The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: Education in the Basement

Author: BedHead

Chapter 4 — Lactation

Kristel sat patiently in Schiller’s office in the basement flat, dressed in loose pink scrubs which the Doctor had provided. Her breasts ached a little from the milk which had now come in fully, and without a bra they felt particularly heavy on her chest. Karin had brought her downstairs, and told her to get dressed and wait while she and the Doctor attended to a patient.

Karin finally returned; her head now covered in a green hood that matched her scrubs. Only her eyes were visible; her mouth was hidden behind a grille.

“She’s just about ready. The Doctor asked me to bring you.” Karin held up a pink hood. “You’ll need to wear this; I’ll put it on for you.” She walked behind Kristel and pulled the hood over the girl’s head, zipping it tight. Kristel could still see and breathe fine, but the hood did muffle the sounds from around her.

Karin came back around to inspect her work. “It suits you!” She slapped Kristel on her bottom, affectionately. “Come with me. Just follow the Doctor’s cues, and remember not to speak.”

Kristel obediently follow Karin into the Truth room. As before, it was lit with green lights. The Doctor was seated on a stool, leaning over and whispering to a woman bound into the chair, dressed in green PVC just as Kristel had been a week ago. The woman looked to be in her fifties, her eyes unfocused from whatever chemical and psychological tools the Doctor had applied so far. Viewing the scene, Kristel felt herself start to be aroused. She wished that she were back in that chair, the focus of the Doctor’s delicate attentions. Just the thought of it made her feel warm and tingling.

The Doctor smiled at Kristel as she entered, and indicated with her eyes for Kristel to stand close to the woman’s head. Kristel looked down, seeing the dreamy expression of the woman as she partially registered Kristel’s presence but was too far gone to react further.

The Doctor leaned closer to the woman’s ear.

“You’re lying in your crib, a tiny baby all safe and snug. You see your Mutti here, taking total care of you. You feel so warm, so loved. You would do anything for your Mutti. She would do anything for you.”

She gestured at Kristel who, understanding, slipped her chubby left breast from under her scrubs.

“Let her show you. Why don’t you have a tiny suckle?”

Kristel cradled her breast and guided the nipple to the woman’s mouth. She eagerly latched on, and start to suckle. The sensation tingled throughout Kristel, making her give out a small gasp of pleasure, and she felt her knees weaken.

“That’s it, suckle for Mutti...” the Doctor cooed, smiling down at the woman. “A tiny, tiny baby, all helpless. Just you and the lovely milk...”

The woman gave an especially hard suck, and Kristel inadvertently let out a moan of pure happiness. She could feel the woman’s lips rolling over the base of her nipple, teasing the milk out from her breasts.

“See how you make Mutti happy? Suckle away, drift away to dreamland...”

Kristel could eventually feel the milk starting to give out, so carefully eased the nipple from the woman’s mouth and replaced it with the other, noticeably fuller breast. The suckling resumed, enthusiastically, but the Doctor’s words were having an effect and the woman’s already dopey eyes were starting to roll back in her head.

“You can feel the milk making you sleepy, can’t you?” The Doctor caressed the woman’s mound. “It makes you feel so good, but so, so sleepy. Let yourself go, sink down to the sound of Mutti’s voice. Down, and down...” The woman’s eyelids closed and the strength of her suckle started to diminish. “Deep under the warm blanket. So quiet, and safe, and snug. Dreaming of your Mutti....” The Doctor nodded at Kristel who slowly eased her nipple from the woman’s mouth. “And you’re deeply, deeply asleep for Mutti.”

Karin took Kristel’s shoulders and quietly guided her out of the room. Her last glimpse was the Doctor leaning even closer to the woman, mouth almost touching her ear.

Karin closed the door and walked Kristel back to the office. “Well done, my darling. Didn’t she look happy? You’ve taken her to a beautiful place. How are your boobs?”

“They feel nice,” Kristel confessed. “It felt so tingly and lovely when she was suckling.”

“It looks like she just about drained you.” Karin reached under Kristel’s scrubs and judiciously weighed her breasts with her hand. “Let’s get you dressed, then make sure you have a really big lunch and drink lots of full-fat milk. I’ll need to go back and help the Doctor with the later phases of the lady’s training.” She unzipped Kristel’s hood and eased it off the girl’s head.

“Okay...” Kristel started to pull off her scrubs, careless of her nakedness. “Thank you, Karin.”

Karin helped her on with the nursing bra, then the rest of her clothes, and gave her hair a quick brush.

“You look fine, my dear. Go eat.” She slapped Kristel’s bottom affectionately, and returned to the Truth room.

