The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created

by mypenname3000

Chapter 7: Edited Lives

Becky Davis

I lay on my bed trying not to hear the moans bleeding through the walls. She did it. That little trollop did it. My younger sister was such a whore. I couldn’t believe she would seduce Dad while Mom was out of town visiting her friend. It was sick. And Dad...

He let the little trollop do it.

Such a fury ran through me. I knew that nasty tramp wanted to screw our father. I knew it. She was such a whore, always pressing against him, pretending to like fixing cars so she could drape herself over him. She soiled the pure love I had for our father. I wouldn’t try to seduce him. I wouldn’t do something so disgusting.

My hands balled up into a fist. I smashed my hand down on my bed as Sam’s voice moaned louder like she was cumming. Having a filthy orgasm on Dad’s cock. I rubbed my thighs together, imagining myself beneath Dad, loving him. It would be so beautiful. Not so whorish like Sam.

That little eighteen-year-old trollop was the worst.

Why did I have to have a sister as wanton as her? How could we come from the same womb?

The sounds died. She had her orgasm. Her nasty pussy must have milked Daddy’s cock dry. I shuddered, my poor panties so wet from the wanton sounds. They echoed through my bedroom. Even with the sounds gone, they still resounded through my room. I wanted to screech in horror. This was so terrible.

I hated her.

I stared at my door. I should march in there and yell at her. Shame her. I should show Daddy how a true daughter loved him. Not like a whore, but something pure and beautiful. My thighs rubbed together beneath my nightgown, my poor panties soaked. A frustrating ache filled me.

When I burst in, I would see to Sam getting spanked so hard. She would be punished, and Daddy would love me. I hated Sam so much for stealing—

—having the guts to lose her virginity. I was happy for Sam, but so envious all at the same time. It was so exciting listening to her and Daddy making love. I smiled, my pussy aching. I pulled my fingers from my virgin snatch, buzzing from my orgasm.

It was so hot masturbating to Sam losing her virginity. I had such delicious orgasms listening to their passion. I was so envious of her. If that eighteen-year-old cutie could have the courage to lose her virginity to Daddy, why not me? I was twenty. Older.

I licked my spicy juices off my fingers, savoring it. My entire body buzzed from that wonderful orgasm. Sam was such a bold girl. I really, really wished I had her courage. I swallowed, shivering as I cleaned my fingers.

Why couldn’t I have the courage? Daddy loved us both. He was so patient with me, to wait for me to be ready to make love to him. Maybe... Maybe it was tonight. My heart thundered in my chest. I licked my lips, struggling to gain the courage to get up.

I had to do it. This was the time. My sister could do it. I could do it. I rolled out of bed, my entire body trembling. I padded to the door, biting my lip. I wished I was as brave as Sam. She was so fearless. How could we be sisters?

I reached the door, my naked breasts swaying. The world was a little blurry. I didn’t have my contacts in and didn’t want to put on my glasses. I didn’t look cute with my glasses. When I stopped wearing them, Daddy paid more attention to me.

I opened my door, peering down the hallway. I had the room closest to our parents. I licked my lips, staring at the door. I just had to pad down there and...

What if James came out of his bedroom? I glanced down the hallway at my younger brother’s room. What if he came out and saw me. I would die of embarrassment. He was such a weird pervert, drawing those anime girls. I swear one of those girls was based on me, the other on Sam. He had a busty girl and a petite girl. That wasn’t a coincidence. It was icky for him to think about us that way.

We were his sisters!

I closed my door and found my pink nightgown to cover my nakedness. I pulled it on, sliding the fabric over my nipples. Tingles raced through me. My fingers clenched and relaxed. I swallowed and opened my door again. I could hear Daddy and Sam making noise again. They were having sex again.

He was such a stud. They’d been doing naughty things for hours.

I padded down the hallway. I licked my lips as I drifted closer to his door. My cheeks warmed when I realized the type of sex they were having. Anal sex. My butthole tingled as I realized Daddy’s cock was pumping in and out of her.

This was so exciting. She was such an amazing sister. I would wait for them to be done, then... Then it was time for me to lose my virginity. This night felt perfect. I wished Mom was here to witness it, but...

I had to do it. I felt so sure about it.

“I love you, Daddy,” I whispered as I listened to their flesh slapping together.

