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Title: Education in the Basement

Categories: mc ff la

Summary: A struggling Ph.D. student finds a new opportunity to work, with her landlady.

Kristel sighed and stretched, turning away from the desk and laptop to look out of the window. Her small apartment was at the top of the three-story house, and its best feature was a pleasant view—in good weather—of the fields and low hills surrounding this village on the edge of Bremen.

Her laptop cursor blinked at her, accusingly, out of the corner of her eye. After her morning trip to the university library to look up another collection of papers, she had no real excuse from compiling her scrawled notes into another page or two of her current thesis chapter, but she truly was not feeling like it. Four years into the PhD, and another six months at minimum before she had something resembling a thesis she could submit. Her stipend no longer covered the cost of accommodation near the university, so she had been forced to move out of town to somewhere less expensive.

At least she had landed on her feet with her landlady. Frau Dr Schiller was a no-nonsense professional woman and kept a well-organized household. Kristel’s apartment had been well equipped with cleaning gear and reasonably up to date appliances. Since Kristel herself detested dirt and mess, the two women had got along well. Schiller had even invited her down for lunch on Saturday.

Kristel looked down at the side of the house. Her apartment was reached by a covered stairway, which continued past Schiller’s ground floor apartment down to a basement. Kristel had only been down there twice, to pick up and return some tools stored in a cupboard under the base of the stairs. The apartment itself had shuttered windows and a heavy front door. Kristel had never seen inside.

A red Audi pulled up in the driveway at the side of the house and an Asian woman in a business suit emerged. Kristel watched her walk to Schiller’s door and ring the bell. Schiller soon emerged, shook hands, and had a short conversation with the woman before they descended to the basement apartment together.

Kristel briefly admired the new Audi—there was no prospect of her going anywhere except by public transport—then shrugged, and turned back to her chapter. It wasn’t going to write itself.

* * *

Schiller opened the door for Kristel. The smell of cooking meat wafted out of the apartment from behind her.

“Hallo, my dear Kristel. Do come in. Lunch is nearly ready.

“Thank you, Frau Dr Schiller.” Kristel was a stickler for titles. She shucked off her shoes in favor of slippers and followed Schiller into the kitchen.

“It was very good of you to invite me,” she offered, looking around the apartment. It was neat but anonymous; leather furniture with glass side tables, a six-person wooden table with straight-backed seats in the small dining area. Schiller favored nature paintings for decoration. The most personal aspect of the area was a wide floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, crammed with books, with more piled up on a side table. Clearly not just for show, the books appeared to be heavily-read, many with cracks down their spine.

“It was my pleasure.” Schiller pulled out a seat from the table. “Apple juice?”

“If you would be so kind, thank you.” Kristel took the offered chair. “You have an impressive collection of books, Frau Dr.”

Schiller shrugged. “There’s always something new to learn, in my experience. I’m sure you’re familiar with that, with your Ph.D., my dear. How is that going?”

Kristel made a face. “Slowly! I believe I have all the material, but now I have to put it together.” Schiller passed her a glass of apple juice. “Thank you!”

“You must be very dedicated,” Schiller commented, placing potatoes and red cabbage on the table. “A beautiful, smart girl like you could be doing nearly anything you wanted to.” A pan of Rouladen and dumplings joined the vegetables, and Schiller took a seat. ”Guten Appetit!

Kristel blushed at the compliment, and reached for the serving spoons. “Thank you! Well, I have got this far, I suppose I need to push just a little longer to finish it.” She looked at Schiller, who was serving herself the red cabbage. “May I ask, Frau Dr, what work is it that you do?”

Schiller looked thoughtful. “I suppose you could call it ‘personal consulting’. My clients are generally businesswomen who struggle with issues of managing control over their lives. I help them apply psychological techniques to deal more effectively with their situations.”

“It sounds very satisfying work.” Kristel took a bite of the meat and savoured the taste. “Mmm! This is so good, Frau Dr. You’re a very good cook.” It was certainly much better than the ramen which formed a large part of her diet.

