The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: Education in the Basement

Author: BedHead

Chapter 5 — The Maid

“Time to rise, Kristel! We have a big day today.”

Kristel opened her eyes, briefly confused about where she was. Then she saw the Doctor in her robe, standing next to the bed, and remembered.

“You slept like a baby.” The Doctor stroked her hair. “I think you had fun last night, didn’t you?”

Kristel remembered her service to the Doctor—she thought she could still taste her on her tongue. She also recalled late at night, as she was drifting off to sleep, with the Doctor spooning her from behind—the Doctor’s hands had wandered down and slowly, gently played with her until she was whimpering with quiet pleasure. Then one hand had slid around to her bottom and a slick, small finger had gradually penetrated her there, both hands working together to overwhelm her senses, finally making her weep happy tears of pleasure on the Doctor’s pillow.

“Take a nice long shower, my darling. I’ll make you breakfast.” The Doctor headed for the kitchen.

Kristel took her time in the shower, carefully washing and conditioning her hair before soaping every inch of her body. She paid particular attention to her breasts, ensuring she had cleaned every crease; she wanted to be at her very best for the Doctor.

After drying herself off, blow-drying her hair and brushing her teeth thoroughly, she stepped out of the bathroom to find clothes laid out for her.

“I got you some comfortable clothes for the journey,” the Doctor called from the kitchen. “It’s going to be a couple of hours of driving. Come and get food when you’re ready.”

Dressed and with her hair gathered into a short ponytail, Kristel joined the Doctor at the kitchen table. The spread of food included eggs, fried potato cakes, and bacon.

“Eat up, my dear.” The Doctor was studying a notepad through her glasses, sipping at her tea. “I made you some warm milk, too.”

Kristel filled her plate, grateful for the quantity the Doctor had made. There was probably enough for three people, but the Doctor had just stuck to her usual tea and bread. She happily chewed through most of the eggs, and all of the potato cakes. The warm milk made her feel all glowing inside.

The Doctor disappeared into her bedroom for twenty minutes, giving Kristel time to make significant inroads into the bacon, and returned dressed and coiffed, carrying her Vuitton purse.

“Do you need the bathroom before we go, dear?” Kristel shook her head, still working on a piece of back bacon. “Very good. Finish your milk, then let’s go.”

The Doctor’s car was a recent Mercedes E-class, kept in a small garage at the back of the house. Kristel was ushered into the passenger seat and buckled in, then the Doctor drove off in the direction of the Autobahn. It was a gloomy day of gray skies which threatened rain, and the hum of the Mercedes engine coupled with the warmth of the interior was soporific.

“You look tired, my dear,” the Doctor observed, noting Kristel’s poorly-suppressed yawn. She flicked on her indicator, and turned onto the Autobahn on-ramp. “It’s going to be a boring drive, I’m afraid. Why don’t you catch a nap? There’s a small cushion on the back seat, you could rest on that.”

Kristel was relieved. “Thank you! Yes, I am a bit sleepy.” She let the suppressed yawn go, then reached back to retrieve the cushion.

“I suppose that I did keep you up late last night,” smirked the Doctor. The Mercedes accelerated down the ramp, pressing Kristel back into her seat, the Doctor’s eyes flickering across her mirrors as she judged her entry point into the traffic. “I think you had a nice time with me though, no?”

“It was sooo nice,” Kristel moaned, sleepily. She rested her head against the cushion, wedged between the seat headrest and the door pillar. “You made me so happy...”

“Of course I did, my darling.” The Doctor merged into the traffic stream. “You’re in such thrall to me, you couldn’t be otherwise.” She smiled, mostly to herself. “Now sleep, my dear. I’ll wake you when we arrive.”

“Thank you...” Kristel closed her eyes and sunk into a pit of dreams, while the Mercedes hummed down the Autobahn.

* * *

The bumping awoke Kristel, who prised her sleepy eyes open to discover that the car was negotiating a single-lane road which appeared to run along the side of a steep hill.

“Are we there yet?” she murmured, trying to wake up more fully.

“Nearly,” said the Doctor reassuringly, carefully guiding the car along the narrow road. “My friend likes her privacy, so she’s a little bit off the normal roads.”