Kristel obediently walked back up to the Doctor’s apartment. The fixings for lunch were already laid out, and she followed instructions by making herself several large sandwiches with meat and salad, heated up some Spätzle from the fridge, and poured a large glass of milk. There was some marble cake left over from yesterday, so she took a slice of that too.

It took some effort to rise from the table after all that food, but Kristel knew that she still had cleaning to do so that the Doctor would be happy. She spent a few hours vacuuming the apartment in between processing two loads of laundry in the washer-drier. By the time the Doctor came back to the apartment, all the laundry was dry and folded, and the apartment smelled fresh.

Schiller smiled at her servant. “What a good job you did, my darling! The lady was so happy with her suckle, she gave herself over to me completely. We had such a nice talk together.”

Kristel blushed; she loved being praised by the Doctor. It made her feel happy and smiley inside.

“She’ll be back next week. We’ll have to make sure you have plenty of milk for her.” Schiller stroked Kristel’s breasts. “Let’s keep them nice and plump.”

“Yes, Doctor,” Kristel murmured submissively.

“Don’t use the breast pump this evening,” Schiller instructed. ”Let them recover from today. You only need to use it on days that you don’t have one of my clients.”

She clapped her hands. “Now, let’s see about dinner.”

* * *

The next few weeks passed in a similar way for Kristel. On most days she had a client to suckle; the Doctor had several who returned every week or two, but others were less frequent in their visits. On her few days without a client, Kristel used the pump to keep her milk flowing and relieve some of the pressure. The Doctor and Karin ensured she was well fed, and dosed her with hormones every few days, and so she passed most of the day in a happy, dreamy state, attending to the Doctor’s needs. She never thought of her Ph.D thesis, or even her email and social media. There was nothing she needed from there.

Her dreaminess was aided by a weekly visit to the Oblivion room. The Doctor ensured that she spent a few hours in the darkness, keeping her mind blank while the electrodes stimulated her. Kristel started to look forward to those treatments; it was remarkably easy for her to blank out, and just subconsciously enjoy the simulation.

On some days, if she had been very good, Karin would come and play with her in the evening. Kristel loved the playing; it felt so nice being with Karin, and she was kind enough to introduce Kristel to all sorts of toys from Karin’s box. Kristel especially liked when Karin made her go on all fours, and played with Kristel’s nipples as she pushed her toys into Kristel’s pussy and bottom. She often told Kristel to “moo” as she was about to come, and seemed to find that very funny.

Eventually, one evening after dinner, the Doctor told Kristel that they would be going on a trip.

“Don’t use the pump tonight, my darling. We’re going to see one of my friends tomorrow, after breakfast. Just wear your normal clothes.

It didn’t occur to Kristel to ask who they were visiting, or where they might be going. She was happy to be spending more time with the Doctor.

“And as a special treat, darling, why don’t you come to my bedroom tonight?”

Kristel, taken aback, could only nod enthusiastically. Although the Doctor had gently played with her in her rooms downstairs, she’d never had the privilege of time in the Doctor’s bedroom.

“Very good. Why don’t you go in there now and undress? I’ll be in to see you shortly.”

Kristel didn’t quite run to the Doctor’s bedroom, but she certainly didn’t walk. She had of course cleaned the room and changed the sheets a number of times during her work for the Doctor, but it was very different to be invited into there for other purposes. With trembling fingers she pulled off her clothes within a minute, and unfastened her bra to let her breasts hang loose.

Unsure whether to sit, stand, or lie down, she busied herself by fluffing up the pillows, making sure that the sheets were perfectly square and tucked in, and even that the items on the Doctor’s make up table were aligned and grouped as they should be. She was debating with herself whether to clean the hairs from the Doctor’s hairbrush when the door opened and the Doctor walked in.

It was the first time that Kristel had seen the Doctor with her hair down and in night attire. She wore a pink silk gown that hung to her knees, and without her normal glasses her grey eyes were even more attractive.

“You look very eager, my dear,” she said, archly. “Why don’t you sit on the bed for me?”

Kristel obeyed, nervously perching her bottom on the soft sheets. The Doctor noticed the tremble in her arms, and smiled warmly at her.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of, darling. This is just another way for you to serve me.” She slowly approached Kristel. “You have such a lovely, plump mouth. Show me how you use it.”

The Doctor undid the sash on her robe, allowing the silk folds to fall aside and expose herself. Kristel’s gaze was caught by the Doctor’s small but still shapely breasts.

