The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created

by mypenname3000

Chapter 3: Shocking Discovers

Sam Davies

Courtney’s mouth felt so hot on my lips as we kissed. I trembled on the bed, squirming in my college’s school uniform. My heart thudded fast with my excitement. It was Friday, the weekend was before us, and my friends and I were having fun. Her tongue thrust into my mouth as my fingers fumbled at her blouse, working to open her top.

Rita’s rump rubbed on mine through my pants as she moaned behind me. She was kissing Tammy. The four of us had been friends for years and years. As our bodies developed, and our hormones surged through us, we fell into fooling around with each other. It was a way to be good, Christian girls and not lose our virginities to any boys.

Especially when there was a man whom I wanted.

Courtney whimpered into my mouth, her lips so hungry. I was so wet. All day I had this itch in me, and now it was finally able to be scratched. My eighteen-year-old body trembled as I undid her next button, my hand working higher and higher up her blouse.

Her fingers worked on mine. Rita’s bed creaked as the four of us squirmed on it. Each of us moaning. Courtney kissed me harder. Our lips nibbled on each other. Our tongues dueled. I whimpered as I thrust open her blouse, my hand squeezing her small breast through her bra, her nipple hard.

Her tongue fluttered around in my mouth as I played with her nipple. She finished unbuttoning my blouse. Her fingers caressed my naked torso and circled my bellybutton, sending fire rushing through me. My legs whisked together in my pants. I was the only one of us that wore them.

I hated skirts, but... They did make things naughty.

As my right hand squeezed her tit, my left hand slid up her thigh beneath her skirt. Her skin was just so hot and silky. Her legs parted, letting me reach higher and higher. She groaned into my mouth as I went deeper and deeper, nearing my destination. My hand pressed against her panties, feeling her heat.

“Damn!” Rita moaned, her back arching into me. I heard a naughty, sucking sound. “Mmm, that’s nice, Tammy.”

Tammy only answered with the wet pop of hungry lips.

Courtney broke our kiss, her eyes fluttering. She thrust her hand up to my small breast, shoving up my bra to expose my little mounds. She squeezed my breast as she moaned, “Ooh, Sam, I’m so wet.”

“I can feel that,” I said, giving her an impish grin, my pussy on fire as I pressed her cotton panties into her virgin snatch, feeling her juices bleed through. “What naughty things are you trying to avoid?”

“Mathew Tollemache,” she moaned. “But he was staring at Kyleigh.”

“Every guy stares at Kyleigh,” I panted. “Even I do. Those boobs of hers are awesome.”

“That’s the problem,” Courtney moaned. She was a year older than me and had tits just as small as mine.

I squeezed her breast through her bra, my fingers rubbing harder. “Your tits are amazing,” I said. I thrust her bra up and over her small tits. “Like mine. Don’t I have cute tits?”

“Yes,” Courtney said, her hand squeezing my naked tit. She brushed my nub. Pleasure shot through me. I squirmed, my pussy growing hotter and hotter.

“So do you,” I said then ducked my head down, pressing my rump against Rita’s. I kissed at the side of Courtney’s breast, nipping and nibbling on her flesh. My fingers stroked her pussy, her juices soaking through the fabric, as I smooched up her breast.

She whimpered as I moved up her tit. Then I latched onto her nipple and sucked. She gasped as I suckled on her nub. I swirled my tongue around her areola. I nibbled on it, loving it in the mouth. We might have started out fooling around to protect our virginities, but maybe that was just an excuse.

I liked doing things with girls. I think I was bi.

“Oh, Sam,” whimpered Courtney, her blue eyes staring down at me. An errant curl of her black hair spilled over her flushed cheek. “Yes, yes, yes.”

I found her clit, stroking it through her panties. I massaged that little bud. I nibbled on her nub. She pinched mine, rolling it, teasing it. I moaned about her nub as pleasure rippled through me to my juicy pussy. My snatch grew hotter and hotter. It soaked my poor panties.

Her legs squeezed around my hand, holding me in place as she moaned louder and louder. Rita rolled away from me, the bed shifting. She and Tammy were moving, moaning. They were doing something naughty.

“Ooh, that’s hot,” Courtney said, her eyes flicking toward our friends.

I released her nipple and, still rubbing her cunt, I looked over my shoulder and smiled. Rita, a gorgeous Black girl, had her gray schoolgirl skirt bunched around her waist, her pair of foam-green panties bunched above her knees. She was settling down atop Tammy, their blouses and bras off, their contrasting bodies pressing together.

I loved Rita’s dark skin compared to our pale, ivory flesh. Rita’s round breasts, bigger than mine, pillowed against Tammy’s stomach. Tammy’s round mounds jiggled as they slipped into a sixty-nine. Rita’s head pressed between Tammy’s thighs, Rita’s pussy settling on Tammy’s mouth.