“You’re welcome, dear. Yes,” Schiller smiled, “it can be very satisfying when you’ve helped someone move forward in their life. It takes a lot of work on both sides, of course. More apple juice?”

“Thank you, yes please.” Kristel was trying to avoid pigging out on the meal, but her taste buds were demanding more attention.

Schiller disappeared into the kitchen, returning shortly with a fresh glass of juice. She smiled at seeing Kristel’s nearly-clean plate. “Please help yourself to more, my dear. It’ll only go to waste otherwise.”

She pursed her lips in thought. “I could show you my office afterwards, and the kind of work I do, if you like?”

“Thank you, I’d like that.” Kristel wasn’t going to risk offending Schiller, not with food like this.

The two women chatted about Kristel’s Ph.D. studies until they finished off lunch, then Kristel helped Schiller load the dishwasher before they descended to the basement together.

Schiller took a key ring from her pocket and unlocked the apartment door. “You know,” she said, stepping inside, “I could use some help now and again with some of my clients. I’d pay, obviously; is that something you think you’d be interested in doing?”

“What sort of help?” Kristel entered, peering around the apartment. The main room had a long couch, which reminded her of a classic psychiatrist’s couch—she half expected to see Sigmund Freud sitting in the adjacent wing-back chair murmuring “So, tell me about your mother.” Two doors apparently led to other rooms further in the apartment, but were currently closed.

“Sometimes clients need special support—role playing exercises, for instance. It’s much easier if there’s another person there to help. I would of course instruct you in what was needed.”

Kristel didn’t have to think hard. She knew how tight her budget was, and that any extra cash would go a long way.

“Certainly, I’d be happy to help.” She yawned. “Please excuse me! It has been a long week. I think I ate too much...”

“You are excused.” Schiller smiled. “Actually, let me introduce you to my other assistant, since she’s already here. Karin!”

One of the doors opened, and a tall woman dressed in black polo sweater and jeans came into the room. Schiller gestured at Kristel.

“Karin, this is Kristel. She would like to help us in our treatments. Isn’t that wonderful? Though she is a little tired right now. Perhaps we should take her for a lie-down.

Karin smiled at Kristel, but it was not a warm smile; rather, like a shark spotting a fish. “Hallo, Kristel. So nice to meet you. Why don’t you come with us?”

Kristel’s eyelids were suddenly very heavy. “’ll go back upstairs...” she mumbled. “Srry...”

“No need for that.” Schiller guided her through the door into a room that was brightly-lit. Karin took Kristel’s arm and gently but firmly pulled her down to sit on a reclined chair of some kind.

“Just close your eyes, Kristel. Take a little nap. You’ve had such a busy week.”

“Only a few mins...” Kristel’s head slumped to the side as the sedative overwhelmed her.

* * *

“Kristel! Time for school, darling!”

Kristel awoke with a start when she heard those words. Reflexively, she started to swing her legs out of bed—but her legs did not move. Confused, she opened her eyes to see what was happening.

“You must truly have been tired.” Schiller was sitting on a stool next to Kristel’s bed. Except—it wasn’t Kristel’s bed at all. She was reclined on a padded chair in a very brightly lit room—she had to squint to make out Schiller’s face. A white sheet covered her from the neck downwards.

“You had a nice long sleep,” Schiller explained, stroking Kristel’s hair. “Now it’s time for your education.”

Kristel was still confused. “Where is this? What happened?” She tried to sit up straighter, but something under the sheet was holding her fast to the bed.

“This is my office,” Schiller explained. “I’m afraid I may have misled you a little bit about the nature of my work. Or at least, my techniques in changing people’s behavior.”

She folded down the sheet to expose Kristel’s chest. Kristel was shocked to see both that she was naked, and that straps were tight across her body restraining her. Her plump breasts were free, however, the straps passing above and below them.