“You’ve done so well suckling others, darling. Why don’t you suckle from me now?” The Doctor stood between Kristel’s legs, gently bouncing her left breast in front of Kristel’s face. The dark areola mesmerized the girl.

Kristel slowly, cautiously, moved her mouth forward until she could close her lips around the areola. She heard the Doctor give a slow sigh.

“Good girl. And now...” Kristel needed no further prompt, starting to suckle and run her tongue over the Doctor’s nipple. The breast was warm, and tasted slightly of flowers. Kristel felt her sex start to warm and moisten as the Doctor softly pressed herself against her mouth.

“That’s just right, mmmm...” The Doctor reached behind Kristel and held her head. “Ooooh yes, like that. You’re such a good girl for me.” Kristel continued to stroke and lick at the nipple, encouraged that she was making the Doctor happy.

“And now the other...” The Doctor rolled herself so that her right breast replaced the left in Kristel’s mouth. She leaned down: “I love how soft and warm your mouth is,” she whispered into Kristel’s ear.

Kristel whimpered in happiness at the Doctor’s approval, and went in on her breast in even greater enthusiasm, flickering her tongue over her nipple and smiling as she heard the Doctor squeal in excitement.

Finally the Doctor slid her breast out of Kristel’s mouth and the two women gazed at each other for a moment. The Doctor’s face was flushed in arousal, and Kristel was panting slightly from her exertions.

“Why don’t you lie back, now?” suggested the Doctor, pressing gently on Kristel’s plump chest. Kristel obeyed, sinking into the soft sheets as she gazed up at the Doctor.

Like a cat, the Doctor sprang up on the bed and stood astride Kristel’s body. Looking up into the folds of the open robe, it was very clear to Kristel that the older woman was wearing no underwear. She carefully placed her feet above Kristel’s hips, then sank to her knees with her hairy pussy just above Kristel’s face. Kristel could see beads of moisture on the Doctor’s lips.

“And now...” The Doctor leaned forward, taking her weight on her hands, with the robe forming a kind of tent around Kristel’s head and shoulders. “Pleasure me, Kristel. Taste me. Make me come.” She spread her knees and lowered herself onto Kristel’s face, pressing the fur of her pussy into Kristel’s mouth.

Kristel could now taste the Doctor’s musk. She sucked the soft lips into her mouth, and probed inside the Doctor’s sex with the tip of her tongue, remembering how Karin had coached her. She quickly found the tip of the Doctor’s clit and teased it briefly before sliding her tongue deeper inside. The Doctor gave a groan of frustration and lust, and Kristel smiled.

After a few minutes of tonguing the smooth, slick walls of the Doctor’s sex, and carelessly brushing past the base of the clit, Kristel returned her full attention to the little nub of flesh and started to really work on it.

“Oh yes! Oh my little Kristel! More!” The Doctor shifted her hands to Kristel’s shoulders and pressed herself harder onto the girl’s mouth. “Take me!”

Kristel’s tongue moved faster and faster, occasionally sliding around the Doctor’s lips but always returning to the clitoris. The Doctor ground against her, and she could feel tremors going through the older woman.

“There! And there! Aaaahhh...” The climax took the Doctor and she thrust herself against Kristel’s face, cutting off the girl’s air. Heedless, Kristel continued to lick and even nibble at the clit even as there was flashing in her vision as suffocation started. She was aware of a cascade of warm liquid pouring through the Doctor’s sex and over her face... then nothing.

She blinked, realizing that she was now lying full length on the Doctor’s bed. Her jaw and tongue ached with fatigue, and the taste of the Doctor was still in her mouth. The Doctor was lying next to her, propped up on one arm and smiling at her. Her face was still noticeably flushed.

“Karin trained you very well, my darling. I haven’t come like that in a while.” She reached down inside her robe, then withdrew her hand and offered Kristel a finger. “How do I taste?”

Kristel obediently sucked gently on the finger, and the fresh taste of the Doctor spread over her tongue.

“Like flowers,” she murmured.

The Doctor laughed. “You’re such a flatterer, my darling.” She sat up briefly and shed her robe onto the floor. “But you’ve earned a treat. Why don’t you sleep with me tonight? Would you like that?”

Kristel nodded, unable to speak at the generosity of the Doctor’s offer.

“Very well.” The Doctor flicked off the bedside light, leaving the room softly illuminated by the little light that flowed around the bedroom door. “Come and snuggle.” She pulled the covers over the two of them, and wrapped her arms around Kristel, drawing the young woman to her.

Kristel felt the warmth of the Doctor’s body against her breasts and tummy, and sighed in happiness. She hoped this moment would never end.