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Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created

Chapter 2: Hottie’s Naughty Thanks

Note: Thanks to WRC 264 for beta reading this.

Steve Davies

I closed the app.

Time unpaused.

The angel faded away as I shifted in my chair, glancing around at my students. The sound returned, the scratching of pencils as they continued their test, only the wheezing breathing of the old Kyleigh wasn’t present. None of the students sitting by her seemed to noticed that the formerly morbidly obese girl was replaced by a curvy, busty, barely legal beauty. Mathew didn’t gape at the appearance of a new hottie. Courtney didn’t blink at the appearance of the new beauty.

Kyleigh was utterly transformed, her clothing shifting to fit her new body. She wore her uniform differently than before, it clung to her tight instead of being loose. I hadn’t changed her clothing at all, forgetting about it, but I had edited the world, and apparently it had shifted even what she wore. She had makeup on now, a subtle touch to enhance her face. Her black hair wasn’t short and lank, but now had curls and volume, falling in a shimmer to her shoulders.

She glanced up at me and there was a twinkle in her eyes. My cock throbbed as a flush of guilty lust rippled through me. She was attracted to me. I was her college professor. I shouldn’t have manipulated her sexuality and now...

Now she wanted me. I could feel it in the way she shifted.

I swallowed, staring down at my phone. I had two more uses. I tried to focus on that. On what I should do with my powers. I could affect things. I could make things better. Kyleigh was happy now. She wouldn’t get picked on. She wouldn’t be miserable. And...

I tried not to think about my wife. She was out of town. She wouldn’t know and... I could edit her so she wouldn’t care.

This was seductive. This power. I had always thought I was a good man. Yes, I made mistakes. Who didn’t? But this... It was like I could shape the world to be what I wanted. Instead of owning up to my mistakes, I could just change reality to accept it.

Why would God give this power to me?

As I thought, my mind wandering, the scratch of pencils slowed. Students, with Seth at the lead, set their tests on my desk. The stack grew and grew. When Kyleigh sauntered up, her large breasts swaying in her blouse, half the buttons undone, showing off a hint of her lacy bra. She had her gray vest and tie slung over her arm.

When had she taken those off?

“Mr. Davies,” she purred, her voice sultry. The nineteen-year-old girl winked at me before she turned around and sauntered back to her desk. Her skirt swayed around her ass. It was such an... enticing sight.

Finally, Nikkole dropped off her test, the blonde’s blouse almost as unbuttoned as Kyleigh’s, her vest also clutched in her hand along with her tie. The cheerleader also had that sway, my cock aching now. I could edit her to like me and...

I pushed that thought down. Kyleigh needed to be changed. Nikkole didn’t have any problems. I couldn’t go down that route.

There was still time in the class, so I launched into a lecture. I stood up, clearing my throat, struggling not to look at the way Kyleigh filled out her blouse, or the way her green eyes followed me, almost glowing with a passion.

“Technical writing,” I said as I moved before my class, “is about more than just writing manuals for products or blurbs for marketing, it’s also about creating legal documents.” I tapped the computer on my desk. It was connected to the projector that was cradled on the ceiling and shone on the whiteboard. I marched over and flipped off the lights.

On the screen was the charter of our town, Rainier. It was located on the east side of Lake Washington near Seattle. The words on the charter were scrawled across it in a flowing script, handwritten. It had clauses in paragraphs of varying sizes. My students shifted, Seth pushing up his glasses before getting ready to take notes, Courtney following. Matthew frowned, the football player’s bluff face looking confused.

“This is our town’s charter,” I said. “The way it was written is very important. You know why?”

“Um... because it gives our mayor powers?” Evita asked. The Hispanic girl cocked her head, her bleached-blonde hair shifting about her shoulders.

“It lets the mayor collect taxes,” Nikkole added.

“Well, not the mayor,” I said. “But the city’s treasury has that power to at the behest of the mayor and the city council. It’s found in paragraph 14. The way the language is crafted is precise. Technical writing is all about precision. Whereas creative writing can be vague, to obfuscate and make the reader think, to use metaphors to invoke emotions, technical writing cannot do that.”

“Does it explain why our mayor sucks?” Matthew asked. “My dad wants him recalled.”

I shifted. I didn’t normally talk about my politics. “Mayor Wright isn’t doing that great of a job, and if you look at paragraph twenty-one, you can see that there is the ability to recall him built into our town charter. That precise language is what gives power to us, the citizens, to control our government. So I want you to read the charter over the weekend. Study it. See how the language is used to craft the rights you have and the limitations and powers that are given to the representatives of our town’s government.”

A groan rippled through the class.

