The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created

by mypenname3000

Chapter 15: Ripples of Change

James Davis

Mom was home from her trip to Vegas. I could hear my sisters squealing in delight. They were going to have an orgy I bet. Dad was a lucky guy. I glanced back at my own two girls sitting on my bed, Ruri flipping through a textbook, Orihime playing on her phone.

I was still feeling proud of drawing Rei, of creating another girl out of nothing. I had sketched with pencil her, given her shape out of nothing, then inked her into existence. I glanced at the Coptic marker that I had used to draw the final lines, feeling the power that I’d imbued in it.

It was incredible that I could do this. Why hadn’t it occurred to me to try and make others? I conjured Orihime and Ruri a few weeks ago. Maybe I was just too caught up in the joy of bringing my two girlfriends to life.

My two favorite waifus, as those of us into Anime called a cute girl we had a crush on.

“I feel like drawing something else,” I said, turning in my computer chair to face my girls. “Wonder what I should create?”

Orihime set her phone down, a smile on her lips. Her blue eyes had a sparkle, her orange hair, a shade no natural woman had, framing her mischievous face. Her large tits swelled the front of her white blouse, the top few buttons were undone to show off a hint of her cleavage. “Whatever you want,” she said, then glanced at Ruri. “It just makes her hot that you’re creating girls for other guys to love.”

Ruri’s back stiffened. The petite girl looked up from the textbook, her purple eyes looking alarmed. “Of course not! That’s ridiculous.”

I smiled as color spotted Ruri cheeks, her light-blue hair, gathered in a pair of pigtails, swaying about her face as she squirmed. My dick twitched in my pants at how cute my petite lover looked. “I think you’re protesting a bit much, Ruri.”

“I’m not, James,” Ruri said, her purple eyes flashing to me.

“I think we need to know,” I said. “Right, Orihime?”

She nodded her head, her large tits jiggling. They were such beautiful breasts. “Yep. We have to know if it makes you wet or not.”

“So, let’s see, Ruri,” I said, giving her a big grin. “Hike your skirt and drop your panties.”

“James!” she moaned. The petite girl trembled. “I don’t. You don’t have to make me do this.”

I arched an eyebrow at her. “Do I have to take them off myself.”

She tightened her jaw. “Fine.”

She slipped the textbook off her lap and stood up. She was short and slender, the gray skirt of her college’s school uniform swirled around her thighs. She didn’t have Orihime’s large tits, but just the slightest swelling pressing against her blouse. Her slender fingers grabbed her skirt and yanked it up, exposing a pair of light-blue panties, a little bow on the front.

“Cute,” Orihime said, looking down. “Is that a dark spot?”

“Are you getting wet, Ruri?” I asked, my dick swelling harder.

Her cheeks were scarlet now. “You’re both so mean! Both idiots!”

She shoved her panties down, exposing her hairless pussy, her slit virginal tight, a delicious crease parting her plump vulva. There was a glistening sheen to her flesh, the unmistakable sight of a juicy snatch.

“Someone’s horny,” said Orihime. She darted her hand between Ruri’s thighs and swiped a finger across the petite girl’s vulva. Ruri gasped as Orihime held up her finger, coated in dew. “Yep, makes you wet.”

“I have a wet pussy because you made me take off my panties!” Ruri complained. “You’re both mean idiots!”

“You love it,” I said, standing up. Her pussy looked so hungry. “You like to pretend you’re not a horny, little minx, Ruri. That’s what makes you cute.”

I ruffled her hair as I passed her, caressing the top of her head. Her cheeks kept burning, but her eyes softened. A smile played on her lips for a moment. I loved her personality. First, she was tsun-tsun, as the Japanese called it, angry and feisty. Then she was dere-dere, loving and delicious. Tsundere was a hot trope.

I fell back on the bed beside Orihime. “Come sit on my face, Ruri,” I said, hungry to taste her pussy. I could hear my family in the master bedroom, my sisters having fun with Mom and Dad. It was turning me on. “I’ll make you feel good as an apology for picking on you.”

“James...” Ruri said, trembling. Then she sprang at the bed, her pigtails bouncing.

“Mmm, someone’s a horny minx wanting to get her pussy eaten!” Orihime said.

“Idiot,” hissed Ruri. “And you wouldn’t be eager?”

“Oh, I would,” Orihime said, unbuttoning her blouse. “I think I’ll have some fun, too. Playing with James’s cock.”

“You’re big boobs make you such a horny slut,” Ruri said as she straddled me. I stared up at her hairless pussy, half-shadowed by her skirt.

