The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created

by mypenname3000

Chapter 5: Virgin Delights

Steve Davis

I shook my head, my hands shaking as they clutched my phone. My wife was gay... She was cheating on me with her friend Marissa. How long had this been going on? For years, Linda had gone to visit Marissa. Four times a year they got together for their weekend visit and...

They were having lesbian sex. My wife—my homophobic wife who was afraid out eldest daughter was gay—was gay herself. My stomach twisted and churned. I glanced at Anael, the slender angel watching me with her purple eyes. She was... curious, her head cocked. She didn’t know how I would react to the revelation.

I swallowed, staring at my phone. I had switched back to my youngest daughter, Sam, walking home after her own lesbian orgy with three of her friends, another shocking revelation. It was hot watching my eighteen-year-old daughter having sex. And now my wife was fooling around with Marissa, who was a beautiful woman and...

“Fuck,” I muttered and switched who my app was focused on.

My wife was kissing Marissa, fondling the woman’s round breasts. Their tongues were dancing, both of them moaning on the bed. My wife had her right arm hooked around Marissa’s neck, holding the black-haired woman tight. My dick was so hard again. I moved the camera, watching them. My wife’s fingers dug into Marissa’s tit, her thumb swiping over a dusky nipple.

“I can’t believe this,” I muttered. Even though I’d cheated on my wife with Kyleigh today, learning of my wife’s infidelity had me reeling. I’d only cheated on her because of what happened, the temptation of this device, but my wife...

Did she even love me?

I thought we had a great sex life. Maybe it had gotten a little stale over the years, but she was so affectionate before she left, and when she returned from these weekend trips, she always felt so loving. Was it all an act?

Their moans echoed from my phone’s speakers. I had to know. My heart pounded as I dug into her menu, navigating quickly. I hit her Main Menu. I moved fast. Spirituality. Sexuality. Orientation. The sliding bar appeared. On my daughter Sam, she was almost dead in the middle, just a few percentage points on the heterosexual side, making her almost purely bi. My wife... My wife was barely into the bi section. Far more into men than Sam was. It was almost like... my wife hardly needed to be with a woman.

Only four times a year...

I backed out to the Spirituality Menu and tapped the Social Sub-Menu.


I hit relationships and saw the list. I was at the top with Marissa number two, then Becky, our son James, and then Sam was farther down the list, a group of my wife’s friends between them. I clicked on my own name and read how she felt about me. My wife felt guilty for cheating on me. She loved me but had this desire for other women.

Relief unclenched the fear crushing my heart. She did still love me. Desired me.

I checked out Marissa. Their relationship stretched all the way back to their freshman year in college. Linda was having sex with Marissa before we ever went on our date. There was such conflict in it. My wife couldn’t control herself.

I returned to the Spirituality Menu and hit Morality Sub-Menu.


I clicked the Outlook Sub-Menu. Her moral beliefs appeared in a list. I found her views on homosexuality. She truly believed it was a sin. Her cravings for Marrisa were making her feel so guilty for not only cheating on me but that she was engaged in something she thought was wrong. It must be twisting in her. No wonder she was so scared of Becky being gay. She didn’t want our eldest to have this same inner turmoil.

I could fix that. I looked at the list I was making. The tweaks I could make to my wife. I didn’t even have to make her like girls to accept my... expanded sex life. I just had to edit her morality. I could take away her guilt.

“You want a harem with your wife and daughters,” Anael purred. “You’ve made your choice, haven’t you?”

I shifted, my dick so hard. I stared at my wife again as she was now on top of Marissa, their bodies pressed tight as they kissed. They were grinding together. Marissa’s hands squeezed and kneaded my wife’s rump.

“Yeah,” I admitted.

* * *

Sam Davies

I buzzed as I walked home from Rita’s house. I loved our Friday afternoon orgies. It was so much fun unwinding at the end of the week. If I couldn’t have sex with the man I craved, then getting off with my friends was the next best thing. If Christians wanted straight girls to not have premarital sex with the boys, then they needed to encourage them to seek each other out for satisfaction.

It kept my cherry intact and meant I didn’t have to worry about pregnancies while I was satiating my pussy. Of course, I really liked girls. Some of my friends just did it for the pleasure, dreaming of the hunkiest guy at our college. Well, the hunkiest student. The hunkiest guy was my dad. Such wicked, incestuous lust burned inside of me. Dad was so sexy. He was an intelligent man, an English professor, but he also could get his hands dirty. He could talk to you about Shakespeare while stripping down an engine.