I glanced at the clock. “Okay, you’re dismissed. Enjoy your day and the weekend.”

The students filed out. One by one, they spilled out of the room, talking and laughing. Matthew strutted with Nikkole at his side, his large body filling out his uniform. Skinny Seth scurried out after him. My eyes followed Evita as she sauntered out, the Hispanic beauty as much a tease as ever. My hand tightened on the phone. I could... edit her and...

I swallowed.

Kyleigh lingered. She was slowly putting away her books in her backpack. I swallowed. Was she having trouble with her new body? Was there as part of her that remembered being a girl two hundred pounds heavier? Did she feel lighter now? Off-balanced without all that bulk? Then her eyes fell on me as she straightened, her large breasts jiggling.

I swallowed. This was really going to happen. I created this. The angel blessed this. She gave me this power and... I changed Kyleigh. I made her better. It was only fair that I got a reward. That I could give her confidence in her new body. To let her know that she was attractive. She didn’t have to be shunned any longer.

She sauntered to me as the last student, Courtney, filed out, my door closing behind her. Kyleigh’s hips swayed. Her breasts almost poured out of her blouse. She had such a smoky look on her face. She was so different. I could see the hints of the old her in there, but I had never seen such a confident look. Something sensual and mature, something utterly feminine that had my blood boiling.

“Mr. Davies,” she said, her voice a liquid purr. “I wanted to speak to you... in private.” Her smile grew larger. “Do you have time?”

I swallowed as she stood before my desk. She leaned over, an almost casual gesture, but I knew it was deliberate to show me her cleavage. It was that deliberate gesture any woman who had a gorgeous body did to display it to her advantage. Something practiced. Something a girl who’d just gained this body wouldn’t have.

This power had rewritten everything that came before in Kyleigh’s life. I bet if I looked at older pictures of her, it wouldn’t be of her fatter self.

“It’s... very important,” she purred, her voice liquid.

My lusts surged through me. I knew this was wrong. I was her instructor. I was married. I loved my wife, but... Those breasts. Those firm, young breasts. My dick grew harder and harder. All these years teaching these young sluts, wearing their schoolgirl uniforms—gray vests over crisp, white blouses and those wonderful skirts—but finding ways to still look sultry and sensual, to tease with their budding flesh. It was all distilled into this girl who wanted me, her sexuality modified to find this acceptable.

“I have the next hour free,” I said. “If you need a private lesson.”

“Very private, Mr. Davies,” she said. “I just... realized how amazing your lessons are. How great they are. And you don’t get enough recognition. You don’t get enough praise. But you deserve it. A reward...”

I swallowed, my heart pounding. My dick was lead pressing at my boxers. “What are you thinking?”

“I have this... idea,” she said, her fingers playing with a button of her blouse. She pushed the button through the eyelet. Her bra came into view. A soft gray trimmed with lace. Something sensual. Something that a girl wore to be seen by the right person.

She undid another button. A third. I groaned as she sauntered around the desk, her white blouse sliding off her shoulders. Her large breasts jiggled, cradled in her bra. It was a delight. I groaned as I turned in my chair. Her hands reached behind her, undoing the clasp. She slipped it off and the straps fell down her arms. The cups slid away from her large breasts, exposing them.

Her nipples were fat, a fetching hue of dusky pink. I groaned at how firm her large breasts looked, a youthfulness I hadn’t experienced in two decades. She dropped her bra before her, moving with such confidence.

“I know how much you like my tits,” she purred. “I’ve felt you staring at them. Watching them. You’ve ached to see them like this, haven’t you?”

I groaned, “Yes,” even though I’d never ogled her before. But I was the only one that could remember the original reality before I edited it. “They’re gorgeous.”

Her smile grew, taking joy in the compliment. Joy I gave her. She never would have had such delight before.

“You’ve taught me so much, and I just feel like I need to thank you,” she said as she knelt before me.

My chair creaked as I shifted. She turned me, her hands gripping my knees through my slacks. She slid her hands up them, her large tits swaying. My blood grew hotter and hotter the higher up my legs she traveled. My dick throbbed with my pounding heartbeat. Her fingernails, painted bright red now, scratched across the fabric.

I groaned as her hand reached my crotch. She felt me through them, stimulating my dick. The pleasure flowed through me. It was this incredible delight. Her smile grew naughtier and naughtier. Her emerald eyes were glowing with her awakened desires.

“You’re just so handsome, Mr. Davies,” she moaned, her fingernails scratching up my crotch to the waistband. “I love you watching me. It makes me feel so beautiful.”