“Such a horny slut,” Orihime said, her blouse open, her large tits held in place by a pink bra.

Then Ruri descended. Her skirt fell over my face, plunging me into a wonderful darkness. A spicy musk filled my nose, then hot, bare pussy lips pressed on my mouth. I groaned as I took the first lick. Ruri gasped, squirming on me as the spicy delight filled my mouth.

She groaned as I lapped at her vulva. Her juices flowed into my mouth as I caressed through her folds. I teased her. Enjoyed her. My tongue explored through her petals, licking her labia. I brushed her clit, making her squeal in delight.

My hands found her thighs. I stroked up and down her silky skin as she ground that wonderful cunt on my mouth. My tongue penetrated into her depths, stirring around in her. She squeezed her thighs about my face, moaning in delight as I feasted on her. It was such a treat to enjoy.

“James!” Ruri moaned. “Oh, James, yes! Oh, your tongue. You’re doing such naughty things with your tongue.”

“He’s just wonderful and loving in that way,” purred Orihime.

She unfastened my slacks. My zipper rasped as my tongue swirled through Ruri’s cunt. Then Orihime’s fingers opened my fly. She tugged my pants down, working them off my ass and thighs. My dick throbbed in my boxers as I feasted on Ruri’s cunt.

Then Orihime’s fingers tugged on my boxers. I groaned as the cotton rubbed against the tip of my cock. I popped out. A moan burst from Ruri’s lips. Her thighs flexed beneath my grip, her pussy squirming across my mouth.

“Ooh, did that make you excited?” Orihime asked. “Seeing James’s cock?”

“No!” Ruri gasped. “Just... James brushed my clit. That’s all.”

“Riiiiight!” Orihime said. “His dick makes me so wet!”

“I’m not a big-booby slut like you, idiot!” moaned Ruri. Then she groaned, “Oh, yes, James, that’s good!”

“Mmm, you’re not a big-booby slut, but a flat-chested whore for James,” Orihime said. “You’re just jealous that you can’t do this.”

Warm, soft, pillowy flesh wrapped about my cock. I groaned at the feel of Orihime’s tits around my dick. It was such a treat to enjoy. My shaft throbbed as she squeezed those breasts tight then worked them up and down, teasing the crown.

“I’m not jealous!” Ruri moaned, her pussy grinding on my mouth. “James loves my little titties. He likes that I’m a petite girl, and not a big-titty whore like you!”

“That’s why he’s so hard between my tits!” Orihime moaned.

“I love you both!” I groaned, squeezing my hands. “Damn, your pussy tastes good Ruri, and your tits, Orihime... I love your big tits!”

“Yes, yes, my pussy does taste good!” Ruri moaned, her desire swelling, eating through her shyness. “Oh, James, you’re making me feel so good. You’re loving my cunt!”

“Mmm, love her cunt while I love your dick, James!” Orihime moaned, sliding her tits up and down my shaft.

Her tongue darted down and licked around my dick. I groaned at the feel of her tongue bathing the head of my cock before her tits slid back up and engulfed my crown. Pleasure shot down my shaft. Her tits slid down and her tongue fluttered against my dick again.

My balls tightened at the delicious thrill. I feasted on Ruri’s snatch, my tongue fluttering through her folds, caressing her hot labia. I brushed her clit as she squirmed on my face. Her moans echoed, her pleasure building just like mine was.

“Mmm, such a lovely cock,” Orihime said, an almost sing-song quality to her voice. She hummed then licked my dick. “Don’t you think, Ruri.”

“Yes, yes, a pretty cock!” moaned Ruri. “Oh, James, that’s my clit! I love it when you play with my clit!”

“Someone’s going to cum!” Orihime moaned, her tit squeezing about my dick.

“Uh-huh!” Ruri moaned. “James is just so good at pussy licking. He always makes me feel good.”

My ego surging in delight, I sucked on her clit, my nose pressing into her labia. Her juices smelled amazing. I nursed on her bud. I nibbled with my lips on her sensitive nub between my sucks. Her spicy juices filled my mouth. Her cream ran across my cheeks. Her musk filled my nose.

Such a heady scent.

“James!” Ruri moaned, her thighs flexing beneath my grip. “Oh, James, I love you!”

Her juices flooded out of her pussy. That wonderful gush of her passion. She bathed my face with her orgasmic delight. I loved it. I drank down that spicy flood. My dick throbbed between Orihime’s tits, the pressure building as she worked those lush breasts up and down my cock.

