The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created

by mypenname3000

Chapter 12: Schoolgirl Studies

Steve Davies

Anael’s pussy wrapped about my dick. The angel’s back arched, her cheerleader top rustling as she shuddered in delight. Her blonde hair swayed. Her snatch squeezed about my cock as she wiggled her hips. She leaned over the desk, her fingers caressing the frozen Nikkole’s face. My first class of the day was paused thanks to the app.

“Mmm, imagine it’s this real cheerleader bent over like this,” she moaned as I pumped away at her angelic cunt. I fucked my angel hard from behind. “When you finish editing her, you can have this delight. You could make it so the entire class thinks it’s okay.”

I gritted my teeth. I wanted to do that so badly. To make Nikkole into my barely legal, cheerleader lover. The more I indulged in the powers of the editing app, the more depraved things I wanted. On Friday when I’d gained this power, I’d never cheated on my wife and had barely thought of fucking my students now...

Now I could fuck them.

Now I had the power.

“Fuck!” I grunted, my hips slamming into Anael’s pussy, burying to the hilt in her juicy depths. My crotch smacked into her rump, her pleated skirts rustling.

“Yes, yes, you can make it happen,” moaned Anael. She nuzzled her face into Nikkole’s, kissing those ruby lips.

My dick twitched and throbbed. My hands slid up Anael’s sides, pushing up her cheerleader’s shell, the sleeveless top she wore. Her skin felt slick and hot beneath my hand. I kept climbing, feeling her sleek, lean delight. Her pussy clenched around my dick until I cupped her breasts. They were small but firm. I kneaded them. I pinched and rolled her nipples, enjoying their stiff delight and the way her pussy squeezed around me.

Her back arched. Her snatch massaged me as I thrust hard into her cunt. The slaps echoed through the quietness of my frozen classroom. My balls, heavy with a load of cum, smacked into her clit again and again.

“You could play with all the girls,” moaned Anael. “At least three of them today. They’ll be so eager to make you happy once you’ve edited their background. Just change the circumstances of their lives, and they’ll be your little schoolgirl lovers.”

I groaned. My head tossed around, staring at the other girls in my classroom. Babette Gagnon, the French beauty with her curly, brown hair; Courtney Franks, my daughter Sam’s friend and lesbian lover; and Evita Loyola, a sultry, Hispanic beauty who died her hair bleached-blonde, contrasting with her golden-brown skin. Those were the sexiest beside Kyleigh and Nikkole.

I could make Babette, Evita, and Nikkole mine. They would fawn over me. I could see it. The three girls rubbing my shoulders as I taught, or sucking my dick while I lectured, or bending over my desk while the class took a test. They could do such wicked things for me.

The temptation was so great.

My dick throbbed as Anael moaned, kissing Nikkole’s lips. The angel’s head turned to the side. She moaned, her delicate hands caressing the frozen girl’s face. I shuddered, my dick slamming hard into Anael’s rump, her skirt rustling. Flesh slapped flesh.

My balls swelled. My lusts grew. I squeezed Anael’s firm breasts. I twisted her nipples. She whimpered each time. Her hips swiveled, stirring that silky, hot pussy around my cock. Her juices dribbled over my balls, bathing them in her passionate heat.

“Damn!” I groaned, my eyes picturing this wondrous delight. It was so hard to think of anything else buried in her pussy.

“Mmm,” Anael moaned, breaking the kiss. She looked over her shoulder, her violet eyes twinkling. “Just edit reality.” Her pussy squeezed around my cock, massaging me. “Change the world so she’s your willing lover!”

“Damn, damn, damn!” I grunted over and over. I glanced back at my desk. At my phone.

My hips thrust harder, ramming my dick to the hilt into Anael’s cunt. I buried over and over into her, churning her into a hot froth. Her juices coated my dick. My balls grew tighter and tighter. My cum built and built in my nuts.

“Just do it!” she moaned, her hips wiggling. “Transform the world. You can have all these naughty sluts. Your little schoolgirl lovers! Your wife has spent the last two decades having all her lovers. It’s your turn.”

“Only because I edited reality,” I grunted. “She was only with... Marissa.”

“Mmm, all those delights! All those pleasures. Your own cheerleader riding your cock, bouncing with all that perky energy! You can change things so she’ll wear her uniform whenever she comes to class. So you can enjoy those pleated skirts. That naughty look.”

My balls boiled.

I slammed into Anael, picturing Nikkole bouncing up and down my dick. My nutsack smacked into the wanton angel’s flesh. I grunted as my dick erupted. In my mind, I pictured Nikkole’s pleated skirts sway as she rode me, her tits heaving beneath her blouse, her pompoms rustling.