He was so cool. Not like mom. I was glad she was gone for the weekend with her dumb friend. Part of me hoped she never came back. She wanted me to be a perfect woman. Wear skirts, act primly, stop working in the garage, to care about my fingernails. Who cared if they were a little ragged. I worked on cars. If I had a perfect manicure, a few hours working wrenches would ruin that.

It was all so dumb. It was the twenty-first century. Girls could dress like boys if they wanted. She was such a prude.

Dad was cool. He didn’t care if I wore skirts. He let me be around him. I could just float away right now as I imagined he was talking to me right now. He wanted to do things to me and—

“Hey, Sam, want a ride?”

I jumped, letting out a squeak. Dad’s car was creeping down the street, his window down. My heart beat so fast as I stared at him. He was such a handsome man, mature, with such a confident masculinity about him. He was in great shape, his dark-brown hair swept back, a tall man. The one good thing about mom: she was a health nut. She made sure dad jogged and kept in shape. Even his reading glasses only made him hotter.

“Well, kumquat?” he asked.

“Right, right,” I said, my heart racing. “You scared me, Daddy.”

“Thinking about boys?” he asked, a teasing grin on his face.

“Dad!” I groaned, my cheeks burning. I didn’t answer. I couldn’t tell him the truth. He was a good man, a deacon at our church. He wouldn’t commit incest. He didn’t have these depraved desires in him for me. Plus, I was barely a woman. He wouldn’t care about me. He had Mom. She was beautiful.

Why couldn’t she get fat and ugly like Courtney’s mom?

I darted out into the quiet street and hopped into the passenger door. Feeling flustered and hot, I couldn’t help going in to give him a kiss, aiming for his right cheek, as close as I could get to his mouth. My arm shot around his neck as I leaned in and...

He turned just so slightly, changing my trajectory. My lips met his. My pussy clenched at the contact. A burst of heat rippled through me. My nipples hardened, throbbing in my bra. My thighs squeezed so tight, my slacks rubbing together as he didn’t pull away.

Our lips felt glued together. I was too scared to move them, to truly kiss my father. I just held them against him. Trembling. I wanted to moan. To groan out how hot this made me. More and more warmth rippled out of my snatch and...

His hand rested on my thigh.

A whimpering excitement shot through me as I felt him rubbing my thigh right above my knee. I wanted to jam my tongue into his mouth. I pulled away, my cheeks burning. They had to be so scarlet. My heart screamed in my chest. I wanted to confess to him. I wanted to tell him how much I ached for him.

He broke the kiss. “You are looking pretty today,” Dad said, his eyes flicking up and down my body. “Just my cute tomboy.”

I squirmed as he drove down the street, his hand still on my thigh. This strange excitement filled the air. It swirled through me. It was so different. It was like something had changed in our relationship. His hand squeezed my thigh, sending tingles racing to my pussy. This wet heat built and built in me.

What should I do? Was this all in my imagination? Had he felt my incestuous desires when our lips met? Did he... think about me the same way?

“So, I bet you’re glad that your mother’s away,” he said, his hand climbing higher. I squirmed, blood rushing through me. I was almost dizzy.

I nodded my head, too afraid to speak.

“No fighting with her, huh?” he asked. “You won’t have to hear her complaining about you coming out to work on the car.”

I nodded my head again. His hand... He was reaching higher. Did he... want me? Me? I was so skinny. I didn’t have tits. Not like Mom or Becky. I knew my older sister had the hots for Dad, too. Good thing she was too shy to ever do anything about it.

“I like working on old cars,” he said as he turned onto our street. “You know why?”

I shook my head, my short hair caressing my cheeks.

“It makes me feel young,” he said. He took his hand off the steering wheel to hit the garage door opener clipped to the sun visor. It opened ahead as he turned into our driveway. “I like that. Feeling young.”

I swallowed.

Our current project, a 1969 Chevrolet Impala, was up on blocks, half-assembled. It looked more skeleton than a car. I shivered as he pulled into the garage behind it, his hand closing in on my crotch, fingers pressing my pants against my flesh, caressing me. He hit the remote again.

The garage door trundled close behind us. It clanked and rattled. It grew darker and darker in the garage. More and more intimate. This lusty fear squeezed about my heart as I stared at Dad, his dark eyes peering back at me. The garage door boomed close.

We were in our own world.

That energy I felt became magnetic. I suddenly couldn’t stop myself. My lips were pulled towards his, attracted. I shifted towards him, my breathing so tight. The pressure almost crushing my heart, choking my lungs. A dizziness washed over me, little stars bursting across my eyes as I came closer and closer to him.

