The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created

by mypenname3000

Chapter 16: Blowjob Stress Relief

James Davies

I arrived at Seth’s house, eager to hear my friend’s idea for how to use my powers. I could create things by drawing. I didn’t understand how I manifested this ability, but I had them. I was like a god. It was amazing.

“This is exciting,” Orihime said, clinging to my right arm. “Right, Ruri?”

“I guess,” Ruri said. She was holding onto my other arm. She wasn’t so much as clinging to me but trying to nonchalantly hold my arm while pressing up against me as tight as possible.

Orihime rang the doorbell. It tolled through the house. Soft footsteps patted up to the door. It opened and Rei, the girl I created yesterday, was there. She had red eyes just like in the Anime, her sky-blue hair short and framing her narrow, nearly unemotional face.

“Hello, sir,” she said politely, shifting aside. “Seth is waiting in the living room.”

“Cool,” I said, nodding to my creation. She was just as lifelike as Orihime and Ruri. It was incredible. She wasn’t wearing the skin-tight body suit I drew her in but in a schoolgirl outfit reminiscent of the one she wore in the show. Seth must have procured it for her. Her slender body looked graceful in the blue skirt, white blouse, and red bow tie.

Seth’s house wasn’t as big as my family’s. The perfume of potpourri filled the house. A large bowl of dried flowers sat on a white marble coffee table. Seth rose from the couch, turning off the TV, and grinned at me, his phone in hand.

“Hey, man,” he said before Rei came to him and gave him a lingering kiss. He gripped her waist for a moment, eyes closed. When he broke the kiss, he had a huge grin on his face. “I have to thank you for Rei. She’s perfect.”

“I created her to love you,” I said, glad it worked.

“He’s amazing at that,” Orihime said, pressing her large boob through her blouse, letting me feel her tit as she shuddered against me.

Ruri nodded her head, her arm tightening around mine.

“Yes, he is,” Seth said. “James, you’re art...” The grin grew on my friend’s face. He ran his hand through his light-brown hair. “We have a lot to talk about. Come on, let’s go up to my room and play some Smash Bros and talk about it.”

I nodded. “Cool.”

“Rei, why don’t you entertain Ruri and Orihime,” he said.

“Yes, Seth,” Rei said, her voice almost a whisper.

“Let’s get to know each other,” Orihime said, breaking from me to dart over and hug the slender Rei. “James created us both. That makes us almost like sisters.”

“Sisters shouldn’t do the things we do,” Ruri said.

Orihime’s eyes twinkled. She was thinking of the things my sisters did with my parents. I kept my mouth shut. Our family secrets couldn’t be shared.

I headed upstairs with Seth, an eagerness twisting my guts. We entered his room. He had bookshelves covered in manga. There was a lot of harem manga from Monster Musume to High School DxD on his shelves, plus some old classics like Dragonball and Evangelion. That last one did not surprise me.

He turned on his TV and in no time, we had the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons (what they called their mini-controllers) in hand and were selecting our fighters. I went with Zero Suit Samus and he went with Kirby.

“So,” Seth said as we launched into the fight, trying to knock the other one off screen, “we have to monetize your power.”

“We?” I asked him.

“Well, you got to do it,” Seth said. “And I got some ideas, so we could be partners or something. You know, split the profits. Like 80/20 or something.”

“80 to me?” I asked.

“Well, sure, I mean, it’s your power that causes it to happen. But 20, that should cover my idea, right?”

“Okay,” I said then frowned as my damage percentage on my character was racking up. He was good with Kirby. “What’s your idea?”

“There are a lot of guys that have girls they want to screw,” he said. “Dream girls. Imagine what we can do with that. We could have a place where they could have those experiences. You draw them, and then they pay.” He paused, glancing at me. “It’s like... commissioning your art.”

I nodded my head. “I could make it so the girls would want to do things.”

“Maybe even make them... limited. Like they would pop into existence, have fun, and then they would fade away back to the paper until they were needed again.”

I frowned. Could I do that? Maybe. I’d have to experiment. I didn’t really understand my power.

“It’s kinda messed up,” I said even as an excitement throbbed through my cock.

“Well, you created Rei to love me,” said Seth. “You birthed her with the circumstances that she wanted to please me. Make me happy. These girls would be the same. They’d just want to please whatever guy commissioned her. For an hour or two. Then they’d return to the page to dream.”

“Okay, I can see that,” I said. “Damn.” My character hit the edge, died. I re-spawned fresh, ready to play. “Where would we host it?”

“My parents got a plot of land that they haven’t done anything with,” Seth said. “You know that empty field near our college?”