My cum fired over and over into her depths. Pleasure shot into Anael’s cunt. The pleasure flowed through me. It was this wondrous delight. Stars burst across my vision followed by a wave of fuzzy darkness. I groaned, my fingers pinching Anael’s nipples hard.

“Yes, yes, yes!”Anael moaned. Her pussy writhed about my cock. Her cunt milked my spurting dick. My cum spilled over and over into her delicious twat. “You want to change the history of the world so that Nikkole is your lover!”

“Yes!” I growled, the pleasure slamming into my mind.

The ecstasy burned across my thoughts. Every eruption of cum slammed bliss into my mind. My dick spurted jizz into her depths. The angel’s pussy rippled about me as she moaned, kissing Nikkole again. Her hips wiggled, her cunt draining my balls.

I panted as I fired the last blast into Anael’s twat. I leaned over her as she whimpered. Her pussy rippled around my dick. I groaned as my orgasm died into that buzzing bliss. My heart thundered in my chest. I planted my hands on Nikkole’s desk, leaning my weight on them.

“Just pick up your phone, Steve, and let’s change the world.”

I shuddered, staring at the back of my angel’s head. I pulled out of her. I stumbled towards my desk. My dick swayed wet before me. I snagged my phone. Nikkole was on the screen, her figure shown naked. A menu lay beside her.

Nikkole Vance

I just had to edit her. I could navigate through her, change the circumstances of her life that would lead to a different Nikkole. One who had lived a different life where the circumstances had changed her into being a different person. One that thought it would be okay to stand up, cross the room, and blow me before the entire class. A world where other people didn’t think it was weird for her to do it.

I tapped her Spiritual Menu.


I could change so much about her life. I could fix any problems. I could open up her Social Menu and see if there were any relationships that she had. I could go up to her Physical Menu and see if there were any illnesses lurking in her, any genetic problems that might not manifest in her life for another thirty years. I could make her happy.

I bit my lip, my dick throbbing.

Anael stood before me in her short, pleated skirt. My cum ran down her thighs, leaving a pearly trail down her pink flesh. She grinned at me, her eyes so naughty. I stared at her. I wanted to do good in the world.

And not just for myself.

I had to change the mayor to fix my town and the city council. I would do something good with that. My heart squeezed in my chest. I opened up Nikkole’s Sexuality Sub-Menu located in her Spirituality Menu and studied my choices.


I could change so much. Her orientations, her taboos, her morals. I could change everything about her, but... What about doing good? This wouldn’t help others. This wouldn’t make anyone happy but Nikkole and me. Where was the greater good in this?

I’d spent the weekend helping my family and myself. I needed four charges to start fixing my town.

I could use one today and still employ my plan in the minute before midnight this evening...


I backed out of Nikkole’s menu, shaking my head.

“You haven’t edited the mayor,” Anael said. “You want this, Steve.”

“I do,” I groaned. “But I want to be a better man. I want to do some good with this. Not just fuck everyone I can. What sort of man does it make me if I do that?”

“A man free to act on his desires and enjoy himself,” Anael said. “A man freed from the rules of the universe. You can do whatever you want.”

“And I want to make my town better. The world better.” I stared up at her. “Why do you want me to fuck so much?”

“Because I’m the Angel of Sexuality,” she said. “I love sex. The union of two individuals. Or three. More. That raw, primal energy, the most basic aspect of life. It’s beautiful. It’s powerful. It’s pleasurable.” She licked her lips. “You want it. Your lusts have been suppressed inside of you all your life. Reality has molded you to believe you couldn’t act on them. But now... I just want to free you from those constraints on your desires.”

“I haven’t edited the mayor,” I said, “because I want to edit the mayor and the city council all at once. I’ll do it right before midnight. Edit three. Then edit the last one after midnight.”

I went to close the app.

“You just have to avoid temptation for the rest of the day then,” Anael purred, winking at me.

She vanished as I closed the app. The class burst back into activity, the students working on their tests without realizing anything had happened. Especially Nikkole. I groaned, my dick aching. It was coated in Anael’s juices and still thrust out the fly of my slacks.

My cheeks burned.

I’d forgotten to put my cock away. I glanced out at the students. I slid my chair up tight against my desk, the edge pressing into my stomach, and hoped no one would notice.

* * *

James Davies

I groaned as I watched my two created lovers licking up the last of my cum from their faces. Ruri and Orihime were so beautiful. I panted, leaning against the stall divider. Classes were going on, but who needed to do anything.

