The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: Education in the Basement

Author: BedHead

Chapter 2 — Truth

Kristel woke to find Karin sitting in her room. The older woman was eyeing her critically, like a dog at a show, but her greeting was hearty:

“Good morning, Kristel. How do you feel?”

Kristel sat up in bed, trying to orient herself. She had had long and complicated dreams. The Doctor had figured prominently in them. She thought that she remembered the things that had happened to her yesterday, but they didn’t feel quite real.

“Okay, I think...” She saw that Karin had brought a tray of food, which was sitting on the bedside table. “But hungry!”

“I’m not surprised!” Karin laughed. “You had a long day yesterday.” She indicated the tray. “Bread, butter, cheese, meat, honey, egg. Milk for your drink. The doctor wants you to eat as much as you can.”

She pulled a syringe off the tray. “Arm, please: Your dose of hormones.”

Kristel obediently offered her arm, which Karin swabbed then injected.

“All done. Guten Appetit.” She rose from her seat. “I’ll be back later to get you washed.“

Kristel started to stack cheese and sliced meat on buttered bread. Hunger had overcome any concerns about what the day would bring, and she munched her way through much of the food on the tray. The boiled eggs disappeared in two clean bites, and she just about drained the pitcher of chilled milk, appreciating the full-fat taste.

Karin reappeared, this time wearing a bathing costume and Crocs. “Come with me now. Let’s make you clean for the Doctor.”

Kristel obediently followed her next door to a bathroom fitted out in the “wet room” style. Karin stood her in a corner and removed her nightdress.

“We’re going to work through, head to toes.” She started the shower, and gave a Kristel a quick rinse down, before thoroughly shampooing her short hair. Kristel stood passive, unsure if she should be doing anything. Karin followed up with body wash, generously soaping Kristel’s entire body. Kristel couldn’t help herself shiver with pleasure as Karin paid a lot of attention to her breasts, and against when Karin’s hands slid around her buttocks and sex, spreading her legs apart and making sure that everything was clean. She jumped a little as Karin’s finger briefly explored her butthole.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” Karin smirked. She turned on the showerhead again and started to wash away the shampoo and soap. “Perhaps you can experience a little more of it later.” She carefully massaged Kristel’s scalp with the water, ensuring every drop of shampoo was gone, before moving the showerhead down to Kristel’s body. She was artful in directing the warm water around and across Kristel’s breasts, causing them to tingle again, and in playing it around Kristel’s sex and bottom.

Once all the soap had vanished down the drain, Karin turned off the shower and pulled a pair of towels from a warming rack.

“Dry yourself off, properly, and brush your teeth.” She indicated a small sink, at which Kristel’s toothpaste and toothbrush had been placed. “I’ll meet you outside and take you to the Doctor.”

Kristel obediently dried off and wrapped her hair, and did the same with her body before picking up her toothbrush. She stared at herself in the steam-bordered mirror while thoroughly cleaning her teeth—there was something different about her facial expression from normal, but she couldn’t figure out what.

Karin, now dressed in scrubs, was waiting outside. She handed Kristel a short gown made out of something like green PVC. “Put this on.”

With trepidation, Kristel removed her towels and placed them on a nearby stool before pulling on the gown. It barely reached the top of her thighs, leaving little to the imagination.

Karin walked behind her and twisted her hair up before covering it with a cap of similar material. “There! Now you’re ready. Follow me.”

She brought Kristel into a new room. Not as brightly lit as yesterday’s, this one was illuminated by green-tinged lights. In the center of the room was a gynecological chair, and sitting beside was the Doctor, dressed like Karin in green scrubs.

“Good morning, my darling. How nice to see you. Welcome to my Truth Room.” She patted the chair. “Sit up here, please. Legs in the stirrups.”

Afraid, but with few options, Kristel obeyed. Karin promptly started to fasten restraints over her legs.