I nodded. “I didn’t know your family owned it.”

“Yeah, they inherited from my uncle when he died a few years ago. They don’t know what to do with it. They’ve been talking about selling it to some realty developers or something, but it’s perfect. You could draw a building there. Something tasteful.”

“Like what, Anime Dreams?” I asked. “Or Dreamgirl Delights.”

“Dreamgirl Delights.” Seth nodded vigorously. “That sounds like a great name. Let’s see if you can do it.”

“Why not,” I said, shrugging. I was a god. I bet I could create it. Then we could make some money.

* * *

Becky Davies

I was in my room alone, doing my homework. I was at my desk, my computer chair creaking. My keyboard was pushed to the side, my calculus book spread out before me. I worked through the problem, using my graphic calculator to run the numbers while I showed the work on my notebook paper.

My stomach squirmed. Dad was at city hall for the big announcement. He left the campus right when his last classed had ended. I didn’t get a chance to find out if he talked to Tonya. Mom said she talked to Dad and he promised to speak to my friend and help smooth things over.

I didn’t want to lose my friend because I seduced her. I wished I’d never done it. I thought Tonya would enjoy it. I’d rather just lust for her and do nothing than ruin our friendship. We’d known each other all our lives. Twenty years!

But Dad was so excited about this meeting at city hall. Something about the mayor helping the homeless. That was important to Dad. He volunteered at a shelter a lot of the time. I just hoped he had time to talk to Tonya. I hoped so. I wanted to call her.

A tingle raised the hairs on my arm and—

“—was praying to God and felt this peace,” Tonya said as she fidgeted before me.

I shifted on my bed, my heart so tight in my chest. I couldn’t believe it when Tonya arrived ten minutes ago. It was so awkward between us. We came up to my room and were dancing around what happened when she started talking about praying over to God for guidance.

“Peace?” I asked, hoping this was important. I gripped my comforter. This was more important than my calculus formula.

“Yeah, peace,” she said. “I just... I think God isn’t angry at me. That he thinks it was okay. Just something girls did with their friends. Not... real sex. There was no penis involved, right?” A shy smile spread across my friend’s face. Her platinum-blonde hair and ivory skin made the flush spreading across her cheeks seem to glow. “And... I kinda liked it.”

“Kinda liked it?” I asked, my heart pounding in my chest.

“It was... nice.”

I smiled. “Did my dad tell you to pray or something?”

“He did,” Tonya said. “He saw me, and I think he realized there was turmoil in my life and said praying always made him feel better. You know, communing with God. When I got home, I did and... I just had to come and talk to you.

A shiver ran through me. “I’m glad. I thought I had ruined everything.”

“I was just so frightened about how it made me feel. I thought girls shouldn’t do that with each other. I was so wrong. I’m glad. I hated being scared of being in the same room with you, terrified of what would happen. We have been friends for so long.”

I nodded, bouncing to my feet. My breasts jiggled beneath my blouse. We were dressed identically in our uniforms, gray ties dangling down the fronts of our white blouses, gray skirts falling down our thighs. She looked so cute. I threw my arms around her, hugging her tight to me, feeling her small, firm breasts through our clothing, two layers of blouses and two layers of bras.

I wished they weren’t in the way.

Our eyes met. This charge filled the air. We were friends. Like Sam and her clique. It was just a way girls shared their friendship. Nothing romantic. Just... a different way to hang out and have fun. My heart beat faster and faster as our lips drifted together.

Tonya’s blue eyes closed.

Our lips met.

I groaned into her lips. My head tilted to the side as we worked our mouths together. We kissed each other, loving each other. Our tongues thrust into each other’s mouths. Our arms gripped each other, holding each other with such friendly passion. I whimpered into her mouth. She groaned into mine.

My nipples ached and throbbed, pressing against my bra, tingling as we shivered. My pussy soaked my panties in a flash. She was so silky and sensual. It was almost as nice as kissing my little sister, Sam. Tonya was just so sweet in my arms. I loved this. Reveled in this.

I didn’t want to let her go.

Her arms tightened about my body. Her fingers rubbed at the small of my back, twitching like they wanted to go lower. I showed her she could by sliding my hands down to grope her rump. I squeezed her through her skirt. She shivered in my arms.

Her hands slid down and squeezed my ass.

She broke the kiss, panting, her firm breasts rising and falling against my big boobs. “Becky, I... I want to make you feel good. Like you did for me.”

My eyes widened. “Do you... want to go down on me?”