My cock was still hard. Since I created my two lovers, I had such stamina. That was more proof of my deityhood. I stared down at my women, regaining my breath, my body buzzing from my orgasm. They looked up at me. I could see the love in their eyes, even Ruri’s.

“You want more, don’t you, James,” Orihime said, her blue eyes twinkling. The busty, orange-haired beauty grinned at me. “We’re not going to class at all?”

I shrugged. It was only my computer science class. Who cared about that when I had these two lovely creatures?

Orihime glanced at Ruri. “Why don’t you sit on the toilet?”

“The toilet?” she asked, the blue-purple hair swaying about her face. She bit her lower lip. “Why do you want me to sit on there?”

“You know why,” Orihime said. She rubbed her nose against Ruri’s delicate one. “It’ll make James so happy. And me. Don’t you want to make us happy?”

Ruri trembled. A whimper rose in her throat. She glanced up at me. Then she bounced to her feet, saying, “We should go to class. We can’t be doing this. We’re at our college, James.”

“And?” I asked as she sank down on the toilet.

Orihime licked her fingers. They had been in Ruri’s pussy a moment ago. My orange-haired lover grinned up at me. Then she turned, kneeling before the toilet, and slid her hands up Ruri’s thighs, vanishing beneath her gray schoolgirl skirt.

Ruri’s face twisted. She let out another whimper. “We’re going to get in trouble, James. We can’t do this here.”

“We can,” I said as Orihime’s hands worked beneath Ruri’s skirt.

“Well, we shouldn’t,” Ruri groaned even as she lifted her rump, assisting my other lover. Ruri’s light-blue panties emerged, worked down her thighs by Orihime. I grinned as my petite lover shuddered on the toilet, her knees pressing tight together so Orihime could draw down her panties. “This is so embarrassing. I can’t let Orihime... do things to me.”

“Yes, you can,” I said, sinking to my knees. I flipped up Orihime’s skirt, revealing her racy, red thong buried between her plump butt-cheeks and molding to her pussy. I tugged them down, working them over her hips, exposing her shaved vulva. Her juices glistened on her flesh.

Her delicious, sweet musk filled my nose. I breathed it in. My mouth salivated. It was such a treat. It was such a blessing to be able to enjoy this. I leaned down and licked at her snatch. She moaned, her plump rump clenching before my eyes.

“James!” she gasped. “That’s what I’m going to do to Ruri!”

“What?” Ruri gasped. “No, no, we can’t do this. We’ll get caught.”

“Mmm, yes we might,” Orihime moaned. “That makes it hot. It’s why you’re so wet. I can smell you, Ruri, so spicy and delicious. Your passion tickles my nose and makes my mouth water.”

I fluttered my tongue through Orihime’s pussy as her hips wiggled back and forth, smearing her vulva across my lips. I thrust my tongue into her cunt, swirling around in her. I groaned as I fluttered through her folds, licking up her juices. Her cream ran down my chin.

Then Ruri gasped. She let out a whining moan that attracted my attention. I lifted my head and grinned at her. Her face twisted in pleasure. Her head wiggled from side to side. Her skirt bulged with Orihime’s head. She licked and lapped at Ruri. My lover. Her eyes squeezed shut. Her thighs squeezed around Orihime’s head.

My dick aching, I brought it to Orihime’s pussy. I slammed into my creation’s snatch. My balls smacked into her clit. Her cunt squeezed around me. Her hips wiggled from side to side as I groaned. She moaned into Ruri’s twat.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” whimpered Ruri, her face flushed, her purple eyes glossy. “James!”

I grinned, loving her squirming, the way her lower lip fluttered as she shivered. Her small breasts jiggled. The toilet seat creaked. Her body shuddered, toes curling. Her moans echoed through the bathroom, mixing with the slap of flesh on flesh.

I plowed hard into Orihime’s snatch. I loved her juicy cunt wrapped around my dick. I gripped Orihime’s hips, her skirt bunched up beneath my hands. Her butt-cheeks rippled with every thrust of my cock. I buried into her again and again.

Pleasure rippled through my body. Her cunt squeezed around my dick. She massaged me as I plunged into her. I leaned over her, plunging my dick into her snatch. Her moans were so sweet, muffled by Ruri’s pussy.

“You look so beautiful, Ruri,” I groaned.

“Don’t say that!” she whimpered, clamping hands over her blushing cheeks. “We’re in the bathroom and... and... Orihime!’

“Mmm, you like that, huh?” Orihime purred, her head moving beneath Ruri’s skirt.