Schiller smiled at Kristel. “I’m sure you must be worried, but there’s no need. We’re going to have a nice talk about you, and what you think about.” She indicated her notepad. “I’m very interested to learn what makes you ‘tick’.” Karin had finished with Kristel’s legs, and now started with her arms. “Everyone has interesting wrinkles in their personal psychology, and I’m sure that you are no exception. You’ll find it very fulfilling—perhaps, even cathartic—to be able to share with me.” Karin put a new I/v into Kristel’s elbow, and she winced.

“This room helps you expose yourself, your complete self, to me. I have evolved my techniques over a number of years, and they are now unfailing at yielding the information I seek.”

Schiller picked up a syringe from a tray. “Of course, it’s sometimes difficult to be completely honest about oneself. So, I have something to help you.” She slid the needle into the I/v and depressed the plunger. “It will remove any inhibitions you might have about what you share with me. And I have other instruments which will ensure that you share completely, honestly and deeply. We will take your inner thoughts, in every detail. I’m sure you will enjoy the experience, however. My other patients have found it quite... liberating, shall we say.”

Kristel started to shake, as best she could in the chair. “Is it going to hurt?”

Schiller shook her head. “Not at all, my dear. Just give yourself over to me, and my instruments.” Karin placed a strap across Kristel’s head, forcing her to look up at the ceiling. There was a mirror placed there, showing the reflection of her restrained body on the chair. Karin started to place electrodes on her forehead and chest.

Schiller scooted a little closer so she was still in Kristel’s vision, and took hold of Kristel’s hand. “There’s really nothing to worry about, my darling. Just try to relax for me. Think about a lovely dream you once had...” The room lights started to darken. “You’re perfectly safe, just lying here with me. You don’t have to move a single muscle...” The Doctor’s voice was starting to echo and Kristel was starting to feel dizzy. “Feel your mind opening up, like a flower in the sun, warm and beautiful... There’s nothing else, it’s just you and me here. You’re so safe with me. So comfortable.” Her tone was soothing Kristel as if she were being stroked. “You can tell me anything, my darling, absolutely anything. Think back, further and further. Tell me about a time when you were the happiest...”

“On the beach, in Nice...” murmured Kristel. “Such a lovely day. The water was warm, and my friends were there... I loved being with them so much...” The drug was successfully loosening her tongue. “Especially Sabrina. Oh, she was so lovely...”

“Tell me more about Sabrina,” purred Schiller, making notes. “How did she make you feel?”

“I wanted to be with her, so much,” Kristel moaned. “I’d never felt like that about someone. When she talked to me, or even just smiled at me, she made me all tingling inside...”

“What happened between you?” whispered Schiller, now standing behind Kristel.

“Nothing. Nothing happened.” A tear escaped Kristel’s eye. “It was two nights later that I told her how I felt, and she was so nice about it but told me she already had someone. I felt like I had been torn in two.”

“My poor Kristel,” sympathized Schiller. “How difficult for you. But have you ever been with a woman before?”

“Once... at college. Second year.” Kristel sighed at the memory. “Anja, the TA in my Archaeology class. She had such a lovely smile...”

Schiller was smiling internally. She could have obtained the same physiological effect from Kristel sitting in on a sofa in her PJ’s, but the medical set-up had quickly convinced the girl that resistance was useless, so she was predisposed to believe the total efficacy of the drugs. The electrodes on her forehead weren’t even connected to anything. Nevertheless the girl was spilling her secrets with abandon.

“Tell me about your time with Anja...”

* * *

It took about two hours, and two more boosts of the scopolamine drug, for Schiller to reach into all the corners of Kristel’s mind. The girl was completely without resistance, sharing anything she was led towards. Schiller had taken several pages of notes, and now had a good idea of where she was going to go for the next phase.

“A little water, Kristel?” Schiller produced a plastic cup, and angled the straw to touch Kristel’s lips. Kristel gratefully sucked down the cool water, vaguely conscious of how dry her mouth was.