This was happening. Finally.

Our lips met again. This time, it was no accident. I didn’t have to pretend to be just a daughter. I could be what I truly craved. I could be his lover. My tongue thrust into his mouth as our lips worked together. My heart pounded so fast. The energy rippled through me, tingling from my lips and washing down my body.

My nipples hardened.

My pussy clenched.

His hand crept closer to my pussy. My hot, wet, juicy snatch. My hand found his thigh. I felt his muscles through his slacks as I mirrored his hand. I climbed up him as our tongues met. They danced together as we groaned.

We made out. We kissed each other with such hunger. My world shrunk to this car. To just my sexy dad. Incestuous passion rippled through me. Such a dizzying heat washed through me. It was amazing. I loved it. My daddy was kissing me, his hand reaching my crotch.

My legs spread wide, giving him access. His fingers were so thick. Not a dainty girl’s fingers, but a man’s. His digits pressed my panties into my snatch, sliding up and down my virgin slit. I shuddered; my clit sparked with delight, showering through me. I moaned into his lips, my hand sliding higher and higher.

He was hard.

My dad was hard for me.

I felt his cock through his slacks. His girth. My pussy clenched. My virgin flesh wanted his incestuous shaft. This dick slid into Mom’s pussy and impregnated her with me. I came from him. I loved this so much. I squeezed his girth, my thumb massaging the tip through his slacks.

He kissed me harder now with the aggression my friends lacked. He devoured my mouth. His fingers rubbed harder at my crotch. My pussy was so wet. Were my juices soaking through my panties and my pants? Was he feeling my passion?

I hoped he was.

My fingers searched for his zipper. I wanted to feel him directly. Do things to his cock. I could give him a handjob. A blowjob. We could... go all the way. The zipper rasped as I drew it down. I went so slowly I could hear every individual tooth coming apart. I whimpered, my heart squeezing and—

The door opened. The garage lights flicked on.

“Dad,” Becky called as I wrenched myself away from my sister, gasping for breath. “There’s something wrong with the sink.”

I wanted to shriek. I was so close to doing naughty things with him!

* * *

Steve Davies

My heart raced as I stepped out of the car. Becky, my eldest daughter, stood in the doorway of the garage, her auburn hair pulled back from her face. She wore it in her usual braid. She still wore her Rainier Christian College school uniform, her skirt looking so sexy as it fell down her thighs. There was a purity about the twenty-year-old girl.

“What’s up with the sink?” I asked.

“It’s leaking,” she said. Her eyes flicked to the car. “Did I... interrupt anything.”

“Just talking to your sister,” I lied. Becky and Sam both had crushes on me and both were jealous of the other. It explained so much of the sniping behavior between them. That would change tomorrow. I would adjust my wife and daughters then Sunday I would edit James to keep him distracted. I think it would bring those girls from his dream to life.

And, finally, on Monday I would turn my attention back to making my town of Rainier into a better place.

“Did you need anything else?” I asked Becky.

She shook her head. “I have homework.”

My eldest whirled around, her skirt flaring and her braid swinging. Then she darted into the house. Sam hopped out of the car, her face flushed. That kiss was exciting. My daughter wanted to do things with me. I didn’t even have to edit her as I had with Kyleigh. That felt... better to me. I wasn’t making my daughter into my lover, I was just... facilitating her wish. As Anael said, I was just changing the circumstances of the world to improve people.

And if I got to benefit from it, what was so wrong about that?

Sam’s face was flushed, her dark-red hair swayed about her cheeks as she shivered. She glanced at me, the car between us. She squirmed, trembling. She was bold, but still growing into her sexuality. She didn’t have the confidence of a more experienced woman.

“The kiss was... nice,” I said.

She nodded her head.

“Later on tonight... if you’re interested...”

She shuddered and nodded her head with such intensity.

“Tonight,” I said. I smiled at her. “Why don’t you order some pizzas for dinner. After your siblings go to bed, well, we can talk more. In my bedroom.”

“Okay, Daddy,” she said, her voice tight. She pulled out her phone, her face furrowing. I half-expected her to call the pizza place, but none of my kids used their phones as actual phones. They didn’t talk on them if they could help it. She must be doing some sort of online ordering.

I pulled out my phone and open the app while my daughter took care of dinner. I didn’t choose to freeze reality, so I was surprised when Anael appeared leaning naked against the car. I froze for a moment as the angel sauntered naked around to my daughter. But Sam didn’t see the petite sexy beauty.

I filed away that fact.