Ruri gasped. Her head thrown back, her breasts pressing taut against her blouse. I licked my lips and then said, “You would look cuter with your blouse unbuttoned, Ruri.”

“James!” she whimpered, her hands clutching at the sides of her blouse, pulling the cloth tight over her, molding to her tits. “Don’t say that. I can’t.”

“You can,” I groaned, burying my dick over and over into Orihime’s hot pussy. “Let me see those cute titties. You know you want to. Just do it, Ruri.

Her cheeks burned scarlet as she bit her lip.

“You’re so sexy, Ruri,” I groaned, my cock churning up the juicy heat in Orihime’s depths. “Let me see those beautiful tits.”

“Fine!” Ruri moaned, her flush spreading down her neck. Her fingers attacked her buttons fast, working them open.

She threw her blouse open. Her small breasts quivered, both topped by her small, pink nipples. She shuddered, humping against Orihime’s pussy. I groaned at the sight of her quivering tits. They were just so beautiful. I leaned over Orihime, staring at Ruri’s cute boobies.

She cupped them, her eyes trembling. She squeezed and kneaded them. Her fingers massaged her little tits. She brushed her nubs. She caressed them and whimpered in delight. Her face scrunched up, still blushing prettily.

I thrust faster and harder into my lover’s pussy. I groaned, enjoying the bliss of burying into the snatch I’d created. Orihime’s silky delight spilled around me. My heavy balls smacked against her hot flesh. I buried into her, loving the slap of flesh on flesh.

“Your tits are beautiful, Ruri,” I groaned. I leaned over Orihime, fucking her faster, as I admired Ruri’s delights. “Just the best, I love them.”

“You do?” Ruri whimpered, her voice soft and girlish.

“God, yes!” I groaned, plowing into Orihime, my orgasm building and building. “You’re beautiful, Ruri.”

“So beautiful!” Orihime moaned. “Oh, yes, you are!”

Ruri gasped. She shuddered. Then her face twisted into bliss. She cooed in delight, bucking and heaving, cumming hard. I could see it. She squeaked out in delight. Her voice echoed through the bathroom, full of all her passion.

She was just gorgeous.

“James! Orihime!” she squealed. “I... I... I’m cumming so hard!”

“Good!” I groaned. I thrust into Orihime’s depths as I watched Ruri’s pleasure. My balls boiled over.

I erupted into Orihime’s snatch.

My cock spurted over and over. My jizz pumped again and again into her depths. Pleasure surged through me. It electrified my mind. Then Orihime joined me in bliss. Her pussy convulsed around my dick. She milked me. She drew out my cum. My balls tightened. I groaned as the pleasure rippled through me.

“James!” Orihime groaned. “Ooh, Ruri, you taste so good!”

“You feel so good!” Ruri moaned, her fingers squeezing her breasts. “I... I love you!”

My head shook from side to side. I leaned over Orihime, panting, groaning. I groaned as my orange-haired lover milked the last of my cum out of my balls. Ruri caught my face, her fingers so gentle. She pulled me to her mouth. She kissed me hard.

It was amazing. I loved the feel of her lips. Her tongue thrust into my mouth. It was this delicious treat. She swirled it around my tongue. I groaned, my dick throbbing in Orihime’s writhing pussy. It was such a treat to enjoy.

Pleasure buzzed through me. I groaned into her mouth. My tongue dueled in her mouth as I savored what I created. My two women were perfect. I loved them both so much. I was so lucky to have them.

I was so lucky to be a god.

* * *

Steve Davies

“Have the next chapter read for tomorrow,” I said, not standing up. My face burned. I was so aware that my cock was out beneath my desk. I could pause time again, but I was afraid of what I would do. That I would lose control and let Anael talk me into doing something... personal.

“Bye, Mr. Davies,” Nikkole said as she sauntered by, a smile on her lips.

Flashes of Anael kissing them burned through me.

Kyleigh stayed in her seat. I had my next hour free, a quirk of the scheduling, and she knew it. I could tell she needed another lesson. Our tryst last night at church wasn’t enough for the first girl I’d ever edited. I remade her from that overweight and unhappy girl into a delicious beauty who just had to please her professors.


“Good lesson, Mr. Davies,” the nerdy Seth said, his blue eyes bright. Switching to contacts had given the young man confidence.

“Later, teach,” grunted Matthew Tollemache. The broad-shouldered football player strolled by. “Hey, Nikkole, wait up.”

The other students filed out. Courtney Frank glanced at me, a speculative smile on her lips. What had Sam told her? She shouldn’t be talking about incest, but she was close to her four three friends. That Friday night slumber party sounded wild. If I was good all week, I would earn that.