Then they both moaned and gasped as they feasted on each other.

“Hot,” I moaned, my fingers rubbing hard on Courtney’s pussy. My friend whimpered. Then she groaned as she cried out in rapture. My head whipped around, staring at her. “Are you cumming?”

“Yes!” Courtney whimpered, her juices soaking through her panties. She trembled on the bed, her eyes fluttering. “Ooh, that’s good. Mmm, I love it. Feels so good.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I said, smiling. I pulled my fingers away. They were coated in her juices.

I shoved two fingers into my mouth, sucking off her tangy sweet cream. My cheeks hollowed as I pumped my digits in and out of my mouth. She tasted so good. It was the best thing in the world. I loved pussy.

“Ooh, you look so naughty doing that,” Courtney moaned. She licked her lips. “I’m not Mathew, or Kyleigh, but I can do naughty things to you.”

I moaned in delight, my fingers pumping in and out of my mouth. I wanted that so bad.

My friend shifted on the bed, She rolled me onto my back as she moved down me, her breasts jiggling. Her right hand slid down my belly, making me squirm and my pussy clench, then she reached my pants.

Her hand stroked my waistband. She found the snap. It popped. My zipper rasped. I shuddered, glancing at Rita and Tammy sixty-nining with wild passion beside me. Courtney slipped off the bed as she tugged down my gray pants. She exposed my light-blue panties as she smiled at me, her blue eyes glazed.

I lifted my rump, letting her tug down my pants. She dragged them off my hips as I trembled in delight. My left hand rubbed at Rita’s side, caressing her while staring down at the grinning Courtney. She licked her lips as she brought my pants down to my ankles. Then she pressed my thighs apart.

“Someone’s excited,” she said as she slid her head between my thighs. “Was that me?”

“And Rita and Tammy,” I moaned, my hand drinking in the silky feel of Rita’s dark flesh. I slid over her skirt and found her rump. I squeezed her ass, my fingers clenching into her butt-cheek.

“Mmm, they are having fun,” Courtney said. Her head nuzzled between my thighs. Her nose twitched. “Mmm, you smell good.”

“Bet I taste better,” I moaned, feeling Rita’s rump flexing beneath my hand as she devoured Tammy’s snatch. Those two made such naughty sounds: moaning, licking, whimpering.

“Let’s find out!” Courtney said.

I gasped as she attacked and sucked my clit through my panties. I don’t know how she found it right off the bat, but she did. My toes curled in my shoes. I gasped out, my back arching as the pleasure shot through me. My friend was giving me some relief. My hand squeezed Rita’s butt-cheek, squeezing her as this delight spilled through my body.

Courtney nibbled on my clit through my panties, rubbing that cotton against my flesh. My virgin pussy clenched. I whimpered, eyes fluttering. My hips humped against my friend. Then she sucked hard again, her blue eyes staring up my body.

“Courtney, yes!” I moaned. “Ooh, that’s nice. Keep doing that.”

“Mmm, but I want to do this,” she said, the pleasure stopping for a moment.

But just a moment.

Her fingers wrenched my panties to the side. I shuddered as she exposed my shaved flesh. My mom would freak out if she discovered I started shaving my pussy, but it just made getting eaten out by Rita or Tammy or especially Courtney amazing.

Her tongue fluttered up and down my virgin flesh, caressing my labia, teasing me. She brushed my hymen on her way to licking up to my clit. She caressed my bud. She flicked my nub, teasing it with her tongue.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned, kneading Rita’s rump while Courtney swirled her tongue around my clit. “Mmm, that’s going to make me cum.”

“Good!” she moaned, her eyes bright.

Her lips nibbled up and down my pussy, sucking on my labia. Then her tongue caressed me. Her nose rubbed against my clit as the pleasure rippled through my body. I squirmed on my bed, such wicked rapture building and building in me.

Every stroke of her tongue sent more and more rapture through me. It was incredible to experience. My gasps and moans burst out of me, mixing with the wicked sounds Rita and Tammy made. My eyes fluttered, little stars bursting before my eyes. It was so incredible to feel. The pleasure had my entire body twitching.

My thighs squeezed around her head as her tongue caressed me. Her lips sealed over my pussy hole, sucking hard. My snatch clenched. Her tongue caressed my hymen as she teased me. Loved me. She groaned as she feasted on me.

“Courtney!” I moaned. “Oh, yes, yes! That’s great. I’m going to cum!”

“Mmm, yes!” she purred. Then she nibbled up my pussy to my clit. Sucked on it.

“Shoot!” I gasped, my body bucking. My hand clenched Rita’s rump while she squirmed.

“Tammy!” Rita moaned.