She nodded her head. “It’s only fair. You did it for me. I have to return the favor. It’s the Christian thing to do.”

I smiled at that. “Yes, yes, it is.”

I trembled as she squeezed my rump and kissed me again. She pressed me back this time, something aggressive in her. Her passions were awakening. I could feel it in her, this eagerness. Had she been thinking about eating my pussy since Sunday? I was so glad she got over her guilt. What would have happened if she hadn’t prayed?

Would she have hated herself? Come to hate me?

Thank you, Daddy.

She backed me up to my bed. I groaned, breaking the kiss and slipping out of her embrace so I could sit down on my bed. I leaned back onto my elbows, my breasts rising and falling in my blouse. Her eyes sparkled as her hands darted to my tits. She squeezed them, her blue eyes wide.

“Oh, wow, they’re just so big,” she said, kneading them through my clothes. “I’ve always been so envious of them.”

“You can do what you want to them,” I moaned, loving her fingers digging through my blouse and bra.

I was just about to sit down and work on my calculus homework when she showed up. I didn’t care about it now. It could wait. This was so much more important. The old me wouldn’t have believed that. Would have thought my education was, but this was living. Loving. Sharing pleasure with someone I cared for. I didn’t love love Tonya, but she was still important to me.

We were celebrating.

She undid the knot of my tie. It whisked as she slid it off my neck and dropped it to the floor. Her fingers attacked the buttons of my blouse. She worked them down, undoing them faster and faster, revealing my light-gray bra. My breath quickened, my large boobs straining at the cups.

“Wow,” she said as she pushed my bra’s straps off my shoulders to bunch around my elbows. “They’re magnificent.”

“Wait until you see them without my bra on,” I told her and winked. They’ll blow you away.”

“I bet they will,” she moaned. Her hands slid around my side to my back, her warm fingers caressing me as she searched for the clasp. “You’re so beautiful, Becky.”

“So are you, Tonya,” I said. “I love your hair.”

“But you got that dark-red,” she said. “That’s cute. Guys love redheads.”

“They love blondes.”

“But they also love big boobs,” she said.

“Maybe I like little boobs,” I told her, winking.

She smiled at me as her fingers found the clasp. Her brow furrowed as she struggled to undo it. “This is different than doing it to my own. It feels backward and... There we go.”

I sat up, pulling off my blouse while she drew down my bra. The straps slid down my forearms and over my hands. She pulled the cups away from my breasts. They jiggled as they spilled free, heavy and soft. My slightest movement made them sway. Fat, pink nipples thrust hard from my wide areolas. She stared at them in such awe, her eyes shining.

She squeezed my breasts, kneading them.

“You can kiss them or—” I couldn’t finish my sentence as her head blurred down and her mouth latched onto my nipple. She suckled with such hungry need. It was incredible. She drew half my areola into her mouth as she nursed. Pleasure shot down to my pussy.

I slowly leaned back onto my elbows again, her mouth moving with my nipple. She sucked and moaned. Her lips kept popping off then re-latching on. She swirled her tongue around my nub while her hands squeezed and kneaded my breasts. She gave me such bliss.

My braid swayed behind me as I shuddered. My toes curled as she gave me such delight. She loved my nipples, making my pussy molten in my panties. My bed creaked as I shifted, my heart racing in my chest.

“Tonya,” I groaned, staring down at her delicate face as she nursed at my breast. Her blue eyes flashed up to me. “You’re making me so wet... Down there!”

My friend’s mouth popped off my nipple. She grinned at me. “Oh, so I should do the Christian thing and help you out?”

I nodded my head, my big boobs shaking and jiggling. Her hands slid down my stomach, her fingernails lightly caressing my skin. Tingles raced ahead of them. My hips wiggled from side to side, my juicy snatch soaking my panties. She reached my skirt, drawing the gray fabric up my thighs.

My heart grew tighter and tighter. This was exciting. Our friendship was patched up. It was better. Intimate. We would share everything. I could tell her about my family, maybe. I could guide her into enjoying Daddy. He deserved beautiful women to love him, just like Mommy did.

Maybe I’d be selfish and not let Sam play with Tonya, though.

“You’re smiling,” Tonya said. “I like it. Makes you glow. You’re so pretty, Becky.”

My cheeks warmed. A giddy thrill ran through me. “Thank you.”

She winked at me as she pressed my skirt higher. Then she shoved my skirt over my panties. She stared down at the light-gray cloth soaked by my passion. Her head darted down, her small nose twitching as she inhaled.

“Oh, you smell different from me,” she said. “Spicy.”

“Not tangy like you?” I asked. “Do you... taste yourself?”