* * *

Linda Davis

I felt so guilty about cheating on my husband as I lay in bed with Marissa. My friend—my lesbian lover—cuddled against me. I couldn’t stop coming to see her. Over twenty years we’d been lovers. Since college. Before I even met Steve. I shouldn’t enjoy this. Women shouldn’t have sex with women. It was such a sin.

I was such a hypocrite.

I stared at my phone on the nightstand. I sent my husband so many lies today. Every time I came back from a trip to Vegas to see Marissa, I swore I wouldn’t do it again. I would focus on Steve instead of on my desires. We would make such wonderful love. I didn’t hate it. I reveled in being with him. And for a month, I wouldn’t think about Marissa at all.

Then it would start to itch in the back of my mind. She could do things to me that Steve couldn’t. Touch me in ways my husband couldn’t. Feminine ways. And I could do things to her. Steve didn’t have breasts and a pussy.

Marissa snuggled up to me in her sleep. We were in a king-sized bed in my hotel room, hardly using any of the space with us so cuddled together. I shook my head, my pussy growing wet. Why was I so weak and sinful?

What if Becky was like this? What if she and her friend, Tonya, were doing this sinful act? I was so afraid that Becky would follow in my footsteps. She didn’t need this guilt. I sighed, glancing at the clock. It was not much past midnight. I should sleep. Marissa would be insatiable and...

I would do such naughty things with her.

I sighed, my stomach twisting. What if Steve ever found out? He would hate me for cheating on him, for being a hypocrite. I should—

—text my husband about the naughty fun we were having. He would love to learn about it. He always did. Marissa and Evaline squirmed against me. I was so glad I seduced the deacon’s wife into lesbian delights. Evaline Gilbert made such a naughty lover. She was Korean, her skin a lovely shade of pale-olive that contrasted with my beige flesh. Marissa’s skin was a little tanner than mine. I held up my phone as they writhed against me.

“I can’t believe you’re sending this to your husband,” Evaline groaned.

“Mmm, Steve won’t tell your husband,” I promised as I stared at the image on my phone, getting our naughty selfie just write. “Now look sexy.”

“So sexy,” Marissa purred, her black hair spilling over her shoulder while her round breasts pressed into my side. Her shaved pussy rubbed on me, her hot cream smearing on my thigh.

“We are sexy,” Evaline purred, her hand sliding up to cup my large, soft breast. She tweaked my nipple.

I tapped the picture icon.

The flash flickered a few times. The phone clicked. I shivered, smiling. It was just such a naughty picture. I moved quickly, sending the text with the caption: “Just had one hot threesome. Marissa loved the new vibrator you bought me.”

I noticed all the texts I’d gotten while Marissa, Evaline, and I enjoyed our last romp of lesbian passion. My daughter Sam had sent me updates on her losing her cherry. I gasped in shock that she did it while I was gone.

I was so jealous. I wanted to be there to witness that important moment in my daughter’s life.

“What’s up?” Marissa asked.

I couldn’t tell my lover the fact that my husband and I encouraged our daughters’ incestuous desires for us. I had fooled around with both Sam and Becky, nothing major, some petting and fingering, a little shared masturbation while Steve often watched and masturbated. Neither girl was ready to lose their cherries.

Well, Sam was tonight.

“Just... Sam’s being precocious,” I said, smiling.

“You are so close to your daughters,” Evaline said. “What’s your secret?”

“We just... encourage their fantasies,” I said then blushed. Was that too much? If people learned my husband and I wanted to make love to our daughters...

“Ah,” Evaline said, nodding her head like it was sage advice.

As much as I was glad Evaline and I came out to see Marissa, I wished I was back home right now to see Sam lose her cherry.

* * *

Becky Davis

I did it. I had the courage to make love with Daddy. I stood in the doorway in my pink nightgown while Daddy smiled at me. Sam had this look of pure lust on her face. Her bright, red hair swayed about her face. She kept it in the cutest bob, not long like my auburn looks. Currently, it fell loose down my back and not in my usual braid.

I couldn’t sleep in my braid.

“Yes, yes, Becky!” Sam said such a big smile on her face. “That’s so awesome. I’m so happy that you’re ready to lose your virginity!”

I smiled as my little sister threw her naked body off the bed, our Daddy’s cum smeared across her small tits. I caught a brief flash of her ass, her butt-crack coated in jizz. Daddy really fucked her up the ass. That was so naughty.

Sam leaped off the bed and trampled over her cute nightgown—Sam always wore the sexiest skirts and girliest nightgowns for a tomboy—and reached me. She seized the hem of my nightgown and ripped it up my body.