“You have such lovely boobs, my dear. Quite ideal for my purposes.”

She swabbed Kristel’s arm and stuck a needle in there, injecting a small amount of liquid. Kristel winced.

“You’ll need this injection of hormones every day,” Schiller explained. “We should start seeing early lactation within a week, with the proper stimulus.”

“What do you mean ‘lactation’?” demanded Kristel. “I’m not pregnant, let alone about to give birth. Why would I need to lactate?”

“All in good time, my dear.” Schiller stood up. “We have a lot to talk about first.”

Kristel struggled on the chair but the straps had been tightly applied. “Help!” she squeaked. “Someone help me, please!”

“Oh, my dear. The apartment is very well soundproofed. Only Karin and I can hear you.” Schiller started to wash her hands in a corner sink. “You see, my customers sometimes need to be taken back in their memories and behaviors. There are various ways to do it, but I’ve found few as effective as regressing them to infancy and providing the comfort of nursing to the breast. Your breasts, my dear.”

“You’re crazy. I’m not going to do that!” Kristel was starting to hyperventilate, still straining futilely at her restraints.

“Oh, I would not be so confident,” Schiller said airily. “You’ll be very surprised at what we can do with your mind, not just your body.”

She gestured around the room. “We have several stages for your induction. This is just the first one: A gentle introduction to the reshaping of Kristel. Karin, if you would be so kind...”

Karin came into view pushing a small trolley. She parked it next to Kristel while Schiller pulled on gloves, and started to unwrap a couple of packages from the top.

“The most important thing to realize about the mind,” Schiller explained, retaking her seat, “is its incredible ability to rationalize what is happening to it—even if the rationalisation is obviously ridiculous.” Karin held Kristel’s elbow completely immobile while Schiller swabbed the crook and slid in the unwrapped cannula. “All we have to do is seed it with an appropriate scenario, and it will obediently fill in all the gaps. We just have to prevent your clever little conscious mind from intervening.” She taped the cannula in place and connected it to an I/v line. “So, a tiny cocktail of psychoactive medicine for you.” Pulling out a syringe, she injected its content into the line.

“That will get you started.” Schiller made a notation on a clipboard. “We’ll see how you react, and adjust as we need to.”

“Why are you telling me this?” whimpered Kristel. She looked up fearfully at the I/v, now no doubt dripping its payload into her vein.

Schiller laughed, showing her perfect teeth. “Well, darling, the anticipation is just as effective as the arrival, isn’t it? You’re a clever, imaginative girl. You don’t know what this—and we—will do to you, but it’s easy to imagine all sorts of things. Your mind will be held open wide with fear, and welcome the effects of the medicine.” She patted Kristel’s head. “Of course, you could try to soothe yourself before that happens. Let me know how that goes.”

Something clamped itself around Kristel’s head. “What...?” It was like a pair of hands gripping her. The grip tightened, but stopped before it became painful; nevertheless, her head was now held immobile. Karin then came around to the front of Kristel to check out her work, and nodded in approval.

Schiller beckoned to Karin. “We’ll be back once the drug has taken effect. Until then, Kristel...” She and Karin went out of view, and Kristel heard the door close.

Kristel, with a supreme effort, pulled her attention from the I/v and instead focused on one of the anonymous white ceiling tiles. “Calm thoughts. Calm thoughts...”

She was just starting to calm herself when the chair suddenly started to move. The unexpected noise and motion startled Kristel out of her attempt at meditation, causing her to hyperventilate again and struggle in the chair. Ignoring her resistance, the chair lowered her into a horizontal position, then started to rise. Kristel saw herself being lifted up towards the bright lights in the surgical lamp array above her. She sobbed, terrified of what might be happening.

The chair stopped after a while, and Kristel lay there in relative peace. Her heart beat and breathing slowed, but now the drug from the I/v had been thoroughly circulated in her brain. She was starting to see hallucinations spiral above her in the light from the lamps, and stared at them while her conscious mind progressively closed down.