“Yes, yes, yes, Rita!”

My orgasm burst inside of me. That wonderful delight washed through me. Darkness fuzzed across my vision while waves of rapture washed through my body. It was so wonderful. My clit throbbed in her mouth as she sucked on it.

She worshiped me. She made me gasp and cum. My body heaved, my little titties jiggling. It was this amazing pleasure that flooded through my body. I groaned, my juices gushing out of me and flowing into her hungry mouth. She lapped up my cream, fluttering her tongue up and down my pussy, adding a little more delight to my pleasure.

“Mmm, that was good,” I said, panting, staring up at the ceiling. “Ooh, yes. I came hard.”

“You drenched me,” she panted.

* * *

Steve Davies

“You drenched me,” Courtney said between my daughter’s thighs. I stared at my phone, Sam staring up at the ceiling, almost directly at the invisible “camera” that recorded her.

My dick throbbed and pulsed. Pleasure exploded out of me. I came a second time into Anael’s sucking mouth. The angel whimpered as my jizz fired into her mouth. The rapture rushed through my body, my hand clenching about my phone.

I couldn’t believe my daughter was having a lesbian orgy. My eighteen-year-old daughter... She was a tomboy, not a dyke. I’d never noticed her lusting after girls. I never had a twinge that she was closer to her friends than I thought.

“Ooh, are you two done, too?” Sam moaned, glancing over at Rita and Tammy sixty-nining. The two eighteen-year-old girls were both moaning.

“Big time,” Rita said, lifting her face from Tammy’s snatch. I tapped the screen with my thumb, coming down from my orgasm, and moved the camera down. I could see the juices glistening on Rita’s ebony face. “Switch?”

“Switch!” Sam declared.

“Dibs on Rita!” Courtney shouted, bounding to her feet, her skirt swirling about her thighs. She peeled off her blouse.

“I want Sam’s pussy!” Rita moaned.

“Ooh, I get to eat you, Tammy!” my daughter moaned as Rita rolled off of brown-haired Tammy.

“Mmm, yes,” Tammy moaned, her round breasts rising and falling, her mouth smeared in Rita’s cum. “I’m going to sit on your face and go for a ride.”

“Yes!” my daughter squealed in utter delight.

“Damn!” I groaned, my dick throbbing in Anael’s mouth, still hard after my second orgasm.

The angel’s lips popped off my dick. I had no idea how tangible she was since she wasn’t really part of my mundane reality. What would people think if they came in here? Could they see her, too, or would they just wonder why I was acting like I was getting a blowjob?

“Sounds like things are getting even kinkier,” Anael said as she rose. The angel had a petite body like my daughter—small breasts and boyish hips, Anael’s pussy as smooth and bare as my daughters.

The fact Sam shaved her snatch was almost as surprising as her being a lesbian. My wife, Linda, would freak out over both. If I thought they were fighting over my daughter refusing to wear skirts, Sam’s new grooming habits would rock our house.

Something else to attend to when I edited my family.

“Mmm, this is going to be fun,” Rita said as she took Courtney’s place between my daughter’s thighs. The Black girl kissed at my daughter’s pale flesh.

“It will be,” Anael promised as the angel turned around. She bent over the desk, thrusting her slender rump at me, the tight slit of her pussy peeking between her thighs. She had a plump vulva, her juices running down her thighs. “Now slide right in and enjoy while you watch that cute daughter of yours.”

At that moment, I realized that Anael knew far, far more about what was going on around me. She knew more about my daughter’s sex life then I did. What else did Anael know? I was supposedly given free will by the Most High. However, the way Anael whispered to me, manipulated me, was I actually in control?

“Oh, my gosh, eat me!” my daughter moaned. I glanced at the screen, staring at the back of Rita’s head as she devoured my daughter. My dick throbbed hard, twitching before me and brushing her butt-cheek. “And Tammy, sit that furry muff on my face!”

“Oh, yes!” Tammy moaned, her eighteen-year-old breasts round and firm. She straddled my daughter, lowering her brown bush to Sam’s lips. Then she pressed her snatch down on my daughter’s mouth. Pleasure crossed Tammy’s face. “Yes, yes, that’s it!”

“And I get to eat your yummy pussy, Rita!” Courtney said. The nineteen-year-old girl settled behind Rita, grabbing the Black girl’s ebony rump with pale fingers.

“Damn,” I muttered, leaning forward almost without thought. My dick nudged across Anael’s flesh until I felt her hot, juicy snatch.

“Just slide into me and enjoy watching that cute daughter,” moaned the wicked angel.

Was she really an angel?

She must be because as I slid into her pussy, Heaven wrapped about me. I groaned, staring at the screen as I slid deeper and deeper into the angel’s cunt. Her silky snatch squeezed down on me, gripping me. My balls tightened as I bottomed out in Anael’s cunt, watching my daughter’s firm breasts jiggle.