“Sam!” I gasped as I lifted my arms, letting her take it off.

My large breasts spilled out. I tried to dress to hide how big they were. I had inherited our mother’s chest, unlike Sam who only had budding, little mounds. I almost covered myself, my cheeks burning as Daddy stared at me.

But I was here to lose my virginity. I couldn’t be shy. I had to be bold. Like Sam.

I drew in a deep breath. My entire body trembled. I licked my lips as I stared at Dad. He was such a handsome man, sitting naked on the bed. He set his phone on the nightstand, a hungry smile on his lips as he stared at me.

“You’re going to make Daddy so happy,” Sam said, her green eyes blazing and sparkling. Then she fell to her knees before me. “Let’s get your panties off.”

“Okay,” I said, my heart pounding.

Daddy licked his lips as Sam kissed my stomach. Her lips were just so hot on me, making me tingle. Her fingers hooked my panties. She tugged them down and pulled them off my hips. She worked them down my thighs, her lips kissing down to my bush, making me tingle. Sam had rubbed my pussy to an orgasm a few times, but she’d never licked me down there.

Would she do that...

Before she could lick me. She hopped to her feet, her small tits jiggling. She grabbed my hand and dragged me to the bed. I gasped, my breasts heaved. Sam flung herself between Daddy’s legs then pulled me down after her.

“Becky, you are just so beautiful,” Daddy said, his voice so strong. His cock was half-hard, thrusting up from his dark pubic hair. “You sure you want to do this.”

“I do, Daddy,” I said. “I’m ready to love you. I’ve loved you all my life.”

“I’m ready for this, too,” he said, his eyes flicking to his phone. “I’m glad things are working out.”

“Me, too,” Sam said. “Mom is super jealous that she’s not here, so we’ll have to re-enact it when she gets back.”

My cheeks burned. I nodded my head.

“Now, we have to clean Daddy’s cock before he can take your virginity,” Sam said, her hand grabbing his dick. “This was just in my butt.”

“I know,” I said, my cheeks on fire. My pussy dripped with juices. “I heard. Anal sex. How was it?”

“Amazing!” she grinned. “So, we got to lick him clean together so he’s ready for your pussy.”

I groaned as my little sister ducked her head down. She licked up Daddy’s cock. That was just in her butt. I groaned, my pussy clenching. My heart pounded as my own head drifted down. This was so naughty. I could smell a sour musk, the scent of her asshole. It made me...


My head drifted down. I was going to do something naughty. So wicked and wanton. I whimpered, my tits swaying before me. They piled against my thighs as I bent over to nuzzle at my daddy’s cock. My cheek rubbed against my little sister. My tongue touched Daddy’s cock and...

I tasted Sam’s ass.

Daddy groaned as we licked up his cock together. Our tongues dragged up it, cleaning the sour musk off his shaft. His dick throbbed and pulsed against me. Then we both reach the tip of his cock. We danced our tongues around it.

“My two angels,” Daddy groaned, staring down at us with such love, his face a little blurry without my glasses on. “Just gorgeous.”

I blushed, my body shivering.

“Naughty angels,” Sam said.

Daddy laughed. “That’s been my experience with angels. Naughty.”

I shivered, realizing he meant our mother. I wished Mom was here, but... we would re-create this when she returned on Monday. It would be so naughty. My tongue licked again, climbing his shaft. He was harder now. He was bigger, twitching and pulsing. This salty liquid, Daddy’s precum, beaded out of the tip, mixing with the sour flavor of Sam’s ass.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I moaned.

“You’re a naughty slut for Daddy like me,” Sam said, a big smile on her face.

“I am,” I said. I licked his cock again. “Daddy’s cock tastes dirty, but I love it.”

“Mmm, so do I,” Sam purred.

Daddy groaned as we licked at him again. Our tongues danced around his cock. We fluttered our tongues, cleaning Sam’s ass off his dick. Our cheeks rubbed together. Lips brushed. We were almost kissing each other. It was so hot. My cunt clenched. Juices poured down my thighs. I whimpered, my nipples throbbing against my thighs.

I loved the sounds Daddy made. We were making him feel incredible. Sam fisted his cock as we kissed and nuzzled on the spongy crown. I licked his dick, pleasing him. Then I did something so bold and wanton.

I engulfed the entire tip of his cock into my mouth, sucking hard.