“You are,” I breathed. I felt like an awkward youth again. My shirt felt tight, my tie strangling me. I loosened it as she played with the fastener of my slacks.

The button popped. The zipper rasped. This was really happening. My nineteen-year-old student was playing with my cock. My hands clenched as she reached inside my fly. Her hand wrapped around my cock. Her fingers were warm, delicate. They felt like silk.

I groaned as she pulled out my dick. She grinned as it came into view. Her hand pumped up and down my shaft, stroking it. Precum beaded at the tip. She lowered her head, her black hair tumbled in curls off her shoulder.

Her tongue swiped the crown, gathering a bead of precum. Pleasure surged through me. I groaned, my back arching in the chair. It was incredible feeling her tongue caress around my spongy crown. The chair creaked more and more, my toes curling as she swirled her tongue around my dick. My eyes rolled back in my head.

“Mmm, this is what I’ve wanted,” she said, looking up at me. “To thank you for being an amazing teacher, Mr. Davies.”

“You’re an amazing student,” I groaned. “Just... fantastic.”

“Oh, you’re just saying that because I licked your cock,” she said. She giggled, a winsome, girlish sound that only made my dick throb harder. She released my cock and seized her breasts. “Since you like my tits so much, I thought I’d do this.”

I groaned as she sandwiched her tits around my hard shaft. It was incredible feeling her pillowy breasts surrounding my aching cock. My dick throbbed between her wonderful mounds. They were soft and warm, her skin silky smooth. Her nipples pressed into my shirt. She smiled up at me.

She slid her breasts up and down my cock. I’d always wanted to experience a titty fuck. I added this fetish to her, editing reality to one where she enjoyed using her big tits like this. She pressed her breasts around my shaft and slid them up and down. Pleasure spilled through me.

“Oh, this is as much fun as I thought it would be,” she groaned. “Your cock feels amazing in between my tits.”

“I bet,” I groaned. “They feel amazing about my cock.”

“Good!” she moaned, working them faster.

Precum beaded out of the slit of my cock. Her tits worked the juices into her flesh as she slid her breasts up and down my shaft. She pumped her breasts up and down my shaft. Every time her soft flesh engulfed the crown of my cock, pleasure shot down my shaft.

I groaned as the pressure built in my balls. Every slide of her tits brought me closer and closer to my explosion. My chair creaked as I leaned back. My hand loosened my tie. The pleasure spilled through me. I loved it.

She worked her tits faster and faster. Her hands squeezed her tits tighter about my shaft. It was an incredible delight. My toes curled. I groaned. Trembles raced down my legs as I stared down at her. She looked up at me with such green eyes.

“Ooh, you’re going to cum so hard,” she moaned. “You’re going to splatter my face. I want that! I want to be coated in your jizz, Mr. Davies.”

“You will,” I panted, another fetish I edited into reality. “I’ll coat you in my cum.”

“Yes!” she groaned.

Such a look of hungry anticipation rippled across her face. I loved the pleasure. I gripped the arms of my chair. The pressure grew and grew in my balls. I couldn’t take much more of this. It was so exciting. Something so new. So wonderful.

Her head darted down. Her tongue flicked around the crown of my dick as it emerged from the valley of her tits. Rapture flared across the tip of my dick. I groaned at the surge of heat shooting through me.

“Fuck!” I groaned.

“Yes, yes, cum, Mr. Davies!” she moaned as her tits slid up my cock and brushed the crown again.

My balls erupted. Jizz fired. My cum spurted from the tip of my dick. It splashed across her features. It was this amazing moment of ecstasy. The pleasure jolted through me as I spilled my cum across her face. I coated her features in my pearly seed. Then it rained down on her tits. It splattered her heaving mounds.

I stared at her as waves of darkness washed across my vision. I groaned as the ecstasy pumped through me. My mind drank it in. I just got a titty fuck from Kyleigh. I just enjoyed this hot moment from my sexy student.

“Damn,” I moaned.

“I know!” she gasped. “This tastes incredible. Your cum is so salty. So yummy. I’ve wanted to enjoy your jizz for so long. Ooh, I am so glad I felt it today, Mr. Davies.”

“Me, too, Kyleigh,” I panted, my body buzzing with pleasure.

She squeezed her tits around my dick, sliding them up and down. My cum dribbled down her face. Her tongue swept out to grab more as she shuddered. I loved it. It was so exciting. It was an amazing rush.

“Ooh, and you’re still hard,” she purred.

I was still hard. This was all very exciting. “You’re just that sexy.”

She beamed at me, my pearly spunk covering her features. Then she purred, “Mmm, if you’re this hard still, well, I need to keep thanking you.”