At some point she saw a figure in a white hood gazing down at her. They nearly blended into the white ceiling and walls; only their eyes stood out.

“Who... what...” Kristel struggled to speak, her brain now being derailed by the drug.

The figure reached over and put something into her I/v line. They then removed the sheet, exposing all of Kristel, and started to attach electrodes and their wires across Kristel’s body.

The hallucinations started to come on stronger and Kristel moaned, shaking her head a vain effort to shake them off. At one point she could have sworn that her mother was talking to her in a low, admonitory voice, but she could not make out what was being said.

She was then aware of lights shining directly in her eyes; a blue one in her left, and a green one in her right. Unable to move her head to avoid them, she tried to hold her eyes closed, but the hallucinations kept distracting her.

A thumping noise grew in her head. Kristel couldn’t tell whether it was from inside her or from the room, but it was timed with the beating of her heart. On each beat, the lights flashed in sequence. The experience made Kristel’s heart speed up, and the beat and flashing sped up with it. She started to panic again, and the hallucinations grew stronger.

“Gnnnh!” Kristel tried to thrash around in her restraints, but there was still no give in them. By now she was long past knowing where she was or what was happening—the flashing, the hallucinations and the sound of beating was her whole world. She was gasping in fear.

* * *

Schiller and Karin watched Kristel’s experience on her TV monitor in the next room over.

“It’s always easier with the clever ones,” Schiller noted. “They just can’t turn their imagination off, and they hand themselves to me on a silver platter.” She checked the heart monitor readout. “One hundred and forty! Our little girl is getting quite a workout.”

Karin was preparing a tray of equipment. “How many cycles do you think we’ll need to take her through?”

“Most likely, just two,” said Schiller. “She’s very obedient in nature. One admonitory cycle is all she should need to fall in line. But I don’t see her just taking the initial stimulation without a protest.”

She checked the time, and rose to her feet. “I think she’ll be just about ready for me now.”

Kristel was ready for anything that would help her. Incoherent with fear and stress, she gasped in relief when Dr Schiller’s face appeared at the edge of the light. She didn’t know if it was a hallucination, but at this point didn’t care.

“Doctor! Please...” She couldn’t find the words to express what she wanted, but her desperate eyes made it clear. “Please...”

“Ssshhh... I’m here.” Schiller squeezed a sedative into Kristel’s line, and gestured for Karin to reduce the intensity of the lights. “I’m here.” She took hold of Kristel’s hand. “Here for you.” She leaned over, filling Kristel’s view.

Kristel felt a sudden sleepiness rising within her. “Thank... you...” She gazed into Schiller’s eyes until oblivion took her.

Schiller slipped headphones over Kristel’s ears, fitting them into the gaps that the head restraint provided, then restored the chair to its previous position. Karin entered with her equipment, and started to attach it to Kristel’s body.

“When did she move in?” Karin asked.

“The start of last week.” Schiller drew a small blood sample from Kristel’s other arm, and covered the puncture with a bandaid. “She’s finishing off a history Ph.D. at the University. Something about agricultural governance in the 18th century.”

“Thrilling!” snarked Karin. “She’s lucky to have us to provide some excitement for her.” She fastened the last suction cup in place, and admired Kristel’s breasts. “Lovely boobs. We need to make sure she keeps eating well so she doesn’t lose any of that weight.”

“That sedative will keep her asleep for about half an hour, I think.” Schiller checked Kristel’s pulse. “Nice and steady now. I wonder what you’re dreaming of, Kristel?”

“She’s going to have very different dreams soon,” Karin observed, plugging in the machine behind Kristel’s chair.

“Indeed she will.” Schiller stood. “I’m going to write up my notes. Keep an eye on her from the other room, and start the pump when you see her coming around.”

“Of course, Doctor.” Karin touched the tip of Kristel’s nose. “You’re going to have a nice time with Karin, aren’t you?” she cooed.