“Sometimes... After I masturbate.” Her cheeks burned. “You smell better than me.” Her nostrils flared. “Oh, I have to taste you.”

It seemed to me that her aggressive passion swelled. Then she shoved her hand up beneath my skirt. She drew my panties down my thighs, pulling them down. My panties rolled and twisted as she drew them past my knees then yanked them down to my ankles. She pressed my knees apart, my feet staying together. I felt my pussy lips parting, my juices flowing, clinging to my auburn pubic hair.

I was revealed to my friend. Her gaze on me. She groaned, her head drifting towards my pussy. Her fingers slid up my thighs. Heat rippled through me. I groaned and squirmed as it grew hotter and hotter. I whimpered.

“So beautiful,” she said. “Your pussy... Oh, wow, it’s so beautiful. I’m so glad I prayed.”

Thank you, Daddy, I thought as her face nuzzled into my bush.

Her lips brushed my labia. I groaned as her tongue fluttered through me. She caressed me. My breasts jiggled as I shuddered, wiggling back and forth. She lapped at me, her blue eyes were shining. Her arms wrapped around me. She pulled me tight. Her tongue plunged into my pussy.

Her face pulled away. Her mouth gleamed with my cream. “Oh, wow, that tastes amazing!” She flicked her tongue over her lips. “And your pubic hair... so silky. I... I...”

“Do you like pleasing your friend?” I asked her, afraid to imply she might be gay or bi.

“Yes!” she moaned and pressed her face back into my snatch.

My breasts heaved as her tongue fluttered through my folds. She teased me, devoured me. I groaned, my eyes scrunching shut. My heart hammered in my chest. This pleasure surged through me. This wonderful treat that had my body shuddering, my boobs jiggling. This bliss was incredible. It spilled such hot heat through my body. My back arched. I groaned while my moans echoed through the room.

My head shifted from side to side as she feasted on me. My friend devoured my pussy, her tongue flicking through my depths. She caressed my labia and brushed my clit. Every time she caressed that bud, sparks flared through me.

They started mini-fires in me, these tongues of rapture that fed my growing orgasm. I moaned in delight as the pleasure heated me up. My toes curled. My fingers clutched at the comforter as I shifted, my thighs squeezing around her head, her platinum locks spilling over my skin.

“Tonya!” I groaned. “Oh, yes, Tonya!”

“Oh, this is incredible,” she moaned. “You are so hot and silky and delicious. No wonder you ate me with such hunger.”

I nodded my head, the pleasure surging through me. “You’re going to make me feel so good! Please, please, keep licking me!”

“I will, Becky! I want you to feel amazing! Like you did for me!”

I gasped as her mouth sucked on my clit. She nibbled on it with her soft lips. This wondrous heat swelled in me. She fed those fires, bringing my pussy closer and closer to an orgasm. My heart raced, pumping the passion through my body. My breasts heaved as I shuddered against her.

She nibbled on my clit. I gasped. That did it. That sent me into a frothy boil of rapture. Ecstasy burst through me. This blissful steam rushed through my nerves, billowing through my body. It reached my mind, fogging my thoughts with euphoric delight.

“Tonya!” I howled, bucking on the bed. “Yes, yes, yes! You’re amazing! I’m so glad you’re my friend!”

She nursed on my clit as I shuddered through my orgasm. My tits heaved. Stars burst across my vision. I squirmed and groaned as this delicious ecstasy filled my body. She sucked so hard. My bud throbbed in her hungry mouth.

My orgasm carried me to this wondrous height. It was this amazing rush. I quivered, my fingers dug into the comforter. My head tossed back and forth. I hung there at the peak of my rapture. It was amazing.

Then I crashed back into panting bliss.

“Oh, Tonya, that was incredible. Thank you!”

She lifted her head, my cream dripping from her chin. Then she crawled up my body. Her tie dangled between my large breasts. Her head descended. She kissed me hard. Her tongue thrust into my mouth. I groaned as our lips melted together.

I tasted my spicy passion. I held her tight. I was so glad my daddy saved my friendship. I felt so close to Tonya.

* * *

Steve Davies

“23% property tax?” I muttered as the meeting room in city hall resounded with angry citizens. Everyone was shouting at the mayor. He was pounding on the gavel, struggling to maintain order.

I didn’t know what to think. I stood up and stumbled out of the room. What had I done? I just wanted to make everything better for my town. I didn’t intend for the mayor to do such a radical thing. A small tax, like 2% maybe. That would pay to take care of the homeless.