“What a good girl you are. Why don’t you have a rest?” Schiller cooed. She pushed a much larger bolus of scopolamine into the line, and walked next door while waiting for it to take full effect.

Karin had been watching on the monitor. “This should be easy, shouldn’t it? She’s already predisposed towards women, and even has her own fantasies about it. We don’t have to do that much, surely?”

“Caution, my dear Karin.” Schiller consulted her notes. “Predisposed, yes, but only beginning on her journey. If she’s going to be a successful partner for my patients, she needs to have an instinctive hunt for lesbian activity—a thirst!—rather than have to be guided to it.”

She checked the second monitor, whose camera was zoomed in on Kristel’s face. “Oh yes, look at those eyes.” Kristel’s irises had practically vanished, replaced by huge pupils. “She’s well on her way to Dreamland. Let’s give her lovely memories when she arrives.”

“I’ll get ready.” Karin started to pull on a new set of clothes.

* * *

Kristel’s brain was numbed by the drug, and although she registered Schiller’s face leaning over her, she didn’t react to it. Schiller smiled at her.

“Look at you, my dear. Your mind is perfectly empty. You’re just waiting for me to fill it, aren’t you?” She stroked Kristel’s mound. “Like pouring sweet, delicious syrup into an empty jar.”

She swung a flatscreen TV out from a mount behind the chair, and positioned it in front of Kristel’s face. “Let me show you some of my friends, my dear. Let them tell you some stories.” She inserted buds in Kristel’s ears, and switched on the TV.

Kristel gazed blankly at the screen. Two plump blonde women sat naked on a bed. They started to make out with each other, and their moans came through the earbuds.

Karin, dressed in a green robe and green hood, came into the room quietly and sat between Kristel’s legs. She pulled out a tray with an array of vibrators and probes.

“Let’s give you happy feelings, sweetie,” she smirked. Selecting a small pink vibrator, she switched it on and delicately started to apply it around Kristel’s clitoris. The girl gave a small gasp, but remained fixated by the TV screen.

Schiller patted her colleague on the shoulder. “An hour of stimulation please, Karin. Ramp up to the maximum she can take. I’m going to get some tea.”

“Very good, Doctor.” Karin continued to angle and probe with the vibrator, feeling Kristel start to shiver under her fingers.

Schiller walked back up to her apartment, and switched on her kettle. The reprogramming appeared to be progressing well, with the scopolamine rendering Kristel extremely suggestible. The program Schiller was showing her would introduce her to progressively more erotic lesbian activities, and Karin’s stimulation would build a strong association of sexual pleasure with them.

Schiller read through her notes from the questioning. Kristel was sexually inexperienced, and clearly frustrated with the lack of a relationship. Reading between the lines, Schiller suspected that such inexperience had been a significant factor in the break-up of the couple of relationships Kristel had pursued.

Tomorrow’s final third of the program would be the most challenging—and also, Schiller suspected, the most interesting. She would have to build a bridge between Kristel’s soon-to-be-firmly-established sexual interest in women, and the more specific kind of activities that Schiller required for her clients. Fortunately, Schiller had a third room on hand which was equipped for just that adventure.

Schiller took her time finishing her tea, then walked back down to the basement flat to see how her patient was getting along.

Upon entering the Truth room, she was greeted by gasps and moaning. Karin had a large vibrating dildo deep in Kristel’s pussy, and was rotating her gloved finger inside Kristel’s bottom. Kristel herself was enraptured by a film of one woman pleasuring another with a strap-on.

Karin gave the dildo a twist, which elicited a subdued squeak from Kristel, and turned to face Schiller.

“Everything has gone to plan,” she reported. “Perhaps, even better than planned. I think she rather likes me in here.” She twirled her embedded finger for emphasis.

“How lovely.” Schiller walked to the head of the chair and folded the TV away, then prised the buds from Kristel’s ears. The girl gazed at her blankly.