Her tongue caressed me while Ruri moaned. I fluttered my tongue through her slit. I caressed her. I teased her. I loved her. I nibbled on her bud as she squeaked through her pleasure. She squirmed and moaned as I kept feasting on her.

Kept giving her pleasure.

“Oh, James, yes!” she moaned. “Oh, James, that’s wonderful. Your mouth feels incredible on me! It’s just such a treat! I love it! Your tongue is lapping at me. You’re teasing me. Oh, James, yes, yes, yes!”

I sucked on her clit with all my might. I nibbled on her bud. I had her trembling and gasping as her pleasure shot through her. Her juices kept flowing. It was just a delicious treat to enjoy. Her cream poured in my mouth.

“James!” Ruri gasped.

“Mmm, he’s just driving you wild,” Orihime said, working her tits faster and faster.

“Uh-huh!” Ruri moaned. “So good! He’s licking my pussy! He’s making me feel incredible. I keep cumming! I love you, James!”

“Yes, yes, that’s so hot!” Orihime moaned, her tits squeezing around my dick. She flicked her tongue out, caressing the tip.

The pressure swelled. My balls tightened. My cum boiled over. I groaned as my jizz erupted. My cock throbbed between her tits. My spunk fired out of me. I couldn’t see it, but I knew my cum was splashing on Orihime’s face. Was spilling over her tits. Pearly lines that coated her.

My toes curled. I growled my pleasure into Ruri’s cumming pussy. She squirmed on my face while the pleasure slammed through my mind. Sparks burst across my eyes. It lit up the darkness of Ruri’s skirt as my dick fired my final blast of cum.

“Oh, James, you coated me in spunk!” Orihime moaned. “Mmm, lovely, yummy spunk.”

Her tits slipped from around my cock. I heard licking, sucking, picturing Orihime lapping my jizz off her breasts. It was such a naughty sight to imagine. Ruri’s squirming slowed. Her juices weren’t gushing any longer. She was coming down from her own orgasm.

I had two beautiful women I created. I had such powers. I loved being a god.

I was going to have fun with my girlfriends while my sisters celebrated Mom’s return.

* * *

Becky Davis

Mom shook me awake. I groaned, blinking, seeing her face before mine. I was stretched across the foot of my parents’ bed. I’d fallen asleep curled up with Sam here last night. It was dark in the room. I noticed the clock. It was almost 5:30 AM, Tuesday morning. Nearly time to start getting up. Sam had abandoned me to curl up against Dad’s side, nestled against him like a little squirrel curled up for winter hibernation.

“Mom?” I said, voice soft. The blanket over me slipped off as I sat up.

“Want to wake up your father?” she asked, a naughty grin sliding across her lips.

“Oh?” I frowned. Confusion swept through me. “You could have just shaken him awake.”

“No, no, we’re going to do it naughtily,” she said. She hefted her large boobs. I had inherited those same big tits. “A double titty fuck.”

I blinked. “That’s a thing?”

“You have much to learn from your mother,” she said and winked at me.

A naughty thrill ran through me. I nodded my head. She was so cool. I wanted to be like her.

Mom peeled back the blanket covering Dad and Sam. My little sister had her body wrapped tight about him, legs and all, her right thigh thrust over Daddy’s stomach. It was such a cute sight to see. She looked so adorable sleeping like that.

Daddy’s cock was hard. It thrust up from his groin. Mom shifted around on his right side while I moved on his left, stretching out on my belly, my legs dangling off the side of the bed. I hefted my breasts and placed them around Daddy’s cock. We sandwiched his dick between us, our tits squeezing together.

I groaned, feeling my mother’s hard nipples poking against mine. A naughty tingle raced through me. Mom’s green eyes shone in the dim light in the room. Her brassy hair fell in a tousled mess around her face.

She kissed me, her lips melting on mine. An incestuous thrill shot through me as her tongue thrust into my mouth. I groaned as her lips moved against mine. I squeezed my tits together and worked our tits up and down Daddy’s cock as we loved each other.

Daddy groaned.

He shifted.

I shuddered, my nipples throbbing against Mom’s, my tongue dancing with hers. This was so wicked. My pussy grew hotter and hotter between my thighs as we woke up Daddy in style. He shifted, his legs moving. I caught his toes curling out of the corner of my eyes.

He was coming awake. I moaned into Mom’s lips, loving this. Her tits felt so soft against mine and Dad’s dick was so hard between us. He groaned again. He shifted. Then I felt his eyes on me as we worked our tits and up and down his dick.

We pumped them faster. I was eager to please him. To have his cum firing between us. It was just a delicious treat. I shuddered as the heat built in me. It was such a naughty treat to give him this. Joy surged through me, drowning out the pain in my heart.