But he was talking about building them their own apartments. It was ambitious, beyond something like the nearby City of Seattle would attempt, let alone a small town like Rainier. We were prosperous. A lot of people who worked at Amazon or Microsoft who lived in the area, but 23%.

“Jesus,” I muttered as I stepped outside, the sun setting. I gripped my phone and stumbled to my car.

I drove home slowly, my mind lost. I hardly paid attention to what I was doing. My thoughts struggled to grapple with how to fix this. I couldn’t edit him again. I couldn’t change him or the city council. They were write protected or something.

Why did that rule exist? Just to impose a challenge on me. To make me think, to consider all possibilities. I thought I had. I thought I had worked them out, but they still had free will. I just changed the parameters of their life and then let them play out. I couldn’t control what they did after that. If I didn’t set things up right...

People were complicated. I had to remember that. I had to think about what these little changes would do. I was given the power of God, so I had to take it more seriously.

Before I knew it, I was home. I didn’t remember any of the drive. All the turns I must have made. All the traffic lights I went through. I swallowed, unnerved by that. I pulled into the driveway and turned off the engine.

I sat there, needing to think. There had to be a way out of this. People would riot over this. No one would pay this tax. It would cause so much trouble. Instead of helping the homeless, it would just make things worse in my town.

“Fuck,” I muttered.

I climbed out of my car, clicking my fob to lock my vehicle. The lights flashed and horn beeped as I walked around it. I was heading towards the front door. It opened and Tonya stepped out, her tie missing, the top two buttons of her blouse undone. She had a flushed looked to her face.

“Hi, Mr. Davies,” she said brightly.

“Oh, hi,” I said, hardly noticing her. She had almost a skip to her step as she passed me. Becky was at the door, wearing her school skirt and a tank top, her bra clearly missing, the tight cloth clinging to her large breasts.

“Daddy!” she squealed and hugged me. She kissed me, her lips tasting faintly of tangy pussy. “Thank you for talking to Tonya! It worked.”

“Talk to...” I didn’t talk to Tonya today and... Right, right, I’d edited her to think I’d talked to her. Which meant I probably had talked to her but didn’t remember doing it in this new timeline. “I’m glad it worked. Is that... her I tasted.”

She grinned at me. “Just a treat for my special daddy. I love you.”

She kissed me again, deeper, her tongue caressing my lips. I wanted to surrender to it, to sweep her up, but I had to think. I had to fix this problem. I didn’t deserve any rewards. Not my busty daughter, and certainly not that sexy cheerleader Nikkole. No reward for me tomorrow.

“Is something wrong, Daddy?” she asked, breaking the kiss, frowning.

“Just... got some bad news at city hall,” I said. “Sorry. Where’s your mother?”

“In the kitchen cooking dinner,” Becky said. “I hope it gets better.”

“Yeah,” I grunted.

“I’m going to work on my calculus. I got... distracted.” She grinned, such a naughty sight to see on Becky’s face. Then she whirled around, her auburn braid swaying behind her, and darted for the stairs.

The scents of spices drew me to the kitchen. My wife, Linda, was putting chicken breasts into the oven. As she slid in the cooking tray, she said, “So I heard our daughter celebrating with her friend.”

I grunted. “Yeah, she’s glowing.”

Linda closed the oven and glanced at me. Her green eyes flashed inquisitively for a moment and then her face fell. “It didn’t work?”

“Worked too well,” I said and explained what happened.

“Wow,” she said, leaning against the counter. “23%. That’s, what, $50,000 for our house?”

“Close,” I said. “$52,900. I mean, I can make sure we have the money, but that’s devastating for the town. It’s insane. I can’t believe my changes caused that to happen. I have to do something about it.”

“What?” my wife asked.

“I really don’t know.” I shook my head. “Maybe I rushed this. I didn’t think it through, and now we’re in this mess. What will I break this time?”

“Well, you’ll think of something,” she said, sliding against me and rubbing my stomach. “You’re a smart man, honey. You were given this power for a reason.”

“To amuse Anael it seems,” I muttered. “And the Most High. Maybe they want to watch me mess up.”

“Like you’re their entertainment?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Well, then make the most of it anyways. Show them they chose wrong by cleaning up this mess and making it better.” She kissed my cheek. “Now I have to get the couscous ready.”

I glanced at her. “You’re not worried?”

“I trust you’ll figure it out, Steve.” She flashed me a smile. “Look at how close you made our girls. How happy you made our family. James is out socializing. Having those Anime girls of his is bringing him out of his shell. He’s not coming home for dinner. He’s over at Seth Parish’s house. Isn’t that wonderful?”