Do some good. Not abuse my powers to make myself schoolgirl lovers.

As the last student closed the door, Kyleigh stood up and stretched. She sauntered to me and then ducked down to the ground on the other side of my desk, crawling beneath it. She gasped beneath it, probably because my dick was out. Her voice echoed. I rolled back my chair to peer down into the darkness.

“You already had your dick out,” she said as she grasped my hard cock. “And it’s wet.” The black-haired beauty leaned in and inhaled, her nose twitching. “Pussy? Whose pussy is this?”

“Maybe it’s an angel’s,” I said.

She giggled and said, “What other schoolgirl are you teaching?”

I winked at her.

She slid her lush lips over my cock. She sucked hard with a hungry eagerness. It was like the fact my dick was soaked in pussy inspired her. I groaned, my balls clenched as the schoolgirl worked her mouth up and down my cock. Her cheeks hollowed. Her tongue danced around the crown of my cock. She teased me, making my balls ache.

I leaned back in my chair and enjoyed it. I’d already edited her. I could enjoy her without guilt. She was a perk I would earn today by making my town into a better place. Pleasure rippled down my shaft as she bobbed her mouth.

“Damn, Kyleigh, you’ve been studying.”

Her eyes gleamed with a naughty light.

“Yes, yes, you have been excelling at your fellatio skills,” I groaned. “You’re going to earn an A+ if you keep this up.”

She moaned and sucked harder. She bobbed her head, working her mouth up and down my dick. She sucked and slurped at my cock. Her eyes squeezed shut. Her cheeks hollowed. I grabbed her black hair. I clutched her, letting her pleasure me with her hot mouth while I groaned.

It was incredible. My toes curled in my loafers. Her hips wiggled, her skirt hugging her rump. I stared down her back, her hair spilling over her white blouse. Her every suck brought me closer and closer to an eruption. My balls tightened from her skill.

“Oh, yes, this is an A+ blowjob,” I groaned. “I’m going to cum so hard into your mouth.”

Kyleigh purred in delight. Her tongue swept about the crown of my dick before she slid her mouth down my cock. My shaft throbbed in her mouth. She sucked hard on it, the pleasure reaching through me.

“Just spill my cum into your—”

My door burst open. I jumped, Kyleigh sucking hard on my dick. A flutter of fear shot through me until I saw who was barreling in. It was Vern Atterbury, the college’s president. The tall man had iron-gray hair. He looked distinguished and strong in his tweed jacket. He closed the door behind him and nodded his head.

“I should have known the little slut needed some private tutoring,” he growled.

I relaxed. I’d edited Vern to believe it was okay to fuck students, particularly Kyleigh. It was the only way to protect her from getting into trouble. I had made her too friendly to professors, and our college’s coach was a better man than me.

He didn’t take advantage of the horny coed.

The president was unzipping his slacks as he walked across the room. “I came to talk to you about your son,” he said, an eager grin on his face as he watched Kyleigh bobbing her head on my cock. “He skipped his first-period class.”

“Oh,” I groaned, surprised by that. James wasn’t like that, but... I had changed him with the editing device. Gave him his new girlfriends, made sure he was happy. “I’ll talk to him. Figure out what’s going on.”

The president nodded, a grin on his face. “Get your ass out from there so I can fuck it, slut!”

Kyleigh moaned in delight around my cock. The naughty slut braced her hands on my chair and, still sucking on my cock, crawled forward. She rolled me back from the desk and then turned her entire body, and me, working on her knees so the president could get at her from behind. I groaned, my dick throbbing in her mouth, drinking in the sensations rippling through me.

Vern produced his cock, stroking it as he fell to his knees behind the naughty schoolgirl. He flipped up her skirt and groaned. I saw a naked ass, no panties. Vern shook his head then cocked back his hand.


The sound echoed through the classroom. Kyleigh sucked harder on my dick. It throbbed and pulsed in her mouth. I groaned, clutching her dark hair, loving the feel of her lips wrapped about my dick. Her eyes stared up at me with such heat in them.

“Good girls wear panties to school!” growled Vern.


Kyleigh whimpered about my dick, her head bobbing faster. The pleasure built and built in my balls.

“But you’re just a slut!”


“She is!” I groaned. I had made her into one.

Kyleigh’s sucks were so powerful. Her reddened ass wiggled back and forth. She whimpered about my cock, her moans humming around my tip. Then she gasped as Vern rammed his dick into her schoolgirl cunt.

The nineteen-year-old girl sucked hard about my cock. The pleasure radiated through me. I groaned, my head leaning back as she sucked and slurped on my dick. My hands clenched in her hair, holding her as she loved my cock.

