

I broke the hug with her and then gave her a quick, hot kiss on the lips. I was glad I wasn’t afraid of doing that. Steve’s words yesterday, mentioning if I ever thought what my life would be like if I wasn’t open about being bi, had affected me. I had this strange dream of saying goodbye to Marissa on the airport, too scared to do more than give her a friendly hug while feeling so ashamed for cheating on Steve.

It was a horrible dream. But it felt so... real. Like I’d lived it. Which was impossible.

“Well, it was great meeting you, Marissa,” Evaline said, going in for the friendly hug. My new, married lover only gave Marissa a quick kiss on the cheek. “I had a lot of fun.”

“I know I did,” Marissa said, her smile throaty, but it didn’t touch her eyes.

I shifted. I couldn’t help that I loved Steve more. Marissa could have joined us. Steve would have welcomed her into our bed. We could have had something like my son had with his two creations that came to life. But Marissa didn’t want to share me with a man full-time so settled for these brief meetings. Well, I wouldn’t feel bad about my feelings for Steve.

“Bring her back in three months,” Marissa said. “I want to use my strap-on on her ass. I didn’t get the chance.”

Evaline’s dainty, Asian cheeks went red. The Korean woman moaned, her right hand rubbing at her wedding ring. “I’d... like that.”

I grinned.

Then Evaline suddenly embraced me. I gasped as my friend planted hot lips on my mouth. She kissed me hard. Her tongue thrust into my mouth. I shuddered as she kissed me with such passion, her hands gripping my hips, our tongues dueling. Heat rippled through me. This wondrous delight that had my heart pounding in my chest.

I pulled her tight against me. The sounds of cars passing us, honking, people talking, the bustle of a busy airport in the morning, faded away. There was just the feel of my lover’s mouth on mine, her tongue dancing in my mouth, the feel of her body through our clothing.

Lord, I wished we were naked.

I was panting when she broke the kiss, her slanted eyes glassy with passion. I was so hot, my pussy molten. I wanted to do such naughty things to her, but we had to go check-in for our flight, which wasn’t for three hours, then stand in the TSA line. We couldn’t do anything about it.

“Damn, you didn’t kiss me like that,” Marissa muttered at Evaline. “And you’re going home with her.”

“Sorry,” Evaline said. “It just hit me that this weekend was over, and I won’t be able to kiss Linda openly like that once we got back home.”

I shifted. Openly. She still planned on kissing me. Had I ruined her marriage? Would this be the end of it? I had destroyed a few of them faster when I had seduced a pretty wife and showed her other delights. There was always a little bit of guilt, but I had to be true to my passions.

I embraced that back in college. I wouldn’t hide them from everyone. Especially not my husband, or those women who attracted my gaze.

I pulled out my phone. “Can’t wait to see you. Just arrived at the airport.”

“I’ll be there to welcome you home,” Steve sent back. “Got my first class to teach.”

“Is Kyleigh in it?”

He sent me a winky emoji. He as getting better at texting.

* * *

Steve Davies

I slipped my phone back in my pocket. I had hardly left Becky behind when my wife sent me her message. I smiled, eager to see Linda. Part of me wanted to tell her about the app and its powers. It was such a powerful secret. I could share it with her. It wasn’t like she would object to what I was doing with it since she loved sharing women with me.

But... if she did object, if it angered her that I had changed her, I couldn’t fix her. I’d edited her already.

I shook my head and entered my classroom. Most of my students were sitting down. Seth Parish, as usual, was in the front row. He was slipping his phone into his pocket and straightened up, that bright look in his blue eyes. They always were intelligent but... something looked different about him today.

“Morning, Seth. Did you break your glasses?” I asked.

He gave me a strange look. “Thanks for noticing, Mr. Davies,” he said. “I’m trying out contacts, Mr. Davies.” He scrunched up his right eye. “They feel weird. It’s shifting around.”

I wondered if that was some inadvertent change I caused. Some strange ripple effect. Maybe Kyleigh being a busty hottie who was sitting next to him, her eyes eager on me, had something to do with it. Or maybe he was trying to impress Nikkole, the blonde cheerleader who had streaks of red highlights. She sat by Matthew, the broad-shouldered football player. And there was Evita, this Hispanic cutie with bleached-blonde hair.

There were a few hotties in my class. My dick throbbed.

“Good morning, Mr. Davies,” purred Kyleigh from the front row, her blouse half-unbuttoned to show off the lacy edge of her black bra. “I hope I can speak to you after class again. I have some questions about the reading.”

“Definitely,” I said, my dick swelling harder.

From behind me, a voice said, “Morning, Mr. Davies.”

I turned to see Courtney Franks enter. Flashes of spying on my daughter from last Friday shot through my mind. Watching Sam and her three friends writhing in lesbian passion had been one of the hottest things I’d ever witnessed.

I couldn’t help but leer at Courtney. If I knew Sam, she would love it if her three friends joined us in the bedroom. Maybe I should suggest she have a slumber party on Friday. I could edit her three friends before they arrived and made sure we had a wild time.