“Yeah,” I said, my thoughts dark.

“Now you go to your office and figure this out. Dinner will be ready in thirty minutes.”

On my way to my office, Sam darted up to me, stripped out of her school clothes to a skimpy skirt and a crop top that molded to her small breasts. My eighteen-year-old daughter bounced to a halt before me, her titties jiggling, and grinned at me.

“Care for a quick BJ before dinner?” she asked. “Or maybe something a little more strenuous?”

“Sorry, kumquat,” I said, fighting that jolt in my dick. “I have some work I need to catch up on.”

I kissed her on the forehead.

She was frowning when I broke away. “But I’m horny, Daddy.”

“I know, but I’m sorry, okay.” I stroked her face. “I’m sure we’ll have some fun before bedtime, but I’m a professor. I have work to do. Why don’t you go help your mother in the kitchen.”

She blanched. “I’d rather go work on the car if we’re not going to fuck.”

I shrugged. I had to figure this out. My dick could wait.

I slipped past her and entered my office, firmly closing the door behind me. I heard Sam give an annoyed snort and then race off, her feet pounding up the stairs. Maybe she would go bother Becky or just masturbate in her bedroom. I sank down in my chair, glancing at my desk. I hadn’t done much in here since things happened. My last lesson plan, getting ready for my lecture last Friday, was still on my desk and...

The town charter was spread out before me. It was a facsimile of the original written back in 1897, re-creating the long piece of parchment complete with its handwritten text. I shifted, staring at it.

Was there an answer in the town charter?

I was using it as an example of technical writing for my English class. Then it hit me. Paragraph 21. I talked about this in class while expressing my distaste for Mayor Wright’s politics. He was far more conservative than a mayor in King County, Washington should be.

There was a way to recall the mayor and the city council.

* * *

James Davies

I sat by the empty lot as the light faded, imagining the building that would rest here along with the exterior landscaping. I wanted Japanese cherry trees lining the walkway to the front door. They would always be blooming, their pink petals fluttering to the ground to give it that dreamy air where everything would be believed. For the building, I drew it tall, three stories, with a homely, welcoming exterior, windows covered by dark drapes. There would be rooms inside. I imagined them full of furniture, beds, with a romantic vibe. These were places to meet your dream girl. Downstairs, a lobby and a lounge, a place to relax and hang out. Some TVs with video game consoles, some pool tables and gaming tables. Arcade machines, too.

The perfect place for horny, college-aged boys to hang out at while they waited for their fun.

Ruri and Orihime were talking with Rei nearby, the three sitting on a bench that I had quickly sketched, proof that I could create objects. Seth stood over me as I sat on the grass. He was playing with his phone, playing some mobile game involving cheering Anime girls speaking in Japanese.

Some sort of moe game.

“I think this is it,” I said, showing the pencil sketch to my friend. It was an isometric view of the front. I had the entire thing fixed in my head, how it would look inside. I was good at that, visualizing objects. I had devoured every video on YouTube on drawing since I was twelve, and I took every art class I could.

I had practiced and practiced. I was proud of my skill. I had a real talent to create. Which made sense.

“Looking good, I love the trees,” he said, nodding his head, a grin crossing his lips. “Let’s get the ladies approval.”

Orihime bounced over to me and peered over my shoulder. “Oh, that’s amazing. Look, it says Dreamgirl Delights in flowing script up there and a cutie blowing a kiss. I love that. It’s perfect.”

“It’s not too weeb?” I asked. Weeb, or weebo, was a derogatory slang for foreigners into Japanese Anime. It was a common insult these days since nerds and geeks had gone more mainstream, but Anime was still seen as weird.

“A little,” Seth said, “but who cares. Every guy at our college watches Naruto and Dragonball and High School DxD anyways. Everyone’s got a little weeb in them these days. Ink it.”

“Yes, yes, ink it, James!” Orihime said. “Right, Ruri.”

My slender girlfriend leaned past Orihime. “Yes, it has your flair, James. I approve.”

“See, even Ruri approves,” Orihime said, throwing an arm around her. “And she’s picky.”

Smiling, I grabbed the special Coptic marker. It was amazing. I was realizing it could change its line weight, how thick the tip was, to what I needed, and I had a feeling it would never run out of ink. It was the manifestation of my power. I couldn’t even remember buying it.

I’d conjured it into existence.

The lines flowed. I moved fast, in the zone, eager to bring this to life. I brought shape to the trees, to the path leading up to the building, to the gleam of sunlight on the windows. Seth was playing his game, the sounds hardly filtering through my mind. Then... just as I finished drawing, I willed it into existence.