* * *

This time, Kristel was slower to wake up, and her mind was in a twilight state for a while. She was aware of strange feelings coming from her body, and there was soothing classical music—Bach?—in her ears, but her mind was still occupied with images of flashing lights and the memory of terror. It took a while before it occurred to get to open her eyes.

She was still in the chair, but it was in its original seated position. The room was much less bright than previously, and it took her eyes a moment to adjust to the light level. When they did, though, they widened in shock.

The sensations that she had registered in the background appeared to be from a machine that was connected via tubes and suction cups to several points on her body. Most obvious were her nipples, which were being systematically and relentlessly sucked hard and released every couple of seconds. Further down her body, several cups were applying similar treatment to her clit and areas of her lips.

Her indignity at the violation was confused by the way the suction made her feel. Both areas were tingling, making her want to stroke herself, and more. However, her hands were still held firmly at her sides.

“No... don’t want to...” she forced out, trying to will the cups to fall off. “Stop it...”

The suction slowed, and then stopped. The music in her ears dwindled away. Kristel caught her breath, and tried to shut down the lingering horniness which the machine had induced.

Then the room brightened to its previous level of glare. The chair powered up and reclined, then started to raise Kristel towards the lights.

No! Please, no! I’m sorry...” The chair paid no attention to her pleas, bringing her back to the previous position. The blue and green lights lit up, still precisely focused on her eyes.

“Don’t... I can’t... " A white-hooded figure appeared in her sight and injected something into her line, apparently immune to her begging. Before departing, however, the figure looked into Kristel’s eyes and slowly shook its head from side to side.

“I’ll be good! Just please, please, put me back!” The figure walked away. “Doctor, please, come and help me!” A new noise, discordant and brain-scrambling, started to build in her headphones, and she screamed in frustration and fear.

Karin pulled off her hood and settled in front of the monitor. She admired the unrestrained hysterical state of Kristel; she had deliberately only added a small amount of the psychoactive agent, Kristel was doing most of this to herself.

Schiller joined her. “So my little Kristel was a naughty girl, hey?” She checked the heart monitor. “One fifty three. She is off to the races!”

“How long do you want to leave her?” Karin looked closely at the monitor. “It looks like she has completely lost control.”

“About ten more minutes,” said Schiller, judiciously. “Just enough for her to give up hope.”

The Doctor watched Kristel’s sobbing hysterics carefully, gauging her level of abandonment. When the heart rate started to slowly drop, she walked into the room. The thudding of Kristel’s heartbeat, amplified by the speakers in the wall, was nearly overwhelming, and she could feel it in her ribcage.

As she came into Kristel’s vision, the girl’s eyes latched on to her. Schiller could see the desperation and hysteria in them.

“Doctor! I don’t want to be bad. Please take me back. Please!” she sobbed.

Schiller smiled sadly at her and started to walk away. The lights started to flash more quickly and the heartbeat pace picked up.

“No! No! Don’t leave me! I’ll do anything! Anything” Kristel screamed. The veins in her neck bulged as she struggled against the restraints holding her in place.

Schiller paused, and slowly returned. She pulled a syringe from her pocket and inserted it into the line. The lights and noise started to reduce in intensity, and Kristel’s sobs of hysteria turned into relief.

“Thank you, thank you...” Her chair started to return to its original configuration, and the lights and sound slowly disappeared. The music came back to her headphones, and the suction on her body parts re-started. Kristel was so relieved and exhausted at her escape from the torment that she just lay there limp, without resisting, gazing at Schiller.

The Doctor was gratified at the girl’s reaction. Her obedience to Schiller was now likely to be unquestioning—at least for now. It laid the right foundation for development tomorrow. She leaned in to Kristel’s forehead and gently kissed it. The girl’s eyes closed in apparent bliss.

Schiller rejoined Karin in the next room. “You can start the subliminals in the music in five minutes. Just give her time to settle, and for the aphrodisiac to kick in.”