“Yes!” groaned Sam. “Ooh, that’s it, Becky. That’s how you please our daddy. He loves it.”

“I do!” Daddy groaned. “That’s it, angel. Just bob that head. Suck my dick clean so I can take your cherry.”

My pussy clenched. My cunt grew hotter and hotter. This heat washed through me. My hips wiggled from side to side, brushing Sam. She trembled beside me. She licked at his shaft, flicking her tongue up and down his dick.

I sucked on him, wanting to please him. I loved my daddy so much. I was finally showing him. I was so glad I got the courage to love him tonight. He would take my cherry. He would make me into a true woman.

I couldn’t wait.

“Damn, you are such a sweet angel, Becky,” he groaned.

“What about me, Daddy?” Sam asked.

“You’re my cute kumquat,” he groaned. “Mmm, help your sister make me cum.”

“Will you cum on our faces, Daddy?” Sam asked.

“Yes!” he groaned, his dick throbbing in my mouth.

I sucked even harder. That sounded so naughty. My eyes closed as I bobbed my head. I worked my mouth up and down his cock, my cheeks hollowing. He grunted as more and more of his salty precum filled my mouth while the flavor of Sam’s ass dwindled.

She licked and fluttered her tongue against his shaft. Her tongue brushed my lips wrapped about his cock. Then she was licking up my cheek to my ear. It made me shiver. More pussy juices ran down my thighs.

“You’re going to make Daddy cum on our faces,” she husked. “Mmm, he’s going to splatter our faces. He’s going to coat us in spunk. Isn’t that hot?”

I whimpered and moaned about Daddy’s cock.

“Yeah, it is,” Sam purred. “He’s going to coat us in jizz. I bet your virgin pussy is going to explode on his dick.”

“Yes, yes,” Daddy groaned. “I’m getting closer. Keep sucking, Becky. Keep working that hungry mouth. My sweet angel.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Sam moaned, her hand pumping up and down his cock. “Cum on our faces, Daddy! Drench us in your jizz!”

“Fuck!” he groaned. “Stop sucking, Becky! I’m about to erupt!”

I pulled my mouth off Daddy’s cock. Sam, stroking his cock as fast as possible, pressed her cheek against mine. His dick was right before us, precum bubbling out of the slit, running over it as we pumped him faster and faster. This was incredible.

Daddy grunted.

His cock erupted.

Hot jizz splashed on our faces. I gasped at the shock of it. This salty cream splattered across my features, painting a line over to Sam. It was so wanton. So naughty. I couldn’t believe Daddy was doing this. Was covering us in his seed.

I felt like such a slut for my daddy. I was so happy. I opened my mouth and a salty blast spilled in me. It was just that wondrous delight. I loved the flavor of his seed. His incestuous cum spilled in my mouth. I swallowed his seed as more and more splattered across our features.

“That’s it, Daddy!” Sam howled. “Coat us!”

“My two beautiful daughters!” Daddy growled as his cock spurted a final time, splattering my chin.

I shuddered, my heart hammering. Jizz dripped down my face. I panted, breathless after this amazing moment. We made Daddy cum. It was so amazing to do. We pleased him with our mouths. We made him so happy. He panted, a big smile on his lips.

Sam licked at my face. I gasped as her tongue gathered up Daddy’s cum. I turned to face her, her green eyes swimming before her, lines of jizz splattered around her face. It dribbled down her youthful features.

I licked her.

It was so naughty. It was so amazing to enjoy this delight. We licked each other clean, lapping at each other. Two naughty sisters united in our love for our daddy. I shivered as our lips met, passing his salty cum back and forth. He watched us. He witnessed the naughty things we did to each other. It was so amazing.

Our tongues dueled each other. It was amazing, passing his cum back and forth. His salty jizz melted on my tongue. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. I wanted Daddy to make love to me so badly. His jizz should be in my pussy.

Sam broke the kiss. “Mmm, let’s get you ready.”

I blinked. “What?”

* * *

Sam Davis

“Come on,” I said, my mouth lingering with the naughty, salty flavor of his seed. It was just such a wondrous flavor.

“How?” she asked.

“We’re going to love you!” I said. I grabbed Becky’s shoulders and pushed her down onto her back. She stretched across the bed. Her large tits, as big as mom’s, pillowed out into two lovely mounds. My sister had such sexy boobs. They were such soft tits. Her hair was a darker red than my own.