It appeared, fading into view, almost bleeding from another reality. The cherry trees appeared before us, lining the walkway. Already, a few blossoms drifted down. The building rose above us, the neon sign flashing, advertising it. I shuddered, feeling it grow more and more solid until...

It was a part of the world. Like it had been under construction all this time and was now finally open. I put that thought into it, so people would accept it the way they accepted Ruri and Orihime at my college.

“Damn,” Seth said, putting his phone away. “This is incredible. And it’s furnished inside?”

“Should be,” I said, rising.

Orihime darted ahead, her orange hair bouncing around her shoulders. Ruri shook her head as she took my arm with grace. Rei did the same with Seth. We walked to the doors as Orihime gasped. She pulled out a set of keys left in the lock. There were five on there, all identical.

One for each of us.

Then Orihime opened the doors and stepped inside. She quivered, lights flickering on.

“You even hooked it up to the power,” said Seth.

“Wasn’t sure that would work,” I said. “Also plumbing, sewage, and internet, of course. Got to have the WiFi. I hope these accounts are opened with the various companies.”

“Probably are,” said Seth, shaking his head. “This is more impressive than I imagined.”

We entered the lobby. It was just as I imagined it. “We can have someone manning the desk and moving through the area. Workers I’ll draw. Cute Anime girls. We’ll choose our favorites to work as the hostesses. They’ll have rooms in the back, of course, since they’ll be permanent.”

“And for sale?” asked Seth.

“They’ll be more than happy to serve,” I said.

“And it won’t just be Anime characters we can create,” he said. “Video games, comics, fiction, even real women. Actresses. Imagine having a date with Black Widow or Wonder Woman.”

I grinned at Seth. “Yes, this is going to be amazing.”

“It’ll be insane,” Seth said, turning around. “We are in business.”

* * *

Sam Davies

After dinner, Daddy retired to his office. He looked distant all through supper, picking at his lemon-zested chicken and couscous, hardly touching Mom’s delicious cooking. She kept glancing at Daddy while Becky had a dreamy look on her face.

She and Tonya were so loud. I masturbated twice listening to them, and it wasn’t enough. I was so horny. I tried, at Mom’s insistence, to settle into the living room and work on my homework. But I kept glancing at the door to Dad’s office.

Mom was watching her game shows. She never missed Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. They were such boomer shows. She’d laughed when I called her a boomer. “I’m a Gen Xer, honey, not a baby boomer. That’s your grandparents.”

“Every old person’s a boomer,” I’d muttered. “You watch TV live with commercials.”

She was engrossed in the lady on Wheel of Fortune showing off the letters. I bet Mom’s been crushing on her since she was my age. Well, the lady had aged well. She was still rocking it in that slinky dress. Mom’s cheeks were flushed. She was horny, too.

It was my chance.

I slipped off my seat and padded to Daddy’s office. I twisted the knob as silently as I could. Then I pulled the door open and slipped in, closing it behind me. He was at his chair, his reading glasses on, which made him somehow seem wiser and sexier. He pulled them off as he turned to me, a legal notepad covered in writing.

“How’s it coming?” I asked, sauntering to him.

“It’s progressing,” he said. “I think I have an idea.” He groaned as I started massaging his shoulders.

“What are you working on?” I asked.

“Just some local politics,” he said. “You’d find it boring. I just need a way to undo Mayor Wright’s dumb decision. I’m close. I just need to figure out the last pieces.”

I dug my fingers into his shoulder. “You know what I find helps me think.”

“Oh, what kumquat?”

“Why, cumming, of course,” I said brightly. “Let me give you a blowjob, and I am sure you’ll have all the juices flowing.”

“I don’t know,” he said. “Usually I just want to sleep after cumming.”

“With your stamina, Daddy?” I said. “You’re like Superman. I can’t believe you can keep up with two horny daughters and a naughty wife! But you can! And you’re fucking Kyleigh at school. So, what do you say?”

“To a blowjob?”

“Uh-huh?” I asked, slipping around him. “A distraction is what you need. The harder you think on something, it draws resources away from the part of your brain that can give the solution. I learned that in biology last week.”

“Wow, you learned something?”

I giggled. “Sometimes. But that’s why it can be hard to remember things when under pressure, or why you can’t remember where you put something while you’re looking for it, but then later, it comes to you. We need to re-balance the resource allocation of your mind.”

“And an orgasm will do that?”

I nodded my head as I slipped down to my knees and crawled beneath the desk. I licked my lips. “Let me help you out. I’m such a loving daughter.”