“You don’t even have to edit her, and you’ll get her virginity tonight,” Anael purred.

My dick throbbed as I navigated my daughter’s menus. Spirituality. Social. Relationships. Sam’s feelings about me had changed. No longer did she think there was no chance to have me as a lover. Now she was eager for it. She wanted it. I backed up to Sexuality Menu.


I clicked Desires and right there at the top was:

I grinned. She wanted it more than anything. And it would happen tonight. My daughter walked forward, passing through Anael. The angel rippled for a moment. When her form grew distinct she giggled and shook her head as Sam headed inside. I followed, putting away my phone.

“Enjoy,” Anael purred as she faded away.

Inside, Sam was sitting on the couch while I headed to the kitchen. Becky, weirdly, wasn’t up in her bedroom but downstairs in the dining room, working on her homework. She glanced at me, shifting as I looked at the sink. There wasn’t a leak at all. The handle just had to be tightened all the way to stop the drip.

I glanced at my daughter. She was so jealous but was too shy to do anything about that. I would take care of everything. I would make my family happy and closer than ever. My dick throbbing, I headed out to the living room where my iPad waited. While Sam was playing on her phone, sitting close to me, I made sure my plans were all organized for editing my family, glancing at the App for reference.

“What are you doing, Daddy?” Sam asked me right before the pizza arrived.

“A special project to make everyone happy,” I told her while Anael sat cuddled against my daughter, Sam utterly oblivious to the truth around her.

* * *

Sam Davies

Finally, Becky and James were in their bedrooms. Neither were asleep—James was drawing his pervy anime sluts, and Becky was studying, as usual—but they had retired for the night. It was time. My pussy was on fire. I couldn’t wait any longer. This night dragged on so long. I hardly enjoyed the pizza we had for dinner. I couldn’t focus at all as I played Street Fighter V with James. He kicked my ass up and down the screen with Chun-Li.

I didn’t win a match.

“It’s not much fun kicking your ass if you don’t even try,” my brother had said, shaking his head. “The victory isn’t as sweet.”

“Asshole,” I’d muttered.

“That’s the best you can do?” He’d shook his head. “Insult me.”

I got along great with James. If he was a little cuter, maybe I’d have a crush on him instead of Daddy, but he just lacked that masculine confidence of our father. He was a boy, a year older than me. Besides, he’d rather jerk it off to his Anime girls than to a flat-chested chick like me.

I hoped Daddy wouldn’t mind that only had little A cups. Mom had tits. I wish I’d inherited hers.

I slipped out of my room in my pajama bottoms, a pair of flannel pants, and a matching, powder-blue tank top. I wasn’t wearing a bra or panties, eager to get naughty with my daddy. I would get so wild. I stared down the dark hallway, my parents’ bedroom at the far end. My bare feet padded along the carpet.

Becky’s door opened and my older sister stepped out in her nightgown, something feminine, something that Mom would want me to wear. My sister blinked when she saw me. I swallowed, a strange twist to my stomach.

Was she sneaking to our dad’s bed? A surge of hot, vicious jealousy rippled through me. I wanted to spring at her and smack her ass and drive her back into her bedroom. She had breasts. She had curves. I couldn’t let her draw Daddy’s attention from me.

“What are you up to?” I asked.

“Just studying,” she answered.

“In the hallway?”

“Just getting a glass of water.” She glanced at me. “You?”

“Peeing,” I lied. Then I darted into the bathroom.

I closed the door behind me, pressing it against me. My stomach thudded as I heard her head down the stairs. My breathing rose and fell. Why did she have to be up right now? Why was she trying to stop me from getting to Daddy? I kept my ear pressed to the door, listening to her.

If she tried to go into Daddy’s bedroom...

It felt like it took an eternity for her to return from downstairs. How long did it take to fill a glass of water? I squirmed against the door, my heart pounding, my pussy so wet. I needed to be with Dad. I needed to lose my cherry. I needed it more than anything else.

Why did Becky have to be such a bitch right now? She had to be doing this on purpose, taking her time getting her drink and—

The stairs creaked.

“Finally,” I muttered as Becky climbed the stairs.

I held my breath as she reached the top. Would she go left for our parents’ room, or...? Her footsteps approached me. She went right. Her door closed behind her, and I let out a big sigh. I opened the bathroom door and slipped out.

fI padded down the hallway, sneaking like a naughty thief. My heart hammered in me, blood rushing through me. This was happening. I was going to have sex with my father. I was going to commit incest with him. I was so nervous. This was so different than having sex with my friends. He was a man.