Finally, they rolled up to a steel gates set in a stone arch. The Doctor wound down her window and spoke into a communication box mounted next to the gate:

“It’s the Doctor.”

That was apparently sufficient authentication, for the gate whirred to life and slowly slid aside. The Doctor guided the Mercedes up the winding driveway, as the gate slid closed behind them.

Kristel stared out of the window at the grounds of this house. It looked to be about five hectares, but it was hard to tell with the preponderance of trees which mostly hid the boundary wall, and today’s pockets of mist. Most of the grounds comprised plain grass sprinkled with clover, with occasional bushes breaking up the space, but even they weren’t particularly trimmed or shaped.

Closer to the gray stone building, which seemed to be the main dwelling, there were banks of yellow and white rose bushes which were starting to wilt from their summer finery, and a few soil plots that looked like vegetables and herbs. A couple of women, dressed in what looked like pink jumpsuits, were tending to the latter.

The Doctor parked the Mercedes on a small tarmac apron outside an outbuilding, and released her seatbelt. “Come with me, Kristel. It’s time for you to meet the Maid.”

Kristel fumbled with her seatbelt until she could release it, and joined the Doctor outside. The air was cool, and damp from the mist, but she liked its freshness.

“She’ll be waiting in the stable. Over here, darling.” The Doctor took her hand and led her into the outbuilding.

Kristel was still sleepy, and so the layout of the room did not immediately alarm her. There were three couches; next to each was a trolley with equipment that appeared similar to her nipple suction machine. In the corner, another woman in a pink jumpsuit was removing sheets from an industrial-sized dryer and folding them before arranging them in a basket.

In the center of the room stood a tall woman, gray-haired, wearing a black and white apron. She was regarding Kristel with a predatory look.

“Frau Doctor! So nice to see you again.” The two women exchanged cheek kisses. “So, this is your... student?”

“And a good one,” the Doctor confirmed. “A very hard worker, and very... productive. I think you’ll be impressed.”

“Well, let’s see.” The woman advanced to Kristel, who was looking unsure of herself. “You may call me your Maid.” She prodded Kristel’s breasts with a bony finger. “When did you last suckle?”

Kristel tried to think. “Two days ago? The Doctor told me not to use the machine yesterday.”

“Very good.” The Maid indicated one of the couches. “Lie down here, please. Let’s see how well you can provide.”

Kristel took a cautious seat on the couch and lay back. It was not uncomfortable, the padding and angle of recline making it easy for her to relax.

The Maid rolled up Kristen’s shirt, and unhooked her bra to let her breasts hang loose. “You’re probably familiar with this kind of equipment,” she remarked, fastening an industrial-looking suction cup to each breast. “But I should warn you that it’s more powerful than the one you’re used to. After all, time is money.”

She turned to the machine that controlled the suction tubes. “This might make you feel funny.” She powered it up, and turned a dial clockwise.

Kristel let out a gasp as the suction bit hard at each nipple, with much more force than even the Doctor’s most hungry patient. She felt the first squirts of milk leave her, and her sex tingled at the unexpected stimulation. The suction eased for a few seconds, then returned with even more strength.

“We’ll give it about five minutes,” the Maid noted to the Doctor. “I usually do ten or more for my herd, but of course they are better trained and fed.” She closely examined Kristel’s face. “I assume she’s sedated at the moment?”

“A mild dose, but yes,” confirmed the Doctor. “It makes things easier for everyone.”

“A shame we can’t use her milk this time.” The Maid shrugged. “But that’s fine for now.”

Kristel tried to focus on what was happening to her, but her head was still fuzzy. She eventually gave up and surrendered herself to the strong squeezing of the machine, and tried to enjoy the feelings it was engendering inside her.

The Maid leaned forward to look at something under the machine. “I must admit, that’s not bad.” She checked her wristwatch. “Probably in the top twenty percent of my herd, at least for their first visit.” She turned to the Doctor. “You’ve clearly prepared her well, Frau Doctor.”

The Doctor smiled, modestly. “I had good material. She was very easy to train, and already had a good body for me to work with.” She stroked Kristel’s hair. “Such a good girl, aren’t you?” Kristel mumbled something in response, happy to be praised.