They were small, her nipples pink and hard. Her blue bra was shoved up and over her mounds, her blouse open. She shuddered, her hands reaching up Tammy’s body to squeeze her tits. Tammy moaned, her hips wiggling and grinding on my daughter’s mouth.

“That’s it!” Tammy moaned, her hands finding my daughter’s tits. She pinched Sam’s nipples. “Ooh, just lick me. Mmm, make me cum!”

“I will!” my daughter moaned, her ivory thighs locked around Rita’s head, holding the Black girl to her snatch. “Mmm, such a tasty snatch.”

“So tasty!” groaned Rita. “Yours is almost as good.”

“Ooh, I should take my pussy away for saying that!” my daughter moaned.

“But then you wouldn’t feel this,” Rita said.

My daughter squealed.

My dick throbbed in Anael’s snatch.

I drew back my hips through the angel’s pussy. Her cunt clenched down on me. I groaned as the pleasure spilled through me. It was incredible. I had to thrust into her snatch. I pounded into her, smacking into her crotch. The slap of flesh on flesh echoed through my classroom as I watched the fearsome foursome writhing in sapphic pleasure.

My daughter and her friends moaned and gasped, the sounds pouring out of my phone. I loved this app. It was so wrong to lust after my daughter. So wrong. Incestuous lusts surged through me as I pounded Anael’s cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Anael moaned. “Ooh, your cock is great, Steve!”

I groaned, leaning over her, fucking her hard. I was just using the angel’s cunt, almost masturbating with her pussy. I didn’t care about her. I was just watching the wildest live porn ever. Those four barely legal girls writhing and moaned as they fucked each other. Loved each other. I groaned as the pleasure surged through me. It was so hot. So incredible.

I moved the camera as I plowed into Anael’s snatch, her juicy flesh sending pleasure shooting down my shaft. I brought it down, focusing on Rita eating my daughter’s shaved snatch. I groaned at the sight of the Black girl’s pink tongue parting through my daughter’s folds, flicking her clit.

“Shit!” I groaned. I hated cursing, but all these pleasures were shooting through me. I plowed into Anael’s heavenly cunt. “Look at Rita go. She’s feasting on my daughter.”

Sam’s stomach rippled and flexed as she ground against her. She smeared her snatch against Rita’s mouth. The Black girl’s ebony fingers gripped my daughter’s thighs as she feasted. I shuddered, reveling in this. I’d never watched much porn, but being able to control the camera...

What a thrill.

I shifted the shot, sliding up to watch my daughter devour Tammy’s snatch next. My dick throbbed in Anael’s pussy, her silky flesh caressing my cock’s crown, as I focused in on the naughty sight. Tammy’s dark-brown bush caressed my daughter’s face.

“That’s it,” I moaned, swept away by this hot sight. “Eat her cunt. Make her cum, Sam.”

“Oh, my gosh, Sam!” Tammy moaned. “That’s it. Just like that. I’m going to cum.”

“Flood me with all your juices!” my daughter moaned.

“Drown her!” Courtney shouted.

“Yes, yes, drown her,” panted Anael, her pussy squeezing down on my dick. “And flood me, Steve!”

“I will!” I groaned as her pussy squeezed around my dick. My balls grew heavier and heavier. I buried into the angel’s snatch over and over. My nuts smacked against her flesh. That meaty thwack echoed through my classroom.

I shifted the camera, pulling back, watching Tammy’s round, youthful tits bouncing. They were so firm and plump. I wanted to touch them. Squeeze them. I wanted to be in the room with those four girls fucking them.

Fucking my daughter.

That incestuous thought rippled through me. I slammed into Anael with such power, that pressure building at the tip of my dick. I groaned while my flesh slapped over and over into her. I gripped the phone, stars dancing around the edges of my vision.

“I’m going to cum!” Tammy howled. “I’m going to... Yes!”

Tammy bucked on my daughter. Her tits heaved as she drowned my daughter in pussy cream. Sam moaned as she drank it down while Tammy howled her rapture. My daughter’s body shuddered. Her stomach flexed as she humped against Rita.

Then my daughter joined Tammy. Sam squealed out in delight. I watched her cum a second time. Rita was licking and lapping at Sam’s cunt, drinking my daughter’s cream squirting into her mouth. It was so incredible.

“Damn!” I groaned.

Sam’s orgasm rippled into Rita. The Black girl’s head snapped up from my daughter’s snatch, her mouth smeared with cream. Pussy juices glistened on her face. It was incredible to see as she shuddered, her ebony tits heaving as she ground on Courtney’s face.