I grabbed them as her green eyes widened. They were just so wonderful. I shook them, loving the way they bounced and moved. I wanted to suck on those fat, pink nipples. My mouth salivated for them. I glanced at Daddy as he shifted, his eyes locked on her tits.

“Come on, Daddy, let’s suck on her nipples!” I licked my lips. “Let’s love her and get her ready for your big cock!”

Daddy grinned. “You have great ideas, kumquat.”

“I know!” I said then darted my head down.

I engulfed Becky’s nipple. I sucked on it as Daddy leaned over and latched onto her other nub. Becky moaned. She shuddered on the bed as we loved her. My tongue swirled around her nipple. I loved her nub. I sucked on it. Nibbled on it.

We made Becky squeak and gasp. She shuddered on the bed, squirming. Her face twisted with pleasure, her green eyes flashing as we loved her. My lips nibbled on her nub then I sucked hard on it, my hands squeezing both of her tits, my fingers digging into her breasts.

“Oh, wow!” Becky moaned. “Daddy! Sam! Oh, that’s incredible! That’s so much better than playing with them.”

My lips popped off. “It’ll only get better,” I said. “You’re going to explode.”

“I want that!” my older sister moaned.

I sucked on her nipple again. I loved it. The nub hardened. We made such delicious pleasure. She made such wicked sounds as we loved her nipples. There were such wet smacking sounds. Her face twisted. Her head tossed from side to side.

My hand slid down from her left breast, the one Daddy sucked on, and swept down her stomach. Her belly flexed and tensed beneath my hand. She arched her back as she whimpered. I pressed down her thighs. I found her silky bush.

My fingers pressed into her tangled forest.

Her wet heat spilled over me. I cupped her pussy, feeling her juicy flesh. My fingers danced up and down her slit. I parted her folds, making her whimper as her cream coated my digits. I brushed her hymen.

“Ooh, Daddy, I’m touching her cherry,” I said after popping my mouth off her nipple. “She’s so juicy, but we can make her wetter.”

Daddy released her other nipple. “Oh, you are hungry for your sister’s pussy.”

“Of course!” I said.

“Oh, gosh,” Becky moaned. “You’re going to go down on me?”

“Daddy and I are going down on you!” I said. “Families share!” I flashed Daddy a grin. “You ready to share?”

“Yes, I am, kumquat.”

I shuddered, loving my pet name. I was so glad that he loved me. It was why I wore skirts and cute dresses. Pants would be more practical, but Daddy like seeing me as a sexy girl as much as his tomboy daughter. I could be everything for him. I loved him so much.

So I was glad that Becky was loving him, too. Daddy deserved so much pleasure. He was such a stud.

I moved down my sister’s body, fingering her snatch. I caressed up and down her, teasing her as I settled between her thighs. Daddy moved with us. I pushed up her thighs, staring at her dark-red bush half-hiding her virgin pussy.

“Daddy, look at her!” I moaned, my fingers parting her outer labia to reveal her glistening, pink folds and her hymen. “You’re going to pop that cherry!”

Daddy moved next to me, so strong and handsome. He stared down at Becky’s cooch. In an awed voice, he said, “I am. Just like I popped yours.”

My deflowered pussy clenched. An excited heat washed out of me. I wanted to touch myself, to be fucked by Daddy. His cum bubbled out of my asshole, running down my taint to my shaved lips, bathing my snatch in his incestuous seed.

“Let’s eat her together, kumquat,” Daddy said.

“Yes!” Becky moaned, her big boobs trembling as she sat on up on her elbows, staring at us with her glassy, green eyes.

It was an invitation I couldn’t pass up on.

Daddy’s whiskered cheeks rubbed on mine as we nuzzled into Becky’s pussy. Her silky pubic hair rubbed my lips. Then we were licking through her spicy folds. She gasped and shuddered, her big boobies jiggling. Her legs spasmed beside us as our tongues fluttered up and down her slit.

I loved this. I was sharing my big sister’s pussy with my daddy. His tongue brushed mine as we lapped at her folds. We licked up and down her, her spicy cream flooding my mouth. Her clit peeked out of its hood.

Was mine as big as hers?

It looked so fat, almost the size of my nipple. It thrust out its cute hood, quivering and begging to be played with. I flicked it with my tongue. Becky’s entire body shook, her tits heaving. Giggling, I batted it again.

“Oh, Sam!” she gasped. “Oh, that’s nice.”

