The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: Education in the Basement

Author: BedHead

Chapter 3 — Oblivion

Kristel woke to find Schiller sitting at her bedside, instead of Karin. The doctor had brought along a similar breakfast tray to yesterday.

“Good morning my dear. The last day of your treatment. Eat up!” She pulled out a syringe. “Your daily hormones...” She stuck this in Kristel’s arm, then reached over to manipulate the girl’s breasts and nipples. “It looks like these are coming along nicely. You should be ready to lactate in the next day or two. Won’t that be fun?”

Kristel wasn’t sure how to answer. Her nipples were tingling from where the Doctor had played with them. She temporized: “What are you doing with me today?”

“It’s a surprise.” Schiller rose. “But I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.” She winked at the girl. “Karin will come for you shortly.”

Kristel obediently chewed her way through breakfast. Normally she would have started to worry about her weight after a couple of days of calorific food and little exercise, but today she was almost absent-minded in her eating, staring blankly at the dark screen of the TV.

She had just drained the last of the milk when Karin appeared, dressed in her scrubs.

“Hallo, Kristel.” She scrutinized the girl’s rather vacant gaze. “What’s eight times nine?”

Kristel frowned in thought. “Sixty—no, fifty... Fifty four? No, that’s not right. Is it?”

Karin gave her a reassuring smile, patting her on the shoulder. “That’s fine, darling. Why don’t you come with me now?” The Doctor’s earlier injection of the cognitive suppressor was obviously having its desired effect. Kristel’s formerly sharp mind was struggling with even basic tasks. As intended.

Kristel stood and followed Karin obediently, not even remarking on her own nakedness. Karin took her hand and guided her down the corridor.

They walked past the bathroom and Kristel looked at it, confused. “I’m not showering?”

“Later, my dear.” Karin opened the door at the end of the corridor and ushered in Kristel. “There’s something we have to do first.”

The room was painted black, with black carpet. A few strip lights at the edge of the ceiling provided the only illumination. Doctor Schiller was perched on a stool next to a low, broad table which was also black.

“Welcome to my Oblivion room, Kristel. Please make yourself comfortable on the table.”

Kristel lay down, finding the table to be cool to the skin but comfortably padded with soft leather. The Doctor had provided a small pillow of the same material.

There was a ‘snap’ as Schiller pulled on her gloves. “Spread your legs for me please, my darling.”

Kristel obeyed, and the Doctor leaned over her. She felt the Doctor’s fingers apply something cool to her sex, and follow up by doing the same between her cheeks.

“This is my favorite room of them all,” Schiller explained as she selected a pair of metal probes from her cart. “It teaches you how not to think. A little poke...” Kristel moaned as first one probe, then the other, were slid firmly into her holes. “That was the uncomfortable part done. Now you can relax.“

Karin started to apply electrodes across Kristel’s body, starting around the nipples and working her way down to Kristel’s sex.

“You’ve probably been finding it hard to think recently,” Schiller noted, drawing up a syringe. “This medicine suppresses your cognitive abilities. A stronger dose for you now...” She administered it to Kristel, who lay passive on the table.

Karin now started to bring broad elastic straps across Kristel, binding the girl in place. “Just so you don’t fall off,” she explained cheerfully to Kristel, who continued to stare blankly at her.

Apparently satisfied, Schiller unfolded a black latex sheet and draped it over Kristel. “This will keep you from getting cold, my darling. Now we just have the head electrodes and we’ll be ready.”

Kristel watched with confused eyes as Schiller fastened a crown of electrodes across her head, and plugged them in to a box on the cart. “These measure your brain activity,” the Doctor explained. “Karin, calibrate the probes please.”

Karin fiddled with some dials on a box from which wires ran under the sheet to the probes inside Kristel. “Tell me when you feel this,” she smirked, slowly turning up the dial.

Kristel started to feel a pulsing in her butt. It was strange but pleasant. Noting her change in expression, Karin turned the dial further. Now the pulsing was more powerful, as if someone were squeezing her inside, and she groaned in discomfort.

“And now the other one...” The pulsing switched to her sex. This was far more pleasurable and she sighed in happiness, wriggling a little in her bonds.

“That’s a nice feeling, isn’t it?” Schiller stood, and draped the cart with a black cloth. “You’ll continue to experience it as long as you don’t think. When the sensors pick up you thinking, it will cut off the stimulation.”

She and Karin left the room, and the lights started to dim. “Oblivion, my dear,” she called back, as the door swung closed. “Emptiness.”

The room became black. Kristel closed and opened her eyes, but there was no difference in her sight.

The pleasant pulsing in her sex started to wane, and she whined in frustration. As she tried to focus on feeling it again, it continued to fade until it had gone completely.

Then the probe in her bottom started up, and she cried out in surprise. The strong squeezes felt like cramps, and she gasped each time they came.

“Remember: think of nothing.” The Doctor’s amused voice came out of the darkness.

Kristel tried to empty her mind, staring into the blackness. She tried not to think about what was happening inside her, instead concentrating on nothingness. To her relief, the pulsing in her bottom started to decrease, and the more pleasurable pulsing in her sex took over.

Kristel had no idea how long she lay on the table. From time to time she started to hallucinate from the lack of sight or sound, but that caused her brain activity to rise so the probe in her bottom quickly brought her back, and forced her to empty her mind again. The forced oscillations between mental states started to shred her consciousness. At one point she started to panic, but of course that triggered the probe as well.

Eventually the light in the room started to return. Kristel felt the probes start to change as she inadvertently reacted to the light, and quickly closed her eyes to return to her empty state.