The man I loved.

I reached the door and rapped as softly as possible. Then I opened the door.

Dad was on the bed naked. My heart fluttered. A single lamp illuminated him. His reading glasses were off. He sat his phone to the side. He was ready for me. Like he knew that this was when I would arrive. My eyes drank in his naked torso, covered in his chest hair. I couldn’t wait to touch him. My eyes descended down his stomach.

There it was. His cock. Thick and twitching. It thrust up from his pubic hair. My heart fluttered. My pussy clenched. This was it. This was going to change everything. I wanted to faint. I wanted to flee.

I wanted to impale myself on that cock.

“It’s okay,” he said. “If you don’t want to do this...”

“No!” I said, my voice forceful. I closed the door behind us. Locked it.

To prove my confidence, I ripped my tank top off, baring my small breasts to him. I was a tomboy. I wasn’t a shy idiot like Becky. I had the lady balls to make my move on Daddy and become his lover. I attacked the knots of my pajama bottoms, undid them, then shoved them down my body.

Daddy stared at me, seeing my naked form. My shaved pussy. Could he see how wet I was? Did he see the juices leaking down my thighs? My nipples were so hard. His eyes roamed me. I wanted to hide. I wasn’t hot enough for him. I wasn’t as pretty as Becky or as experienced as Mom.

What was I doing? I—

“You are beautiful, Sam,” Daddy said, his voice tight with breathy awe.

Doubt vanished from me. The way he looked at me, the way he gripped his cock, let me know he saw me as more than his eighteen-year-old daughter. He saw me as a woman. As a lover. A wave of heat shot through me.

I darted to his bed and flung myself on it, my hair swaying about my face, my little breasts jiggling. I was still frightened of losing my virginity, but I wouldn’t hold back. I threw my arms around Dad’s neck and kissed him.


I thrust my tongue into his mouth. I moaned into his lips. I shuddered and groaned as I squirmed against him. Heat rippled through me. This wonderful passion that had my toes curling. My heart beat so fast. It pumped the delight through me. It had me almost swooning in delight as I kissed him so hard. My tongue danced with his.

It was so incredible. I rubbed his chest with my right hand. I stroked up and down him, feeling his curly hairs, the strength of him. This was no soft girl. This was a man. My daddy. My pussy clenched as he growled into the kiss.

His hand grabbed my hip. He kissed me hard, turning me, pulling me to him. I shuddered, our tongues dueling. It was different in the car. There was no holding back this time. Nothing would stop us. The door was locked. James and Becky in their rooms. Mom in Vegas with her dumb friend. Tonight, I was his.

Daddy’s naughty little girl.

My virgin pussy grew hotter and hotter. It ached and pulsed like it never had before. I groaned into the kiss, my tongue dancing and darting with his. My heart screamed in my chest. My thighs rubbed together, my juices flowing. Heady rushes surged through me, making me dizzy with delight. My fingers clutched at my dad’s side to hold onto him. I felt like reality was whirling around me.

My fingers crept down his body after a moment. I moved lower and lower as I had in the car. No clothing was in the way. No slacks stopped me. I felt his wiry bush, his dick twitching over my hand. The shaft bumped me, so warm. He growled in the kiss as I grabbed him. Stroked him. I fisted up and down his cock, caressing him.

“Sam,” he groaned, breaking the kiss. He stared me in the eyes as I played with his cock. “You really, really want this.”

“I want you to make me into a woman, Daddy,” I moaned. “I want it so badly.”

He kissed me again, growling almost like a hungry beast. I shuddered, aching for that. I wanted to be ravaged by this man. If I wanted gentle and safe, I would have stuck with Rita, Tammy, and Courtney. I wanted wild. Dangerous.

I wanted passion with my daddy!

I stroked his dick, feeling how hard he was, and yet soft and spongy. He was engorged. His skin shifted as I stroked him, sliding beneath my grip. I brushed the crown, it was different, wet with his precum. He groaned as I massaged that part like it was more sensitive than the rest.

Like it was as sensitive as my clit.

That was good to know. I’d learned how to please my friends through experimentation, and I wanted to learn what Daddy liked the same way. I massaged my thumb across the crown, smearing more of his precum about it.

He broke the kiss, his eyes wild with passion. “Sam!”

“Yes, yes, yes, take me, Daddy!” I moaned. “I’m so ready.”

“Not yet you’re not. I haven’t devoured you.”

