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Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created

by mypenname3000

Chapter 18: Dreamgirl Delight

Sam Davies

Classes were out, and I was curious about this “business” my brother was running. Dreamgirl Delights was the buzz of our college. I was hearing it all over, from girls muttering about the horny boys thinking they could screw video game characters or anime girls, to the boys all talking about how it couldn’t be possible, but they had to find out.

I knew my brother’s secret. I knew that he’d created Orihime and Ruri out of nothing. It was just something he could do. I never really cared that he’d done it. I had lied about them, claiming they were exchange students at the college who just happened to live in my brother’s bedroom and screw him day or night.

Now that I was getting it from Daddy and Mom, as well as our older sister Becky, I hardly had room to complain. He had his fun; I had mine. Now it was time for the two to combine. I was trembling as I marched up to the entrance of Dreamgirl Delights. The cherry trees were blooming, their pink blossoms forming a little carpet across the path to the door and covering the lawn before the business. It was a beautiful building. It had gone up fast over the last few months.

How long had my brother and Seth been working on this? How long did he know he could draw people and make them come to life? I thought it was just a few weeks. I didn’t think he had the level of self-control not to hold off creating those two girlfriends for himself for days let alone months.

Dreamgirl Delight flashed in neon over my head. Then I was entering through the tinted, glass doors. They whisked shut down beside me. Music thudded through the club, upbeat JPop or KPop, that perky singing ringing through the club. I smiled, rolling my eyes.

Of course, it would be Anime like music.

I headed to the front desk where there was a redheaded girl in a tight, bright-crimson body suit. It hugged her eighteen-year-old body like a glove. She smiled at me as I came up, her breasts jiggling in that vinyl outfit.

“Hi,” she said. “I’m Asuka. Welcome to Dreamgirl Delights.”

“This is rather impressive,” I said, looking around. Then I noticed Matthew Tollemache, our college’s star quarterback, striding by with a leggy girl in a gingham type dress that left her long, toned legs bare. She was Chinese, her black hair gathered in a pair of buns. It was Chun-Li from that fighting game.

“Wow,” I said as Chun-Li was clinging to Matthew. Then the pair headed upstairs. The tips of my ears burned. I knew I went to a Christian college, but I wasn’t a prude. There was a lot of sex going on behind the scenes while everyone pretended they were good Christians.

I mean, I had lesbian sex with my three closest friends regularly.

“Are you eager to experience the delight of a dream girl?” asked Asuka. “Or even a dream guy?”

“Oh, no, girl for me,” I said. “I already have my dream guy.”

“Wonderful,” Asuka said. “So it’s $100 for an hour if she’s in the book, or you can pay $250 to have your dream girl commissioned and be the first to experience her.”

“Oh, I’m not paying,” I said. “Where’s my brother?”

An angry flicker shot across Asuka’s face. For a moment, I thought she was going to lash out, but then she swallowed and said, “I’m sorry, everyone has to pay, and I do not know who your brother is.”

“He’s James,” I answered non-nonchalantly. “He’s the guy who drew you into existence.”

Asuka blinked her blue eyes then she smiled, “Oh, you’re Sam, right?”

“Well, I don’t have Becky’s big tits,” I said, winking at her. I thrust out my chest, my gray tie, part of my college uniform, swaying before my tiny tits. “See. It’s a big clue.”

Asuka just smiled at me.

“So, my brother?”

“He’s drawing,” Asuka said. “We need to build up a stable of girls. He’s through there.” She pointed at a door nearby that said “Staff Only” on it.

I darted away, waving to the Anime girl. I crashed through it and found my brother sitting on a loveseat, busty Orihime on his right, slender Ruri on his left. They were leaning over him as he drew with one of his markers.

“I want Samus!” I declared as I stood before him. “Zero Suit Samus.”

My brother’s eyes lifted up from his work. He gave me a smile. “Really, a girl?”

“I’m not going to have a guy,” I said. “Not when I have Dad. So, yes, a girl. I like girls, too. I’m bi like Mom, you know?”

He shrugged. “Sure. I mean, she’s your favorite character to play. I’m not surprised.”

“I’ll kick your butt with her,” I said.

“Fine, fine,” James said, a smile on his lips. “She’s popular anyways. You got to wait.”

I grinned. “Worth it.”