The Maid checked her watch again and turned off the machine. Kristel sighed in relief that the squeezing had stopped.

Na ja, I’m happy with her.” She passed an envelope to the Doctor. “Amount as agreed. You must be doing quite well from this work!“

“As, I’m sure, are you,” the Doctor smiled, tucking the envelope in her purse. “Let me know if there’s anything else you need to know about her.”

“I appreciate that.” The Maid turned to the pink-clad woman in the corner. “Number Six, please take this girl to my office.”

The woman dropped her current sheet back into the dryer and came over, offering Kristel her hand. Kristel was gently pulled to her feet, her unfastened bra slipping off onto the floor.

“Come with me, please.” The woman’s voice was warm and friendly. Kristel followed her through the door, obediently.

The Maid turned back to the Doctor. “Who do you have lined up next?”

“I have a couple of prospects,” the Doctor asserted modestly. “Give me 1-2 months and I should have another candidate for you.”

“I look forward to it.” The Maid picked up a case from a nearby table. “Well, I have a cow to train. Safe journey back, Frau Doctor.”

“And a profitable season to you!” The Doctor took her exit.

The Maid walked into the next room, where a large black padded reclining chair dominated the space. Kristel, naked apart from an adult diaper, was lying passively on it while the pink-clad woman methodically secured straps across her limbs and body.

The Maid took a seat on an office chair next to Kristel, who turned her head and tried to focus on the older woman.

“Well, now.” The Maid ran her hands over Kristel’s breasts. “You’re quite the catch, aren’t you? The Doctor has trained you well in your preliminary milking, but I have to warn you that I will be extracting much more from you.”

Kristel looked puzzled. The Maid smiled.

“You’re confused, of course. That is fine. Your little mind isn’t sure what is going on. But that’s all right: We just have to make you more accepting of your situation.”

She leaned over Kristel and pulled something into place around the girl’s head. Kristel felt something press hard on either side of her temples, and swallowed nervously.

“We can’t use daily sedatives like your Doctor—we wouldn’t be able to use your milk.” She selected a rubber mouthpiece from the small case. “Say ‘aaah’ for me.” Kristel obeyed, unthinkingly, and the Maid slid the mouthpiece into place, ensuring it was firmly attached to Kristel’s upper teeth. “So we have to take an alternative approach.”

The pink-clad woman had finished her strapping work, and moved back to a corner of the room. The Maid powered up some equipment beside the chair, and Kristel heard an electronic whine.

“Normally I’ll give my cows pentothal before I do a routine wipe,” she said, placing a couple of electrodes inside Kristel’s shirt across her chest. “But for the first one, I want you to feel it. The whole thing.” She smiled. “Feel yourself disappearing.”

She sat back in her chair with a small control unit in her hands. “Do you have anything you want to say before I start?”

Kristel, confused and by now not a little scared, couldn’t make any words.

“Very well.” The Maid pressed a button on the control unit.

Kristel’s whole body spasmed as the electric current went across her forebrain. Her vision vanished, replaced with flickering white light. She was very dimly aware of something warm flowing from between her legs, but ‘she’ was quite unable to understand what was happening.

Then she was staring into the face of a woman, which seemed familiar, but she couldn’t put a name to it.

“What’s your name?” purred the woman.

She tried to recall. “K... K...”

The woman shook her head and pressed a button. The white light returned, and this time she could perceive her legs and arms shaking under their restraints. She moaned in confusion, but the mouthpiece suppressed most of it.

The woman’s face returned. “Your name?”

She could only stare. She understood the words, but not what they meant.

The woman smiled. “A very good start. Just a few more cycles for me, then we’ll clean you up. Try to relax.” She pressed the button again, and the light seared the girl’s eyes.

* * *

The girl felt something cool on her chest, and opened her eyes. A woman in pink was sponging her, carefully removing the sweat that the girl could feel. She was lying on a black padded chair, wearing nothing but an adult diaper.

“What is your name?” A voice from the side. She turned her head to see an older woman in a black and white apron examining her face.

“I... I... I don’t know.” She really didn’t.