“Yeah,” I said, nodding my head.

She rose to her feet, her cum-splattered tits swaying before her. She had such a winsome smile on her lips. My pearly spunk dribbled down to her neck. She turned around and bent over my desk. Her gray skirt, shorter than she should wear, slid up her rump. That naughty, schoolgirl sight made my dick ache.

She flipped her skirt up, exposing a black thong buried between the cheeks of her tight rump. The strip clung to her pussy lips. I didn’t see any pubic hair. I should. Was she shaved now? Had her edited reality caused her to shave herself in the past just like she also styled her hair and wore her clothes differently?

“Just pull my panties down and enjoy my thanks, Mr. Davies,” she moaned. “Please, please, use me. I need it. It was so hot giving you a titty fuck.”

My dick throbbed with pure lead. I never would have enjoyed this delight without the aid of that app and Anael. This strange power that brimmed through me. I rose my cock thrusting before me. I was a perverted teacher. I shouldn’t do this. I shouldn’t sin.

I frowned... Sin... But if the Creator gave me this power...

I ripped down her thong, pulling it out of the crack of her bubbly ass and revealed the tight, shaved slit of her pussy. I groaned at the sight of her girlish, tight slit. Her juices gleamed on and around her labia. She had a plumpness to her vulva, swollen with her arousal. She wanted this so badly. She ached for me to fuck her.

“Mr. Davies!” moaned Kyleigh. “Please, please, fuck me! Take my cherry!”

“Yes!” I said, guiding my cock to her. I rubbed my cock against her shaved flesh.

She was so hot. So silky wet.

I was so lucky to have this opportunity. I felt her hymen, that thin membrane between me and her silky depths. I’d never popped a girl’s cherry. I wasn’t Linda’s first. Nor was she mine. I groaned as I pushed against her maidenhead. She whimpered, looking at me over her shoulder, her face coated in lines of my pearly seed.

It was such a hot sight. My lusts surged. I thrust.

My cock pressed against her thin membrane. It stretched before me. This wonderful delight. She moaned as I pushed deeper and deeper into her. Her back arched. Her rump clenched. Then she gasped as her cherry popped.

I sank into her virgin depths. The first cock to ever enjoy this barely legal pussy. Her coed cunt gripped my dick as I sank deeper and deeper into her. Her flesh caressed me. My spongy crown drank in the friction of this moment. My balls tightened as I buried to the hilt in her.

“Mr. Davies, yes!” she howled, her pussy clenching down around me.

It was incredible to be in her. My eyes rolled back in my head. It was such a delight. I drew back my hips, her snatch squeezing around my cock. The silky pleasure gripped my shaft. The friction burned around my spongy crown. Pleasure shot down to my balls. I gripped her hips and rammed into her depths.

My crotch smacked into her bubbly rump. Her butt-cheeks rippled. Her pussy engulfed my cock again. That wonderful thrill of burying into a hot, tight cunt filled me. She gripped me in ways my wife’s cunt hadn’t in... years. A young snatch was wrapped about my dick.

“Mr. Davies!” she squealed. “Yes, yes, yes! Enjoy your reward! Ooh, you can enjoy me whenever you want!”

I shuddered at that, the intoxicating rush of her words. My hips pumped faster and faster, driving my cock into the depths of her pussy. I savored feeling her wrapped about me. It was incredible. This amazing bliss caressing me. It spilled rapture through my body.

“Oh, yes, whenever you want!” she moaned, her back arching, her black hair flying. “I’m going to be the friendliest student ever!”

“The sluttiest!” I growled.

Her pussy clenched hard about my cock. “Yes! The sluttiest! I’ll let you all use me! Mmm, yes yes, fuck that cock into my pussy! Oh, my god, I’m going to cum on this dick! Your awesome, Mr. Davies!”

I bent over her, hands planted on either side of her on my desk’s cheap surface. I thrust hard, slamming my dick into her. I wasn’t making love to my wife, I was fucking the college’s tramp. My crotch smacked again and again into her rump. Her flesh jiggled and rippled. The pleasure surged through me.

Stars danced before me as the pleasure built. My balls grew tighter and tighter as they smacked into her shaved flesh. Into her clit. She moaned and cooed, writhing atop my desk as she bucked back into my thrusts. Her silky pussy squeezed about my shaft, gripping me as I pulled back then welcoming me in when I plowed forward.

“Oh, my god, Mr. Davies!” she howled. “Oh, my fucking god, yes!”

This pleasure was incredible. It built and built in me. My fingers curled as I slammed into the hilt in her. Her hips wiggled from side to side, stirring her cunt around my dick. The bliss was incredible. Being in her barely legal cunt was all my darkest fantasies brought to life.