“Well... this is a sight,” Dad groaned.

Mom broke the kiss to glance up at him. “Morning, honey. Thought you needed to wake up in style.”

“Mmm, yes,” I said, squeezing my breasts, my hips wiggling. My pussy was on fire right now. It was just a delicious treat. Juices coated my thighs. I rubbed my thighs. I squeezed them tight, my clit throbbing. “Morning, daddy.”

Sam stirred. Her head shifted. She lay on Daddy’s chest, her eyes fluttering open. Her face scrunched up for a moment as she blinked. Then a naughty grin spread across her lips. She held Daddy tighter and let out a purring sound.

“Ooh, you and Mom are getting naughty, Becky,” she said, her short, red hair, framing her face.

“Yes, we are,” Mom said. “With you two minxes around, I have to remind your father why he married me.”

Sam giggled. I didn’t think Mom had anything to worry about, she was so sexy. Her tits were amazing, her nipples so hard against mine. Daddy’s cock twitched between our tits as we worked them up and down his dick.

He groaned as we pleased him. We massaged him with our tits. His chest rose and fell, Sam’s head moving with him. She had such a wicked grin on her face, her elfin features full of glee. I grinned at her, a rush of exhilaration shooting through me.

“You two are spoiling me,” groaned Dad.

“Mmm, and I wonder why we want to do that,” Mom said, giving him a sly look.”

Dad glanced at the nightstand for a moment. Something almost like guilt flashed across his face. Then he groaned as our tits caressed his cock. His features twisted with pleasure as he groaned again, holding Sam tight against him.

His dick felt hotter and hotter between our tits. His precum flowed. It coated his shaft, slicking our tits. It felt so wild. My digits squeezed into my breasts soft flesh. The tingles from my nipples rippled down to my pussy. My breasts felt alive, drinking in the feel of Mom’s boobs and Dad’s cock.

“Damn, I’m not going to last much longer!” Dad groaned.

“Good!” I moaned, a big grin flashing across my lips. “Ooh, Daddy, you have to cum on our tits!”

“Yes!” Sam purred. “Then I get to enjoy licking up all that yummy cum.”

Daddy groaned. His face twisted with delight. I could feel it coming. I stared down at his dick, the tip popping out from between our pillowy tits. It was dark-red and swollen. More precum flowed. Then he let out a groan.

White cum fountained from his dick. The salty, frothy treat splashed across my face. More landed on Mom’s features. I opened my mouth, catching more of the jizz on my tongue, the salty flavor melting across my tongue. Pearly drops rained across my tits, falling from our faces as Daddy’s dick twitched and throbbed.

He fired more and more, coating us. He basted us in his passion. I shuddered in delight, my fingers digging into my tits, my pussy feeling so wonderfully juicy. More cum landed in my mouth. I closed it, savoring it, swirling it around as Daddy’s cum spilled over my tits.

“Oh, yum!” Sam moaned, sitting up.

My little sister darted in. Her tongue lapped up the cum from Mom’s tit to mine. I groaned at the feel of her eager hunger. I caught Mom’s green eyes, her face splattered in cum, looking as dirty as mine felt.

The pang in my heart swelled. I had messed up everything with my best friend, Tonya, on Sunday. She didn’t speak to me at all the day before other than our awkward encounter at the locker. I didn’t mean to break up our friendship by seducing her. I just wanted to be like Mom.

Then Sam’s tongue flitted across my cheek to my lips, shoving a cum-laden tongue into my mouth. My sister’s eagerness pressed down that pain. I closed my eyes, trembling on the bed, not sure what to do about Tonya.

It was so hard to think with my little’s sister’s tongue swirling cum around inside my mouth.

* * *

Steve Davies

I was still buzzing from that wonderful orgasm hours later as I sat in my English class. My students were writing an essay. Nikkole, that delicious cheerleader, sat in the second row, looking even hotter than ever. I had my phone before me. I could tap that icon and make it happen.

“Thinking about editing Nikkole,” I typed on my phone then sent the text to my wife. I glanced at those blonde locks highlighted with red.

“Pervy teacher,” she sent back almost immediately. “Maybe this will help distract you.”

I frowned and then a pic came through, loading on my phone’s screen. It was my wife in one of Becky’s spare school uniforms, the gray, pleated skirts swirling about her thighs, the white blouse cupping my wife’s tits. The gray tie fell between them, her nipples hard. It was clear she had no bra.

My dick throbbed.