My eyes widened as he rolled me onto my back and settled on me. I lifted my head, eager for his kiss, but he nuzzled into my neck while he cupped my breasts. His large hands covered my small tits, massaging my nipples. Hot flutters rippled down me. I gasped in delight as his hungry mouth nibbled at my neck.

My pulse fluttered. My heart quivered. Excitement screamed through me as Daddy kissed lower and lower. I let out a whimper of delight as he kissed down my sternum. I’d heard from some friends that boys just stuck it in you. No foreplay, like with girls.

I should have known it was different with a man.

“Daddy!” I moaned as he kissed up the inner slope of my small breasts, climbing towards the pinnacle now. His cheeks felt rough with his day growth of stubble. This naughty rasping that made me tingle.

I gasped when he brushed my nipple with his whiskers.

My pussy clenched. Then he engulfed my nub and sucked so hard. With such hunger. My breast stretched in his mouth. The suction was incredible. Every bit of me spasmed. My pussy grew even wetter. I moaned, the sounds echoing through the room.

My head tossed from side to side. The bed creaked. It was so wonderful. So incredible. My toes curled and relaxed. My pussy clenched. Whimpers burst from my lips as this delight filled me. His hands roamed from my breasts, stroking down my stomach, caressing me. Teasing me.

Everywhere he touched me burned.

“Daddy!” I moaned.

The bed creaked as I squirmed. My heart hammered as he released my right nipple and attacked the left. My back arched, my eyes fluttered, and my fingers gripped the headboard above me. I clutched it as he sucked and nibbled and loved my breast.

“You’re making my pussy so wet, Daddy!”

His eyes stared up at me as he swirled his tongue around my nipple, stroking my areola. He winked at me then sucked again. Lightning jolted straight down to my cunt. It electrified me. My eyes fluttered at the wonderful bliss shooting through me. It was so incredible to experience.

His hands stroked my thighs now, caressing them as he loved my nub. I clutched to the headboard, afraid to let go. So much passion swept through me, a torrent of excitement. My eyes fluttered, my body wiggled.

Then he went lower.

“Yes, Daddy, yes,” I groaned. My tongue flicked across my lips. “Oh, Daddy, this is so good. You’re driving me wild. Oh, yes, Daddy.”

He kissed down my body. To my stomach. I quivered as he moved down my body, his hands gripping my inner thighs, keeping my legs opened wide. He kissed and nuzzled and licked. His lips were hot, his tongue wet. He circled my bellybutton, making me giggle as well as squeal. His tongue swept into that divot.

It was incredible. Everything he did to me was amazing. He knew how to love women. Mom was so lucky. And now he was mine. He didn’t need her. She could stay in Vegas with her dumb friend. Daddy and I would be so happy without her.

“You smell so good,” Daddy groaned as he kissed to my shaved pubic mound. The kisses here felt even more electric. “That’s your passion.”

“Just... just... eat me!” I moaned. “Devour me.”

“Mmm, yes,” he groaned.

His fingers swept up my thighs as he kissed across my pudenda. I gasped as his digits massaged my shaved vulva, slippery with my excitement. He pulled my outer labia apart. I felt exposed to him as he reached the top of my slit.

Then he lifted his head to admire my pussy. I clutched at the headboard, fighting the embarrassed urge to cover my face. Daddy was staring at my virgin twat. His face was inches away. He could see everything. All the folds. All the little petals. My hymen.

“Just beautiful, Sam,” he groaned. “You are amazing.”

“Thank you, Daddy!” I gasped, my heart hammering in my chest. “So are you.”

“Beautiful?” he asked.

“I mean, you’re a hunk! You’re so sexy and...” My eyes bulged, my words trailing off as he took his first lick up my pussy. His tongue was wider than any of my friends’. “Oh, my gosh, Daddy, yes!”

My entire body shuddered as he licked me again and again. He ran his tongue up and down my snatch. He fluttered it against my folds. He teased me. He made me quiver. My eyes widened as this amazing joy rushed through me.

He flicked my clit at the end of every lick. Then his tongue went back down to my hymen, dragging across my virginity as he caressed up my folds. I shuddered each time. The headboard creaked as I gripped it tight. Sparks showered through me. I squirmed on the bed, my heart hammering in me. Dizzy pleasure danced across my thoughts.

“Yes, yes, yes, Daddy!” I moaned as he feasted on me.

He licked faster. He nibbled on my labia. His fingers massaged my vulva. He pressed his whiskered cheeks into my folds. The stubble rasped against me. It was incredible. My sensitive pussy drank it all in. The pressure building and building in my depths.

“Damn, but you taste so good,” he groaned.