Vern fucked her hard. The older man plowed into her, rocking the schoolgirl between us. His crotch spanked her red ass every time he buried into her, making her moan about my dick. She whimpered, sucking, slurping, loving my shaft.

“Damn, that’s it, you little slut!” grunted the president. “Mmm, yes, yes, work that juicy cunt around on my dick. You need my big cock in you.”

She did. I changed reality so she had grown up to crave this.

“Yeah,” I groaned, my head leaning back. I stared up at the ceiling. The power I had was so immense. I couldn’t believe I was given this. It was amazing. My dick ached and throbbed, twitching with my pounding hard. My balls grew tighter and tighter.

My cum boiled in them. I couldn’t take much more of this. I had such power. I shouldn’t abuse it, but it gave me Kyleigh. My new wife. My daughters. My hands grabbed Kyleigh’s head, gripping her as she sucked.

My cum exploded out of me.

It fired into the girl’s mouth. I spurted over and over, every blast slamming bliss into my mind. My chair creaked as I groaned. I sucked in deep breaths, my heart hammering in my chest as the pleasure spilled through my body. It was incredible. This delicious bliss spurting out of my cock.

I groaned, grinding my teeth. My eyes rolled back in my head. Vern kept fucking her while she gulped down my cum. She swallowed every drop like a good slut. My sexy student. A final eruption of bliss fired out of my dick and through my body.

“Damn,” I panted.

“Oh, yes, she’s good!” grunted Vern. “Gonna pump my load in her soon. Missed this cunt all weekend.”

Her mouth popped off my dick. “Mmm, maybe I should... come by, Principle Atterbury, and do some work... around your house. I... I need a part-time job.”

“Fuck!” the older man groaned, then he buried into her. Came in her.

“Yes, yes, yes, I’ll be such a good worker!” moaned Kyleigh, her eyes bright. “Oooh, yes, yes, yes!”

I leaned back, nodding my head, glad they were both happy. My chair creaked as I glanced at my phone. Nikkole flashed through my vision again. I could have her, too. She could be riding my cock while Vern spurted into Kyleigh and...

I had to do good. Then I could have fun.

Maybe... I could change Nikkole tomorrow and... There was Becky. She was having problems with her friend, Tonya. I should help that out instead of making another schoolgirl slut and... Then there was James. Why was he skipping class?

So much editing to do and... I couldn’t change James. If there was something wrong with him...

* * *

Sam Davies

“It was so great fucking my dad,” I purred as my friends and I hung out around a table outside during lunch. The sun was out. It was a lovely day. I wanted to enjoy it while it lasted. “I mean, he just knew how to touch me. How to make me cum.”

“Better than me?” asked Tammy, a twinkle in her hazel eyes.

“Better than you,” I said. I leaned forward. “Because it was my dad!”

“Mmm, I’d be fine with your dad,” Courtney said. “He looks so sexy when teaching my English class. I swear he had this look like he could just make me his slut whenever he stared at me.” My friend shivered. “I think... I’d let him.”

Rita was silent. She stared down at her salad. I grinned, was she having naughty thoughts about her daddy?

“He wouldn’t do me, right?” Tammy asked. She glanced over at me. “Your dad wouldn’t screw a student?”

I remembered spying on Daddy fucking Kyleigh at church last night. “He’d fuck you. Go for it, Courtney.”

My black-haired friend shuddered, her dainty nose twitching. “You really think so? I was so wet during first period just staring at him. I couldn’t stop thinking about you and him.”

“Uh-huh,” Rita muttered. I hoped she went for her dad. That would be so hot.

“He’s banging Kyleigh,” I said. “Go for it, Courtney.”

“What?” Tammy gasped. “Oh, wow, she’s so hot.”

“Do you have a crush on her?” I asked, arching an eyebrow.

Tammy squirmed. “I’m not into girls, even if I’m the best at making you cum, Sam.”

“Second best,” I said. We all pretended that we weren’t at least bi when we had our lesbian orgies, claiming it was to save ourselves for marriage, but... we were horny. Enjoying each other gave us an outlet that wouldn’t ruin our reputations the away it would if we had sex with a boy and he blabbed.

Which he would.

Besides, what boy at our college could compare to my daddy?

“Maybe... after classes,” Courtney said. “I could...”

“Not today,” I said, sighing. “He’s leaving early to pick Mom up from the airport.” A big grin crossed my lips. I couldn’t wait for tonight. Daddy, Mommy, me, and Becky all together in one bed, making love. James could have his two girlfriends that sprang out of his drawings.