The next shot was her lifting up the front of her skirt, showing off her brassy bush hiding her pussy.

“You were ready with that?” I texted her.

“Pervy teachers are easy to anticipate,” she said with a winky emoji. “So if you need a naughty schoolgirl to look at, well, how’s this?” A pic of her, taken over her shoulder from the mirror’s reflection, half-bent over appeared. The skirt was just rising up enough to show off the bottom swell of her ass.

My dick was so hard. And Nikkole was right there.

“You’re not making this easier. You’re making me want to turn Nikkole into my slut.”

“Oh, darn,” she said and ended it with a pair of kissing lips emoji. “Now I have to get ready for work. So enjoy the pics and the hotties.”

“Good thing I have my meeting with Kyleigh,” I sent, my dick aching. My eyes glanced to the girl I transformed into a hottie sitting up front, her blouse half-unbuttoned to show off those lush and beautiful tits of hers.

Class soon ended and I had one satisfying meeting with Kyleigh. I was in the mood for a titty fuck to start it off, then I fucked her bent over my desk. It was a necessity because my cum was coating her tits and dripping from her lush mounds. I pounded her hard. When I finished, she wiped her boobs clean then was off to take care of President Atterberry while I was satiated which kept me from ogling my students.

It was hard. I was staring at Róis, that Irish redhead, in my second class. She was sitting by Ji-Woo, a cute, Korean beauty. Such wicked thoughts popped into my mind. If I had two edits on my phone, they could put on a naughty display of lesbian, schoolgirl passion. Slowly stripping off their uniforms...

I glanced at my phone. The editing icon was right there.

The next class had Pratima, a cute, Indian girl with dark-red skin; Dotty, a busty redhead that reminded me of my daughter, Becky; and Tessa, an athletic girl who was a star of the girl’s basketball team.

The power I had...

When I wasn’t ogling girls and fighting temptation, I was checking my phone on any news from city hall. They had to be there making decisions, improving the town. I was eager to find out in what way. It would be incredible to see.

At lunch, I headed to the faculty breakroom. I spotted my friend Bob, who taught computer science. He was sitting beside his new girlfriend, Taylor. I had edited her to be more forward to him. They were both into each other, but Bob thought she was out of his league, and Taylor was waiting for him to ask her out. Since he hadn’t, she wasn’t sure he was into her.

They had two dates over the weekend. Looked like things were going great for them. It was one of the good things I’d done with my power. Not selfish at all. Just like with editing the leaders of my town. Positive things to balance out my selfishness. I should save my last edit for that.

But Nikkole... My own cheerleader slut...

When the mayor has done some good, I thought. Then you’ll have earned it.

I was just finishing my ham and cheese sandwich when I saw an update on our local paper website, the Rainier Herald. It was a brief announcement saying Mayor Wright was hosting a press conference this afternoon at 4:30, changing the town’s policy on the growing homeless problem spilling out of Seattle.

I grinned in delight. Sent my wife a text, “Looked like editing the mayor and the city council worked. I’ll be late for dinner. Want to be there at the press conference for the announcement.”

Looked like I’d earned that cheerleader.

* * *

James Davies

Seth sat down across from me, his lunch tray covered in today’s cafeteria meal, enchiladas drizzled in a green hot sauce. The spicy scent filled my nose. I had my own, while Ruri and Orihime were both eating salads.

“So, how was Rei?” I asked my favorite friend.

“A wildcat in bed,” said Seth, a huge grin on his face. “She’s not so cold once you thaw her.”

“I know a certain girl like that,” Orihime said before stabbing her fork into her crispy salad.

Ruri muttered on the other side of me.

“She just burns when you get her going,” Orihime continued.

“I do not!” Ruri snapped. “Idiot!”

Orihime giggled.

Seth shook his head. “Your powers are incredible. Rei was perfect. Just what I always imagined, especially once I got her out of the suit. Just perfect.”

“Good, good,” I said, nodding my head. “You didn’t bring her with you?”

Seth shrugged. “She doesn’t need college. She’s smart enough as is.” Seth leaned closer, his blue eyes looked intense. “How do you do it? How do you bring them to life.”

I arched an eyebrow at him. “What sort of being has the power to create life?”

“A god?” Seth said, something like awe in his voice.

This exhilarating rush surged through me. I wanted to boast, to gloat, but, instead, I went with the modest route. “Maybe.”

“Damn,” Seth said. He leaned back, shaking his head. “That’s incredible. What can we do with it?”

I frowned. “I’ve been thinking about it. I can make people, that’s about it.”

“Yeah, I know,” Seth said. “That’s got to be perfect. We need to discuss it.”