“Weren’t those nice stories?” cooed Schiller. “You enjoyed them, didn’t you?”

“Mmmm...” Kristel was still mostly in dreamland from the combination of sexual stimulation and the effects of the drug.

“Now you can sleep for a while, my darling. Dream about what you have seen. Sink down into bliss...” Schiller placed a silken blindfold over the girl’s eyes, and weighted it with a bean bag. “Nothing to worry about, nothing to think about. Down you go, down and down, into oblivion...”

As Schiller murmured her soothing words, she watched the remaining tone go out of Kristel’s body like a deflating balloon. Satisfied that the girl was asleep, she covered her ears with muffs to avoid any disturbance from the noise. Karin slowly withdrew her finger from Kristel, but left the dildo in place.

“We’ll leave her like this for most of the afternoon,” Schiller announced. “The I/v should keep her sufficiently hydrated.”

“What time do you want me to take her to bed?” Karin asked, washing her hands. “I’m looking forward to it.”

“Let’s say... four pm.” Schiller consulted her notes. “You should be able to wake her easily by then, though she’ll still be a bit dreamy.”

“Just how I like her,” Karin grinned. “Four pm it is”

* * *

“Kristel, darling? Time to wake up.”

Kristel woke, but was unsure where she was. Something soft and heavy was pressing on her eyes.

“Doctor?” She wasn’t sure if she should move.

“It’s Karin. Here, let me take this off...” The object was lifted off her eyes, and she saw Karin’s smiling expression.

“The treatment is complete. Dr Schiller has asked me to take you back to your room. Are you ready to sit up?”

Kristel blearily raised her head and looked down her body. There were no straps, nothing holding her onto the chair. Other than a small bandaid on her arm, there was no evidence that anything had happened to her. She struggled to remember anything that had happened to her. There had been the Doctor’s soothing voice... and seeing herself in the ceiling mirror... watching women kiss each other... funny feelings coming from inside her...

“Kristel? Are you with me?”

“Mmm? Sorry, I feel a bit confused.” Kristen felt Karin’s strong arm behind her, raising her into a sitting position. “What happened? Is it over?”

“All done,” Karin confirmed. “The Doctor took everything from your mind. It didn’t hurt a bit, did it?”

“No... guess not.” Kristel blinked, trying to clear the fog from her mind. “I’m sorry, what were you saying?”

“Let’s stand up.” Karin erased Kristel’s legs out of the stirrups, and onto the floor. Kristel swayed a little, but remained mostly upright.

“You don’t need these any more.” Karin slid the cap off Kristel’s hair, using her fingers to straighten the tangles, then pulled the gown off. “Let’s get you to your bed. Does that sound like a good idea?”

It sounded like the best idea.

Karin carefully guided the dazed, naked Kristel back to her bed. Kristel collapsed on the mattress with relief, staring vaguely at the textured patterns in the ceiling. Her mind felt like soft cheese, but the comfort of the mattress and the familiar smell of her sheets reassured her that everything was more or less all right.

“Oh, my dear. Don’t you look lovely? But you do look tired.” Karin opened a small bottle of oil. “Why don’t I give you a massage? Just lie back.”

“Sure... thank you.” Kristel gratefully let her head sink into the pillow. She felt Karin’s warm hands start to stroke her body, and sighed in pleasure.

Karin slowly worked her way around Kristel’s chest, careful to ensure she repeatedly brushed the tips of Kristel’s nipples, and then started to move up around Kristel’s neck with smaller, softer strokes. She watched Kristel’s responses, and once she judged the time right, leaned forward and planted a soft but lingering kiss on Kristel’s lips.

Already somewhat aroused by the touching around her breasts, and preconditioned by the video training, Kristel reflexively kissed back. Karin promptly slid her tongue inside to touch the inside of Kristel’s lips, sliding her hands down to resume her play with the plump breasts. The gliding, stroking, tingling sensation made Kristel groan from her inside, and Karin grinned as her tongue pushed deeper to lock with Kristel’s.