All of the girls save Courtney were cumming. They were moaning, writhing, the bed creaking. I wished I could be in there, inhaling their musks. It would be just a naughty delight. I groaned as I pumped into Anael’s pussy.

Then the angel exploded around my cock.

Her snatch writhed as she howled out in delight. Her heavenly flesh massaged me. I shuddered as I buried into her. My balls tightened. They smacked into her. I fucked into that convulsing snatch. I groaned, face twisting with rapture.


I exploded into the angel’s whorish cunt.

“Oh, Steve, yes!” she moaned. “Flood my cunt! Spurt into me!”

My dick pulsed. My cum fired out of me. Rapture slammed into my mind. Stars burst across my vision. Darkness washed across my eyes. I swayed and growled. The phone trembled in my hand. I stared at it as Tammy slipped off my daughter’s face, revealing her flushed, pussy-soaked features. Her green eyes shone with excitement, her red hair almost blazing.

“That was so hot!” Aneal moaned.

“Yes!” I growled as I spurted into her depths.

I couldn’t believe this was happening.

* * *

Sam Davies

“Switch!” I shouted.

“Yes!” Courtney moaned. “I need that tongue licking my snatch!”

I slid off the bed as Courtney and Rita shifted on the floor. Courtney was on her back, her legs spread wide, her small titties jiggling. I ripped off my blouse and kicked off my pants as Rita buried her face into Courtney’s snatch, licking her hard.

My eyes fell on that ebony ass wiggling as Rita devoured Courtney’s yummy snatch. My Black friend purred as she feasted. She was addicted to hot cunt. Maybe we were all bi. I was sure I wasn’t a lesbian—no lesbian wanted to have a cock fuck her as badly as I did—but maybe one or two of my friends were, embracing our “lie” that we were saving our virginities and being pure, Christian girls.

Really, we were just kinky and horny.

“You have such a sexy ass, Rita,” I moaned as I finally kicked off my pants, my panties clinging to my right ankle. I didn’t care. “I’m going to eat it.”

“You are such a nasty girl,” Tammy moaned.

“A nasty girl with a yummy pussy!” I said. “Come and find out.”

Tammy smacked her lips as she moved off the bed.

My pussy clenching, eager for more orgasms, I sank down to my knees. I grabbed Rita’s dark butt-cheeks and parted them. I groaned as the sight of her light-brown asshole peeked out at me. My tongue flicked across my lips, my ivory fingers digging into her flesh.

I nuzzled my face between her butt-cheeks. My tongue licked at her crack, fluttering as I moved down. The sour flavor of her asshole grew and grew as I moved lower and lower. Rita’s rump clenched as I came closer and closer.

“Yes!” she moaned into Courtney’s snatch.

My tongue fluttered across her asshole. I caressed her puckered sphincter. I loved the feel of it beneath my tongue. I swirled around it, caressing her, driving her wild. It was such a wondrous delight to enjoy, to tease her, to flick my tongue across her sphincter.

“Eat that ass,” Tammy said then smacked my rump. “Mmm, I bet you wouldn’t mind some anal delight.”

“Course she does,” Courtney moaned, her voice throaty.

“Uh-huh,” I moaned into Rita’s asshole.

I shuddered as Tammy’s finger stroked up and down my pussy lips. She rubbed my plump, bare vulva. She teased my labia. It fluttered through me. My toes clenched and flexed. I whimpered at the delight surging through me. Her finger parted my folds, caressing from my hymen to my clit.

I whimpered as she pressed her digit into my folds, laying it lengthwise along my groove. I frowned as I lapped Rita’s asshole, wondering what she was doing to me, why she was rolling her finger from side to side like she was...

“Oh, you naughty slut!” I moaned in delight as realization swept through me.

“Yep!” Tammy said, her finger dragging up to my taint.

To my asshole.

I groaned in delight as Tammy’s finger circled my sphincter the same way my tongue danced around Rita’s. Her finger soaked my asshole with my pussy juices, coating it in lubricating cream. I whimpered as Tammy wiggled her finger forward, sliding it into my bowels.

I may have a virgin pussy, but my asshole was fair game.

And so was Rita’s.

My friend groaned with me as I wiggled my tongue against her anal ring. Her sphincter spread for me while Tammy’s digit penetrated into my bowels. A wave of warm heat washed through me. My cunt clenched. I whimpered as my tongue popped into Rita’s asshole. Her sour, velvety bowels caressed me.

I swirled my tongue through her as I rimmed and ate out her asshole. My fiery hair caressed my cheeks as I feasted on her. I shuddered, my pussy juices running down my thighs, stirred up by Tammy’s probing finger.

“Mmm, that’s good,” Tammy moaned. Then she nuzzled against my pussy and licked it.