I looked around the cafeteria. “Not here.”

“Right, right,” Seth said. “Why don’t you come by to my place after classes. I’m sure Rei would like to hang out with your girls.”

“Oh, sure,” Orihime said. “Ruri likes meeting uptight girls like her.”

“Idiot,” muttered Ruri beneath her breath.

* * *

Linda Davies

“You can take your break,” Dr. Darzi said, peeking in. He was a Persian with dark skin and hair, slender and spoke with a British accent.

“Oh?” I asked as I finished changing the paper on the exam table. I was at my volunteer job at the Rainier Free Clinic. I had quit working as a full-time nurse, but I still came in twice a week to help out here and stay busy. “Mine’s not for another hour.”

“Your daughter’s here,” Dr. Darzi said. “She looks a little... well...”

“Oh,” I said, blinking in shock. “Sure, sure, can you send her in here. Thanks, Dr. Darzi.”

He nodded his head and flashed me a smile, his teeth white against his dark lips.

I frowned as he left, wondering what Sam could be doing here. It was lunchtime at Rainier Christian, so I guess it was okay that she left campus. It wasn’t that far away. And if she was late, I’d just write her a note. It must be important if she skipped class.

The door creaked open and it wasn’t Sam that slipped in. My eldest daughter sidled in, her head lowered, her body scrunched in on itself. She wore her school uniform, the mate to the one I put on for fun this morning to take some sexy photos for my husband and tease him all day while he was teaching his college courses. On Becky, it looked so plain right now.

“What’s wrong, honey?” I asked, shocked Becky would leave campus. A ripple shot through my stomach. What if she was regretting the incestuous fun with the family? What if Steve didn’t do a good enough job editing her? He couldn’t modify her again. She was copy-protected or something.

“It’s...” Becky squirmed, her braid swaying down her back. “I...”

I took her hands and drew her deeper into the exam room. My thumbs massaged the back of her hands as I gave her my best, motherly smile. Despite knowing Becky intimately as a lover, I was still the woman who birthed her.

“You can tell me, honey,” I said. “I won’t be mad or anything.”

Becky shifted.

“I was a twenty-year-old girl once, believe it or not,” I added. “I know how things are. You don’t have to be so afraid. I’ll understand.”

“It’s... Tonya,” she said, looking up at me. Her green eyes were raw. “I... I messed things up with her, Mommy!”

She flew at me, her arms going around me, holding me tight. I gasped in shock at the feel of her breasts against me, remembering how naughty things got this morning between us. A wave of heat rippled through me as my arms went around her, holding my daughter tight.

“What did you do with Tonya?” I asked.

She clutched to me, her face pressed into my neck. “I... I... ate out her pussy!” she blurted out, her tears wetting my neck. “And now... Now she hates me!”

I blinked at that. “You... ate out her pussy?”

“Since Sam and I had... you know...”

“Had sex?”

She nodded and then shook as her emotions wracked her body. “Well... I saw Tonya on Sunday... And... And... I was thinking about you... How you liked to seduce... and... and... I thought... I would show her... but... She didn’t like it... Now she hates me!”

“Oh, honey,” I said, holding her tight. “I’ll talk to your father. He’ll fix things between you and your friend. You’ll see.”

“How can he do that?” she asked, pulling her head away, her eyes raw and vulnerable, swimming with pain.

I had to comfort her. I had to love my daughter. Things were so different now. I had new ways to love her. My lips kissed her. She froze as she felt my mouth on hers, my lips moving with hunger. It was no motherly kiss.

It was a lover’s.

My tongue thrust into her mouth as my hands slid down to grab her ass through her schoolgirl skirt. I pulled her tight against me, my nipples hardening beneath my pink scrubs and aching in my bra. My pussy went molten, soaking my thong.

She shuddered, then she moaned into the kiss. There was such hungering it. A frantic need that had me trembling in delight. Then our hands were tearing at each other’s clothing. This hot heat swelled between us. My daughter needed love and affection.

And I needed to give it to her.

I pushed her down on the exam table, the paper crinkling beneath her. I attacked the buttons of her blouse, opening it up, revealing her tits in her light-gray bra. She was shoving down my scrub bottoms. They fell down to my white flats. I stepped out of them, not even bothering to take off my shoes.

Then I was on top of my daughter, straddling her face. My hands yanked up her gray skirt. She had satin panties on, gray and delicious. Some of her dark-red pubic hair peeked out the leg holes. I seized the waistband, yanking her panties down her thighs until they bunched up around her knees.