* * *

James Davies

I moved Samus to the top of my to-draw list. I had the girls already who were commissioned and for by guys horny to enjoy them. Not only were there fictitious girls, but there were a few movie stars playing iconic roles.

Black Widow...

I was going to get a wrist cramp from drawing, but we needed to build up our clients. My little sister squirmed before me, her gray skirt swaying about her lithe legs. She had such a look of excited need in her green eyes, her short, red hair dancing about her features.

“She’s just eager for it,” Orihime purred as I sketched the sexy Samus in her alternate outfit. The one she wore when not in her armor, a blue, skintight jumpsuit. She was a hot woman.

“Yes, she is,” Ruri said as she held my cell phone for me. I glanced at it, nodding at the reference pic. It was great. Samus had nice tits, a great ass. I sketched her long, blonde hair, working fast with blue pencil before I inked her to life with the Coptic marker.

My sister’s excitement grew and grew as I switched over to the inking marker. The bold, black strokes spilled over the white of the page, covering the light-blue guidelines. Her shape began to take appearance, her figure growing more defined. I detailed her face, her hair, the marker’s thickness shifting as I needed to draw thin or thick lines. No more switching. I added personality to her, imagining her as I wanted her to be.

A sexy woman who was eager to enjoy the passions of anyone who came here. She would be happy to serve Seth and me, to love what she would do. When she wasn’t working, she could return to her page in the book, going to sleep to await her next passionate romp.

Sam squirmed. The girl had no patience. Her green eyes were glowing as she fidgeted. Sometimes she paced. Sometimes she rocked on her feet from heels to balls. She puffed her cheeks. She played with her skirt.

I ignored her, my art coming together.

After an hour, I said, “And we’re done.”

I made the final stroke and willed her to life. Samus leaped from the page and grew larger and larger, color spilling over her. Her skin-tight bodysuit became a light-blue, her blonde hair gathered in a long ponytail, her face both beautiful and fierce as befitted the warrior-woman.

“Oh, damn, that’s hot to watch,” Sam said, darting to Samus. My petite sister looked up at the taller woman. “You’re as sexy as I imagined.”

Samus smiled. She had a soft voice as she purred, “Thank you. You’re pretty cute.” Her arm slipped in with my sister. “So... want to go upstairs and have a nice time?”

“I would love to,” I groaned. “You’re my favorite character. I love choosing you.”

“You are cute,” she said, her fingers stroking my sister’s face.

“You can take that upstairs,” I said. “I don’t need to see you screw my little sister here.”

“Of course, James,” Samus said, glancing at me. She gave me a smile. I could feel her acceptance. She was Samus, but she was also my version of her, tweaked to be what we needed.

“Thanks, bro!” said Sam. “I’ll have to let you win or something next time we play.”

“Not with me, I hope,” Samus said. “I don’t like losing.”

My sister giggled as they walked out of the room.

* * *

Steve Davies

It was quiet when I got home after work. My wife bustled out of the kitchen, a smile on her face. “Hi, honey,” she greeted. “How was work?”

“Oh, you know, rewarding,” I said as she walked over to me and cupped my face. She kissed me on the mouth, leaving some flour dust behind.

“I saw,” she said. “Those videos you took were hot. Nikkole is a little minx.” There was something wistful in her tone.

I cleared my throat. “So, uh, where is everyone? It’s quiet in the house.”

“Well, Becky is ‘studying’ with Tonya,” my wife said. “Listen.”

I concentrated, slowing my breath. From above, I could hear the creak of a bed upstairs and girlish moans bleeding through the floor. “I see. Sounds like they’re... getting involved.” I looked around. “No Sam?”

“Your little minx is out with her friends,” my wife said. “You can’t expect her to be your little sexpot twenty-four/seven.”

“Guess not,” I said, grinning. “And James is hanging out with Seth again?”

Linda nodded her head. “He’s really crawling out of his shell.” She patted my stomach. “Good job.”

“Thanks,” I said, feeling good. The recall election was underway. In two days, we’d learn the mayor and city council were out and the new tax would be repealed by the next officials. I would figure out how to modify them so this mistake didn’t happen again.

“So, we have an hour while dinner cooks,” my wife said, her hand on my stomach sliding down. “Want to watch the tape I made today?”

“Oh, yeah,” I said, my dick throbbing.