My tongue stiffened in Rita’s asshole at the feel of Tammy lapping up my snatch, starting at my clit and flicking across my hymen. It mixed with the burning delight of her finger probing into my asshole, pumping in and out of me, driving me wild.

I groaned out in delight. My body wiggled from side to side as the rapture shot through me. Ripples of naughty heat consumed me. I groaned, my pussy envying my asshole, aching to be filled by something long and hard.

“Yes, yes, yes, Rita!” Courtney moaned. “Eat my snatch. Ooh, yes, yes, you love it.”

“Taste so good,” Rita moaned, her hips wiggling. “And, yes, Sam, swirl that tongue around inside my asshole.”

“She’s just an anal fiend!” Tammy moaned into my snatch. Then she lapped again.

I only moaned in agreement, my tongue busy probing as deep into Rita’s asshole as I could reach. I fluttered it through her, swirling it around while the pleasure spilled through me. It was such an incredible delight. I whimpered, my body trembling. My little titties swayed.

I loved this. My body burned as the heat rippled through me. That wondrous delight of having my cunt licked and my asshole fingered swirled in the depths of my body. My feminine core drank it in, my bowels squeezing down on my friend’s digit.

I groaned. I gasped. I whimpered.

I slid my right hand up Rita’s inner thigh as I tongued her butt-hole. She whimpered, her asscheeks clenching about my face. I loved that. My tongue danced through her asshole as I found her juices coating her thighs.

Then I found her bush soaked with her juices.

“Damn, Sam!” Rita moaned as I stroked through her bush to find the juicy folds of her snatch. I stroked up and down her, my digits getting coated in her passion. Her cream stained them. It was such an incredible thing to experience.

My tongue thrust in and out of her asshole while my fingers stroked up and down her pussy. She shuddered, whimpering, moaning. I jammed my tongue into her. I swirled my tongue around in her sour depths.

I found my friend’s clit. Massaged it.

Her bowels clenched about my tongue. She groaned into Courtney’s snatch. My own body trembled. My toes curled as Tammy’s tongue fluttered against my virgin flesh. She brushed my clit while her finger wiggled around in my asshole, caressing my velvety sheath.

Those dual delights merged and swirled through me. They drove me wild. They gave me such a hot delight to enjoy. Stars rippled before my eyes. I groaned, my bowels clenching on her finger, increasing my pleasure.

“Darn, but you have such a tight asshole,” Tammy whimpered. Her tongue flicked my clit. “Ooh, I love being in it.”

“And I love her tongue licking my asshole,” Rita groaned. “Don’t stop Sam! And my clit! Keep massaging my clit! I’m going to cum!”

“Yes, yes, make her cum!” Courtney moaned. “And Rita, lick me right there. Oh, my gosh, yes! Oh, crap, that’s good! Ooh, I’m going to... I am... Shoot!”

Courtney’s moans echoed through the room. She always came so fast, so easily. I envied her. Her passion made me shiver. I moaned into Rita’s asshole, my fingers rubbing her clit faster. Her juices soaked my digits, a bead running down the back of my hand to my wrist.

Tammy nipped my clit with her teeth. Just a light graze, but it sent a bolt of pleasure through me. I gasped into Rita’s asshole. I massaged her bud faster as Tammy sucked on mine. My toes curled. I whimpered. She plundered her finger faster and faster in and out of my asshole.

Then she added a second finger.

“Holy fuck!” I howled, the dirty word bursting from my lips as my head snapped up from Rita’s bowels. My asshole clenched on the two digits, my clit throbbing in my friend’s hungry mouth. “I... I...” The pressure swelled inside of me. “Yes!”

Rapture exploded through me. My pussy convulsed. Juices gushed out of me as another wondrous orgasm swept through me. Stars burst before me as my red hair danced about my head. I whimpered, my tits jiggling beneath me. I groaned and gasped, the rapture slamming into my mind.

It was incredible. My asshole writhed about Tammy’s pumping fingers. Her tongue swiped over my convulsing pussy, lapping up the juices flowing out of me. She pressed on my hymen. I almost cried out for her to pop my cherry.

“Don’t stop licking me!” howled Rita. “I need a little more, Sam!”

“Right!” I moaned and latched my lips on her asshole.

As my orgasm crested in me, I sucked hard. I massaged her clit. As her phone’s alarm beeped, she screamed out in rapture. Her juices bathed my hand. Her butt-cheeks clenched about me. She rocked and shuddered as the pleasure swept through her.

“Oh, my god, this is so hot!” Tammy moaned. She must have been masturbating herself because she sounded lost to orgasmic bliss. “Yes, yes, yes!”

“Damn, damn, damn!” Rita moaned. “Oh, gosh, I want more!”

“Me, too!” whimpered Courtney. “Ooh, how much time until your parents get home?”