I didn’t need any man but my hunky dad.

* * *

James Davies

I was heading to lunch, Orihime and Ruri walking beside me, when I passed my dad’s classroom. “Hey, James, good, I wanted to talk to you.”

I paused, glancing at him. He stood in the doorway. He was an older version of myself. He was tall, his hair still pure dark-brown, no gray creeping in yet. He filled out his suit well, looking handsome, I suppose.

“What’s up?” I asked, walking into his classroom, Orihime and Ruri clutching at my arms.

“So... you skipped first period, huh?” he asked.

The old me would have been nervous. Stomach twisting, palms growing sweaty. But that was before I realized what I was. “Sorry, Dad,” I said. “I just got distracted.”

“Our fault, Mr. Davis,” Orihime said, pressing her large breasts into my left arm. “Ruri just needed to suck his cock.”

“What?” Ruri gasped, her body squirming. “Don’t say embarrassing things like that, idiot.”

Dad looked me up and down.

“It won’t happen again,” I promised. I didn’t need a lecture. “Just...”

“I get it,” Dad said, a smile growing on his lips. Well, he was fucking my sisters all weekend, so I guess he did. “But... school’s important. You have things to learn. To better yourself for your future. You’re going to need a good job to support your two girlfriends.”

“He’ll do it,” Ruri said, sounding fierce. “We’ll make sure he does.”

“Yep!” Orihime said brightly. “Again, so sorry that Ruri wanted me to lick her pussy, too, while James fucked me from behind.”

“Orihime!” hissed Ruri, her cheeks burning. “That’s not... It wasn’t... You’re such an idiot!”

Dad arched an eyebrow, but I just grinned. Ruri was just as I imagined her. My tsundere lover. “Anything else, Dad? I’m hungry.”

“No, no, enjoy lunch,” he said. “I’m off to pick up your mother. Go to your classes.”

“I will,” I said.

I strolled out of my dad’s classroom feeling like I handled that well. Ruri squirmed the entire way, flashing dangerous glances at Orihime. My busty lover had a big, sweet smile on her lips, her big tits bouncing with her every step.

We attracted notice. Every guy glanced at me with envy. They all wished they had two girlfriends like me. They probably all wondered how a nerd like me could have pulled two beauties like them. If only they knew.

Maybe I should create a third girl. That would be hot. What type should she be... The big sister type? Always looking out for me, wanting what was best? The energetic type, so enthusiastic about everything? Maybe the quiet and scholarly type, just blending into the background. But when her lusts flowed, she would be loud and noisy and passionate.

My dick twitched in my pants. But my stomach also rumbled. I may be some form of burgeoning god, but I had to eat.

Food in hand, the three of us sat down at a table. We chatted as we ate, then my phone beeped. I pulled it out and frowned. It was a text from my mom, sent from her airplane, admonishing me for skipping class.

I shook my head, then flipped through social media. Ruri pulled out her own phone, doing the same while Orihime kept eating and humming to herself. I shook my head at the posts from Mom, faking this pious trip to Las Vegas and not a romp with her lover.

“Hey, James.”

Seth, a nerdy guy that I hung out with, sat down. I glanced up from my phone at him. “Oh, hey, what’s up?”

“Just...” He frowned. “Don’t your girlfriends look like those Anime girls you used to draw all the time?”

“Maybe they are those anime girls I used to draw,” I said.

Seth laughed, shaking his head. “Still, they do look like them. I mean... weren’t their names the same, too.”

Orihime kept humming but Ruri had put her phone away and straightened.

Feeling cocky I said, “Maybe I brought them to life and made them my girlfriends.”

Seth groaned. “That sounds hot. I wish I could draw. Then maybe I’d have a girlfriend.” His phone beeped. He pulled it out, shaking his head. “The girls at our college are so clueless.”

“Yeah,” I said as I glanced back at my phone. I closed my text message app. My background appeared. It was a pic I’d drawn of Orihime and Ruri sitting on a cliff-edge admiring a sunset, their hair blowing in the wind, a soft warmth bathing their faces.

I shook my head, glad I had made them.

“Yeah, look,” Seth said, turning his phone. “That’s your old Facebook post from a year ago. Ruri and Orihime. Did you know these girls already and were just drawing them?”

“Yep,” Orihime said. “We’ve known James all our lives.”

Ruri nodded her head.

But I was feeling bold. Seth was a cool guy. He understood why I liked to draw them. I leaned forward and said, “I brought them to life. I can do that.”

“Oh, yeah,” Seth said, arching an eyebrow. He didn’t quite believe me. “Maybe you could make me a girlfriend.”