“You haven’t seen me and Evaline together,” she said, a grin on her lips. “She’s got a hot body she hides beneath that clothing.”

“You forget about the app,” I said, winking at her. “I watched some of what you three were up to in Vegas.”

“You naughty husband,” she said then she frowned. “So... in the original timeline, did I even go to Vegas?”

“Yeah, but there was no Evaline,” I said. “That was something I didn’t expect.”

Linda shivered. “There’s this other life I lived where I cheated on you. It’s crazy. I feel a little guilty.”

I put my arm around her. “Don’t be. I changed things so you didn’t have to be ashamed about being bi. So you didn’t have to beat yourself up hiding your love for Marissa.” I squeezed her tight. “I love our daughters and you. You love Marissa and me. It’s fine.”

My wife slid her arm around my hip. “Okay, thanks.”

We headed upstairs to our bedroom. The sounds from Becky’s bedroom were growing more and more passionate, the two schoolgirls “studying” with throaty moans. I smiled as we passed on the way to our Master bedroom. We slipped in and my wife peeled off the simple dress she wore.

She wasn’t wearing panties beneath. Her large tits swayed before her. She had great tits even in her early forties, her body fit and toned from her daily exercising. She was actually a few pounds lighter in this timeline, another unexpected change I didn’t plan on.

“Now you just lie down, get that cock out, and enjoy,” she purred as she snagged her phone and turned on our bedroom TV. It was a Smart TV, something James set up for us last Christmas. My wife loaded up a file on her phone and got it to play on the TV.

Streaming, I think it was called.

I shook my head at the technology, then grinned, realizing I was looking at our bed. The one I was stretched out on. The camera must have been at the left corner of our dresser. I smiled as Evaline Gilbert appeared, the Korean beauty slipping onto the bed wearing a black negligee. The deacon’s wife for our church rubbed her thighs together while she gave a look of liquid heat off-screen.

“I’ve been thinking about this since the moment we got back from Vegas,” Evaline moaned. “I can’t get you out of my head. Those things we did... I never knew this passion was in me.”

“Mmm, sometimes you just need a guiding hand to let it out,” my wife purred as she stepped into view. She wore a light-blue, silk slip. It clung to her lush body. She peeled it off, baring that body.

My eyes flicked to my wife standing by the TV, just as naked. She had a grin on her lips, her green eyes sparkling. “Watch the TV, not me.”

“It’s hard. I want to do both,” I said. My dick throbbed. I began undoing my belt, wanting to free it.

My wife crawled onto the bed, much like her past self did on the TV screen. My wife’s tits swayed as they dangling beneath her, nipples dark-red and hard. She licked her lips, her hands grabbing my pant legs.

My wife in the past pressed apart Evaline’s thighs, purring, “Mmm, you have such a delicious taste Evaline. I’m so glad we got together today.”

“And we’re filming it,” Evaline moaned. “This is so hot. My husband might see this.”

“Do you want him to see it? To know what you truly are?” my past wife purred.

“Maybe,” Evaline moaned as my wife pushed up her black negligee. “But what I really want is you again.”

“Oh, so sweet,” my wife cooed.

“She is sweet,” my wife in the present purred, her fingers sliding up my jeans.

Pleasure shot through me. My dick throbbed as my wife stroked me. The heat swelled as she caressed me. My heart beat faster and faster. Blood pumped through my veins. Her fingernails scratched at my khaki pants, making this hot sound.

On the screen, my wife had pushed up Evaline’s negligee. The diminutive woman squirmed, her thick, black bush on display. I groaned as I watched my past-wife nuzzle her face into that thick tangle of silky hairs. Evaline moaned, feeling the delight of my wife’s tongue.

My zipper rasped. Linda opened my fly and reached in, pulling out my cock. She inhaled her, quivering. “I can just smell that coed pussy on your dick. You had Nikkole and Kyleigh loving this dick today, didn’t you?”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned. “You saw the video I made.”

“Made me so wet,” she moaned. “Good thing I had Evaline to play with.”

I smiled at the screen where my wife in the past had her tongue fluttering through the Korean woman’s pussy. I couldn’t see the actual licking, but my wife’s plump ass wiggled back and forth while Evaline cooed. Her pussy juices clung to her trimmed, auburn bush. I groaned at the sight while my wife in the present licked up and down my dick.