I could enjoy all my students. I could fuck them all.

“Damn!” I groaned.

“Fuck, Mr. Davies!” she gasped. “I can’t... Your dick... It’s too good... Yes!”

Her pussy convulsed around my thrusting shaft. That rippling delight of a woman’s cunt climaxing around my dick engulfed me. My cock drank it in. The pleasure shot down to my balls. I grunted, the ache building in the crown of my dick.

Every time I rammed into her spasming pussy, I came closer and closer to dumping my cum into her. Into my student’s snatch. It was incredible. I grunted as I pounded into her, loving the way her moans echoed through my classroom.

“Cum in me, Mr. Davies!” she groaned. “You don’t have to hold back. You can spurt all your jizz in me. I want it! I need it! Baste me in your cum!”

“Yes!” I groaned. I couldn’t hold back.

I buried into the depths of her pussy. Her flesh massaged my cock, sucking at it. She was so eager for it. The new Kyleigh wanted me to cum in her. Reality had shifted. All the causes that had preceded her led her to this moment, just like it affected every other person. I could just change those causes and then enjoy their new effects.

“Fuck!” I growled as my cock spurted into her cunt.

My jizz pumped again and again into her. The blasts of my jizz sprayed into her. My eyes squeezed shut as the rapture surged through my body. My cock kept unloading in her. And her pussy welcomed it, milking my cock.

“Mr. Davies! Yes! Flood my slutty cunt!”

Her words shot me to such a height of pleasure. I made this happen. With my new powers. My eyes rolled back in my head as my final blast of cum spurted into her hungry depths. I shuddered, her schoolgirl cunt writhing about my shaft, milking out the last drops of my jizz.

“Oh, wow, Mr. Davies,” she panted as I pulled out of her. “Mmm, that was good.”

“Uh-huh,” I grunted as I sank down in my chair. “That was... great.”

She straightened, her lithe back arching. Her skirt fell down across her rump. She wiggled her hips. Running down her thighs came a line of my cum. I had soiled her. I had cheated on my wife. I should feel worse about that but...

I could improve my wife. We had a great sex life, but it could be better. It could include...

I couldn’t do that to her. She wasn’t a fan of lesbians. I couldn’t change her reality so that she no longer found homosexuality distasteful, but instead found it desirable. To share women, young girls like Kyleigh. It would be so hot, but could I edit my wife’s reality that much?

Was it right?

If I made her a more tolerant person, that would be right.

I glanced at my phone sitting on my desk.

“Mmm, that was so much fun, Mr. Davies,” she said as she pulled up her thong. “Mmm, can you write me a note so I won’t be in trouble with Ms. Phan?”

Queenie Phan taught math at Rainier Christian College, a petite Asian woman with glasses. She was a sexy thing in her skirts. I could edit her to...

“Yeah,” I said, shaking my head. I couldn’t just use this power for sex. I had a responsibility to do greater things with it than to satiate my own petty desires.

As Kyleigh dressed, I scrawled a note for her on a pad of paper, signing it. I put down that I had to talk to her about a project and apologized for keeping her late. She took it from me, a smoky look on her flushed face. She had an energy about her. A zest.

“See you on Monday, Mr. Davies,” she purred as she sauntered away, her skirt swishing and swaying, flaring about that yummy rump.”

“Yeah,” I said.

She slipped out of the classroom, leaving me alone, my cock still out. I fixed my clothing, smoothing the wrinkles from my shirt and tucking it back in. I kept my tie loose, though. I had thirty minutes before my next class, and I didn’t want it choking me. I wanted the freedom to think. To ponder.

I stared at the phone. Two more edits for the day. Two more chances to do something good, or something selfish. Or both. Kyleigh would have a long and healthy life. She would have such confidence. Such joy. She wasn’t that miserable girl she was when she walked into my classroom.

Now she was this hottie who wanted to fuck her English professor. She had a great cum. She strutted out of here bursting with joy. It was a positive experience for her. I made a difference for her, but I could do more.

But what should I do?

My phone beeped. A text message. A little nervous that it was from my wife, I grabbed my phone and swiped the screen. There were the usual notifications from Facebook that I tended to ignore, and an update of some apps that I never used, and a text message. It wasn’t from my wife.

It was from Anael.

“Steve, I forgot to mention that you can also watch people, if you want. You just find them in the app, and you can see the world from a Creator’s eye view, as you will. It will also let you see their info. It’s not editing mode, so you can use this even when you’re out of your changes for the day. Enjoy.”

I blinked. Spying on people, too.

Another text message appeared beneath her first message.