“Not much,” Rita panted.

“We’ll find time on Sunday,” I moaned. “But not much. I have to help my dad rebuild the car.”

“Where?” Courtney panted. “My family’s home for the weekend.”

“Yeah,” groaned Rita.

“We’ll figure it out,” I groaned, straightening. I wanted to just cuddle with them, but we couldn’t get caught. “Mmm, we should open a window.”

“Pity, it smells so good in here,” Tammy purred, sounding so happy. “Hot pussy.”

I nodded my head in agreement.

* * *

Steve Davies

“Jesus,” I panted as I sank down into my chair. I couldn’t believe that just happened. I came four times, twice in Anael’s mouth and twice in her pussy. She turned around, sitting on my desk, her legs spread wide as she played with her messy pussy, my cum flowing out of her.

“That was amazing,” Anael said. “See, even when you’re out of uses for the day, you can still have fun with your powers. And me, of course. I’m here to help you in any way.”

I shivered at the purring sensuality in her voice. I believed it. She would do anything. She was temptation given flesh. “Are you really an angel?”

“Because I like to have sex?” she asked, arching an eyebrow. “Or encourage you to enjoy yourself?”

I nodded my head.

“I am a Daughter of the Most High, a lesser elohim.”

I frowned. “Elohim is God. That’s the Jewish word for it.”

“One of the words,” she said. “The Most High is the Elohim, but he’s also an elohim. You notice it’s plural. That -im at the end.”

I nodded. “Yeah, Christians say it’s proof of the Trinity found in the Old Testament.”

“Well, you modern Christians just don’t understand what elohim means. It just means a spiritual being. The Most High is an elohim, but not all elohim are the Most High. He, and that is because your language has no pronoun to properly encompass the Creator of All, is above us all. Gods, angels, demons, even ghosts are all elohim. Even your soul is an elohim, Steve. And if you read your Old Testament, well, you’ll see that us ‘angels’ enjoyed having sex with Mortals. Got some of my brethren in a lot of trouble. But, well, you’re free of it all. You can do what you want. We can have fun.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Why not?” She shrugged. She cocked her head. “Could a scientist who study ants make them understand why he is digging into their colony to explore what they’ve built and studied how they function?”


“Then how can the Most High communicate his designs to you? Like an ant, you would be equally as baffled.”

“So humans are ants?” I folded my arms.

“Humans are humans, but compared to the Most High...” She arched an eyebrow. “Now, you have your device. You were working on your list.” She pressed the notepad towards me. “How are you going to edit your daughter now that you know what she truly is like? Will you make her straight, or will you make your wife accept lesbianism?”

I flushed. Linda was afraid our eldest daughter was gay while never realizing our Sam, the tomboy, was the actual dyke in the family. Unless Becky was also gay and secretly dating her close friend, Tonya.

I didn’t know what to think. I thought I knew Sam, that she could tell me if she was attracted to girls. I wasn’t as close-minded as her mother was. I believed Christians could be far more accepting of everyone. After all, Jesus wanted us to love our neighbors, not judge them.

I clicked on my daughter’s icon, bringing up her editing menu and a naked picture of her on the side. I tried not to stare at those small breasts and the tight cleft of her girlish, barely legal pussy. I glanced at the menu, struggling to gather my thoughts. Where was sexuality...?

Sam Davies

Right, right, the Spiritual Menu. I tapped it.


Then her Sexuality Sub-menu.


First, I hit the Orientation Sub-Menu. It brought up a slider with heterosexual on one side, homosexual on the other. Sam wasn’t gay, but about 6% on the heterosexual side, clearly in the bisexual spectrum. So she did like boys, too. Maybe I could just nudge her back into liking boys to keep the peace.

But it was hot watching her with her friends. Should I stop that? They were all having fun, and it wasn’t like they would get each other pregnant. My dick throbbed as their passionate moans echoed through my mind. Shame Rita’s parents were coming home.

I expected that Martin and Pauline would have about the same reaction as my wife.

I backed out of the sexuality menu and entered my youngest daughter’s Social Menu.


I wanted to see what her relationships looked like. If there were any boys she liked, I could nudge her in that direction. If I found a good boy for her, I could edit things so that nothing too inappropriate happened. At least not until they were committed to each other. I mean, Linda and I didn’t wait until marriage.

I opened the Relationship Sub-Menu and stared at Sam’s list. Weirdly, her sister Becky was at the bottom, below some kids I knew my daughter couldn’t stand. My wife was only halfway up. I was at the top, followed by her friends, then her brother, then a few other people she knew. Why didn’t she like Becky? I knew they were squabbling, but that was strange.

I clicked on Becky’s tab and...