Linda had an amazing tongue. I moaned with Evaline, both of us, separated by hours of time, enjoying my wife’s oral delights. My wife’s tongue climbed up and up my dick. She reached the tip and swirled it around the sensitive crown. My toes curled as the pleasure shuddered through me. I pulled at my tie, loosening as the pleasure shot through me.

She engulfed the tip of my dick. She bobbed up and down my cock, her lips sealed tight around my shaft. Her cheeks hollowed. I groaned as the pleasure shot down to my balls. I groaned, my hands grabbing her auburn hair.

Evaline did the same. She had both her hands buried in my past wife’s hair. She held my wife’s head to her pussy. I smiled, my wife feasting with pleasure, Evaline gasping, moaning. Her face twisted in delight. The rapture spread across her features. Her head tossed back and forth. She ground against my wife’s mouth.

“Damn, you’re just feasting on her,” I moaned, my finger sliding through Linda’s hair. I groaned at the pleasure, my fingers tightening in her silky locks as she sucked harder and harder.

She bobbed her head, nursing with more hunger. She took more and more of my cock. Her fingers found my balls. She massaged me, rubbing them. I groaned, smiling. I was savoring the pleasure shooting down my dick.

My nuts grew heavier with cum. She kneaded them in circles while her mouth sucked hard. Her lips slid farther down my dick. My dick pressed against the back of her throat. Then I groaned as she slid her shaft down it.

She engulfed my dick. This hot pleasure slid down me. I groaned as my wife took more and more of me. She deep-throated my cock. She loved me. I gripped her hair, my eyes locked on the screen, watching my wife in the past make Evaline gasp.

“Oh, yes, Linda!” Evaline moaned. “Oh, your tongue. I never... I never had such pleasure like this.”

I had to do something about Evaline and our church. Fix a few things, but there were just so few changes I could make in the day. Maybe on Sunday, I would do some tweaking, help adjust some of the consequences that happened because of my wife’s seducing hungers.

“This delight! Oh, yes, you’re tongue... Oh, Lord, you’re tongue is deep in me, Linda! You’re driving me wild!”

Evaline’s delicate face twisted with her rapture. Her head tossed back as she groaned. The silk of her negligee clung to her small breasts. Her nipples were prominent. The jiggle of those firm mounds was captured in HD clarity.

“You’re going to make her cum,” I groaned, my own orgasm building, my dick throbbing in the depths of Linda’s throat. This pleasure surged through me. It was this incredible treat. It was a hot rapture to be buried in her throat. “You’re going to make me cum.”

My wife moaned around my dick. The pleasure throbbed down my shaft. Her humming vibrations teased me. She kneaded my balls, playing with them. The heat grew and grew in them. Evaline gasped out in passion. Her body heaved.

She came hard on my past-wife’s mouth. I wished I could smell Evaline’s passion, to be in the room instead of watching hours-old events. I heard my wife moaning twice, the TV version sounding tinnier, but still full of her throaty passion as she pleased her lover and me.

“Damn, Linda!” I groaned. “She’s thrashing. She’s going wild.”

My wife sucked up my dick, my cock throbbing. The pleasure’s ache spread up my dick. This wonderful heat built and built. My heart pounded in my chest. My toes curled as the heat surged through me.

My cum fired into her mouth. I groaned as my orgasm spilled pleasure through my body. Rapture shot through me as my jizz flooded her. Her cheeks bulged. Then she swallowed, her green eyes fluttered up at me. She moaned as she gulped down my spunk. She swallowed with such hunger.

“Linda, yes!” I groaned. “God, you need to give our daughters some pointers. You’re amazing.”

“Oh, wow, Linda!” Evaline moaned from the TV, her trembles dying. “Oh, I have to do that to you.”

The Linda of the past raised her head, cream dripping down her chin. “Mmm, good, because I saw this video today... I need some satisfaction.”

“Gladly,” Evaline moaned, grabbing my wife’s hips. “We’re going to love each other.”

My orgasm peaked. My last blast of cum spilled through me. I groaned, my chest rising and falling, my heart pounding passion through my veins. My wife nursed on my dick while in the past she settled herself on Evaline’s face, her ass clenching as she went for a ride.

I smiled, loving that sight. Everything was going great. I loved that she set up with the camera, inspired by the video I sent her. Wouldn’t it be great if she had a way to enjoy some schoolgirl pussy like I was? An idea kindled in my mind.