Dazed by the sensations, and the emotions that were surfacing inside her, Kristel took a while to notice the transfer of Karin’s oral attention towards her nipples. Only when the electric shocks of stimulation from her nipples became overwhelming did she realize that Karin was buried in her chest, pulling each of Kristel’s nipples into her mouth for thorough detailing by Karin’s tongue. Now she was no longer muffled, she couldn’t help but cry quietly to the ceiling in a mix of frustration and lust.

Karin by now had shed her scrubs, and was starting to grind her sex against Kristel’s thigh, slowly coating it with her moisture. With her strong arms wrapped around Kristel, the girl could not have pulled away had she wanted to—but she showed no indication to do so.

Finally Karin worked her way down to Kristel’s sex, and rolled herself over to grasp Kristel’s head between her thighs. Kristen was faced with Karin’s glistening pussy, slowly pumping up and down as Karin’s expert tongue tasted her. She breathed in the scent of Karin as the stimulation started to become unbearable, and she lost all inhibitions.

“Oh, Karin! Please don’t stop! Mmmh!” Kristel tried to tongue Karin herself, but Karin was carefully holding her head just out of reach. “I want to come so bad!”

Karin kept the girl on the edge for a few more minutes, until she was nearly insensible with desire; then, she slid her pussy the rest of the way to Kristel’s face, and felt the girl eagerly if inexpertly start to nibble at her. Satisfied that she was fully engaged, Karin went full bore at Kristel’s clit, and felt the girl start to shake underneath her as the climax started to build.

Finally, as Karin could tell that the climax was imminent, she sat back further, pressing Kristel’s head into the pillow beneath her pussy. She heard the girl give a suppressed scream as the climax broke over her, and wiggle underneath her in a futile attempt to breathe. She held the smother for another thirty seconds, until the final twitching had stopped, then rolled off.

Re-donning her scrubs, Karin smiled at the unconscious girl. Her face still glistened with the moisture from Karin’s sex, and her skin was still flushed from the orgasm.

Karin reached under the bed and pulled out a small trolley. It carried a version of the nipple stimulation machine, and Karin attached the cups to each of Kristel’s breasts. She turned it on at a low setting, checking that the cups were properly sealed.

Kristel gave a small moan, and her eyelids started to flutter. Karin quickly moved to sit next to her, careful to ensure that her face was the first thing that Kristel saw when her eyes did finally open.

“What happened...?”

Karin smiled at her. “Did you have a nice time with me, darling? How did it make you feel?”

Kristel’s mouth opened and closed as she tried to find words to match her feelings. All she could eventually manage was a whimper of “So good...”

There was a knock at the door and Schiller brought in a tray of food; chicken in a creamy sauce, a generous slice of cake, and a mug of warm milk.

“You need to keep your strength up, my dear. Eat up!” She rested the tray on Kristel’s lap as Karin flicked a couple of pillows behind Kristel to bring her to a sitting position.

“I’ll be back to take the cups off in an hour or so,” Karin informed her. ”Guten Appetit!” She and Schiller left Kristel to her dinner, quietly locking the door behind them.

Kristel barely noticed the sucking of the cups, instead eagerly digging into the food. Within ten minutes she had mopped up the last of the chicken, and had started on the cake, washing it down with milk.

There was a small tv in the bedroom, which Kristel switched on. One of her favorite soap operas was on, and she lay back against the pillows to watch it. For some reason, it was hard for her to follow what was going on, and eventually she gave up and just let it play in the background. It didn’t take long for her eyes to start to close, sped up by the sedative in the milk, and by the time Karin returned she was out like a light.

Karin turned off the machine and gently removed the cups, inspecting them to see if any drops of milk had started to appear. Nothing yet, but that was not surprising. She tucked the girl under the blankets and kissed her.

“Good night, Kristel. We’ve got a new adventure for you tomorrow.”