“That was so hot watching you fuck Kyleigh. Everyone in Heaven loved it. Your first edit went amazing!”

I shuddered, glancing up at the ceiling imagining Anael and a bunch of other angels watching me fuck that girl. I shifted. This was all so overwhelming. But I needed to think this through. Make a list of changes to the town that I could accomplish.

That was a good place to start. Rainier, Washington could be an even better place.

* * *

Professors and staff had lunch breaks, too, and we tended to take them in our classroom or in our faculty breakroom. My phone was proving to be a big temptation. I thought about all through my next two classes, wanting to use it. I had Róis Ó Scolaidhe, an Irish exchange student, who had these green eyes and freckled cheeks and breasts just made for giving titty fucks. It was so hard not to edit her so that she wanted to share those bountiful boobies with me. The class I just finished teaching had Ashlea with her mischievous face and dyed-blue hair. She was sitting next to Tessa Powers, who played on our girls’ basketball team. She was a tall and athletic girl.

The idea that they would be cute together, making a naughty, lesbian couple that would want their English professor to show them how two women should make love had gripped me. I don’t know where it came from. Maybe from the belief my wife had that our oldest daughter might be a closet lesbian, something I thought was foolish.

Maybe I should use my editor on my children. Linda and I had three of them. James could be a bit more social. He spent all his time drawing. He was a great artist, and I had to admit those two girls he liked to draw were cute, and I understood why he drew them in such naughty ways (he didn’t know Linda and I knew about his X-Rated art). I could help him find a real girl or even... make those two girls real.

I shook my head. That was crazy, but... it would make him happy.

My eldest daughter was shy, too, but she had one friend, Tonya. This was the source of my wife’s paranoia that Becky and Tonya were lovers. I thought that was crazy. They were just good friends, like my wife and her friend, Marissa. This was the perfect time for me to edit our children, though. Since my wife was out of town visiting her friend.

My youngest daughter really didn’t need any editing. She was a fun tomboy and a daddy’s girl. She had three close friends. When she wasn’t socializing, she was helping me rebuild the 1969 Chevrolet Impala in my garage, a project we’d been working on for the last few months.

I was just sitting down to eat my lunch, brought from home in a brown paper bag, when my phone beeped. A text, but not from Anael. “Landed safely! Keep the house from falling apart! Love you!”

“Love you, too, honey,” I texted back to Linda, glad she was safe. “Have fun with Marissa.”

“It’s going to be a great weekend. She told me about this new restaurant. I will let you know how it is.”

I smiled. She and Marissa were college roommates and had remained fast friends even though Marissa moved around the country. Right now, she worked in Las Vegas. A few times a year, my wife flew down to have a girls’ weekend with her.

“Something big happened to me,” I said, being careful. I had to let my wife know about this. She could help me. Once I... edited her. I had to think about that, but I had until Monday afternoon. “I’ll show you when you get back.”

“Intriguing,” she said. “Well, I’m almost to baggage claim. I’ll text you later.”

I smiled and nodded, then set my phone beside me and opened up my lunch bag. I sat at one of the round tables in the breakroom, a bank of vending machines full of unhealthy junk food and soda nearby. My friend, Bob Miller, sat down, a fresh cup of coffee in hand. He was a tall guy, a touch of gray in his dark hair. He didn’t have his usual cowboy hat on, probably left it in his classroom. He didn’t look like a computer science professor, but more like a guy who would be at home in a saddle.

“So, bachelor weekend for you?” Bob asked.

“I get to enjoy your lifestyle for a few days before the wife gets back,” I told him, trying to sound casual. I leaned back in my chair.

Bob gave a grunt. Something unusual from him.

“Something up with you?” I asked.

He shrugged. “Nothing much. You know, things.”

“Things,” I said. “Is it my son?” James’s other interest beside drawings was computers. He took any sort of classes involving them. “Is he causing problems?”

“He never really caused problems,” Bob said. “He just thought he could do his own thing. We talked, it’s fine. And, no, that’s not it.” He glanced to his right where a couple of female professors sat. Queenie Phan was digging into a salad while nodding her head to something Taylor Adair said. She was another English instructor, a redhead whom I’d overheard a few of the boys call a MILF.

In my day, we’d call her a Mrs. Robinson.

She was beautiful and busty, a woman at the peak of her mature attractiveness. She wore these tight, knit sweaters that just molded to her breasts. The perfect kind of tits for titty fuck. I smiled as I thought that, remembering Kyleigh’s lush mound sliding up and down my dick.