I glanced at my phone.

“Want a new job?”

My wife popped her mouth off my dick, cum running down her chin as she gave me a questioning look.

* * *

Sam Davies

I unzipped the front of Samus’s bodysuit and groaned as her round breasts popped out, bouncing with such firmness. This was really happening. Samus was real, and she such a delicious treat. They heaved before me. I squirmed in delight, my heart surging passion through me.

I buried my face between her breasts, rubbing my cheeks back and forth. I breathed in her scent. This was Samus. It was incredible. My brother brought her to life so I could indulge all my naughty passions. This was the best thing in the world.

I sucked on the inner slope of her right tit. I nibbled and sucked on the soft mound. I licked at her flesh, caressing her. I lapped up at the side of her breasts. I sucked and nibbled up and down her boob, licking at her flesh, tasting her.

“Oh, Sam, you are just eager for it, huh?” she asked.

“Of course,” I moaned. “It’s you! You’re famous! You’re an inspiration! And your tits are great!”

I sucked on her inner slope again. I nibbled and licked at her. This hot flash surged down to my cunt. I groaned, nibbling on her, teasing her. I kissed up to the top of her right breast, my fingers squeezing into her mounds, loving the feel of her.

I engulfed her nub. I sucked on the video game character’s nipple. It was so real in my mouth, pink and hard, throbbing in my mouth. It was such a treat. I can’t believe my brother could do this. It was amazing. She was so real, so lithe, so gorgeous.

“Ooh, that’s nice,” moaned Samus. The older, sexy woman leaned back on the bed in the small room we were in. This was the naughtiest whorehouse in the world.

I followed her breast down as she leaned back against the pillows, not wanting to let her nub pop out of my lips. I sucked and nursed and made her make such wicked sounds. I loved the sounds she made.

The passion I inspired in her.

She squirmed. My hands went lower, sliding across her toned stomach. She had strength as well as femininity. It was so hot. My hands crossed down to Samus’s pubic mound. The zipper went all the way to her pussy. I trembled, my fingers sliding lower and lower.

I found her bush.

Samus wasn’t shaved. That was exciting. My fingers stroked through her silky bush as she squirmed, her breast jiggling beneath my sucking mouth. My lips popped off her nipple as my fingers lid lower and lower.

“You’re soaked, Samus,” I moaned.

“Because of you,” Samus purred. Her hands cupped my face, fingers clad by her suit. The vinyl-like material felt so slick on my face as she stroked me. “You made me so hot. I’m so turned on. I’ve never felt like this before.”

“My brother did something special,” I moaned. “I have to eat you! You’re Samus!”

She smiled and kissed me.

I melted against her lips. My pussy clenched. My body shuddered in my schoolgirl uniform. My skirt rustled about my thighs. Her tongue fluttered against my lips. Then it was in my mouth. Samus was Frenching me. My pussy melted. My juices soaked into my panties.

It was incredible.

This wondrous heat swelled through my clenching pussy. My tongue danced through her. I loved this. She was a sexy parody of the video game character. It was incredible that my brother created her. I whimpered, my heart pounding in my chest.

I broke the kiss. “I have to eat you! I have to please you! You’ve earned it for saving the universe! You finally get to cum!”

“You are such a loving girl, Sam,” Samus moaned.

I flashed her a naughty grin and then spread her thighs apart. The zipper actually ran down her crotch, allowing you to unzip her all the way and expose her soaked bush and juicy pussy. This sweet musk filled my nose.

“My brother even made you smell amazing,” I groaned, my mouth salivating.

“He wants the best for his favorite sister,” Samus said.

I smiled. I better take it easy the next time James and I played Smash Bros.

I buried my face into her blonde bush. Her silky pubic hairs caressed my face. She groaned as my tongue fluttered through her folds. I savored every stroke of my tongue against her juicy flesh. I caressed her with hunger. I licked and lapped through her folds, feeling her silky bush on my face while my tongue stroked her juicy petals.

Her sweet cream spilled over my tongue. I stared up Samus’s body, her breasts jiggled, her open bodysuit shifting around those lush mounds. She groaned, her face contorting. My tongue danced through her juicy pussy.

“Oh, Sam, yes!” she gasped. “Oh, wow, you’re a pussy-licking fiend. Oh, wow, you’re just giving me such pleasure.”