“You got a big clit, honey,” Daddy said. “Bigger than your mother’s.”

“Hot!” I moaned and sucked on it.

Becky squealed in delight.

As daddy licked at her hot folds, I loved her bud. Becky squirmed and gasped. She tossed her head back and forth, her moans singing out through the bedroom as we made her feel so good. She collapsed onto her back then she grabbed her big boobs.

“So good!” she squeaked. “Oh, Daddy! Sam! That’s so good!”

“Taste so good, angel!” groaned Daddy.

She did taste good. Amazing.

I sucked so hard on her clit. I loved it like it were Daddy’s cock. I wanted to give her so much pleasure. So much bliss. I wanted my big sister gasping and moaning. The bed creaked as she undulated on it. her head tossed from side to side as the pleasure rippled through her. The bed groaned beneath us, the entire frame shaking.

Her fingers dug into her breasts. Those big boobs shook and jiggled in her hands as she writhed on her back. Daddy must be driving her wild as I sucked on her clit. Daddy’s tongue brushed my chin as she lapped at her, drinking up her spicy folds.

“I’m going to explode, Daddy!” Becky moaned. “Oh, Sam, you two are making me feel so good!”

“Don’t hold back, angel!” Daddy growled, sounding so excited to be loving her. “Just cum on our faces.”

I wanted that. My deflowered pussy clenched. I felt so open down there. I almost thrust my fingers into my cunt as I trembled beside Daddy. His whiskered cheek rubbed on mine as he feasted. My tongue swirled about my big sister’s bud.

Her incestuous moans echoed through the bedroom. Her hands shook her big boobs, waving them as she arched her stomach. I couldn’t see her face as she pressed her tits together. She whimpered and moaned, her clit throbbing in my mouth.

“Daddy!” she squealed.

Her body shook.

Juices splashed against my chin.

She was cumming. We made my big sister cum. Her juices were anointing us. Daddy groaned, his tongue fluttering, brushing my chin. He was lapping up Becky’s naughty cream. This was so wild. So hot.

We made her cum.

My mouth popped off her clit and I cried out, “You’re ready for Daddy’s cock, aren’t you?”

Becky’s glassy, green eyes met mine. “Yes!”

* * *

Becky Davis

I trembled as my orgasm rippled through me. It was the best climax of my life. Sam’s lips had felt amazing on my clit, and Daddy’s tongue still lapped at my virgin pussy. His tongue flicked up and down my folds, licking me, devouring the cream flooding out of my depths.

Sam threw herself down beside me, the bed squeaking. She lay on her side and pressed her small breasts against me as she snuggled up to me. Her lips nuzzled into my ear, licking my lobe as Daddy kept the pleasure flooding through my body.

“Daddy’s going to pop your cherry,” hissed Sam, her shaved pussy, so wet and sticky with our daddy’s cum, rubbing on my thigh. “He’s going to make you into a woman. Just like he made me.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned, the ecstasy melting mind. I wanted that so badly. I wanted him in me so much.

I was so glad I found the courage tonight to come here. Yesterday, I was too scared. Just like I was this morning. This afternoon. Even this evening when I first heard Sam go in there. But it finally crystallized in me that tonight was the night to lose my cherry to my sexy dad.

He licked up to my clit, flicking my bud. Sparks shot through me. Another orgasm rippled through my body. I groaned, holding Sam to me. As the pleasure rippled through my body from my twat, she humped her sloppy cunt against my thigh and cooed in my ear.

“It’s so incredible when he pops your cherry and slides in that first time,” she whimpered. “It’s like nothing you can imagine.”

“Okay,” I said, nodding my head. “I can’t wait.”

“Of course you can’t wait,” she moaned. “He’s a stud! He’s going to make you cum! Our daddy is the best! The only man you need.”

“Only man!” I moaned.

Daddy lifted his head and had a huge grin spreading across his lips. He glanced at his phone. Had he gotten a notification? Did Mom know what was going on? I had to tell her. I wanted to let her know right now, But then Daddy was moving up my body, his face smeared with my pussy cream.

“Angel,” he groaned as his hands swept up my stomach to my big breasts. He squeezed them. Though he was an English professor at my private college, he was still a man who knew how to use his hands. He fixed cars, went fishing, loved the outdoors. His hands had callouses on them.

Rough and strong.

“I’m going to love you so much, angel,” he groaned.