The third was Rosemarie Blum. She was a quiet woman, her face scarred in an accident a few years back. Though they had faded, they had robbed her of her beauty. She tended to shrink now, avoiding attention, poor thing.

“Are you having problems with one of them?” I asked Bob. “Is it Queenie? You didn’t say something that offended her?”

“No, no, I stay out of her way,” Bob said. “It’s Taylor.”

“What about Taylor?”

“You know, her divorce’s been final for a few months,” Bob said. “So I was starting to think... You know?”

“Ahhh, okay,” I said. “So, ask her out.”

“I don’t know,” Bob said. “She’s gorgeous... It’s just that she’s way out of my league.”

“Every woman is out of every guy’s league,” I said. “My Linda is.” And the transformed Kyleigh definitely was.

“Plus she works here,” Bob said. “You know if she takes it wrong and files a complaint, they’ll fire me without hesitation. Seventeen years teaching flushed down the toilet. No pension.” He sighed. “But, Lord help me, I want to take that risk.”

“She’s not going to file a complaint if you just ask her to coffee,” I said.

“These days...” He shook his head.

My friend really wanted this. My hand snagged my phone before I even realized it. I was typing in my pass code. I opened the app. Unlike before, there were two options now:




I hit editing and the world vanished. Anael appeared sitting beside Bob, her naked breasts swaying, her purple eyes giving me a considering look. She shifted on the table, glancing at my friend giving such a forlorn look at Taylor.

“Very charitable, Steve,” she said. “But do you really want to waste one of your choices today on your friend?”

“Why?” I asked. “Should I only be selfish?”

“Well, Taylor could like you both,” she said. “That’s not hard. A little tweak to the circumstances of her life and suddenly polyamory is something that appeals to her. Then a little tweak to Bob to get rid of his jealousy, and, well, you two could have a fun time together.”

“I’m not going to screw my friend’s girlfriend,” I said. “I want to see what Taylor wants. Maybe she thinks Bob’s repulsive.”

“Simple to edit that away.”

“But should I?” I asked.

The editing app showed a wireframe view of the room and dots labeled with everyone’s name. I tapped Taylor’s sitting at the table with the three. She appeared on my screen, naked, in a pose much like Kyleigh did.

She was a lovely woman. Her skin smooth. Her breasts just starting to sag, but still lush and large. Her blue eyes sparkled on the screen. Her nipples were fat and dusky. She had a trimmed bush and killer legs.

The main menu appeared to the right.

Taylor Adair

• Physical

• Mental

• Spiritual

I hit the Spirituality Menu.


• Sexuality

• Faith

• Morality

• Social

And found the Sexuality Sub-Menu, tapping it with my finger.


• Orientation

• Desires

• Libido

• Taboos

I gave a quick glance at her sexual orientation. It was a sliding bar between straight and gay. She was pretty straight. That was something. I didn’t know why her marriage didn’t work out, but it wasn’t because she realized she was a lesbian late in life. I backed out of that menu and hit Desires Sub-Menu.

The list of her sexual desires popped up. The people she was attracted to, that she thought about enjoying, the sort of sexual acts that appealed to her. It was a hierarchy, I noticed. There were several men, me included, in the list.

Bob was at the top.

“Now that’s interesting,” I said, glancing at Taylor.

“What?” Anael asked. “That she has thoughts about you? Just slide yourself to the top and tweak her a bit. Imagine those tits wrapped around your cock like Kyleigh’s were.”

I shook my head. “No, no, she likes Bob, too.”

I clicked on Bob’s name and it brought up her feelings for the man. How she was attracted to him, putting out the signals, waiting for him to make the move. I had the feeling she was old fashioned. The type of woman who expected the man to do the work.

I tweaked it, making her desire for Bob even stronger, laying the foundation that a relationship could be built on. Then I backed out of that menu and returned to the main one, staring at it, wondering if what I needed would be in the Intellect Menu or the Spirituality Menu.

“It’s a social mores, isn’t it?” I muttered to myself.

“What is, Steve?” Anael asked, sliding down the table to perch beside me, her legs crossed, her breasts swaying above me.

I opened the Spirituality Menu and found the Social Sub-Menu, tapped it.


• Charisma

• Awareness

• Relationships

• Mores

I hit Mores Sub-Menu and Taylor’s showed up. A huge list of them, just like with Kyleigh. I scrolled through them, frowning. There were so many, from her belief she could never fart in public to looking both way before crossing the road.

“Just say what you’re looking for out loud and the search function can find it,” Anael said. Her hands cupped her breasts. “If you want to make her more promiscuous, that could prove a lot of fun for you.”

“Is sex all you think about?” I asked.