“Because you’re Samus,” I moaned, lifting my head. Her juices ran down my chin and dribbled across my throat. “You’re sexy!”

I sucked hard on her clit. I nibbled on it as she gasped. Her breasts jiggled. Her thighs squeezed around my face. She ground her twat against my lips. There was a hot treat. The pleasure rippled down through my body, her hips wiggling from side to side.

“Oh, Sam, you’re so good. I can’t just lie here.” Samus licked her lips. “I don’t like being passive. I like taking charge. I have to eat your pussy, too.”

My pussy clenched. “Yes! Let’s sixty-nine!”

I hiked my gray skirt, flashing my pink panties. They were ruffled along the front, so cute and sexy. I hooked my fingers in them and shoved them down my hips. I wiggled from side to side, working them off my thighs. I fell back on my rump to take them off, thrusting my legs in the air, flashing my shaved snatch at her.

Samus’s eyes locked on my juicy pussy. A hot shiver ran through her. Then she sprang at me. I gasped in delight as she was on top of me in a flash, her breasts heaving. She pinned down my shoulders to the bet, my small tits quivering in my blouse.

“You are just so cute!” she moaned before she spun around with this lithe passion. She straddled my face. Her pussy pressed down on my lips. I groaned and then nuzzled into her cunt. I licked and lapped at her, fluttering my tongue through her folds. I darted with passion through her labia. I caressed her, teased her. I feasted on her.

She tasted amazing.

My tongue licked and lapped at her passion, stroking her, teasing her. This wonderful pleasure surged through me. I feasted on this amazing character. She ground on me, rubbing her hot cunt against my face, her hips sliding from side to side, hot and juicy. It was an incredible thrill to enjoy. Her juices filled my mouth.

My hands grasped her ass through her rubbery bodysuit as licked at her cunt. Then she was leaning over me, pressing her round boobs into my stomach. Her face nuzzled into my pussy. Her tongue flicked out, caressing my folds.

I groaned at the pleasure surging through me. This hot thrill raced through my body. My toes curled. I whimpered and groaned, my body shuddering beneath her. I flicked my tongue through her folds, drinking in all the wonderful cream flooding out of her while she devoured me.

Samus slammed her tongue deep into my cunt. She made me shiver. I gasped, my eyes squeezing shut. My fingers dug deeper into her rump. I gripped her as my tongue danced through her juicy petals. I licked and lapped at her. I loved her with all my might.

“Oh, yes, Samus!” I whimpered as she caressed me with such skill. She knew how to eat pussy. “Are you a lezzie slut? Huh? Is this what you’re doing when you weren’t out fighting space pirates?”

“Maybe,” she purred, rubbing her blonde-furred muff against my face, her ass flexing beneath my fingers. “Ooh, Sam, you taste delicious. I want it all.”

Her tongue thrust deep into my twat. She stirred around in me. My heart screamed through me. After Daddy, this was the best sex ever. Her sweet cream spilled over my cheeks. Her musk filled my nose. My tongue fluttered through her pussy lips as she fucked hers in and out of my cunt.

She stirred me up.

My orgasm swelled and swelled beneath her naughty ministrations.

The bed creaked as my passion grew. I whimpered and moaned, my tongue fluttering faster. I stroked all her pussy lips. Then I found her clit and sucked on the bud. Her ass flexed beneath my fingers. She squirmed atop me, moaning into my cunt.

She drove me wild.

I loved it.

Her tongue fluttered through my folds. She teased me. She gave me such wondrous rapture. This amazing bliss that had my heart beating in my chest, just pounding like crazy. I squirmed beneath her, whimpering, my tongue dancing across her pussy lips.

I attacked her with such passion. I feasted on her with all my lust. I was enjoying my favorite video game character. I loved all her adventures. I pulled her down tight, my tongue dancing around her clit between my hungry sucks, my nose nuzzling into her hot snatch.

I inhaled her sweet perfume.

“Sam!” she moaned, her gloved fingers stroking my pussy lips as she squirmed. “Oh, yes, Sam, we’re both going to cum!”

She jammed two fingers into my pussy. The vinyl-like material of her suit felt incredible as it stroked inside of me. This cool glide of her digits added a naughty tinge of passion to the pleasure she churned in my cunt. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest.