“Why not. Who’s your current waifu, and maybe I will.”

* * *

Steve Davies

On the drive up to SeaTac Airport to pick up Linda, I had time to think. To organize my thoughts. I was definitely changing the mayor and the city council, but that wasn’t what I was dwelling on. Nor was I thinking too much about the possibilities of Nikkole or the other girls I taught. I had beauties in other periods, too, like Róis, a redhead I taught, or this Indian beauty named Pratima. So many possibilities.

No, I was wondering if I should tell my wife the truth.

I never kept secrets from her, but it turned out she held a major one back until I changed her. It still shocked me, sometimes, to learn my wife had been having an affair with her college roommate since before we were dating. I should be angry, and if I hadn’t fucked Kyleigh before I learned about it, I might have been more so.

But now that I’d edited Linda, the new version of her didn’t hold things back from me. She told me everything so... Shouldn’t I tell her about what was happening? That I had the power to edit reality? Didn’t she deserve to know that I’d changed the circumstances of her life that lead her to be open about her bisexuality? In her old life, her repression had led her to be critical of Becky. My wife didn’t want our oldest daughter to suffer the way she had.

My stomach squirmed as I navigated the freeway exits that led to the airport. I took the left exit that led to the parking garage and climbed the corkscrew ramps that led up to each level. My tires squealed at the tight turns as I climbed up and up until I spilled out on the fifth floor.

What should I do?

I found a place to park. I turned off the engine and leaned back in my seat. It groaned beneath me. I glanced at my phone in its clip on my dashboard. It was plugged in, the screen on. There was a text from my wife.

“We’re about to land. Fifteen minutes or so. Got to turn my phone off now. Can’t wait to see you.” It was followed by several kissy and heart emojis.

I snagged my phone, glancing at the Editing Reality app on my screen. Temptation spilled through me. I could keep this secret. She wouldn’t be mad about anything I did, but... it just didn’t feel right holding it back.

But what if she was mad at me for changing her? It caused ripples. There were people that I remember being happily married at our church who were now cheating on their spouses or even divorced, the women awakened to their lesbian passions.

“Why do I have to be so fucking conflicted about it?” I muttered. No, no, it was a good thing. Power without any responsibility to temper it led to horrible excesses of tyranny. I could sorely abuse this ability. I needed to use it with care. I needed to treat it right.

I needed someone I could talk to about my decisions. And if I couldn’t turn to my wife, my partner in life, then who could I?

I wrenched open my door and marched out of the car. I crossed the amber-lit parking garage, took the elevator to the third floor, and crossed the sky bridge over the main driveway around the airport to the check-in. I descended the escalators to baggage claim.

I had to go Carousel 3 which, of course, was at the other end of the airport from where I parked, of course. When I arrived, I waited, her flight number blinking in amber LEDs. My body twisted with the nerves of my decision. I thought about opening the app, talking to Anael.

“She’d just tell me to fuck someone,” I muttered.

A woman gave me a weird glance and edged away from me.

“Steve!” an excited voice called.

I looked up from my phone to see my wife hurrying to me, her brassy-brown hair falling about her lush face. She had our daughter’s beauty matured and ripened. Her green eyes sparkled despite the weary look about her face.

She let go of her carry-on bag that she rolled behind her, and threw her arms around my neck. Her lips kissed mine, hot and eager. I held her tight, squeezing her to my body, my heart beating with excitement.

My dick swelled. I knew the girls were eager for her to get home. For the fun we were going to have tonight.

I broke the kiss, grinning at my wife. “You’re glowing. Good weekend?”

“Yes,” she breathed then twisted to look at Evaline, the Korean wife of my fellow deacon. “We had a great time, didn’t we, Evaline?”

“Oh, yes, it was... nice,” Evaline said, shifting.

“I may have done too good a job showing her feminine delights,” my wife whispered before giving me another kiss.

Maybe I could fix that. I wouldn’t want to ruin Evaline and Malcom’s marriage. They were so close in the timeline I remembered. Of course, I never thought Evaline would have sex with a woman, let alone go with my wife for a weekend romp of lesbian delights.

I broke the kiss and said, “You’re happy that you’re honest about being bi, right?”

She gave me a weird look. “Of course I am.” She shivered. “God, imagine if I held that in. I bet it would just eat me up.”

“Probably,” I said. “So... there’s something I need to tell you.”

“Are you... bi?” she asked. She leaned in. “Do you... want to be with guys?”

“What?” I blinked in shock. “No, it’s something else. I can... edit reality.”

To be continued...