Incestuous passion spilled through me. My toes curled as my legs spasmed. Daddy loved my pussy. He made me in Mom, and now he enjoyed me. This was so amazing. My head tossed from side to side. My eyes fluttered. I whimpered. My cunt clenched. Juices flowed out of me.

He licked them all up. He devoured them. Drank them down. He pressed his face into my snatch and worshiped me. I groaned and gasped. My thighs squeezed about his face. My head tossed from side to side as his tongue flicked up to my clit.

He nibbled on my bud.

He sucked on it.

“Daddy!” I gasped. “Oh, my gosh, Daddy! You love my pussy!”

“So much,” he groaned between sucks, his finger stroking my petals. “I want you to cum.”

“Yeeeeees!” I groaned.

I would cum so hard for my daddy. He sucked hard on my clit while his fingers caressed up and down my folds. His digits were incredible, knowing just how to touch me while his mouth sucked hard on my clit. My thighs tightened about his head, squeezing about him while I whimpered and groaned.

My orgasm swelled so fast. This was so exciting to experience. My daddy was loving me. It was incredible. My eyes fluttered. My heart pounded in delight. The bed creaked as I squirmed my hips, rubbing my hot flesh against his hungry lips.

He nipped my clit.

I exploded in incestuous rapture.

My father made me cum.

My pussy convulsed hard. Juices gushed out of me, bathing his face as I heaved. My moans burst from my lips as the waves of ecstatic delight washed out of my cunt. They surged across my thoughts. they drowned me in ecstasy. It was wonderful. Amazing. My eyes fluttered. My hips wiggled from side to side. It was all so delicious. All so wonderful. It was intense, better than the climaxes my friends gave me.

My daddy gave me this rapture. He loved me. He pleased me. His tongue lapped up my juices. His hungry eyes stared up my body as I thrashed. The headboard creaked as I gripped it. The waves of ecstatic delight washed against my mind.

I drowned in incestuous bliss.

“Daddy!” I moaned. “I want you to pop my cherry! I want to make love to you!”

“Yes!” he growled and rose. He moved up my body so fast. I stared at his muscular torso above me. My eyes slid down his body to his cock.

He was so big. Could that really fit into my virgin pussy? My lips felt so small compared to that.

“Sam,” he said. “Do you trust me?”

I looked up into his eyes.

* * *

Steve Davies

“Yes, Daddy,” Sam answered, her voice throaty with her pleasure, her face flushed. I could see the fear, though, gleaming in her green eyes.

“I promise I won’t hurt you,” I said. “Nothing more than a little ache when I pop your cherry. After that, you’ll love it.”

She nodded her head. Then her hand shot down and grasped my dick. My eighteen-year-old daughter guided me to her virgin pussy. I shuddered at the feel of her shaved snatch on my dick. She slid it up and down, coating me in her juices.

I made this pussy with her mother. I made this beautiful girl beneath me.

She pressed me against her hymen. Still staring into her eyes, I pushed forward with my cock. She whimpered as her hymen stretched before me. That thin membrane separated me from her depths. She whimpered, her face twisting in delight.

Then her cherry popped.

She gasped as I buried three inches into her. I groaned at how tight she was. Was Linda ever this tight when we first made love over two decades ago? Kyleigh wasn’t even that tight when I popped her cherry earlier this day. My daughter was a silky vice that felt incredible as I slid deeper and deeper into her.

She was so wet, though. So ready from her orgasm. I penetrated her. Her eyes widened. A smile spread across her lips as I buried to the hilt in her. She groaned, her thighs wrapping about my waist, her hands snaking around the back of my neck.

“Mmm, that does feel amazing,” she said. “You’re in me, Daddy! You’re in my pussy!”

“I am,” I groaned, savoring my daughter’s juicy snatch wrapped around me. This incredible bliss clutched me. My eyes widened as my hips shifted, stirring my cock around inside of her. “You are just so tight. Damn, you’re incredible.”

“Ooh, so are you, Daddy!” she moaned. “You can move in me. You can fuck me, Daddy!”

“I’m making love to you this time,” I said, lowering myself to her. “We can fuck later.”

“Daddy!” she cooed, her pussy squeezing like a vice around me.

I kissed her with her tart juices on my lips. She didn’t hesitate. She’d tasted her cunt before. She clutched me tight, her small breasts quivering beneath me. I drew back my hips through her tight embrace, the friction incredible.

I thrust back into her, burying to the hilt in my daughter’s tight snatch. She squeezed about me. I groaned, loving this. My tongue danced with hers. My hips pumped in and out of her snatch, driving again and again into her depths.