The woman smiled. “You are Number Nine. This will remind you.” She produced a pink leather collar, with a tag bearing the number 9, and fastened it around the girl’s neck. “How do you feel, Nine?”

“Confused? Where am I? Who are you?” The woman in pink eased the diaper off her, and started to sponge around her groin. “That tickles...”

“I am your Maid.” The older woman held her chin briefly, starting into her eyes. “I am the one who milks you.”

“Milk?” She was confused.

The Maid reached down and held her breasts, briefly. “Milk.” She let go. “You’ll see what I mean tomorrow.” She turned to the woman in pink. “Are you all done, Six?”

“Yes, Maid.” The woman put the sponges in a small bin.

“Get her dressed and show her your duties. We’ll start her working tomorrow.”

“Yes, Maid.” The woman pulled a pink jumpsuit and some underwear from a nearby drawer.

The Maid helped Nine to her feet. “Follow Six’s directions. I’ll be seeing you tomorrow.”

“Yes, Maid...” Nine stood passively while Six guided her feet into the underwater and then the jumpsuit. Six then fitted her with a new nursing bra and zipped up the suit.

Nine looked down at herself. She liked the pinkness. The collar around her neck felt strange, but for some reason she felt good about belonging to the Maid.

“Come with me, Nine.” Six took her hand and led her back to the milking room.

* * *

Nine spent the afternoon with Six helping her wash and fold several loads of bedsheets. Once the first load was complete, Six took her to a dormitory at the back of the building. There she found six bunk beds, all currently stripped of bedsheets and an adjacent communal shower area.

“This is your bed, by the way” Six explained, pointing at one of the bottom bunk beds labelled ‘9’. “Help me get the sheets back on. They’re all the same, it doesn’t matter which goes where.” She passed a set of folded sheets to Nine. “I’ll do the top bunks as I’m taller than you.”

Nine started to put a fitted sheet on one of the bottom bunks. “Is this what I do for Maid? I don’t remember anything, really.”

“We take turns,” Six explained. “Maid will tell us each morning what we need to do that day. Apart from milking, which we all do, you might be working in the kitchen, or cleaning the rooms, or doing the milk packing.”

Nine nodded, not really understanding. “I’m a bit hungry. When do we eat?”

“A couple more hours.” Six applied pillow cases to her pillows and flipped them back onto the bunk. “Don’t worry, there’s lots of food. Maid wants us to eat well, so that we make more milk for her.”

“How many of us are there?” Nine started to wriggle a duvet’s covering into place.

“With you, nine.” Six indicated her collar. “They’re all very nice, I’m sure you’ll love them.” She moved to the next bunk, picking up a new set of sheets. “We have play time together before lights out; you’ll like that.”

Once all the sheets were dry and put back on the beds, Six took Nine for a walk outside.

“It’s a nice pasture,” she noted, as they followed a winding footpath past some rose bushes. “Maid likes us to walk outside unless it’s raining too much. She says that the fresh air is good for us.”

“Is that where she lives?” Nine pointed to the gray stone house just past the stable block.

“Yes. She’ll come to visit us each morning to see how we’re doing. Sometimes, if we’re very good, she’ll bring one or two of us to her house to play with her.” Six sighed. “It’s so nice, what she lets us do with her.”

As Six had reported, there was plenty to eat at dinner; it was bland but filling. Nine met the others in the group, who were all pleasant like Six, and each of whom had similarly plump breasts and a collar bearing their number. Nine happily joined in chatter about the gardens, while filling herself with chicken and potatoes.

Eventually she was full, and starting to feel sleepy. Six and Two noticed, and escorted her from the table to the bedroom.

“Maid says that it’s normal to get tired after spending time in her office,” Two sympathized. “Let’s get you to bed.”

They helped Nine clean her teeth and brush her hair, then dressed her with a pink nightshirt and tucked her into her bunk.

“You’ll feel better in the morning,” Six assured her, with a kiss. “Sleep tight!”

Nine closed her eyes, and was sound asleep before the others turned down the light.

* * *

Nine quickly settled into the daily routine. The women all showered together first thing in the morning, diligent at helping each other get clean, then got dressed and read the day’s tasks posted by Maid. A couple of them laid out breakfast, then everyone ate together.