Reading that at the top made me shiver. Who did Sam have a crush on that she thought Becky was also after? There was a reason my wife thought our eldest was gay. Becky never did much besides study, either alone or with her friend, Tonya. I returned to the Sexuality Sub-menu and clicked the Desires Sub-menu.

My name was at the top of the list above her friends again.

“No way,” I muttered when I clicked on my own name and read what was there. “My daughter’s in love with me?”

“Why do you think she spends so much time with you?” Anael said. “She wants you bad. Always hugging you. Kissing you. Being around you. She’s saving her virginity for you.”

I glanced down and there it was.

“Damn,” I groaned. “So she thinks Becky wants me, too. And I bet that’s one of the reasons she’s not getting along with Linda.”

“But you can change things,” Anael said. “You can fulfill your daughter’s desire. She loves you. ‘Long-term, romantic desire’ mean this isn’t a passing crush. That’s deep affection your daughter has for you. She’s doing all she can to get you; she’s just inexperienced. But you could remove the jealousy, edit your wife to accept you and Sam, and even make it so Linda joins the fun.”

“Fuck,” I groaned, my dick rock hard. “You sure you’re not a demon?”

“Angel... demon... We all came from the same place. It’s all a matter of whether we serve or if we rebel.” She rubbed her foot up my khaki pants toward my crotch. “I serve.”

I swallowed. I could do it. I could edit Sam so she got what she wanted, what I wanted. That kiss this morning, before I ever opened the app, had awakened desires in me. It reminded me that she was more than my tomboy daughter, that she was a blossoming woman.

I grabbed my pad and added on Sam:

I couldn’t believe I wrote that down. I mean, I was going to edit my wife to not be jealous of me, but the rest...


I switched over to Becky. Last of my children to inspect. My eldest was in her bedroom studying. She had classical music playing and still wore her uniform. Her auburn hair fell in a serious braid down her back, her pencil scratching as she made notes as she read from a textbook.

“She’s so smart, but she’s wasting her life studying all the time,” I said.


Then I opened up her menu. I took a deep breath, navigating down through the options to her orientation. I tapped it, wondering if she’d be all the way over into homosexuality. A lesbian like my wife feared.

She was almost 100% straight. She was only a percentage point away from full heterosexual.

“Well, you don’t get much straighter than that,” Anael said, her fingers still playing with her pussy, her digits getting coated in my cum. “Guess your wife was wrong. However... see who she has a crush on.”

“It’s me, isn’t it?” I groaned, moving to her Desires Sub-Menu and... there were two.

“Her, too?” I groaned.

“You have that effect on your daughters,” Anael said. “You’re a great father. Mmm, your own kinky harem made up of your wife and daughters. Lucky you.”

“This cannot be real,” I muttered as I added to Becky’s list.

“I’m going to have to do a lot of work on my wife,” I muttered. “I’m going to change her.”

“Improve her,” Anael said. “So, you better get started on her.”

I nodded and did a search. The phone showed a map of the US. It zoomed across the world to Las Vegas. If I remembered correctly, she and her friend Marissa would be going to see a show tonight, I think Penn and Teller. My wife loved catching their show while visiting her friend.

The image appeared of my wife and...

She was stretched out on a hotel bed wearing... Lingerie?

A pit filled my stomach as I stared at my wife, her brassy-brown hair looking mused, her body clad in a pink negligee, the transparent cloth spilling over her stomach. I had never seen her wearing that one before. It cupped her breasts, her nipples bleeding through the transparent fabric. My stomach clenched, sweat breaking across my forehead.

I didn’t understand. Why was she wearing that?

“You understand,” Anael whispered.

Her legs parted. She wasn’t wearing panties. I spotted them lying half on the edge of the rumpled bed, a pink scrap of cloth. Her bush looked drenched with her juices. She had a dreamy look on her face.

A shower turned off. A door opened.

Who was my wife having an affair with? I thought she was having fun with her college friend. This... I couldn’t...

Marissa stepped naked into the room, sauntering to my wife. My eyes bulged as my wife let out a purring moan. “Mmm, you always look so sexy coming out of the shower,” Linda groaned, her thighs rubbing together. “Just so yummy.”

“Mmm, I thought we were going out,” Marissa said, her black hair clinging wet to her shoulders and face, her dusky nipples hard atop her round breasts. “The way you’re looking at me... Hungry for me?”

“Maybe,” my wife said as Marissa crawled onto the bed, coming closer and closer. They kissed.

My jaw dropped. I felt punched in the guts. My wife was gay?

My entire world spun. I hit a button, backing away from her, bringing my phone back to Sam. My youngest daughter was walking home looking so innocent now. I stared at her while the world spun around me. Everything felt so wrong. So off-kilter.

Linda was gay... With her college roommate?

“Fuck,” I muttered.

To be continued...