It was amazing. Incredible. This silky heat embraced me. This wondrous passion engulfed me. Our flesh slapped together. The bed creaked beneath us as I plowed my cock into her over and over. She whimpered beneath me, clutching me tight as our tongues danced.

I loved my daughter in a way no daddy should. Not unless he could edit reality.

Sam moved beneath me. Her hips undulated, stirring around my cock, giving me such pleasure. Every thrust into my daughter’s incestuous depths brought me closer and closer to erupting in rapture. My balls drank in the heat.

Her hands moved down my back, her fingernails biting into my flesh. I thrust harder into her as she moaned into the kiss. Her pussy squeezed down around me, increasing the friction as I pulled back. My cock’s tip throbbed in her.

“Damn,” I moaned, breaking our kiss. “You feel incredible, Sam!”

“You feel amazing!” she moaned, her green eyes glassy. “Oh, Daddy, you’re in me! This is everything I dreamed and more!”

“I love you,” I groaned.

She squealed. Her thighs tightened about my waist. Her fingernails dug into my back. Sam writhed beneath me, kissing at my lips and chin. Those three words unleashed such a passion in her. Her snatch bathed my cock, soaking me in her bliss.

I pumped harder, faster. I drove my dick into her juicy depths while the pleasure spilled through me. I groaned, slamming into her. Heady delight washed through me. I jammed into her. I buried again and again into her snatch.

“Daddy! Daddy!” she squealed, such taboo music to my ears.

This was so wrong. While my wife writhed with her lover, I fucked our daughter. I didn’t have to feel guilty at all. It didn’t matter that this was incest. With the app, I would make everyone accept it. Nothing wrong with this. We were consenting.

“Yes, yes, Daddy!” she moaned, her pussy clenching about my cock again, increasing that wonderful friction. My balls ached. “I’m going to cum again.”

“Don’t hold back!” I moaned. “Just let it explode over you! Let it fill you to the brim with so much passion!”

“I will, Daddy!” she gasped. “Oh, yes, yes, yes!”

Her moans echoed through the room. They were such a delicious treat to hear. I groaned, savoring the sounds she made. I loved her passion, How it churned in her. The way it made her groan and shudder. Her head tossed from side to side while her pussy grew hotter and hotter.

I fucked her harder now. I drove into her with all my passion. My balls thwacked into her taint. They brimmed with my incestuous cum. Sam wasn’t on the pill. I could breed her fertile pussy. That thought didn’t bother me, either.

I would love to have a child with my daughter.

“Daddy!” she moaned.

“Just let it explode through you!” I groaned, the bed creaking. The air filled with her tart pussy’s musk and the salt of our bodies. That wonderful aroma of love-making. “Show me how much you enjoy my dick!”

“So much!” she squealed.

Pain flared across my back. She raked burning lines across me as she thrashed. Her pussy convulsed around my cock. I slammed into her orgasming snatch, reveling in the way she writhed about me; how she teased me. It was incredible. My eyes fluttered. Such joy surged through me as I pumped my cock in and out of my daughter’s snatch.

“Yes, Daddy, yes!” she moaned, her flesh rippling around my cock as I drove into her, sending pleasure spilling down my shaft. “Cum in me, Daddy! Spurt your seed in me! I want it!”

“Sam!” I moaned, my face twisting in rapture. My cock couldn’t take the ecstasy of her pussy any longer.

I rammed to the hilt in her and erupted.

My jizz spurted hot into my daughter’s snatch. I pumped her full of my jizz. Every blast sent a dizzying wave of passion through my body. Stars erupted before me. The incestuous rush of pumping my cum into my barely legal daughter hammered me hard. My mind melted.

Her pussy writhed about my cock. She milked it as I grunted. I kissed her, sharing this passion with her as I spilled more and more of my fertile seed into her pussy. Dizzying lust shot through me. This sensation was so familiar to me.

It reminded me of the first time I made love to Linda.

Sam’s pussy milked out the last spurt of my cum. My pleasure peaked then died into buzzing rapture.

“Oh, Daddy,” mewled Sam as I kissed and nibbled on her chin. “Oh, I love you so much.”

“No regrets?” I asked her.

“None!” she moaned. “Mmm, can we do it again?”

I grinned, such joy surging through me. I didn’t need to edit my daughter to enjoy this, but I never would have learned about her feelings without that app. It changed my perception of the world. Almost like I’d edited myself by discovering her true desires.

“We have all night to enjoy each other, kumquat.”

Sam kissed me again.

To be continued...