I darted my tongue into her snatch. I stirred around inside of her pussy as she fingered me. My pussy clenched around her probing fingers. Her tongue fluttered against my clit. The drumming sparks carried me towards my rapture.

“Samus!” I moaned.

“My lovely Sam!” she groaned and then sucked on my clit.

I nursed on hers.

We both thrashed. Her sweet cream gushed out of her pussy while my cunt convulsed around her fingers. My orgasm swept through my flesh. I moaned around her bud, sucking with such passion as I bucked beneath her.

This was incredible. I was cumming with my favorite video game character. This was the best thing in the world. I loved it. I didn’t want this to end. I wanted to keep enjoying this bliss screaming through me. My heart pounded in my chest. The frantic beats had me shuddering in delight, my body trembling on the bed.

Waves of rapture washed through my body. I groaned as I drank in the ecstasy. She whimpered into my twat, her fingers jammed deep into my cunt. The bed creaked as we both trembled through our pleasure. My heart hammered in my chest.

It felt incredible.

“Wow,” I moaned, my eyes fluttering. “Oh, wow, Samus, you’re awesome!”

“Mmm, and you’re just delicious,” moaned Samus. “Thank you for being my first. For having your brother create me.”

She spun around, her face coated in my juices. She pressed her tits into my small breasts, constrained by my bra. I whimpered as we trembled together. Our pussy juices mixed as our lips melted into a hot kiss. My tart passion flavored by her sweet cream.

What a wonderful treat.

* * *

Linda Davies

Sam came in just in time for dinner, a huge grin on her face. She looked like she got lucky. She skipped to the dining room table. Becky and Tonya were already sitting by each other while Steve sliced the pot roast I made today. The savory scent filled the air.

“Someone looks like they had a fun time,” I told my youngest.

“Yep,” she said, then glanced at Tonya who was blushing. “You know, just hanging out with my friends. Saw James for a bit. He and Seth are working on something.”

“Oh?” Steve asked.

“Nothing big,” Sam said, shrugging her shoulders. “But I had a great time. I’m famished now. Smells good, Mom.”

“Yeah, James seemed excited about his project,” Becky said as Steve sat a large slice of roast on her plate.

“Oh?” I asked. “What’s this project?”

“Oh, just something dumb,” Becky said. “You know, he and Seth are excited about it. Selling art or something.”

“Yeah, just taking commissions from the guys at school,” Sam said. “No biggie. It’s keeping James busy.”

“Good, good,” I said, smiling in delight, my body buzzing with excitement. Steve’s idea he had while I was sucking him on his cock was amazing. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow. “Well, I’m glad he’s having fun. So James and his girlfriends aren’t coming for dinner.”

“No, no, they’re wrapped up in their project,” Sam said.

“That’s good,” I said. “So, I was talking with your father,” I glanced at my husband, “and it’s okay if you want your friends to spend the night on Friday.”

Sam blinked. Then a naughty grin shot across her lips. “Oh, awesome. I’ve been talking to them about something like that. I’m sure they’ll be in.”

My husband shot me a huge grin. The dirty, old teacher.

* * *

Steve Davies

The next day at my college, I felt energized, my body buzzing from my orgasm. I’d just enjoyed my romp with Kyleigh, plus I had Nikkole before that, the cheerleader eager to please me in the middle of first class. I had thirty minutes before I had to teach my next lesson, more than enough time to implement my idea I had with my wife.

I had it all figured out. Three things that needed to be edited to make it happen.

I didn’t have to head into the nurse’s station to do it, but it would make things easier to find what I needed on the app. It was a small room with two hospital beds that each had a privacy curtain, white sheets dotted with blue flowers. The room had an antiseptic aroma to it, and was orderly. There were various diagrams of human anatomy, plus a few on STD’s and safe sex, which at a Christian college meant abstinence.

Out of a side office, Corinne Traviss appeared. The college’s nurse was a black-haired, motherly woman with hazel eyes. She gave me a plump smile as she strode towards me wearing a pink scrub top and bottoms, her shoes pristine white.

“Hi, Steve,” she said. “I hope nothing’s wrong.”

“No, no,” I said, just smiling here. “Just about to give you your dream job,” I told her. “I noticed that you applied to work at St. George’s neonatal unit, but you turned it down because the pay was too low. You need the money.”

“How do you know that?” she asked, her expression falling.