“Well, I am the Angel of Sexuality,” she said, squeezing her small, firm cones. “So that’s not surprising.”

My cheeks burned as I said, “Attitude on asking out a man on a date.”

The screen scrolled down her mores and found it. I tapped it. As I suspected, old-fashioned. So I edited it. I changed it to believe that she should ask out a man if she was interested. That she shouldn’t hold herself back.

Then, unable to help myself, I delved into the physical menu. She was a gorgeous woman, but every person had flaws. Why not fix those for her? I toned up her breasts, giving her the tits of an eighteen-year-old girl again, and removed some cellulite from her great ass.

“Well, at least you understand that,” Anael said. “You should also check her sexual fantasies and knowledge. If you’re going to make a girlfriend for Bob—”

“I’m not making a girlfriend for Bob, I’m just tweaking things so that it’ll progress on its own,” I said even as I navigated to the Intellect Menu and found her sexual skills. They were... lacking. I added a few things.

“Perfect,” Anael said. “I’m glad you’re getting used to this. It’s nice that your making a lover for your friend, even if you’re missing out on the fun.”

“Yeah,” I said, nodding. “It feels good not to be selfish.”

“Besides, you can enjoy Kyleigh to your hearts desire,” she said. “And you have one more choice for the day. We can make another schoolgirl into your little slut.” She smiled. “Doesn’t that sound fun? You could play with her and Kyleigh together.”

My cheeks burned as my cock throbbed. “Maybe.” I swallowed. “This is enough for now.”

“And what about your daughter, Sam?” she asked, my thumb hovering over the edit button. “Remember that accidental kiss. How it made you feel. You could be even closer to your daughter.”

A surge of lust shot through me. It almost overwhelmed me. In a panic, I hit the button to confirm changes and smashed the


option when it popped up. Reality rippled, but only a little bit.

I closed the app before the angel could say anything more. Anael vanished and the world lurched back into motion. Fighting to ignore this surge of incestuous lust, I glanced over at Taylor. She shifted in her seat, her sweater molding about a perkier set of tits. Then she glanced over at Bob. Something crossed her face as she studied my friend. Then a tightness appeared in her expression, the look of someone who had made a decision.

She rose from the table. I smiled, unable to help the simple joy at playing matchmaker. She sauntered across the room, her breasts jiggling in her blue-knit sweater. Her red hair swayed. She looked so lovely.

Maybe I should have edited her to like me, too... Well, too late now. No one could change her reality.

“Bob,” she said, sitting down beside him.

“Oh, uh, hi, Taylor,” he said.

She shifted in that awkward way. “I was wondering, um, if you’d like to get some coffee after classes are done. I have this, well, problem with my laptop and...”

“Sure,” Bob said, this stunned look on his face. It made him appear boyish.

I nodded my head in satisfaction. I would let them talk. I stood up and slipped away without a word, my lunch clutched in my hand. I would go to my classroom and finish it up. Make plans, figure this stuff out. How I wanted to edit my family. My college.

My town.

“Don’t tell me you don’t want to enjoy my tits,” a girl moaned, her words echoing down the empty hallway. “Ooh, I can’t believe this. You and Coach Heath are both prudes. I was just trying to be friendly. To be thankful.”

“A little too thankful, Ms. Jacobs,” said the hard voice of President Atterbury.

Rounding the corner was Vern Atterbury, the lead administrator of the private college, marching with determination, his hand clutching a student’s arm. The president marched with the same military bearing from his time as an Army colonel. He stood tall, his hair iron gray, his tweed blazer and tit his look.

The student he dragged was Kyleigh, her tits bouncing in her hastily buttoned blouse, her bra clutched in one hand, her sweater vest and tie in the other. She had a look of bewilderment on her face. My eyes widened in realization. I had made her into a girl that thought it was okay to have sex with her teachers.

Not just me.

And there was nothing I could do about it now. She would be like that forever, thinking it okay to enjoy her professors. If she wasn’t straight, she would be coming onto her female instructors, too. I groaned, my hands darting into my pockets as the president dragged her pass.

“Tell him, Mr. Davies!” Kyleigh gasped, her eyes clutching onto me like a drowning person on a lifeline. “How I was just being friendly to Coach Heath. Like I was for you! Just being friendly.”

President Atterbury whirled on me, a look of fury crossing his face. “What’s this, Steve?”

“I was just trying to thank Coach Heath like I thanked Mr. Davies. Like I can thank you, President Atterbury.” The girl let out a sultry purr, her hand grabbing the president by the crotch. “I can be very friendly to you.”

“My office, Steve, now!” barked the domineering man, his face going red, his eyes boiling with fury.

To be continued...