“She’d do absolutely anything you’d ask now,” Karin observed.

“Indeed, wouldn’t she?” Schiller checked her watch. “An hour of stimulation should do it. We’ll put her to bed after that.”

* * *

An hour later, Kristel was starting to feel frustrated. She had felt horniness building in her as the suction had relentlessly pulled at her sensitive parts, and the desire to rub herself had become almost overwhelming. She didn’t want the suction to stop any more, but she really wanted gratification.

Schiller came into the room and unfastened Kristel’s head from the clamp, also removing the headphones. Kristel sighed as the Doctor bent over her.

“How are you feeling, my darling? You can tell me. You can tell me anything.“

Kristel squirmed as best she could in her restraints.

“It’s making me really horny, Doctor. Really horny. I’m sorry...”

“Don’t apologize, my darling. I quite understand. It must be very frustrating not to be able to touch yourself.” Schiller paused. “Would you like me to do it?”

Kristel struggled internally, but couldn’t help whispering: “Yes, please Doctor.”

“Of course.” Schiller dripped some lube on her fingers. “Just a little stroking...” She slid them around the suction cups pulling on Kristel’s clit and lips, and gently nudged into the girl’s sex. Kristel moaned as the stimulation increased, and Schiller smiled to herself. Her fingertips carefully circled inside the girl, and she could feel the heat of her desires.

“You like that, heh?” Kristel closed her eyes and nodded, unable to speak. Schiller sped up her strokes, and also indicated to Karin to increase the strength of the suction. She felt the girl turn to putty, giving herself up entirely.

“Mmmm! Wanna come! Please! Make me come!” The stimulation had overcome all Kristel’s self-control, and she was begging for release. Schiller laughed, and obliged, seeing the girl’s body shudder, and feeling her sex spasm around Schiller’s fingers. “Ohhhhhh!” Sweat beaded on Kristel’s body; her head flopped to the side and she gasped, trying to re-gather herself.

Schiller slowly withdrew her fingers. The suction was slowing, and becoming softer. While Schiller went to the corner to wash her hands, Karin tapered it down until it stopped, leaving Kristel’s soft panting as the only noise in the room.

Schiller returned bearing two small pills and a small cup of water. “Take these for me, darling.” She popped each of them into Kristel’s mouth, and provided a sip of water to chase them down. Kristel didn’t even question the medicine, still absorbed in the feelings from her body.

Karin appeared and started to release the straps that fastened Kristel onto the seat. It took a while, but there was no attempt by Kristel to move. Her physical and mental energy drained by the equipment, she was completely passive. Once Karin had removed the last strap, she guided Kristel to her feet.

“Let’s go to bed, Kristel, my dear.” Schiller led the way out of the room, down a corridor, and into a small room at the back of the apartment. This was a single-person bedroom, bare of any personal effects except for the sheets on the bed which Kristel recognized through the thickening fog in her mind—they were hers.

“Here’s a night dress.” Karin slipped a white cotton shift over Kristel’s head. “Why don’t you climb into bed now?”

Kristel was very tired by now, and the suggestion was irresistable. She curled up under the sheets, hugging the pillow.

Schiller slipped a T-shirt under the pillow. “Something to remember Doctor by,” she whispered in Kristel’s ear. The girl breathed in, and smelled the scent of the Doctor; it made her give a little smile as she drifted off.

Karin tucked buds in Kristel’s ears, and started the nighttime subliminal track playing. The two women walked quietly out of the room and closed the door, locking it from the outside.

“The sedatives should keep her under for a good twelve hours,” Schiller assessed. “Check in on her later on, please.”

“Of course, Doctor.” Karin stretched. “I think that went well today, no?”

“I agree.” Schiller consulted her notebook. “We have obedience now; tomorrow we’re in a good place to start total control.”

She headed for the apartment’s door. “Until tomorrow, Karin.”

“Until tomorrow, Doctor.”