“They’re off now.” And indeed both probes were now inactive. Kristel cautiously opened her eyes to see the Doctor smiling at her.

“Some water, my darling?” She offered a straw and Kristel gratefully sipped from it.

“You did very well in that first round.” The Doctor smoothed the sheet over Kristel’s breasts. “You see, it’s so pleasant emptying your mind, isn’t it? It makes you feel so, so good.”

She drew up another syringe and found a vein. “We need to make you a little sleepy for the next phase,” she explained, slowly pushing the drug into the dazed Kristel. “Just a little bit, not too much. You’re going to have more stimulation to resist.”

“What’s happening to me? So confused...” Kristel was unable to process the Doctor’s words, but felt the sting of the needle.

“Empty your mind again, my darling. Give yourself over to us.” Schiller walked out of the room, and the lights started to fade.

Kristel gasped as not only the probe in her sex activated, but also the electrodes all over her body. The tingling at her nipples and clitoris in particular made her shiver, despite the fog that was now descending over her mind.

The simulation only lasted thirty seconds before it started to fade and she felt the probe in her bottom start to pulse.

“No! Come back... nnnnngh!” The pulses from the probe were stronger this time, causing her whole lower body to shake under the sheet. Desperately she tried to empty her mind, but every pulse had the effect of bringing her back.

Finally the sedative took enough effect that the edge of the probe’s torment was taken off, and Kristel managed to return herself to a state of blankness. The probe powered down, and the pleasure-inducing electrodes re-activated. With effort, Kristel shut off any mental reaction to the stimulation and just gazed into the blackness.

Schiller watched with satisfaction. Kristel had trained herself out of thinking in nearly record time. Now she would have a firm association of pleasure with the lack of thought, and reflexively shut down new thoughts in fear of pain.

She consulted her wristwatch, and turned to Karin. “Leave her like this for three hours, until the sedation starts to wear off. At that point, she is irrevocably ours.”


The light finally returned to the room, and the electrodes powered down. Kristel was still immobile, staring at the ceiling.

Karin removed the sheet from the girl and admired her handiwork. Kristel’s body appeared unchanged, but Karin knew the fundamental reprogramming that had happened with her nervous system.

“Your treatment is complete,” she informed the girl, as she started to remove the electrodes. “You’re the Doctor’s now.”

“Mmm...” Kristel appeared distracted, not really engaged with Karin. “Doctor...”

“Just a sleepy, horny little cow, aren’t you?” Karin smirked, tweaking Kristel’s nipples. “With lovely plump udders.” She started to pull the probes out, causing the girl to whimper. “A little wider for me... try to push... there, they’re out.” She wiped off most of the lubrication from Kristel’s groin.

Kristel panted for a few seconds, recovering from the violation. Her eyes finally managed to focus on Karin.

“What happened?” She tried to sit up, but the bands held her in place. “Feel so weird.”

Karin started to release the bands. “You’re under the Doctor’s care. Don’t you remember?” She helped Kristel to sit up, deliberately pulling the girl close so she could feel Karin’s warmth—and the press of her firm boobs. “What would you like to do now?”

Kristen shyly looked at Karin and mumbled something.

“I’m sorry, my dear, what did you say?” Karin theatrically cupped a hand to her ear.

“Can you play with me?”

Karin smiled at her subject. “Of course, my dear. But not quite yet. Come, let’s get you clean.”

After a very, very thorough wash in the shower room, Kristel was brought back to her bedroom. A set of loose, comfortable clothes had been laid out for her. On top was a new nursing bra. Karin helped the still-dazed Kristel dress, checking that the bra was properly sized for the girl’s plump chest.

“You will sleep in your normal bed tonight,” Karin explained, leading Kristel out of the apartment and up the stairs to Schiller’s home. “First, though, you’re going to help the Doctor with cleaning and cooking.” She showed Kristel into the house, where Schiller was waiting for her. “I’ll see you later.” She winked at Kristel, and returned to the basement.

* * *

A few hours later, Kristel was sitting in her bed, reading a romantic novel while the small machine hummed and sucked at her nipples. She was very tired; Schiller had had her dust and vacuum all the apartment, scrub the bathroom, and help prepare for dinner by peeling and chopping the potatoes and carrots. That said, she had been very well fed at dinner, so some of the sleepiness had been from a full tummy.

Her bedroom door opened, and Karin slipped in. Kristel gave her a warm, sleepy smile.

“The Doctor asked me to check on your nipples.” Karin sat on the edge of the bed, her bottom deliberately nudging against Kristel’s leg, and inspected under each suction cup. “Hmm, that one’s a little dry.” She took a small dab from a jar of Vaseline and slowly worked it into the skin around the nipple. Kristel gave a quiet groan of pleasure at the sensation.

“How about the other one... yes, that’s dry too. Oh!” Karin gently dabbed her finger on the tip of the nipple, then showed it to Kristel. A small bead of milk was apparent.

“The Doctor will be pleased,” Karin purred, massaging around that nipple while Kristel tried not to squirm with pleasure. “Another two days or so, and you should be fully flowing. I’m sure that the Doctor will have someone for you to suckle then.”

She replaced the lid of the Vaseline and wiped her fingers, grinning at Kristel. “Now, my dear, what was it you were asking me earlier?

“C...can we play together, please?” Kristel whispered, gazing adoringly at the older woman.

“My, I was quite right. You are indeed a horny little cow!” laughed Karin. She stood, pressing her firm bottom into Kristel’s face. “Why don’t you help me off with my jeans?”

Kristel reached around and fumbled eagerly at Karin’s buttons while Karin peeled off her sweater, chuckling quietly to herself. Tonight was going to be fun.