“Yes, you are,” he said, his cock bulging the front of his slacks. “Okay, kumquat, I can’t say no to the help.”

I beamed at him.

My fingers darted to his fly. In a flash, I had him unfastened and unzipped. I reached in his boxers and produced his big, throbbing cock. I smacked my lips at the dick I loved so much. My daddy’s big fat dick. I wetted my lips as I darted in, my short hair swaying about my face.

Daddy groaned as I engulfed his dick. I loved sliding my lips over his spongy crown and taking him into my mouth. I shoved my right hand between my thighs and up beneath my skirt, finding my shaved pussy.

I wasn’t wearing any underwear.

I moaned around Daddy’s cock as I stroked my pussy lips. I rubbed up and down my hot folds as I moaned about his cock. I sucked on him, my cheeks hollowing and my eyes fluttering. It was incredible to love him. This wonderful delight surged through me. My heart pounded in my chest as I bobbed my head, working my lips up and down on his shaft.

My cheeks hollowed with every suck. He grunted and groaned, his face twisting as he experienced the suction of my mouth. My left hand stroked the base of his twitching dick. My pussy grew hotter, juices soaking my fingers stroking up and down my labia.

I brushed my clit and moaned about Daddy’s cock.

“What a sweet daughter I have,” he groaned.

I popped my mouth off, moaning, “Aren’t you glad you bred Mommy and made me?”

“Uh-huh,” he groaned as I re-engulfed his dick, sucking immediately. “Damn, kumquat, you are good at that.”

My pussy clenched, needing to be filled. As I nursed on his dick, his yummy precum spilling over my tongue, I jammed two digits into my silky depths. That wonderful heat flowed through me. My eyes squeezed shut. I pumped my digits in and out of my snatch, churning myself up as the bliss rippled through me.

My eyes squeezed shut. My pussy clamped down on my fingers. I groaned in delight, loving the wonderful treat of pumping them in and out of my snatch. This heat surged through me. My hips wiggled from side to side. My eyes fluttered as I groaned. My tongue danced around my Daddy’s dick, teasing him.

Pleasing him.

He groaned and gasped, his face twisting in rapture. He growled through his clenched teeth. His chair creaked and groaned. His hands balled into fists. I loved it. I sucked on him so hard, bobbing my mouth, teasing him.

It was incredible to please him. To love him. My tongue danced and darted around the crown of his dick. I fluttered against him, making him groan and gasp. My fingers pumped faster and faster in and out of my pussy, sending me towards my orgasm.

“Oh, you’re so good at that,” he moaned. “Oh, damn, Sam, you’re such a good cock-sucker.

I moaned in delight around his cock.

“Oh, my little kumquat, I’m going to erupt. Keep sucking like that. I’m going to give you so much cum.”

I squealed in delight around his cock. I sucked with all my might, slurping on his dick. My fingers pumped so fast in and out of my cunt. I stirred myself up while the heel of my hand ground on my clit. I trembled beneath his desk.

His hand seized a fistful of my fiery hair. He gripped me as he snarled through his clenched teeth. His chair creaked as his body twitched. He was close to cumming. I sealed my lips tight and sucked hard again and again. I nursed at his dick, hungry for more than his precum.

My pussy squeezed down on my plunging fingers, my anticipation building. The silky friction swelled my orgasm.

“Fuck, kumquat!”

Hot jizz boiled into my mouth.

“You’re amazing! I love you so much!”

Daddy’s words mixed with the thrill of gulping down his hot spunk. My orgasm swelled in my pussy. My fingers jammed deep into my depths. My clit throbbed against my palm. Another salty, hot blast of jizz flooded my mouth.

I detonated.

Pleasure rushed out of my convulsing snatch. My pussy writhed about my digits while I moaned about Daddy’s cock. This wondrous heat rushed through me. It smoldered across my thoughts, caressing them with all my exploding passion.

Juices gushed out around my fingers, bathing my hand and spilling down my thighs. Daddy kept grunting. His cock fired one more blast of his wondrous cum. I groaned, the flavor bursting to life across all my taste buds.

He slumped back into his chair, panting. “Oh, kumquat, that was...” His words trailed off. As I nursed out the last drops of his cum stuck in his urethra, he bolted upright. “That’s it! That’s how I can get this resolved by the end of the week!”

Such delight rippled through my orgasm. I made my daddy happy in more ways than one. I loved him so much. I was so glad our family was so open and loving. It would suck having to hide my desire for this hunky man just because society claimed incest was wrong.

To be continued...