“Mom!” she moaned as her fingers ripped my thong to the side, exposing my pussy, my juices soaking my bush. “Can Dad really help?”

“He’ll... counsel her!” I moaned, frantic with need to eat my daughter’s pussy. To revel in this incestuous moment. I would make her feel like a million bucks. “Trust me! Your daddy can work miracles!”

“Thank you, Mommy!” she moaned.

I shuddered at how wrong that was to hear from my daughter right before she pulled me down to feast on my cunt. I groaned as her tongue danced through my folds. She teased me. Her tongue fluttered through my labia, feasting on me, sending waves of delight rippling through my body.

I buried my face between her thighs, my brassy hair spilling over her ivory legs. I left her panties bunched around her knees. Her legs could open wide enough for my head to fit between them. I hungered for her. For this forbidden treat.

I created this wonderful girl with my husband’s help.

It was so wonderfully warm between her thighs. Her spicy musk filled my nose, so similar to my own scent. I nuzzled my lips into her wet bush. They caressed me. Her silky strands brushed my cheeks, making me squirm and groan.

I licked and lapped at her delight. I fluttered my tongue through her, caressing her, driving her wild as I collected all those wonderful juices spilling out of her. She squirmed beneath me, her fingers squeezing into my rump, my thong buried between my butt-cheeks.

Her tongue buried into my snatch. I did the same to hers. I plundered my daughter’s juicy hole, swirling through her spicy depths. My nipples ached in my bra, my tits piled against her stomach. I wished I was naked.

But there was no time.

We were in a clinic. This room shouldn’t be used, but...

My coworkers could walk in. Dr. Darzi could enter and find me eating out my nubile daughter. This was incredible. It was such a heady rush to be doing this. I groaned, my tongue fluttering through her folds, savoring it.

If I was caught, Steve would have to edit reality. He’d have to use his power to get us out of trouble. I squirmed in delight, grinding my pussy on her face as I feasted on her. A heady rush shot through me.

My husband could do anything. And he wanted my help. I could guide him. Oh, the wicked things we could do.

“Mommy!” squealed my daughter, her thighs squeezing against my ears.

“My sweet Becky!” I moaned between plunges of my tongue into her juicy snatch.

The exam table groaned and paper crinkled as we squirmed. My tongue fluttered through her folds, teasing her, lapping up all her wonderful, spicy cream. I loved eating out my daughter. I loved devouring every drop of her juicy treat. It sent a dizzying rush through me.

I was committing incest with my daughter.

I loved this. I never wanted to give this up. I didn’t care that my husband had edited things so I found this acceptable. It was my reality now. He had changed my life so I found this exciting. I ate my daughter with such a frantic heat, the pleasure building and building in me. It was carrying me towards that titanic explosion.

I sucked on her labia.

Her tongue fluttered through my folds.

I nibbled on her clit.

Her fingers dug into my rump.

We gave each other pleasure. We crossed that forbidden line that no mother and daughter should ever do. It was glorious. We loved each other with frantic hunger. Her juices soaked my lips and tongue. I drank them down as she whimpered into my snatch.

The incestuous rush had me squirming and groaning, my pussy grinding against my daughter’s hungry lips. My orgasms swelled. Everything she did to my pussy fed that growing pressure into the core of my femininity. Her tongue caressed me. She brushed my clit.

She loved me.

“Becky!” I whimpered.

“Mommy!” she groaned, the table shuddering beneath us.

I buried my tongue into her depths, swirling around in her. I scooped out her spicy cream, savoring it. She found my clit, nursing on it like she had my nipple as a baby. My eyes squeezed shut, the wicked passion swelling and swelling in me.

My fingers found her pussy lips. I stroked her as I sucked on her clit. I jammed my digits into her cunt. She moaned around my bud. Her humming pleasure assaulted my clit. Sparks burst inside of me. I nipped her little nodule.

She squealed.

Her pussy convulsed around my fingers.

I made my daughter cum.

My orgasm burst inside of me.

I was such a wicked mother. My cunt writhed while her pussy spasmed about my digits. My juices flowed out of me. I lapped up the spicy cream spilling out of her. We gasped and moaned and shuddered together, holding each other.

Loving each other.

Stars burst through my vision. Paper crinkled as she shuddered beneath me. The exam table shook. I didn’t care. My blood screamed through my veins, carrying the rapture to every bit of my body. Stars burst across my eyes as we loved each other.

We shared our taboo passion. It was wondrous. I made my daughter feel better by eating her pussy. It was so deliciously wrong. Just thinking that swelled my pleasure and lifted me to heights of rapture that I never wanted to leave. I soared through dizzying skies on winds of ecstasy.