“Oh, I can edit reality on my cell phone,” I said, pulling it out of my pocket. “Now don’t worry, you’re not going to remember any of this. In fact, you’re about to be at the neonatal ward surrounded by all those newborns as happy as you can be.”

“What?” she asked as I swiped the screen. “This isn’t funny, Steve. Why would—”

Reality paused as I opened the app.

Anael popped into existence by the nurse. The naked, petite angel had a naughty look on her face. “Oh, Steve, this is why you were chosen. This is so naughty.”

“I just hope it works the way I planned,” I said, doing a search for the president of the college’s board of supervisors. He was the man who would actually hire my wife. So I just had to edit him. It was a few simple things. I put the idea in him that the person he should hire for the new school nurse was my wife. A simple tweak to him. He would know her number, something I added to his list of facts and would have called her the night before, after I told my wife already about my plan, to offer her the job. He wouldn’t do more than offer it, needing my wife to immediately take the position.

Since Linda was briefed before the timeline changed, she would know why he was calling and say yes.

That out of the way, I turned to Corinne. She appeared naked on my screen, just like Quintin Abrahams, the president of the Board of Superintendents, had. I hadn’t stared at the man’s naked form, but I couldn’t help noticing the ripe, round breasts Corinne had, her hips curvy.

I knew where to go to edit her. The problem was money. She wanted the job, ached to work with newborns and was sick of dealing with college students, but her husband lost his job last year. They were barely scraping by. It was a simple matter. I had to go through her to do this because it was the simplest way to find what I needed.

I opened up her Memory Sub-Menu located in her Mental Menu.


I hit view and searched for LOTTO TICKETS. She bought a lotto ticket every week, waiting for the Saturday drawing, hoping to get the money. The jackpot was 2.5 million last Saturday. Enough money to allow her to work her dream job.

To definitely quit this one.

I knew what the numbers were. I picked out the lotto ticket she bought and viewed its menu.

Washington State Lotto Commission Powerball Ticket #144981194916

I clicked on the Physical Quality Menu.

Physical Quality

I clicked on text and added the winning numbers to it: 8 13 48 30 1 32 with the Powerball Number 9. It went from a losing ticket to a winning one. Her destiny forever changed. She would take a few days to process her good fortune and then would quit, forcing the Board of Superintendents to scramble for a new nurse.

To remember my wife.

I smiled in delight. Then I had one more edit to use. On this very room here. The nurse’s station would become a naughty sanctuary for my wife. A place for her to indulge in her desires for nubile, coed flesh. She wouldn’t have to live vicariously through me. She would be here, sharing in this passion with me.

We could have threesomes with Kyleigh or Nikkole. Or other girls.

I selected the college’s building next. A list of hundreds of rooms showed up, from the gymnasium, to all the bathrooms, the classrooms, supply closets, faculty lounge, hallways, administration offices, library, and more. I found the nurse’s room and clicked it.

This time I clicked on the Spiritual Quality Menu.

Spiritual Quality

I was eager to try affecting objects more. I had only played with people so far, but there was so much I could do with this. I loved the aura option. This was something wild. It was blank, but it was a way to make this room... affect people. Almost like relationships for a human.

Smiling, I hit save on my change.

“Oh, this is so wicked, Steve,” Anael purred. “The Most High and the other angels are going to love watching what goes on here. This is such a fun treat. Thank you.”

I winked at her and closed the app.

The world ripple, a wave of changes washing out from my phone. Corinne vanished, off to work her dream job or just to spend her free time with her family enjoying their newfound wealth. My wife appeared three steps to the right. She blinked, her hands reaching forward like she was about to grab something that wasn’t there.

“Hi honey,” she said and then blinked. She stared down at herself clad in her purple scrubs. “Wait, you just edited reality, didn’t you. Oh, my god, I remember the phone call and coming to work with you, but you just did it right now, didn’t you? I can tell on your face.”

“Yep, it worked,” I told my wife with a big grin. “You’re going to enjoy being the school nurse.”

A giggle ran through her. “Oh, this is amazing. Thank you for doing this, honey.”

She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me with such passion. Her tongue dived into my mouth. I held her tight, loving the feel of her melting around me. My dick throbbed against her. I wanted to enjoy her, but I had class.

And soon, she would have a female student wander in.

I wonder who it would be? What coed beauty would my wife get to enjoy first?

To be continued...