Linda would love it, too.

“Sam looked so happy,” Courtney said, her smile growing. “You... took care of her.”

“She is my daughter,” I said, a flush spreading up my face. She knew that I’d popped Sam’s cherry. My daughter must have told. That secret couldn’t get out, but... Courtney didn’t look disgusted but... aroused.

I definitely had to edit them on Friday.

However, I had to think about my three uses a day with care, plan it out. I still needed to fix the mayor and the city council today. They had to be more caring about the homeless problem and other progressive issues in town.

“Okay, I hope you all did the reading,” I said, launching into my lesson then led a discussion, my eyes flicking around the room. So many hotties. Babette, a brunette sitting in the back, had such a lovely accent. She was from France, and she had that European sultriness about her.


Next, I handed out a quick quiz on it, sat down at my desk, and pulled out my phone. Anael appeared as my students worked on the test, the angel naked as always, her body lithe and petite. She sauntered around the classroom, unseen by my students, while I started peeking in at the girls, seeing what they were like, what I could do to improve them and make them happy.

It was idle browse, not really learning about them but admiring how they appeared naked on the screen as I browsed through them, getting the highlights. Babette had puffy, pink nipples topping her small breasts. They were just so cute. Evita turned out to have her right nipple pierced by a gold ring and a tattoo of a blossoming lily on her left breast.

What a naughty thing to find on a Christian girl.

Nikkole, it turned out, had a shaved pussy, her slit tight.

Anael paused by Nikkole as I browsed the cheerleader. I wasn’t surprised to learn Nikkole had lost her virginity already. She was fucking not only Matthew, but two other members of the football team, though none of them knew it.

I shook my head at that.

“Mmm, she is a bit of a slut,” Anael purred. “She could be your slut.”

I paused time by tapping a button on the screen and asked, “What?”

“Nikkole,” Anael said. “You’re in her profile. Just make a few tweaks. She could be your little cheerleader slut. Don’t tell me you’ve never thought of enjoying this.”

The air rippled about Anael and clothing appeared on her naked body. None of my students could see her, or touch her. The gray and purple uniform of a Rainier College cheerleader. The pleated skirt fell down her rump, alternating bands of purple and gray. It was shorter than ones the college’s actual cheerleaders wore. She turned, the sleeveless top molded to her torso, outlining her small breasts. The school’s angel mascot had her wings spread wide over those titties, though it was missing the usual white toga and instead was naked.

It was Anael.

“You’ve never wanted to enjoy those cheerleaders,” Anael asked as she turned again, letting me appreciate every bit of her. She wore white, knee-high socks like Courtney was wearing. She bent over Nikkole’s desk, almost nuzzling at the time-paused cheerleader’s face The short skirt rose, a tantalizing hint of Anael’s rump appeared.

“I’ve wanted them,” I said, open to my desires for my students now. “What’s your point?”

“That you can enjoy them now,” she purred. “I mean, you haven’t edited the mayor and those stuffy city councilmen for a reason. You want to have fun with your abilities.” She wiggled her skirt at me, the pleats dancing about her thighs. “And you can’t have fun if you do that.”

“I can make the world a better place and have fun,” I said.

“And wouldn’t the world be a better place if the cheerleaders of your college wore this beneath their skirt?” she asked. She popped her rump up into the air by rising on her tiptoes. Her pleated skirt rose for a second, flashing her naked ass and shaved pussy. “Imagine how exciting that would be. How inspiring. You could edit them one by one, starting with Nikkole here. They can all be your sluts. You’ll do better. Won’t make the mistakes you did with Kyleigh.”

“Damn,” I groaned, my dick so hard. I rose, Anael’s wiggling hips beckoning.

“Let’s have fun, Steve,” she moaned. She cupped Nikkole’s face and then kissed the paused cheerleader.

I shuddered, standing over them, my phone clutched in my hand. I glanced at Nikkole. She would be so easy to change. She already had an exhibitionist streak, probably why she was a cheerleader. I could make it so she could cheer without wearing anything beneath. That people would accept it as normal.

Anael broke the kiss and reached behind her, her purple eyes flashing over her shoulders. Her hand found my crotch, squeezing my hard cock. “Mmm, imagine two cheerleaders kissing each other because they’re your sluts now. There’s, what, twelve on the squad. You could edit them all by Thursday and enjoy one wicked game on Friday.” Then she paused. “And after, you can have that naughty slumber party with your daughter’s friends.”

I glanced at Nikkole as my zipper rasped down. Edit her or the mayor? It was so hard to think as the angel pulled out my cock. She drew me toward her pussy. She rubbed me against her hot flesh. She stroked me up and down.

“Edit her!” she hissed as she guided me to the entrance of her pussy. “You could make it so she could fuck you in the middle of class and no one would think that was weird. Right here, while everyone does their quiz.”

“Fuck!” I groaned and thrust into the angel’s cunt.

To be continued...