“Grab his cock and guide him to your pussy,” Sam whispered in my ear. “Show him how much you want him you.”

She just had so many wonderful ideas. I loved my sister more than I think I ever had. I was so glad she was here right now to share in this wondrous moment with me. My hands darted down, grabbing Daddy’s thick cock. I guided him to my pussy.

An incestuous wave of lust washed through me as his cock’s tip made contact with my pussy. I shuddered as I stroked him down my folds, nudging my clit for a moment, then found the entrance to my pussy. He pressed on my hymen.

I stared up into his brown eyes, his dark hair mussed, his face flushed. Pussy juices adorned his strong chin. “Daddy, I love you,” I moaned. “I’m so ready.”

“Yeah, you are,” Sam moaned. She nibbled on my ear, grinding her hot cunt on my thigh.

“I love you, too, angel,” he said, lowering himself on me.

I shuddered as his strong chest pressed into my big boobs. My nipples drank in the feel of him. Then he was kissing me. I melted against his strong lips. I tasted my spicy musk on them. His tongue thrust into my mouth, claiming me and—

His cock thrust into my pussy.

My hymen didn’t even resist. I felt a jolt of searing pain then blissful rapture washed out of my pussy as his dick entered me. My daddy’s cock slid into the depths of my twat. He opened me up. He made me a woman.

My pussy clamped down on him as he pressed deeper and deeper. This wonderful, exciting, silky friction burned around his cock. It created this billowing heat in my nethers. Lust swept through my body. Ecstatic, rapturous lust.

I moaned into the kiss.

I squirmed beneath him.

He was in me. My daddy was in me. More and more of his cock reached into my depths. I took so much of him. My twenty-year-old body had utterly surrendered to him. His heavy balls rested against my taint. My pussy clenched about him, reveling in his girth.

“That’s it!” Sam squealed. “You’re a woman now! Daddy broke you in just like he did me!”

I could only moan into Daddy’s lips. My eyes squeezed shut. I whimpered as he drew back his cock. My pussy clung to him, loving the feel of him moving in me. My toes curled. Sam shuddered beside me, humping her sloppy cunt on my thigh.

She was sharing this amazing moment with him.

“Yes yes, love him,” Sam moaned. “Love our daddy with your tight pussy.”

I was.

Daddy grunted as he pumped his cock into me. Again and again, he thrust his dick into my snatch. My flesh squeezed down on him, drinking in the wondrous feel of him moving around inside of me. His cock reached into my depths. Then he drew back and slid in again.

And again.

It was wonderful.



My daddy made love to me. Me! He pumped his cock in and out of me, thrusting faster, harder. Our tongues dueled as I savored his weight atop me, his dick in me. My pussy welcomed his shaft over and over.

The bed creaked to the rhythm of Daddy’s thrusts. His cock plunged deep into me. Every time he did a wave of heat washed through me. My orgasm grew inside of me. I shuddered, whimpering against him, moving with him.

“You’re doing it,” Sam moaned, grinding her cunt on my thigh. “You’re fucking Daddy! This is so hot!”

Then she broke away from us. I shuddered, missing the feel of her beside me, my thigh sticky with her juices. I didn’t care, though. I had Daddy in me. My arms and legs wrapped about his body. I hugged my daddy to me. I clung to him.

He pumped his cock in me faster, harder. He rammed into me. My clit celebrated every time he buried to the hilt in me. I ground against his crotch, sparks shooting through me. He grunted into our kiss, his balls thwacking into my taint.

Balls full of his incestuous cum.

A camera flashed.

“Sam!” I gasped, breaking the kiss with Daddy.

“Just sending Mom the updates,” Sam grinned. She took another picture then said, “Look, Mom, Becky’s a woman. It’s so hot. Daddy and I licked her pussy together. And before that, Daddy came on our faces. Just drenched me and Becky in cum!”

“Are you making a video?” I gasped, my pussy clenching down on Daddy’s thrusting cock.

“Yes!” Sam moaned. “Say hi to Mom!”

“Hi, Mom!” I moaned, a dizzy wave of lust shooting through me as Daddy pumped his dick in and out of my pussy. “I’m a woman now! I’m going to cum on his dick! It’s so amazing!”

“Daddy’s going to spurt all his jizz in her,” Sam said. “Wouldn’t it be hot if Daddy knocked her up, Mom? Or me?”