Milking was a fixture of the day. The women went to the milking room in threes, spending ten to fifteen minutes on the machine until their breasts ran dry. Nine normally went with Seven and Eight, who admired how much Nine was able to produce. Afterwards, one of them packed the milk containers in small refrigerated and padded boxes, and attached mailing labels that Maid printed for them. The boxes were placed in a box by the gate, embedded in the wall; Maid explained that a delivery service picked them up later in the day.

In the small amount of free time outside eating, being milked, and doing the household chores, Nine enjoyed wandering in the gardens and sometimes doing small acts of horticulture like dead-heading the roses, or picking dandelions from the grass. As the weeks passed, though, and the weather grew colder and wetter, she spent more time indoors with the others doing crochet or reading novels.

Every few weeks she would start to have problems with her memory; flashes of unfamiliar images in her mind, and often bad dreams at night. The Maid seemed to know when these were happening, and by the next day would schedule Nine for some time in her office. Nine found these visits very reassuring; the Maid would hold her hand and assure her that everything would be okay, then give her a small injection which made her sleep for a while. Once she woke up, Maid would remind her about who she was and what she did, and things would be much clearer; she would sleep like a baby.

Her favorite times, though, were after dinner when Maid told everyone that it was playtime. They would all shed their clothes and gather in the showers, then in the running warm water they would kiss and stroke each other. She adored being touched and loved by the others; it made her feel even more of a part of the herd. She enjoyed hearing the little cries of pleasure as she knelt in the shower and gently tongued one of the others in her special places as the water ran down them both.

After the shower they would dry each other off, then return to the bunks in twos and threes to continue their play in the beds. Maid would bring them toys to use with each other, and would sometimes stop by to show them how to play better with each other. Nine sighed happily as she remembered last night, with Three pressing her warm lips against Nine’s sex, while Nine herself sucked and tongued around One’s large chest, with the quiet moans and gasps of the others in the background.

Nine closed her eyes, and quickly fell asleep with a smile.

* * *

Schiller opened her door to greet the plump redhead who was standing outside.

“Frau Dr Schiller? I’m Hanna; I’ve come about the room?”

“Hallo, Hanna.” The Doctor shook hands, appraising the young woman. “It is good to meet you. Would you like to come upstairs? That’s where the apartment is.”

“Thank you, yes.” The two of them started to climb up. “You said that it is available right now?”

“That’s correct.” The Doctor unlocked the door and showed Hanna in. “I had a student here until last week: she left to go to Hanover. I believe she had a job offer there.”

“Was that Kristel?” Hanna took off her shoes before wandering further into the apartment, slightly short of breath from the climb. “I knew her from the university graduate club. I know she moved out this way a few months ago.”

“That’s right,” the Doctor confirmed. “She was such a good guest, I decided to advertise in the graduate club again in hope of finding someone like her. What’s your subject, may I ask?”

“Art history,” Hanna explained, peering into the small kitchen. “Fifth year of a Ph.D. I’m looking for somewhere quiet without distractions so I can make myself focus on writing up my thesis. ”

The Doctor smiled. “Well, I think I can promise you that quietitude. Not much happens out here. I like it, but it’s definitely not for the younger students.”

“I can imagine. I used to enjoy the nightclubs, but now I’m starting to value a consistent eight hours of sleep.” Hanna admired the sparkling clean bathroom. “Well, Frau Doctor, it’s a lovely apartment—would you be okay with me moving in?”

“I would be happy to. You seem like a nice young woman.” The Doctor consulted her phone’s calendar. “When would you want to move in?”

Hanna pondered. “This weekend? I can bring my things over on Saturday morning. I’ve got a small car—is it okay if I park here?”

“No problem at all. There’s an allocated space.” Schiller pursed her lips. “You know, why don’t you come for lunch with me once you’ve moved in your things? We can get to know each other a little better.”

“That sounds lovely, thank you.” Hanna replaced her shoes and shook Schiller’s hand. ”Auf Wiedersehen, Frau Doctor Schiller.“

Auf Wiedersehen,, Hanna.” The Doctor watched the plump girl descend the stairs, and smiled. It was time to give Karin a call.