“Mommy!” she whimpered between licks of my hot pussy.

“My sweet Becky!” I moaned. “Oh, my darling Becky, yes!”

I shuddered, panting. I rested my face on her thighs, my body squirming, buzzing from my orgasm. The pleasure died down to this wonderful tremble. I felt so satiated. I just wanted to cuddle with her, to hold her.

I turned around and did just that. I settled down on her, kissing my daughter’s pussy-stained lips. Our spicy musks, so similar and yet mine was stronger and hers was fresher, mixed together as we loved each other.

“It’ll be okay,” I promised her. “Trust me. Your daddy can fix anything.”

“He’s amazing,” Becky said, her green eyes shining with that love.

Did my own eyes look like that when I thought about Steve? I bet they did. I kissed her again, drunk on her. I was eager to strip her naked and make gentle love to her this time, not that frantic, wild, wonderful pussy-licking we just did.

The sounds of talking bled through the walls. A door opened and closed.

I broke the kiss. “You need to get dressed and get back to your college.”

She nodded, a bright smile on her face. “I believe you. Daddy will fix her.”

“Ye, he will.”

* * *

Steve Davies

I sat in the time-paused city council chamber, examining Becky’s friend, Tonya, seeing how I could edit her to patch things up with my daughter. My wife suggested I use my last edit on the day to fix them. A quick glance through her profile showed that she was hung up on her Christianity. She liked what they did, but at the same time, she believed it was wrong. It had put her in a crisis of faith.

I would have to tweak her guilt over the lesbian sex. I wrote down on a notepad sitting on my leg while Anael hummed to my left. She was sitting on a woman’s lap, kissing at her face. The angel was a horny thing.

“Make Tonya want to have sex with you, too,” said Anael. “Your daughter would totally make her friend into your slut.”

“Tonya has zero interest in me. She’s got a crush on Matthew Tollemache.”

Anael rolled her eyes. “Easy to fix.”

I ignored her. I couldn’t make every girl in the world, or even at my college, into my slut. It wasn’t right. I would just tweak her morality. Change her belief so that she came to the idea that lesbian sex was fine through prayer. That while talking with God, she would get a sense of peace and fulfillment from what she did with my daughter. I moved her sexuality so she was closer to the middle, but still mostly heterosexual. She would see her time with Becky as something friends did.

A fun way to pass time.

I studied my notes. Nodding my head in satisfaction, I committed the changes, fixed my daughter’s friend, then I closed the app. Sound leaped around me, the room full of talking. People waited for this new announcement from our mayor and the city council.

The woman Anael had been perched on turned and whispered to the man she sat beside. She had no idea an angel had been kissing her.

The city council and Mayor Preston Wright stepped in. The three council members took a seat at a table up front while Mayor Wright went to the podium at the center. It had the look of most city council rooms, walls covered in various government-sponsored posters about this or that issue. A table in the back with some flyers on it. Cheap, uncomfortable chairs set out for the citizens. There was a microphone set up at the front of the audience seats for questions.

“Good afternoon,” Mayor Wright said, a big smile on his grandfatherly face. His bushy eyebrows twitched. “We have made a momentous decision for the town. We have been talking, and we have been handling this homeless problem wrong.”

I nodded my head, a big smile crossing my lips. Tomorrow, I was editing Nikkole.

“There are so many homeless that need help in Rainier and the rest of King County,” the mayor said. “Our town could be doing more. Much more. We are going to be building housing for them all. A shelter where they can get off the street. They’ll have a cafeteria where they’ll be served high-quality, organic food. We won’t cut any corners of this project.”

“Sounds expensive,” muttered a woman.

“We are in talks with the city architects on how to design the estimated 1,000 units to house the homeless. We’ll have to use some eminent domain to get the land, and we’ll decide where to do that next, but we’re going to do some real changes. And more. We’re going to help everyone in Rainier.”

“How are you paying for that, Preston?” an old guy called, his gray hair falling in long wisps around his bald spot.

“We are implementing a property tax,” Mayor Wright said, a big smile on his lips. “I know you’re all eager to do your fair share to help out our town. “23% across the board, due in a month. I am sure you—”

The shouting began all at once. My eyes bulged. 23% property tax?

“People, people!” the mayor shouted over the angry roars. “It’s already voted on. We’re going to make Rainier into a homeless paradise. Don’t you want to help? Don’t you want to be good citizens for our community?”

“Shit,” I muttered. I pushed them too far.

To be continued...