My eyes widened. I clung to Daddy, my pussy swelling in heat. My orgasm hurtled towards me. I trembled beneath Daddy, staring up into his brown eyes. I saw the lust in them, the love. He drove his cock deep into me.

“I think Daddy loves the idea!” Sam moaned. “Breed Becky!”

“Yes!” I gasped, my pussy clenching around my daddy’s cock.

Then my orgasm burst inside of me. My pussy convulsed as Daddy’s dick rammed into me. It was so intense. A rush of pleasure, unlike anything I had ever felt in my life. It drowned out the intensity of the orgasm Daddy and Sam gave me when they licked my snatch.

The pleasure drowned my mind. I gasped and heaved beneath Daddy, my big tits rubbing into his chest. My nipples throbbed, adding a splash of excitement to the waves of ecstasy washing out of my convulsing cunt. My pussy writhed about his dick.

And Daddy kept fucking me.

He kept pumping his dick into my climaxing pussy. As my flesh spasmed around him, he only groaned. His thrusts kept me orgasming. My eyes widened as I spilled from one to another, my body heaving.

“Daddy!” I squealed. “Oh, Daddy!”

“She’s cumming hard, Mom!” Sam reported.

“Yeah, she is!” grunted Daddy, his face twisting with pleasure.

“Are you going to cum in her, Daddy?” Sam asked, leaning in with the camera.


I shuddered, my pussy convulsing harder. The pleasure rippled through me. My eyes squeezed shut as the pleasure hammered through my mind. My senses were tossed by the bliss, my body shuddering beneath my daddy’s strong form.

“Cum in me, Daddy!” I howled. “Breed me!”

“Breed your busty daughter, Daddy!” Sam groaned.

“Fuck, yes!” grunted Daddy.

His cock buried into me. His incestuous seed spurted into my fertile depths. My daddy’s cum jetted into me. This wonderful, taboo bliss washed through me as I felt his jizz flood my cunt. My pussy writhed about him, spasming harder as an even more powerful orgasm swept through me.

I screamed out in wordless rapture. Stars exploded across my vision. My mind drowned in orgasmic rapture. It consumed my thoughts. My head tossed from side to side. He buried in me, gasping in passion. He drowned me in his incestuous seed.

My daddy came in me and it was the greatest delight in the world.

“I love you, Daddy!” I howled as my pussy milked out the last of Daddy’s cum.

“Love you, angel,” he said and kissed me.

My orgasm peaked in me. I let it carry me into buzzing rapture as I kissed my daddy back with such a hunger. He was so wonderful. So sexy. So amazing. I was so glad that I gave him my cherry. That I had surrendered to him.

* * *

Steve Davis

It was past two AM, and I couldn’t sleep. I just had a threesome with my daughters. The first threesome I could remember, but not the first threesome that I’d apparently enjoyed. Or, well, the me who existed in this altered timeline had many threesomes.

I missed out on them.

My daughters slept around me, Becky cuddled up to my right side, Sam on my left. They were both breathing softly, looking so cute. Becky’s large tits pillowed against me while Sam’s were just so firm.

They were both gorgeous. I was so satiated. I felt so tired, but...

I wished I could remember my new life. I had edited reality but, according to Anael, I was immune to my own changes. So I didn’t get to remember the different way the world played out now. All those women my wife had brought to our bed... Linda was a completely different woman than I had lived with for the last twenty-one years. I had missed out on so much.

I grabbed my phone with the arm wrapped about Sam. I shifted, freeing it from beneath her while she stayed cuddled against me. She shifted, making a cute, mewling sound in her sleep as she hugged me tighter, her thighs wrapped about my left leg.

I unlocked my phone and opened the editing app. I selected


and paused time.

Anael appeared on the other side of Becky. The angel lifted her head, a wicked gleam in her purple eyes. “That was hot, Steve. Both your daughters. Heaven loved it.”

“I’m glad,” I muttered. I manipulated the app and found my wife. On my screen, she appeared. She was in the hotel bathroom by herself, rubbing her pussy as she stared at her phone. She was watching the video Sam made of me fucking Becky.

“Yes, yes, breed our daughter,” Linda moaned, her words tinny through the cheap phone speakers.

“Is there a way I can watch what happened in the past?” I asked, digging into my wife’s Main Menu.

Anael shrugged. “I’m not an expert.”

“You should be,” I muttered as I stared at the options.


I clicked on Mental Menu and scanned down the options and... There it was Memories.

I clicked it, curious what I would find in there.

To be continued...